FabFitFun Summer 2019 Review + $10 Coupon

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The FabFitFun Box is a quarterly subscription from FabFitFun.com. Each season they send you a box of $200+ worth items in categories like beauty, fashion, and fitness.

It’s a favorite of MSA readers, too – it was voted the Best Women’s Subscription Box in 2019!

Each season, FabFitFun features a different design for their box – and they are always so pretty!

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: FabFitFun Box

The Cost: $49.99 a box sent every quarter

COUPON – Save $10 Off Your First Box with coupon code MSA10

The Products: The hottest seasonal items (worth at least $200) selected by the FabFitFun team

Ships to: US and Canada

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    FabFitFun sends out a mini mag in each box. It details the items included and also provides background on some of the featured makers and designers. You’ll also find exclusive coupons for the brands featured in the box.

    Now, time for the items! For the formatting of this review, I’m going to show you EVERY item FabFitFun featured this season. I’ll show you the item I picked first, then all the other options. (If you aren’t familiar, FabFitFun lets subscribers pick several of their items each season – this customization is one of the best parts of this subscription in my opinion!)

    First choice item:

    (All subscribers get to pick their item.)

    My Pick:

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      Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream & Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel Set – Total Retail Value $45

      This is the item I picked for this round. I love the sweet Pistachio and Salted Caramel scent of the Bum Bum cream (it’s super moisturizing and fast-absorbing, too), and I hadn’t tried the shower gel yet, so this option was made for me. The shower gel has the same addicting scent, and it’s creamy and moisturizing. The scent from the shower gel lingered throughout the day, but it’s not as strong as the Bum Bum cream scent.

      And self-tanner + Bum Bum cream = the best my legs are going to look, so I’m happy to have a new jar for summer!

      Other options:

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        Sutra Professional Marble Mini Travel Blow Dryer – Retail Value $60

        This hair dryer has 2 speed/heat options, a diffuser nozzle, a concentrator nozzle, and a 1000W motor. It’s super lightweight and mini, so it won’t take up much space or add much weight to your suitcase. And the marble finish is super chic, too.

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          Vix Paula Hermany Lotus Towel – Retail Value $50

          This beach towel is 100% polyester and measures about 59 inches across. It’s lightweight, so should be good to throw in your beach bag/suitcase. And an MSA reader suggesting using it for outdoor concerts – such a good idea!

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            Spiritual Gangster Robe Jacket – $60 Retail Value

            This robe jacket is lightweight, so it works well as an actual robe for Summer, as a swimsuit cover-up, or a jacket. It has a collar that detaches at the torso to work as a wrap belt if you want to tie the wrap closed, too. The fabric is 100% Rayon. Machine Wash Cold, Line Dry.

            I’m impressed with the quality of the construction, and I’m someone who always is cold even in Summer weather, so this is a great alternative to the typical cardigan or jean jacket I wear.

            Second choice item:

            (All subscribers get to pick their item.)

            My Pick:

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              West Elm Indigo Tie Dye Bowls (Set of 3) – Retail Value $39

              I LOVE getting home items in subscription boxes, and West Elm is one of my favorite home brands, so this was a no-brainer pick for me! These nesting bowls are ceramic with a glaze finish, and the best part? They are dishwasher and microwave safe!

              Here are the measurements for each bowl:

              Small: 3.5″diam. x 2″h; 3 fluid oz.

              Medium: 4.4″diam. x 2.5″h; 5 fluid oz.

              Large: 5″diam. x 3″h; 8 fluid oz.

              Other options:

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                111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask (Set of 5) – Retail Value $160

                111Skin is a luxe skincare brand that I’ve sampled before thanks to subscription boxes, and my skin loves it. This mask is designed to brighten, soothe, and hydrate skin. You wear it for 20 minutes, then remove and let any excess product absorb.

                When I first put on the mask, I noticed there was plenty of excess serum still in the package, so I applied that to my neck, hands, etc – at $32 a mask, I’m not letting a drop go to waste! True to the claim, the mask was super hydrating, and I applied my foundation after and felt like my skin was glowing the entire day. The only thing I didn’t love was the rose scent (that’s just a personal preference). The best part? I don’t think my skin has ever felt this soft before.

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                  Summer & Rose Navy Diamond Tote – Retail Value $50

                  This tote is lined and includes one open pocket and a snap closure. The fabric is 100% cotton printed canvas with robe handles – very beachy! Plus the canvas fabric + the flat base makes this bag pretty sturdy – it can stand up on its own when you are packing it full of beach/pool items!

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                    XO, Sienna Black Felt Letter Board – Retail Value $35

                    I thought this was a fun inclusion (and I was impressed with the quality of the construction, too.) In addition to standard letters and numbers, this kit comes with emojis, too! And the pine frame has a hanging mount on the back.

                    Third choice item:

                    (All subscribers get to pick their item.)

                    My Pick:

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                      Odeme What A Pair Set of 2 Silicone Wine Glasses – Retail Value $25

                      I picked these because I love the pale pink color and the fact that these are dishwasher safe! The bag is great, too. They are perfect for adding to a beach bag, picnic basket, anywhere else where you can’t bring a wine glass. (And while they hold their shape well, you can squeeze them if you need to pack them into the smallest of bags!)

                      Other Options:

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                        Jennifer Zeuner Star Double Necklace – Retail Value $50

                        Delicate gold jewelry is my favorite kind of jewelry, so I’ve already worn this piece a few times! It’s stainless steel plated in yellow gold. (I’m wearing it here in the shortest setting.)

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                          Burn 60 Resistance Bands – Retail Value $34

                          This set includes 3 different resistance bands. (The Medium band is a loop.) And FabFitFun also produced 6 workout videos that feature these bands on FabFitFun TV. (If you’re a subscriber, you get free access to FabFitFun TV!)

                          Fourth choice item:

                          (Annual subscribers get to pick their item. Seasonal subscribers will be surprised.)

                          My Pick:

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                            Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream – Retail Value $28

                            If Living Proof is an option, I’m probably going to pick it every single time. This is my all-time favorite hair-care brand. It’s ingredient conscious, the formulas work really well, and I love every single scent they make.

