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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the March 2019 Glam Bag Plus!

The March 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:


Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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  1. I’m getting the brushes, the huda palette in Mauve, the Purlisse body cream in orange cream, and the real her lipstick. I added the coral and smokey palettes as addons, as well as the disco kitten, ciate glosses, and the OFRA highlight. Full size highlighter for $3? Whaaaaaat?

    I’m pretty excited. Only bummed I am also getting the real her mini in my regular ipsy bag as well. Who knows, maybe I will love it.

    • Oops and the shy beam which is a premium item but I just don’t do liquid highlighters. I use setting powder, so a highlighter you mix with foundation does nothing for me. Bummer cuz it’s a great brand.

      • This might not help….but I figured I’d share I’m also not a fan of liquid highlighters but I’ve tried them mixed into body lotions or oils and they can give your skin a nice glow ( if you weren’t planning on swapping it).

      • I rarely use shimmer highlighter and have opted out of them but I elected to add on the Shy Beam. I am going to try it as a brightener under my concealer. Fingers-crossed it doesn’t crease.

      • That’s how I have been using it for a very long time. I changed my highlighter opt out just so I could possibly get another shy beam. It’s wonderful under the eyes🌸

      • Oh, great to hear, I’m looking forward to trying it! 🙂

      • I do have terrible panda eyes because I work too much and don’t sleep enough so I might have to try this. But I legit have mime pale skin. I just don’t know if it will be pale enough.

      • I’m about as pale as pale gets so I’m sure it will work great under your eyes❤️

    • They did the same thing to me this month with the same lip product in both. I emailed them and now they are sending me a full size mural face product!

      • They aren’t doing anything to fix my situation unfortunately.

    • How can you tell which Huda Palette you are receiving?

      • You could see it on the add on page

  2. I absolutely love my March bag. Ipsy matched my profile perfectly. I am not too thrilled with red lipstick but it is better then highlighter and I can work it with other shades of lipstick . This is my third month that I am super happy with my bag.

  3. My email product spoilers doesn’t match what’s on the website when I log in. Has that ever happened to anyone else? It did match the spoilers for fb though. This is my second month with the glam bag plus and I used to have the regular ipsy bag.

    • The email I received seemed to actually be showing items you can add-on as some were regular GB items, not just GBP items.

    • The email isn’t meant to show what you’re getting just for you to log in so that you can see what you’re getting.

  4. I have a red lippie to swap. I am on the swap site, but am happy to swap with someone who isn’t if anybody is interested.

      • It’s here on MSA but you have to request to be added to it. You set up a profile listing your available products, and are able to look at others and propose trades. It was awhile ago and I can’t remember where I found the request page. Try playing around with drop downs at the top of the site, or maybe someone else can chime in here and help. It does take quite awhile to get added, I think it took me 3 months. It is well worth it though. Good luck!

  5. I have the same exact products as Liz except I am getting the Real Her liquid lipstick… I was able to choose the purlisse moisturizer for this month because I had an issue with my box last month and didnt receive it until the 28th. I’m glad to be trying the huda eye shadows palette… I wish the offered the green palette as an option I would have added it to my box…. I cant wait to try these eyeshadows… this is the 2nd time I have tried this brand… I really like her contour pencils that o added on last month

    • I still haven’t got my box from last month. I could’ve chosen an item but opted not to because I wasn’t thrilled with any they offered.

  6. I’m not really happy with my bag, but to be fair, the only 3 items I really wanted were the Huda palette, the Purlisse moisturizer, & the Purlisse body butter, & I kind of figured that they wouldn’t send both Purlisse items in my box. I’m disappointed that ipsy went back to having fewer variations after last month, when they had more options.

    I got Huda Coral (wanted Mauve, which I got as an add-on, may swap this), the Purlisse moisturizer, & will swap the rest (lipstick, shy beam, brushes).

    • I am also very disappointed that we had less variation. When she released full spoilers with only 9 items I honestly thought it was a mistake and more items would be shown later like boxy. This month you either got ANOTHER black mascara OR ANOTHER red lipstick. Come on, Ipsy. At least let us pick shades on our lipstick from a few color variations. And let me opt out of Mascara until I run out of the 6 full size tubes I already have.

      • Yes! The RealHer lipstick could have been of interest to me in a different shade. Most of what I’m reading with people unhappy with receiving the Lipstick is not the type of product or brand, just that (another) red lip doesn’t work for them.

      • You can opt out of the mascara. You can do that with 2 different catagories and you can do it temporarily for 3 months or permanently. All you have to do is e-mail asking them.

      • Oh, and for what it’s worth I emailed complaining about the red lippie after a red lipstick last month. They told me they are working on some improvements for shade ranges and profile selections.

      • I have with my other account, but not with this one. I just emailed! Luckily I didn’t get the mascara. They do seem to know me well. The thing that gets me is, say you opted out of highlighter and mascara. Well, you just eliminated 4 products from only a 9 product choice month. Crazy sauce, right?

      • I’m actually happy there were less variations!!!! For once it feels like we’re all paying the same amount monthly and getting the same quality of items. It sucked reading everyone’s reviews last month stating they got both the IT and Tarte pallets versus my regular red lip product I get every month. I’d have loved to have gotten any variation other than my NYX $10.99 blush palette and red lipstick.
        This is the first month in awhile that seems to be equally dispersed. I feel your frustration on getting a lip color that won’t work with your skin tone… If you email customer service they will let you pick 2 items they’ll never send. It’s kind of messed up because you can’t pick lip products and bronzers but you can choose no lip sticks and no lip crayons…
        Hope that helps…

      • Ipsy’s not supposed to be like Allure, BoxyCharm, Glossybox, etc, though, where everyone gets the same thing. “Personalized” is the main selling point of Ipsy advertisements.

