Ipsy Glam Bag Plus – Everything You Need To Know

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Everything You Need To Know About Ipsy's New Glam Bag Plus

We have more details about Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! (This is a completely separate subscription from Ipsy Glam Bag).

Here’s everything you need to know:

How much is Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. (Every month you’ll receive a box of beauty products, but you’ll only receive a makeup bag once a quarter.)

What types of products can I expect in Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

Every month you’ll receive 5 full-sized beauty products. The box will have a retail value of at least $120. And you’ll receive an actual makeup bag one a quarter. This is the big difference between a regular Ipsy Glam Bag subscription and an Ipsy Glam Bag Plus subscription. With both subscriptions, you receive 5 products every month, but with the $10 regular Glam Bag subscription, you’ll receive a makeup bag every month, too. With Glam Bag Plus, you’ll get a makeup bag only once every three months. (So it’s easier to think of this as Ipsy Glam Box Plus, with a bonus makeup bag every season!)

Here are some examples of products you can expect:

Examples of products that may be included in Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

When can I sign up for Ipsy Glam Bag Plus?

The first Glam Bag Plus shipments will be delivered in October, and then Ipsy will be rolling it out more broadly in the near future. Currently, there is no way to sign up for Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, but it’s an upgrade option they will be offering to current Glam Bag subscribers over the next few months. If you want to make sure you get the opportunity to sign up for Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, you should be a current Ipsy Glam Bag subscriber.

Will Ipsy Glam Bag Plus have variations like the regular Ipsy Glam Bag subscription?

Yes. But there will be fewer variants compared to the standard $10 subscription.

Can I get both the Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus?

No. If you want to get both subscriptions, you will need two accounts. (In the future Ipsy intends to allow customers to have both subscriptions on the same account, but that isn’t available for launch.)

How is the makeup bag different than the monthly Glam Bag?

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus bags are larger with more high-end fabrics and finishes

The seasonal bags included in the Glam Bag Plus will be larger. In general, you can expect these bags to have higher-end finishes, too.

Does Ipsy Glam Bag Plus ship to Canada?

No. Currently, it is only for US subscribers.

Can I pause my Ipsy Glam Bag Plus subscription?

Yes. You can pause it in your account at any time just like the standard Ipsy Glam Bag subscription.


Are you excited for Ipsy Glambag Plus?

If you have any other questions about this subscription, let me know in the comments and I’ll reach out to Ipsy to get you answers!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. For those with prepaid annual subs, I inquired via email and got an answer that we will be refunded the amount left on the annual before they start charging the upgraded fee, that is, IF we are invited. Their email stressed that it will be a limited rollout. How hard would it have been to do the invites based on how long you’ve been with Ipsy?

    • Julie
      I fully agree with you. I opened a second account. Then sent ipsy a email asking how to upgrade being that not only am I a longtime subscriber, but I order from them almost on a daily basis, and received a check or two from other products that I have ordered from them. I do pay monthly and have for a long time. The man that wrote me back said that as I am a new member. I have to sign the wait list. My second account has me as a new member because that’s the only way to have both subscriptions. I certainly don’t want two 10.00 ipsy bags. I want a 10.00 bag and a 25.00 bag.

      • Ive tried to find and sign up for on the waitlist…but i havent found anything

        • I emailed them on the 20th and by the 28th I secured a spot to get a Feb plus bag. Email them to ask to be added on the waitlist. Seemed to speed up my process

    • I agree. And im tired of the youtube box openings when very lil people have even been able to upgrade…thats a horrible tease.

      • Yeah that’s not cool. It drives me nuts to see everyone on YouTube reviewing them when I’ve been a member for a while with no option to upgrade and no info has been sent to me. How hard would it of been to wait to upgrade u til they were able to actually able to upgrade the majority of people not just a few. And it almost seems as if they are upgrading new subs more than long time subs. You would think they’d want to keep their long time subs happy but I’ve seen alot of people who just signed up getting the upgrade option. It’s pretty unfair and they should of thought things out better. I paused my subscription after my December bag. My last 3 regular bags weren’t good at all. I have other sub boxes that are way better.

  2. I don’t know if anyone asked this but if we pause ipsy say October when they ship or take the order are we still considered active and get the invite to upgrade. Or will they email us end of September saying upgrade October? Cause I don’t want both I want to upgrade.

    • I read that you can’t do both. If you want both, you’d have to have a separate account for the second.

