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We have the second spoiler for the July Allure Beauty Box exclusively for MSA readers! And this box will be curated by Huda Kattan!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

Two of the products featured in July will be:

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Alluring *Every subscriber will be receiving this in their box


Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray

What do you think of first July spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the June Box. (Scroll down this page to see exactly what items you’ll receive.)

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (124)

  1. I don’t want this box. That’s why I called and skipped. I got a new card. I waited long enough and then went into my account and changed the card info. Nowhere does it say that I would be getting billed for this month or be sent the box. I did get an email that said thank you for updating your information. The next morning @ 6am, boom! Shipping email from allure… 🙄 I called in the afternoon when I had calls scheduled. CSR was pretty rude about it. It’s my fault for updating my information? Lol! No… It’s pretty plain and simple. I skipped and considering the box actually has NOT shipped, it’s still sitting in a warehouse, yes, you can. Or at least in 2019, you should be able to and your system should be more up to date. 🤷‍♀️ I don’t know sweetheart… but I do know that I skipped this month because there is not one single thing I actually want. If I have to, I will go to my bank. If I have to call back and get someone with a better attitude, I will be going to the BBB and then to social media and I will be using your name too.
    I don’t get it!!! It doesn’t matter what company you’re dealing with anymore. CS isn’t CS anymore…

  2. So, I subscribed the middle of last month, they sent me the May box, which was great, (Lue Erase was over 3/4 full) The HelloFresh $60.00 gift card is kinda cool, I guess, however, if you go on their site, you’re better off using the $80.00 special they’re running right now…gift the card to a friend or family member! I was a little apprehensive after reading reviews…

    Then June Box came, not very impressed and I also have 3 of texture spray (?) and no Avene Thermal Spring Water. Not sure if I want to continue this as the lippie is already out for my French/Irish complexion. This is my first box sub, I have already subscribed to Ipsy, BoxyCharm and Macy’s now because of reviews on here! Could be addictive…

  3. I subscribed for the ND eyeshadow in April box. And when I finally got my box it was missing. I sent an email to complain about it and they never replied. Then I talked to them on Instagram and they said they’d send me the eyeshadow. After waiting for 5 weeks I finally got my replacement but it was a lip balm from some brand I’ve never heard of instead of the eyeshadow that I wanted. Unsubscribed immediately. Worst beauty box subscription ever.

  4. Are there going to be more spoiler for july by know should already know what we’re getting ?????

    Want spolier Allure!!!

    • I thought for sure there would be more spoilers by now. Usually whole box is revealed around 15th thought since it was weekend they were going to reveal July box today but nope not one spoiler .

  5. I’m excited for both items. I LOVE Ouai products and I love orange red lipsticks. July is looking to be a winner after June was such a dud.

  6. I agree that red orange is a relief compared to all the crusty dead concealer lip looks out there but I still can’t do matte. It’s a trend I have hated for years now and I wish it would die already. Some of you rock it, and I think it will be decades before matte lipstick is hard to find, but I want the trend to go away so we can get some other lip products for a while. For the summer a nice, moist tinted balm like the Bobbi Brown ones would be nice. Matte lipsticks don’t lend themselves well to be used as a tint, they want to be a solid paste wall of color, no radiance or tones. They are FLAT. They always look dry. Living humans don’t have flat dry singular lip colors.

  7. I still haven’t received my box for May yet..hoping it arrives in the few day. Has anyone has this happen?

    • I think my may should be here tonight. Did you cehck your email for tracking? I should be getting Junes’s in a few days as the tracking for that was sent today.

    • I haven’t received my May box either. Yet I just got my June one today. I was hoping to get the May box since I got it during the perfume promotion.

      • Mine ended up being June surprisingly. I am hoping then that the other box is May and not two June’s because I signed up during the perfume sign up also :). Good luck to you!

      • Call them and let them know. I had the same problem. It was corrected. If you can’t call email or text them from site. They have always given me great customer service.