        I am opted out of mascara, which is I’m sure why I got the box I got.

      • I think her point wasn’t about not getting something personalized so much as not getting the same value. Especially when the personalization also seems iffy. It’s less fun if you know someone is getting both of the expensive products, like high-end palettes. The assumption is usually you’ll get one of the available “hero items.” Then you see other people don’t get any of the duds and you’re like…why did I get a lipstick? I don’t have any of the lip products checked.

        I still remember the November bag, where people got Bum Bum Cream & the IT eyeshadow…and I got a blush palette when I don’t have blush selected at all. I think everyone assumed that the IT palette was a given and the rest of the products were variable.

      • Reese nailed what I was trying to say…. Ipsy is supposed to be more about personalization but it isn’t really there yet. It’s better than Boxy and the others but still not close to being a “personalized” beauty box.
        The main reason I was happy about less variations was because of the past few boxes. I have on my profile, and have emailed customer service to verify it, that I am not to receive anymore lip products yet every month I get one and it is in a color I can’t use.
        There were so many variations last month that I figured I’d be one of the lucky people to get both the IT and Tarte palettes considering my beauty profile and preferences were on point with the versions offered. Didn’t happen though as I got another red lip product and the NYX blush.
        This is why I like the fewer variations. If they aren’t going to go by our beauty profiles yet then make it a box that everyone feels is equal with what we are all paying for. I’m guessing you got the 2 palettes last month and were happy with all the versions… Had I, I’d have been happy to and not complaining. Sorry for the novel but just wanted to clarify what I meant with the first comment.

  7. I got the exact same bag! I had the Huda Obsessions Ruby palette and did not like it at all-I’m hoping the mauve is a little better.

  8. I’m surprised some people didn’t get the palette. I wonder if past eyeshadow palette reviews make a difference? No idea and please don’t shade me if you have always reviewed + and still didn’t get one. Just speculating. I got the REALHER red which definitely doesn’t match my profile so it’s clearly not a perfect system. My bag included the mauve Huda which is one I almost bought in the past so I’m happy – those are $27 so it paid for my bag. Brushes – ok with more so I don’t have to wash as often. Mascara – meh. Might go into the donate box with the lippie. Purlisse face cream – happy to try. Good value for me this month.

    • I think the surveys are why people get different items, they also have you rate the items you received and what you liked most. It’s improved my selections

  9. I am generally happy with mine- except I also didn’t need another lipstick and have taken them off my preferences.

    I have a LOT of items to trade- all brand new

    • Not sure if my comment posted but you can email me. I’m getting both and would be willing to trade. Rm (dot) nova89 gmail

  10. Are we due for the cosmetics bag in April? I used to have it show in the Ipsy app when the next bag was coming. I think the last one was the sequin bag sent in January?

    • They are no longer doing bags with GBP. They took them out of the box to allow for more variation of products.

      • Oh, Thanks for chiming in. I thought they went to every 3 months to save money. But now I feel like I remember this change and I guess the sequin bag was the last one. I really did like the quality of the first bag – it is my go-to travel bag!

        I’ve always been happy with the quality of items of Glam Bag plus even if some are good to try and then Marie Kondo them by saying “Thank you lovely product for entertaining me with something new to try, and now goodbye”

  11. I’m really disappointed. This is the second month ina row that I’m getting a red lipstick. I have in my profile that I don’t wear red lipstick:(

    • They keep sending me red too. But overall I’m happy with the rest of it so it goes into my donate box. Not gonna let a lipstick ruin it for me.

    • Same and in my review last month I specifically said “No more reds please.”

    • Chris try emailing Ipsy care and you can opt out of red lipstick well don’t call me a liar you might not be able to opt out of the shade but you can tell them no lipstick

    • Maybe try changing your hair color in your profile to a lighter color?

    • Same.

  12. This is a great selection, but I think I’m on product overload! Only because nothing really excites me…yet. I’m pretty excited about my add ons because my First Aid Cleanser went “missing” thanks mom 😉 So I finally get to replace it!

    HUDA Palette – SMOKEY (In past, I would have loved this! But I’m still loving the IT palette sent in January? I’m grateful for the shades, as I have enough mauves from the past boxes.)
    Benefit – Sun Beam (I like Benefit, but another highlighter? I hope this trend ends!)
    Maelle Beauty – Mascara (I’m game to try!)
    FARAH brushes – eye perfection (Not my favorite – and ironically – today I just realized that I’ve never opened the last ones sent)
    Purlisse – Moisturizer (A good moisturizer is always safe to have around and I’m on overload!)

    Add Ons – Total $19 + tax

    * First Aid Face Wash ($12) Full Size
    * Bum Bum Cream
    * Dew Dew Kitten – Diamond Peel Off Mask

  13. If anyone wants to swap their mascara (either one but I’d really like to try the pixi) for the red lippie, my page is linked above!

  14. I got Huda Mauve, Highlighter in dandelion, brushes, Purlisse blue lotus and the red lippie. I’m happy with all but the red, which I asked them not to send any more of last month. Almost any other color would have been great! Can’t complain too much about 4 out of 5!

  15. I dislike my bag. I don’t need another set of cheap brushes. Another fac cream. Another eyeshadow palette. Another mascara. Another liquid lipstick. I am done.

    • Not to be harsh, but what are you expecting from a make up subscription service? If you want more skin care, there are other subscriptions that cater to this. Ipsy is more make up heavy.

    • Just curious …What type of items are you hoping to receive ?

      • I’m curious too. I think this is a pretty well balanced box.

