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Oui Please Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Vol 4.2

Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Box 1

Oui Please is a subscription box that brings you the best of France every other month. In every box, you can expect a mix of beauty, jewelry, fashion, home, and food items.

Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Box 2 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Box 3

Important to know – not all boxes are the same. This is a subscription that sends variations out. Subscribers are able to select their customization through a link that is emailed.

Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Open Box 1 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Open Box 2

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Group Shot

About Oui Please

The Subscription Box: Oui Please

The Cost: $150 per box (ships every other month)

LIMITED TIME DEAL: Use code HIVER30 to save 30% off any length subscription to Oui Please or Oui Please Homme!

The Products: An assortment of full-sized French products in beauty, fashion, jewelry, home, and food categories.

Ships to: US

Oui Please Volume 4.2 Review


Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Tote 1 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Tote 2

Little Market Farmers Market Bag, Large – Retail Value $16

The Little Market is a registered 501c3 charitable organization that focuses on empowering women around the world by giving them jobs that aloe them to grow their financial independence and leadership. This 12″ x 12″ tote was actually made in Bangladesh with local materials by women in rural areas. I definitely think this bag has a French theme, but I am not sure how it fits in the claim of this box having “100% French-made products.” I am happy to support a charitable organization that empowers women, but I do think it was interesting that while this has a French theme, it wasn’t made in France. Either way, though, I think the bag is perfect for carrying fresh produce and bread when I go to the local farmer’s market!

Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Panty 1 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Panty 2 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Panty 3 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Panty 4 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Panty 5 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Panty 6
Maison Close Belle de Jour Seamless Culotte Panty – Retail Value $39

Maison Close’s motto is “dressing up nudity,” and this French brand has been expanding its high-end lingerie since opening in 2006. This sheer black mesh panty is definitely the fanciest pair of underwear I have ever owned, and I am loving it. I put this on for the first time on International Women’s Day, and I definitely think this is how all women should celebrate that day going forward. This panty is cut from a single piece of sheer black mesh, and it is seamless. The quality is definitely there, and I am happy to have such a luxurious piece from a subscription box rather than having to pay full price.

Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Paulin 1 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Paulin 2 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Paulin 3 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Paulin 4 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Paulin 5

Atelier Paulin Customized 14k Gold Letter Bracelet – Listed Value $70

This was a capsule collection created just for Oui Please, and it features a 14k yellow gold letter on a black silk and lurex ribbon. I appreciate the quality of the letter on the ribbon, however, this doesn’t feel like a bracelet – there is no clasp or closure other than the ribbon being tied in a knot, so it feels more like a charm that should be placed on a different setting. I wasn’t sure how to value this, either; you can buy a full name on this same ribbon setting for $155 here.

Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Cream 1 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Cream 2 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Cream 3 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Cream 4

C Lavie .19 Day Cream – Retail Value $102 (€90) (found here for $85)

Pricy, luxe, French skincare for the win! This thin and lightweight day cream is a serum/moisturizer hybrid and I was happy with how quickly this absorbed into my skin. I love the glass packaging this comes in, and I was really impressed with the ingredients list- the first ingredient is rose water!

Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Sugar 1 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Sugar 2 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Sugar 3 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Sugar 4

Canasuc Rouge L’Accroche Coeur – Retail Value $11.53 (€10,20)

I love tea, and these heart-shaped sugar molds are the perfect accent to a good cup. There were a few sugar crumbs in my box, but all of these hand-crafted hearts arrived safely from France where they were made. I love the touch of whimsy one of these hearts adds to a cup of tea.

Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Notebook 1 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Notebook 2 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Notebook 3 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Notebook 4 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Notebook 5

Soumkine Notebook No. 7 – Retail Value $6.78 (€6)

This notebook is actually a small universal planner! The pages are lightly gridded to allow you complete customization for your journaling or scheduling needs. This style would probably work perfectly for those who use a bullet journal, but it is going to work just as well for me and my grocery list! I love that this paper is fountain-pen friendly so the ink shouldn’t bleed through, and the florist on the front cover is charming.

Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Hair 1 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Hair 2 Oui Please Volume 4.2 March 2019 - Hair 3

Anne Semonin Gentle Mistletoe Shampoo, 200 mL – Retail Value $31.65 (€28.00)

Anne Semonin Botanical Conditioner, 200 mL – Retail Value $31.65 (€28.00)

I LOVE that we got a full-size shampoo and conditioner pairing! The shampoo is made with extracts of mistletoe, fennel fruit, yarrow, and chamomile to provide a deep cleanse while soothing a sensitive scalp. The shampoo provided a bit too much of a cleanse for my curly hair (probably because the second ingredient is SLS), but I enjoyed the light botanical scent and how my scalp felt. The conditioner was a real winner, though. It has the same botanical extracts as the shampoo, and this left my hair feeling silky smooth.

The Verdict: This was my first experience with Oui Please, and I really loved it! Every single item was high-quality, and I loved the charm of France that was evident throughout the box. Value-wise, this box promises a value of at least $300 in every box, and by my math, this box had a total value of $308.61. If you love the French aesthetic, I highly recommend using the HIVER30 coupon to save 30%. There is a big difference between paying $150 and $105 for this box, and I think the cost you pay will play a role in your happiness in the value.

To Wrap Up:

Can you get this box if you sign up today? I don’t believe so. I think if you sign up you will get Volume 4.3 (check out our latest Oui Please spoilers to learn more!)

Value Breakdown: This box cost $150 with free shipping and I calculated a total value of $308.61. That means you are paying approximately the following per item (less if you signed up with a coupon!).

  • Little Market Bag: $7.78
  • Maison Close Culotte: $18.95
  • Atelier Paulin Letter: $34.02
  • Lavie Day Cream: $49.58
  • Canasuc Sugar: $5.60
  • Soumkine Notebook: $3.29
  • Anne Semonin Shampoo: $15.38
  • Anne Semonin Conditioner: $15.38

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your Subscription List or Wish List!

What do you think of Oui Please? What was your favorite item in Volume 4.2?

Oui Please

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Written by Jessica Hapak

Jessica Hapak

I am a staunch believer that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza and when I’m not working as a family law attorney I enjoy hiking the Louisiana trails (alligator sightings are a favorite!) or relaxing with Duchess, my cat. I’m a sucker for anything labeled a mystery box and I’ve never met a bath bomb I didn’t like.

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Comments (35)

  1. I am fairly certain Maison Close is an American brand. Monsieur Français, the creator, indicates on Instagram that their flagship store is in New York. I think their designs lean towards 30(or some number) shades of grey. I searched to find a store listed in France and found none.

  2. I’m still holding out hope that we’ll receive the everlasting rose that we were supposed to received, in the previous box. That was the primary reason I resubscribed so I was so sad to have not received it. Customer service promised they’d send it as soon as they received them, so I’m still waiting OuiPlease!!

    • I forgot all about those. I hope you guys get them.

  3. Great review. In my experience CS has been very good and I have gotten all of my choices for the past few boxes. I have noticed that OP has really been trying to focus on CS and is very responsive. They seem to have better choice systems in place now. We used to just send an email, now they have forms on the website.

  4. Gold-filled is not the same as 14k gold. The attached card clearly states that it is gold-filled yet all the spoilers – and this review – indicate that it’s gold. Not the same, not even close. And even in the photo it certainly doesn’t look like gold. Apart from that, it’s a good box.

  5. I don’t have a subscription to this box (yet) but I will say every month I’m pleasantly surprised by the items in the box. I really think it’s curated well with a focus on unique items that you can’t find in any other box. Plus it’s apparent they don’t source all this cheap stuff from China.

    But there was a comment in the other thread that said the box comes with different variations. So this means you’re not getting the spoilers that are posted on MSA? I’m confused?

    • Lmao you must not be aware of the .99 beret from Ali Express and the .69 bracelet from Alibaba that they had last Summer. The bracelet they got caught and quickly subbed in a different Alibaba chic item. Maybe they’re stepping it up but don’t make such a bold statement about them not sourcing cheap stuff from China because in the past they most certainly have.

      • Sally,
        Do you even sub to this box yourself? You are also making a bold statement on a speculative assumption about a picture of bracelet that we never even received. Many times knock off companies do copy real designer items. The “Alibaba chic item” you are saying was subbed was actually authentic Les Nereides. I received that box and it was wonderful. The box is well curated and items are very unique. Definitely one of my favorite boxes!

