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Oui Please Volume 4.3 Box FULL Spoilers Update + Coupon!


We just received a new spoiler for the Volume 4.3 Oui Please box! We had previously received what we thought were the full spoilers but this is a new item.

For a limited time, use code HIVER30 to save 30% off any length subscription to Oui Please or Oui Please Homme!

Each box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?  Check out our Oui Please reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

FYI – MSA readers have reported issues with customer care. Please read comments on spoiler + review posts before subscribing.

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Comments (78)

  1. For what it’s worth… a few days ago I sent an inquiry to their customer service about the size of the Filt bag. They replied very quickly saying that they had received the wrong size from their vendor, and included the small bags to avoid further shipping delays — however, they had just received the correct shipment and would be putting in the mail a replacement (larger) bag. I would then ship back the small one with a prestamped label. If I receive it I will leave an update…

  2. I finally received my box 7-days after it shipped. This is not the fault of Ouiplease. The USPS kept shipping it to the wrong post office, but the cookies arrived in crumbs. I ate them anyway, and thought they were so sweet, I couldn’t taste anything other than sugar in any other than the chocolate one.

    The Rose et Marius tile was broken and in the wrong scent. I wouldn’t have cared about the wrong scent or the stale cookies, but I did email about the broken tile. Not sure if I’ll hear back.

    I like the bag and it’s size. I’m also okay with the short necklace. The scarf is kind of ridiculous, not because it’s small, that’s the size of a neck scarf, but fabric is horribly thin. I use scarfs to wrap gifts, but this won’t work for that and there’s no way I’d wear that pattern as an adult.

    • Finally received my box today (shipment email was from April 23)!

      All in all I can’t complain, except for the scarf, which is not all what I expected. I posted longer comments before but MSA has not approved them yet.

      To sum up, my box was well packed (it had a “fragile” sticker on the outer box), I received all my choices, and everything came in one piece, expect for the macarons which were crumbly. I agree that they are very sweet. They did not seem super fresh either, but they’ll get eaten either way.

      My favorite items are the tile and the necklace. The pendant is a bit smaller than I thought, and the chain itself is a bit flimsy (my clasp seemed defective at first and I suspect it will break soon, but that’s replaceable), but it’s adorable.

      The scarf (I picked the flechettes print) is too thin and small, however. I am disappointed, although I already knew it would be different from the spoiler image given all the comments here. I really wish they had not misrepresented it and am considering calling them out on it on Instagram. If I had known it was so small I would have probably chosen the blue print instead. But aside from that, misrepresentation is bad. For this reason alone I can never trust this company again.

      The Filt bag I received (black and white) is smaller than I thought — I already own a mini Filt bag, which is actually bigger than this one! — but it is exactly as represented on the spoiler image when you compare the size of the label to the size of the bag. It’s not super tiny, and it will hold a few pieces of fruit. I wish we had been given accurate measurements though — had I know it was small I would have selected a more cheerful color. Also, a few subscribers who picked the pink color got a larger bag so this discrepancy seems strange.

      I am pleased with the other items. Oh, and my nail polish came in its paper wrapper!

  3. I finally got my box today, about three weeks after my first “shipment” email. I received all my choices.
    The box was actually very well packed (it had a “fragile” sticker on the outside), and nothing was missing or broken, expect for the macarons, which had an extra protective layer of bubble wrap but still got a bit broken in the shipment.

    Comments: Les Nereides necklace, pretty, very delicate, I love it. I thought the pendant would be just a tad bigger from the photos, but it looks really adorable. However, I suspect that the clasp may break soon (it took a minute or two to actually get it open because it was stuck). It fits more like a choker on me, and my neck is fairly thin, but you can make it longer by clasping it close to the little Nereides tag. It would be very appropriate for a younger girl.

    Scarf: what a joke! I got the flechettes print. I knew it would be small from the comments here, but it really looks like a handkerchief. Despite all the warnings I am still disappointed as this was the item that made me subscribe to the box in the first place. I wish they had included the measurements and the actual fabric content in the spoiler. This is essentially fraud. I thought the Soi Paris paper envelope in which it came was cute, though, and perfectly giftable if you wanted to give a handkerchief as a gift…

    Bag: I got the black and white variation. I already own a blue and white mini Filt bag (you can buy them from Anthropologie) and the one that came in the OP box is smaller than the one I own! A mini mini? I thought it would be even smaller from the comments here, so I’m relieved it’s not minuscule. By the way, you can now buy them on the OP website and the size is advertised as 15 by 15. I may get in touch about that, especially because some people got a larger bag than this and I don’t think that’s fair for subscribers.

