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FabFitFun Fall 2019 Add-Ons Available Now for Annual Subscribers

The FabFitFun Fall 2019 Add-On sale starts now for annual subscribers! (Seasonal subscribers get access July 30th at 9 AM PT)

How it Works :

Shop until August 5th, 11:59 PM PST. Your add-ons will automatically be charged to your payment method on file on August 7th-No checkout necessary! All add-ons will ship for free with your Fall Box! Your order may ship in multiple shipments, to learn more

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still access this sale if you subscribe + upgrade. Use coupon code FALL to save $10 off your first box!  Your first box will be the Fall Box. (Check out all of my FabFitFun reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!)

What are you grabbing from the Add-On Sale?


How do subscribers rate FabFitFun?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (66)

  1. I just checked my fabfitfun account and I had purchased 86 dollars worth of Add Ons. However the sale ended yesterday and now my total add on is 172 dollars…exactly double my acual addon total. But it still shows the same products and amounts which only add up to 86 dollars. Anyone else seeing this? I really hope it doesn’t try and charge me the 172 tomm plus my 49.99 box. This is the first time I’ve ordered Add Ons and I’m going to be livid if I get double charged. What sucks is I can’t even get a hold of them today to straighten out the issue, an issue that is obviously on there end I might add, because you can only email them and they take days to respond to emails.

  2. Is anyone else still waiting for your edit sale order to ship? I’m not really interested in purchasing more FabFitFun stuff when I’m still waiting for items I ordered weeks ago.

    • yeah i’m still waiting, a lot of people are it’s ridiculous…I won’t be ordering anything else when they still have thousands of edit orders jut sitting with no end in sight and no communication.

  3. I miss when the add on bundles were actually an awesome deal and one item always felt like an awesome freebie now it’s basically a few dollars cheaper but I never want all the items in a bundle and the couple of bucks doesn’t tempt me into buying meh gifts.

  4. I find it very shocking that so many people are having serious issues with this sub, in terms of late shipping, not receiving items ordered or receiving them late, problems with customer service, etc. I have subbed to FFF off and on over the years and am now in the 2nd box of my yearly renewal, and honestly, I have had no problem at all with them. I am worried, though, and I think I will cancel after this year. Not to mention, I can’t forget the person who posted here after the summer box, who opened her box and a roach crawled out! Gross! I’ll be opening my fall box on the floor of my garage, I think : )

  5. I’m new since Spring ‘19 and received 2 boxes on time and all my customizations in order; shopped 2 edit sales and able to get multiple Murad, Tula, and Korres items I wished for, within expected shipping time. I’m very happy with FFF! I’m sorry to hear others having a bad experience.

  6. I hope no one takes this wrong, but I don’t think MSA is being fair, by advertising this as a number 1 box obviously it is not, but people are purchasing trusting your outstanding reviews. I feel kind of conflicted about that.

    • Because obviously Liz doesn’t get treated the way people who actually pay for their boxes do.

    • It’s not OK for any customers to be treated poorly and I am sorry for people who have been, but it is not everyone. I have been a FFF subscriber for years. There has been one sale item that I purchased that ended up being out of stock. I guess items do take a while to ship but it’s always within the time frame they set and when it’s not they give me credits. I know going in that my items will show when they show. I agree the quality has gone down some and lately I haven’t loved all the options but that’s more of a personal thing.

      People who have issues tend to comment on it. I have had no issues so I don’t comment. So for starters, it’s wrong to assume that most people are having issues (if you do you are grossly underestimating how many subscribers they have). And second, it’s really wrong to turn your frustration on MSA- they don’t owe us anything. if you don’t like or believe in their reviews then go somewhere else. They are people who love sub boxes giving sub box information they don’t have to do it any way other than how they want. When people get on them for not giving box info early enough or being positive in reviews that don’t deserve it… go start your own subscription box site.

      • I for one appreciate hearing positive as well as NEGATIVE reviews not just from an honest review sight but also from the commenters on that sight and actual customers..How about if you don’t like reading negatives (Which i think you are grossly underestimating the actual amount of people having problems with FFF) or constructive criticism maybe you should go somewhere else. Life’s not all rainbows and unicorns all the time and people have a right to voice their complaints without being attacked as well.

