FabFitFun Spring 2019 Box Spoilers Round #2!

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We have the second choice spoiler for the FabFitFun Spring box! If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box.)

For the second spoiler, there are actually 4 items! FabFitFun sent us all these items early so I can help answer any questions you might have about them + decide which item you are going to pick!

All subscribers will be able to pick Quay sunglasses (2 different styles), SunnyLife Picnic Set, or a Korres Sleep Mask.

Here are all the options:

QUAY AUSTRALIA Vivienne Sunglasses in Black/Smoke – Retail Value $60

These glam oversized aviators feature a metal frame, double bridge and adjustable nose pads for no-slip wear.

If you aren’t familiar with Quay, they are a great sunglasses brand from Australia. (I love that for the cost of the box, $49.99 (or $39.99 with coupon MSA10), you can get a pair of Quay Sunglasses for less than retail, and essentially get 7 other full-size items for free!)

  • Width: 148MM
  • Height: 60MM
  • Nose Gap: 14MM

Here they are on:

Next option:

QUAY AUSTRALIA My Girl Sunglasses in Black/Smoke – Retail Value $55

Our OG oversized cat-eye features plastic frames with chic metal accents for an elevated look.

  • Width: 148MM
  • Height: 55MM
  • Nose Gap: 23MM

Next option:

Sunnylife Lovers Picnic Set in Malibu – Retail Value $30

This picnice set zips closed, and has pockets + holders for everything to stay perfectly in place.

This set includes:

  • Includes x2 cutlery sets (knife, spoon, fork), x2 plates.
  • Compact carry case.

And it is BPA-free!

In addition to bringing this along on picnics, it could also be a great every day item if your bring your lunch to work!

Fourth option:

KORRES Wild Rose Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Facial – Retail Value $48

The formula is designed to brighten the complexion, even out skin tone, and provide intense amounts of hydration. I’ve sampled this before and it’s amazing, With just one night I couldn’t believe how soft it made my skin feel. Plus, it’s ingredient conscious!

And in case you missed it, here are the options you can pick from for the 1st spoiler:

Show Me Your Mumu Robe – Retail Value $84

Notes from FabFitFun:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Handwash cold, lay flat to dry
  • Fits up to size 16

This robe features a tie belt and a high-low hem.

Out of all the three spoilers, this one is my favorite – I love the brand, and this floral print is exactly what I need to look forward to Spring!

The fabric is soft and lightweight, but not too sheer. The perfect weight for a Spring robe.

Here it is on:

(For reference, I’m 5’7″, and somewhere between a size Medium + Large at Forever 21.)

Anyone else have a morning ritual that is coffee + staring into your dog’s eyes? 🙂

Next option:

Deux Lux Demi Backpack – Retail Value $75

This is a cream-colored canvas backpack with black vegan leather accents.

The sides of the bag snap together to keep everything in place, and you can unsnap for packing/unpacking:

The inside is lined in black fabric with one open pocket:

One thing to note, since the bottom of the bag is canvas + not the vegan leather, I’d recommend spraying it with Scotchguard or a similar product to keep it looking pristine:

Here it is on hand to give you a better sense of scale:

And the straps are adjustable so you can get the perfect fit:

Since this material is mostly canvas it is very lightweight and packs down well for travel.

Third option:

Unplug Meditation Aromatherapy Diffuser – Retail Value $55

  • Weight: 160ml Aromatherapy, 1 x 10ml essential oils
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 7.5
  • Adapter, 1 x user manual included
  • Product Care Instructions: 160ml water reservoir is BPA free and treated with Silver CleanTM Protection, which fights the growth of mold on the surface of the tank. Hand Wash only.

This diffuser comes with a lovely orange essential orange blend!

It has an on/off switch, and you can also turn on the light and watch the colors change!

And the adapter is a USB so you can easily plug it directly into your laptop for a zen desk experience:

What do you think of the spoilers? Which item do you want to pick?

Reminder – annual subscribers will get to pick their items on Wednesday, February 6 at 9 a.m. PT. Seasonal subscribers will get to pick on Saturday, February 9 at 9 a.m. PT. If you want to pick on Wednesday, you still have time to upgrade.