                            This styling cream is great for adding softness/removing frizz without weighing down my hair. And again, I’m obsessed with the scent. Even if this product didn’t do anything for my hair, I’d still use it as hair perfume!

                            Other Options:

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                              Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner – Retail Value $22

                              I’ve sampled this eyeliner several times over the years thanks to subscription boxes, and the felt tip marker makes it super easy to apply a straight line. The pigment is excellent, too – it’s a solid eyeliner.

                              Mystery Item 

                              (If you received the mystery item, let us know what you got!)

                              Fifth choice item:

                              (Annual subscribers get to pick their item. Seasonal subscribers will be surprised.)

                              My Pick:

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                                Coola Organic SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray – Retail Value $36

                                I really love COOLA sunscreen (they have ingredient-conscious formulas, and their scented sunscreens smell like delicious tropical cocktails), so I had to go with this setting spray. It gets mixed reviews on Sephora, but it works so well for me. Getting extra SPF + a setting spray in one is great, and I love this for light makeup days, too – it’s so easy to apply. (Just make sure your eyes are fully shut and don’t breathe in when spraying.)

                                In addition to setting your makeup, and giving you SPF 30, it also provides a matte finish. The mattifying effect didn’t last all day with me, but it definitely reduced shine, and this is the type of product I expect to reapply a few times throughout the day, too.

                                Other Options:

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                                  Doctor Rogers Restore Healing Balm – Retail Value $30

                                  This is a small tube, but it’s a very rich ointment so a little goes a long way. It’s an all-natural, unscented multi-purpose balm that can be used for lips, cuticles, cuts, burns, sensitive skin, severly dry skin, post-procedure skin, etc. It’s on par with other balms/ointments I’ve used in the past, and a great beauty toolkit item.

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                                    Intelligent Nutrients Refining Micro Polish – Retail Value $57

                                    This brand is new to me, and it’s another ingredient-conscious find! The microbeads are plant-based, so they are good for your skin and for the ocean. (Micro jojoba beads also don’t create the micro tears in skin that harsh or artificial exfoliants can cause.)

                                    The formula is creamy and gentle enough to use every day, too. I don’t usually think of the word “nourishing” when it comes to face cleansers, but it immediately comes to mind with this micro polish. (And that feeling plus the scent gives me luxe spa vibes!)

                                    Now that we’ve gone through all the choice options, here are the items all subscribers will receive:

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                                      Invisibobble Original Duo Pack – Retail Value $16

                                      (All subscribers get this item.)

                                      I’ve tried a lot of different hair ties over the years thanks to subscription boxes, and the Invisibobble design is my favorite. It’s the only hair tie that doesn’t budge at all for the entire day. (I usually have to redo a bun or ponytail a few times a day to keep it looking right, but with Invisibobble, my hair stays perfectly in place.)

                                      And the spiral design leaves my hair virtually creaseless, too.

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                                        Whish Exfoliating Foot Mask – Retail Value $32

                                        (All subscribers get this item.)

                                        When I saw “exfoliating” I assumed this was a foot scrub product I’d be using in the shower, but this isn’t a scrub – it’s a formula you use on dry feet:

                                        Use ideally at bedtime. Apply liberally to the desired area and let dry. Go to bed and awake with softer feet. Rinse after 8 – 12 hours.

                                        I followed the instructions and found that my feet didn’t completely dry immediately and felt a little tacky, so I put on some socks to help. Then when I woke up, I rinsed off my feet (I couldn’t feel any product on my feet at this point), but I did notice that my feet were softer! This difference was not Baby Foot softer, but it was noticeable, and Baby Foot is more of a process, so I really like this mask as a weekly foot treatment. (And it’s ingredient conscious!)

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                                          Grace & Stella Rose Facial Spray – Retail Value $25.95

                                          (All subscribers get this item.)

                                          Another ingredient conscious item! This spray mister is fine enough that you can use it over makeup. It’s a nice hydrating boost throughout the day, and the size is great (over 8 ounces) so it should last me the whole summer. The only con for me is that I don’t love rose scents, but it fades almost instantly, so not a deal-breaker!

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                                            Generation Clay Brightening Purple Clay Mask – Retail Value $39

                                            (All subscribers get this item.)

                                            This mask is designed to brighten skin, deep clean and purge skin of impurities, fight acne-causing bacteria, and soothe skin and reduce redness!

                                            You apply a layer to clean skin, then let it dry for about 10 minutes before you remove with water. It tightens while it dries, too. (If you are like me, and love when you get a signal from a beauty product that it is “working” then you will love how much this tightens!)

                                            After removing, I could immediately tell a difference in my skin – it felt softer and smoother. And of course, all that tightening clay took care of oiliness, too!

                                            Verdict: This box has a value of $269.95-$467.95 depending on which items you pick! I think that’s amazing for $49.99! And it works out to just $5.55 an item. No surprise, I loved this box. So many brands I love, and being able to pick so many items is such a great perk. (I could see if you don’t want lots of beauty products, this box might not be perfect for you, though.)

                                            To Wrap Up:

                                            Can you still get this box if you sign up today? As of today, 6/7, yes! (You’ll be able to make your product selections after you sign up.)

                                            CouponUse coupon code MSA10 to get this box for only $39.99!

                                            What do you think of Summer FabFitFun box? Which items did you pick?

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                                            Written by Liz Cadman

                                            Liz Cadman

                                            Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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                                            1. Seasonal subscriber with add-ons that received my shipping email today. Scheduled to receive on 17th. My account shows that I am receiving mystery item, but don’t know what yet. I am hoping I don’t get a cleansing oil, since not a fan. Also receiving the healing balm. Would have preferred the Coola. Looking forward to trying the SDJ.

                                              • have you received your box as yet? what was the mystery item?
                                                I chose the eyeko eyeliner which I then sold, and was a bit sad as it was the only item in the box I did not up using. I am seasonal as well but could choose, and wish I chose the mystery item instead as then I may have got my first ever box where I used every single item in the box.

                                            2. I recieved my box today. I chose the mystery item and got Skin & Co cleansing oil, I won’t use it. Overall I am pleased. The Summer & Rose Tote is pretty stiff. The towel was also kind of stiff. I’ll wash it and see what happens. Super happy about the SJD and the masks. Stoked I scored two Beautyblender cleansers.