      • Shannon nobody got it. It was a .69 marble looking knock off and they got caught plain and simple. Yes I subscribed to them from beginning til they sent foil packets of hair stuff, a made in China beret and cookies they claim were worth 30.00

      • So because they subbed in an authentic piece AFTER they got caught that makes it ok? What an outrageous defense.

      • Sally,
        I was simply correcting an inaccurate statement. The jewelry we received was indeed Les Nereides not an “Alibaba Chic” piece as you stated above.
        I thought it was a nice box, that’s my opinion.

      • Sally
        That’s the sad part of the community being gone. I can’t call it what it was the F word gets your comment sent to purgatory. A lot of boxes shenanigans were discussed there and the good too.

      • 100% agree on the community being gone – it affects me buying any boxes. In fact, I have such trust issues with these companies that I just subscribe to nothing now, and only purchase one-off boxes when they have already been spoiled. This is less fun and exciting since there are no surprises, but safer for my wallet and makes me less upset about being ripped off.
        Hopefully I can kick my habit and stop buying boxes completely – I’m 95% there 🙂 But can you believe it’s been almost a year since the community was shut down? I used to go there allllll the time!

      • I know several people that have quit buying boxes due to the community closing. I know a lot of people also don’t order and split boxes as frequently now because of this. It was what made me use the promotions and links here too. I also purchased a lot more then.

      • I was ripped off BADLY by Luxe Pineapple Post and do wish the community was there so we could have been forewarned before I prepaid for 2 six month subs. Plus, literally 50% of my comments have been flagged and I have no idea why because they aren’t even offensive!
        HOWEVER I have have 80% positive experiences with Oui Please and I’m thinking of resubbing again after a 4 month hiatus. And I was with them a full two years before that. Pleased with most of the quality I’ve received.

      • Don’t forget the wax burner that was supposed to be a pretty marble and they got damaged so we got chipped dollar store ones instead.

      • Lol I forgot about the marble wax burner. They replaced that with an Alibaba chic replacement too lol

      • Hi Sally,

        I just read the old reviews and they are not great. I’ve only been a sub addict for the past 8 months so trying to catch up. It does seem that they have improved a lot as I like their items now. But if what they are advertising is not what we get then I have no desire to join. I’m not into this bs where supposed influencers get amazing items and we get junk. Like Ipsy did a while back.

      • Stephanie, if it helps any, I actually subbed for 2 full years, and most of the items I received were of high quality. In fact it was my favorite box. I’m resubbing for another year to get this box if that tells you anything. I had a few issues, but for the most part the good far outweighed the bad.

    • Please read the old reviews. This box used to be infamous for sending variations that were wildly different in value. Some people cough reviewers cough got 150.00 sweaters while others got 5.00 socks. Then people complained so everyone started getting the same dirt cheap stuff. Foil packets of shampoo,cookies they valued at 30.00 etc. Just read all the old reviews. There were also issues with people not getting the choice they picked and Oui Please refused to fix it.

      • Thanks for pointing that out, Kelly!
        It’s sounds shady but it makes sense that some people loved and others were outraged.
        I hope they attend to these discrepancies and make it as great as it looks here.

    • I bought a year a while ago and they failed to send me the first box. They never fixed it I never got reimbursed for it. I emailed them and first it was you will get your box at the start on the next year. Then they said they decided how many boxes are in a year. So my year had one less box. Don’t make the mistake of trusting oui please with your business.

      • I’m sorry you had a bad experience!

  6. My comments are not getting through..

    Please allow me to condense.

    Regarding the 14kt. gold initial on the sparkly ribbon- This is not my style either, as I don’t use fabric bracelets at all.

    You can go to your favorite jeweler and get a simple 14kt. gold serpentine or fine rope chain in either your bracelet length or necklace length for not much $, and while you are there, they should be happy to solder the ring attachment of the charm for safety.

    I always have this done to the rings of 14kt. gold or 18 kt. and it is invisible but keeps the sometimes very valuable or sentimental ” charm” safely on the chain at the weakest point.