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! Regularly $49.99 a box.)

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. In a perfect world, I would be able to get the robe, the bag, cat eye sunglasses, and the Korres. I’m on the seasonal plan and I anticipate some of these choices (Korres) being unavailable by the time it’s my turn to pick. I don’t usually like so many things in the spoilers!!!

    • Those are my favorites too!

    • My perfect world includes the robe, diffuser, and Korres. Spring spa time!

    • Me too…I like those 4 options but yeah they’ll probably be gone 🙁

    • Same and I customized and asked for the robe didn’t receive! Plus I got 3 different variations of lotions one body lotion another eye cream and body scrub none of which I’ll use

  2. I love the idea of a picnic set, but I’d be worried about throwing a plate in my backpack while camping or at a festival. Does the plate feel breakable? It looked from the link like it’s plastic, but I couldn’t tell for sure.

    • To me it looked kind of bent in the office photo, so I’d definitely bet on it being plastic.

  3. Can we still add additional items for $10?

    • I would also like to know this for clarification.

    • I would love to know this as well, just for confirmation.

    • can some one please answer this because I would also like to know. thank you! Liz if you know can you at least let us know tomorrow with the spoiler for tomorrow? thank you!

    • Yes!

  4. That Korres stuff is DA BOMB.

  5. I’m so glad they’re offering the korres since I wear prescription glasses and have no use for sunglasses

    • Yes, exactly! – especially since I can’t wear contact lenses anymore.

    • Me Too

  6. I like these options! This is my first real box with FFF and think I’m choosing the robe and sunglasses 😎 I never thought about the picnic set for work tho, that’s a really useful tip and I’m tempted to add it on as well. Can’t wait to choose my options and peak at full add one:)

  7. Love the cat eye pair. I hope they are there once seasonal people are able to choose. Many of the add-ons were sold out today.

    • I was an annual subscriber a couple years ago and the add ons would Usually come back in stock eventually before they closed. I also had the cat eye sunglasses last summer and got TONS of compliments on them…but they broke twice 🙁

    • Several things always “sell out” almost immediately then people change their mind and release them back up for grabs. I find I can usually grab most things I want on the last day of the sales

  8. I am so excited for the aviators! Between that and the diffuser, I am excited.

    • Box twin!

  9. I love the sunnies, but I wear glasses. I think I’ll still pick up a pair of the cat eyes for my daughter (with 4 kiddos money is tight for her and she’ll appreciate them). Then I’ll get the Korres for me. 🙂

    • That’s really nice of you–those glasses are adorable, and I’ve used that korres mask before (I have sensitive skin, and a lot of rose products have a good amount of alcohol in them, but I really liked this one. I am just too cheap to buy the full sized thing, so I’m thrilled). I was excited when I saw the glasses, but that mask is too good to pass up

  10. Liz, you look great in both sunglasses! Can you tell us about how they feel on the face? Is one pair more comfortable than the other? Do they sit the same? Trying to decide which ones to choose :).

    • Thanks! Both are lightweight and comfortable, but for my nose/face shape, the aviators are a better fit since they have a smaller nose gap and adjustable nose pads. Hope that helps!

      • Hi Liz, do you know if the sunglasses provide any UV protection? Thank you

        • Are the size of the aviators comparable to the ones that came in the fall pop sugar mist haves box?

      • Can you have prescription lenses put in these?

      • Thank you, Liz! That does help! You’re gorgeous, btw!

  11. Kitted

    • That was supposed to be Korres

      • I read this as knitted toe for some reason and had a good chuckle.

        • 😂😆😁😂

  12. Pretty excited so far!!

  13. So while I’m not blown away by any of these options, they’re solid choices that I’ll use. Depending on the rest of the spoilers, this seems like it’s a functional box, if not a terribly exciting one.

  14. Does anyone know if the diffuser can be used as a night light without putting in any water or oils?

    • Possibly… but putting water by itself in is pretty great just so it acts as a small humidifier.

      • Well crumbs, now I want the robe and the diffuser. I didn’t know diffusers use water. A mini humidifier is precisely what I need for my bedroom.