    • YEP allure is the worst for getting bags out on time !!!!!! I just got my may bag now :/ also they charged me twice for the June 2019 bag and different prices one for $10.00 something and one for $15.00 something I don’t need or want to June bags :/ or to be charged twice. I’ll call customer service, but I never am greeted with friendly service just lies … ( sighs)

  8. Hi, Does anyone know when I need to subscribe in order to get the July box but avoid getting the June box? Thanks, Lauren

    • Wait until July

  9. The hairspray smells amazing, now I don’t have to buy a travel size one. It’s not just a hairspray though, it’s a dry shampoo too. It works well for my fine hair that is frizz prone.
    I am less enchanted with the color choice of the lipstick. It’s either concealer lips or bright and unwearable colors for lip stuff. No in between.

  10. Interesting to hear no one else got the ABH lipgloss. They promised me they would re-send, but I never got it, and I’ve given up hope. I agree – TOO MANY hair products. I want the June box, but unless further July spoilers are better than these two (at least it’s not another brown nude liquid lipstick), I’m done.

    • They did send me mine. I don’t really want it. Are you on the MSA swap page?

    • I got sent the abh lip product along with 5 other items that were varients since I had 2 boxes almost identical I thought I got 2 from the same month do they sent me all 6 other options took about weeks and it was all great stuff

    • I agree, this June box was not all that great. I really hope the next few spoilers make it worth keeping. I am not too enthusiastic right now.

  11. Please IPSY go back to the great sub you once were , when I signed up months ago 🙂
    you’ve been really missing the mark , customer service is very poor with miscommunications and lies :/ Improve the products please 🙁 I mean you are Allure ( right) all about beauty and upcoming new trends – Represent Allure, Represent !!

    • Yep! Been with them for 2 years and right now, it’s all mostly old news. I actually skipped May’s box and almost skipped June’s box. But I love that eye cream and hair oil for travel. I have to drive so it works out with the glass. I might use the spray but still don’t know. The rest will be stocking stuffers or swaps. I will hand it to allure for one thing even though I don’t like it. The lip color is alluring and apparently an allure exclusive.

    • I meant Allure lol 😂

  12. The lue powder from June has 25 cents worth of flour and powdered milk. Total throw away product. I mean I’m sure it works but I do have access to a grocery store with bulk bins:(.
    I think Huda is great but the color makes it another throw away for me.

    I typically am happy if I get one great thing in a box to try and I really feel happy when boxes arrive. I know I pay for them but it’s always like a gift from a girlfriend.

    I take all the items I don’t use, minus any I don’t trust, and put them in a box. When my or my daughter’s friends come over, I break out the box and let them “shop.” One of my girlfriends went through a challenging financial time and she used my extras box to stuff the stockings of her four daughters for Christmas.

    All that being said, I have debated canceling Allure. The boxes lately have been pretty…meh.

    I am 51, look 40ish, fair skin, redhead.

    The biggest bonus to me about boxes is the skincare. I slather the crap out of my face with anti-aging products, in a very affordable way, thanks to boxes. So for that reason alone, I will keep Allure through the summer and see how it goes.

  13. Huda Kattan is the box curator??? WOW! Super excited and praying for a mini palette but even if not… very impressed Allure. I hope i read correctly that she’s curator. I like her lip formula and don’t rock an orange red but I will layer another color. I’m so amazed at Allure!!!!

    • I believe it was stated in a prior MSA post that she was the curator too! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what’s included!

      • Oh, I missed that but so happy I caught it this time. This is an amazing collaboration IMO… I haven’t had a bad experience with any Huda product.

      • I’m hoping for a mini palette like you.😀 I have really enjoyed the mauve and coral one’s that Ipsy Plus sent a few months back. Huda just came out with Neon mini’s, would love to see one of those in this box!

      • I am hoping she decides to debut a new palette with this box. But I could work with the pink one or gift one if I can’t work the color angle… I love a blue red but Sephora reps seem to want to put me in orange red… I have a brown that I use to change everything.. lol

  14. I use to get the Allure magazine for free from pinchme and the spoilers use to be in the magazine.

    • Now the magazine just shows the final selections.

  15. Boo. I think I’ll cancel for a while.

  16. Another ugly red /orange lip color :((( yay

    • I agree.

    • Beats the “my lips beut deader” nudes that everyone had been sending. (To me at least)

      • lol @ “my lips but deader”. So spot on!