    Tile: nice. I got the mint. Everything was in good condition and I look forward to using it.

    Nail polish: mine actually came with its paper container, just as in the spoiler. I got the marilou, a lovely red color.

    Eye cream: was it supposed to be sealed? Mine wasn’t. It appears new though.

    Brush: a nice addition to my kitchen, it will definitely be used.

    I bought an annual membership with a 30% coupon based on the spoilers for this box. The actual box cost me $76, and the combined value of the objects — even considering that the necklace’s advertised price of $130 is too high compared to prices for Les Nereides jewelry on their website, the scarf probably costs less than $10 and the bag is probably around $15 or less — does more or less exceed that amount. I am not too angry, but I would have never purchased a membership had I known that the spoilers misrepresented some of the items.

  4. I emailed about my missing scarf and I got a reply a few days later that they would send one but that was a week ago and I haven’t heard anything since.

  5. Oh and also about the scarf. I got the one with the arrows and bullseyes like the gal is holding in the picture. Except it is half the size or less and does not have a blue trim like the picture.

  6. Guess in reading all of the new comments I am with everyone else. This was my first shipment with this company.

    First I was surprised there was no literature on anything, for the price I expected a booklet describing the region or the items or the makers but NOTHING.

    The necklace is very pretty and I will wear it. My tile was in great condition and I got the mint scent I prefer so that makes me happy and my cube at work smells nice.

    The scarf and bag are so very small its a big let down, I was really looking forward to both of them. The bag’s size is that of maybe a small brown paper bag my mom used to use for our lunches as kids. The scarf being mostly cotton, made in CHINA and the size of a hanky just makes me sad.

    The cookies are demolished and kind of smell like the tile did as the packaging is not sealed. The nail polish is pale lilac with no packaging and no other information on it so I won’t use it on my nails as I do not know know if it 5 free, the color is not my thing anyway.

    The eye gel will get used but it is very light and I will need something heavier at night or on top of it but it will get used. The vegetable brush will be gifted, its ok but I have nicer ones.

    Over all I feel like I should reach out to Oui about the scarf, bag and cookies. But I am not sure as others have had problems with customer service in the past. I did know in reading prior reviews that some of the boxes can be disappointing, and liking a few items might be the best I can get out of this sub. I guess the lesson I learned is to wait on purchase until folks start leaving their experiences with the box then decide.

    • Hi DawnS, I’m a long term subscriber and I agree with a lot of your issues as well. But a few of your questions I can answer: communication is not their strong point. The info brochure is now online only, so all the the companies and items can be looked up on their website. (I know, I don’t like it either, printouts are easier)
      The nail polish is 5 free, actually I think the description was 6 free lol, the nailmatic company is reputable and safe, please don’t worry as far as that goes. The scarf….. mine was missing. I’ve emailed about it. They replied several days later saying they’d send one, I’m still waiting on shipping info a week later. I’ve found that this box will have some of my most beloved, favorite items that I keep and use long term, and a few duds. Overall the value outweighs the issues for me, but the irksome bait and switch issues are annoying and part of their MO.

      • Thank you! I really appreciate your incite!
        The scarf not being 100% silk I can deal with and I guess I will just cut off the made in china part then I should be able to find some use for it. I am sorry so many folks did not get theirs.
        The value you are right is there even with the items I was bummed about. I will keep looking at this box.

      • I posted last night, below, (in that middle of night full of typos stupor) I actually did get my scarf! I did not realize it was folded in the envelope until another commentator told me and assumed it was one of the coupon cards boxes send you pretending like they are gift cards but they are not really, etc.! Anyway: mea culpa!
        But did you notice the ingenious tag?! “Made in China, ORIGIN OF SILK” how witty ingenious/ crafty – it’s their way of tricking people into thinking it’s extra special that way! LMAO!

  7. I’m still waiting for my box to move (label created two weeks ago!). Is anybody else on this thread still waiting? I wonder if I should contact my CC at this point.

    • I just had mine shipped the middle of last week and it was here Monday (Canada). Once it actually moves, it’s quick. And I have to say that a lot of people are complaining they didn’t receive what was advertised. My cookies made in to me intact, and my bag (pink) was the right size.

