Be Kind by Ellen Spring 2019 Subscription Box – FULL SPOILERS!

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We have some spoilers for the Spring 2019 Be Kind By Ellen box!

The Spring 2019 Be Kind By Ellen box includes:

More info on the Cheerios:

What do you think of the spoilers?

This subscription box is $54.99 and ships to the US and Canada. Check out our review of the previous box to get a sense of what to expect!

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  1. Great box!

    This is the first box that I will share with my husband. He will love the coffee, the.mug, and the Cheerios (with or without the “the golden ticket”

    We will both enjoy the “Rover” book with our dogs knowing that these fogs all found homes.

    We play cards. These cards are amazing. You should check out their website.

    I love candles. This one smells like “Kindness”. So cute!

    I love the Alex and Ani bracelet. I will wear it with my other Alex and Ani Bracelets. Alex and Ani is an American company. The metal is recycled. I really don’t care what people think of me wearing a gorilla face on a bracelet. Here is why:

    ALEX AND ANI will donate 20% of the purchase price*, with a maximum donation of $50,000 betwe/en February 2019 and September 2019, to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund, which is working to help save the magnificent wild mountain gorillas in Rwanda by building a permanent home for The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

    Great job, Ellen!

    Sometimes kindness is just not saying anything at all.

    • Great attitude and I also think this is a great box.

    • I was wondering when I would receive my box. Is there a number for subscriptions. The number listed on my credit card does not work. Thanks, excited to receive!

  2. Will Give the book to my son- in- law he loves large dogs maybe will cheer him up a little. He lost his mom last week with cancer. My husband and I are cat people we have 2 rescue cats

    • Well, the mug, coffee, Cheerios will be for me. The rest will be gifted to my grandchildren. If none of my granddaughters like the 🦍 bracelet, oh well, I will wear it 🤣🤣

  3. Possibly I missed this in the fien print, but will this be a quarterly box? Maybe there will be additional LE boxes, similar to the first LE box a few times a year.

    • Yes, quarterly.

      • Thank you.

      • So you will get a box e times a year can u cancel at anytime

        • website said yes, you can cancel anytime


  4. Will be swapping the bracelet, amidst other items.

  5. Will be swapping/selling the bracelet 🙂 Link on profile.

  6. No regrets signing up for this box! I love the fact items do something more than line people’s pockets. If the trend of the first two boxes continues I will be very satisfied. The book alone is $125 and helps rescue dogs – that alone is worth it to me. Plus, after I look at it I can donate it to my kid’s school!

    Coffee – yum! Cool coffee cup – awesome! Candle – love ’em! Bracelet – can always switch out the charm and make it work for me (thinking the other ‘LOVE’ necklace is coming off swaps for this purpose). And even if I don’t win $5000 – there is breakfast!! 😉

    • “I love the fact items do something more than line people’s pockets.”

      This confuses the heck out of me. On the FAQ page it states:
      “The BE KIND by ellen box was created to help people spread kindness. You’ll get a box full of fun, unique, amazing products that I love and want to share with you. I also wanted to focus on brands and products that do social good. And to top it off, a donation will be made to The Ellen Fund by brands that are participating in this box.

      So… all of these brands have to donate to her… not the other way around. I appreciate the awareness I guess but for everyone that thinks they are somehow donating money to a cause other than the Ellen Fund, I’m utterly lost. On top of which for the box to be provided at a discount all the products need to be given to Ellen a lot cheaper which severely cuts the help they would be receiving per Item vs Ellen just mentioning them on her show or throwing a link to their stores in twitter.

      I hope I’m wrong but no where on the site about the box could I find any information on the good your purchase is actually making.

      • I certainly don’t know all of the specifics and details about where the money is going. But I’m assuming Ellen is not pocketing the profits from this box (she doesn’t need it and she’s known to be extremely generous). All of the brands chosen so far also donate profits and are proponents of giving back. I am paying money for a box, getting items I will use (and gifting/donating items I won’t) and subsequently also supporting the Ellen Fund and at least companies that also choose to be charitable. That is all a bonus to me over a “standard” subscription box. People like to say “I’d rather just give directly to charity.” I totally support that and I also give directly to charity. However, if I’m being honest with myself, I wouldn’t donate the money I’m saving by not buying this box, I would spend it on a different subscription box or purchase that likely is not giving anything to charity. So it’s still an overall “win” to me.