    Congrats on your scale journey- I’m right in there with you. 25 down since Feb.
    When I reach my goal, I plan on buying myself a truly great sub box year’s subscription, and the way this one has evolved, it may be the ONE. 😉

    Thank you for a truly lovely, honest, not flowery review. Your style and flair are SO appreciated!1 😉

    • Oh my! How in the world did you lose 25lbs in under a month?Please share your secret! I’ve never been able to lose more than 15 in a month and I pretty much had to deal with near constant hunger and an extremely limited food selection. I’m losing currently but much more slowly than I’d hoped. Hopefully I can try whatever your method is!

      I’ve been watching this sub for a while too. I couldn’t bring myself to risk it back when there was that major coupon, although now I wish I had. I’m really tempted to get this next one. I’m in love with the pink flower necklace. And I like most of the other spoilers as well.

      • One OT comment- I’m doing it with the help of BistroMD food, which is fabulous in every way. ** I get absolutely nothing for telling this, except the hope that anyone who’s had the bad food that’s advertised everywhere will give this a try like I did, love it and lose the wt. you want to 😉 . **
        It’s been a very pleasant and full-tummy 6 weeks, and I don’t dread the upcoming weeks or months, who knows, as the initial wt. loss is more than the subsequent mthly. wt. loss.

        I do not want a gold filled initial or name, or any other gold filled costume jewelry item and it’s time the more luxe priced sub boxes stopped putting this filler in their boxes. Either do it with style and quality or don’t do it at all. IMO.

      • It’s not a good idea to try to lose that many pounds in one month and is most likely not possible to do in a healthy way if you’re an average person. Even if you’re an extremely active person (exercising vigorously for 2-3 hours every day in addition to your normal daily activities), the calorie deficit you would need to achieve to lose 25 pounds probably wouldn’t be achievable in only 4 weeks. To lose 25 pounds, you need to burn 87,500 more calories than you consume. When I put it that way, you can see how trying to do this quickly doesn’t really work. You would have to somehow burn 3000 more calories in a day than you eat to lose 25 pounds in only 30 days,

        If you are losing weight slowly but steadily, then you sound like you’re on the right track. Anything that causes you to lose lots of weight quickly is most likely not sustainable – you’re either losing water weight instead of fat, or you’re following a diet/exercise plan that isn’t healthy or sustainable long-term. Sorry to go off-topic, I just felt this was important to say.

  7. French lingerie cannot be topped by any other type in the world. I hate that you didn’t get silk with hand- applied lace, but, these likely are more forgiving as far as sizing goes and as you continue your weight loss journey– I read all your posts and are cheering you on while I’m on my own diet, 25 lbs. gone in a month.

    When this box is stocked and shipped correctly, which never happened to me but does seem to be improving and the products are extremely specific with no huge price differences between boxes in a single month, but seems to be COMPLETELY turning around into a truly LUXE box with good CS, it must be a really fab box.

    I am waiting to read MORE CUSTOMER FB and if it’s as positive as what I’ve been reading, I’m going to give myself a yearly subscription when I reach my final size goal.. probably late summer. 😉

    Thanks for such a really lovely review.

    Regarding the ribbon bracelet- I do not care for fabric bracelets either because they stay damp from handwashing, bathing, hair care, etc.
    You can get a simple serpentine 14kt. gold chain for not much money to utilize the charm in classic style.
    At the time you buy it, the jeweler should be very happy to solder the ring of the charm on very well for a reasonable price. Choose either necklace length or bracelet length. 😉

    • Lilly, I love your idea for the letter charm, but I don’t think a fine jeweler would solder gold-filled, and brass can come to the surface and cause issues if you do try to solder it. I doubt many, if any, would sink the money into a real gold bracelet for this charm since it isn’t true gold.
      This might also change your view on the box, given it was advertised as just 14K, not 14K gold-filled. I feel the need for you to know it is somewhat deceiving.

  8. Jessica – You write wonderful reviews! I feel that you truly “try” the products and give honest, well written opinion. Thank you for the effort and integrity!

  9. I really like the face cream and the conditioner. The shampoo really dries out my scalp.

  10. I’ve read several reviews of this box and this was the first time that I wanted every item! Maybe it’s just your wonderful review Jessica, but I definitely want this box!

  11. Pricey, bit right up my alley! Maybe for my birthday.
    Thanks for the review!

  12. Wow what a cute little box! Pricey though 🙁

    • Bonjour Diane! We are currently running a 30% off coupon with the code HIVER30.

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