                                            3. I am annual with add ons and still do not have my box.

                                              I suppose it will arrive some day. I have learned not to look for super fast delivery from FFF. As long as I get it within the time frame I am OK.

                                            4. I haven’t looked through all of these comments to see if this was already posted, but fff is offering refunds for the fashionista mystery bundle. They advertised it as being on trend for summer and it has a winter scarf taking up most of the value. They posted on the forum that they will give the refund. Contact customer service if you want a refund. I got mine yesterday after I sent the bundle back to them.

                                            5. I received the skin&co truffle cleansing oil for the mystery choice. For the mega mystery bundle i got 4 h2o fruit tumbler bottles!!!;; Ridiculous! Why would I want 4 of the same stupid thing!!!! Not happy!!!!

                                              • That is ridiculous. I hope you messaged them about it on chat. I’ve gotten duplicate items in a mystery bundle and they sent me a new item after I told them.

                                              • WHAT?! 4?! That upsets me just a smidge, because I had one in my shopping cart on their regular shop page then left to go to work. I wanted to continue “shopping” when I came home and received a cart message telling me the water bottle was no longer available. So I couldn’t buy any, but they were putting them in mystery bundles. In excess.

                                            6. My box still hasn’t shipped, when were these supposed to ship?

                                              • They supposedly say at the latest 1 month. So if you were billed on the 17th like existing members then they still have a few days. It’s terribly frustrating waiting that long for a box to ship.. I always get mine super late too and the excitement kind of fizzles out. All the influencers and a large portion of the customers get theirs weeks before so by the time it shows up on my doorstep it’s old news 🤷🏻‍♀️

                                                • I know how you feel. I have been an annual subscriber for starting 3 years now. I just received my summer box yesterday and feel lucky to at least have it. I am hopeful that shipping issues will improve when they can start using their new warehouses? In the forum, they said a few months ago that they an influx of investment $ to help with all these issues as they have grown so fast. I guess I am trying to be patient and see what happens over the next six months as they try to manage this. My mystery item was the Skin & Co Truffle oil cleanser.

                                                  • I know- the super slow shipping is a huge deterrent. I ordered the Spring Editor’s Box on 5/15 as a new subscriber and still don’t have it, and then paid for my Summer Box on 6/17. It may not even be worth it at all, given the time I get my summer items, summer will basically be over. Pretty disappointed. I’ve communicated with customer service at least 4 times and keep getting a run around.

                                                    • Same thing is happening with me. Did you ever receive your boxes? I still haven’t received my boxes

                                                • I simple cannot understand why they take so damn long to ship. do they get how frustrating it is for us, their customers to have to wait so long! Especially when so many of the people they send free boxes to have their boxes and are posting them on Instagram months before ours even ship. I Love that MSA gets the box early, because that way I can see if want the box before the charge date, like after seeing the fall box I opted to cancel my sub and wait for winter instead.
                                                  But to have to wait over a month from the date I am billed just for my box to ship is ridiculous IMO. and for me individually it is even worse as after my box is delivered to my address in the USA, I still have to wait while it is being shipped to me in South Africa, so my waiting time before my box is in my hands is even longer 😢
                                                  I really wish they would actually listen to their clients feedback and hear out frustrations with their delivery system and do something about it.
                                                  I feel that what they do is sell us the boxes, but do not actually have the stock, or have all the stock to fill them, and that is why they need an entire month because they still need to buy the stuff to put in the boxes, have it delivered to them, and then pack our individual boxes and then only it gets sent out for delivery to us, which if they explained that to us is one thing, but still I would feel their time frame for delivery is way too long

                                            7. Wow. I am feeling like a stranger in a strange land. I subscribed to FFF a few months ago. I loved my editor’s box, summer box, and my add-ons. The shipment and delivery times seemed reasonable. The billing came as no surprise. I have also been happy with my other subs (Look Fantastic, Ipsy, NMNL, & Margot Elena). Tarte just wowed me. Neko box exceeded my expectations. I feel really fortunate that I get happiness from my subscriptions rather than frustration. I hope things get better for others.

                                              • I completely agree! I received both my Boxyluxe and FabFitFun today… and honestly I know they’re coming.. nothing in them is anything my life clock can’t continue without.. they just make my day better!
                                                I don’t track packages.. because I like a surprise.
                                                Happy with both and just as excited to open them as I am watching unboxing videos <3

                                                • Totally agree. If it took 2 months to get to me I would still be happy and the value of the items for the price is totally worth the wait for me. Additionally this is a quarterly box and all my quarterly Summer boxes are sent some time in June. Last I checked June wasn’t over yet so not sure what the fuss is all about.

                                            8. I got my box today and am very happy! My mystery item was Dr. Brandt Pores No More and I love Dr. Brandt. Love the blow dryer. It’s lightweight and takes less room to store and is powerful. This box was well worth it to me!

                                            9. What was the mystery item? I am missing items in my box…so trying to figure out what didn’t come for me. Customer service is being difficult.

                                              • I received the Skin & Co cleansing oil as my mystery item and it came in a bag labeled mystery choice.

                                              • I received the cleansing oil as the mystery choice. I believe the other two items were the living proof creme and the microdermabrasion creme or exfoliator of some sort, but I’m not totally sure. Liz listed it above.

                                                My mystery choice was also in a bag with a sticker identifying it as the mystery choice. I am an annual subscriber, so that was my choice.


                                              • Also got the truffle oil cleanser! And it was very clearly labeled “mystery choice” with a kind of sloppy sticker and an open ziploc baggie. It made it really clear what it was!

                                                (Sounds like there are at least three other mystery items floating around, but the majority of us got the cleanser!)

                                            10. I am an annual subscriber, and I bought several add ons. I added the blow dryer and the lotus towel and chose the sol de janeiro, the masks, the resistance band, the coola spray, and the mystery item. I received the truffle therapy cleansing oil.

                                              My only issue with this box is that even though I added and paid for the blow dryer, they did not send it. I contacted them immediately (I opened it expecting to put the travel dryer in my travel bag as I head out of town). I am just going through the rest of the goodies and regret not getting the robe even though it was probably too small for me anyway.