      • I opened a second account. One for my regular ipsy bag and another for ipsy plus, and I’m hoping that I subscribe fast enough.lol

  3. Is this going to be available to Canadian subscribers?

    • No, they said they aren’t shipping to Canada at the moment

    • No it will not

    • Probably an issue for customs fees anyway. It’s not a great deal if you have to pay $20 to ship, and another $20 for duties and fees… 🙁

      It’s going to be the same problem for Boxyluxe

    • They said not a the moment

  4. I am holding off. I was on ipsy overload. I get this is a way to get new subscribers and get old ones back, but I want to see a review or 2 before I leap back on regular ipsy. Worried they will consider travel sizes as “full size”.

    • Yeah, but they’ll want to promote it so the value will be better for the first bags.

    • true story, they are good for that.

    • Yeah I agree…and I feel this box they sent to all the bloggers and YouTubers was just to generate maximum interest. Not likely the box everyone will be getting… 🙁

    • I did see on some of the un-boxing videos on YouTube that the Sol De Jeneiro bum bum cream was being advertised as the full sized (240 ML) $45 cream but the one that was actually coming in the box was the 75 ML cream which is $20, I believe. So that was one discrepancy that I saw but everything else looked to be the regular full sized products 🙂

  5. So is it starting in October to sign up?

    • Sign up in September (9th?) and you’ll receive the first Glam Bag Plus in October.

      • Hi Christine
        Did you get an email regarding the date of September 9 th? I haven’t received any information at all.
        Do you know what time?
        Thank You

    • I want to sub to the glam bag plus as a boxy alternative, but I have no idea how to subscribe to just that. Can I sub to ipsy and pause each month till I’m off the waitlist? Any ipsy subbers that may know more?

  6. I’m excited for this new subscription but do think they could have made this less confusing by calling it something other than glam bag plus. Call it Ipsy Plus and say you will receive a box every month with 5 products but once every 3 months you will get a bag with 5 products instead of a box.

  7. On their Insta Stories it says it’s not available in Canada

    • Is this true? Soo disappointing I was soo excited to upgrade

      • Yes I’m disappointed too because on my app it asked me if I wanted to upgrade and I said yes so when November came around they charged me an annual fee which I thought was for the Ipsy Glam Plus but it was for the regular subscription I emailed the support they got right back to me and said okay now wait till after Friday they refunded my money and then I should be on the waitlist for the Glam Bag Plus . but still knows nothing there on my email or my app where I can upgrade it’s just frustrating because you’d like you said YouTubers already opening it for last month this month because you’d like you said YouTubers already opening it for last month this month and I’ve been a member for years to Ipsy so I don’t see why we aren’t you know getting it first just a little aggravating and confusing they should have done a little more research before they started announcing about it and it’s not even available to us yet

  8. There is an article on Tech Crunch on the new Ipsy option. Apparently, the variations in the Ipsy Plus bag will be customized based on your beauty profile quiz like the $10 bag. Boxy doesn’t customize based on beauty profile so I potentially see this as a better option.

    • even better…………..:-)

    • Yeah, color me skeptical. I unpaused Ipsy and redid my profile, did not choose highlighters, got one anyways.

      Any time there was a red lipstick I did not get it, despite having reds checked.

    • Boxy sent me a beauty profile to fill out around two weeks ago. Shocked.

  9. Liz re-wrote it. We did read everything and it was confusing. We aren’t illiterate.

  10. It is NOW! However the post has been updated! It was not clear in the first post! Now it has been updated! People were responding to the first post which was confusing!

    • Exactly! The earlier version of this post wasn’t as clear, and the update now is worded in such a way that it makes total sense. I’m glad I came back a second time to read this again.

  11. Agreed. This is a good example of why reading comprehension is such a valuable skill. If you don’t understand the terms, don’t sign up for anything until you do understand what you are agreeing to.

  12. Just letting you know that the blog post has been updated to clarify (the bold parts in brackets were not included in the original post) so a lot of the comments are from before the post was updated. Also the language used is a little bit confusing as ipsy calls the products and the bag your monthly glam bag so it can be a little confusing when referring to just the bag as the glam bag. I was just stating this as the original post was not as clear and that’s why a lot of people were asking questions 🙂

  13. I think was updated with more information after the original post.

  14. I think Ipsy should have just advertised $25 a month beauty sub and threw a bag in every 3 months. This advertising the cosmetic bag coming every 3 months is causing people’s head to explode . I am sticking to the $10 plan I am happy getting the 2-3 full size products NYX , Kokie, and stuff like that I don’t need full size prestige . Also they are pretty good about not sending me skin or hair care. Out of all things I saw in spoiler box I only liked the blush.