  8. I am HIGHLY skeptical of the positive reviews I’m reading on here. I can’t believe there are individuals who are thrilled to have crushed macaroons and misrepresented items.

  9. macaroons – broken / no longer giftable for mothers day

    scarf – not silk and smaller than usual scarves but that’s ok with me as I was only going to use in hair as they pictured

    bag – WOW what a joke!!! it is so small!!!! like so small i wouldn’t even bother to bring it out of the house. very sad as this is what I was looking forward to most!! glad I didn’t get excited and start swapping for more

    nail polish – no box. not a big deal

    .11 – seal was lifting up on the box – not a big deal but kinda weird it sounds like a lot were like that

    necklace – BEAUTIFUL – I don’t care that it is short but I can see there being an issue as all necks are not the same and could cause this to be unusable to some

    tile- haven’t opened yet, fingers crossed it is not broken as some reported

    scrubber – no issues and I love it! will swap for more!!

    All&All – items should come as advertised. if there won’t be a box, don’t show us pics of it coming in the box. if it is only 20% silk, don’t advertise a silk scarf (or at least state its % or that it is partially silk). if the scarf/bag is small, show pics of the actual size were getting, not a larger one. I understand sometimes food gets damaged in transit depending on how gentle the postal people are, but it sounds like they are all/most being received damaged which makes me think they were already like that. either way, perhaps putting “fragile” stickers/stamps will let the postal workers know to be a little more gentle.

    overall i loved my box, but i will be reaching out due to the number of issues. Hopefully, the bag can get corrected as that is what im most bummed about.

  10. My box finally arrived, and I have mixed feelings.

    The bag and scarf were definitely misrepresented. The main photos they used to advertise the bag show long handles that could possibly go over your shoulder. Our bag is small with tiny handles. The scarf is definitely not the same one the model is holding either. On first glance, mine looks like a thin, cotton handkerchief rather than a silk scarf.

    Macaroons are a bit beat up, but I haven’t tried them yet. We’ll assume they taste fine though. 😉 Necklace has a very short, thin chain but the pendant is pretty. Everything else looks good. I think the tile might actually be my favorite thing.

    Slightly regretting my decision to buy an annual membership, but I guess with the coupon I used, I still got my money’s worth even if some items were a bit of a letdown.

    • I still haven’t decided on buying this box. How long is the necklace?
      It just sounds to me that I would be disappointed with all the same things.
      I just don’t like it when the items turns out to not be what is pictured.
      It is ‘bait and switch’ to me. It happened to me once with BofS and I was just so disappointed. This is at a higher price point too.

      • The necklace is not quite a choker, but it’s close. I’m wondering if I can find a longer chain for it.

        Really, I don’t think I could recommend this box to anyone because of the bait and switch tactics. I’m sure what they have done is illegal, but I don’t know that I would want to devote the time and energy to getting them to take responsibility though. It’s frustrating.

      • The chain it attached to the charm, so perhaps use an extender chain or take it to a jeweler to have them change the chain.

  11. I’m still waiting for my box to ship. My label was created on 4/23. Anybody else in the same boat?

    • I was until yesterday and now it looks like my box is on its way.

  12. My tracking number still says “Expected to ship Tuesday — 4/23/2019.” Making me sad Oui Please. 🙁

  13. Received my box and it is wonderful! I love it all. The bag is small but adorable. The quality of the items is there. I got all my choices. The scarf is definitely for the neck or hair. I got the blue one and it looks like the one in the photo. Very happy with the items I felt like I opened a box from France! Great quality French items.

  14. I just received my box and I am so bummed….the box was missing the scarf and one of the macarons was completely smashed and I was planning to gift this. However, the necklace is beautiful. I was definitely surprised at the size of the filt bag, but it will still get used.

    • Mine is missing the scarf as well. I’m going to contact Ashley and see how that goes.

    • I’m missing my scarf also. It’s looking as though after reading the comments that a lot of people are missing their scarves. If that’s the case, this looks deliberate rather than accidental which is frustrating. Hopefully they will get back to me and correct this. I spent a lot of money up front .

      • My scarf was in a pink envelope instead of a box. I almost didn’t open it at first because I thought it was just some literature. The scarf itself is tiny — really handkerchief size.