      • Agree! Too many corpse-like neutrals. The Huda red in the July box is a great shade for me, so I’m happy! Really enjoy the skincare products though -that’s what keeps me on board…

    • Truly horrible

    • Really? I sent two emails because I wasn’t satisfied with the lame excuse I received from CS after Allure didn’t send me the ABH item. Girl, I was pissed! I subscribed the month before (early March) we were to receive the ABH item (in April). The very day I subscribed, MSA had posted the ABH spoiler. That’s why I signed up, but then my box came and I didn’t even get it? I told CS that it’s very interesting they ostensibly ran out the very day they had MSA promote the item in their box. Bait ‘n’ switch? In addition, I pointed out that had an article published on their OWN WEBSITE on April 1st that was all about the ABH lippie. This article concluded by telling readers they would receive one ABH lippie on April 1st in their Allure Beauty Box, and it had a link. Yes. I did my f-ing homework. Lol! On APRIL 1st they themselves were still actively promoting the ABH item to induce people to subscribe, yet they somehow ran out before my box when I was already signed up way back during the month before??? Hmmm… I don’t think so! The result: They had one sent out to me! The nerve of them. If this happens to you again, I recommend fighting them a bit because, if you’re in the right, they just might accommodate you appropriately.

  17. One of my favorite hair texturizing products; I hope I get it in my Amazon box as well. It doesn’t always work out that way.

  18. Nooo … I’d have liked any OUAI product “but” the texturizing spray. Oh well.
    The Huda looks lovely! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  19. Sooooo….. Two orange-red lippies and another texturing spray? Yay. I skipped May for the 1st time ever. I’m getting the June box. But, if they don’t come out with better stuff for July, I might just have to skip July too.

    • Only one orange-red lippie. Where are you getting two?

      • Maybe because they showed 2 different pictures of the lipstick she thought they were different ?

      • Yep! That’s exactly right. 👆🏻

      • Yes, what Lisa said. I misinterpreted this spoiler and thought they were sending us 2 different types of the same shade of lip color. 🤷‍♀️

  20. Excited for this box and can’t wait to get it wish it was for June because I’m dying to try this Huda Lipstick. I have olive skin tone and am tan in the summer so this shade will be beautiful and work on me. I always love Ouai so happy to see that too.

  21. i’ thinking of cancelling too…the red lip gloss, not for me at all…and please no more hair products…may just cancel for a couple of months and take a break..

  22. Not a big fan of Ouai products && texturizing spray doesn’t always work well with my hair… I guess because its thin && straight, it normally makes it oily even a small bit. So far this is not looking like a nice box… Smh && normally Allure is my favorite!

  23. Liz at MSA, could you check with Allure if they have a robot replying to emails by searching keywords & firing up a generic reply.
    I sent an upset email asking why I got $2 freeze sheets instead of $32 “guaranteed” AmorePacific item and that my Lue powder was only 2/3 full and got a super generic reply: “sorry you are not happy and want to cancel if you would like to stay, reply with “4 for $10”. What kind of “problem resolution” is this? So I replied that I do NOT want to cancel but I do want Lue issue resolved and guess what? I got no reply and my account got cancelled.

    My guess is Allure got a great deal on old Lue stock (the bottle opening & lid are different from the one I bought at retail) and it was easier to just dump a long-time subscriber than to remedy a partially filled (tampered with?) product problem. I would still like to know why some of us received 2 cheap frizz sheets instead of advertised AmorePacific cream or essence. I’d understand if they ran out but they were still advertising it on their website. My box value was $57, nowhere near promised $90+.

    • The Amore pacific was never a “guaranteed” item though. And everyone’s bottle of Jason Wue powder wasn’t all the way filled. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      • It actually was guaranteed in an email they sent to subscribers. I luckily did not delete it and sent a screen shot to customer service. They’re supposedly sending me an Amorepacific item in 6-8 weeks. I doubt I’ll see that, though. They seem to be giving different info via emails vs. spoilers lately.

      • I called about the ABH lippie from April and they said they’d send it, sure enough it actually showed up last week! So it could happen!

      • I did the same. And received my ABH as well. I was shocked.

      • I also had a problem with not recieving the ABH lippie or the LG eyeliner, they sent me both. I got them in approximately 4 week’s.