  15. People don’t like to read, that’s the problem. Unless is it’s in big bold letters and less than a sentence lol.

    • Well, maybe it’s been updated? That may be why it says, “We have more details.”

  16. You aren’t kidding…these comments are painful to read!

    • I didn’t want to say anything, but I agree.

  17. It’s a hard time for a beauty box addict! I’m not thrilled about upgrading either my boxycharm or my ipsy, but who knows, I’ll probably give in to the FOMO. With what I’m already getting from these 2 subs plus Allure, Bomibox, Julep, and various mystery boxes, I’m already overloaded.

    • My problem with this is . Now I have to open another account, another email account. Where is the loyalty! I subscribe to both. I would like both. The company’s are making this so difficult. I’ve been a LOYAL MEMBER to both over the years. So someone like me and yourself should be a first priority over a person that subscribes today. My money is green everywhere. I’m getting to the point that I going to cancel all my subscription boxes, and there are many. I’ll go to Sephora, Ulta or Nordstrom’s buy what I want period. I get boxes with doubles or things that I don’t necessarily like so I give those things away. For the same amount of money I think I’m going to start buying separately. Do the math ok so we save a few dollars or we like the surprise element, but I’ve kind of had it.if I’m loyal to you be loyal to me. I’m going to tell my friends and family the same.

      • I completely agree! Don’t appeal to the newbies when you have loyal customers still hanging in there with you.

    • Your not the only one. I feel the same way.

  18. I don’t like getting hair products in my boxes, but I’m sick of the same brands on repeat with Boxycharm. So, the second I get an invite for this…..bye bye boxycharm. Ipsy has the products I am more interested in anyways.

    • Same here! Especially after that last shadow palette with half of the palette that has ingredients not approved for use on eyes!!! Like…what??? Is that why she wanted them in Boxy!??

  19. I foresee a lot of people getting upset because they don’t get an invite (myself included).

    • I lost my enthusiasm about this as soon as I read about the invite.

      • Wait don’t even tell me that I went through all this trouble opening a second account, and I need to be invited? I order from ipsy almost everyday. I promise if I don’t get invited. I have no words.

    • I’m with you. And given that some of the more popular “web celebs” from YouTube/Instagram/etc. have already received the October Ipsy Plus box (and some came with another 6 months for free), I bet those are the people that will get invited first. I understand they do that to get exposure and cheap advertising, but honestly I think there’s enough interest and excitement that they would have plenty of subscribers. I understand they’re also limited by the quantity of products they have in inventory, but people will resent not getting an invite for October. I hope they reward long time subscribers and frequent Ipsy Shopper customers as soon as possible.

      • I agree. And I’m a yearly subscriber not a monthly. But I don’t want to give up my $10 glam bag as I like receiving the cute bags monthly and giving them to my friends daughter if I’m not found of the design. I want to be able to subscribe to both and I’m frequent ipsy shopper on the daily deals when it comes to nail polishes and masks. I use polishes a couple times before giving to my friends daughter. So I hope they allow people to subscribe to both.

      • You and me both. I did the math today. With all the boxes that I subscribe to. Ten dollars here. 21.00 there. Sometimes 100.00 I could literally go on vacation or a really,really nice shopping spree. I’m going to see what happens. I’ve already upgraded my BoxyCharm subscription, but if I’m not invited. I truly may throw in the towel.

    • I’d definitely be upset, because I’ve been subscribed since the first bag, and have never missed one. But I’m not internet famous, so I’m not holding my breath 🙄

  20. Hi Liz….will the shipping to Canada per box still be $4.95 like the regular bag? I know it will be heavier so…. thanks!

    • I sent them an email with questions including that one. Hoping to hear back soon. I’ll update this post as soon as I get the info!

      • Thanks! 🙂

    • They won’t be shipping Ipsy plus to Canada at this time.

  21. How will this work for subscribers that have already pre-paid for a year in advance and want to upgrade to the Plus option? Do we lose what we’ve already paid toward the rest of the subscription?

    • I will reach out and ask.

  22. Well I was really hoping there wouldnt be variants and that we would be getting the bag in the spoiler. I think I’m still gonna do it though

    • Same.

      • Exactly. I want to see spoilers & know that’s what I’m getting.

  23. Whaaat is this pricing plan?? So confusing.

    $25/mo, or $25/quarter?

    My interpretation is $25/Mo, for full-size items monthly, and the only “quarterly” element is a bonus makeup bag 4x a year. This is unclear, though, because when you say “quarterly Ipsy plus glam bag” it implies the *entire subscription* is quarterly, as “glam bag” is what Ipsy calls its boxes.

