Switch 2 Pure Clean Beauty Subscription Review – April 2019

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Switch 2 Pure box

Switch 2 Pure is a monthly subscription that delivers clean skincare, wellness, and beauty products that are free of toxins straight to your door.

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My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

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About this Clean Beauty and Skincare Subscription

The Subscription Box: Switch 2 Pure

The Cost: $57.00/month + free standard shipping

The Products: 4-5 clean skincare, beauty, wellness, and home goodies each month with additional samples.

Ships to: US only

Switch 2 Pure April 2019 Review

Switch 2 Pure info card Switch 2 Pure note

There’s a small card included with a cute design on one side and a handwritten note on the other.

ECO.Body Argan Hair Oil back of ECO.Body Argan Hair Oil

ECO Body Argan Hair Oil, 3.2 oz. – Retail Value $16.00

Sometimes I can’t remember something I did last week but I have the uncanny ability to never forget a subscription box product! This Australian argan hair oil is an item I received in Switch 2 Pure back in September of last year. Now, there was a moment between then and now that I had to start a new subscription for this box, so I will chalk this duplicate up to that. Sadly, my thin hair doesn’t like hair oils AT ALL so I turned to my fellow reviewer, Megan, to help me out since she has a luscious mane (you may recall she did this for me before). She reported back saying it’s lightweight and to only use this on your ends (to prevent greasy hair) and help frizz. The scent is herb-heavy with rosemary (dreamy) being the star and lavender creeping in second. The packaging mentions that this could be used as a scalp mask by leaving on for 20+ minutes and Megan agrees that it can also be used on cuticles and body as well. That’d be a great alternative for me except that I already have so many body oils on hand!

OY-L Face Cream side of OY-L Face Cream other side of OY-L Face Cream looking down into OY-L Face Cream

OL-Y Face Cream, 2.5 oz. – Retail Value $55.00

This face cream is the consistency of super whipped buttercream frosting and packed full of rich oils like sweet almond, avocado, rosehip, lavender, hemp seed, and jojoba just to name a few. The first time I used it- I scooped out waaay too much but immediately learned that just a small dollop is plenty to coat your entire face. The lavender is the most prominent, fragrance-wise which I of course love. The cream is ultra light but really penetrates the skin and quickly alleviates any dryness leaving a slightly greasy feel that slowly soaks in. Compared to the amount needed with each application, this jar is HUGE and is bound to last quite some time.

Lauren B Nail Polish back of Lauren B Nail Polish Lauren B Nail Polish with brush Lauren B Nail Polish swatch

Lauren B. Nail Polish in PCH, 0.50 oz. – Retail Value $18.00

I can always count on some Lauren B. polish (like last month’s lavender color) in Switch 2 Pure and this month sends a deep blue hue. You may have heard me regret receiving polish in sub boxes since I am a gel mani lady these days, but the recent break in cold has reminded me that sandal weather is afoot. That means this polish can grace my toes since I don’t bother with gel there. The photo above shows the polish with ONE coat only so you can tell the pigment and coverage is not messing around. As always, Lauren B is listed on the bottle as being free of the five worst chemicals commonly found in polish (though it seems they’ve gone further now to become 7-free).

Lauren B Nail Polish Probiotic Deodorant back of Lauren B Nail Polish Probiotic Deodorant Lauren B Nail Polish Probiotic Deodorant with lid off

Switch 2 Pure Probiotic Deodorant, 2.3 oz. – Retail Value $20.00

Bring on the natural deodorants! I’ve tried so many in my beauty journey in the past 6+ months and here is yet another new one from Switch 2 Pure themselves that goes a step further to being probiotic. After some quick research, it seems like the difference between “probiotic” and simple “natural” deodorants are the healthy bacteria included (in this case, L. Rhamnosus) to help fight odor. This rose and ylang-ylang scented deodorant stick comes with pretty pink and white packaging and is free of both aluminum (which is what causes those nasty yellow stains on shirts) and baking soda. The scent is fresh and light and the stick itself is powdery yet a little dry. It doesn’t glide on as well as some of the solid gels I’ve tried but I got it applied under my arms without a hitch. I’ve fully switched from aluminum-based antiperspirants and deodorants, so I feel like my body has properly acclimated to natural formulas and this one works well at keeping me smelling nice.

