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My Subscription Addiction
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Rose War Panty Power Review + Coupon – May 2019

Nicole Sim
ByNicole SimJun 5, 2019 | 12 comments

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Closed

Rose War Panty Power
4.1 overall rating
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Rose War Panty Power is a monthly period subscription box containing two pairs of underwear, 15 organic tampons, pads, or pantiliners of your choice, and 3-6 additional goodies to help that time of the month pass a bit better, including candies, skincare, and bath products!

This is a review of the Good Mix of All, $25.20 a month, box.

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Open

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 -All

About Rose War Panty Power

The Subscription Box: Rose War Panty Power

The Cost: $25.20/mo + shipping

The Products: Each subscription category includes two pairs of underwear and 3-6 additional lifestyle gifts and snacks. Good Mix of All includes a mix of 15 organic tampons, pads, and pantiliners; Pads + Liners Only and Tampons Only are exclusive of one product.

Ships to: the US for $6.70, Canada and internationally for an additional cost

Good to Know: This subscription renews on the 15th of every month, and ships between the 26th and 3rd of each month.

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 Review

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Info Sheet

Every Rose War Panty Power box includes a card that lists the random lifestyle gifts a subscriber may receive.

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Tampons_Pack

Organyc Cotton Tampons (7ct)

Just a note for our readers—I’m more of a pad girl so I’m a bit biased (*´`*) But because summer swim season is starting, these tampons will be put to good use! Organyc tampons are hypoallergenic, made with 100% pure, organic, and unbleached cotton.

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Tampons_Full

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Tampons_Open

Many tampons use a plastic tube covering, but these use flushable cardboard. The tip is round and smooth for a comfortable insert, and the packaging is all safe for the environment!

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Tampons_Info Sheet

I appreciated the inclusion of the small booklet that showed diagrams and detailed instructions for first-time tampon users on insertion, as well as helpful warnings to change tampons regularly to prevent infections. I received 4 regular and 3 heavy sized tampons.

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Pads_Pack Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Pads_Yejimiin

Yejimiin Sanitary Pads (2ct) + Organic Born Sanitary Pads (6ct)

Yejimiin pure organic cotton pads use a mix of 5 herbs, ganghwa mugwort, motherwort, sophora, angelica, and mint, to mask the unpleasant odor of menstrual blood without the use of artificial and chemical fragrances. These pads are a little stiff, but I noticed the absorption was very strong and appeared clean due to the very porous texture of the cotton. I liked the leakage protection lines that surrounded the entire pad as well. I received 2 Ultra Slim pads.

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Pads_Bornpad

Organic Born pads are made with organic cotton and feature thick prevention lines to stop menstrual blood from leaking sideways, embossing to prevent loosening of pad threads and an extra cushion layer in the middle. I found these pads very soft, un-diaperlike, and I appreciated the middle cushion—they felt and absorbed better, making them suitable for the first days of my period.

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Pads_Bornliner

The inclusion of pantiliners was nice, as I typically use a tampon and a pantiliner together (just to be safe). These were light, soft, and felt like air! I received 2 pantiliners. The large pads, even with the longer length, did not stick to my skin even while sweating in the hot weather or sitting down for long periods of time. I appreciated the thick wings that prevented any blood on my underwear. I received 2 small and 2 medium pads.

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Tampons_TSS Info

So… why does it matter what material our tampons and pads are made of? Organic and unbleached cotton feminine products are free of synthetic elements and fragrances carry a much lower risk of toxic shock syndrome or TSS. The organic material doesn’t have potentially harmful ingredients that increase risk of bacteria and other infections—big thank you to Rose War Panty Power for providing such products!

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Goodwipes in Shea-Coco and Rosewater (2ct)

Goodwipes in Shea-Coco and Rosewater (2ct)

These wet wipes are good for down there anywhere, both during that time of the month and just for a nice freshen up. These are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and flushable wipes free of parabens and made with natural tea tree, peppermint, and ginseng oils for a cooling effect. The two wipes did not have any strong scents, just a slight touch of fresh soap smell for Shea-Coco and a very faint rose smell. These aren’t oversaturated with product and make me feel so clean!