        • I completely support and agree with everything you’re saying other than assuming that Ellen doesn’t get a cut because she has enough because she’s also a business personality with a great brand. This box isn’t a charity organization on it’s own or else I’m pretty sure they would scream it from the rooftops. I just get weirded out by the people that feel so much better by pretending that buying this sub box is the same as actually donating or supporting an organization in it.

          Or I guess I just wish it was possible to find a breakdown of how much of my money is actually going to a cause and whether it’s The Ellen Fund or to one of the organizations in the box without having to email. Nothing in the FAQ or any pages on the box showed any of that information.

  7. I’m stoked! Finally, a box not overloading us inflated retail lotions and lip scrubs. The coffee cup looks wonderful and my kids are going to go crazy over that dog book. Plus the playing cards look really cool for a cocktail/game night with hubs.

    Great job Ellen!

  8. I like Ellen and the causes she supports with this box. That said the first box and now the second are just not for me, I would rather donate. The only item I would use is the Alex & Ani bracelet because I have a collection of them and I like mountain gorillas. I know I am in the minority by the other comments in not having a problem wearing a gorilla on my wrist lol.

  9. SO glad I waited not for me, way over priced for what is in the box.

    • Amen

  10. I don’t like it as much as the first box – that I missed, but I still think it is a pretty good box, and I like the mix. I’m overloaded on product, so I’m thrilled there is none of that. I’ll find good homes for anything I can’t use. I do wish she hadn’t included cards. I guess some people like them, but I have enough playing cards for a life time and I don’t know anyone who uses them.

  11. Love Ellen but I ended up canceling. I couldn’t get my hands on the last box, but it was more my style. With this latest box, I don’t have a need for a book about dogs, another tumbler or a bracelet. I won’t be surprised if the next set of spoilers makes me regret canceling but oh well.

    • If you canceled today, you won’t get the box, correct?

      • Mine already has a shipper and I was charged the day I ordered.

        • I ordered the last box and didn’t want it when I saw the items. I was able to sell it on Ebay for enough to cover the cost and shipping. This time I waited and i’m glad I did. I’m not a coffee or dog person.

        • Hi Kelly, I signed on to my account and asked to be refunded and the order canceled. Within an hour they refunded me, customer service is top notch. There was nothing in this box I would use!

  12. I signed up for the LE box, and wasn’t “dazzled” by anything when it came. I now use the diffuser daily, my daughter loved the granola bars, and the necklace was a perfect simple addition to my rotation.
    After cancelling Causebox, I signed up for the quarterly, and same deal, I’m not “dazzled” ….. yet. But I’m excited to get my hands on it and discover what I didn’t know I would love!

  13. The point of Ellen’s Be Kind Box seems to be “feeling good for donating while getting some bonus items”.
    The content of the box seems to be ‘sponsor items’ judging by what I saw in the website:

    Would you like your product or brand to be considered for product placement or sponsorship inside of Ellen’s Be Kind box?
    Please email [email protected]

    So it’s more like ‘mutual relationship’:
    – Brand get the promotion
    – Subscriber donate while getting bonus items
    – Fund raised for the charity

    • Hey, thanks for clarifying! That makes perfect sense, actually. ❤️

    • Spot on, Inge! My initial reaction was that this isn’t much value for $55, but I realized it’s not intended to compete with FFF or the like. It’s intended to raise money and give us some goodies in exchange for our donation. A coffee table book like Rover would easily sell for that, and I can see it making a lovely gift for a dog-rescuing friend. I might jump on this after all.

      • Is it a donation as in we get the box and the tax deduction? Asking for a friend, lol!

        • Yes, we should be saying “donation” in quotes. 🙂 Your friend might want to clarify with an accountant, but I believe the rule is that you have to deduct the value of anything you receive in return. Like if you pay $50 for a charity dinner but get a $20 dinner for it, you’re only supposed to deduct $30.

    • The only charity I see the funds raised for are the Ellen Fund. And you aren’t really donating so much as purchasing a box, If you were donating then someone should be getting a tax write off and that isn’t the case here.

