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Allure Beauty Box Coupon – Free La Mer Set with Your First Box!

Allure Beauty Box is offering a La Mer bonus for new subscribers! Use this link to save $5 off your first box and new subscribers will also receive a deluxe sample of La Mer Creme De La Mer and La Mer The Concentrate! 

FYI – this La Mer set may ship separately from your first Allure Beauty Box and may take weeks to arrive. Supplies are limited, so make sure to scroll down this page and verify that you see the La Mer sample set before you check out!

If you subscribe now, your first box will be the March box. The current version of the March box for new subscribers includes:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 and get the free La Mer set, too! (Regularly $15 a box.)

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (76)

  1. I never got my Feb box and they tried to charge me for March. I contacted them and have gotten the run around ever since.

    • Yupp they double charged me for 3 months and never refunded me and claim that I never paid but I did on the 1st and they were charging me on the 7th and told me they ran my cc 7 times in a row like seriously

  2. Just got my box after resubbing after a long hiatus. I have already emailed them because I was so upset. I got almost nothing that is in that photograph, and I definitely did not get the La Mer set! It’s literally like they were cleaning out old inventory and I got a lot of duplicates, all tiny samples & for people with very dry sensitive skin and I have oily skin. It’s literally like they were cleaning out old inventory and threw a few random samples in the box. I offered to send it back completely intact for a refund if they were going to do a bait and switch like that! Again: Tiny samples and NOT what’s photographed in the photo above!

    • Hi Taren,

      Just a heads up – I believe the La Mer set is shipping separately. Has Allure Beauty Box gotten back to you yet?

  3. I am pretty excited for this month’s box … but I am so curious about April box just because Allure usually spoils by now… I have new wonderful storage and surprise there are product gaps to be filled!!! Wil next month’s box fill one or two??? So excited.

  4. Me too… lol

  5. I got charged for the March box yesterday, so I guess the adventure begins…

  6. I love that Allure gives full size products. The January box was awesome to say the least. Eventhough I am not an eyeshadow person, the February box was well worth the $15. Last year they had a Kat Von D box… full size lipliner plus others… I have always led Allure, but all of the nagging from subscribers has got to be affecting their box curation. Everyone went ape**** over years in plastic bags. A PLASTIC snap bag… really? I love Allure. For $15, it is quite a deal.

    • Sorry… should have read loved Allure… not led. Anyway, this is a great sub.

  7. So I decided to subscribe to Allure to compare it to other subs. Came to this page to read comments and the only positive comments are from new subscribers like me. Man! Y’all really know how to kill a buzz! 😒 If you’re a current subscriber, YOU ARE NOT GETTING THIS BOX. It says that it’s for new subscribers. Reading is fundamental! 🤦🏽‍♀️ For any current subscribers reading this, can you please tell me what you like about Allure? It would be a refreshing change amongst all the complaints. Thank you in advance! 😊

    • Don’t let others comments sway you… if you feel excited about the box, then try it out!!! I love reading comments, both for the community aspect, but also for pure entertainment, but they’ve never been a buzzkill for me since I don’t let comments change my mind and I just try what I want anyways! 😀 (but ya, I get it that it’s more fun when others are just as excited as you are)

      I’m a current subscriber, and I have been subbed to the Allure beauty box off & on since 2011 or 2012 back when they were called Sample Society, and I’ve always loved the box because of the brands and products they include. They typically include very well known brands, and sometimes include new launches before they’re even out in the market. And, sometimes they’ll have variations with one or two products. I really love the mix of beauty products too! I’d suggest looking at MSA’s prior posts on Allure’s box to see if it might be a good fit for you (product-wise). 🙂

      The only negative for me is that in my experience, the level of CS you get depends on the person as you can get different answers from different people. Via phone, they’ve always been super nice, and via email it’s been 50/50 with getting a decent level of professional service. Via email, I’ve gotten everything from curt answers, non answers (they reply, but don’t address the question), or no reply at all. The follow through on their end can be a crapshoot too depending on who you get. Fortunately, my dealings with Allure’s CS has been fairly minimal, so that has never been a deterrent in me keeping the box.

    • Ooops! I just saw that you mentioned that you decided to subscribe to Allure. That’s great! I hope you like it, and find a beauty box that’s right for you. 🙂

    • Their customer service is awful. I subscribed to two different boxes going to two different people at two different address (I wanted one to go to a family member). They took it upon themselves to cancel the subscription that was for me and changed the shipping name and address to my address for the one that was for a family member. I emailed them and they told me I needed to call them directly and gave me the wrong number. When I found the correct number, I called and was on the phone for 28 minutes and an associate hung up on me after I asked for a supervisor. They are terribly unorganized and in my experience unprofessional. Use Paypal so in the event you want to cancel and their CS is nonexistent you are not stuck paying for the next month waiting for them to respond. In Paypal you can remove charging privileges, so company cannot automatically charge you.

      • Sorry you had a bad experience, but I asked for things that you like about the box, not more complaints.

    • I love Allure! It’s in my top 3 favorite subs. The products are fab, the sizes are really good and the value is insane for the cost. Their C.S. is a little lackluster when it comes to knowing what is going on with promos and such, but I have never had an issue with canceling a box or receiving my sign up gifts/referral gifts.

