FabFitFun Spring 2019 Review + $10 Coupon

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The FabFitFun Box is a quarterly subscription from FabFitFun.com. Each season they send you a box of $200+ worth items in categories like beauty, fashion, and fitness.

Each season, FabFitFun features a different design for their box. I love the pop of purple and pink when you open it!

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: FabFitFun Box

The Cost: $49.99 a box sent every quarter

COUPON – Save $10 Off Your First Box with coupon code MSA10

The Products: The hottest seasonal items (worth at least $200) selected by the FabFitFun team

Ships to: US and Canada

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FabFitFun sends out a mini mag in each box. It details the items included and also provides background on some of the featured makers and designers.

This page shows all the different items that are available for customization and the items that all subscribers will receive. The pink box on the bottom right page shows the 3 items all subscribers get – everything else will vary!

And the magazine features content besides the items in the box, too. For example, this season they included a checklist for 50 ways to show gratitude, and there is a horoscope section:

Now, time for the items!

I’m going to start with the items that all subscribers will receive:

Manna Kadar Champagne Charcoal Scrub – Retail Value $24

I have to admit, Manna Kadar cosmetics products have felt a little over-played in subscription boxes a few years, so I’m always a little hesitant when I see this brand in a box. However, I’m happy to report that this scrub was a lovely surprise for me! It has a subtle sweet + fruity scent, the scrub isn’t too abrasive, and the formula doesn’t leave your skin overly oily.

Also, full-size body scrubs are pretty rare in subscription boxes (they are heavy!) so this is an extra win in my book!

OUAI Leave In Conditioner – $26

I think whether or not you love this product will likely come down to if you love the scent. Ouai products are strongly scented, and they do linger, so I recommend getting a quick whiff before spritzing + committing! I really like the scent (it’s kind of like hair perfume), and the formula itself is lovely, too. It’s a great detangler, and it doesn’t weigh down my hair.

dr. brandt skincare needles no more NO MORE BAGGAGE  eye de-puffing gel – $42

I try SO many de-puffing, under-eye eye treatments, and this is one of the few that I could actually feel and see working! After I applied the gel, it immediately gave my skin a cooling feeling. Then, over the next few minutes, I could actually feel a subtle tightening of my skin. (The tightening goes away when you wash this off.)

It has an orange tint, which I think helps conceal the blue tones of undereye circles, but it didn’t make enough of a difference there for me to go without undereye concealer. And it gives your skin a smooth, powdery finish. (And just FYI, this isn’t an aloe-vera-type gel, it takes some effort to squeeze it out of the tube!)

Looking at the reviews on Sephora, it seems like people either love or hate this. I’m a fan, but I’m guessing it doesn’t work as well for all skin types.

Now, the items that are choices.

All subscribers can pick a Show Me Your Mumu robe, Deux Lux Backpack, or Diffuser:

Show Me Your Mumu Robe – Retail Value $84

This is one of my favorite items in the box – I love the brand, and this floral print is exactly what I need to look forward to Spring!

It’s 100% polyester, fits up to a size 16, and hand wash cold.

This robe features a tie belt and a high-low hem.

The fabric is soft and lightweight, but not too sheer. I think it is the perfect weight for a warmer weather robe.

Here it is on:

(For reference, I’m 5’7″, and somewhere between a size Medium + Large at Forever 21.)

Next Choice: All subscribers are able to pick Quay sunglasses (2 different styles), SunnyLife Picnic Set, or a Korres Sleep Mask:

QUAY AUSTRALIA Vivienne Sunglasses in Black/Smoke – Retail Value $60

If you aren’t familiar with Quay, they are a great sunglasses brand from Australia. (I love that for the cost of the box, $49.99 (or $39.99 with coupon MSA10), you can get a pair of Quay Sunglasses for less than retail, and essentially get 7 other full-size items for free!)

Here are the measurements:

  • Width: 148MM
  • Height: 60MM
  • Nose Gap: 14MM

I picked these frames because I love aviator sunglasses – and the black metal frames are so classic.

Here they are on:

Next choice! All subscribers are able to pick Giadzy Copper Plated Measuring Spoons, Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion in Mandarin, Orange & Bergamot, or Mystery Item.

Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion – Retail Value $19

I picked this lotion because it is ingredient-conscious, and I was going for a bit of a spa theme with my curation of this box!

The formula is moisturizing but not greasy, and it has a scent blend of Mandarin, Orange & Bergamot. It’s a little more fragrant than I was expecting, but I like the scent, so that’s OK with me!

Next up, annual subscribers are able to pick TULA Purifying Face Cleanser, Daily Concepts Daily Detox Brush, or EleVen by Venus Jump Rope. If you aren’t an annual subscriber, FabFitFun will pick for you:

Daily Concepts Daily Detox Massaging Brush – Retail Value $18

Continuing the spa theme, I picked this dry brush! If you aren’t familiar, dry brushing can help make your skin softer with gentle exfoliation. (There’s also potential benefits of lymphatic massage.)

This brush includes massaging nodules in addition to the dry brush bristles, too:

FYI – I recommend applying light pressure (in circular motions) when first using this – that’s all I needed for soft skin! (And any more pressure would have been too rough.)

Lastly, annual subscribers are able to pick The2Bandits™ Athens Necklace, Ciaté London Extraordinary Translucent Setting Powder, or S’ip by S’well (colors will be randomly selected). If you aren’t an annual subscriber, FabFitFun will pick for you:

S’ip by S’well – Value $19.99

S’ip by S’well is just like the original S’well brand – but with more playful prints and colors.