    • I think the only way to do the reviews fairly would be to have a fake name and address that she has all the boxes she pays for sent to and do the reviews from them. That way the box companies don’t know which box is hers when they send them out. The ones that sub companies send her free for a review would, of course, go to her real name and address. Because regardless of what anyone may say – she *IS* treated differently when her box is packed. It would be naive to believe she isn’t.

  7. If you ordered add-ons from summer edit. I would double check your packing slips. I had an item say I only ordered 2, but was charged 3.

  8. I spent over $300 on add ons for the spring edit sale (in April). No notifications on what was going on with my things. I got some in the mail, but a ton were missing. Turns out, they ran out of inventory. I contacted customer service to see what was going on with the rest of my things, and they said they were working diligently to secure items.

    One month later received a notification that they secured the items but it would be a month before I got them. I really wanted them, so I waited. Still nothing.

    It’s been two months since then and just Friday I demanded to know what was going on and finally tell me that they actually couldn’t receive the items.

    I canceled my subscription right there. That’s not how you treat customers, string them along with no info. Absolutely ridiculous.

  9. First time subscribers beware. If you read the reviews on various forums you will see that even the existing customers are fed up and disgusted with their bait and switch tactics, lack of fulfillment, and shipping problems that are so unbelievably poor you won’t believe it until you get yourself mixed up in it.
    Save yourself the frustration and subscribe to ANY other subscription service because at least they will have better customer service than FABFITFUN.
    I actually feel badly for the customer service reps who have to work for a company with such abysmal treatment of their customers. They probably treat their employees just as poorly.
    I cannot understand how this box remains to be listed as one of the best subscription boxes

  10. FFF received $80million in Series A funding on January 30, 2019. Usually meant for start up companies who haven’t hit profit and looking to expand by giving company stock shares to venture capitalists. So this explains the large influx dedicated to commercials on tv during prime time. Hopefully, part of the $80million went to fulfilling orders in a timely manner.

    • I just re subbed to FFF & it looks like I am gonna cancel again. I have not received my summer box & it has been 5 weeks since I ordered. I think they need to be reevaluated by MSA.
      I subscribed to Spiritua (? Spelling) box & they r awesome. My box came in 3 days. Wow very impressive!!! The products were great too. They r a keeper.

  11. I just looked back at when I purchased the summer box and summer Add Ons and it was beginning of May! Yet I still haven’t gotten any of it! I did get the few emails about shipping delays but I’m starting to feel like I won’t see any of it. It makes me annoyed that they have already moved in to fall. I don’t want my card charged for a single thing if I haven’t received summer stuff. I reached out to customer service this week but haven’t heard back yet. Are they still doing refunds for summer stuff? I want the things I ordered but this is so ridiculous.

    • I had the same thing going on. i finally had it and talked to customer service about canceling the box. Even though the email said i could cancel, they were telling me i couldn’t. But kept giving me my shipping costs back or $$ towards a future box. i appreciated that ,but i wanted to cancel. I fought it, of course, had to show proof of the email saying that i could, and they refunded my money. I’d contact customer service. The very least they can do is give you some $$ back for waiting so long!

      • I used to love FFF, but the latest debacle with the Summer Edit sale is frustrating. I just got off the phone with customer service, very nice person but half my stuff is missing, one item leaked because it was thrown in a large box with not much padding for 4 small items and left the three I needed the most out. Arggg. I even wonder if my post will post on here.

  12. Maybe someone could help me? I’m new to this whole fabfitfun thing and I know if I were to subscribe today because I am not a subscriber yet they’re going to take the money off right away. But when does the fall box actually ship? I mean what month is it Geared for because fall doesn’t start until September 21st that’s the beginning and fall so I’m confused! To say the least. Anybody who has the answer please respond to this comment. Thank you!🙏😘

  13. Dont shop the sale. I finally got an email back regarding my edit sale items, after reaching out on every platform, and was told my items will be delivered within THREE MONTHS! not three weeks like they originally said, now three months. This company is such a scam, and I wish MSA would take this box out of best subscription boxes

  14. Anyone know if the extra fall boxes are customizable or random?

    • They don’t seem to be

    • They are random.