    • Sorry it’s $25 a month for the 5 full-size items in a monthly box. They are only sending out the makeup bags seasonally, so you’ll get a makeup bag once every three boxes.

      • I like that, I have a lot of bags already.

      • Thanks Liz, that’s what I’ve been assuming. I’m a prepaid annual subscriber and I can’t wait for this upgrade!!!

        • This is so ridiculous. Ipsy and both BoxyCharm knew how much customers were going to want to upgrade. I was able to upgrade to Boxyluxe, and I’m thrilled. With ipsy I had to open a second account, get another email address, and you can’t let me know what’s going on? Plus I order from their shopper page almost daily. I promise if I’m not chosen after all that. I will take my 240.00 plus a year, and buy what I want somewhere else. Ipsy get enough to go around you have a count for your subscribers. Your causing hostility in people. This is not good customer service. I should work for them. I’m an outstanding CSR. This is not good business. BoxyCharm had a buzz going regarding their upgrade. I’m not seeing that with you companies upgrade. I’m seeing the opposite. Getting back on track. Have you received an email or anything regarding your subscription?

          • Why did you open a new account? If you wanted to keep regular Boxy and upgrade you would have to do the same thing. I think it’s good they’re not hyping it up if they don’t have a lot for everyone. Look how much of a disaster it was for Boxy. Ipsy is being smart.

          • Not BoxyCharm. Ipsy had said if you wanted to continue receiving a regular Ipsy subscription .We had to open a second account, because the upgrade only comes to you quarterly. You will not be getting a 10.00 ipsy bag once your upgraded.

          • I understood that, I was just saying that for Boxy you need a new account also if you want regular boxy on the upgrade months. But I see your point about the non upgrade months. I just think Boxy handled this awfully so am looking forward to Ipsy being better.

          • For Boxyluxe you do not need a second account. Boxyluxe replaces your regular subscription and you would get the smaller boxes in between the seasonal larger ones on one account.

            For Ipsy Glambag Plus you only need to open a second account if you want a $10 monthly subscription on top of a monthly $25 subscription. If you just want to upgrade from the $10 subsvription to the Plus you just need the one account.

          • Hey Guys
            . Boxyluxe comes out every quarter so I was under the impression that I will receive my regular BoxyCharm boxes , but when it’s the Boxyluxe quarterly that I will receive 11 items in that box including what the people that didn’t upgrade was getting for an additional 28.00+21.00 that I regularly pay. Does anyone know if this is correct, because I absolutely love BoxyCharm.
            Thanks Guys
            Please let me know

          • Yes, that’s correct except you’ll get 4 of the items that are in the regular Boxycharm box. The fifth item (eyeliner or eyeshadow primer) won’t be in Boxyluxe.

          • They said you only get 4 items from the regular boxy when you upgrade on those months where you get the luxe. So the only way to get the full regular box is to have another account.

          • She had to make another account because there is no option to have both on one account. So it’s either upgrade the profile on the $10 dollar sub, which a lot of people have spent a lot of time and reviews getting their profiles to where they feel like they are getting the right items for themselves. So upgrading would actually mess up their profile, Or make another account and pay the extra $10 a month until hopefully you can upgrade that one to Plus…I can’t afford the extra $10 a month just waiting so i have to sacrifice my profile i have worked hard on if i get an invite to upgrade.

  24. 1) Would I be charged 25 a month totaling 300 a year? Only receiving Ipsy Plus 4 X’s a year?

    2) Or would I be charged 25 a month totaling 300 a year? Receiving Ipsy Plus 4 X’s a year with the Ipsy Glam Bag 8 X’s.

    3) Or would I be charged 25 only every 3 months totaling 100 a year? Only receiving Ipsy plus?

    4) Or would I be charged 25 only every 3 months and 10 the other months totaling 180 a year? Receiving Ipsy plus 4 X’s a year and the regular Ipsy Glam Bag 8 X’s a year?

    Or is their something am not reading into this?

    Can you please clairiy a little confused?

    I’d be ok with #4 or #3. But not #1. #2 Maybe.


    • Hi Dianne,

      Sorry I don’t think it’s exactly any of those options. Hope this helps clarify:

      You will be charged $25 a month totaling $300 a year. You will receive 12 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus boxes (that will have 5 full sized items). Of those 12 Glam Bag Plus boxes, 4 will include a makeup bag.

      You will not receive any regular Ipsy Glam bag samples or bags if you upgrade your account to Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. If you want to still get regular Ipsy Glam Bag samples and bags, you should create a second account at the $10 a month subscription with a different email address.

