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Cocotique “Spring Essentials” Review + Coupon – May 2019

Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019-Closed Box

Cocotique is a monthly woman of color subscription box delivering beauty and lifestyle products for women of color. Each month you receive a curated box of 5-8 full size or deluxe sample sized products.

Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Opened Box

Cocotique Beauty Box delivers a variety of products ranging from hair care, skincare, nails, fragrance, makeup, lifestyle products and more. Cocotique wants to help you “discover your ultimate beauty arsenal”.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- All Items Unboxed

About Cocotique

The Subscription Box: Cocotique Beauty Box

The Cost: $25 per month with discounts for 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions.

The Products: Full size and deluxe sample sized beauty products.

Ships To: Ships free to the Contiguous US. Cocotique does not ship to AK, HI or outside of the US at this time.

Cocotique “Spring Essentials” Review

Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Info Card Front

This month’s Cocotique “Spring Essentials” box is a collection of Cocotique’s spring must-haves. Cocotique promises that these products will leave you pampered and prepared for the airy spring months.

Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Info Card Back

The back of the Cocotique info card describes all the products included in this month’s box and provides information on where to purchase the products online. I really appreciate when boxes make the extra effort to provide this information.

Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019-Body Wash 1Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019-Body Wash 2Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019-Body Wash 3

Dove Body Wash Mousse with Rose Oil, 10.3oz – Retail Value $5.99

This gentle cleansing Dove Body Wash Mousse is infused with rose essential oil and creates a creamy and rich lather full of nutrients to nourish the skin. Skin is left clean, looking healthy, nourished, and soft for up to 24 hours.

This mousse smells like fresh spring flowers, is thick and has a great lather. The texture, however, reminds me of shaving cream which I didn’t particularly care for. It would be so much better in a gel form! Despite the texture, I did enjoy using this wash and loved how soft and moisturized my skin felt after showering.

Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Hair Mask 1Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Hair Mask 2Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Hair Mask 3

Novex My Curls Movie Star Hair Mask, 3.5oz – Estimated Retail Value $1.70 (buy full size here for $16.99)

This deep conditioning mask is free of parabens, silicones, petrolatum, and sulfates. It’s infused with a mix of oils (argan, flaxseed, sunflower, avocado, and olive) that leaves curls shiny and full of volume.

I’ve never heard of the Novex brand but it’s wildly popular, available in over 45 countries and in six different languages. Novex offers a wide range of treatments from light and gentle to intense and extreme. Users rave about super soft hair that’s shiny and more manageable after using this movie star mask.

Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019-Feminine Support 1Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Feminine Support 2

pH-D Feminine Health Support, 7 count – Retail Value $5.37 (buy full size here for $18.40)

These doctor recommended and all-natural suppositories work to maintain normal feminine balance, eliminate vaginal odor and promote normal vaginal health. The suppositories contain 600 mg medical grade boric acid in a gelatin suppository with titanium dioxide.

My initial reaction was: “Nope! Moving right along!” Boric acid is a chemical with mild antiseptic, antifungal, and antiviral properties. I’ve read of suppositories being used to treat yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. I would not insert a chemical into my vagina to treat symptoms that I do not have and without my doctor’s consent.

Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Hair Tie 1Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Hair Tie 2Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Hair Tie 3

Popband The Worlds Kindest Hair Tie, pack of 3 – Retail Value $6.00

These Popbands are soft and stretchy and won’t rip or damage hair like regular hair bands. Use it to create a sleek ponytail or wear it on your wrist as a super cute bracelet.

They cute but won’t work on my thick hair. I can only wrap my ponytail twice with this band and that barely holds my hair. This would be great for a lazy bun or for pulling up your hair in the gym but, it won’t achieve a sleek ponytail look – at least no on my hair.

Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Moisturizer 1Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Moisturizer 2Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Moisturizer 3

Specific Beauty Active Radiance Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30, 1.7oz – Retail Value $40.00

This lightweight oil-free moisturizer with SPF 30 promises to hydrate, protect and illuminate your skin for a brighter complexion and more even tone. It helps prevent UVA rays from causing dark spots and discoloration and shields skin from burning UVB rays. It’s step 3 in a skincare system tailored specifically to the unique needs of melanin-rich skin tones.