        As for the 2nd round… nothing. I would end up swapping whatever I receive there. I can only wear prescription sunglasses, I have two picnic baskets which hold more for me, and I don’t use pre-made skincare. I know those are nice/fun options, just not for me.

        • What do you mean “pre made skincare?” I’ve never heard of that! So you instead just buy the separate ingredients from a place like the ordinary and make your own? Thank you!

          • Hi! Yes, I make my own. 🙂 I buy organic, sustainably sourced, cruelty free ingredients and make my own cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers, hand/body creams, etc. …even deodorant and household cleansers. I feel a little silly sometimes because I have added some non-organic cosmetics back into my routine over the past two years but I keep all of my bases and basics homemade. Truly, it goes beyond living as “green” as possible; the stuff I make for myself works better than the same items I have purchased in stores or boutiques in the past. And, there ya have it. 😉

        • Re: the diffuser, do keep in mind how truly small this one is and the fact that it only plus in via usb. If you really need a humidifier for your room the volume of this one will be far too small to last through the night.

          • Thanks for that info. It sounds like this can only be used for a few hours then. I don’t want a full sized humidifier, so I’ll try to find something in between. Perhaps a larger electric diffuser? I really don’t know how many hours they run for.

        • You can buy any size diffuser like this one on Amazon. I bought a medium size for my sons’ room that is almost exactly like this one, and it plugs into the wall. Use with or without essential oil, provides a little humidity and the night light feature. 😊

    • Yes as with most diffusers that light up, there is an ‘on’ button and a light button. Yyou can use it with just th light.

  15. I want all 3 of the first spoiler but just a pair of sunnies for the second spoiler. I’m expecting my third child in April and think I will use these things for our family beach trip in August. Depending on how well the diffuser works, it could be a travel size humidifier (run with just water and no essential oils) and night light for the baby. The backpack could be a diaper bag for this mama who is over carrying a traditional diaper bag.

    • Congrats!!! 🎉🍼

      • Thank you Liz!!

    • Congratulations!🎉💕
      I’m expecting my first baby in May, have a trip to Cancun scheduled in late September and went through the whole same thought process as you. Love the robe, maybe I could take it to the hospital? The backpack would be a nice diaper bag and have no diffuser for the nursery. 😃

      • Congrats! Also expecting my first in July, I think I’m going to grab the robe to wear around the house after the baby comes, since my current bathrobe is a super heavy winter one.

        • Thank you very much and congratulations to you too! 💕🎉
          I agree with you, Norelle, the robe is a must once the baby arrives. I love the fact that this robe is great for spring/summer.

      • Congrats to you too! I like that the robe looks so packable and I think it would be great for travel. My 2 cents- for the hospital bag I would not take things you would be too upset if they got ruined or accidentally left behind. The first few months of having a new baby can be a sleep deprived blur that can start right after giving birth!

        • Noted, thanks for the tip, Annin! I’m worried about not having enough sleep but then I read about all
          those strong mommas out there and I feel inspired.
          Maybe I’ll get the Korres night cream too and be prepared for the blur 😉Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

      • I don’t think the backpack would be a good diaper bag unless you super organized and never put it on the ground. In my experience It is better to have sections in a diaper bag and maybe a more stain resistant fabric. Congratulations to you, hope this is helpful and not meddlesome!

        • Thank you very much, Joanne! That’s some good advice, I really appreciate it. 😊🙏🏻

        • I have been using a diaper backpack for my second baby who turns 1 today. I am going to get the backpack and pack it when I only need the essentials for both of us. I feel since he’s older now I don’t have to cart around as many items as when he was a little baby. This will be good for a long walk around the neighborhood or a quick trip to the grocery store.

          Congrats on your babies everyone! I never considered having a third but we are actually considering it which is crazy for us. We travel all the time so I’m not sure how this would workout with a third added to the mix.

          • Consider a third very carefully 😂😂 I have 5 and a third threw everything off balance and we never got balanced again. 🤣😂😂 Been living happily unbalanced ever since.