      • That’s what I was wondering! 😄😄😄
        I mean…it’s a makeup and skincare (occasionally hair) beauty subscription. And that sounds like a very well-rounded bag given what they advertise.

      • Serum, essence, face AHA peel/scrub, body/foot cream, bullet lipstick, brow gel, (tinted) lip balm, lash primer, eyeshadow primer, foundation primer, lipstick primer, face oil, body scrub.

      • Try BeautyFix, you may like it better. It’s my go to box for skin care, primers, and things like that.

      • Good answer❤️😂

      • Try BeautyFix. You are on makeup overload. You could also pause for a few months. 🙂

    • I like getting brushes but I do agree that I don’t consider FARAH to be premium. Premium would be IT cosmetics, Too Faced, Tarte, ect. I don’t think FARAH and NYX are premium. I think they are still trying to get a grasp on what is premium enough and what isn’t. HUDA is, Purlisse I will take. Benefit, yes. But FARAH is a no. I’m not very familiar with Realher either, so I hope it isn’t a markup brand, too.

    • I’m confused…. What were you hoping to get?

  16. I’m getting the same bag as Liz. This is what I would have chosen for myself out of all the options. Ipsy is doing a bang up job of following my profile lately.

    I also added on the Coral palette and Bum bum cream.

    • LOL, i thought “bang up job” meant a bad job, maybe I’ve been using it wrong lol.

      • Lol. Bang up job means “an accomplishment that goes above and beyond what is expected”. 🙂

  17. I was surprised at first that I didn’t get a Huda palette in my bag as I thought everyone was getting one, but that the shades were the only variant. But it looks like Ipsy took my profile into consideration (at least for eyeshadows) since I have eyeshadows marked as something I don’t want, so I’m quite pleased. Plus, I would have gifted it to my mom anyhow, and we looked over the shades to possibly add on any she wanted that I didn’t get in my bag and she only liked the Mauve palette, which she already owns since I had given it to her already from a gwp (I’m glad she remembered! Lol!), so it all worked out!

    I’m getting:
    Benefit Sunbeam Highlighter – this will be gifted
    Farah brushes – this will be gifted since I don’t wear eyeshadows
    Purlisse Moisturizer – Yay! I’ve tried a sample of this before, and really liked it!
    Real Her Liquid Lipstick – this may be gifted depending on how it swatches
    Pixi mascara – Woo-hoo! I’m obsessed with mascaras and this is one I haven’t tried before.

    Overall, I’m quite pleased with the bag! Even though I’ll be gifting two (maybe three) products, I know they’ll be going to happy homes, plus the moisturizer & mascara alone make it worth it to me. 🙂

    • Luna, definitely try the lipstick! The formula is really great- REALLY long wearing but not drying. And the story behind the collab is pretty cool too

      • I definitely will!! Thanks so much for sharing the story too 🙂 Even if the lip gloss doesn’t work for me, I still appreciate the story behind it.

      • I’m not sure if the shade will work for me either. Reds usually have to lean blue for them to work for me. I hope it works for both of us 🙂

  18. I’m pretty stoked for my bag. I got the brushes, which I have a ton, but it’s ok because the rest of my bag rocked. Moisturizer, pixie mascara, coral palette, highlighter. I added the mauve and the purlisse oil, so excited. I’ve never tried huda beauty before.

  19. This is my first Plus Bag and I love it. It is the first time I feel like my items have been a match from a beauty profile- I love Ipsy Plus. I am getting:
    Huda Smokey palette
    Benefit sun beam highlighter
    Farrah brushes
    Maelle mascara
    Purlisse moisturizer

    If I had to pick one palette it would of been Smokey so I’m super happy I received that one but since I had the option I added on:
    Huda mauve palette
    Blush brush
    Bum bum cream (love it but does anyone know the size?)

    • It’s the purse size one 0.81 oz which retails for $10

      • Ok thanks!

  20. I’m very happy with my first Glam Plus bag.

    Farah brush set
    Purlisse orange creamsicle body butter
    Huda palette in smokey
    Pixi mascara
    Realher lipstick
    I added on the bum bum cream in both bags.

    • I wish the body butter full size was an option as an add on. I didn’t get that but would have liked it.

      • I was really hoping for that in add ons as well and was really bummed it wasn’t an option. I got the same box as Liz and besides not getting the creamsicle lotion, those items are the ones I would have chosen.

      • I was hoping it would be an add on option was the one product I REALLY wanted but didn’t get (of course). Gonna to try to swap for it or scout eBay, someone is bound to resell theirs lol.

  21. First month getting glam bag plus and not super excited. I’m getting:
    Huda smokey palette
    Farrah brushes
    Pixi mascara (whose really excited about massacre?)
    Sunbeam bronzer (afraid it’ll be too dark for me)
    Purlisse body butter (I never need more lotion)

    • If you are swapping your body butter…I have TONS of stuff for trade.

    • Mascara** lol wow autocorrect.

  22. I got the same super happy about the Huda mauve pallet dident need another highlighter but Ipsy is still killing it picked up bum bum cream the pink clay mask and a cleanser. Another great month.

  23. I Have A Theory! Read this comment!

    We are exact bag twins Liz! And everything we’re getting is everything I wanted! Pretty much every Glam bag plus has been exactly what I wanted, especially within the last 3 months. And I have an idea of why I’m getting exactly what I want. This might be crazy stupid or right on, I don’t know, but it’s worth mentioning in case I’m right and all y’all ladies can get what you want too. Ipsy has emaied me several surveys, usually one or two a month, about my Glam bag that month or their customer service, depending on the survey. I have completed every single survey they have ever sent me. On top of reviewing every item every month, I complete every survey and every questionare every month. I’m wondering that if the more you participate in things like that, the more they personalize your bag for you. Like I said, this is just a theory! But it’s worth floating out there. Because more and more every month, I get everything I want even in the color I want. Just an idea for you ladies!

