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POPSUGAR Must Have Box Summer 2019 Review + Coupon

POPSUGAR Must Have is a lifestyle subscription box for women. Each season, members get beauty, fashion, food, fitness, and home items from top and up-and-coming brands that POPSUGAR editors have tried, tested, and loved. (It was voted one of the Best Subscription Boxes for Women by MSA readers, too!)

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

I love the inside lid of the box this season!

The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: $75 a box

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of your first box!

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and the Women’s Subscription Box Directory!

Each box comes with a booklet detailing the items included, and a letter from Lisa Sugar:

Now, on to the items!

Seafolly Bronte Sunglasses in Blush or Blue Stone (You pick the color) – Retail Value Listed $99

These rounded sunglasses have mirrored frames, and they have a nice balance of being sturdy but still on the lightweight side. I tend to gravitate to aviators and wayfarer sunglass styles for my face shape, so I’m not sure if I’m able to pull off the round shape, but I have nothing like them in my sunglasses collection, and they push me out of my comfort zone a bit!

Tofino Towel – Retail Value $64.99 (You pick the pattern)

I have a Tofino circle towel from the Summer Limited Edition 2016 POPSUGAR Must Have Box, and it’s one of my favorite items from POPSUGAR, so I was thrilled to see this rectangular towel inclusion in the Summer box! The quality of towels from this brand is phenomenal! The fabric is 100% cotton terry velour and it is SO soft! The twisted fringe trim is a nice luxe accent, too!

Brooklyn Hat Co. Safari Hat – Retail Value $55

I included a picture of the packaging of this hat because I was very happy to see that POPSUGAR made sure it arrived in perfect condition! Again, the quality of this item is impressive. It’s handmade in Mexico, with palm fiber and an outer black band. Inside, beneath the inner band, are strings you can pull to adjust it and make it a perfect fit. (Or, if you’re like me, and have a large head, those strings may not be necessary! It had a snug fit on my head, and I might even use a hat stretcher for a looser fit.)

Julep Creme-to-Shadow Stick in Champagne Shimmer – Retail Value $18

It’s been a while since I used a Julep eyeshadow stick, but it’s one of my favorite products from their line when they used to have a subscription, and it’s a great summer makeup staple. The pigment and shimmer are great, the formula doesn’t budge once it sets, and I love how easy it is to apply – no makeup brush needed. Just apply directly to your lid and use your finger or the built-in smudger to blend.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Mermaid Skin Hyaluronic H2O Serum – Retail Value $42

I’m a big fan or tarte makeup, and I’ve tried a few of their skincare products and have been impressed, so this was another great box inclusion for me. This serum formula is SO lightweight! POPSUGAR describes it as a “water-light hydration serum” and that sums it up well! It absorbs almost instantly, provides moisture, and there’s no noticeable scent.

The packaging is gorgeous, it’s ingredient-conscious, and it works for all skin types. (If you have oily skin, you can probably skip applying moisturizer after this serum.)

Hint Sunstick – Retail Value $9.99 (Scent may vary)

I’m a fan of Hint sunscreen – it smells SO good! This stick smells just like grapefruit, goes on clear, moisturizes skin, and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. (It’s also free of parabens and oxybenzone.)

Hint Sunscreen Spray – Retail Value $17.99 (Scent may vary)

The pineapple spray smells just as good as the grapefruit, and the mist goes on clear. Again, it is water resistant for up to 80 minutes and free of parabens and oxybenzone. Putting on sunscreen is usually a necessary chore, so I love that this is as easy to apply as it gets, and smells delicious!

Candy Club Lemonade Straws – Retail Value $8.50

These gummy straws are vegan-friendly but not gluten-free, so I couldn’t enjoy them, but here’s Marne’s review:

The sour pink lemonade straws are a favorite of mine. Not only are they brightly colored and a fun shape to eat, but they are SUPER sour. I can only eat about one or two at a time and am wincing while doing so, but the pink lemonade flavor is worth every pucker. Great candy for summer!

Now, time for the Special Extras in the box! (If you aren’t familiar, these are extra items that don’t count toward the value of the box. AKA bonus freebies!)