      • You’re right. “Contribution” is probably a better word than “donation”. It’s a bit like buying the chocolate bars for the high school band fundraiser.

      • You cannot write off if you get something in return. You can only write off the difference between what you donated and the actual value.

  14. Not sure what people were expecting but honestly this seems right on the nose for an Ellen box. Cool, not trendy, items that give back and fit the Be Kind mantra. The previous box was awesome with the diffuser but it makes sense that they can’t keep that up for a quarterly box. I’m so curious about the candle…will be looking forward to the full review.

  15. I love everything in this box! From the book, coffee, tumbler, bracelet- everything in this box represents Ellen and causes that make positive change. I loved checking out the websites to see what organizations they support. A truly kind box! The cards show Ellen’s playful side and her love of sharing fun and happiness.

  16. I just want to know what scent the candle is, but can’t seem to find anything out. 🙁 Anybody?

    • Kind 🙂

      Actually, I’m curious too. I just hope it doesn’t smell like food. Food scented candles just make me want to indulge in whatever it is I’m smelling.

  17. Although I’m not 100% happy with this box, I’m thinking of keeping this subscription.

    1. There are no cosmetic items. This is a huge plus. I don’t do makeup, and even if I do, I have loads and loads of products from other boxes that can make me a clown face for 2 years straight. And there are almost no boxes without a single cosmetic item. Please no more.. Even for skincare and haircare, I only have one face and I’m not Rapunzel

    2. I hate candles. I got it in this one, so hopefully I won’t get another one next time 😀

  18. Just cancelled.

    • I cancelled too but only because the cost long term is not for me. Lol did you notice the link after you cancelled that said “about the breakup” 🤣. Sounds like something Ellen would say!

      • How do you cancel?? Can’t find a way…….. thanks for any help!! I prefer buying after I see the spoilers…… not hating on this box at all……………… like the candle, cheerios, coffee and mug……. will gift the others!!

        • Click on Account, you will see a blue box saying Manage Subscriptions on the right. Click on that and you will get a little window pop-up. In that window, you have to click on something, but I don’t remember what, and now that I’ve done it, it doesn’t show the same. It is kind of hidden in the usual sub. box way.

          • Thank YOU so much!! 🙂

          • If I cancel now (my status is Unfulfilled), will it cancel this box or the next one? Does it give out confirmation on which one’s cancelled? Thanks!

  19. I canceled. I am not even sad that I am getting this- it will all be gifted, but I don’t know why I even subscribed in the first place. I hate “stuff” and this is the first time I have subscribed to anything but a beauty sub (and oh yeah – Adidas!)

    I think it is difficult to make everyone happy with a lifestyle type box, but to include something that has a very high cost that most people would NEVER pay, seems a little sketchy. Hopefully the candle will smell amazing!

    • HOW exactly is it sketchy? I’m assuming you’re talking about the coffee table book. It’s not the first book of this kind that I’ve seen with a very high cost. And it’s exactly how much it costs on their own website. (They actually have a coupon advertised, as a partnership with Ellen). This book benefits shelter dogs, and is someone’s artwork.

      • Agreed. I personally wouldn’t buy that book for myself but love I am getting it in this box. I love coffee table books and have a huge assortment of them on my bookshelf and so happy to add this one to it! I’d love to swap for more for my dog loving friends!

        • I will gladly swap with you. I am not a “dog” person, and have no use for this book. If it had been a bunch of different animals, I think it would be more universal.

      • I agree with you Amber. Beautiful coffee table books can be expensive. All of the pictures are costly to reproduce. I have also read that the company behind this book has donated millions to help rescue animals. By purchasing this book you are helping in that mission is my belief. I ,unfortunately, am a cat person. It’s not that I don’t like dogs, but I find them messy, needy, difficult to clean up after and at times scary so I would never own one. I, too, wish the book had been a combined book of cats and dogs, but I have a friend who absolutely loves dogs, so I know what to do with it.

        • lol Lynn, that’s so funny because I kinda feel the same way about cats. I haven’t had good experiences owning cats, and they had a habit of peeing on my stuff and hiding dead rodents in my shoes, so I’m definitely a dog person!