The bottle is 15 oz, double walled, and keeps hot drinks hot, or cold drinks cold all day.

And how cute is this whale design?

Here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

(FYI colors and patterns will vary! Both patterns and solid colors are possible.)

Verdict: This box has a value of $292.99! I think that’s amazing for $49.99! (And this is actually the lowest-value option of the box. Depending on your selections, the value could be as high as $335.) At $49.99 for this box, that works out to $6.25 an item!

Now that FabFitFun is offering more customization in items than ever before, I think it’s kind of on the subscriber to make the box feel curated. I went with a spa-day curation theme, and I’m very happy with the results!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? As of today, 2/26, yes! (You’ll be able to make your product selections after you sign up.)

CouponUse coupon code MSA10 to get this box for only $39.99!

What do you think of Spring FabFitFun box? Which items did you pick?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Man… I didn’t even GET the water bottle. I got that ugly necklace. ugh. Weird, pearly enamel? So strange and cheap looking. Some type of ‘stone’ would be much more stylish. Even a just a gold or silver bar, or bead… anything more classy looking.

    • God I am sooooo hoping I don’t get the necklace! It’s pretty much the ONLY thing I was actively hoping would not be in my box!

    • I got tge necklace too. So frustrating. Literally the least exciting item in the box.

    • I also got the necklace. Never bummed. Hopeful I will be able to regift it at some point because this is not my style at all

    • It’s literally the reason I decided to pay for an annual membership!! That and I NEEDED the Tula cleaner!!

    • Yeah just waiting for my necklace and jump rope!! I know it’s coming…I figure except the worst and hope for the best in this situation!!

      • Yea, I feel the same! I just KNOW I’m getting that dreaded necklace and the jump rope that will undoubtedly just collect dust in the corner of my garage XD.

      • Yep just got my necklace but to my surprise I got the Tula cleanser instead of the jump rope!! Lol

    • I ordered the box with the water bottle and the creams/scrubs/robe being the big deciding factor… if I get the necklace or brush instead of the water bottle then I’m not going to lie, I’ll probably not ever order from them again LOL. I’m a dramatic person like that I guess.

      • Lol me too! XD

      • Cracking me up!!! 😀

    • Just ❤️❤️ my box. Still can not believe It came last night at 9:37 pm. (The delivery company knew I was waiting for my box all day long). The bottle is a beautiful mint color. The cleanser tube and the scrub jar are bigger than I thought and the Lavido lotion smell really good. The only thing that I regret is I didn’t add the robe.

    • I don’t even think they take your preferences into acct. It’s really annoying actually. I selected the “Hate It” for necklaces, since I only wear earrings for jewelry, and of the 3 options, obviously I would get the necklace. All of the necklaces I have received are just collecting dust.

      • Same thing happened to me. I put a hate it for necklace and found out I’ll be getting it. Super bummed. I knew it was possible but thought the quiz would help. Thankfully I’m not getting the jump rope and getting the brush instead (not my first choice). But that’s what I get for being seasonal

    • Oh my gosh! I love the necklace! It looks so pretty on me. To each their own, I guess.

  2. This is my first box, and I had picked 2 items from one for the $10 add on, but I just got my shipping notice and it’s not there. They didn’t charge me, but I definitely had it selected in my customization. I emailed CS and am waiting to hear back. I know I didn’t get charged so it should not be a big deal, but the one they are not sending me was the one I actually wanted and picked as my “main” selection so I am really hoping they get that fixed. Anyone else have this happen, and if so, did they fix it? (I am happy since I couldn’t choose my options as a seasonal that I didn’t get the jump rope since I am disabled and can’t jump. I got the cleanser which was my first choice!)

    • Their billing has been weird this cycle. I had an add-on that I removed from my cart a day before billing, got charged for it, then got an email the next day apologizing and refunding me for the charge.

    • I had the exact same thing! I selected the robe and did the $10 add on for the backpack and they sent me the backpack and no robe. I didn’t get charged either. Same thing with the Necklace and water bottle. I did the online chat and they let me pay $10 each for the missing items with free shipping. It was faster then the email. This was my first box too.

      • I had the same thing. First box, subscribed annually. Added two items for 10 dollars each and they did not send or charge. Have had 3 chats. They charged but still haven’t sent. Not a great look for a first box. Bad customer service

    • FYI, worth emailing to ask, but I got ahold of customer service to make sure I didn’t get an item due to disability also and they let me customize that whole box, was at least a year ago, but they were very accommodating which was lovely.

      • I’m so glad they did that for you! That’s really nice 🙂

    • I’m disabled as well, wheelchair user, and I chose the detox brush. I have more than enough facial cleansers and the brush sounded interesting. I love it, but you have to use it gently. lol!

      • The detox brush would have been nice for me too! I’m glad you also got something you wanted! And I’m glad neither of us ended up with the jumprope. Though I’m sure I could have found a friend who would enjoy it. But it’s way more fun to get these as gifts for yourself, right 😉

    • The only problem I ever had was my very first box was missing an item, I contacted them and they sent it to me. All was good.

  3. This was my last box with FFF and the robe is cracking me up. Definitely one size fits all- just will vary in how you define “fit”…. I’m basically a french fry with hips and when I tie it tight enough around my waist and try to get it to work…well, my boobs might as well be in the sleeves. 🙂

    • LOL – this is the exact same fit as what mine is doing too….I will just use mine as a swim suit cover-up.