      • It actually was guaranteed in an email they sent to subscribers. I luckily did not delete it and sent a screen shot to customer service. They’re supposedly sending me an Amorepacific item in 6-8 weeks. I doubt I’ll see that, though. They seem to be giving different info via emails vs. spoilers lately.

    • I’d try Allure’s phone number. I’ve actually had good luck with their customer service that way. It sucks that they screwed up so badly with you.

      • They didn’t screw up with her though? She had complaints that Allure doesn’t have control over so they sent her a generic email insfead of dealing with her crazy. Makes sense to me.

      • Um, no? Allure sent out an email promising an AmorePacific item, and she didn’t get it. That IS something Allure has control over. She even said that she would understand if they ran out, she just wanted to hear as much from Allure – that’s not “crazy,” and it’s crappy customer service on Allure’s part to fob her off with a generic email.

      • Can’t we talk about things AND be nice?

    • Everyone’s bottle was halfway full. That’s not Allures fault. And variations are the name of the game with this sub box. I think it’s good idea you werecancelled, you don’t have realistic expectations of a sub box honestly.

      • Wow

      • 😕

      • Maybe you should be canceled.

      • Mine was 100% full. 🤷‍♀️

      • Clearly you received the moisturizer and not frizz sheets.

    • Jane I would try calling them. I called about that too and they sent me the AmorePacific. I have had good (and bad) experience with their customer service so you may get lucky .

    • I agree with others about calling. I emailed and was told “too bad” but when I called the girl immediately processed mailing me an amore item.

    • I called customer service because my box arrived open, and I was worried someone had tampered with the Lue powder because it was also barely half full. They immediately sent out a new box, no questions asked. The new Lue powder was full. So I would try calling, hope it works out! Also been a sub for 3 years so I don’t think it’s any issue with not caring about losing long time subs.

    • The Lue powder settles. It goes by weight vs how full the bottle is.

      • But a few people weighed it and it did not even weigh as much as it was suppose to plus it was suppose to have a seal and did not so it was not settling issue. They had post on Reddit about it.

      • I am one!! Only because I received this product months ago maybe year ago from glossy and I loved it and it was a full bottle. So I did call them oh, because I found it completely impossible to navigate their website to the appropriate Department to ask the question I had. As I stated before it was fabulous customer service agent with a perfectly wonderful. And she resent it and by the way it came 3/4 full LOL but they didn’t include a gift of juice Beauty Hydro cream and it’s really nice and I appreciated it. The only trouble I have with Allure is there’s no way that I have found on their website to actually see tracking of beer box or really any good information about your account when they’re going to be lit Etc I do think that that area needs to be more transparent and less Gray.

      • I was talking to text and I’ve no idea why beer came out it’s hilarious

    • I’d you’re still interested in signing up I’d recommend looking into subbing through amazon. You don’t have to deal with their customer service and you can skip or get as wanted without calling them.

    • I called them and a real person answered. I’ll try to find the phone number.

    • I got the generic reply too. Offered me 4 for $10 and a cheap lip scrub. I emailed them back and told them it was a scripted response, sent them a screenshot of the places they guaranteed an Amorepacific item and told them if they weren’t willing to send out that item to make up the difference in value of the box, that I wasn’t interested in the lip scrub or staying subscribed. They replied that they had cancelled my subscription.

      Honestly, good riddance.

      However much I would have liked the Amorepacific sample, it wasn’t worth the hassle of me calling AND staying subscribed for a few more boxes that look unimpressive.

  24. Happy about lipstick although I get my box through Amazon when I like boxes which did not get Tarte or ABH so who knows. Not excited about hair spray. Luckily I can watch unboxing then subscribe.

    • I have a 4 boxes at $10 deal right now but thinking of canceling and resining through amazon after for this same reason!

  25. I’ve been contemplating canceling, I subbed back in November and I loved the November skincare box and December’s box was amazing with ofra and Juvia place palette. But every box since then has been mehh for me too. I have bad fomo , and worried if I cancel the next box will be great.

    • The FOMO is real! But between sunless tanner towelettes and gel, anti freeze hair sheets and now a red orange lippie…id rather just subscribe to another box instead. I love allure, but I’m sure others love these particular products more than me:/

    • You can subscribe through Amazon, order any month you like after you see full spoilers, and then cancel right after it ships.