          • It is funny! It all depends, I suppose, on your personal experiences. I have always had good luck with cats. The dead rodents in your shoes cracks me up. When I was in college, a couple of friends and myself lived in a big old house that had been converted into efficiency apartments. I never saw evidence of a mouse in my apartment, but my friend who lived upstairs found shoes in her closet that were full of Reese’s pieces and her bag of them in the kitchen had been nibbled open and was empty. She laid a trap and eventually caught a mouse. I thought of that story because I don’t know which would be worse, Reese’s or dead mouse in your shoe?

  20. I like others got the first box of which I still use the diffuser daily and the box was decent, not like wow, but a good start for a new box. I signed up for this one blindly and am very disappointed. A box with Ellen behind it has so much potential. I am going to cancel my sub for this as soon as I get my box. I just now signed up for Bombay and Cedar through this site. It is the same price as this Ellen box and after viewing the Feb 2019 unboxing and previous boxes it is completely my style. I will keep an eye on Ellen Be Kind and would sign up again if I saw drastic improvement in it. For now just Bombay and Cedar and Birchbox (at $6 per box deal) for my mini monthly beauty fix 😉

    • Same here…I blindly subbed for the 1st box, it’s a decent box for me & not too excited about it.

      Now that I look closely at it, the point of Ellen’s Be Kind Box seems to be “feeling good for donating while getting some bonus items”.
      The content of the box seems to be ‘sponsor items’ judging by what I saw in the website:

      Would you like your product or brand to be considered for product placement or sponsorship inside of Ellen’s Be Kind box?
      Please email [email protected]

      So it’s more like ‘mutual relationship’:
      – Brand get the promotion
      – Subscriber donate while getting bonus items
      – Fund raised for the charity

      I doubt the company pay for anything inside the box.
      I worked in a company that manufacture healthy food, and sub boxes send emails about featuring products in their boxes for promotion. Some boxes asked for products only, and some boxes charged money + products.

      • Sorry, just realized I made it sounds rude…
        What I’m trying to say here is, I’d rather it go to a good cause than individual profits.

  21. I keep watching the video to see how excited the audience members are for this box! Ofcourse I know they are prompted but still…lol

  22. I am so very sorry I jumped on buying this box. Not a single thing I want or need. These things aren’t even going to swap well. I feel stupid for buying this without spoilers.

    • Me too

  23. As a crazy dog obsessed person, I so want this box just for the book.

    • LOL! I actually think the book looks really cute! I can’t believe the RV is $125 . I’m glad others are happy with this box. I loved the last one

  24. Super disappointed. Its cost more than fff and it’s even worse than they were this quarter.

    • Yeah I’m hoping maybe the next one will be better because I am so done sick of FFF but have a couple seasons left still. If this box gets better I might switch .

  25. kind of disappointed.
    Would have loved a Cat photo book. Why only dogs? dogs and cats half and half would have satisfied a larger crowd. And shelter cats are adorable too!
    Gorilla is.. ummm I love to save gorillas.. but not sure if I want to keep that on my wrist.
    I’m ok with the tumbler(prefer different color).
    I’m ok with coffee.
    I have kids who wanted a deck of cards, so they can play with it.

    However, I really wanted this to fulfill my good cause karma, making someone donate for me(like the one in last box), but for this box, I feel like I spent $5 for good cause, $30 for something ok, and the rest $20 for making more trash that the planet can’t handle. So there goes, more bad karma for me.

  26. I’d love to swap for the bracelet! My swap page is linked with my name above!

    • I’m almost 100% sure that I will be putting the bracelet into swaps

  27. I learned my lesson with last box (luckily i was able to cancel the order). This time around I resisted the hype and sooo glad I did.
    I am happy for people who bought it and like it, but to me, there is nothing there that I need or already have.

  28. I wasted my dollars on this? Ugh……and then a sigh

  29. Am I reading this right? $125 RV for a book? Ok, I am a dog person, and 100% into rescues, my dog is a rescue, but $125 for a book? Other than text books for college or maybe an NSFW book of Chris Hemsworth, I’d never pay $125 for a book.

    • The publisher is and has donated millions to animal rescues. I’m assuming the extra high price tag is for charity….

    • LOL–NSFW book. Love it!