      • Omgosh you’re AWESOME! THANK YOU MARY! I never even opened assuming it was another stupid fake gift card coupon that all the boxes and out! I’m so jaded at this point most boxes in that discount cards but you really have to buy something in order to get them to work! Mine was right next to the trash and I’ve had my box for three weeks! As soon as I read this I ran an opened it and low and behold you were right it was the scar I never even opened assuming it was another stupid fake gift card coupon that all the boxes send out! I’m so jaded at this point most boxes in that discount cards but you really have to buy something in order to get them to work! Mine was right next to the trash and I’ve had my box for three weeks! As soon as I read this I ran and opened it and low and behold you were right it was the scarf!
        I have to be honest I thought everybody was being nitpicky about it but it really does feel like a cheap polyester and I have a small head for an adult in fact I wear a child’s bike helmet. In no way is this even close to being able to fit around my head! I don’t know what I can use this for lol. But THANK you I almost threw it away!

  15. I received my box yesterday and I have to say I absolutely love it! The necklace is beautiful as all Les Nereides are, the macaroons were all a little broken but I was going to eat them anyway and they taste amazing!!! The French vanilla one is my favorite! I got the blue tile in mint, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it but it smells good and it was perfect when I opened it. The scarf is small just like the pictures of the tiger and La Mer but part of me was expecting it since there are two pictures of the correct size vs the one big scarf to show the brand. The bag is smaller but so cute! I chose the pink one and it’s gorgeous! I feel the bag will hold enough stuff since the material expands. I received the orange nail polish (without box). I like that my girls can safely use it as it is non-toxic. I feel this was a solid box, with amazing products and I’m very impressed with Ouiplease. Ashley has always been polite and very responsive. And the products we receive are different from all the other subscriptions that we keep getting.

  16. I got my box today and overall I am happy with it. I would note that the necklace is more like a choker on me, but beautiful. It looks lovely on my very small daughter. As others mentioned, the scarf and bag are smaller than expected but are still lovely. Unfortunately, 3 of my 6 macarons are smashed, but I bet they will still taste good! I do think Ouiplease has upped their game and I am getting my monies worth and the quality I expected. Also, am very pleased these shipped on time and all my choices were right!

  17. I received my box today and am disappointed. The filt bag is tiny. It may hold 2 small oranges if I tried to stuff it. The photos above make it appear to be a larger bag. Did anyone else receive a tiny bag or are yours as depicted in the photos?

    • Totally tiny, I actually was unable to put all of the contents of the box in it as the tile box and macarons were too big to fit.

  18. I received my box today, my first oui please box. Once I received the shipping email, it arrived in less than a week. Everything is in perfect condition and I’m really pleased with the curation – so different than what I’ve received in other boxes. Both the scarf and the market bag are smaller than expected (la mer scarf), but I can tie the scarf like in the picture and the color of my bag (pink) is gorgeous. I recd a peachy nail polish and the lavender tile smells wonderful. I cannot wait to use everything and would order from them again. Hope everyone else likes their box.

  19. Did anyone’s necklace come in a gift box as show above in the spoilers? Mine just came tangled in a fabric bag. I was hoping to give this as a mother’s day gift but it’s not going to work w/out the pretty box.

    • The Les Nereides jewelry always comes in the small fabric bags. I’ve never gotten a piece in a box.

      • Then maybe don’t show the box in the spoilers.

    • Hi, mine has always arrived in floral print fabric drawstring bags with the name printed on it. I’ve been subbing for 2+ years and it’s been that way at long as I’ve been with them. But the bag is quite pretty and I can’t imag being turned off by receiving it as a gift. Hope that helps. 🙂

  20. I just received my box today and am pretty disappointed. So many of the spoiler photos are pretty misleading.
    The Filt Bag. The photos of the bag w/ the model and the fruits is a large bag. The bag received is a mini bag (probably same as what’s shown in the color choice photos). But why show the large bag at all.
    The gift box shown with necklaces in the above spoiler photos is not included. The necklace comes tangled in a fabric bag. So much for gifting this for mother’s day.
    The scarf is small. I (wrongly) assumed it would be the size shown in the photo for the les flechettes print. However, the la mer scarf I received barely wraps around my head – it’s about 17 inches square the fiber content is 20% silk/80% cotton not really the silk scarf they advertised.
    Not a big deal but the nail polish does not come packed as shown above. Why show the package if it’s not part of the deal? I received the orange color.
    I think this is too many misleading images for it not to be intentional. This was my first Oui Please box and probably my last.