    • They have never sent me any surveys so it must be a new thing they are trying out for select customers. I’ve reviewed every single item every month and still keep getting products that I’ve rated low or said I don’t like so I’m not sure if your theory is correct but glad you’ve been happy with it!

    • I have reviewed everything and done the surveys as well and I did NOT get everything I wanted. Oh well. 😕

      • I’m sorry to hear that sweetie. Guess that blows my theory huh lol. But I do hope that in the future you get more of what you want, us ladies deserve it!

      • Elizabeth, I completely agree with you! I’ve completed every survey, reviewed all my products, and am constantly updating my beauty profile. IDK about y’all but what I need/want varies from month to month. I also wanted to add that I stalk MSA for spoilers and change my beauty profile so that reflects on the products that I would like to receive. This is my method and I have yet to be disappointed with what I get and don’t mind to add a few add-ons in case they missed something.

      • KK that’s EXACTLY what I do, fill out every questionnaire/survey, review every product, update my beauty profile depending on which spoiler I want n I’ve been getting perfect/near perfect boxes every time. I’m SO SO happy with Ipsy plus

    • They send me surveys too and i don’t think it has anything to do with it. Usually the surveys don’t actually pertain to bag items. I was thinking though that participating in things that really benefit Ipsy might help lol. Like referring people, but that can’t be the case either because I had 5 people referred in Feb alone, and got points for them all signing up so I know they did. IMO that is a lot of business to send Ipsy’s way for the month and my February bag still sucked, so if that kind of thing doesn’t help, those surveys definitely don’t either.

    • I’m also getting exact same GBP as you & Liz! Only product I’m not sure about is the Benefit Dandelion highlighter but hopefully it will work as an under eye brightening boost. I do like that it’s not shimmering since I have way too many see me from space highlighters.

      I also always do my reviews, & have been getting the surveys & always answer those. I also play around with my profile every few months & I do the improve my bag personalization every month. I agree I think it helps a lot, especially with my GBP. I was in the initial start up group & every month I have loved or been able to gift an item to a friend who ends up loving an item. I only give away products I have dupes for or are on overload (gave my bestie the Tarte dream big palette from last month & she loves it.)

    • I complete every survey and it has zero effect . I got no huda pallet even though eyeshadows marked as liked and I got the red I lip product even though my profile says no lip product. I actually think what they pick is random. I still find one thing which makes it worth it. It does not reflect my profile in any way

      • I agree, tho I may be prone to conspiracy theories lol. It just seems like what we get is random, but chances are half the products will be something we really like. It just doesn’t seem likely that they have time to actually read reviews, use detailed algorithms using our profiles, etc. and now that there are add-ons, it’s to their benefit to not quite give us the perfect combination of items, hoping we will purchase add-ons.

      • I think the add-ons are a real money maker for them. Last month I paid $3 for a teeny tiny MAC sample, not worth it imho. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to tell what size you are getting — some sample sizes are actually quite generous while others fall under “freebie” size. And yet, knowing all that this time around, I still maxed out my add-ons. Lol.

    • I do all surveys and reviews and don’t get the items I want… This was the first month I’m getting products that fit my profile, at least somewhat, and am happy about it.
      Don’t get me wrong, IGBP is killing it and I’ll be a subscriber forever, but it would be nice if they used our beauty profile more often.
      For the people that aren’t getting the surveys… I search Ipsy every so often and it pulls emails up that go to my spam folder.

      • I think they are one of the few company really follow the profile and they are improving. It is not an easy thing. Acutaully there is only few hours after they billed you, they start to make you bag, and of course by machine learning, so they need time to get smarter and smarter.

        My first plus bag, everything is what I want.
        For glam bag, I got 2 things I select in the quize, one thing I said no but it is in my bag.

        I love Ipsy.

      • There is a video on their YouTube channel that explains they actually start working on the bags 2 months out, so any changes to your profile or through reviews takes 2 months to actually see.

    • I think yo you’re right Elizabeth Ann Moore, I do the exact thing every single month and I too have been getting exactly what my profile is telling them to pick for me!! I’ve been doing this same thing every month and have been for months and every single month bam I’m getting everything I would have picked!! I think it’s very important to do the surveys and I also change my profile every month!! Its working for me so I’m going to keep doing what’s working!! If you don’t do the surveys or the product product reviews every month how are they to know what you’re interested in!! I’ve been thinking like you for at least the last 6 months or so!! Not a month goes by do I not do anything to my survey or reviews!! If you are reading this right now guy’s we’re telling you this has been working for both of us, so if it’s working for us it’ll definitely work for you!!! Try changing up your profile each month and DO your PRODUCT REVIEWS it is that important, if you follow all these steps you’ll see your bag change for the better!! I am too getting this exact bag Liz and it’s everything I’d picked out for myself!! Unfortunately though I already own this Huda palette the Mauve Obsessions is my favorite, so I just added the other 2 on as add ons!! So that makes me owning all the Obsessions palettes, now I want the other 5 or 6 I think they are the jewel tones!! I absolutely adore these little Huda palettes they are AMAZING and I would highly recommend them all!! I mean heck just the palette alone pays for the box, these palettes are $27 bucks each if you bought them individually, so buying them here through Ipsy is AMAZING and so worth it!!! Great bag and TFS your bag Liz you’re the BEST and I certainly appreciate everything you do here on the MSA website, you are all AMAZING and thanks again!!💕

      • I’m happy it’s working for you too! I thought maybe it was just a fluke, but worth a try! And I wanted to throw it out there to help all you other ladies in case it does work.