      • Yep. And I just tried the “mystery item” trestique lip balm for the fourth time- desperately trying to at least like the balm, if not the lipstick end of light Barbie Pink- and tossed it in the trash. I swear the balm was drying my lips more than moisturizing them. Box fail. Oh, well.

  4. I got a black swell bottle! I was hoping for a fun print or bright color! I can’t believe mine is all black!

    • My S’well bottle is going to one of my grandsons or my son so I don’t mine any plain color unless is pink or purple or with patterns. Went to S’well site to check on the colors and liked them all. Hope I don’t get the one with the lemons pattern which I got in a past add on.

      • Just received my box. Mine is black too! I was hoping for a fun pattern, but oh well, I will still use it. The diffuser will be a gift. I also got a wine berry colour lipstick/balm for my mystery item.

        • Same: black bottle and dark red Trestique lip product. Not a match for me.

        • I would love the black bottle! I got a bee pattern, which weirdly is the only bottle I already have.

      • It’s funny my seven year-old son uses a purple swell bottle and the water comes out just fine even though he’s a boy.

        • LOL. Love this comment!😂💓

        • 👇 ditto!

          • Oops that should have been an up sign. Ditto to loving bridgets comment.

      • I received a turquoise colored bottle with white triangles and would be willing to swap with anyone who received solid black or white. I’m on the swap page, though haven’t been active in a couple years. Or we could arrange by email. Reply back to let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks!

        • I have a black one I’d be willing to swap with you! I haven’t participated in a swap before, but do have a profile that I *think* I linked if you click on my name. No worries if you decide otherwise 🙂

          • Hey Alexis, I clicked on your name but it just shows your current subscriptions. Can you see my swap page if you click on my name? If so, I’ll go ahead and list the bottle and you can initiate the swap. Thanks!

    • Mine was white which is the ONLY color i didn’t like 👎

      • I got the all white and I LOOOVE it! So sleek!

    • Care to trade for the robe? I received a beautiful teal color. Since I’m still using the pink with lemons that I previously received, I’d be happy to trade 😊

      • If I don’t get the bottle I’d love to trade with someone! I really do want one and don’t really care which color! I figured if I got a solid I could take it to this little local shop we have and get a cute monogrammed initials sticker put on it. I did that with a really small btl I bought from them and it is adorable. If I knew how I’d send you guys a pic.

    • Mine is black as well. I was hoping for a print as well.

    • Mine is white so I feel that same

      • Mine is a teal blue and I love it, but was hoping for a fun pattern!

  5. Just received my box and I love it! The robe is cute, the necklace is much higher quality than I expected, and the rest of my selections (Korres, dry brush, body lotion) and box contents are great! I am looking forward to a spring renewal home spa day 🙂

    • I was so pleasantly surprised by the necklace! I agree – much higher quality than I expected.

  6. Received my box today, a day early, pleased by that. After receiving it I am happy with this curration. I sell the items I won’t use or gift on eBay and after pulling everything out I may only sell two items. The Ouai and the dr. brandt. I added the S’well bottle for $10 extra and I received the Jelly Bean Green (turquoise) one, the one advertised in FFF customization page which is the one I wanted. Very pleased with my box. I only received two non beauty item (the bottle and diffuser) and that works for me. I hope the diffuser doesn’t suck as much as some are saying. Fingers crossed I luck out.

  7. I cant wait for my box to ship. I’m super excited for the addons I picked. I check everyday to see if its shipped, sadly it hasn’t yet lol

    • Same here.

      • me too, it feels like I have been waiting forever. Please ship my box already!

  8. This is my first FFF box I signed up for the annual membership. Has anyone had their customizations get messed up? Like I selected the robe and did the backpack as a $10 add on but I checked my box today and there is no robe it just shows the backpack. Which is not what I selected. Same thing happened with the $10 water bottle add on. Just wondering for future ordering if this happens frequently. It was all correct before the customizations closed and then they switched out my choices. Going forward I’m almost afraid to add the extras to my box if they can change them to something I don’t want as much. I really wanted the robe and just added the backpack because it was only $10.

    • i selected the diffuser during customization & it stayed that way until the reveal popped up on my page & now it shows i’m going to get the backpack. i contacted customer service & they said i should get the diffuser but i’m waiting to see what it will actually be once it arrives 🤔

      • I got mine today and ended up getting the backpack even though I picked the robe during customization. Mine was correct until the shipping too. I contacted customer service and they let me pay $10 for each missing item and they are shipping them for free.

    • It only shows your addons, not the contents of your box 🙂

    • I would love to trade you my backpack! This is my first box past annual. I received all of last years boxes and never had an issue with customization. However, I have read several times about this issue this season. I downgraded to seasonal to save my wallet some stress (their sales are EPIC and as a seasonal member you get first access). But I do think their customer service is pretty good. The biggest perk imo is their community 😍

  9. This is my first FFF box. I signed up for an annual membership so I would have more customization. I selected the robe and added the backpack as an add on for $10 and also added the Swell water bottle for $10. I went to look at my box online today and there is no robe just the backpack and also no water bottle. I also had about $200 in additional add ons. Has anyone else had this happen? The only thing I wanted was the robe because we were going to wear them for my wedding and now I don’t have one. I contacted FFF but haven’t heard back from them 🙁 Very disappointing so far.