  15. I canceled in April and was supposed to end with the summer box. Have the confirmation and everything. Yet received a link to the add on today and could log in and view it all. Instead of set at canceled it said I was renewing with the fall box.

    Something isn’t right with this company.

    • If you log on at any time when cancelled, you are automatically renewed. And they do not send you notification. Read complaints about this happening on other complaint sites about FFF. It happened to me. FFF said someone from my household must have resubscribed me. Hubby was in Florida. Therefore, I questioned the dog and the cat – they both denied going onto the site. Lol.

      It’s actually against US consumer regulations for not making cancellations to subscriptions seamless.

      You should contact and have them refund you for Fall box. Since boxes are coming out two to three months later, it shouldn’t be an issue for their fulfillment team at the warehouse. They will have a log of when you cancelled and when you “resubbed”. They will say you reactivated it (or your cat or dog), but will make a one time exception to refund/cancel.

    • Last year, some people said that after they cancelled, their subscription was reactivated without their permission when they clicked on FFF’s email links. That was one of the reasons I cancelled and unsubscribed from all their emails.

  16. I am not getting any add on this time since I am still waiting for the items I order from the last sale to ship. I am concerned about an email from them stating my order will be shipped in multiple packages. Past experience tells me that there will be items missing, and/or items will take weeks longer to arrive.

    Sorry I renewed my subscription. The fall box spoilers seem rather dull this time around. Winter box is my last. I hope it’s a good one.

  17. I must be in the minority but I’m really happy with the things to choose from. Lots of Murad, which I love. Dr Brandt Night Mask which works awesome for me. Lots of good quality skincare items overall. Even some Tarte makeup! The last edit sale was garbage and I didn’t understand what was going on so I’m happy to see some good options this time.

    • Good luck getting the Murad. That was one of the big problems on one of the previous edit sales. It took 3-4 months to get my order. Got mine and one was broken. I hadn’t had problems in the past but that sale was bad and so was their communication

  18. I had my eye on the Fuji instamax, but Amazon is cheaper!

    • Every time FabFitFun does a sale I always check to see if the items are cheaper somewhere else, before the sale ends. Occasionally, I’ve had the same experience as you were they were cheaper on Amazon.

  19. My annual just expired and I decided not to renew and I was having a bit of FOMO on the ad on sale but thanks for posting your guys now I don’t

  20. Just got SOME of my Edit sale items. As always something was missing. Additionally I ordered the 4 packet of Lanterns and received 1. The customer service rep said that the 4 part meant it was 4 sided!! What? I am not getting anything extra this time around and after my next box I can cancel it. I have been with them for 2 years. I always expect them to mess something up, but I draw the line at bait and switch.

    • No that’s not right a pack of 4 of anything is 4 of that product. If it is parts like a puzzle and they didn’t read when they put it up then the company has to make it right. I will say the customer service people sometimes know less than nothing about things. You should call the phone number for help. Also one time when I order a bundle the ran out of the full sized product and tried to slip on a smaller one. I cad to call in and argue with them on the reported value of the bundle and then finally got them to replace it. FFF use to be my favorite box but with all the problems and slow shipping it’s just stressful. I loved it so much I went to the get together they had a few months ago in LA. I’m missed sale they had on it some people got it for about $60, I paid 130+ my trip down there + 2 nights in a hotel. They over sold the tickets so venders giving away nice gifts were short and services promised were not available. The was an hour long wait in the sun to build our boxes. All and all made me feel ripped off. That being said it was a great deal if you live local and paid $60 especially if you ran around and snatch up the gifts first.