    • I agree – super disappointing and misleading at best. My macrons were a crumbled mess and my Rose et Marius tile is broken in half and unusable. Plus, my eye cream seal isn’t sealed. I took pictures and opened a support issue – will see how that goes. I’m halfway through my second annual sub and have had only a few minor issues (and none that were worth reporting, i.e. wrong item sent or missing lip balm). I guess my number was up…

  21. Just wondering about the size of the scarves. I received La Mer and it’s small ~ 17 inches square. The photo of the les flechettes print above shows a a much larger scarf. Does the scarf size vary by print?

    • The photos of the scarfs are taken from the Soi Paris website, and there the scarfs are listed as being 80×80 cm (31 x 31 inches). I haven’t received my box yet but if the scarf included in your box is significantly smaller then my hunch is that we are not getting the same scarfs that Soi Paris sells, but rather smaller versions with the same fabric, made specifically for OP. Also, the Soi Paris scarfs should be 100% silk. Is your La Mer scarf silk or silk-cotton?

      • Scarves!! Sorry for the typo 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

      • The scarf I received (la mer print) is 80% cotton 20% silk and more kerchief sized than scarf size. Definitely not what I expected in both size and fabric.

      • Oh wow. I think my hunch on the scarves is right then. I’m curious to hear from other people who received different variations if the size and material is the same (I’m sure it is, though). I am new to OP and decided to subscribe to splurge on an annual subscription because of the scarf and the necklace… I too tbh was expecting a larger, silk scarf.

      • I got the exact same one even though I requested a different pattern. It’s a neck chief thingy like in the La Mer picture. I tried it on and actually like it though especially for warmer weather.

  22. I just received my box today and am pretty disappointed. So many of the spoiler photos are very misleading.
    1. The Filt Bag. The photos of the bag w/ the model and the fruits is a large bag. The bag received is a mini bag (probably same as what’s shown in the color choice photos). But why show the large bag at all. 2. The gift box shown with necklaces in the above spoiler photos is not included. The necklace comes tangled in a fabric bag. So much for gifting this for mother’s day.
    3. The scarf is small. I (wrongly) assumed it would be the size shown in the photo for the les flechettes print. However, the actual scarf I received (blue color) barely wraps around my head – it’s about 17 inches square the fiber content is 20% silk/80% cotton not really the silk scarf they advertised. Maybe the other colors were larger and I just chose poorly?
    4. Not a big deal but the nail polish does not come packed as shown above. Why show the package if it’s not part of the deal? I received the orange color.
    I think this is too many misleading images for it not to be intentional. This was my first Oui Please box and probably my last.

  23. Received my box today. I am so very pleased. Everything was better than expected! This is my favorite box that I have received in a long time.
    The curation is amazing and Ashley has always provided wonderful customer service. Bravo to Oui Please!

  24. I just received my box today and I’m disappointed. The spoiler photos are totally misleading. #1. The Filt bag in the photos with the model and the oranges is a large bag. The bag received is a small bag which looks to be what is shown in the color examples. But why show the big bag at all. #2 Since they show a gift box with necklaces I (wrongly) assumes the necklace would come in a box. It came tangled in a cloth bag. So much for gifting it. #3 The scarf is SMALL. I assumed it would be the size shown in the Les Flechettes photo but it’s barely large enough to tie around my head. Oh, and it doesn’t come in a box as show but a paper envelope. #4 As others have already stated the nail polish doesn’t come in a box… as shown in the photo above.
    That’s just too much false advertising for my taste. This was my first Oui box and most likely my last.

  25. Thanks @meishiru. Keeping fingers crossed! It’s my first box and was excited with the choices for the scarf and necklace, but from other comments it looks like not everybody ends up getting their selection.
    Mine is still in pre-shipment, when I get it I’ll comment here… 🙂

  26. Just received my box this morning, I got the wrong scarf but still like it. The box with the tile thing is a little ripped inside, you may want to check it if you are gifting it. The necklace is very cute. The shopping bag is ok, the tag is a little frayed and the bag material snags but it should be functional. The nail polish does not come in packaging (I got pastel blue). I hope they keep the priority shipping so I don’t have to worry about items getting driven cross country in the heat. 🙂

    • Got mine this morning, too. Everything was intact. I got a red nail polish (similar to photo above) also without the packaging. The scarf is a lot smaller than I thought but I still like it. The macarons are divine! I used to think this subscription service was pretty pricey for the number of products we were getting. But after being with them for over two years, I think they’re pretty worth it. The products are high quality and the box is well-curated and very balanced.