  10. Overall a nice box, but the quality of the measuring spoons was disappointing. Wish they just would have left them stainless steel. 🙁

    • Totally agree, felt really cheap. Maybe I’ll use them as a decoration?

  11. Hey everyone, I picked the mystery item- any idea what it could be?

    • People are getting different things. I got a box of Patchology face masks.

    • I got doucce lip gloss duo. My last one was so much better it was a mascara and a spongelle pedi.

    • I also received the pathology face masks

    • I got brown lipstick 🙁

    • I received Cover FX Shimmer Veil in Halo

      • Ok that’s a GOOD one!

      • I got moonstone, and I love it!

      • I hope I get this!

      • I received this in Moonstone and I LOVE IT!!

        • I got the cover fx shimmer veil in celestial!

      • I got a shimmer veil too in a maybe color I don’t know if I’ll use but I said surprise me so surprise

    • I got a bottle of Acid Hair Wash from R + Co. Was really happy to get that as I have added on many R + Co. products to my boxes in the past and love the brand!

    • My mystery item was a CoverFx shimmer veil! Much better for me than some of the other options I’ve seen.

    • Hey! Mine was the Coverfx Shimmer Veil in the color Halo.

    • I received treStique highlight stick in Bondi Beach Glow. Gorgeous!

      • I got the trestique lip in Florence fig . The color works if I use I a light coat.

        • I also received the trestique lip in fig. I like the color.

    • I got the grown alchemist facial exfoliant

    • I’m jealous of everyone’s choices. I got the R + Co Acid Wash Cleansing Rinse and I’m just not a fan of hair rinses like that. In general I don’t love getting haircare products in subscription boxes.

      • I will trade you the shimmer veil if u want. I don’t know how to trade but I can figure it out if u want

        • Yes sure. Do you know what color you’re getting? Looks like the official swap site is full so maybe we can do it offline? Not sure the best way to do that but I’m sure we could figure it out.

    • I got an Avene Cleanance Expert Lotion! I love Avene and was dreading the idea of a trestique lipstick so I am very pleasantly surprised.

    • I got BabeLash serum $40 approx. value. mixed reviews on amazon but good elsewhere. I’m ok with that! I received the Tula which I love so that about covers more than half the box. Love FFF!

    • I got Emys Face Mist. Pretty happy about that 🙂

  12. Anyone else get the diffuser and find the quality to be lacking? I have two other diffusers of varying price and quality, and this is simply the worst one…even though the “value” is high.

    • That bums me out as that is what I chose.

      • Me too! I was really looking forward to trying one out…bummer!

    • I thought the thing. I’ve had similar ones that I purchased for under $20.

    • Yea I thought I was crazy when I couldn’t smell it after an hour

      • Wow that sucks! Sorry you guys got bamboozled. I chose the backpack and I’m hearing that some people thought that it felt cheap as well.. starting to wonder why there’s so much hype around this box! This will be my first FFF so the quality of products will be the deciding factor in whether I choose to keep it

        • I had to pick something – and I couldn’t pick the robe when I heard it was “one size” because my shoulders and hips would never work in that. And I didn’t need a backpack. The diffuser is only ok. These bad “hero” choices are making me keep track of when my year is up!

        • FFF is basically a somewhat customizable TJ Maxx/Marshall’s grab bag. I’m annual so I pay $45 per box which usually works out to $5 per item. I chose the robe, but I am not expecting an $84 robe, I am expecting a $5 robe. Retail prices are ridiculously marked up. And either I will get a great robe for $5 or I will get what I paid for. I just enjoy trying things I wouldn’t actually pick out myself, and there have been a lot more wins than losses for me so I’m happy.

          • Completely agree! Well said.

          • Awesome positive way to look at it. I do enjoy the rest of my box, so I will try to feel more positive about my $5ish diffuser! Hehehe!

          • I love your philosophy! What a great mindset!

        • I hope you enjoy your first box, Nina! I’ve been a long-time subscriber. Personally, I find the most value in the hair and skincare items (typically great brands that sell at full price at retailers like Sephora or Ulta). Quality is hit or miss with FFF exclusive items / brand collaborations. For example: this time the quality didn’t seem great on the robe/backpack/diffuser choice, but the sunglasses were unexpectedly great. I always feel like I get my money’s worth, but I also know that every single item won’t be a hit.

        • I’m disappointed by the backpack. I would never spend $75 for something that looks like that. I also think the sunglasses feel cheap and will probably use them at the pool. But overall, I like the box.

        • I got the backpack for my mom to use instead of a purse when she goes to Europe this summer.

      • If you couldn’t smell it after an hour but you still have mist coming out, it might be the oils, not the diffuser. You can try adding in more oil for more smell. Or try checking our Whole Foods for better oils. Just ask who ever is working that area if the oils are for skin or diffusing.

        • I second this. If you have a mist then the machine is working.
          Citrus Essential Oils and any non-pure essential oils do not play well with diffusers.

        • I have two other higher quality diffusers. Unfortunately, this one seems to diffuse much less mist. I can also hear and feel it vibrating when diffusing, which is an issue I’ve never had before. But on the bright side, I love the color change function!

    • I agree. Disappointed much lower quality than cheaper ones I have.

    • Darn! I paid extra to add that on and now I’m wishing I didn’t! I don’t have my box yet but I have a few diffusers so I know that cheap ones are a letdown and not worth the trouble.