      • Cancun is amazing! Makes me wish I could go back. Ive been 5 times but now I have 2 kids and not sure I’d want to take them down there. Even though it’s pretty kid friendly at some of the resorts there. Traveling from VT to cancun is alot with kids who are 2 and 6 lol. Congrats though to all the soon to be mommas.
        I’d love the diffuser and the face mask though.

      • Also not to sound meddlesome, but please don’t put a diffuser in your nursery. It is not safe to use essential oils on or around babies.

  16. I’m happy about the Korres but it’s the only spoiled item so far that I want. I feel like FFF is really behind trend on a lot of these items.

    • Agreed. Some of the things look so generic…

    • My thoughts exactly.. can’t seem to understand the hype with this sub.

  17. Korres, please. And the diffuser. Yay!

    • Same

  18. I love everything they have posted. I would love to get them all. I thinks i will scale down on my add ons and pay for the extra items. This may be my favorite box out of all the years I’ve been subscribe. So Happy. Can’t wait til Wednesday. Happy dance!!!

    • Yay!!! 🎉

    • Same here. will be getting the robe, diffuser and bag then the cat eye glasses and korres – so that’s and additional $50 already. Will get a mystery bundle and that’s it – my Mother’s Day gift to me. I hope they would discount an additional box for subscribers so I can get an additional box. Ok going overboard now. Love how this box is turning out. So clean and refreshing!

    • I’m only getting one Add-on this time, the Acai cream. Nothing else really interests me.

      • Go to the store and smell the Açaí cream first! I was not impressed with it

  19. Yay!! Happy!!

  20. This is the first time in a very long time that I am interested in almost everything! I wear glasses so the sunglasses are out, but I would be really happy with everything else. I’m going to pick up any additional things I can on this one. I adore the robe but I’m worried it’s not going to fit. The Helena Quinn Kimono from the RZ box “just” fits me. I’m a 16 on the bottom. I have hips……..

    • I’m in the same boat. I adore that robe, but I’m 6ft tall and I wear an 18 on bottom so I know it’s not gonna fit. That RZBS robe is just too small on me (she hangs in my closet, lonely). And it totally bums me out. I’ve being a giant giraffe haha, but at the same time, this “one size fits all” really just kinda p*sses me off.

      • *i love being

      • I’m 6 ft tall and I’m getting the robe!

  21. Love Korres and so happy I can try out one of their products in a FFF box 🙂

  22. I think the picnic set is going to go in the new backpack with last year’s roundie as my picnic blanket…

    But I’m not super-impressed with the spoiler quality so far. I’m hoping for some Popsugar spoilers for comparison!

  23. I’m stuck between the aviators and night cream. Any ideas or suggestions?

    • Those are my two favorites! 🙂 I don’t think you can go wrong with either, but I believe you should be able to buy both for an additional $10 if you can’t decide on just one!

  24. Oooh, LOVE the Quay aviators! So those and the robe I will for sure be picking. <3

  25. Im in AZ so sunglasses & picnic set come in handy year round but I really want the korres too

  26. This is the last box in my annual. Is it just me or does it seem like FFF is clearing out their warehouse or something. This is the most bizarre mishmash of items I’ve ever seen from them. I preferred being able to choose items from a category like in the last few boxes. Now we’re choosing from a bunch of random stuff – looks like they couldn’t get enough items to give us real choices.

    • I personally prefer to have very different options rather than options in a category. I think it allows for more people to be happy. If you don’t use or like skincare, makeup, home items, etc. and those are your only choices, your customization is pointless. This way you are more likely to have an option you like. But that’s just my opinion (:

      • Anddddd if you really like two of the options in the customization category, they’ll happily sell you the extras 😉

    • I think they are trying to do vastly different categories so people who don’t like one category have an option.
      If it was 3 sunglasses, for instance- then people who don’t wear that size, or wear prescription don’t have an option. By being things that have no relation to each other, they are hoping everyone finds something.

      • Agreed! As I scrolled and saw the two different sunglass options I had a very “oh no!” moment, but having two completely different options feels so much better!