I love that this moisturizer is created with my skin tone in mind. It contains SPF 30 which I need to wear daily especially considering my hyperpigmentation issue. This moisturizer goes on light, smells good, and doesn’t leave a chalky finish as some SPF moisturizer will on darker skin tones. The only drawback, after using the moisturizer for a few days now, is that my skin seems to be much oilier than usual at the end of the day.

Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019-Curl Defining Cream 1Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019-Curl Defining Cream 2Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019-Curl Defining Cream 3

Suave Professionals for Natural Hair Natural She Butter & Coconut Oil Curl Defining Cream, 12 oz – Retail Value $4.99

The shampoo, conditioner and shine serum from this new line was in the March 2019 Cocotique Box. I loved the shine serum but didn’t feel like the shampoo did a good job at cleansing my daughter’s hair and the conditioner wasn’t impressive either.

The curl defining cream promised to enhance your natural curl pattern while adding moisture, shine, and softness to your hair. I’ll give it a go on wash day and hope to love it like the shine serum.

Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Leave-In 1Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Leave-In 2

Suave Professionals for Natural Hair Nourish and Strengthen Leave-In Conditioner, 3-0.51oz – Estimated Retail Value $0.57 (buy full size for $4.99)

This rich leave-in conditioner deeply moisturizes dry and damaged hair natural hair and helps protect against breakage while detangling. The shea butter deeply moisturizes the hair and coconut oil helps fight frizz, reduce breakage, and enhance shine.

I like the smell and texture of this leave in. My daughter’s thick 4c hair quickly absorbed the small amount included in one of the sample packets. The leave-in left her hair slight more moisturized and easier to detangle and style.

Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Towel 1Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Towel 2Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Towel 3Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Towel 4

Turbie Twist Microfiber Towel, Paisley Print – Retail Value $9.99

This absorbent and lightweight hair towel is made of thirsty microfiber that helps wick moisture away to dry hair faster and reduce frizz. It causes less damage to curly natural hair than regular towels.

I love a good microfiber towel. I lost my last one and I’m currently drying my hair with old cotton t-shirts. So, this towel is much needed and appreciated! It’s smaller than I expected it to be but is shaped in such a way that all my hair is easily covered. It has a small elastic hoop in the back that holds the towel in place.

Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Refresher 1Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Refresher 2Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Refresher 3

Eden BodyWorks Citrus Fusion Refresher Spray, 8oz – Retail Value $8.99 (found here on clearance for $5.84)

This refresher spray can be used on hair and body. On hair, it’s perfect for refreshing and detangling protective styles and adding shin. On the skin, it soothes and serves as a moisturizing fragrance.

I don’t tend to like products with dual uses like this refresher spray. I tried it on my son’s hair, it smelt good, and hydrated his little curls. I then tried it on my skin, the lovely citrus scent was quickly washed away, and it felt tacky on my skin. We’ll continue to use this product for hair only.

Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Scrub 1Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Scrub 2Cocotique Beauty Box -May 2019- Scrub 3

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Sugar Facial Scrub, 3.17 oz – Retail Value $7.95

Palmer’s coconut oil products have always been a black beauty staple. Palmer’s new facial scrub contains raw natural ingredients and none of the bad stuff. Made with coconut and Tahitian monoi oils infused with Tiare flower petals, this sugar scrub removes dirt and dead skill cells to leave skin cleansed and bright.

This product was also included in the December 2018 Cocotique box. My experience was the same – I found the scrub to be a little harsh for my sensitive skin. I used less product with more water and enjoyed the gentle scrub. I now use it as a gentle exfoliator on my hands. They are starting to show early signs of aging and I read that exfoliation and moisturizing hands really help.

The Verdict: I loved the variety of products in this month’s box and that there was a little bit of everything – health, hair, body and beauty products. As a bonus, two additional “subscriber faves” were included in this month’s box – the Eden’s BodyWorks Refresher and the Palmer’s Facial Scrub. These bonus items are not listed as being part of the May box on the website but were included in the box and on the info card.

The Turbie towel and the Specific Beauty moisturizer were my favorites this month. I especially love the Specific Beauty product because it’s made specifically for melanin-rich skin in mind and have SPF that’s not chalky. The Turbie towel helps keep frizz at bay which makes a big difference when doing protective styles. The feminine support product was really the only item that I felt missed the mark this month.

This Cocotique beauty box costs $25 with free shipping. I estimate the retail value to be $91.55 which is more than 3x the cost of the box and an excellent value. There were 10 beauty items in this month’s box and most were full-sized. It was the expensive Specific Beauty moisturizer and the addition of the two bonus items that really boosted the value of this month’s box.

