Fruit For Thought Gift Box Review + Coupon – May 2019

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Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Box

Fruit for Thought is a lifestyle subscription box that sends fruit or vegetable themed packages each month. There is a $44.99 a month Full-size and $31.99 Mini box option, and they focus on sending artisan-made products.

This is a review of the Fruit For Thought Mini, $31.99 + $4.95 shipping, box.

Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Open Box 1

Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Open Box 2

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Group Shot

About Fruit For Thought

The Subscription Box: Fruit for Thought

The Cost: $31.99 + $4.95 shipping. Save with longer subscription plans.

The Products: Colorful and flavorful items based on a fruit or vegetable theme! The full-size box comes with 5-8 items curated around the theme and the mini box will include 4-5 items with the same theme and presentation.

Ships to: Worldwide

Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 Review

Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Info

Here is the card that gives you some more information about the items included.

Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Candy

We also received some Laffy Taffy! This box usually comes with a few pieces of loose candy, and even though it is a small touch it always makes me happy.

Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Michel Design Works Mixed Berry Oven Mitt 1Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Michel Design Works Mixed Berry Oven Mitt 2Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Michel Design Works Mixed Berry Oven Mitt 3

Michel Design Works Mixed Berry Oven Mitt – Retail Value $9.99

I love receiving useful items like oven mitts in subscription boxes. I don’t have a cohesively designed kitchen, I have a mish-mash like some who are living alone for the first time (granted, I’ve been in my apartment for three years, but living on a law student budget doesn’t really allow for kitchen redecorating). I will take all the functional, practical items, all of the time. I love the longer style of this oven mitt that protects part of my forearms (where I have been burned before), and the berry design is berry cute.

Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Designs by Katieleigh Cherry Druzy Necklace 1Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Designs by Katieleigh Cherry Druzy Necklace 2Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Designs by Katieleigh Cherry Druzy Necklace 3Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Designs by Katieleigh Cherry Druzy Necklace 4

Designs by Katieleigh Cherry Druzy Necklace – Listed Value $15

Druzy style jewelry is becoming more and more popular and I am 100% onboard that train. This simple red druzy stone with a gold chain goes perfectly with my favorite thing to wear- black dresses! The next time I want to look like the coolest thing since sliced bread, I will be pairing this necklace with a bright, matching red lip (is it me or does the Huda Beauty lipstick coming in the July Allure box look like the perfect match?).

Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Lord of Meringues Raspberry Meringues 1Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Lord of Meringues Raspberry Meringues 2

Lord of Meringues Raspberry Meringues – Retail Value $3.99

Lord of Meringues is a fan favorite that I have tried from a previous box, and the meringues are truly a delight. They are flavorful, light, airy, and provide a good crunch without being stale.

Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Lord of Meringues Raspberry Meringues 3

I like the delicate raspberry taste, and the heart shape makes them extra photogenic.

Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Nectar Apothecary Strawberry Blossom Tea 1Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Nectar Apothecary Strawberry Blossom Tea 2

Nectar Apothecary Strawberry Blossom Tea – Buy 6 single-serve tea bags for $28

I love a good herbal tea, and that is exactly what this is. Made with strawberries, blue mallow flowers, lavender, and jasmine (all organic!), this is a slightly sweet tea with a good blend of floral and fruity notes. I actually decided to use this to make a tall glass of iced tea, and I thought it was a refreshing summer blend.

Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Gift 1Fruit For Thought “Cherry Berry” May 2019 - Gift 2

Subscribers also received this small gift, which I think is adorable and sweet. Small boxes like this one are so much more likely to add touches like these, and it really adds to the overall curation.

The Verdict: Fruit For Thought continues to be a joy to receive, and I thought the mini box this month showed a more affordable option to the regular box that still has the same great curation. The necklace is exactly my style, the oven mitt is useful, and everything edible was tasty. The value for everything except the tea bag and loose candy is $28.98, which is below the $36.94 cost of the box ($31.99 plus $4.95 shipping). I think when you add in the value of the high-quality organic tea, you’re closer to meeting the cost of the box. This isn’t the box for you if you’re interested in a steal of a deal, but if you want thoughtfully curated unique items that are of high quality, this is a great one.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, your first box will be the July box.

