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Look Fantastic Mother’s Day Limited Edition Box – Available Now!

The Look Fantastic Mother’s Day Box is available for pre-order! (Thanks for the heads up, Svetlana!)

Here’s everything in the box:


The Box: Look Fantastic Mother’s Day Box

The Cost: $75

COUPON: Use coupon code COMEBACK to save 20%!

The Products:

  • Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil
  • INIKA Certified Organic Lip Serum
  • Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Body Cream
  • Prai 24K Gold Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream
  • Molton Brown Fiery Pink Bath and Shower Gel
  • ESPA Tri-Active Advanced Instant Facial

Are you going to grab a box? Want to see it reviewed?

(This is a one-time purchase separate from the Look Fantastic Beauty Box, which is a beauty subscription box from the UK that includes at least 6 handpicked items along with an issue of Elle UK magazine. The box includes skincare, haircare, cosmetics and body products curated around a theme. (Regular subscription is $22 a box)

Check out all of our Look Fantastic Beauty Box reviews to learn more about this subscription box! 

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (65)

  1. I just got my LE Mothers Day box today and it is amazing! Wonderful full size items and good product! It came packaged so pretty! I can’t wait for the Easter box!

  2. Received mine today; it’s really nice. Very happy with the purchase. All full size items in an oversize box (8 1/2 x 12). If you or your mom like luxe products, you’ll love this box. For moms, it has a really sweet sentiment on the inside lid. I used the code and got a good deal $65 w/tax. For perspective, I spent $88 at Ulta today on their sale and this collection is much nicer.

  3. I missed out on the COMEBACK code. Would have loved to order one box.
    Anybody knows of a working code for this, even 10%? The code MAD on their site doesn’t work. 🙁

    • Nope, no codes work for it (on the US site) because of the jade roller promotion going on. The promotion ends March 24, so I’m hoping the box will still be available and there will be a better deal, but who knows.

      • (Meant to add: I even went so far as to online chat with them to see if I could remove the jade roller promotion to add a discount instead, and was told no.)

  4. I ordered two of these boxes & they arrived today. I opened mine and love it all. My mom is going to be so happy with hers. These are full-size luxurious products – Look Fantastic does it again!

  5. Was going to order this tonight, but the COMEBACK code doesn’t work anymore because there’s a promo going on for 10% off and a free travel size jade roller. Should’ve snagged it with the 20% off coupon but I waited too long, grr.

  6. The launch date for this is March 11, two entire months before Mother’s Day…am I missing something here? I wish it shipped out later than that, I’d love to treat myself to this but no way do I have enough self control to keep it under the bed for two months.

    • They want you to pick this before you buy something else.

    • This box is based in the UK. In the UK Mothers day is the end of March.

      • Ah Jen, thank you for enlightening me! That makes so much more sense, I knew I must’ve been missing something.

  7. Amazing limited edition box! I bought one for me!

  8. My admin loves boxes like this but doesn’t often order them. I don’t care that it says Mother’s Day. She won’t mind. I got it for Professional Admin Day in April. I got two for me. This is the best box I’ve seen in awhile.

    • That’s such a sweet gift!

  9. Are these products vegan?

  10. Just received an email that my order has been dispatched, yayy. That was fast!

    Whatever the smell of the CR hair scent, I’ll be ok with it if it works — looking for detangling and conditioning. I’m guessing the off scent some are talking about is due to the prickly pear oil and whatever if anything they have done to disguise it. I’m not a great fan of it in face products but hopefully, it won’t be too unbearable in a hair mask.

  11. Thank you! I love that CR mask & it’s pricey – been watching for a deal on it. $60 with COMEBACK code is a good deal if you use a couple of the items. Happy Mother’s Day to me!

  12. This is an amazing box! I’m going to order!

  13. I wish I had a crystal ball to see what’s in the Easter ltd. edition so I could know which one I would rather buy.

    • I caved, in for two! Hope my mama likes it, can’t wait!! Thanks Liz, thanks Svetlana. <3

  14. I’ve been trying to be so good but this looked too good to pass up! 😩

  15. Wow! After reading the reviews for the hair mask on Sephora I’m sold. If anyone is on the fence about this, I would go to the Sephora site and do a little light reading… Lol 😘

    • I loved that mask! I wish I could afford this box, but I’ll be letting this one slide by.

    • I read those comments too…some of them said it smelled bad like grandma’s old perfume or baby oil lol.

      • In my opinion the hair mask smells like rotten old lady perfume. Like if a powdery old lady perfume went rancid. It’s a shame because I love the results but I can’t stand the smell. Other people love the smell so I think you’ll either love it or hate it.

      • It smells like if a powdery old lady perfume went rancid. Others love it.

      • I personally wasn’t a fan of the hair mask. I can’t recall the smell, but I just remember it didn’t feel like it did anything special for my hair. I think it just wasn’t compatible with my hair type.

    • Light reading ha ha…but yes good advice!!

  16. Just ordered two boxes – 1 for me & 1 for my mom. Used code COMEBACK and each box was $60.00.

    I can’t wait for the Easter box!