  26. But can we confirm that those with Amazon accounts will get the HUDA lippie and not 3 things of hair care?

    • THIS tho. The fact that Allure sends COMPLETELY different products to amazon users is wack. If you don’t want people subscribing through amazon then get rid of that service.

      • It seems like every other month, Amazon gets the good variation lately. Like last month it got the Amore Pacific cream instead of the frizz sheets but in April, Amazon got the John Frieda instead of the Anastasia lippie. Seems almost cyclical.

      • I don’t sub through amazon but goes exact variants those months so it seems to be random anyway

      • It wasn’t just Amazon who didn’t get ABH. I was Allure subscriber and didn’t get ABH. I canceled because of that. Also receiving 2 duplicates from prior boxes just solidified my decision to cancel. I did call CS and they did send ABH in the mail

      • Exact same thing happened to me. Let me guess, you got another Juvia’s Place palette and that crappy LA Splash eyeliner. They sent me the right replacement products, but still, I shouldn’t have ever had to contact them to begin with. I also unsubscribed, but moreso because their curation has declined. Every month just gets worse. When they were putting out awesome boxes, I was willing to tolerate their poor business practices. Now? I don’t think so!

    • This is what I would like to know. I want that Huda lippie, but I don’t want to have to deal with Allure’s subscription service to get it.

  27. I’m so tempted because I love the Huda liquid matte and I’ll get it in a heartbeat no matter the shade. However my previous Allure was supposed to have the ABH liquid lip but it wasn’t in my box. I was so disappointed and angry at Allure’s false marketing which claimed that the ABH is included in every box. I wonder if this Huda is for every box?

    • My April box also didn’t have the advertised ABH liquid lipstick or the Laura Geller eyeliner. I called customer service about it and they shipped them out to me. Maybe try that

  28. So it looks like July will be my last month with allure…..June is meh and so far July is looking the same for me. I’m sure other subscribers will be excited tho

  29. Nope, the hair spray is not exciting enough to make me take that red lippie. If that lippy were just about any other color I would be stoked. Every month I check back in hopes Allure has improved and it saddens me that they have not. What happened to you Allure?

  30. Do we actually think all subscribers will get the Huda lippie, or will it be like the Anastasia one where not everyone receives it despite the spoilers?

  31. So excited! I love orange red lippies! I but only because I have an olive skin tone. I agree with others that this color does not look well on most other skin tone. Same with browns on my skin tone, which look terrible on me because I match the lipstick. I think allure should choose colors that fit people more. I tend to throw away 75% off the lip products we get from them because of color.

    • Hi Mariek. I have olive tone skin also and am excited for the lippie too. I noticed you said you never can wear all the brown lippies sent in sub boxes. Have you tried to darker browns ColourPop offers? I think they called the set “The Browns”. They are a chocolate brown with just a hint of orange. Perfect for us olive tint ladies!

    • I have porcelain skin, and can pull off orange. Honestly, I think this color is more wearable than most of the nudes they send out, which make pale people and people with deeper skintones alike look dead.

  32. Amazing! I love a bold lip and I’m excited to try the Oui too.

    I’m so sick of neutrals right now, I want something fun! Perfect for summer.

  33. Love the color of the lippie. Hopefully it’s not too drying since it’s matte. And excited about the texturing hair spray too. I hope the rest of the spoilers for July are this good. For those that mentioned skipping a month or two, how do you skip a month or two?

    • if you sub through amazon. it’s easy to skip. if through allure, call CS and ask if they can pose. I’ve heard of people doing that. never done it myself. i’ll never sub through allure again just because how easy it is to pose and resume through amazon

      • *pause* LOL

      • Nat thanks for the info. I’ll try to call cust serv when I’d like to pause.

  34. I’m not excited about the shade of the Huda item… nor am I excited it’s matte. Not everyone uses texturizing hair products, either. The last few months of Allure have been wah-wah for me. So far, July is following this new trend.

  35. Nope, Not only is the color horrible but I have several huda lipsticks and they are one of the worst formulas I’ve tried.

  36. I think these are awesome spoilers!!!!

  37. More red, which I see zero to barely any women wearing in day to day life. I’ve received and worn lots of red from sub boxes by now it’s just not a color most people wear often enough to need multiples of. What a crummy choice

    • Exactly! I get nothing but red from my subscriptions and almost one every month. I hate anything matte to boot.