    • What they are doing follows the feedback I’ve given them: Put different types of items in a choice group so customers can choose a skincare slanted box, an accessory slanted box, etc. I can’t use sunglasses with my subscription glasses, so I want something completely different to choose.

  27. I really wish the robe was offered in two sizes. My mom would love this print for spring but she’s a size 16 and I’m afraid that it won’t fit comfortably. But I see that Show Me Your Mumu is geared for the under 30 crowd so I guess it makes sense that they wouldn’t be totally size inclusive. Oh, well I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to have another diffuser.

    • I’m 21 and a size 18. Definitely disappointing for me because I love the robe.

      • If you look at one of the pics ( somewhere of the fff forum but it’s nit the video) there is one girl wearing the robe and she looks to be about a 16 wearing the robe very comfortably! I hope it works!!

    • I am in my 60s and I can wear the robe. I don’t think it is for a specific age group at all. Some love the print and some won’t. I would love it at any age because I love roses! I am small so the robe will more than likely be too large but I think it will be fine for makeup and my skincare routines.

      I am just choosing the robe. from the first spoilers and all 3 for the second ones.

    • and if you don’t want another diffuser, I would like the robe and the bag so we could arrange a trade…;-)

  28. These are fun. I am so glad I get to choose! I also got into a little trouble with the add-ons today… 😀

  29. OMG! They have Quay sunnies! I remember them being in a quiz I took sometime last year and am glad they are being offered! Granted, the two sunnies wouldn’t be my first choice of Quay sunnies, but I can totally rock the aviators. Plus I am loving them way more than the other choices.

  30. Liz – what color are the lenses on the glasses? In the pics they look purple (aviators) and blue (cat) but wanted to double check! Thank you!

    • They are both a black/grey “smoke” color. I think they read as black in real life. Hope that helps!

  31. I’ll be honest, I LOVE Korres products so I’ll probably pick that even though I don’t usually use a night cream. As far as the other spoilers, please note that robe only fits to a size 16 and for some brands that’s more like a size 14. So if you are unsure if it will fit and you are on the cusp of plus-sized like me, I’d pick one of the other options.

    • I wish they would offer plus sizes like PS did. Also, the diffusers are dangerous for pets.

      • Certain oils are indeed dangerous & it’s certainly something that’s very important to be mindful of, but diffusers themselves aren’t dangerous as there quite a few oils that are considered entirely safe for animals.

  32. ARe either of the sunglasses polarized? Just curious because polariz d sunniest contribute to my vertigo so that will definitely help me narrow my decisions if so.

    • I don’t think they are polarized. They would have to be a lot more expensive. I know my polarized ones are at least $150.

    • No they are not polarized. I own 7 pair of Quay sunnies and none are polarized.

  33. Great suggestion to use the picnic set at work. It doesn’t really work for me as an actual picnic set since I wouldn’t want to put the items back in the pouch dirty and I don’t always have a place to clean my dishes after a picnic. But so handy for work…a set for breakfast, a set for lunch then wash, return and ready for the next day.
    Also, it’s smart of FFF to offer sunnies along with different types of items since there are so many people who need prescription sunglasses. But I happen to love Quay sunnies – they stay on my face w/out needing to pushed up all the time, they’re pretty good quality for the price and since they’re inexpensive I don’t feel too bad if they get damaged or lost. The My Girl is most likely my pick.

  34. So glad that they have options beyond just sunglasses for those of us that need to wear prescription lenses!

  35. More “stuff”….

  36. Wow! I am loving these items. Way to go fabfitfun. I didn’t even get the winter box and i never skip. But, fff has reeled me back in. I want all items except the picnic set & diffuser.

  37. Hmm looking pretty good

  38. This may be the epic box for me personally! I have to have all 3 of the second spoilers!

    Liz you look so pretty in the spring season dress!

    • I’d really love to know where to get that green floral dress!

    • Thank you! 🙂 Also, so glad to hear this will be an awesome box for you!

  39. I own and use that sleep mask! It is amazing! Totally getting the glasses and adding on the mask. Just meh about the picnic set. Overall impressed with the choices this spring! Yay!

    • How rose-y is the mask? I am afraid of getting floral induced migraines lol!