To Wrap Up:

Can I get this box if I sign up today? If you sign up for a subscription, you have until July 23rd to start with the August box. One-time boxes are usually available in the Cocotique shop for $25.00 here.

Value Breakdown: At $25 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Dove Body Wash Mousse with Rose Oil – $1.64
  • Novex My Curls Movie Star Hair Mask – $0.46
  • pH-D Feminine Health Support – $1.47
  • Popband The Worlds Kindest Hair Ties – $1.64
  • Specific Beauty Active Radiance Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 – $10.92
  • Suave Professionals for Natural Hair Natural She Butter & Coconut Oil Curl Defining Cream – $1.36
  • Suave Professionals for Natural Hair Nourish and Strengthen Leave-In Conditioner – $0.16
  • Turbie Twist Microfiber Towel – $2.73
  • Eden BodyWorks Citrus Fusion Refresher Spray – $2.46
  • Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Coconut Sugar Facial Scrub – $2.17

Alternatively, each of the 10 items in the box has an average cost of $2.50.

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Written by Shatae Hutchinson

Shatae Hutchinson

Hi, I’m Shatae; pronounced shhh-tay! I work in IT Healthcare, I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we have 2 cool kids. I am obsessed with black culture, lifestyle, travel and art made by and featuring women of color. I also love trendy plus-size fashion and accessories, eclectic and bohemian home décor and all things self-care, mental health and fitness. My favorite box is Izzy & Liv’s Brown Sugar Box; a monthly box offering tees, accessories and lifestyle products designed for black women. I also subscribe to TheSelfCareBox, FabFitFun, CauseBox and Merkaela. Being a wife and full-time working mom, subscription boxes are one of the few things that are just for me! They are fun, convenient, reasonably priced and full of surprises.

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Comments (9)

  1. First, thank you for the review! Secondly, BORIC ACID FOR THE VAGINA! Is that what we’re doing now ladies? 😂 Last, why do the reviews always seem a month behind?

  2. I haven’t been subbed to Cocotique since Spring of last year, but prior to that I had been almost consistently subbed since January 2016, and this month’s box reminds me of how their boxes used to be… a nice variety of products from different brands and different product sizes (although they are missing a makeup product that would typically be included). I always loved Cocotique, and it always felt like such a surprise as to what I would get due to the variety, however it seems like they’ve been focusing more & more on takeover boxes, and mostly all hair boxes at that… which I don’t think is necessarily a bad thing to have an all hair box, but there’s already Curl Kit & Curl Box, and after Onyx Box closed, I’ve always felt that Cocotique was one of the last POC beauty boxes out there that covered all facets of beauty. Anyway, I hope to see them curate more boxes like this one in the future. 🙂

    Oh, and Shatae… you have to try that Novex hair mask! I’ve tried a few different ones (I’m sure from Cocotique boxes), and they’re awesome! Regardless of the type of mask, they all left my hair super soft and smelling great! Novex is one brand I wish was included in more boxes.

    • Luna, I’m over here nodding in agreement to your entire first paragraph! I was sad to see Onyx close too and I think it’s a great opportunity for Cocotique to step up. In my reviews, you’ll also see that I’m not a fan of too many hair products or takeover boxes. Good to know on the Novex products! As soon as these braids come down, I’m definitely going to try the Novex hair mask. I’ll report back on how I like it!

  3. I didnt get the May box, but I did get the June box and it is amazing… so many health and skin care products.. I hate that is I’ll be missing the Jumy box as well.. I can’t wait for August.

    • I’m excited about the August box too, Toni!

  4. I kinda wish I hadn’t cancelled. Even though there is no makeup in the box this month (I’m a makeup fiend), this still looks like a really good box this month. I agree that the vaginal health supplements were the only thing in the box that were a total miss for me. I also love the Turbie Towel.

    • Hey Tamichiko! This was a good box! I heard through the grapevine that next month’s box is a takeover box and I tend to not appreciate those. But, we will see! Also loving the Turbie Towel that mini-me is actively trying to steal!

  5. Another great review. I am going to look for the Dove with rose oil because it sounds like my kind of thing. When I find scrubs that are too harsh on my face I use them on my feet. Looking forward to your next review.

    • Hey MissPippa! Definitely check out the Dove. They have different scents that I want to try too.

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