      • I hate to argue but I do ALL those things religiously and it’s not working for me AT ALL. It kind of seemed to several months ago but it’s gotten worse and worse ever since. I’m very disappointed because at first I thought this would be the sub box of my dreams. I already have a TON of beauty products from my sub box obsession, but it’s worth it to me to continue one that will personalize my box, at least to some extent. Unfortunately this is starting to feel like Boxycharm as far as personalization. IP is still way better as far as brand/product selections, quality, value and customer service though. Maybe it’s just time for me to take a break from all beauty boxes.

        Just wanted to warn people that despite how well it’s working for some people, that’s just not the case for everyone. I have to wonder if it’s more of a random luck situation because you have others that don’t do any surveys & such but still get perfect items for them. I truly wish I was wrong and that there really was some kind of formula/set of behaviors to shape the boxes in such a personally maximized way.

      • Denise I love your enthusiasm!

    • Elizabeth- I truly wish you were right but that’s definitely not been the case for me. I take all the surveys, review my bags/products as thoroughly as possible, and I tweek my profile regularly trying to get or NOT get certain spoilers. When I first rejoined Ipsy and then Ipsy Plus (almost right after it began) I actually thought they were using all the info because my regular bags were so much better than years ago and the new Plus sub seemed pretty darn close to my profile and preferences. At first. But for the past few months my box serms were way more random and often the very opposite of my profile and all the info they’ve gathered. This month it was the very worst. I know they didn’t have many items to choose from but still. I used to love IP and shouted it out everywhere. Now…sadly I may have to cancel.

      I’m glad it’s working so well for you though! 🙂

    • I get the surveys too! This is legit the first month that I haven’t received any of the things I didn’t want! They nailed it based on my profile 100% right down to the eyeshadow palette shades (mauve). I have no conplaints whatsoever, and considering that this is only $25, it’s way worth it to me, even if I only liked 1 or 2 items.. the price covers the palette alone, and I haven’t actually NEEDED to buy mascara in forever, because they’re basically free.. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • That theory does not proven for me . I think they may follow your profile as far as colors, however I would prefer more skincare and have checked off most makeup products. I have taken all the surveys as well as rated all the products and most months I may get 1 skincare product and the rest makeup. Would love to hear how some are able to get more skincare products.

  24. I’m happy!

    Purlisse, brushes, Pixi mascara, Huda mauve, red lip

    Added space case eyeshadow bc that green looks pretty.

    • I’m getting that messy lochnessy in my reg bag and am super excited about, i love a forest green shadow and brown lip, all huntressy.

    • Bag twins. I added the Jolie Cosmetics lip product in lavender. I looked them up and their lip products are in the 30+ british pound range. I hope that means a great forumula.

      Purlisse is my go-to face moisturizer if I have run out of high end stuff from boxes and I have to actually purchase my own. It’s a great every day moisturizer. I started using it because it has SPF and melts into my skin so nicely. Dang, I just looked it up and the one in ipsy doesn’t have SPF.

    • I added that color too! I’ve been wanting to try out a green like that and it looked pretty! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought so:) When I log into my regular ipsy it doesn’t show any spoilers? Do they usually come out on the 5th?

  25. Same box as Liz but with the maelle mascara. Ipsy Glam Bag Plus KILLS it.

  26. I got the same bag, except for the red lip instead of mascara. This will be my first Huda product. Moisturizers are always welcome, and I enjoy shy beam. I added bum bum and Ofra.

  27. Generally speaking, I’m pretty content with my items. I got…
    *HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Palette in Mauve
    *BENEFIT COSMETICS Sun Beam Golden Bronze Complexion Highlighter
    *F.A.R.A.H BRUSHES 5-Piece Eye Perfection Set
    *PURLISSE Butter Me Orange Creamsicle Body Butter
    *REALHER I Am Adaptable Matte Liquid Lipstick

    I added…
    *HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Palette in Coral
    *Ciate London Lip Lustre in Call me
    *Ofra Star Island Highlighter

    I really didn’t want the lipstick and I could go either way about the Benefit product BUT, for me, both options are better than ANOTHER mascara. I wouldn’t have minded that purlisse face cream but oh well. I’m not mad! I thought I was going to skip this month for the third time in a row until those Huda spoilers came out!

    Thanks MSA for all your hard work!

    • Me too!!! And I ended up getting the cream as an add on too!

    • Bag twins! I am opted out of highlighter, but am not mad about this Benefit one. Looks more golden and I’ve never tried a liquid highlighter. I wish they would stop sending me red lipsticks, they have sent me 3 red and a berry. Enough already! Really excited for Huda mauve palette and body butter and I can always use brushes!

    • I agree. I don’t want mascara.

  28. This is so messed up and now the super duper filters on this site won’t even post a comment.

    I’m not at all happy with my Glam Bag Plus because:

    1) I have enough brushes to last til the zombie apocalypse

    2) I hate red lipstick because I’m so fair.

    3) ” Sun beam”- are you kidding me?

    So my Glam bag plus has:

    I’m getting the Huda mauve palette
    Purlisse moisturizer
    Red lipstick
    Benefit SUN beam
    Brush set.

    • Have you tried e-mailing Ipsy and opting out of brushes? Also, see if they can maybe adjust your lipstick preference in their algorithm.

  29. I got the same stuff! Super happy, it’s what I would have picked for myself. Picked up the coral palette too. Not that I need anymore palettes but I want to try a yellow so can’t beat that deal haha.

  30. IPSY better start curating to our profiles! I cannot wear red lipstick or “Sun beam” junk but they keep sending it and I’ ve opted out of both.