Nair Leg Mask – (2 oz)

This formula is designed to remove hair, moisturize and exfoliate the skin, and minimize hair regrowth. You apply a thick layer, leave on for 5-10 minutes, then wipe off with a damp cloth and rinse thoroughly. I tried a small patch test to see how my skin would react (I haven’t use Nair since Middle School) and removed it at exactly the 5-minute mark, and it left my skin completely hairless and smooth.

I still don’t love the scent of Nair, but it definitely seemed much more subtle than the formula I used long ago. This is one of those products I personally had forgotten about when I switched over to Schick Intuition razors, but I’m glad I got to try it again – it’s a great bonus item for a summer box!

Strivectin Skin Reset Serum Samples

This new serum set from Strivectin is “like a juice cleanse for skin.” With the full-size set, you’ll apply each serum day and night for a week and basically, reboot your skin. Here’s the regimen:

  • WEEK 1: rebuild by restoring optimal, lasting hydration
  • WEEK 2: boost skin to improve elasticity & visibly relax fine lines and wrinkles
  • WEEK 3: balance skin for a radiant, even-toned complexion
  • WEEK 4: restore resiliency & improve the look of sagging skin & deep wrinkles

The samples included provide enough formula for one day each. Not enough to notice a difference in my skin,

Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $315 not counting the special extras! I think that’s a great value for a $75 box (that works out to less than $10 an item), and I would pay $75 alone just for the towel + serum! I think this is a great summer essentials box full of items that should last you many years. If I had to pick one word to sum up this box theme it would be quality.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today?  No, if you sign up today, your first box will be the fall box. POPSUGAR has been selling out of boxes earlier and earlier, so I recommend signing up soon if you want to make sure you get the fall box.

DEAL – If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA20 to save $20 off of your first box!

What do you think of the Summer POPSUGAR Must Have Box? What’s your favorite item in the box? 


How do subscribers rate POPSUGAR Must Have?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (72)

  1. I absolutely loved how the Sunny’s looked …. I wasn’t too sure! The hat is well made and looks good ladies! Will take it yo a hat maker to get a proper rim to fit my head. The eyeshadow was a bit too shimmers for this sensitive skin gal… skin serum was ok for my skin which surprised me. I got the add on wallet which will come in handy for travel. The only thing was not able to use was candy because I’m gluten free. It’s on swap. Towel was lovely. It will go on hammock. Now if it stops raining Ohio I can use these.

  2. I’m confused about the sunstick. Is this supposed to be used on the face? I’m picturing the coppertone sticks I used when I was a kid, and those were only for the face. They also went on really greasy and did not sink in to your skin. How does this compare? The review doesn’t give any details.

  3. This box was great, so glad I got one before they sold out or I’d have serious Fomo!! The towel is great quality and I’m in love with the hat.

  4. I have to say, I freaking loved this box. I never would have bought the sunnies on my own, but they’re fun as can be (my husband said the shiny bronze gave off Elton John vibes – not mad at that!). The towel is a dream, the hat is adorable, and sunscreen and moisturizing serums are always useful. PSMH is not a home run for me every quarter, but half the fun is getting surprised and trying new things. Love the review and your assessment, Liz: it is, in a word, quality!

  5. I would say this box is definitely comparable to the limited edition summer boxes that Popsugar used to offer, and it is $75 instead of $100, with a potential to save $20 with coupon. What a deal! I paid $55 and I’m so happy with it. Wish I could buy another just for the towel!

    • So happy with it too and totally agree that this box is comparable to a summer limited edition… I bought 2 and no regrets!!

  6. Totally bummed because I loved this box and took the hat and spray sunscreen to Six Flags for my daughter’s birthday celebration this week and my toddler tossed the hat out of the wagon at some point (it wasn’t at Lost and Found when I checked after) and the spray sunscreen shifted to open in a bag and leaked out completely! So sad! (As a side note, my phone and lots of other items were in the bag and also got damaged! I think my phone is toast)! Small bright side, my bag may forever smell like grapefruit lol. But I enjoyed both while I had them!

    • Sounds like a memorable trip for many reasons!

      • So true! 😉

    • I hope your day gets better so sorry about your luck

      • Aww, you’re very kind, thank you!

  7. I think this box, as usual, is waaaaay overpriced. Easy pass.

    • I agree. Very disappointing.