      I’ve really started to take comments with a grain of salt. I totally agree with you that it’s more fun when people are really excited about something, but that’s just not gonna happen on MSA any time soon LOL. I hope you enjoy your box!

    • I started in January & so far it’s the best subscription box I’ve had!! Best products!! The only thing is I wish you could do an add on for a few dollars to get the new subscribers bonus- I really want the La Mere! But, I’ve gotten excellent products every month so far!!

    • It’s not worth 16 a month for 5 dollars more u get boxy and u always get an awesome palette and everything is always full size and they keep u up to date on what’s going on with ur order ,I use like 6 different subs and allure is my least favorite I was on since last year around summer and never got a decent box they were never matched for me or they would leave things out and they are the worse when u call them for help with your account, but they are quick to send u a letter in the mail saying hey u haven’t paid for your sub um yea I’m sure yall will charge my card 10 more times lol

  8. Based on what I saw on the Allure website, the March box is “we’re clearing our shelves”.

    So, depending on your tastes and needs, the box will range from awesome to horrible. And I’m talking about the same box.

  9. They will miss out on a lot of revenue by doing this. I don’t take advantage, but I do order a 2nd box from Amazon occasionally and I don’t see anything wrong with that. If Allure is having such a problem handling the comings and goings of subscribers, then they should set up like Ipsy and give us easy access to pause our accounts. They are going to have a hard time selling prior products, if nobody wanted them then, nobody wants them now either.

  10. The new subscriber box as described sounds like the February box with a couple of additions.

    According to the website, the March box will have 3 standard items and the rest will be a total grab bag based on past subscriber history, whatever that means.

    • They appear to be saddling existing subscribers with various past box leftovers. Should be interesting. Did anyone else have trouble using the Gorjana $25 certificate from the February box? I tried to use it, but it came up as invalid for my purchase. Another Allure disappointment. I understand that some subscribers received a necklace in the Feb. box.

  11. Maybe just maybe since so many start and stop again based on the box for the month instead of just continuing and seeing if there happens to b something u may like but didn’t think u would they r starting to change what the “new subscriber” box will b. And with so many people just being greedy and starting and stopping just to get the free promo they run out very easily. I really don’t think the monthly sub is meant to b taken advantage like that.

    • I agree that this is probably a response to people continually subscribing and then unsubscribing. I also think that all the people making new “dummy” accounts for extra boxes are probably contributing to their own frustration in all the shipping problems and late boxes. Just sign up once and keep it until you want to cancel for good.

      • I’m one who subbed for this one only and will cancel immediately. No remorse here 😉

      • Quite an assumption. I have ONE (1) account and have had nothing but issues for months.

    • I agree. I always like and use at least half of what I receive in my box. Sometimes I use everything. What I don’t like, I give away. I always find someone who appreciates the items.

  12. Looks like they will have SEVERAL versions of boxes starting from March. I am DONE!

  13. Signed up under my business addy to get this for my mom!!! Thanks for sharing, Liz and MSA staff 💗

    • And Luna- if you see this- I’m still here 🤣 I was just taking a sabbatical from commenting while I’ve been working on my new skin care studio 💗

    • I am actually finding Allures website description of the March box very confusing. It sounds like they will have several box variations and not just for new subscribers. I was really looking forward to the March box for the Au Naturale multistick. It is not listed as one of the items that will be in every box.

  14. Thanks! I signed up for another bag because even if I don’t receive the LaMer (always have gotten my promo items from them in the past though) the Browgal and 6 other items are so freaking worth the $10 cost.

  15. I ordered my box at the beginning of January and was supposed to get that box and still haven’t gotten any!

  16. So Jacki can repeatedly write the same message but this is my 4th and the other 3 are bounced? What’s up with that? Why are my messages not being posted?

  17. I like receiving emails from MSA, but I wish the Allure “deal” emails were opt-in. I’m not interested in getting alerts a couple of times a week about these.

  18. Do you guys know if Amazon allure gets different items than Allure direct?

    • The items in the Amazon box are the same. However, new subscribers via Amazon don’t get whatever new subscriber bonus Allure may be offering at the time nor do they get the first box for $10. Those are the disadvantages. The advantages are that Amazon subscribers usually get their boxes much earlier and it’s much easier to cancel your subscription via Amazon than Allure direct.

  19. I’ve weitten two comments that aren’t here. Why is that? Am I being censored?

  20. I hope there’s enough product in the LeMer samples to know if it’s going to do any good.
    I haven’t wanted to spend the money just to end up disappointed.

  21. Any idea which box I would be getting if I sub through Amazon? I don’t want the “new subscriber” box that’s all leftover repeats. I want the box that was advertised for March weeks ago. This is what I hate about Allure. You never know exactly what you will get (and sometimes if you’ll even get something you were promised at all). It’s also why I go through Amazon so I can easily skip any months I’m not interested in.