    My stupid box:

    Huda mauve palette
    Purlisse moisturizer
    Red lipstick- no just no
    Benefit SUN beam- no no no
    Brush set.

    • I feel your pain. I got the exact same box which doesn’t match my profile or surveys at all.
      I HATE highlighters and bronzers and was supposed to be opted out. I hate red lipsticks. And worst of all, I have red hair and gray eyes so that MAUVE palette is gonna look horrible! Or would if I was somehow desperate or ignorant enough to use it. If marking neutrals and smokey is not enough, surely my hair and eye color should’ve saved me from hair-matching eyeshadow that would have my eyes making me look like a zombie or deathly ill person. I know people are gonna hate on this comment, and I get that it’s still a good value w/good brands, etc etc, but I don’t think I’m being entirely unreasonable when basically my while box contradicts not only my preferences, but also common sense—and from beauty experts no less.

    • My sentiments exactly on the Benefit sun beam…as often as I downvote or 1 star (if I could give zero stars I would) highlighters/bronzers I still get them regularly. I have combination skin which leans more towards oily and I don’t need anything else to add to the shine plus I just can’t naturally pull off bronzer lol. It’s frustrating though, I know, I’m right there with ya! I admit I stay subbed because I have too much FOMO to cancel. (Sad, I know.)

    • So cancel the box. Other people want the brands and products they’re including. Unfortunately every single month won’t be a hit for each person.

    • If you want a bunch of stuff specifically curated for you, go buy it yourself. These boxes are a chance to try things you would not have chosen but could end up loving. I’ve found sooo many things this way.

      BTW, I’m super fair and I think red is a good color, and I also would have been happy with the sun beam. Liquids are easier to blend out than powder.

      • I am also as pale as snow and adore red lipstick on my skin tone.

      • Yes, it is about about trying new things, but we aren’t actually trying new things if they keep sending the same types of stuff that we discovered don’t work from previous bags. When you try highlighters and bright red lipstick from previous bags and realize they don’t work for you, but still get them over and over again even after editing your profile and repeatedly rating them low, it’s frustrating.

        I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a beauty subscription that claims to curate your bag based off your profile and reviews to send stuff that does not completely contradict that profile.

      • Isn’t that what Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is all about???? It’s supposed to be about personalization…. I don’t understand the negative comments on posts from people that aren’t happy about what they received in their box…. Isn’t this what this forum is all about??? If we want to sound off about not liking it isn’t that ok?? “So cancel the box” and “If you want a bunch of stuff specifically curated for you, go buy it yourself”
        This box is supposed to be just that, curated to our beauty preferences…. I have not been happy with my boxes lately as they aren’t even close to what I have in my beauty profile but I figure it will get there in time… At least I’m hoping it will..
        This was the first month I found the versions fair in value as well. It’s been all over the place since the start but last month was something else. To see people getting both the IT and Tarte pallets versus my, non stop, red lip product and NYX blush was quite upsetting. Both palettes fit my beauty profile so… AND I’ve opted out of lip products completely since the start.
        Sorry for the rant but I pay the same amount as everyone else every month and if I’m not happy with what I get then I should be able to voice my opinion. And without the negative commentary back. JUST MY OPINION THOUGH.

  31. I am Super bummed. I didn’t even get a Huda pallet which was the best spoiler. I got brushes, Pixi mascara, moisturizer, red lippie and highlighter. I don’t understand why everyone didn’t get a Huda pallet but they got me to pay for add on.

    • That is messed up, it usually seems like everyone gets a palette.

    • This is the first month I didn’t get a palette either and to be honest I’m super disappointed. In my opinion everyone should get one if we are paying $25 for this bag.

    • I got the same as you Linda. I’m actually happy I didn’t get a pallet this time. I have a drawer full of them so I wasn’t bummed. Sorry you had to pay for one. I’m probably one of the few that’s happy about getting the red lipstick.

    • I did not get one either had to buy one 🙁

      • Yah ya just don’t understand. It definitely doesn’t seem fair that only a few of us didn’t receive Huda. And I have not opted out of eyeshadow so I think with the variants of their best spoiler that everyone should have received one.

  32. If you haven’t looked up the story behind the RealHer I Am Adaptable x Misty limited edition collab, I highly suggest it! Incredibly inspiring! I love everything RealHer stands for and their formulas are really good too.

    • All I can say is wow. It’s an incredible story about a woman with spina bifida who has had over 28 surgeries, could barely walk because of it, but, pushed herself to walk 1 block after another until she was running marathons. You had to put a negative spin on it? If the shade isn’t for you…donate it to a women’s shelter or gift it to a friend or family member but please don’t try to make her story anything less than amazing.

      • Oh, get off your high horse. I have 2 friends with spina bifida and one who has another spinal defect who’s never walked alone.
        They are my heroes for the work they do- not for designing cheap red lipstick.
        You can’t tell me how to feel about anything.

      • She’s not inspiring for designing a red lipstick… She’s inspiring for fighting to accomplish her dreams, for having a severe disability and fighting to overcome her obstacles, for giving confidence to other people with disabilities to do the same. I’m not going to sit here and argue with someone with a totally crappy attitude though. Good luck with that.

      • Wow. If your items are making you this cranky, maybe GBP isn’t for you, you know?

      • You need to grow up, Lily. This is probably the nastiest comment I’ve ever seen on the blog. Sorry you’re this upset over a LIPSTICK

      • I appreciate you sharing the story, SquirellyGirl. How amazing!

      • I’m with you emaline. Thanks for sharing. Some people are just mean. All because they are getting a red lipstick. Wow.