  8. I still don’t have my box. It was shipped on June 6th & was supposed to get here… Fresno,Ca…. Sat the 15th…now the fedex tracking is Tuesday the 18th. That’s almost 2 weeks! Pretty frustrating! Does Pop Sugar normally use what seems like the slowest shipping option possible?
    I have a feeling the hat won’t fit me, with my big head & lotsa hair. Liz mentioned a hat stretcher. What is that?

    • They do usually ship Fedex Smartpost which is generally pretty slow. Although 2 weeks is a longer time than usual.

  9. I still don’t have my box. It was shipped on June 6th & was supposed to get here… Fresno,Ca…. Sat the 15th…now the fedex tracking is Tuesday the 18th. That’s almost 2 weeks! Pretty frustrating! Does Pop Sugar normally use what seems like the slowest shipping option possible? It’s my first box.
    I have a feeling the hat won’t fit me, with my big head & lotsa hair. Liz mentioned a hat stretcher. What is that?

    • Jane, I just got my box yesterday. I dont know what is a hat stretcher but I can tell you I do have a big head full of hair and miraculously the hat fits!!! Its a little wide for my taste but I am taking it with me on my next beach vacation.

  10. Hands down my favorite box yet minus the blanket I got in the winter box

  11. Sold out …… 😭😭😭😭

  12. Hey Ya’ll

    If anyone is selling this box let me know. I’d be interested in buying it. Message me blessedmommi at hotmail.

  13. I really like the sunglasses and the hat is big enough to give some actual coverage from the sun. Tarte serum is nice, Julep eyeshadow sticks were one of my favorites so glad to get that. My kids liked the candy and the sunscreen and towel will get lots of use this summer. I’m unsure about the Nair mask but I’ll try it.

    I’d say I was surprised at the hate this box is getting but alas I’m not. The quality of the PS items are better IMO than FFF. I’m not saying FFF is bad but they’re different price ranges and different quality.

    Just because things aren’t for me doesn’t mean the items are trash or junk. I’m actively subscribed to over 10 boxes and realize some items will be donated or given to friends. I don’t understand why people that know exactly what they want don’t just buy it instead of getting boxes they seem to always dislike.

  14. Nordstrom rack dot com has the sunglasses

  15. I’m petite and the hat is huge, especially the brim makes me sad. Not sure how someone can say junk, their items are usually very well made even if they don’t work for me like the glasses since I wear prescription. I got this and fff and fff was definitely lesser quality. Proof everyone has different taste.

    • I completely agree…not sure how people can say it’s junk! I also get FFF, and while I like it, Popsugar items are generally MUCH higher quality. I don’t always love everything in either box, but still I think the value is there…for both of them.

  16. I’ve always had a rough time with sub boxes. Sometimes I find one that is great and happy with overall.

    Usually the value isn’t there for me. & It’s my one time monthly treat to myself.

    This box hasn’t been for me, ever. I liked seeing the sunscreen in this box. But, at the same time, for $75 for my one time monthly treat/gift to myself only.. I’d been pretty upset.

    I could get 2 other different sub boxes for that cost and been much more happy.

    The hat could be useful I guess to a lot of of women.. but I have full on Blue Hair, that hat would of been dyed just from the slightest bit of sweat or any wetness.

    All in all, I feel like I already own all these products at home.. so looking for something different in a box. Something I don’t own, something I wont normally buy, Something different.. yet makes me spark with joy.

    Maybe an artisan box would be better for me.

    I do agree with the comments that FFF is better then PS.

    • There are several people that wanted this box but it sold out, you can probably sell it to one of them, if you used pirate ship and chose cubic priority it wouldn’t cost them to much for shipping either. There’s a comment right below yours with someone who’s interested.

    • Hey Tiffany ,
      I’d be interested in buying the box from ya.

  17. I’d be interested in buying this box – was especially interested in blue sunglasses and polka dot towel, but would like the other options as well. If you are looking to unload, please respond and I’ll send you to my swap page to contact me. Thx!