      • Thanks am going to do this. It’s so worth it.

      • This response by far explains it the best. The article/blog post was soooo confusing. I think it’s good to clarify there are 2 types of subs.

      • Thank you so VERY much for fully explaining this. I was extremely confused BUT now with this explanation… I FINALLY get it!! I’m not sure if I will actually stick with it BUT I am going to give it a try. BUT I will have to set up another email to keep my regular Ipsy sample monthly glam bag 🙁 ( I think it is kind of sad that I have to do this 🙁 I think that IPSY should allow us to do both I mean WHY not?? They’d possibly be making more money, its easier on the customers which could possibly make more customers…I’m thinking that there could just be a button/tab to click for 1 or the other or BOTH!!! and WHALLA 🙂 Hoping that IPSY does get something like this once they roll this amazing sounding product out!! I really enjoy getting my IPSY!

        • *voila

          • That made me cringe too but I didn’t want to be the one to say it. Thanks.

      • Thank You so much Liz. You explained that beautifully.

  25. So its basically 3 payments of $25 for the Plus bag? The bag will really cost $75? No thanks! I’ll just stick with Boxycharm.

    • No. It’s $25 a month for 5 products every month in a box. You will also get an actual empty cosmetic bag 4 times a year.

    • No, it’s $25 a month. You get a box of 5 full size items every month. It’s just the cosmetic case that comes seasonally.

  26. Will the first bag/month offered be the bag & items that a few YouTubers have already received & done videos about?

    Also, are the same Ipsy profile & beauty preferences we use now going to be the same one they’re going to use for our variants for the upgrade option?

  27. I paused my membership for September and just resumed it so I can hopefully get an invitation to upgrade to Plus. Liz, do you know when we get invited to receive October bag? Has anyone received an invitation at this point?

  28. Please some one confirm my understanding:

    1. I will be billed $25 EVERY MONTH;
    2. I will received 5 full size items EVERY MONTH;
    3. I will receive cosmetic bag QUARTERLY.

    • Exactly! Great way to simplify it!

  29. I think my only hesitation with this is that I’ve had my $10 subscription for so long, I’ve got my account preferences and reviews tweaked to the point I typically get most of what I want in my glam bags. I’d hate to start that over if I decide I want both the $10 and $25 subscriptions.

    • Me too! I’d hate to mess up my $10 bag. Or my option to “improve my glam bag”. But I want both! I wish they would give existing / long time customers an option to have both before brand new subscribers.

    • exactly what i was thinking…

  30. I’m so confused. Let me see if I understand this.

    1.) I will have to have an entirely different account with an entirely different email address

    2.) In the months I receive the Glam Bag Plus I WILL NOT receive my $10 bag even though they are to be considered 2 different subscriptions.

    3.) At some point, the two subscriptions will be put on the same account so that we will get our $10 bag every month like now and each quarter we will receive the Glam Bag Plus instead of the regular Ipsy Bag.

    4.) Also, in the months we get the Plus bag, will we still be charged $10 a month every month even though we’ll be receiving the Glam Bag Plus instead of the regular Ipsy or will we get both?

    I’m lost.

    Is this correct or totally wrong?

    • I think it will be a choice. Keep your current regular Ipsy for $10 a month (full, travel & sample sizes) OR upgrade to Ipsy Plus (mostly FS or large travel/mini size products) for $25 every single month. If you do upgrade and give up your $10 bag (because you can’t have both on one account), you get a collection of mostly FS products each month but no MONTHLY makeup bag. Instead, every 3 months they will add a seasonally themed makeup bag to your Glam Plus monthly box. OR…..
      If you want BOTH the current $10 Ipsy plan AND the $25 Ipsy Plus plan you will need to have 2 separate accounts: ex. Keep your current account with the $10 bag and create a new account for Glam Plus. However, since this is an upgrade to current subscribers, if you fo want both, you should go ahead and create another account to have ready to upgrade. Alternatively, you could upgrade your existing account to Plus and then create a new account for the regular $10 Ipsy bag. If you want both you’ll have to have two Ipsy accounts and you’ll get charged separate charges of $10 and $25 EVERY month for a total of $35 a month. The ONLY part that is seasonal ( aka every 3 months) is receiving a large makeup bag with your Glam Plus products.
      Hope this helps and I hope I am not telling you anything that isn’t correct.