  13. My box just arrived. I am happy with just about all in it. Got a marshmallow white swell bottle. It’s sleek looking but was hoping for a pattern like the bee or whale but is nice. My biggest disappointment is the mystery item. Didn’t like the measuring spoons after reading the restrictions of use and I don’t need another lotion. Let box the mystery box was great. This time I got the trestique lip crayon and balm in Nammos Pink. Tots waste for not a wearable color imo. So up for swap it goes

    • I got that pink lipstick. It is garish and I love pink!

      I wish I had chosen the lotion.

      I think they sent the cute Swell bottles to influencers and sent us the ugly bottles. I got solid white.

      • I got the pink too. Ick, ick, ick! I did get a solid purple bottle tho.

      • I received the Jelly Bean Green one, which is Turquoise. It’s a solid color but the color I wanted.

  14. Wow I just subscribed. This will be my first box. eeep!

    • I may too as a first timer as well!

  15. I got the backpack and now wish I had gotten the robe… oh well I’ll eventually figure something out for it. Otherwise I loved my box!

    • Why didn’t you like the backpack?

    • I was so disappointed with the backpack! Super cheap looking.

    • I chose the backpack for my mom who’s going to Europe this summer. She doesn’t want to take a purse so I thought it would be perfect. She loves it. I wasn’t really looking forward to this box but after getting it, I love everything in it.

  16. Hmmmm. Hey Liz, I checked on FFF website and my box has an even lower value than your box. Value listed was $254 which is still great but nearly $40 less in value compared to what you received.

    • I believe $244.99 is the lowest possible value of this box.

      • Mine is called at 237.95… yikes.

  17. Did anyone select the mystery item/ know what it is?

    • Check the forums on FFF! There are many variations right now and they all seem to be makeup or beauty related right now.

    • These are some of the mystery items:
      Doucce Dark Lust stain, Trestique highlighter,
      Trestique Florence Fig, Nammos Pink and Tuscan Wine, R & Co ACV rinse, Makeup drop silicone applicator, and Patchology Flashpatch Masque
      I received the Nammos Pink.

      • I received a CoverFX shimmer veil in amethyst – looks pretty but haven’t used it yet.

    • I received the flashmasque. Super happy I got the marks! I love everything in my box.

      • That’s definitely one of the better mystery items so far! 👌

        • Yeah that is a good one I got brown lipstick:(

          • I’m glad I chose the lotion. I was afraid of a bad mystery item but I figured I use so much lotion in this dry winter weather at least I’ll use it. A brown lippie would go straight into the donate pile! Would have loved the flash masks, though!

    • Ugh i got a Trestique lip balm and crayon in this dark wine color called tuscan wine. Someone could wear this, just not me. I would have loved the hair rinse. I am totally kicking myself in the butt for not picking one of the other 2 items, which would have been used. Also sad that i got a plain white swell bottle.

      • Lol same but me trestique was a bright pink ugh. Got the white swell t. Was hoping for a cute pattern

      • Wanna trade? I got the hair rinse and won’t use it. But would love a wine colored lipstick. I don’t know how to do trades on here but I could figure I out.

    • There are different items being received.

  18. I’m a 18-20 and got the robe. I couldn’t resist. It’s so soft and pretty. It is small (not tight but it doesn’t wrap all the way around me) but it’s still pretty over a pajama slip.

    I got the Swell in purple but would love a print. I’m also pleased with the body scrub and Ouai

    I’m thrilled with my add-on’s!

  19. I was a little bummed at the quality of the measuring spoons. Everything else is great though.

  20. I just received my box today, I love everything! I added on the diffuser, backpack, sunglasses and I’m so happy I did. I also bought as an ad on the mystery box for 29. I am so happy I did, I received $200 in items. I received the orbit dry shampoo from last box which I loved and I was out of. I also received a face while that retails for $120 and I received a beauty blender and Aveeno body lotion. It is so worth it .I am going to order the mystery box moving forward as an add-on every time now

    • Man, I wish I’d added on a mystery box if that’s what you get!

      • I am so pleased with the mystery box. I was afraid at first but with the quality of items I got is so well worth it

    • Can I order the mystery box add on if I’m a seasonal member and not an annual member

      • Yes, you can. As long as it hasn’t sold out

  21. Does anyone know if they are out of some of the choices? I worry I will reactivate but the items I really want will already be out…..

    • I signed up last night (Annual Subscription) & was able to have choice in all selections. Some of the choice items were not available as an add-on (if you wanted to select more than one). I didn’t make note of which though – I only wanted one from each selection.

      Of course, with all the boxes arriving and being opened today, possibly they’ve had an influx of sign-ups since I did mine last night.

    • I was just thinking the same thing.

    • I reactivated mine but got a screen saying customization was closed and I could not make any choices. This was on 2/26. So BOOO! I hope I get the items I really want.

      • Glad I held off then. Thanks.

    • If you reactivate an existing account it won’t show the option, but if you sign up for a new account, it will. However, if you reactivate, you can simply contact customer service who normally will do it for you. 🙂

  22. I can’t wait for the measuring spoons. Really.

    • Be careful, you can’t use them to measure anything cooked or acidic, and I think a few other restrictions.

      • You can’t put them in the dishwasher.