  18. The tarte serum has been an everyday staple in my skincare routine! I can’t even count how many I’ve gone through it is definitely one of my favorite skincare products I’ve ever tried. Definitely recommend trying it out if you haven’t before! Tarte just came out with a travel size version of it on their website, too *heart eyes*

  19. This is just as bad as the rest of the PopSugar boxes once they split from the monthly format. I purchased the first quarterly out of the gate. The robe debacle was enough for me especially after seeing the box that followed it. My sister purchased the winter box for me thinking I still liked this line. Nope, not in the least! I’m sure PS is saving tons of money that they can now use on their makeup brand and Kohl’s clothing line.
    If anyone is interested in a great summer quarterly box similar to the better days of PopSugar for $39.99 ($10 off first order using code SUMMER), try Espiritu. It’s a greater box than this has been in a year! (Please note: I am not an ambassador or involved with them in any way. I received an email and have also seen it on social media.)

    • I personally think this is their best box so far. Everything is practical. I have been saving my coupon for this box and am glad I got it. However i agree with you in that I will always continue to wait for spoilers before subscribimg to the box because I don’t want certain items like hair dryers/brushes

    • I just checked out the spiritu box. Looks like the summer box has a Dove product, a Clinique black eyeliner and mini perfume, what looks like a candle, a Murad product, a little makeup bag that looks kinda Ipsyish and something that looks like maybe it’s a rock coaster, but I can’t tell for sure. While the price is better than Popsugar, and it does seem like a variety of items, I personally way prefer the PS stuff…so just goes to show we all have different tastes in sub boxes! 😉 I hadn’t heard of that box, and does seem like one to keep a lookout on…thanks for mentioning it.

  20. I actually subbed for this box and hadn’t gotten a PS box in 3 years. I love that the towel is cotton. Microfiber is awful for the environment and if you have pets (we do) it is always covered with dog hair. I have a large head so not sure about the hat, it is amazing quality though and am already checking the brands website for big head hats. The sunnies look good on me even though I have a large head. Was bummed about the crap sunscreen and the nongluten free candy, but I was able to pass both on. Overall happy with the box.

  21. I love this box! I have tried everything but the towel, Nair, and skincare samples, and look forward to using those when I get an opportunity. Popsugar Must Have has really been impressing me. Quality is a great word for the items and useful, I have used everything or have a person in mind to gift the items I don’t want/need since I started getting this box last Fall.
    Thank you so much for the reviews MSA! They have helped me decide if I want a specific box or not.

  22. This box never tempts me, only because I find that it suffers tremendously by comparison to FFF – which, incidentally, is a lot cheaper. This season’s PS box doesn’t even come close to this season’s FFF, IMHO, for a lot less money. I’ve been using every single thing in my FFF box since I received it, and I LOVE it.

    • Perhaps it’s the kind of items that you like better in FFF? I feel like if you’ve never seen Popsugar item in person, it’s difficult to make a fair assessment. I’ve been a subscriber for both for many years and Popsugar items are far superior in quality and value than FFF. I love FFF, but honestlly, their towels, throws, fitness items, bathrobes and especially jewelry, are mostly dollar store quality. I do love the beauty and makeup products in FFF!

      • Yes, you’re right about the terrible jewelry, that is my #1 beef about FFF. I wish they’d just drop the jewelry altogether. Also because we can choose the items we want, I make sure that I stay away from the lousy quality items. Yes, the quality is uneven, that’s true, but overall the value far exceeds the price.

      • I agree with you completely, and I’ve been subbing to FFF since 2016 (before the extended shipping deadlines and the new choice platform). Fff used to have quality items, but now PopSugar and other boxes offer items with higher quality than FFF. I suppose it is a matter of personal taste, but the total listed retail value isn’t a determining factor for me. The long-term usability of an item certainly is.

    • I canceled my fabfitfun box I thought it looked like a lot of junk to pick from. Popsugar has much better quality.

      • Same. Once in a while FFF will have an item that I really want. In that case, given how inexpensive it is, I’ll sub. But i always find myself disappointed with the quality. I dont have that issue with PSMH. However, I have learned that while I love the fall and winter boxes, spring and summer never excite me.

  23. I didn’t get this box but I love the polka dot towel, the straw hat and sunscreen. Unfortunately, I’m not into surprise boxes anymore and need to see what’s in there before I purchase. I understand why companies do this but for me I want to make sure the value is there for me with usable products.