    • It is a separate subscription that, for the time being, will only be offered to current subscribers. You will have the option to upgrade to the Plus subscription, and that is the only one you will have on that account. It will be every month at $25, though they only send a new bag every quarter. The other months you will still get 5 full-sized products, but no bag included.

      If you still want a regular ipsy bag, you will have to create a new account with a new email address to get the $10 bag. or just pass on the upgrade and keep your account as-is.

    • Hi Martha
      No you have it wrong, but if you scroll up a little bit. Read Liz’s post. She explains it perfectly.

    • VERY CONFUSING!!!!! & I’m not a stupid person-But!!! I am being charged $10.00 each month & now an additional$25.00 each month to get JUST the Plus Glam box??? Why not just offer the Glam Bag Plus for $35.00? I really want both subs. I don’t have another e-mail address & I don’t want the bother of getting one. I DO want the regular Ipsy each month & the Plus(? each month or each quarter??) I still don’t understand if the Glam Bag Plus is monthly or quarterly or if if it IS monthly, then what is quarterly??? The cosmetic case??? Who cares & who wants/needs 12-16 cosmetic cases a year? How can I still receive my regular monthly $10.00 Ipsy & the ??? however often Ipsy Glam Plus?? And, really, how much is the Glam Bag Plus??? $25.00 or $35.00 per month/quarter??? Why would Ipsy say their upgrade is $25.00, but charge you the $10.00 as well without shipping you the regular $10.00 Ipsy?? Can anyone make this clear for me?? PLEASE????????? Thank you!!!

      • If you opted into getting both bags then that is why they would charge you $35. If that’s what you were charged you should be getting both the large plus and the regular bag.

  31. Ipsy Plus is a welcome addition to the price tier that Boxy currently holds.

    I think some things relevant to watch going forward will be how Ipsy delivers on ‘full size,’ and the content of their variants. I’m not a variant fan! Another would be bag quality.

    I’m interested for sure!

    • I’m absolutely happy about this! I would subscribe to the $25 price point in a heartbeat! I’ve liked Ipsy in the past, but would prefer full-size stuff instead of small tubes for $10. I’ve now been with Boxycharm for over a year and will try Boxyluxe. Like you said… I’m interested for sure! Show us what you got Ipsy Plus!

    • I’m interested too. I just hope it doesn’t turn into a Boxycharm. I know people love it (you might too) but, for me, the value just isn’t there. I would end up not using 3 out of 5 products and they were usually the ones on higher end of the value.

      • I actually don’t subscribe to Boxy! I’m one of the (few?) people who have been sitting on the fence, watching box items in the reviews, and trying to decide if I’d use enough of the products to justify purchase at that price point.

        I know that even one product can monetarily justify that month’s price tag for the sub, but personally, I want to use a good amount of the products themselves.

        I’m not bagging on Boxy at all, it’s clearly well loved and for good reasons! I know it’s a great makeup and accessories builder.

    • I wouldn’t mind the variation thing if it was matched to age appropriate concerns. Like me, I’m in my late 30’s and appreciate some skincare as well as makeup. Some may prefer more makeup. It would be nice if we could choose 1 full size product a month!

      • I agree. I am in my early 40’s and way more into skincare. If they used our profiles and let us pick at least one product I would most likely give up BoxyLuxe and/or Boxycharm.

    • I hear that. I’m also not a variant fan.

    • I am interested in this because Ipsy has more brand variety than boxycharm and I hope this will be the case for Ipsy plus. But it is not cool that the first bag is already out, makes me want to wait to get on this.

  32. I’m curious if there will be a separate app for Ipsy bag plus and if what you will receive will be according to your profile (Ipsy match)?

  33. It sounds like the way they’re “rolling it out over next few months” probably means not everyone will get an invite for the October bag, even if they’re current subscribers.
    Is that correct, Liz?

    • That is correct.

      • Thanks, Liz. I imagine bloggers, YouTube stars, Insta personalities, etc., especially those that are beauty-centered, will get first dibs. After all, several of them have already received the October box. Hopefully next will be long time subscribers. Unfortunately I quit after a long time and only recently returned so it will likely be at least November or December for me. Hopefully I won’t miss out on too much.

      • I’m sorry but it’s not true about the comment where you can’t receive both subscriptions. I JUST (as in today) received both my regular $10 Glam bag AND my $25 Glam Bag Plus. They sent me an email and asked me if I wanted to order the Plus and gave me the option to keep my original bag as well.

  34. Are these he items in the first Ipsy plus box????

  35. This sure is smart of Ipsy to lure everyone who has dropped them back in. Seriously considering reactivating my account just so I can get the invite.