                                              I will say I wish I had realized the towel was polyester before adding it. It may go into the gift closet.

                                            11. Got my box today. They sent me the mystery choice which was ‘Dr Brandt pores no more Pore Purifying cleanser 3.5oz’ for me. Excited to try it!

                                              • I got my box today and received the Dr. Brandt as my mystery item also. My face spray came leaking but luckily only a little product leaked out.

                                            12. I received my first box last night. I am a new annual subscriber, no add-ons. I am keeping a couple things, and adding the rest to my gifting box. I admit i subscribed in a moment of weakness 🙂 At least I rarely have to buy gifts now LOL

                                              I hope everyone gets their boxes soon!

                                              • This is my 2nd main reason why I receive subscription boxes, other then I get to try out new products for myself is I like to gift give and share 😉

                                            13. Got my box today and I’m seasonal w/ add ons. Not sure why everyone is so upset about shipping. Mine usually takes forever as well but it’s totally worth the wait and I know it will get to me eventually (usually when I’ve forgotten about it and on a day I am in dire need of something to make me smile). In an age where you can fast forward through commercials, get the pictures you take with your camera instantly and get your Starbucks soy latte delivered in minutes everyone is just so darn entitled. Bleh.

                                              • It’s not entitlement to expect something you purchased to be delivered within a reasonable timeframe. It only takes a matter of days for a package to cross the entire span of the United States. There is no reason it should be taking a month to process an order.. and another two weeks for it to get to the customer. Their billing is never a day late though…. go figure 🤷🏻‍♀️

                                                • They do state that they bill the month before and items don’t start shipping until the 1st of the following month and annual subscriptions and people with ad on’s ship first. Also they use Smartpost which adds an extra 3 to 4 days to the shipping and that is so they get the shipping discounted since we don’t pay for the shipping it keeps the costs down. I’m not an annual subscriber but I had add on’s and mine arrived on 6/12 but I’m in Utah and very close to California where it ships from. If you live farther east or in the east coast it will take longer to arrive.

                                                  • They do state that annual members and seasonal with add-ons get shipped first but the problem is they don’t follow their word! There was almost 900 annual members and seasonal with Add-ons( myself included who’s orders just got over looked and forgotten about while ppl who literally just signed up already have their boxes. I’m more upset with their dishonesty and not honoring their word then I am about the length of time it’s taken. Dont tell me I’ll get my box sooner if I purchase add-ons if that’s not the case! It’s dishonest and deceitful on their part!

                                                    • I totally agree. I too have been waiting too long. Seasonal subscriber with add ons. They charged me six weeks ago and I still don’t have my box. New subscribers are on here talking about having received their boxes weeks ago. How did they get theirs when FFF states seasonal/annual with add ons ship first? Don’t say it if you aren’t going to do it. I see incentive to be annual or seasonal t this point. New subscribers get a reduced price and often an additional gift as well as earlier shipping. Repeat buyers pay full price, get incorrect items and very late shipping? They seem to care more about impressing new customers but forget about continuing to appreciate repeat customers.

                                                    • As a new subscriber, I could not agree more.

                                                    • I had paid a few months ago for my prescription. I never recieved anything who do I get in touch wth?

                                                • I know this is super late, but when it’s a regular online purchase (like the edit sales) the same laws apply as for any online purchase. Meaning they have 30 days after billing to ship out the order. If the order was not sent out within the 30 days, the customer is entitled to a full refund (excluding shipping costs) AS WELL as the full order. In some circumstances (natural disasters, factory fire and whatnot), the company has to send out an email offering a full refund if the customer does not want to receive the order because of the delay. Now, FabFitFun sent out an email saying that they were overwhelmed and couldn’t fulfill the other within those delays? Doesn’t matter because being disorganized is not “a situation out of their control” and does not absolve them from the responsibility of shipping out orders within the time frame. Do they often advertise items that end up being mysteriously “sold out” once you check out? That’s also illegal and known as a bait sale (when a company attracts customers with something extremely marked down, then the customer browses around and buys more stuff but then the extremely marked down item was never there so they were in fact baited into shopping with the company). They can be reported to the BBB for that and you might be entitled to a full refund as well as the “bait” item free of charge (law is still out on that one and there need to be a pattern so there would be a fight. It’s often class action lawsuits. I have no idea if it applies in this situation but they have certainly been using this technique). They have shipped my order almost two months late (oh no, sorry, they sent my ONE measly necklace in a box the size of a big microwave and marked the other items as “pending shipment,” which was more than an insult to my intelligence) so I contacted customer service with the proper information and they issued a full refund for the remainder of my order (the necklace was sent in time). I work customer service and unfortunately, those who complain often win. All I can say about that is 1) always be nice to CS because it is most definitely not our fault and we are allowed to mark you as hostile and deny everything if you are rude to us (calls are recorded), and 2) know your rights, because you have more than you think!

                                              • I completely agree that the shipping time is ok. With their volume of subscribers and amount of customization available, as well as add ons, it probably takes a bit of time to manage the shipments. I’m seasonal too and happy with the service. Plus, this box was amazing! Will use everything in it and received Dr. Brandt cleanser as a mystery item. Score!

                                                • Sounds like you already got your box though.. so of course you’re probably ok with the shipping. Some annual members haven’t even received tracking info yet and they’re supposed to get their boxes first

                                              • I used to feel that way about my box and I encouraged multiple friends and family members to join. After almost 3 years as a member the shipping time has tripled from 10 days to 30 while most companies are working to shorten fulfillment times. At this point it has been 26 days since I was billed and I don’t even have a label yet. I don’t feel like it’s entitlement to expect things in a reasonable amount of time. I realize a lot of us have gotten a little spoiled with companies like Amazon and I know that FFF is not set up that way but they are getting worse and that is unsettling. I’m going to give them one more chance to see if the shipping improvements they are planning will actually make things better but if not I will be saving myself that money.