      • I also received my box today. All of my choices are correct! The macarons look delicious! The scarf is very thin but beautiful. I got the Corsica landscape scent in my tile and it has a nice scent, I like it. Oils to be happier with my box! Feels well worth the price.

  27. Anyone receive shipping notification yet? I thought they shipped on the 15th?

    • I haven’t. I hope they don’t use the “shipping in waves” statement as a cop out.

    • I’ve been in contact with Ashley re:tile scents. She said she would let me know what the softest scent was after they arrive. As of April 15, she said they had not come in yet. I’m thinking this is what is causing the delay.

      • Hmm, well I guess my box is not lost then. Shipping in April it says…. running out of time….
        At least I can count on the folks here to know what’s going on.

    • I really shouldn’t have signed up for this. I’m terrible at waiting, and I knew this company is unreliable.

      • Don’t worry, you’ll get the box. They just take their time with delivery. Been with them a few years now.

    • I received my tracking number today. Doesn’t look like it’s been shipped yet, but I am happy to know there is a box somewhere with my name on it!

  28. I wonder if they shipped internationally?

  29. Wow! I just asked Ashley about the color of the blue in the Les Flechettes scarf and the strength/mildness of the tiles. She replied in an hour. I am buying this box! but I am having such a hard time deciding on the choices!

  30. I ordered a single box. This will be my first Oui Please purchase. Can’t wait.

  31. I tried Oui Please years ago and did not have a good experience so I canceled but this box looks so amazing I had to chance it…fingers crossed!

  32. I’m really impressed with this box. All of it actually feels French and high end! I don’t think I’ll subscribe over it, but making me think I need a market bag!

  33. This is my first box and I am so EXCITED! 🙂

  34. This is my first box and I am so excited!!!

  35. This is genuinely the most beautifully curated box I’ve seen. I won’t be purchasing because I’m trying to scale back and this is quite expensive, but man, I sure am envious of you ladies who are getting one. Gorgeous! Enjoy! I’ll be keeping my eye on this one.

  36. Thank you, OP, for creating a great box balanced perfectly between the luxe and the practical 🙂 Love it!

  37. Killing it, OP!

  38. Does anyone know when these ship? Have they started shipping yet?

    • It has not shipped yet. It’s supposed to ship in April. I’m guessing they’ll send a shipping label in April, but won’t actually ship until May… because sub boxes (not just Ouiplease) think that creating a label counts as shipping, and that we don’t know the difference. We do.
      But they’ve been close to shipping on time the last few months, which is amazing for them.

      • HIlarious! YES. WE. DO. I’m an obsessive shipping tracker and those “label created” emails are the bane of my existence, haha!

  39. I haven’t bought a box from OP in at least 3 years. I jumped back on the train with this box. I’m really excited to get this!

  40. Well rounded box with high quality items. Can’t wait to get mine.

  41. Ok sub boxes, pay attention, this is how to curate a lifestyle box! Beautiful ❤️

    • I’ve really been impressed by this box, lately. They seem to have gotten their issues under control and really improved their customer service! The box curation is excellent! When I compare this box to the spring Happy Rebel or Luxor (other boxes $100 or up) Oui Please is by far superior for my style and value for the money!

      • As someone who never got a box they payed for I don’t think anyone should trust this company with there business.
        Oui please never made it right. They never sent the box or gave me my money back. When I contacted them they said they decide how many boxes are in a year and my year had one less box. The nerve! Please don’t make the mistake I did. Don’t trust them with your business. At the very least save your emails with them so you have something to show your credit card company when/if you have to make a claim. Good luck!

      • This is really bizarre and upsetting. Would you be able to share the email their CS sent you in reply to your query about your annual subscription?

        Also, question for everybody on this thread. Now that OP lets subscribers choose their preferred items, have you generally had luck with your selections or have you had boxes were you did not receive what you had chosen?

      • I’ve always gotten everything that I’ve chosen and, shipping delays aside, I’ve never had a problem with this subscription service.

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