    • My thoughts exactly. I would re-activate my account if I guarantee the invite, otherwise i am happy without regular ipsy and its highlighters and black pencils.

  36. I’m not willing to resign up to Ipsy just for the chance of getting an offer. Too bad so sad for me! Otherwise I’d be all over this!

    • Agree with you 100 percent! I canceled for a reason. The new bag looks awesome, I don’t want/need the old one.

      • Exactly!

    • I agree completely!

  37. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t have 2 subs (Regular Ipsy and Ipsy Plus) simultaneously in the same account. My understanding is that as soon as you subscribe to Ipsy Plus, your subscription becomes just that, and you won’t get regular Ipsy bag unless you create another account with a different email and subscribe to a regular Ipsy with that. Quite inconvenient tbh.

  38. Liz, do you know how they are selecting who gets this option first? Above it says it will be rolled out to more people in future months. I’m assuming that means not everyone will be able to get the October bag, even current subscribers, correct? I wonder if they are offering it to bloggers, YouTube reviewers, Insta personalities, etc. first. Or maybe they’ll include long time subscribers. I tend to think it won’t just be completely random, but maybe that’s the cynic in me. 😄

    • I hope it’s not completely random, that wouldn’t be fair. It should be long time subscribers first.

  39. Ipsy should have the option to opt out of certain product categories or a guaranteed pick per month at this price point. When reviews and profiles are taken seriously then I’ll be back.

  40. I have been hating my boxycharm the last few months. I am thinking it will be canceled in favor of the ipsy plus!

  41. Does anyone know if they would give you the option to go back to the 10$ a month bag if you did not want the 25$ option every month? Or would you have to cancel and then resubscribe? If so i would have to use all my points i have accumulated before canceling …i have a lot lol

    • It’s not $25 a month, it’s per quarter (every 3 months).

      • oh I take that back, totally read it wrong, sorry…it’s just the make up bag that is every 3 months.

      • No, it is monthly but you will only receive a larger makeup bag seasonally. You will receive the full size products every month will the normal ipsy bag and the larger PLUS bag itself seasonally

      • Incorrect. It is $25/mo but you only get a new bag every quarter

        • That’s how I interpreted it, too. So actually paying $75 ($25 x 3 months) for one bag? It’s so confusing.

          • you get 5 products every month, but there isn’t a new bag every month. everyone needs to separate the idea of “bag” from “products” and it will become a lot easier to understand.

  42. I understood that you currently need two accounts. One for Ipsy $10 and one for Ipsy $25. You must be current subscriber to to get second account which is the Plus bag ..starting October Ipsy plus is being offered at $25. This will be quarterly initially but growing to more often (monthly??) which once this gets rolling, you could be spending. $35 per month on Ipsy… I’m sure more deets will be forthcoming to correct any inaccuracies in my understanding. Whose next in the Luxe/Plus category? Birchbox or do they have one?

    • I understood that it will be a monthly subscription, but they will only include a bag every 3 months.

      • Yes, that is correct.

        • Thanks Liz! I recently canceled Ipsy because I was just not happy with the products I was receiving. I might resubscribe for this!

        • I am a little confused. I pay $25 a month but only get a bag each quarter?

          • 25.00 a month for 5 products every month and I empty cosmetic bag 4 times a year. When they say bag they mean the actual cosmetic bag. Products are every month.

        • So you get a “bag” quarterly, but how often do you get the cosmetics, monthly or only quarterly? $75 sounds like a lot of money to me for only one “bag” with the cosmetics.

          • The bag is quarterly, but you get 5 full sized beauty products every month. Hope that helps clarify!

          • Thanks!

  43. So you will get the glam bag plus items every month just not an actual bag? cause if youre paying 25$ a month but only recieve items every 3, that is 75$ for a sub plus box. boxyluxe isnt even that expensive.. So do you get items every month for the 25$? Cause if not thats really steep..

    • Yes you get 5 full size items every month. Hope that helps!

      • Will people in Canada get a chance to subscribe? If yes, how much will shipping For us?

    • No, you will get products monthly. You will receive a bag + products every 3 months.

      • I don’t get it. It says you only receive products every 3 months but that it is a monthly subscription. That doesn’t make sense. Why don’t they just make it simple and say you can get both a monthly where you pay $10 and or a quarterly and every 3 months you pay $25 in addition to the monthly every 3 months or just offer the option for a quarterly subscription or monthly. Why would I pay $35 a month and only get products every 3 months. I was interested but not if that is how it’s formulated. That is like fabfitfun charging $49.99 every month but only getting 1 box every season. Same as BoxyLuxe, I would rather just have a monthly and get maybe slightly less product.