                                            14. Annual with Addons and Extra Customizations and no shipping label. @Liz please consider warning your readers about shipping issues. Had I known that it was this bad, I would have went to the casino……

                                              • I agree. They might not be as awful as Loot Crate but a month is certainly a long time… I’m
                                                sure there are lots of people that wouldn’t have signed up had they known 🤔

                                            15. Last night while I was trolling on the community page it was confirmed that 780? Annuals will be shipping today. Hopefully everyone here gets a tracking number. Mine shipped yesterday and will be here on the 17th..🤞

                                              • 856 to be exact. That they just kind of lost track of and have no idea what happened and why the orders weren’t already shipped. I’m one of those (actually the person it was posted to) and still no label today so we’ll see if that even actually happens. Bananas.

                                            16. I’m an annual subscriber with addons and I’m one of those haven’t shipped people. At this point, what I’m seeing is fast shipping and preferred treatment first box. Then you get shoved to the back of the line. Generic and useless information from CS when you chat them. At this point, on June 17, if it has not left their warehouse, I’m filing a complaint with my credit card company. Be very aware they will make you feel special to rope you in, but after that, there is nothing special about being an annual member. Really disappointed at this point.

                                              • I’m a seasonal with Addons. Got my tracking info on Friday the 7th and it’s not supposed to be here until the 19th.. not sure what this company has done to muck up all these shipping issues 🤷🏻‍♀️ Unfortunately when you finally DO get your tracking you may have to wait almost another two weeks! 🤦🏻‍♀️

                                              • I’m also an annual member. It is now July 22 and my box JUST SHIPPED FRIDAY JULY 19. Unacceptable. CS was no help- didn’t even get a response until
                                                The third email I sent. 😱

                                                • Wow!!! I am so sorry! Not being sarcastic. I’m completely new to FFF and it did not start off well for me. I will leave it at that for now. But, once I got a couple of things straightened out with FFF, I got my 1st box(Summer 2019) pretty quick. It shipped on 6/23, arrived on 6/28. I received damaged items and missing items. They shipped a new one out, the whole box, and I’ve had that replacement box for 2 weeks now??? I’m not bragging or trying to stir the pot. I feel the same way about some other subs, like allure. Ya, thanks for treating new customers great and your loyal ones like crap!
                                                  I’m definitely going to go back and read their FAQS again.
                                                  As a new subscriber, I do feel bad for all of you long term, loyal subscribers.

                                                  • Thank you! Yes, I was not very happy. I’m an overall patient Nd understanding person (sometimes too much so 😂) but this is just crazy. It’s supposed to arrive 07/27. The dates were already announced for the fall addon sale and customization, and they’re happening at the same time that I’m supposed
                                                    To be receiving my ‘summer’ box. I’m just happy I didn’t choose any beach items…what a disappointment that would have been!

                                            17. 100% agree, all they seem to care about now is aquiring more and more subscribers, meanwhile tons of annual members who were billed on May 17th haven’t had shipping yet and are not getting any legitimate explanation as to why. 2 years of “we are working on improvements,” meanwhile shipping,fullfilment, and communication gets worse and worse.

                                              • I agree with this 100 percent, and as evidence, l ordered a second box because l wanted a few extra items. I used a different email, created a new account and l received that box yesterday. It should be the other way around, oldest members get their boxes shipped first. Sorry to all those who haven’t received their boxes.

                                                • How did you create a 2nd account? I tried that using all of the things that you did, but I got a rejection because only one account is allowed per household. 😢

                                                  • Did you use a different name? I created a 2nd account to get a second editors box with a coupon code and used my husband’s name, different email, and different form of payment.

                                                • I sent them an email expressing my feelings regarding the way they are running this subscription into The ground. I keep getting makeup WAYY TOO light for my skin, every month I get the opposite of what ihave in my beauty profile which proves they aren’t even looking at our profiles when ” customizing” our subscription I have also recieved the products in every bag since as far back as February with the least favorite reviews! Basically I’m getting the junk nobody wants thrown into a bag/box so they can get rid of the old crap making room for new or whatever but my monthly items are NEVER what I see here or on their IG account. Everone tags them in. It’s so disappointing I actually find myself in tears considering boxycharm is doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING TO ME, where I get nothing seen by everone else or in websites I tried to cancel but they took money out of my account anyway Just add insult to injury

                                            18. Anyone else think its bs that subscribers still dont have their box but people who signed up for the memorial day special already have their box? Why stay subscribed? My first box took like a week and a half or two to ship and this one was billed on may 17 and nothing…

                                              • 100% agree, all they seem to care about now is aquiring more and more subscribers, meanwhile tons of annual members who were billed on May 17th haven’t had shipping yet and are not getting any legitimate explanation as to why. 2 years of “we are working on improvements,” meanwhile shipping,fullfilment, and communication gets worse and worse.

                                              • I completely agree. Unless the edits and fall box blow me away this will be my last box. I’ve been a member for almost 3 years but at this point I’m #FabFitDone

                                            19. Has anyone recieved the Memorial Day mystery bundle? I’m curious to see what was in it

                                              • I got B-Low the Belt Mia Belt (black) ,
                                                Whish Rose Hip and Lotus Firming Sleep Mask &
                                                Way of Will Uplift Set of 3 Essential Oils

                                                • Me too

                                              • Mine never came with my box. The email stated it was 2 masks and an essential oil set. I emailed customer care so hopefully I still get it

                                            20. My mystery item was a grown alchemist hand cream. I’m happy with it will always use a hand cream.

                                              • That’s my mystery item too.

                                            21. This was a good box, but the add-ons were a cluster. They went out of stock on so many things. I’m still not confident they billed me correctly. I still like the box but will think twice about going crazy with add-ons in the future.

                                            22. So they’re supposed to mail your box within a month of sending you your invoice. In 8 days it will have been a month. I just spoke to the online help dept., and my box is still in processing. I don’t even have a label yet, so I won’t hold my breath on the box actually getting sent. It also wouldn’t be such a big deal if this exact same thing happened on the last box I got from them. I think that until the shipping overhaul they keep promising that maybe they shouldn’t accept more subscribers. Ugh!

                                              • I feel very done at this point. I have been a member for several years and while I love the box the length of time to get it is beyond ridiculous. I don’t understand how a company can essentially triple their waiting time to ship (when I joined it was 10 days) when most other subscription companies are working to improve theirs. There are way too many other options now compared to when they started and I think they need to realize that.