  38. Hmm, okay, I see you Allure. You haven’t quite tempted me to resubscribe, but you’re getting close. I love a good orangey-red and I’ve been wanting to try Huda’s formula. I don’t need a hair texture spray, though.

    I just wish it could be guaranteed that I’d get the products pictured if I subscribed through Amazon. I’m iffy after that mess with the ABH lipstick.

    • You not even guaranteed to get products pictured if you sub directly with Allure. I was subing through Allure and didn’t get ABH. When I called, they gave me a story that ABH was only for new customers. Such a BS. I canceled. Now will only go through Amazon

  39. I am thrilled!! I need hair spray and the lip color is gorgeous!!

  40. That lippie color will look horrible on me. And hairspray is just not exciting. Skipped June. Looks like will be skipping July as well. Come on Allure, please do better.

  41. I have to admit…I am PSYCHED! I’m anxious to see more HUDA items in this box…hoping we get some. more.

  42. Ugh I love huda lippies so much seriously they are an amazing formula but and orangey red is for only a select few! Not a lot at all can pull this color off (not saying in a bad way at all) but like me that is pale/fair skinned nope canr pull it off so I really wish they had went with a different color!
    the hairspray i am happy with cause I love dry shampoos and hairspray to try out so not a bad month so far to me!

    • I’m extremely pale and can pull off orange-red lipstick. It’s not the skin shade that matters as much as whether you’re warm or cool-toned. I’m warm-toned, so this is a great color for me, but I definitely understand why a cool-toned person would avoid it.

      • You’re right. I just meant the combination of my pale skin with my light hair and no-longer-so-white teeth. And I’m definitely more cool toned. I can actually pull off a bright red as long as it’s blue based to compliment my tone and brighten my teeth. Blue tones really do a great job of making teeth look whiter. I’m going on 44?and only just learned that a few years ago. 🤭😊

      • Oops! Sorry Charlotte, I thought you were replying to my comment below. 😄

      • It makes you wonder why they don’t pick one with a more neutral undertone that will suit most instead of a warm tone that only half their subscriber base can carry off gracefully.

  43. Nooooo!!!! 😱
    I’ve been dying to try a Huda liquid lip forever. Ipsy sends them out nearly every month but I never get them. Now I’m finally getting one and it’s the very worst color for me other than brown. I can’t and don’t want to try to pull off BRIGHT Orange Red.
    Even if I had beautiful blinding white teeth, and in my experience you pretty much have to in order to wear this shade because it tends to make teeth look dull and yellow, I would just feel ridiculous wearing it. Pale skin, light blonde hair, blue eyes, aging teeth and LOUD orangy red lips. I would say it should make my eyes pop, but no one will be able to see anything but my lips. 😄😄😄

    No offense to anyone. It’s not that I think the color is ugly or will look bad on others. I’m sure depending on your skin tone, personality, and style some people can really rock this color well. I’m just the last person that should wear it and it’s just funny (and sad) to me that on this very day I emailed Ipsy to please send me a Huda liquid lip since they seem to have so many, I find this.
    I’m finally getting my wish…kind of. So close and yet so far…😔

    • I’m with you. Hair spray is OK but so far this one’s a pass.

    • Maria you might want to check Ipsy add ons. I’ve seen Huda lippies offered twice so far…..
      As far as Allure goes, I keep saying I’m gonna quit, then something lured me back in! For June it’s the Context eye cream (I can’t get enough eye creams and this one covers the cost of the box twice over). When I think of canceling I get the worst case of FOMO….

  44. Nice! I’ve been wanting to try a huda lip! hopefully i get this!

  45. They both look like great products, unfortunately I can’t use either one but I won’t give up!

  46. I am so glad I subscribe! The July box is already a winner for these two items alone.

  47. These are both wins in my book. I have never received hairspray in a sub before and I desperately need some. I want to quit you allure. But I can’t.

    • i need some travel sized hairsprays too which is nice to see in beauty boxes…not that i can’t just go to the store and buy a bunch but i’m just lazy lmao & these are some nice brands…i’m on some serious lipstick overload though!!

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