    • I keep seeing people warn that you can’t measure cooked or acidic ingredients. But I plan to use them for baking so I’m thinking I’ll be OK if I keep to salt, baking soda, baking powder, spices, etc. I just so don’t need more lotion and I haven’t had great luck with mystery items so it seemed like the best choice for me.

      • My issue with the spoons is not being dishwasher safe, and the handles being raised so it’s harder to level ingredients.

  23. How is everyone seeing/getting their box already? I’m an annual subscriber and I ordered add-ons but still seeing the “we’re preparing your box”
    Just wondering……

    • Also I chose the water bottle but just see the one on the site for the customization (blue)

      • The blue S’well is a representation of the item you’ll be receiving. EVERYONE sees just the blue one but different variations are sent out. I received a light blue one with a geometric triangle design on it. It says in the box description that designs will vary

    • Mine has shipped with an expected delivery date of this Friday. It’s literally sitting less than 3 hrs from my house at a post office in Indianapolis as of yesterday. Just sitting there. I wonder if they are going to wait until the last minute to decide to start moving it again and it won’t be delivered until Saturday… I am an annual sub as well.

    • I’m an annual with add-ons and haven’t gotten mine yet either, but it’s due to arrive Thursday.

    • I’m an annual with addons and mine says the same thing. They are still preparing my box.

    • they are shipping out in batches like they always do. they have until March 15 to ship.

      • I think the confusion is centered around that they always say priority is given to annuals with add-ons but that is not the case. Often others receive their boxes before….

        • That is not entirely true. The first round of shipping is for ALL annual, ALL international, ALL HI, AK, PR, and APO address’, ALL seasonal with add-ons or additional choice items and new members. All those in those categories will ship by 3/17. Because they ship in batches, there is no guarantee that an annual with add ons will receive their box before a seasonal with add ons as they are all in the first shipping group. This is according to FFF. That’s why many seasonals do receive their boxes first. The batches could be based on geography or box composition or who knows what else.

          • If this is true now, they changed it from when I signed up as an annual years ago…but only once have I ever received my box in the first wave. So they likely updated the info to just match what they were really doing due to many complaints and confusion.

    • They’ve started shipping but can’t do everyone’s at once.

    • I’m annual and just got my shipping notice today – still well before the “ship by March 15” deadline! Hope yours ships soon.

  24. I was thinking about the value of the box. I think as long as the value is more than $200 it is still more than I paid for my year-long subscription (including the single add-on I added). Not sure exactly how they make money…I suppose it’s people who load up on add-ons? But I’m good with what it is. 🙂

    • I loaded up on add-ons because I saved a ton of money. 😁
      Received my box today n LOVE it. I hope everyone else receives theirs soon as well.

    • FFF has over a million subscribers, so I’m sure they pay far below retail for their items.

  25. Didnt we have some similar charcoal /lava scrub a couple boxes ago? I just know it was a black body scrub to. Another one ugh

    • I’ve been receiving boxes since last September n i haven’t received any body scrub from FFF during rhat time. Maybe thinking of a different box?

      • Yep! The Black Lava Body Caviar was a Choice item in the Summer 2018 box.

    • Yup! I just finished the black lava scrub

    • We receive the Marianella caviar scrub and I loved it. This one is even better!

    • I hated the smell of the last one, but I love this one!

  26. Since some people like to avoid, want to mention that the Manna Kadar scrub is made in China.

    • And it smells like heaven! 😊

    • Thank you. I check for made in PRC

      • This way I can donate it 😊

    • As are the majority of items in fff boxes.

  27. I got both sunglasses. I had seen the aviator style on a friend who only buys “top” end stuff (unlike my Target/Walmart/Kohls sunglasses). So I guess I bought them for snob appeal…LOL. Of course, I keep thinking the Quay wording on lenses says “OLAY”

  28. Liz, this can’t be the lowest retail valued box…Robe $84, Backpack $79, Diffuser/oil $55….also if someone gets the picnic set it’s value is $30…the other options are Aviators $60, Cat Eye $55, Korres $45?

    • I agree. I looked at my FFF account and my boxes retail is $276 and I added the S’well for $10 extra. It’s still a great value though.

      • Mine was valued at over $400 after adding on addl customizations but we all know these are inflated. But STILL a fantastic value

  29. I’ve gotten the Dr. Brandt a couple of times and it separates out in the tube – massaging the tube every so often will mix it back up. Hated it until I figured that out.

    • Thank you. I’ll try heating it up in my hands 😊

    • That reminds me of the African Botanics clay cleanser in add ons about a year ago.

  30. Are you still reviewing the other selections? I noticed the winter review was missing that too. Just curious!

  31. Getting my box today. No super excited but definitely happy. I grabbed an fff tote in the add ons for $9 instead of the white bookbag when I realized that I would actually use the tote. And added both glasses since $10 is about what I spend on sunglasses with my inability to keep them longer than a few weeks. Really loving the amount of customization I get! This box would be a very happy shopping trip to Tj maxx and I’ve come to realize that’s better than an amazing value of things i dont use (talking to you champagne saber 🙄)

    • 😂🤣 @ the champagne saber!

    • But isn’t the sabre pretty?

  32. My box has a value of $276 and I added the S’well on for $10 extra dollars. I got my value from the My Box section on FFF.

    • That’s probably because your customizations are different and different products in a category have different RVs.

  33. I have the Ouai leave-in conditioner and it is awesome!

    I had so many problems with FFF over the 2 years I was an annual that I cancelled and am glad that I did.