  22. The Lamer sample is tiny!!! I think the size of the white jar is comparable to a quarter… 🙁 Came in the little green box pictured, but I was so disappointed when I saw the size. Re-gifted to MIL…

    • Yeah, but try swapping for one of those tiny jars. People want full size product for them, it’s nuts!

      • I received that tiny La Mer jar and I really don’t get it. It does nothing for me and it is heavily perfumed. If I do not get that multistick in my March box, I am going to be SO disappointed. And if Allure goes the way of Play and Ipsy, I am out. I don’t like surprises. I rarely get anything worth having from Ipsy, and I will never sub to Play again. At least Birchbox let’s you choose one item, a curated box or, if you prefer, a total surprise.

  23. Does anyone know if I bought a 3 month sub as a gift to my daughter that lives at the same address as me will she qualify for the LaMer (as long as its still available)?

    • I think so – as long as it’s a different email address.

      • If same address they may combined both email. Last year I had 1 year gift box for my daughter and myself annual sub with same email account. I did buy a gift sub for her with other email address since allure will mess your sub when you canceled your paid sub. hope this help.

  24. Please. I am still waiting on 2 promo items from 4 months ago that I never received from Allure BeautyBox. They are ridiculous and aggravating.

    • Yup. Nothing but issues with this box.

      First time I subbed, I would get boxes 2-3 weeks late. I cancelled. Resubbed and still hsven’t gotten January or February boxes. It’s too much hassle.

    • Call them. They are really good about answering and sending the promotion out.

  25. This version of the Marchbox is for new subscribers, it says above. So those that have been subscribed will not be getting repeats.

    • It stinks for those of us that got January so got the Amika, quit for February because we didn’t want the products and wanted March but can’t get now!! Boo!!

      • I didn’t get the Amika. I got the variant.

        I was bummed.

    • My comment from an hour ago didn’t show up – why does that happen? If you cancelled bc you didn’t want February but loved March it makes you basically get February! Guess I should have just stayed active. Wah wah…

  26. Did they change the March box for everyone? I’m confused.

    • If you’re a new subscriber you’ll receive what’s shown on this page

  27. Apparently there’s different versions of the box this time around (according to their website). I just wonder what items I’m going to get because I don’t really like the current version.

  28. They had me at La Mer. Love that stuff 😍. Hopefully I get it in a timely manner and they don’t give me something else instead of the la mer.

    • Did it show up in your bag review when you ordered?

      • It showed on the page where it says what I am getting as a new subscriber. In my shopping cart it just said a allure monthly subscription.

  29. This can’t be right….
    But just in case I cancelled through Amazon for now…

  30. The la mer sample is not showing up in my bag did they really run out in 2 hours?

    • Liz says as long as it shows on the page where you subscribe to the march box then you’ll get it. It was at the very bottom as a special gift for first time subscribers

      • I’m sure Liz is relaying the information that Allure gives her but as someone who subscribed for a prior promo and the promo did show on the page when a I checked out I can tell you that doesn’t necessarily mean you will get it. I never got my bonus and when I inquired was told they ran out and would send me something else. I waited another month and didn’t receive anything and they told me they placed an order for new bonus items (not what I was promised) but I’d have to wait another several weeks for the replacement to arrive. Still waiting. Anyway, proceed with caution.

      • Something tells me that a lot of new subscribers will be upset when they do not get the La Mer bonus……

    • The email I got from Allure says that it’s while supplies last. Hopefully it really didn’t just run out in 2 hours.

  31. What happened to the March spoilers? This box is a mix of the original spoilers and February items, a January item with the good March stuff missing?!?!

    • What I’ve read on other sites is that the site just needs to be refreshed. What is shown is basically what’s been offered in past month’s boxes.

    • This is what new subscribers are getting with this offer. If you are already subscribed, your March box will differ.

  32. So basically they’ve run out of brands for that month & decided to have repeats?

    • This is for new subscribers not current subscribers who’ve already received several of these items.

  33. I still haven’t received my January box 🙂

    • Wow! I would definitely email them. I received both my January boxes (Amazon first) and my Feb box. My hubby has not received my Feb box with the Caudalie promo but that was ordered last week.

    • Did you get a tracking number? I would definitely call them, it’s already March!

      • I contacted them several times since beginning of February.

        No response.

        Response to call.

        Response that it will be shipped out.

        Response that they will refund me because they will not ship it out.

        Response that refund might take “few weeks”.

        Mind you, I’ve been charged for both boxes and they couldn’t provide tracking for either one.

      • Wow, that’s crazy. I don’t understand how they can be fine with some people but some others really drop the ball. So sorry you’ve guys had such a hard time.

      • Ya I never received January box and on feb 19 they finally responded saying my card was refunded. I purchased this in early January so I was confused. I email and they say my card was declined on feb 2 so they issued a refund. Ya that makes no sense bc I was billed early Jan and payment was taken out. How can you refund a decline. I eventually got my refund last week but they also canceled my subscription. Email cs and they tell me they have no explanation to why I was refunded and canceled. I call and they know nothing at all and deny the part that email told me I was declined they just say they can restart my subscription and and for what reason should I resubscribe if they will cancel again with no explanation.

    • I haven’t either or February I tried contacting them and never heard back 😡

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