    I hear about these semi-annual sales going on with PS, is this open for non-subscribers too?

  24. I don’t get this box, but the contents have been spoiled for so long, the actual review is anti-climatic.

    Not specifically related to this review – I really the format of the pictures that you can click through instead of scrolling for miles. But the button to advance the pictures is in the middle of the picture, which blocks the middle of the picture which kinda defeats the purpose of a picture. I saw one review that had the arrow on the far side of the image, that was so much better. Could you make that the default?

    • The arrow is on the far side of the image for me. It may be your browser or might be like that if you are using a phone, not sure?

    • Is it possible you’re using a different browser/format/setting? The button to advance is showing on the side for me.

    • JMM, I’m viewing the site from a desktop computer and my Samsung phone, and have arrows on either side of the images as well as the radio buttons along the bottom that allow me to move left or right through the images. The web site adapts to the the screen size of the device you use to view the site, but in your case, it’s not being responsive. What device are you using to the view the site? That info will help them better troubleshoot your issue.

    • Y’all are so smart! It’s the browser! I use Chrome on my personal devices and the arrow is on the side. IE is the default at work and that is putting the arrow in the middle.

      • Thanks for letting us know. IE can be tricky. I’ll pass this info along to Eric. Appreciate it!

    • Liz & Eric, I just want to second that comment. The new photo setup you recently rolled out is fab! 👍

      • Yay! Glad to hear it, thanks for letting us know! 🙂

  25. I’m super excited for this box. I live near Ft. Lauderdale by the beach, so towels are always welcome for my household since they are a staple for Florida life. I’ve never tried Hint sunscreen so I’m super stoked to try it, both spray and lotion, and is another staple for year-round Florida living. I’ve been meaning to get a hat since the summer sun can really take a toll on you down here and this one is just too cute. Same with the sunglasses. Both the hat and shades are items I wouldn’t think to get for myself, since I usually don’t wear hats (though I know I should, even though I do wear sunscreen on my face daily) and I prefer aviators or large square shaped ones, but these are awesome and just adorable. The Tarte serum sealed the deal since I love their skincare (and makeup of course) and I’ve been meaning to try this serum out for quite some time. All the other items are awesome bonuses for me.

    I’m just so happy with this season’s box, they did a fabulous job. Plus, the picture of you, Liz, wearing the hat, shades and towel draped over your shoulder really showed how easy wearing they look. The shades and hat look great on you!! I hope it fits me since I have a (what I believe) larger head XD Thank you for this awesome review!! Happy summer : )

    • I’m in Fort Lauderdale as well, and I agree with everything you said!!! Summer boxes are my favorite. Between this box and the summer Causebox, I will have lots of new beach essentials!!!

  26. Loved every item in the box and all quality items I would not be able to buy other wise! Great review too❤️

  27. I’m not happy with this being a mystery box. I wish they would reveal all spoilers & let people choose to buy. But, instead of hiding the contents until they sell out or can’t sell anymore. Very disappointed with the way this sub works now.

    • Aren’t subscription boxes supposed to be surprises (minus a couple of spoilers to get people wanting to buy them)? I don’t understand your point, at all.

      • I think we’ve become too “spoiled” with full spoilers! And then we are angry when they sell out before full spoilers are provided. It is sort of comical, because if you are “subscribed” to a subscription box, you wouldn’t know what is coming one way or another! We’ve become so use to only buying when we like what we see and then cancelling when we don’t. And getting angry when they sell out before full spoilers!

      • I think her point is you used to be able to get some (keyword some not all) of the Popsugar boxes after full spoilers or even a review was out, and now they are always sold out before a single spoiler. I can understand the point because I can’t afford a so called mystery box that could possibly be full of duds. I only purchase boxes that have full spoilers out (and usually with a good coupon).

      • I’m with you @MissJ. I’ve been a PopSugar subscriber since they started (back when they were monthly) and they never revealed the entire box’s contents in advance. This is not new and I really enjoy unboxing PopSugar’s seasonal curated collections; therefore, I disagree with @Molly.