                                              • They also claim annual subscribers and ppl who order add-ons get their boxes shipped first but I purchased a ton in add-ons and still no box and ppl who are seasonal with no ads-ons have already received their boxes. This will be my last one for a while, their customer service sucks and they just keep getting worse!

                                            23. Does anyone know what’s going on with the box reveals?
                                              Mine shows I am getting the coola spray
                                              But then it says mystery item but doesn’t show if it’s the living proof or the eyeliner.
                                              Is anyone else getting this?

                                              • @Coco I am in the same boat and am getting the mystery item even though I didn’t have it as an option. We are not getting the eyeliner or hair stuff.

                                                • Gotcha!
                                                  I was so confused! Not sure how to feel I stayed a subscriber since the spring box. Idk I guess we will all get something different huh
                                                  Says I should get my box by Thursday

                                            24. same. And if you check the FFF community board a lot of annual subscribers and almost all of the returning seasonal subscribers with addon’s have not even received a shipping label. It’s going to take a miracle in order for them to meet their already extremely long shipping deadline of June 17th.

                                            25. I love my box so much! Everything is useful, and I know I got my money’s worth. Especially liking the Living Proof and my SDJ shower gel. It doesn’t foam, but it really hydrates.

                                            26. Did anyone get the fitness mystery bundle? I havent gotten my box and curious as to what came in it for you.

                                              • The ones I’ve seen had athleisure wash, a face mist, matcha collagen and a cellulite cream.

                                                • Oh wow. I was hoping for some gear too

                                              • I got a caffeinated body cream, athleisure wash and face mist. I was disappointed there wasn’t gear as well. They did give me a $5 credit because the value was not correct in description. So that made it better.

                                                • I just got my box today and… I am so confused because nothing was fitness related! Lol I got some highlighter for the face, some metal straws, some charcoal toothpaste, and Acai jainero body cream. Like what?

                                            27. During at least 3 Edit sales, I’ve eagerly bought Skin&Co. Roma’s Umbrian Truffle products.
                                              I have the Truffle face cream, full sized, a cleansing facial oil which is full sized ( not sure it’s from FFF but it’s new), a bath gel in the Umbrian Truffle range which is SO moisturizing ( not like the unisex Blue Capri shower gel which I also bought because IDK why).

                                              So, I REALLY think FFF was paying attention when they sent my Mystery Gift in the category of that facial scrub and hair product.

                                              I got the spray Skin & Co. Umbrian Truffle SPRAY BODY OIL. OMG, it so fab to put on after a day at the pool, sunning to dry off, and showering.

                                              I may not can afford full sized European Sisley products, but the compensation for me has been the Umbrian Truffle skin care line from Italy.

                                              I adore every product I’ve used except maybe toner, but I don’t like toners anyway and use them to freshen and cool my feet just as a special little treat and it gets rid of them!! LOL.

                                              Kudos to FFF for not throwing another facial SKin & Roma oil in my box.

                                              I put everything from my Spring editor’s box and Summer box together minus the kitchen type home goods, and it is so gorgeous. ALL those pinks!!! Blush pink is my most flattering shade for my fun summer separates and my favorite calming color ever. Those pink wine glasses even look a bit elegant in their bag. 🙂 And the Ban.do bag is precious at my pool.. .

                                              I love all my add ons and all my picks and box additions so much!
                                              Like I said, if you aren’t sure you want to use a certain skin care on your face and aren’t allergic, think of other places on your sun-drenched body which would like a spritz or some lotion. ( I can’t use the lotion in the box because I am allergic to something in it.)

                                              • I love their products too. It was just coincidence, they don’t personalize the mystery item (not at all possible with so many members). Everyone in the first round of shipment that selected the mystery choice received the cleansing oil.

                                            28. I got the Skin & Co cleansing oil as my mystery item and I really like it. I’ve been using it as an eye makeup remover and it works great. I make sure to shake well and then put a cotton round over the dispenser when I open it because it has the tendency to spit out product when you open it right after shaking. Then I put some on the cotton round and it takes off my waterproof liner and mascara easily and doesn’t sting my sensitive eyes at all.

                                              • That’s also what I got as a mystery item. I like it to remove makeup but feel like I need to cleanse after for sure.

                                                • Agreed, it definitely leaves a residue so I wouldn’t want to use it as my only cleanser. But as an eye makeup remover before cleansing or part of a double cleanse it’s great.

                                            29. I got my box today and my mystery item was a Dr. Brandt Pore Purifying Cleanser! So much better than another black eyeliner 😂

                                              • I ordered a mystery bundle add on and they sent me the same exact generation clay mask that was in the summer box and COMPRESSION SOCKS that you would get in a hospital. Has anyone else gotten an item like that? I feel like it is a weird joke.

                                                • Oh wow! That’s totally unacceptable! What a let down for a mystery bundle!

                                                • I would love compression socks! I need them for work and they are not cheap…

                                                • I have received compression socks before. I have plantar fasciitis so I was totally ok with it 🙂

                                            30. BE WARNED! My box came with a roach 🤢!!! It was sealed into the box and it did crawl over all of my stuff!🦗 YUCK!

                                              • OMG – let them know – this is a hygeine issue and not ok 🙁

                                              • Woah! That would be the end of FFF for me!

                                              • One time I got my beauty fix box with the tape they used to seal it shut completely covered in little dead bugs. I sent them a picture and they sent a new one. The new one had about a dozen bugs on the tape. So it was an obviously issue they had…but none on the inside. Eww

                                              • Oh no! I opened my box on my bed – I won’t next time! That is GROSS.

                                                • Same! Never doing that again!

                                              • Oh Lord! That makes me sick! Post that on the forums!

                                                Can you imagine what lurks in their warehouses? Rats and Roaches!


                                            31. I’m very happy with the robe. I’ve already worn it out a few times (together with the necklace) thrown over a sleeveless top and jeans, and it’s perfect for this weather (almost-summer, a light breeze, etc.). It was the robe and tote that convinced me to re-subscribe and I’m very happy with this box. Even the rose spray is nicer than I expected. The micro polish is wonderful and smells heavenly. I haven’t yet tried the purple mask or foot mask or Living Proof, but I have to say – there’s no other box FFF. It’s still at the top of my list, and I still don’t know how they do it. The value is consistently CRAZY.