  34. If I order now will I get the spring box?

    • Hey! I believe you do! I ordered my fall box late and got the editors box.

      • I ordered last night (signed up for Annual membership)… I am getting the Spring box and was still able to make all the choice selections. A couple of the choice-selections weren’t available as add-ons (if you wanted to get more then one of certain choices).
        Sooo excited to get my first box. I think it takes awhile to ship out though.

    • Yes, this will be your first box!

    • Yes

  35. Looks like a great box in my opinion. Excited about the Dr. Brandt. Have been using a sample and it seems to work well. Hoping the leave-in conditioner works with oily hair, glad to hear it doesn’t weight hair down. Also excited about the Tula cleanser, sip (print or non-print) water bottle, the mystery gift, the scrub (love scrubs for my knees), the korres and the diffuser. Yep, I think that’s pretty much everything!

    • Fellow oily-haired gal here. I haven’t tried the Oaiu yet. But I’ve found with other leave in conditioners from past boxes (like the Briogeo and Pita Play) that they work better for me if I apply them only at the ends of my hair. Fingers crossed!

      • Hi, maybe the ouai does work better for some than others. I bought a set of volume enhancers from Sephora last year and the Ouai was the worst for making my hair oily. So I’m trading it on msa. 😁

        • Will probably do the same, thanks! Was worried because it isn’t watery like most leave-ins that I can use 🙂

  36. I got a lipstick thingy in Barbie pink. Not a color I would pick for myself but with a little help from an E.L.F. shade I have it didn’t look horrible (I’m a natural strawberry blonde so I’m able to wear unusual colors).

    I decided to be a year subscriber as a birthday present to myself as I shop primarily at Target for soaps, makeup, stuff in general and FFF provides brands I would never ever buy for myself or even know about! I’m just not a Fancy-Products User. So I’ll have to do some research on how to actually use the scrub, leave-in conditioner, and setting powder. Pretty sure I didn’t use the scrub correctly last night!

    • I love using scrubs like this to get the most exfoliation before I shave my legs. I notice a big difference in how long the shave lasts before getting stubbly if I forget.

    • Fellow strawberry blonde 🙂

  37. mystery item? what did u get

    • I got the Trestique Nammos Pink.

    • I got a 4-pack of Patchology face masks.

    • I haven’t seen anyone else mention getting this too but I received the Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance Expert Lotion as my mystery gift.

      • Me too

  38. I was on the edge about renewing my annual sub, but the Quay sunglasses made me decide to renew and I’m pretty happy with the box!

    My mystery item was a pretty unfortunate brown lip color, but the rest is all stuff I’ll use. I love the Ouai, I’m addicted to sunglasses (I got both pairs), the Dr. Brandt works great on me, the scrub is very nice and the other items will get used as well.

  39. Lol, does anybody else feel like they made a mistake and sent us the summer box instead of the spring box? I mean, sunglasses, water bottle, picnic set, and backpack, totally says summer. Even the box print with cactus, that’s totally summer! Spring should be flowers.

  40. My sub ended with the winter box, but I decided to continue on even though nothing in this box really excites me. Ho-hum. Fingers crossed for the next box.

  41. Interesting how FFF sent MSA the cutest little whale-patterned S’well bottle, but it seems like everyone else is getting solid white or lime green S’wells!

    • They sent someone I follow on instagram a cute yellow one with bees. Maybe their PR boxes are the cute ones? 🙂

      • I got the turquoise with triangles.

        • I have a Turquoise with triangles that I purchased myself. Love it!! 🙂
          I have 3 s’well bottles already so I didn’t choose one here.

        • I got that one too. It’s cute but I will probably gift it because I like bigger water bottles.

    • I got the turquoise with pineapple print! Super cute.

    • I got black. Plain black. Pretty disappointed after they advertised all the cute patterns available.

      • Me too. While it is okay it certainly isn’t exciting.

    • While I didn’t get a patterned one, I did get a nice navy blue color.

    • Not true, I saw someone post one with a donut pattern. Adorable! Hope I get that one

      • I got the donuts too 🙂 So there’s more than one out there!

    • I got a bright purple one.

      • I got bright purple, too!

    • i got the boring lime green too!

      • If I get a plain one I will just decorate it with stickers. I figure we’re getting ones that didn’t sell anyhow. For the price, I’ll make it work!

    • I got the green one. Someone else will enjoy it

  42. Interesting how FFF sent MSA a S’well with the cutest little whale design, but it seems like everyone else got solid lime green or black S’wells!

  43. THRILLED that my annual subscription ended with the Winter 18 box!!!
    This is like some sort of yard sale mis-match. LOL Not one single hero item.

  44. I’ve been a member since fall 2018 and this is my favorite box so far!! I love this subscription no other can even come close 🥰

    • Yay! 🎉

      • Do does everyone get first 3 items? Because I never seen them when ordered box

        • Yes, the first three items (the scrub, leave-in conditioner, and eye treatment) will be in all boxes. They weren’t shown as item options when ordering the box since there is no choice – everyone gets them! Hope that helps 🙂

  45. Just grabbed this box because I really wanted the sunglasses!

    • The sunglasses are definitely worth the cost of the box in my opinion – hope you love everything else, though, too! 🙂

    • I chose the sunglasses and added the second pair for my daughter. I love the aviators, but she likes the ones without the nose piece. Win! Win! An extra pair of quality sunglasses for her for $10! She is a lifeguard and swim instructor so she goes through decent sunglasses like crazy!