    • Same here! Except the last college book I bought was $290:( Unfortunately we won’t see Chris Hemsworth (or any good looking man to that matter) in Ellen’s box. But since Thor is on the cover of this month’s Men’s Health so guess who’s enjoying reading the magazine right now:)

  30. I was so anxious about deciding to wait for spoiler thinking I might miss out on something but now I’m glad I waited. I love Ellen but don’t really want or need anything from this box maybe next one will be one will be better. The golden ticket in the Cheerio box is cool though!

    • I almost posted on the former topic thread that I felt like I must be the only person still holding out for spoilers. This curation is not for me, I would rather donate the cost straight out. Hopefully, for Ellen fans who subscribed this is more up their alley, it seems like it is.

  31. I love and will use everything in this box – I am coffee and dog obsessed so it is perfect. I am glad she did not include overpriced skin care or cosmetics.

  32. My first reaction was of disappointment but after thinking about each item, most will be used. I guess if you were expecting a box that was strictly about self care and beauty, this is not for you.

    1) dog book: I used to have a beautiful dog picture book as a child that I loved. I know my 3 children will enjoy having this at the house and flipping through the pages. I hope the pictures are pretty and the paper is good quality!

    2) beverage tumbler: my husband and I both drink coffee so this will always get used at our house. Judging by the RV, the quality must be great! I may also re gift this with the coffee.

    3) coffee: I am just wondering if this is whole bean or ground coffee? I am really hoping for whole beans and excited to grind it at our machine at home. If it’s ground, I will most liked re gift it.

    4) candle: always make for a nice hostess gift.

    5) Calm app voucher: I have been meaning to try a meditation app so I am quite excited about this one 😊

    6) playing cards: this one I am the least happy about. I think it will go straight to the donation pile.

    7) bracelet: this will be a cute little extra gift for someone in my life who is a tree hugger. But i wish the jewelry was more neutral. I appreciate the cause but wearing gorillas isn’t for everyone lol

    8)…..And the Cheerios box will get used, nice to have a chance to win a cash prize.

    Overall not a super exciting box. I think cute socks instead of a bracelet and a yummy food item instead of playing cards would have been nice.

    I will stick with this box for one more round since it’s for a good cause. But no, I wouldn’t have bought it had I seen the spoilers first.

  33. Glad I waited for the spoilers. Don’t need the tumbler, don’t drink coffee, and I’m not a dog person. I recently order some items from Alex & Ani and was not impress at all. Oh well, maybe the next box will be better.

  34. Well I am so happy for the gorillas!! I can feel good about my donation and the additional donations I will make of the items I can’t use in this box. #bekind😉

  35. Oh geez, I sure wasted money on this. Oh well

  36. I love that Ellen is such an animal lover and supporter. I love that MSA posts spoilers so that I can dodge bullets.

    Made a note in my calendar to check and see how many gorilla bracelets will lounge in the swap forum and on eBay, unwanted.

  37. I guess this is a great box if you’ve been wanting a gorilla charm bracelet.

    • I think the bracelet is cute. If you like Alex and Ani, or those type of bracelets, it’ll be a nice addition. I know several people who wear a stack of these, and you can’t even see what’s on most of them. But, there is always going to be people who focus directly on the negative and don’t look at the positive. I didn’t buy this box, but if I had, I would have been happy with it, even though I think coffee is disgusting. I always have some in the house for guests, and I LOOOOOVE dogs and so does my daughter so the book would be awesome. Travel tumblers are always handy, even if you just use it for wine at home. Love playing cards with friends, love candles, love cheerios.

      Overall, I think this is a nice cohesive box, and it’s awesome that it’s charitable!

    • Exactly! (Glad I waited for the spoilers before subbing)

    • OK, this comment made me laugh!

    • While her box has potential, I just cancelled my subscription – I thought the products might be a little more unique. Playing cards and the bracelet? Now a handmade bracelet would have been more unique, but I won’t be wearing a gorilla around my wrist! Coffee is good – I have many water bottles, but another one won’t hurt. The calm app sounds great. Good thing I love dogs too. Just a little underwhelmed, but what do you expect going in blind expecting super greatness?

    • Crying!

    • I’m cracking up laughing at your comment, because I think that is the only thing that I’ll use, but I’ve never wanted a gorilla charm bracelet. Ever. Never in a million years. Never. Nope. That being said, they need to be saved from abuse and extinction, so good for her for helping raise awareness through corporations and my now sad bank account. I was so surprised at how much I wound up liking the first box, after it arrived. However, I just don’t see it happening this time around. No gorilla charm bracelet lust has been burning in my heart, but it is cute.