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Essance Dragon’s Blood Mist Toner

Essance Dragon’s Blood Mist Toner – Retail Value $14.00, Listed Value $15.00

Surprise gift time! This toner is formulated with organic aloe juice (first ingredient!) and a mix of organic essential oils, including orange blossom, peppermint, witch hazel, lavender, mushroom extract, frankincense, and other extracts. I couldn’t test out the product sadly because I react badly to essential oils in my skincare, but I passed this on to a friend. The toner works wonders for breakouts on her—I think the tea tree, aloe, and peppermint extracts help fight bacteria growth and production of oil sebum.

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 -Unicorn Whipped Body Butter Front Rose War Panty Power May 2019 -Unicorn Whipped Body Butter Product

Unicorn Whipped Body Butter – Listed Value $12.00

This whipped body butter is so beautiful. The pastel rainbow colors match with the heavenly cotton candy, raspberry, and vanilla cupcakes that are not an overpowering sweet smell, and just brings a nice smile to your face when you use it. The butter is a blend of organic shea butter, coconut and jojoba oils, and organic fragrances. I’ll use it sparingly on my hands only (I’m trying my best to not ruin the spirals!)

Here’s a link to the Etsy shop owner, who makes beautiful organic body oils, butters, and scrubs:

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Dr. Yang Wellness Crampless Mini Tea Set_Box Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Dr. Yang Wellness Crampless Mini Tea Set_Bags

Dr. Yang Wellness Crampless Mini Tea Set – Listed Value $12.00

Based on oriental medicines, Dr. Yang’s Crampless Tea is a simple blend of ginger, jujube, black sugar, and goji berry. Dr. Yang recommends drinking the tea about a few days before your period is scheduled, and 1-2 cups at the first signs of cramps. While I usually do not cramp during my periods, I experienced some stress cramps I used as a chance to test the product.

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Tea Set_Ingred

It works, incredibly well, and I’m not surprised. In fact, my mom always brewed ginseng, jujube, and pear whenever I had a cold or fever, which reduced my temperature and soothed the throat. Ginger’s powerful anti-inflammatory effects work as a natural ibuprofen effect to reduce pain, as well as health benefits, such as heart health and aging. Dried jujube pieces are cut in the tea as a rich source of iron and phosphorous to help blood circulation and increase blood flow, which helps with irregular period cycles. The black cubes are black sugar, which has a smooth molasses taste, filled with essential minerals to relax uterine muscles and ease contractions or cramps. The small dried red pieces are goji berries, an antioxidant-filled berry that contains beta-sitosterol, which helps relieve muscle pain.

If you suffer from period cramps often, I suggest making your own mix of period pain tea. You can use green tea instead of goji berries for the same antioxidant levels, but jujubes and ginger are a must, boosting general health and easing pain. Make sure to eat all the herbs as well!

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Hard Candy (2pcs)

Hard Candy (2pcs)

I received 2 pieces of hard candy, a fizzy cola and sweet coffee flavored! I like individual pieces of candy because I can pop them anywhere in my pencil bag, backpack small pockets, or handbag. They’re a nice surprise especially during that time 😉

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Nuneddine Bar_Pcs Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Nuneddine Bar_Cut

Nuneddine Bar

This Italian snack uses a flaky, buttery pastry and is topped with a crunchy, chewy aerated browned sugar coat. I like the subtle sweetness and savory texture of the snack, a perfect afternoon cheer up!

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - panties Bag

I like the extra packaging efforts Rose War Panty Power makes—the panties came safe and protected in a little pink bag~

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Youmita Purple Panties_Whole Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Youmita Purple Panties_Buttons Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Youmita Purple Panties_Middle

Youmita Purple Panties

Though these panties were a little matronly than my usual wear, the stretch, softness, and lovely color made them a nice choice for a period day. The middle area is double layered, and the black buttons are a cute touch! The elastic band and the cloth are both very stretchy and would not make any marks if you stayed bent over for a long time.

Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Floral Lace Thong_Whole Rose War Panty Power May 2019 - Floral Lace Thong_Band

Floral Lace Thong

Oh my! I have to admit, I was a little taken aback when I saw these quite… risqué panties! While I don’t think these are quite my style and I was afraid to try it on, I did think the floral lace was very pretty for spring. The band is very stretchy, maybe a little itchy for some, and is a beautiful light dusty rose color. I’m not sure how comfortable they will be, because lace can be itchy for those with sensitive skin.

Note: Because I use tampons solely for athletic/water-related activities, I used additional pads I already had in possession (Whole Foods + Always mix) and saved the tampons for later swim days.

Verdict: This was my first Rose War Panty Power box, and I love it! The assortment of beauty products, relief to pain both with healing tea and an enjoyable sweet, attention to detail by using organic cotton products and wet wipes so we’re safe and clean down there, and the pretty panties is a beautiful curation I enjoyed receiving ♡ Receiving these products monthly is such a convenience, with the added happiness of exploring what surprise items I received! I’m almost looking forward to that time of the month (*^^*)

To Wrap Up:

Can you get this box if you sign up today? No, you will June’s curation—order by the 1st! From Rose War Panty Power:

Your box will ship between the 26th – 3rd of each month. Please order by the 1st to get the current box.

Value Breakdown: This box cost $25.20 + $4.00 total with shipping, which means each of the 7 items (counting the snacks as one) costs $4.17. Calculating the retail value of the three additional items was $38.00; the total curation exceeds the original cost by a lot! I consider a large part of the subscription’s value the curation, design, and more pleasant experience given during some of our hardest times, but this is just my personal opinion!

Check out all of our Rose War Panty Power reviews and other period subscriptions boxes!

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What do you think of this month’s Rose War Panty Power subscription box? What was your favorite item?

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"It's all about you and your unwanted guest. RWPP is a monthly subscription box to empower YOU during that magical time of the month. Each box contains 15 ORGANIC pads-tampons-MIX or NONE (aka Menopause OR Trans box), 2 brand new undies, 3~5 LIFESTYLE gifts, and some snacks and WIPES!"

Nicole Sim
Nicole Sim
Nicole is an avid lover of all things food, skincare, and fashion! Her hobbies include gardening, attending her art studio, and traveling. She fell in love with subscription boxes after her first Ipsy because of the surprise ad variety of products to receive.

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Can you flush cardboard in America? I’m quite surprised at flushable cardboard!

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Even tampax claims their cardboard ones are flushable. But just like any “flushable” wipes they really aren’t. They hardly even break apart in a blender. I saw them try on some type of science show lol.

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Seriously. Risque is subjective.

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50% off coupons came exactly
Same as the review for my case.
And if you look into their website,
Every box is unique.. so not everybox is same like ipsy or sephora play or goddess provision.

I actually loved thier box and continued for 7 months and canceled because
I am pregnant!!!!!! Weeeeeeee

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I found a 50% off code, but am afraid to subscribe as some commenters had stated that discounted boxes don’t include all the intended items. Can anyone attest to this, please?

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When I subscribed I had no issues, that was about a year ago. I signed up using the coupon and even reached out to CS at one point (a question about shipping issues due to storms). They were super nice and perfectly helpful.

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When I ordered with the 50% off I didn’t get all the item that were reviewed. And the panties I got were unknown brands to me, so mine didn’t even fit. It wasn’t even worth the half off to me. Hope that helps you.

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Well my sister ordered this box like two month ago? Or last month when they had 50% coupon, it was filled with more than what I could expect and stole one of her undies. And signed up for myself. I didnt love my panties when I received mine (all boxes are different based on survey or your age). Everything else came in full. Even more than what was on the review. I still subscribe to rwpp. Customer service is crazy awesome.

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Markus Glen

What a great box! But i don’t see how the things are risque looking honestly lol. I’d love to see next months box and then determine if i will subscribe or not?

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….because that’s how she feels about that particular cut of panties…

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Thinking the same thing

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