        • Elise, you pay $25 a month and get 5 full size products every month. This would replace your $10 a month subscription.

          If you decide that want both a $10 regular subscription and a $25 a month Plus subscription you would have to open a new account with a different email address for one of the subscriptions.

          • You said it much better than I did. I wish I’d seen your post first.

        • It goes like this I think . If you want to upgrade to ipsy plus. You will be charged 25.00 per month for 5 full size products in a box not a bag, but every quarter you will get a bag, and not a box. I wanted both so I had to open a separate ipsy account to still receive my monthly 10.00 bag, and products. Then if I order fast enough for ipsy plus I will be charged an additional 25.00 per month. You cannot at this time get both on the same account. I think that’s how it’s going to work.

      • Thanks for the visual. Helps me as I got confused with the every three months meaning the Ipsy GlamPlus. Got it now. Plus will be monthly. Ipsy plus WITH Bag will be quarterly. Seemed so simple when I initially read it… lol.. the beauty sub industry is thriving, and not oversaturated like I wrongly believed. Ipsy is OG so they must know something about the timing of this offering.

  44. Love that they’re doing the bags only quarterly. Of all the Ipsy ones, I’ve kept only one (September 2017 plain black one). The rest have gone to Project Beauty Share.

  45. Liz, do you know if there will be an option to skip months, like the current glam bag?

    • I will reach out and ask!

      • thanks!

  46. That extra email address I have got just for duplicate subscriptions is way more useful than I thought it would be.

  47. Hmm I don’t really like how they’re only launching to a few subscribers at a time… Sephora and Macy’s did that and the boxes were great at first then when they opened to everyone went downhill fast. I’m interested in it; but I do like my regular Ipsy sub too lately.

  48. I am liking this bag…..count me in

  49. I absolutely love how they rolled this out. Their marketing appeals to me even though I am in pause with this sub. It seems like I just decluttered and here I am again. Maybe I need a bigger house!

  50. This is confusing to me. You can’t get the Plus or the regular bag, but you must be a subscriber. Also, it’s 25/month but you only get a bag once a quarter? It doesn’t sound like a great deal.

    • *get the plus AND the regular glam bag

      • It’s a quarterly upgrade for Ipsy, so 4 time’s a year your billed $25 and get the seasonal box. The other months you pay $10 and get your regular Ipsy bag. You don’t get your regular Ipsy bag when you receive the plus m.

        • Sorry for the confusion. It’s best to think of this as a completely separate subscription from the $10 Ipsy Glam Bag, instead of a seasonal upgrade like BoxyLuxe.

          Ipsy Glam Bag is a monthly subscription, but you’ll only receive a makeup bag once a quarter. You’ll get a seasonal bag in your first delivery. After that, you’ll get one every 3 deliveries.

          • Thank you! That cleared it up for me.

        • I just realized I typed that totally wrong the plus only includes the bag once a quarter but get the full size products for $25 mo. you have to have two subs at least as first if you want regular monthly Ipsy.

    • Sorry for any confusion! If you are a current glam bag subscriber, and Ipsy gives you the invite to upgrade your subscription to Glam Bag Plus, then your subscription would shift to that. You wouldn’t be able to keep your regular $10 glam bag subscription as well.

      • Okay. I got that wrong. I thought you could have both with 2 different accounts. I get it now. Definitely nearing makeup overload and understand like Boxy there will be variations (slight) which is fine. I have enough and more makeup/ skin care so I can wait until the this gets closer to manifestation. Lol

    • Yeah I’m a little confused too, like is there an option to get regular ipsy on the on the months you’re not getting plus? And hopefully that’s a mistake and its meant to say $25 per bag or something.

      • You get Ipsy Glam Bag Plus every month, but only once a quarter will they include a bag. Sorry for the confusion!

        • ohh that makes sense thank you for the response!!

        • I like the thought of better giftable bags less often but full size products monthly. It seems more usable than Boxycharm was for me.

          • Yea, I think this option might be great for anyone who may be on makeup bag overload 🙂 I’m really excited about it – and I think the $25 price point is reasonable, too.

        • Ooooooh I get it now. It was very confusing as I thought I’d be paying $25/month yet only getting something every 3 months.
          Ipsy should’ve given you better verbiage to use!!

          • Ok! I sent a prior question you can ignore Liz. I get it now. The term “bag” meant product to me. So I thought only every quarter delivery but you are talking about the actual physical bag item is only quarterly. Product is every month.

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