  21. It’s obvious add-ons is where they are making the majority of their money. It’s frustrating that the summer add-ons have not been shipped out yet but they have had time to create a whole new selection for fall Add-ons? I feel like this company has changed dramatically. It used to feel very personal and open as to what would be the best for their customers. The “this or that option” is nice but I have been seeing so many women say neither ☹️ I feel whatever products they can find for a good price in bulk, they just throw out there…A bunch of stuff we don’t need, but think we do once we see it. The add-ons have become dramatically overwhelming in the quantity of things offered and price wise. Everything seems really expensive. Even $5 items adds up really quickly. Unless it is just me that feels this way. The past add-ons used to make more sense. There has always been pricey items but mostly items that were beneficial and more practical for daily everyday use. And for a great price…but that seems to be history now. I miss the old FFF…

  22. I got three mystery bundles, I’m too into surprise mechanics 😹

  23. The add ons are a bit of a let down this time. I also don’t see the canvas fabfitfun fun tote they always do. I was planning to order that and there isn’t one.

    • Same here! The one thing I was really looking forward to.

  24. Some stuff is worth it for Canadians. The Korres vitamin C oil is 75 bucks here, so even in USD, 21 bucks is well worth the price. Same with the Routine deodorant which comes out to less than half-price, including the exchange, etc. Otherwise, though, yeah, the prices are much higher than in past years. I’m sure that this will be my last year with FFF, especially if the “leaked” fall spoilers are accurate. I’m getting tired of trying to justify the price of subbing to this box to myself, not to mention, do I need so much stuff, most of which I’ll never or only rarely use?

    • Can you tell me where I can find those potential spoilers? Thankd

      • Reddit r/BeautyBoxes

  25. Based on their pathetic shipping time I am not getting one thing. I have finally learned my lesson.

    I can’t believe my summer edit things have not shipped.

    I regret buying an annual sub again.

    I am sick of seeing their stupid videos and Instagram Posts about how wonderful and efficient they are becoming. After 3 years things are worse. Products in boxes are low quality and they can’t get their shipping act together.

  26. Still waiting on my summer edit items to ship 😩

    • Me too. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t renew my annual this year. As much as I hate not being able to choose more of my items and getting first access to add-ons, I downgraded to seasonal in case I get too frustrated to continue subscribing. It just seems crazy to me to start another big sale (even bigger because it’s the regular seasonal box) when so many orders haven’t been fulfilled let alone shipped from the last one.

    • Me,too!

  27. I can’t get in. No surprise there. Just got a pop up that’s it’s open. No email. Went to fff sure and see it’s open. When I click shop nothing is there …..sigh

    • The mobile site is working better than the actual website. Give it a try.

      • Thanks but I was on my phone. I finally got it after refreshing screen. Found some spongelles 😊

    • I know it doesn’t make much sense but clicking on “Shop” just takes you to where you can but things any time. For the sale go to the top left drop down menu (the little horizontal lines) and click on “Add-Ons”. It’s usually not set up this way. Hope this was the issue and you can get shopping now!

      • *buy

      • I did. Went I to site and clicked shop on the sale page. Took me to it but had no items and the countdown was all zeros. After refreshing it ended up working. 😊

  28. I added the cork sickle tumbler that is 50% off, a spongelle (50% off) and some reusable eye makeup remover pads. I’m happy.

  29. Well with the price increases it’s not that exciting. May grab a couple of things…but eh.

  30. My addon money went to Causebox Summer Welcome and PSMH Fall instead… Not feeling the FFF Fall box or the Addons this time.

    • I did the exact same thing. Yay!

      I’ll let FFF work out their kinks without me for awhile.

  31. Double and triple check your cart and prices. I had a scarf in my cart which for 6 wasnt bad but an hour later its 21 dollars.

    • That’s exactly what happened to me! It was not cool!

  32. How much is that camera set? Is it much of a “deal”?

    • I think it was $79. Not much of a deal at all. You can get them cheaper other places and have more options on color.

      • I Just bought the same exact camera for $59 from urban outfitters… That was two weeks ago not sure of the price has changed. In other words it’s not that big of a discount.

      • On Black Friday last year a set like that was under 50.00 at Walmaet

  33. I’m not too impressed with these add-ons. My wallet it very grateful lol

  34. I agree as well.

    I probably won’t get anything.

  35. Man fff has really raised their prices as to when I bought some of these same items from them couple sales ago. I’ll prob just grab a couple items bc there’s nothing I just have to have type of deal

    • I agree

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