  40. Some people are impossible to please. I LOVE the wide variety of options, keep it up FFF!

    • Me too. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but with such a variety of choices hopefully everyone will find something to love!

  41. Oh, Lord, not again! Not a single item I like/need.

  42. OMG!! I am soo liking these item’s so far for the FFF Spring. I hope I get the Mumu, The Aviator Sunglasses by Quay, and I like both options for picnic and the face cream. I can’t upgrade because I just don’t have the funds for it. Question, Will I be able to pick any of the options? My first box was the Winter 2018 box and I was sooo Happy getting all that and I was able to pick some items.

    • Yes, you’ll still get to pick some of your items…just not as many as annual subscribers. If I understand correctly it’s these that everyone will get to choose (whereas the items that only annual subs will be able to choose haven’t yet been announced). Theoretically items can “sell out”, so since annuals get first dibs it’s possibke that certain choices may no longer be available but i believe that’s usually more of an issue for adding in extra items than it is for the actual box selections. So chances are that you will be able to make your two selections – one from the first group of three (robe, bag, diffuser) & one from the second (glasses #1, glasses #2, picnic set, Korres) but being able to add on additional items – usually $10 each – will be limited to the items not already purchased by annual members. Hope that helps!
      PS while they certainly market the opposite, there ARE advantages to being a seasonal member as well b/c you always have the option of skipping a box! This flexibility, so to speak, is the only reason I’ve been an on/off subscriber for several years now…b/c I only actually get about half of the boxes, if that!

  43. I am so excited about all three of these spoilers! Can annual members also pick more than one option for this set of customizations?

  44. I am loving all these things!!!! I wish I could get the box before my spring vacation! I know sometimes you can add another item for 10$. Will I be able to add both styles of sunglasses ?!

  45. Imma get all 3 again lol and I’ll get the cat eye glasses . These spoilers are killing it.!

  46. I hope the second two items don’t run out before I get to customize because I wear prescription glasses and would not have any use for the sunglasses even though I think they’re nice.

  47. Love it! Yes!

  48. What is this box even trying to be these days? Its all over the place. To have sunglasses, a picnic set and a beauty products as options in the same set is a little strange to me. It’s good to have choices but this just feels unplanned and totally random.

    • I mean I can see this as just being cute for spring. The robe is floral for spring, backpack is good for spring adventures, sunglasses bc it’s bright out, rose lotion to smell like flowers, etc etc
      I think it’s cute and love it way more than the winter box so far!

    • Having them as options in the same set means more people will have an option they want to choose.
      If one choice was all beauty products, but none of them worked for your skin – you get screwed. If one choice was all styles of sunglasses, but you wear prescription- again, nothing for you. If 3 sizes of robes were offered, but you hated the style of it- it doesn’t matter it’s size inclusive, lots ofpeople will still be unhappy.

      “Fab” has always covered a really broad range of things. At least none of these are art kit bad!

  49. The little picnic set is cute. I can’t use the glasses due to prescription glasses. Is the cream rose scented?

    • Yes, it is rose scented.

      • Is it a more natural light rose scent or super scented? Thanks!!

        • I have found that mask to be super scented. But I love it and I don’t have any scent sensitivities so it doesn’t bother me. If you are sensitive to scented products, I think this one will be too much. Just my thoughts. 😊

    • Same here, first time i read it I thought it said you got to pick between the two styles and then also pick the picnic set or the cream and was kind of bummed – it’s the first FFF item that I would have been completely unable to use. I’m not stoked on either the cream or the picnic set, but whichever one I end up picking I will definitely use, either way.

  50. Umm so far I am not loving the options unfortunately and I always love the fabfitfun items!

    • Same. I don’t truly like a single thing. No doubt many will sooooo that’s great but definitely a let down on my end.
      I don’t think I will be renewing after my ladt box this summer.

      • Cosigned. We will probably be jumped on for being negative but we have a right to our opinions, too. Does everyone have to love every single thing? I am just being honest. I loved the last box, but nothing so far this time has excited me at all. I am still hoping I will feel differently as more things are revealed.

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