  38. Woot! Dodged a bullet!

  39. I was sorry to miss the first box but happy that I held out on this one. Love the message but the books a miss for me and has a lot of the box value. For me it would be q $55 cup of coffee

    • That’s a good way of putting it! I’ll mostly use the coffee cup (although I have many already!) and will drink the coffee. So yes, for me, it’s a $55 cup of coffee – but I’ll keep reminding myself that it supports a good cause in hopes that it makes me feel better about the purchase. (That’s also what I’ll be telling my husband when he says “You paid $60 for that?!?!”).

  40. It would be kind if the price were more in line with what you get.

    • The bracelet is worth $38, the tumbler is worth $29, the cards are worth $10…. pretty sure that’s already well over the cost of the box

      • Those are prices not worth. They are “worth” nothing if you don’t like them. Don’t fall for the cost of something as worth. It isn’t.

        • Your comment was about what you’re “getting” not what you’d use. You are getting what you’re paying for and then some. And these are true retail value, what you would pay for if you purchased from the websites of each of these retailers.

          Yes, if these things are not something you will use, then it isn’t worth the money you spent. But everyone did this the last time, bought the box blindly, and then were ticked that they didn’t like what was in the box. And then did it again! Are again mad? I’m so confused.

    • At $5 more than a FFF box I’m pleased to have things that are high quality, ethically made, and from companies that donate to charitable causes, but I can see how if you’re mostly looking for the most RV for you $ then this would not be a good box for you. I may be mistaken but I think Ellen’s goal in Kindness is to the organizations that this benefits. Happy to be a part of it.

      • Well said!

      • Beautifully put, Joy! I’m happy to support Ellen and this box! And the chance to win $5,000? Yes please!

  41. Westrock Rwanda coffee is my absolute favorite, it is so delicious! I don’t know what kind is in the box, but they do make excellent coffee.

    • Oh, I’m so excited to hear you say that. I’m always down for trying new coffee. I had never heard of this one before. I’m looking forward to this box. Even if I don’t use everything in it, I’m always happy to donate to a good cause. Ellen gives so much to everyone else. I don’t mind helping out with that in my small way & getting some goodies in the process.

  42. I still love Ellen, but I am disappointed with this box. The book and bracelet are going up on eBay. As for the rest of the items, I will either keep them or gift them.

  43. I regret buying this box. 😭

    • Use pliers to remove the gorilla charm from the bracelet.

    • Same! I support the cause (love anything animal-related) and I LOVE dogs, but I don’t really have a need for a dog book, and won’t wear a gorilla bracelet (I don’t even wear silver, so taking the charm off won’t help). I was hesitant about subbing blindly and now regret doing so, but at least my money has supported a good cause . I think I’ll be cancelling my sub going forward, though, and will wait for spoilers before purchasing.

      Now if Ellen would at least spoil the charity/cause beforehand, I might be more open to buying without actual spoilers. If the cause is anything related to dogs, I’d pay twice the price blindly!

  44. Ummm I just want the cheerios and the golden ticket is that wrong

    • Not wrong at all LOL!

    • I’d pay a small price for just the Cheerios!

  45. Definitely not for me. I loved the last box, but I’m glad I sat this one out.

    • Seconded!

    • Me too! I would’ve felt so guilty about spending over $50 on this! Not that it’s terrible stuff, just not stuff that appeals to me or would be useful to me at all. Thank God for MSA’s spoilers because I almost went ahead and ordered based on the last box!

      • Ditto! I was seconds away from subbing and now happy I didn’t!

  46. I don’t love it but I’m ok with it. The playing cards seems really random. I wish it had been slipper socks, an Ellen pet toy or even a snack item instead.

  47. I like the tumbler, book and candle but not enough to pay $55 for it.

  48. A little disappointed, but I went in blind. I also love the message Ellen spreads so that makes me happy and grateful. Spread kindness and looking forward to the next box!

  49. Well at least it’s for a good cause 🤷‍♀️

  50. I am very happy with this box! I love the book, bracelet and tumbler!!

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