  28. I’m with Liz ~ this box was IT for me with just the towel and the Tarte….. I gifted the rest….. couple of happy people …. I don’t understand calling this “junk”……. the quality is GREAT!!! …. i bought two just to have both towels…. 🙂

  29. I think this is probably the most disappointed I’ve ever been in a PS box. The Tarte serum will be nice, but everything else is a total dud. I can’t believe they charged me $75 for all this junk.

    And I’m super pissed that they included a Julep product after the way Julep screwed over all of their loyal subscribers. This is like PS is rubbing salt in that wound. They probably got the products dirt cheap and are trying to increase their profit margins. I can’t think of any other explanation for all this ugly stuff in one box.

    Even the bonus freebies were low-value junk. Really disappointed in this one.

    • agree – they’ve been heading this way for awhile but crazy that they think this is worth $75!

    • They now have plenty of money for their makeup line and clothing line at Kohl’s. Because the $$$ surely isn’t going into this!

    • This post is unnecessarily nasty.

      • I agree. If you are that selective and picky about what you perceive to be “quality” items versus junk, then a subscription box isn’t meant for you. These are for-profit businesses and they have to include high profit-margin items with low profit-margin items. If you feel that is so offensive, then you should save your money and go to the store and pick out your own items that you deem to be quality and not junk.

    • I’m sorry to hear Julep did something nasty to it’s customers. I was a subscriber for about a year and cancelled when I realized I had more nail polish than I could use in a decade 😆

      I was considering ordering more eyeshadow pencils but I don’t want to do business with them if they did something sketchy to their customers. Will someone please tell me what happened?

      • They’ve basically gone out of business (like so many sub boxes lately). They canceled their subscription service in February and any unused Jules (rewards points) basically became null and void- which made people angry. The website is still open and they appear to be selling off remaining stock. The sub box model doesn’t seem to be quite as sustainable as it was 5 years ago with the unrealistic expectations they are faced with now.

      • I agree about the unrealistic expectations. I have been into beauty advent calendars, limited edition boxes, & subscription boxes for about 2 1/2 years. I don’t do spoilers, & I read reviews of past boxes to decide if a box is likely a good match for me. The value for me comes from being happily surprised & discovering things I never would have otherwise.

      • I like to read the spoilers but also don’t mind if companies don’t release every single one. I enjoy surprises, too 🙂 . But, people want sky high values for near nothing and expect customization, boxes to implement profiles, items from well known brands, stellar customer service and companies that NEVER make mistakes. Something has to give. There has to be profit margins to provide that customer service and that means you either need to pay more or enjoy new brand discoveries that they can get at a cheaper price point. I don’t know how Liz and crew do it. It’s got to be very frustrating reading the constant unhappiness from the masses. Or maybe they just don’t read the comments anymore? I wish I could stop reading them, but it’s like a bad accident I can’t look away from.

        Anyways, I’m with you…I am super happy that I can find joy in my sub boxes. The minute that stops happening, I know it’s time for me to move on. Now if I can only get myself to stop wasting so much time reading the comments. Ha!

      • I loved what u had to say squirrleygirl! I just to chose to look at the joy in life! If I’m u happy with something I love on! I don’t need to beat a horse to death with negativity! I think this box is incredible! I love nearly everything in it and what I don’t I throw up on the swap board and get something I do love (like 3 more of the amazing towels)!!! Sometimes you learn a lot about people by what they post on social media! I agree I feel bad for Liz and co. She models these cute items just to have so many bash the hulk out of them. That sure wouldn’t make me feel good!

      • For some reason I can’t reply to your comment Kristin, but, thank you! I agree with the swapping, too! I’ve met some great friends in the swap groups, got rid of things I wouldn’t use and gained fun new stuff for myself or friends. Win win!

    • I’m sad about Julep too. Was my first and one of my favorite subs for years! But the good news is it allowed me to find MSA (my fav site EVER) and this is one of my all time personal fav Julep items, so I’m gonna call it a win personally.

      Hopefully you will enjoy the next box more! 🙂

  30. I was SO HAPPY to get a hat that actually fits! I’m with you Liz – its snug (but not uncomfortably so), and I think a few wearings will make it perfect.

    I’m pretty ok with this box 🙂

    • Yay! Glad to hear the hat fits you well! 🙂

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