      • I did not know the story either. Thank you!

      • Sure thing! I thought it was pretty awesome. RealHer has become one of my favorite companies because of what they stand for.

      • I also appreciate you sharing the story. Thanks.

      • squirrlygirl – thanks so much for sharing that info. Amazing and inspiring. 🤗

      • Judging from her other comments, Lilly woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Don’t worry hon, tomorrow will be a better day!

      • Thanks 🙂 I didn’t take it personally. Just a little shocked at how it got twisted into something so negative. Ya know? I’m not sure if the shade will work for me either, but I still find Misty to be super inspiring and think it’s rad that RealHer collabed with her instead of a super influencer or celebrity!

      • Squirrelygirl, thanks for the info! I was excited to see I’m getting this lipstick in my regular bag, and I love it even more now.

        Also, I really don’t understand the “fair skinned people can’t wear red lipstick” mindset. I’m porcelain skinned and wear red lips all the time. Don’t assume that just because a shade isn’t your personal preference, that nobody with your skin tone can wear it.

      • Glad you enjoyed the story! I’m also fair and strawberry blonde. Reds with a bluish undertone can work for me, but the orange-y ones typically don’t. Even so, you can always dab another color on top if it’s not a perfect match- which is what I am planning on doing if it doesn’t work for me, because I love their formula.

    • Lily, I agree with you on the red lipstick thing and honestly I never liked lipstick in general. However, sub boxes are meant to get you to try new things and I know it sucks when we don’t get products we love but we all love different products so it’s bound to happen. What I can promise is that eventually you will get something that you love and it will make all those red lipsticks worth it. I hope this helps and that you find someone that will appreciate that lipstick💄❤️🌸

    • SO RUDE!! You should be ashamed of yourself! I am thinking you are too prideful to be empathetic to others so you won’t even care. You are right. Red lipstick would not look good on you. NOTHING looks good on you right now.

  33. How do you see what specific version of the palette you will receive?

    • You will see it on the add-ons page. Once you get out of that page though, it won’t show the specific one.

      • That explains a lot. I already emailed Ipsy because I saw mauve in my spoilers and it changed to smokey after add on’s. They shouldn’t do that, it’s confusing.

    • It only tells you on the add on page. The palettes you are NOT getting will show up as Add ons below

      • I wish I knew that before getting my add ons! Now I can’t go to the add on page and check- lesson learned for next time

      • Me too! I think that means I got the mauve though, because I had the option to add coral and smoky. I’m super excited about this month. I’ve been eyeing the Huda palettes for awhile, but could never take the plunge. I got the lighter highlighter I wanted, the brush set, the orange creamsicle lotion, and the red lip. I think I’m going to like everything this month, which is super exciting!

      • You won’t get a duplicate because only the ones you aren’t getting in your box will show up as an add on. Does that make sense?

  34. I got Huda in mauve, Purlisse moisturizer, the brush set, Pixi mascara,and the red lippie.

    I added Huda smokey, Bum Bum cream, and the rose gold blush brush.

    Not thrilled with Pixi or the lippie but I would never use the liquid bronzer or highlight.

    • I have the same thing except I got the Maelle mascara. I added the Huda in coral because I already have the mauve. I’m ok getting it again because mine has seen better days and it may be time to replace it. I’m just so glad I didn’t get the highlighter because I would not have used that at all.

    • We are bag twins!

    • Try using the liquid highlight with a makeup sponge. It makes it really natural and easy to apply.

  35. I got the same bag, and I’m excited about it. The Pixi mascara is so good! I already have the Mauve Huda palette, so I’m saving that for an IG giveaway and I added on the other two. I love the quality of those little palettes!

    • So you like the mascara? I am a little bummed about it… why do you like it? My attitude is purely from it being “drugstore” which is a bit snobby, I know.

      • Hey CJ! I think you might be surprised by the mascara. People are raving about it. It also has a RV of $18, which is only $2 less than the Maelle mascara. I really like a couple of products that Pixi makes so I have high hopes for it. For drugstore, it’s pretty high end and also cruelty free, which is a huge plus for me! I hope you end up liking it!

      • I have shorty, stubby lashes. The large brush gives length and volume. The small brush is great for lower lashes and defining the tops lashes.

  36. I got the same bag as posted and I added the smokey pallet the ofra the trissola hydrating mask n Hydra feel primer n the purpose eye shadow thing

  37. I’m getting the Huda mauve palette
    Purlisse moiturizer
    Red lipstick
    Benefit shy beam
    Brush set.

    I added the Coola sunscreen and the Ofra highlighter in star island.

    Generally speaking, I’m quite content. Yes, I will give away the lipstick. Yes, I’m not sure whether that moiturizer is right for my skin type. Yes, not happy about getting Benefit, as they test on animals. But ipsy really impressed me this month with the Huda palettes and I’m always happy to get brushes. Also I love Coola products. Cannot recommend them enough.

    • bag twins! Least excited for the lipstick – due to the color, but its okay. Thrilled with the Huda mauve and Purlisse. Brush set looks good, with the shapes and sizes of eye brushes. The highlighter might be interesting. I didn’t add anything this month.

  38. Bag twins 🙂

    • Bag tripets! Happy with this bag, I revised my beauty profile to make sure I got what I wanted and it actually worked!

      • Same bag too! I am happy with this bag – will get over the red lippie because the mauve palette is the one I really wanted! I will see how that shy beam works out. Can’t go wrong with purlisse and more brushes!!!!! Go Ipsy!

  39. Same box but the other mascara. Have more mascara than I know what to do with. I’ve even given some away. Also have more highlighters than I can use but it’s fine. I haven’t used a liquid one yet tho. Almost added the FAB cleanser, I got that before and was so happy. But I’m still using it and I just bought a IT cleanser. I find it funny that brushes are deluxe samples.