  46. What have people been getting as the mystery gift? First time choosing it so I’m nervous.

    • Ya I’m curious about that too. I chose the mystery gift instead of the spoons/lotion. I should also be receiving a $150 mystery bundle (which is also what convinced me to sign up) Definitely wondering what it is I’ll be getting

    • I keep seeing a brown Doucce lipstick. Hoping there’s any alternative in my box!

      • I’ve also heard people are getting Trestique highlighter as a mystery item.

        • I got the highlighter.

    • I got a brown Doucce lip stain. It was hideous (maybe just not for my skin color 🤷) and I chucked it. I did keep the lip gloss that came with it. It’s a pretty average gloss, sticky, but a nice even shine and feel.
      Still liked my box! It was the only item I won’t use.

      • I got the lip stain too. I didn’t even open it and put it up for swap. I’m kicking myself for not selecting the lotion!

    • I got a lipstick thingy in Barbie pink. Not a color I would pick for myself but with a little help from an E.L.F. shade I have it didn’t look horrible (I’m a natural strawberry blonde so I’m able to wear unusual colors).

      I decided to be a year subscriber as a birthday present to myself as I shop primarily at Target for soaps, makeup, stuff in general and FFF provides brands I would never ever buy for myself or even know about! I’m just not a Fancy-Products User. So I’ll have to do some research on how to actually use the scrub, leave-in conditioner, and setting powder. Pretty sure I didn’t use the scrub correctly last night!

      • I really like scrubs for my hands! Leaves your hands super soft, and if you have dry hands, it’s a great way to re-hydrate them, and maybe it’s anecdotal, but I feel like I get fewer hangnails and nail bed issues when I do it on the regular. I do it before going to bed so I don’t have to worry about greasy fingers.

    • These are the mystery items I’ve seen so far:
      Doucce Dark Lust stain, Trestique highlighter,
      Trestique Tuscan Wine, Florence Fig and Nammos Pink, R & Co ACV Rinse, Pachology Flashmasque and Makeup Drop Silicone applicator.

      • This makes me nervous. I chose the mystery item on a whim because I read many people had received awesome items in the past. I don’t think I would like any of these and should have just chosen the lotion. I think I would have loved it, but was trying to be adventurous. I guess I am hoping for the Patchology flashmasque if it comes down to these choices. I really can’t wear weird light pink or red or brown shades of lippies and have a Makeup Drop that I don’t like. I will soon find out as my box was supposed to be delivered today, but I think it will likely be tomorrow as it was still a couple of states away early this a.m.

        • I got the mystery item and got the pink lippie; I wouldn’t have picked it out myself, but it met the promised RV. In the past people have gotten some great mystery items, but the promised RV was higher, so I wasn’t hoping for a fancy face serum or anything this time around.

      • I got the Skyn Nordic Skin Peel as a mystery item.

  47. My water bottle was plain white no pattern at all. Pretty disappointing

    • My bottle was plain white too! And my mystery gift was a red lip stick. Disappointed in those two things but I enjoyed the box overall and will get good use out of the contents.

      • Oh wow really??!! I’m a new subscriber… that water bottle was the one cute thing I was really looking forward too! It’s kind of like false advertisement to picture one thing then send another. That’s really disappointing!

        • FFF clearly indicates that the water bottle designs will vary, there is no false advertising going on!

        • There are many different colors, and some have patterns! Hope you get a really cute one you will love 😍

    • Mine is plain black, but I’m super pumped about that!!

      • I would love a black one!

    • Same I got white. Although sleek looking I was hoping for a pattern. And my mystery gift was a trestique bright pink lip crayon. Soooo not my color. Last box my mystery item was great.

    • I got a green one with foxes. It’s cute!

  48. So happy I cancelled!

  49. Yeah, I really wanted this robe to work for me. It is much softer than I expected, and its comfy and stretchy, too! Unfortunately, the “fits up to size 16” part seems to be a bit of a stretch. Its really made for short and skinny girls, of which I am neither. If I wear this my mumu will be on full display to anyone who looks at me! 😂

    • Thanks for the feedback. I kept going back and forth between the robe and the backpack. Happy that I chose the backpack.

    • It must come down to shape. I’m size 18 and it fits me fine (though with some definite cleavage showing). I was surprised how much I like it! I was planning on passing it on to my mom, but I’m keeping it.

    • It’s so comfortable! I’m a size 14 and it seems to have only a little extra room. I just hate that it doesn’t have the inside string to tie more securely.

      • It would depend on how much you want it to work, but an alterations place would sew a ribbon in, probably pretty cheap! Or might have a sewing friend that would do it for you. Should only take 5 min!

    • I am laughing! My mumu too so I wore a slip under mine 🤣

    • That’s what I figured, so I passed on the mumu. I found a few robes at macys.com for $8-15 and ordered one of those instead. They carry more sizes and lengths too.

    • I want to use mine as a swim suit cover up….going to Mexico in a couple weeks. Do you think it will work as that?

  50. I’m really excited for my box! I randomly happened upon the Show Me Your Mumu boutique in Venice, CA last weekend, which got me excited about the robe. While not every item is always a hit for me, I feel that overall you the value in the FFF boxes is great. Plus I love the add ons. Now if only my box would ship…

    • Glad to hear you are excited about the robe – I love it! 🙂

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