  17. I definitely need this box! Will probably put the eye serum up on for swap though.

  18. Totally bought this for myself! I tried the Christopher Robin mask before and loved it, but would never spend $71 to get it. I also love the Rituals body cream and Molton Brown body wash, but again would never pay full price for them.

    I use the COMEBACK code and the box turned out to be $60. Totally worth it for the 3 items above IMO. Everything else is a bonus 🙂

  19. The value of the products is $305 if full sized and they look like they are.

    • They are, all items are full size.

      • Svetlana, did LF confirm the products were full size? I know they look it, but based on what I read somewhere else, and in scale to the box which almost looks like a regular sized LF box, I’m starting to wonder. Regardless, I know my mom will love this, and it’s nice to know I already have her Mother’s Day gift good to go!

      • Luna,
        This is what russian blogger who works with LF shows:

        Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil (£57.50/250 ml)
        INIKA Certified Organic Lip Serum (£21/5 ml)
        Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Body Cream (£19.50/220 ml)
        Prai 24K Gold Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream (£27.99/15 ml)
        Molton Brown Fiery Pink Bath and Shower Gel (£22/300 ml)
        ESPA Tri-Active Advanced Instant Facial (£60/30 ml)

      • Cool! Thanks Svetlana!

  20. The hair mask alone costs $71.

  21. I’d order that, but the HUT Group is notorious for the lack of customer service.

    • I have been shopping heavily with Look Fantastic for over two years and never had a problem.

    • I’ve only had problems from the Glossybox CS Look Fantastic box and store purchases have great customer service.

  22. Love me some Christophe Robin but I’m too cheap to put $75 down on a box.

    • Same, love the products but not the price! I was super impressed with the Cristophe Robin hair mask that came in my Sephora Play bag, though. Great value for those with the budget for it though.

      • Hey Jennifer! I have read many reviews of the mask and they said the smell is awful but the results were amazing. Did your hair turn out amazing?

  23. I ordered two. The deal is too good and product is awesome. Mask and serum is fantastic. On both boxes used code COMEBACK and it gave me 20% off for both boxes.

    • Thanks for the code Svetlana 🙂 I entered the code, saw it bring the box down to $60, then hesitated. The only thing that’s really calling out to me is the Espa serum, but I know the last thing I need is another serum. Typically, that doesn’t stop me (lol!), but for some reason it is this time. But it definitely looks like a stellar box!

      • Wow Luna, that’s good restraint 🙂 I’m so tempted too as I love skincare and serums hook me (yes, I do have a problem…)

      • Haha! Thanks! I feel like something’s “wrong” with me when I skip out on good boxes like this. 😀

    • I decided to get this… for my mom! She’ll love it 🙂 I’ll just ask her if I could get some of that serum when she cracks it open. 😉

      • Luna, have you tried Cristopher Robin? I use his paste and I have blonde mask. I love him

      • I’ve only tried a few samples of the hair mask that’s in this box. I just thought it was okay. It did fine as a conditioner, but I was hoping more from it. I don’t blame the product, just my stubborn hair. 😉 But I definitely haven’t written off this brand based on my limited experience with it. I’d love to try more products from the line if I got them in boxes. I have received plenty of samples of the volume paste & salt scrubs, but those immediately get gifted since I don’t use those types of products. My mom LOVES the salt scrub, so I got her the full size for Christmas, and I know she’ll be over the moon to get a full size of the mask.

      • You are such a good daughter… always giving stuff to your mom 😊

      • Gotta stay in the will! 😉 😀

      • I agree with you on this mask. I love Christophe salt scrub, volumizing paste and volumizing rose water spray but this mask didn’t do anything special for my fine but thick, wavy, frizzy hair. I also couldn’t tolerate the old lady perfume smell. I’m a little addicted to Oribe products and my hair loves them. The rest of this box is so tempting though. FYI to everyone like me who likes to open and try everything as soon as it arrives. It’s not a good idea with eye creams. I’ve spent the last 2 weeks battling a nasty eyelid infection(both eyes). I obviously used something that had been opened too long. Now starting over with eye creams, mascara, liners. And I think I will write the date opened on every product.

  24. Very nice. Looks so pretty and luxurious. Would love to see a review for this box.

  25. If you use the FLASH you can get 18% discount which brings it down to $61.50, but there is a countdown attached to this code and it will decline by 1% every hour.

    • Thanks so much! I read the spoilers and really want it but can’t spend that much money on a Mother’s Day gift for myself. Especially because I’m just a fur babies mama. 😊

      It’s usually difficult to find a discount code that will work on special edition boxes so I feel lucky!

    • What is FLASH? And thank you for the info!

      • So sorry, it’s a coupon code. I wanted to say FLASH coupon.

      • The code is FLASH but it declines 1% every two hours.

  26. Looks great, but I wouldn’t spend $75 to treat MYSELF for Mother’s Day. And that’s what I would be doing – treating myself – because boys (as in, my husband) don’t know about these boxes to buy them for me.

    • Leave subtle hints for them! I’m sure they’d love to have an idea on what to get you 🙂

      • Leave subtle hints. Haha. Nope. I would have to leave a link and a credit card.

      • XD

      • Amen 😇 And several post it notes with reminders

      • Subtle hints don’t work!!!

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