  40. Brushes, Huda in mauve (I hope because I added on smokey), Maelle mascara, body butter and the bronzing highlight. I just got confirmation of my opt out of highlighters yesterday (there was a mix up) but I’m not mad I got one because I wouldn’t have used the red lip anyways and at least I got the bronzing one. Maybe I can use it to give my winter pale face some color! Lol.

  41. This is the first time I’ve been super disappointed in Ipsy Plus. I got another red lipstick which I hate and bronzer which I also hate. I’m really not happy with the fact that I didn’t get a eyeshadow palette this month. I really don’t think it’s fair not to give everyone a palette when we pay $25 for this box.

    • I feel the same way as last month was a big miss for me. It was super disappointing to see so many people get the IT and Tarte pallets versus my box which included another red lip product, of which I get every month and opted out of, and the NYX blush. And the month before that when so many received 2 skin care products versus my lip product and…
      I dislike Boxycharm because of the huge differences in value and now Ipsy seems to be on the same track. If we all pay $21 or $25 a month then we should all get roughly the same value and quality of products every month. It’s not about acting like a child and being jealous of others for not getting what we wanted… It’s about fair company practices. If we all pay the same amount we should all get the same value of items. It’s not a lottery or sweepstakes…. It’s also not a free subscription… If that were the case I’d understand.

  42. I’m getting:
    HUDA Coral
    Dandelion HIghlighter
    Real Her Lipstick

    Though now it’s just saying a HUDA palette, and I added the Smokey one as an extra. I hope I don’t get two of the same palette!

    • Exactly! Mine said Huda in Mauve so I added Coral and now it shows all 3 as an option. I’d hate to get the one I paid extra for too.

    • I just figured out that when you click on “get extra products” it shows you what you’re already getting plus the colors. It’s confusing because on the front screen of the Glam Bag section it doesn’t specify. So you should be good if you saw Coral in your bag when choosing your add ons.

    • They won’t offer you the shades you received already in your bag 😊

  43. I am getting everything I wanted!
    F.A.R.A.H. Brushes
    Benefit Dandelion
    Huda Mauve (I would have been happy with any of the 3 colors)
    Purlisse Body Butter
    RealHer Liquid Lipstick (not the biggest fan of red lippies, but I really didn’t want a mascara)

    • They tell you what you will actually be receiving while add ons are open.

  44. I got
    Huda obsessions in Mauve
    Farah brushes
    Maelle mascara
    Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam
    Purlisse Moisturizer

    And I added on the Huda coral palette, the illasquama primer and Brazilian cream

    • I got the same bag and also added the primer❤️

    • I got the same except for the bronzer instead of highlighter. I’m super happy since I love that moisturizer and that item alone would’ve been $45! I added the cake lotion to try it out. Looking forward to my first Ipsy plus!

    • Same bag, added the Coola sunscreen for my hubby (I use mineral sunscreen.)

  45. I’m very happy with mine!!
    *Huda Smokey palette, the one I was hoping for…yaass!
    *5 pc Farah brush set, never tried this brand of brushes but looking forward to it!
    *Benefit Dandeliom liquid highlighter, Perfect!
    *Maelle mascara, never tried this brand either, love trying new mascaras!
    *Purlisse moisturizer, I actually have liked all the Purlisse things that I’ve tried so I’m happy with this too.
    Plus I added the Ofra highlighter as an add-on…very happy girl over here!! WoopWoop Ipsy!!

    • The OFRA highlighter for $3 is a steal. It’s full size. And I love all my others. I use the shades that are too dark for me as shadows. I love my nikki Tutorials one as a shadow palette then use the white shade as my highlight since I’m super pale.

  46. I’m getting the purlisse moisturizer, Huda palette in smokey, brushes, benefit sun beam and the other mascara. I wished if gotten different items, but I honestly wasn’t excited about any of the spoilers. I’ve been super happy with every other month, so I’m still over all happy with glam bag plus.

    • twins – and agree.

    • Bag twin. I added on the other BeneFit highlighter and the mauve eye palette. I’m just so happy to be off the waitlist for the GBP!

  47. I got the mauve palette, shy beam, Maelle mascara, brushes and moisturizer❤️🌸 Then I added on the hydra veil primer⭐️

  48. Got everything I wanted this month!!

    Huda palette in Smokey
    Purlisse face moisturizer
    Red lippie

    I was gonna add on the other Purlisse body lotion but it wasn’t available for add on 😞

    • Same! It was the first thing I looked for. I wonder if it sold out really quick or it just wasn’t offered.

      Was anyone able to get the Purlisse body lotion as an add-on?

    • Bag twinsies too!

      Not a red fan and I’ve had brushes in my last 3 reg bags. Everything else is great. I also wanted to add on the Purlisse body lotion and didn’t see it either.
      I did add on bum bum cream in both my reg and plus bags and one hydra veil primer. I had cleansers, masks, moisturizers and primers as frequent too 😞 but my reg bag seems to rotate through the same 6 types of “sometimes and rarely” items. I even did the quiz to improve my glam bag and reviewed all my products.

  49. I got this exact bag, and I’m pretty happy about it.

  50. I really didn’t want the red lipstick, but oh well 4 out of 5 isn’t bad.
    I’m getting:
    Obsessions Palette in Mauve
    *Sun Beam Golden Bronze Complexion Highlighter
    5-Piece Eye Perfection Set
    Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer
    I Am Adaptable Matte Liquid Lipstick
    *Added on Benefit High Beam In Dandelion (I love liquid highlighters)!

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