Value Breakdown: This box costs $31.99 + $4.95 shipping, which means that each of the 4 items in the box (not including the bonus Laffy Taffy or strawberry seeds) has an average cost of $9.23.

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Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t go on pizza and when I’m not studying for law school I’m relaxing at home with my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like!

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  1. I love how well curated this box is and I get it whenever I can. I really love that necklace, I can always use another oven mitt, and I imagine both the herbal tea and meringues are delicious. Thank you Jessica for another great review.

  2. I really like that necklace. The red color is terrific.

  3. Wow! Over priced!

  4. I do wish another item was included. Cute box though

  5. Yikes!! To expensive for me & don’t like any of the items.

    I’d rather save my $40 and buy an oven mit at the Dollar Store!! Which feels smarter then throwing money out the window.

  6. $4.67 for a single bag of tea makes it even more expensive than my daily cup of Starbucks. But I do like that oven mitt.

  7. I usually think this box is worth the price, not just retail value but also factoring in curation, but I it definitely falls short this month for me. It feels like it should’ve had one more item. A full size berry scented bath/body product or even a berry scented candle or home fragrance item would’ve rounded it out better. It seems like most months have at least one thing that smells like the theme.
    I know the tea probably does, but I myself wouldn’t really count that.
    Oh well. You can’t expect every month to be great in most any subscription.

    • The review this month was for the mini box which is only $31.99. We wanted people to see there is a less expensive option. The full size box for $44.99 is the the one that is usually reviewed. That box included a luxe full size bottle of berry dish soap and a strawberry shaped sponge, in addition to everything shown above.

      • You always come on here to super defend your box, but you don’t really take any constructive criticism and go with it. Everyone is wrong, in your opinion.

        Maybe check out Nosejoy and do a little comparison with what you provide and what they provide. Not trying to be mean, but it is frustrating when you come to look at a box review and can’t say anything at all because the box owner is going to come tell you you’re wrong about how you feel about what you receive.

      • Regardless if this was the less expensive box or not – the fact that the products retail value is LOWER than your price – makes it a bad purchase. You should be listening to the criticism and taking notes, instead of defending your product which fell short.
        Not many people would sign up for a box, that sends you items (whose costs) that don’t even add up to what they paid! I sure wouldn’t.

        • Yes, these boxes that have RV of less than the price of the box aren’t even worth looking at, in my opinion. If I’m going to pay full RV (or more!) I’d rather chose my own items.

        • I’m sorry if you felt I was being defensive. I just wanted to make sure she realized the review was of the mini box. The value including the tea bag (which retails for $4 for a home made tea bag) is over the $31.99 price. The $5 covers shipping (which actually costs us $8).

          I’m sorry the box isn’t a good fit for you. Not every box is a good fit for everyone. Luckily we have been very successful since we have customers that aren’t looking for high value, they are looking for unusual and fun curation. We don’t promise a high value.

          • I didn’t think you sounded defensive at all..I thought you were just clarifying. Which I appreciated because I for one didn’t know that there was a mini box and a regular sub. Don’t let it bother you, some people just like to complain… I think this looks cute and definitely liked the addition of the strawberry seeds. I think it would be cute to have little recipes in each box for whatever type of fruit or vegetable/theme is being used.

          • Thank you so much Jessica! I really appreciate it! And I love the recipe idea! I am going to work on doing that!

          • Wow I didn’t find her comment defensive at all. This sub has been around for years so obviously her subscription base appreciates the curation.

          • Thanks so much Kristen!

      • I found this response to be informative, not defensive. If this is a review of the smaller box, it should be accurate and say so. To compare the value of this box to the higher value box cost is not fair. MSA, can you correct the review?

        • Oops, sorry, just saw the pricing was accurate in the review.

      • Pam,
        I’m thinking of ordering, but wanted to know first if the box ships priority?

        • Yes it ships priority with insurance!

    • I would be upset if I paid $37 and received this collection.

  8. Aw, man, the June theme is Lemonade! I missed out!

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