 Skiin Studio Soothing & Calming Face Mask back of Skiin Studio Soothing & Calming Face Mask

Skiin Studio Soothing & Calming Bio Cellulose Signature Sheet Mask – Retail Value $8.00

I should be a little bummed to get this mask again since I just received the exact same one last month but… I LOVE THIS MASK so I’m not going to cause a stink about it. The jelly sheet, the black pepper smell, the way it makes my skin feel afterward! I just love everything about this mask and now I don’t have to go out of my way to purchase another one. I’ll keep it stowed away for a relaxing evening…

Verdict: Switch 2 Pure delighted me this month with a simple five items that have a total retail of value $117.00. I love the deodorant and sheet mask and am surprised at how long the face cream will last me. The nail polish and hair oil weren’t super useable for me but I can pass them on to friends that will love them.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, May would be your first delivery if you sign up before the 13th.

From S2P:

We close subscription on the 13th of each month and ship out on the 14th. You can expect the arrival of your package around 4 business days (most often sooner).

Value Breakdown: At $57.00 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Hair Oil: $7.79
  • Face Cream: $26.79
  • Nail Polish: $8.77
  • Deodorant: $9.74
  • Sheet Mask: $3.90

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Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

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  1. I used Schmidt’s lemon first and I got irritation then switched to the sensitive formula (geranium flower smells so good) for about a year and love it they keep adding new sensitive formula smells at my local sprouts. Just recently I found one on sale and it was not the sensitive formula and surprisingly I didn’t get any irritation this time around but learned to let the stick warm for 10 seconds under your armpit then apply because the non sensitive formulas are gritty.

  2. I received that same Oy-L moisturizer (I think in a Maple Blume box), and I actually have that as my next full size moisturizer to use (during the day) once I finish up using all of the packet samples I have of day creams (I’m finally starting to see the light on finishing those. lol). I chose to use that next even though I didn’t get it too long ago because it seems a little more “natural” than a lot of my other moisturizers in that I can see a bit of color differences of the product through the clear jar. I checked it out, and it’s totally fine (I also found out that a little goes a long way that way too!), and it felt soooooo good and I loved how it smelled. It will definitely provide a nice aromatherapeutic experience when I use it. I’ll just stir it up to ensure it’s all incorporated before I start to use it, which I’m very much looking forward to. 🙂

    Also, that nail polish is beautiful!

  3. I’m actually so jealous that you’ve made the switch to natural deodorants and gone through the (I’ve heard..less then pleasant) armpit detox process! Although, I know that regular deodorants especially the aluminum that they contain are not good…I just cannot bring myself to go through the 2+ week stinky armpit detox!

    • Good to know that it is a temporary phase… I couldn’t handle it either but didn’t know it was temporary. Good box… now I am vacillating between the Detox box and this one.. they are both a bit on the pricey side so can only pick one for three months. Thank you for the enthusiastic review.

    • Do the detox in the winter if possible.

    • Armpit detoxing is a myth. It’s just not how bodies work. Don’t use one with baking soda, it’s way too alkaline for skin and will irritate (the rash so many companies claim is a “detox”) and only apply non antiperspirant deodorant to clean skin. It may take a while to find one you like and works for your body, but the one that works will work immediately.
      My fave is schmidt sensitive formula. Which is baking soda free.

      (Tangent, but since literally everything is made of chemicals it drives me up the wall when companies claim their products are “chemical free.” Its just sloppy advertising! And false. Besides which, it contains squalane which is what we would casually think of as a chemical derived from squalene.)

      • I used Schmidt’s too and had no detox. Used the one with baking soda and had no irritation, though I know others do. The charcoal one (available at Target) is nice because it is a mix of baking soda and what is in the sensitive skin ones, so not as irritating. I also only wore cotton shirts during this “detox” period.

      • Thank you for pointing out the “chemical free” deception. It drives me crazy too.

      • I think a lot of people also cannot stand the labeling/marketing of products as “non-toxic” too. 🙂

      • Yep, the detox phase is a myth. While not all “natural” deodorants work for all people, one does not necessarily go through the stank phase when switching over. I was afraid I’d be nose blind but had a brutally honest co-worker sniff me when I switched. Piper Wei was a no-go for me. Schmidt’s and several others were just fine, even on day 1.

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