                                            32. Really happy to see a review by Liz! Also love the new photo swipe addition. Really helps when it comes to FFF with so many products.

                                              • The photo swipe with the magazine is so appreciated. I always hated scrolling down so much through each picture in the magazine just to get to the products.

                                            33. I get my box today and am really excited but nervous because I don’t want the Skin & co Cleanser and doubt I’ll be able to swap it. Really hope I get something else like the R + Co

                                            34. I didn’t receive my mystery add on or my necklace. Still haven’t heard from CS

                                            35. If I order now, do I still get to do customization? Would be seasonal not annual membership. Thanks in advance

                                              • Yes, the first few items you can customize as seasonal if you purchase now.

                                              • I ordered the spring box April 17th. There was a coupon on here for $125 free bundle. I still haven’t received it nor has it even shipped. I cant imagine how long the summer box is going to take

                                                • You need to get in contact with customer service. I ordered the same box and promo and they do not have any more spring boxes, l had to reach out to them to get it resolved. The resolution was a spring editors box which imo didn’t even compare to the spring box so l was pretty peeved. Their customer service is really terrible. I finally received both boxes but each one was missing an item. Hopefully they make it right. Contact customer service right away about your spring box and good luck!

                                                  • I had the same issue. They offered me the spring edit box, but I asked if they would apply the payment to a future box instead – which they agreed to do. Supposedly, the mystery bundle from the spring box is supposed to arrived with my summer box.

                                            36. Mystery item was skin and co truffle cleansing oil. I guess I don’t understand stand how to use it because it’s incredibly thick and I hate it. Any pointers before I pass it on?

                                              • You oil cleanse as part of a 2 step cleansing regimen. Use it to remove makeup, and then do a secondary cleanse with someone else. I don’t have this particular one, but I use an oil cleanser as the first part of my routine.

                                              • I have dry skin and it works great to loosen makeup (like foundation or powder) before doing a more thorough cleanse. I use it as a precleanse to remove some makeup.

                                              • I received the same mystery item. Shake it well (longer than you think you need to), squirt some onto a cotton round or even into the palm of your hand, and then either rub the cotton round over your face or massage it in and tissue it off to remove stubborn makeup. If your skin is dry you can rinse with water, pat dry, and done. Otherwise, follow with your regular cleanser. I am out of my usual DHC cleansing oil so was happy to receive this item.

                                              • Use a very small amount of oil- it doesn’t take much. Massage it in. If you have time let it set on your face a couple of minutes. Lightly wet your fingertips and massage your face with them to emulsify the oil. Repeat lightly wetting fingertips and massaging a couple of times. THEN rinse with water. The mistake most people make with cleansing oils is attempting to rinse with too much water before emulsifying. The oil just repels the water when you do this and it’s difficult to remove that way.

                                            37. I wish I would get a shipping notification. So many have gotten their boxes already 🙁

                                              • Same. Mine has been saying it’s going to be shipped for over a week now and still no tracking or notification.

                                              • Becca, check your account…my box just just shipped yesterday so maybe they shipped a whole batch.

                                              • I hear ya. I havent received a tracking number yet. At this point, they might as well just send me a winter box. lol

                                              • same. And if you check the FFF community board a lot of annual subscribers and almost all of the returning seasonal subscribers with addon’s have not even received a shipping label. It’s going to take a miracle in order for them to meet their already extremely long shipping deadline of June 17th.

                                                • Damn…I was wondering what was taking so long. Thank you for that information. 🙂

                                                • “Summer ’19
                                                  Bill Date 1 – May 17 Ship date First half of June
                                                  Bill Date 2 – Jun. 1 Ship date End of June”

                                                • Mine shows nothing yet and I was billed weeks ago. Bummer, I was hoping to bring these things when we go out of town for the 4th.

                                            38. I can’t wait for my box to arrive next Wednesday!

                                              I think I will love it all!

                                            39. I didn’t think the foot cream did anything, which bummed me out since I was super excited about the product. Through the forum, I found you could ask for a larger size kimono for free (to make up for the two “one size fits some” robe debacle). I absolutely love it! I’m super happy about the invisibobbles since my teen son keeps stealing mine for his man bun!

                                              • I was bummed because when I contacted them about it, they said the larger kimonos were all gone. So…I hope the one in the box works for me. I wasn’t a fan of the other choices, but I love a good kimono.

                                            40. I wish my box would hurry up and ship. I picked the towel, the face masks and added on the bowls. And the wine cups, which I plan on keeping makeup brushes. I am so excited for my box. I really hope I get Coola setting spray.

                                              • I love the idea of putting makeup brushes in them!

                                            41. I’m happy with everything except the Generation Clay mask. I find the scent intolerable and it stuck around all day. I washed my face several times and tried to seal in the smell with moisturizer and sunscreen. 😂🤣

                                              • That’s so weird, mine literally smells like nothing.

                                              • I know! The smell is horrible..I threw it out after one application. Still think the box was awesome!! Well worth the money spent!

                                            42. I also received the facial cleansing oil for my mystery item like everyone else so far.

                                            43. I’m still waiting for mine to ship but can’t wait to use everything!

                                            44. I’m tempted to order but I missed the bonus gift promo and now I’m kind of holding out waiting to see if another promo comes. Any chance you think it’ll happen? Or should I settle for the $10 off

                                              • I have a starter pack. You have to pay shipping but it’s a gift worth at least $75. Then you can contact customer service and try to get the discount and they may give it to you to have you not cancel after the freebie.

                                            45. So happy to see your review! I’m torn on whether to keep the Grace and Stella since I don’t love rose scents either. I also picked the bowls and I love them!! My mystery item was the skin&co truffle cleansing oil.

                                            46. I chose the mystery item and received the Skin and Co Roma Truffle Therapy Facial Cleansing Oil. I also ordered the Truffle Therapy Eye Cream and the bundle with the Truffle Therapy Facial Oil as add-ons. I wonder if the mystery item selection is random, or if it is based on your selections. Btw I have dry skin and love them all.

                                              • Almost everyone on the FFF boards who received the mystery item so far have gotten the Truffle Cleansing Oil, except a couple Canadians who got a Dr. Brandt Primer. The last day or so people started receiving a neutral Pure Cosmetics (not PUR) eye shadow palette that is really pretty. After watching those boards for the last couple seasons, it seems they ship the mystery gifts in batches, if that makes sense. Like one product for the first round of shipments, another for the 2nd and so on. It’s totally random, as so many people have not been happy with their items. I got the cleansing oil, but would totally trade for the eyeshadow palette.

                                                • That’s great to know. Thanks!

                                                • Oh, interesting. I got the primer too…..I live in the US, but maybe my box was part of the same batch that went to Canada??

                                                  • I also got the primer as my mystery item and I’m US.

                                                • I received the Dr. Brandt primer and I’m in Texas. I received my box on Wednesday, 6/5.

                                            47. Would it be possible to see the robe modeled on someone as a robe and tied? I need a summer robe but only want this one if it actually covers me and doesn’t drape open.

                                              • Sorry, I don’t think there’s a good way to wear this where it isn’t draped open!

                                                • Wow. That seems crazy to me. It shouldn’t be called a robe if it’s really more of a jacket or non-sweater cardigan. I can’t think of an instance where I have ever seen or heard of a robe you can’t wear closed. I really wish I’d known that. I definitely would’ve picked something else as I have mo plans to wear this in public.

                                                • That’s good to know, thank you!

                                              • On me, it ties just below the bra line and then drapes open below that. This isn’t a traditional shower robe shape. It’s more like a kimono style on me. Hope that helps

                                                • That’s very helpful info, thank you!

                                                • Additional info: I wore the robe for the first time today and wanted to share my experience for those on the fence… on me (5’8”) the robe is a kimono shape and ties just below the bra line. The sleeves are 3/4. It’s super soft, and I love it for wearing in the house. I’m a stay home mom and usually in leggings and t shirts. This robe has pockets! It’s soft, flowy and feminine, keeps the chill away, and has pockets! It’s my new at home uniform, and I’m so glad I chose it.

                                              • You could do an easy at home fix for this, just needle and thread sew in a simple clear snap or something similar in the area you want closed. That way you can still use it in all ways since the snap is a clear plastic. I love options 😀

                                                • 🥰🙌

                                                • Brilliant! Thx

                                                • I have mine and I really don’t think this is designed to be worn as a traditional robe. There is just not enough fabric to wrap around the body. Definitely a fashion kimono meant to be worn as a jacket/wrap. You could use it as loungewear over pajamas at home if you don’t want to wear it out, perhapsI love mine and I’m not usually the kimono type!

                                            48. I struggled with the gold face masks not contouring around my eye and nose area at all (like it hit the ridge above my brows, the tip of my nose, the sides of my face and nothing else until the cheek ridge). I ended up using the mask cut outs from the eyes under my eyes and near my nose underneath the mask so more of my face would get a benefit without me constantly holding the mask to my face. So much more work than I like!

                                              Everything else has been great so far especially the Ultra Violet mask. Bring on the tightening!

                                              I got an R&Co oil facial cleanser for my mystery item. Liking it since I’ve never used an oil cleanser.

                                              • It’s a really big, heavy mask. I had to hold it in place on my small curvy face.

                                              • I just got a silicone mask that hooks over your ears. It’s designed to hold sheet masks in place and provide even more absorption of the serum in your sheet mask. It also allows you to walk around and get stuff done while masking (if you don’t have time to relax but still want glowing skin) AND wear your glasses if necessary. They’re like $5 on Amazon and well worth it.

                                                • Thanks for the tip! I just ordered some. 2 for $5.00. I have so many sheet masks from subscription boxes but haven’t used any because I need to be able to move around.

                                                  • Yay! Glad to help 🙂 I wish we could get one of those in a subscription box along with all the sheet masks they send us (which I adore!). I’ve heard tell that the 111Skin masks have a lot of serum in them too. I also ordered a bag of compressed DIY sheet masks. I’m hoping there might be enough serum in them for two for one masks. If the ones in this box don’t work out for that then I definitely already have ones that will.

                                                • Thank you, Jodi, for that info!! I just purchased a silicone reusable mask on your advice 😀

                                              • You could also snip the mask where you would like some extra contouring. Just be careful cuz scissors and face are not a great combo hehe. Hope that helps

                                                • Yes it does! Thank you 🙂

                                            49. These were all my picks, too. I loved the summer box this year!

                                              I’m considering ordering a second box for the kimono, face masks, and necklace. I thought about adding them on, but at the increased $15 per item cost it made more sense to order a second while box.

                                              • I tried not to add on too… but then ended up buying more boxes so I could have all the customizations except the resistance bands. Already have those. 😅 #lawdhelpme #shoppingaddiction

                                            50. I received an R&Co face oil cleanser. At first I didn’t think I would like it. After using it a few times I’m really enjoying how clean my skin feels without feeling dry.

                                              • I’m really confused on the two comments about a R&Co face oil cleanser. They are a haircare line (one recently pulled from Sephora btw n I’m sad about that), and I just checked their website to see if they had a face wash. From what I can tell the only product that isn’t for your hair is a brow gel. Does this product say it’s for your face?

                                                • Nah she’s talking about the “skin and co” Truffle cleanser that was her mystery item for one of the selections.
                                                  I got a R&co item called a moisturizer from allure and I had to do a double take because I thought it was for my face!

                                                  • That’s why I was truly to make sure these two ladies weren’t using a hair cleanser on their face Jennyjenny! Both of them said R&Co. I saw the other comments about the Skin&Co too, I just thought it was more than coincidence that two people said R&Co when it’s Skin&Co. (also was hoping I might get a R&Co product as well lol)

                                                    • LOL! Total brain hiccup! Wrote that at work after reading the other comment and didn’t even think before writing R&Co instead of Skin&Co!

                                              • This is what I got too.

                                                • I had over 200 in add tons plus they charged me 170 for the annual fee. I had a mystery item but check if I know what it was. They wanted me to take pics for them but it’s all over the house now. CS help me

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