Be Kind by Ellen Box – Subscriptions Now Available!

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You may remember that we reviewed the Limited Edition Be Kind By Ellen Box back in October– this box is now officially open for subscriptions!

Here are the details:

The Subscription Box: Be Kind by Ellen

The Cost: $54.99 per quarter

Ships To: US and Canada (Shipping is free to the US, $16 to Canada)

The Products: From their website: “Hi! It’s me Ellen. I created this BE KIND subscription box as a way to help people spread kindness. It’s like a warm butter knife for your peanut butter. You’ll get a box full of fun, unique, amazing products that I love and want to share with you. I also wanted to focus on brands and products that do social good. You’re gonna love what you get, and you can feel good about it, too.”

Are you going to subscribe?

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  1. I’ve been soo good lately and haven’t been buying any subscription boxes but I felt like treating myself so subscribed. I was crying on the inside after missing out on the diffuser in the LE box last year. Still nervous about not having any spoilers but I’m going on faith.

    For the LE box, does anyone remember how long after the box was announced a spoiler was released? By the time I saw spoilers the box was sold out.


    • I also signed up for the same reasons you gave. I am nervous though. Hopefully it will be a great surprise and items we will love. That limited edition box had a great value too. On her show, Ellen likes to surprise people, maybe she won’t give spoilers? Or maybe just one or two?

      • Small Cheerios box and 5000.00 gold ticket is the only spoiler so far😊

    • Email me at edge.sarah.a at Gmail if you still would like to have that diffuser 😉

    • Last year the spoilers were released the day after the LE box was announced and made available. For some reason a handful of people who had already purchased the box thought that was unfair. Imo it was certainly unusual, but not unfair. There isn’t a single box that isn’t ready and willing to take money whenever people are ready to give it to them 🙂

  2. I had promised myself no more new subscription boxes and to cancel unless they made me really happy. But I am so tempted to get this one but I want to see a spoiler first before I make up my mind. Hoping a spoiler is released soon !

    • Thank you for adulting better than most

  3. I support the concept of this box. I bought it sight unseen. And no matter the contents, I pledge not to b**tch and moan about disliking the items, customer service regarding returning the box, and lack of spoilers.

    • Lol! I love your way of thinking and I think I need to sign up too. I do love Ellen and also loved the last box . I have a feeling it will be a good one! 🤞

    • Lol! I don’t know you but I like you 🙂

    • You are my kind of MSA follower!!!

    • The irony of those comments and the very name of this box was incredible!

    • I actually went back and reread the comments after you mentioned this! Wow. That and the people complaining about tracking notifications going to spam folders even though their boxes arrived! Oh and the woman who was upset that Ellen was DONATING money to help save endangered Gorillas. I could go on but I’d better stop.

    • I’m so going back to find that!! Omg, that’s gotta be worth the stalking and screenshot and meme worthy lol #popcornready #gifsonstandby #shadesoff

      As far as this box: I gotta wait for atleast one spoiler, like I did with last years LE one. (I loved it Btw!!)
      If it sells out oh well, nothing I truely “need” just adding to my ever growing closet and addiction #ifeellikeAA #needtogothroughmysteps
      I do reallyyyyy love Ellen and almost everything she does for the community, generous donations and gifts to deserving people, as well as speaking for animals rights and conservation of this planet. She is just magic. 🥰

      Soooo Liz can you hook a sista up and leak a spoiler…or two…or the whole box 😏

    • Omg! Some people are self-centered, crazy and so unwilling to accept blame for poor decisions. How do you “trick” someone in making a purchase online?!? Not like she held a gun to their head. Or said that they will win the lottery if they buy the box. It’s just terrible impulse control. I purchased it with no spoilers because I know it is a “surprise” box and know what I’m getting into. I’m also not going to take food away from my kids with this purchase or Easter egg baskets, etc.
      I grew up where if you were willing to take a chance on random grab bags (which have been around for a long time) then it is a chance you won’t get something you like. You can still be disappointed but that’s they whole idea of mystery boxes, someone may get something they love while someone else gets the same thing and hates it. To quote John Lydgate “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

    • Haha, thanks for your comments, ladies. I am all for people having the right to voice their opinions, but the excessive negativity for the last box was grating.

  4. I jumped so fast! I bought two of the LE boxes and wanted a third, but they sold out. I kept everything in the first and separated the second one for gifts. Everything was such high quality and most of it was really practical.

  5. I just subscribed to Ellen’s box. Figured why not, I love surprises.

  6. Went ahead and subbed b/c I have been looking for a seasonal box that will have unique items in the health, beauty, and lifestyle categories… Although I didn’t purchase any, I like the clothes styles and designs she had out at WalMart recently && the LE box also looked good. I am just so curious as to how many items, and other details this will include so hope for some spoilers soon, it isn’t like me to just go ahead and blindly give 50 bucks away, but something’s telling me this will be good compared to what’s out there

    • Those socks from the first box are great and I’ve been wearing that silver necklace daily!

  7. I’m confused as to why my comments never post? I was asking if anyone received a confirmation of purchase..I’m unsure as to why that would be omitted.?

    • Your comment posted at 7:25pm EST about the confirmation email question, it’s showing up 🙂

      • Oops. I see it now. 😊 I had checked last night and it wasn’t there. Maybe it was just delayed a bit.

    • Lisa, I did receive an email confirmation of my subscription. I did sign up for an account first and saw my previous order history (of the limited edition box) when I logged in. Perhaps create an account with the email you used to purchase and see if it’s there when you click manage subscription. HTH.

    • I did but the email went right into junk mail. I had to find it there.

    • I have issues with my comments not showing up too 🤔 seems like others see it but I don’t.

  8. Sigh. I’m trying to cut down instead of add on, but I just subbed. I missed the LE box but after looking at the review I decided to give it a try. If this one’s not great I can always cancel, right? Plus, I gotta support another Nola girl!

  9. I took a leap of faith and subscribed. I like Ellen and was impressed with the limited edition box. Figure if it doesn’t meet my expectations, I will just cancel.

    • I don’t believe you will be able to cancel this box but you will be able to cancel future boxes. I did get the LE box back in October and I thought it was a good value – especially compared to the items in FabFitFun and Pop Sugar.

  10. Did anyone receive an email confirming their order? I received an account confirmation but no email stating an order confirmation.

    • I received an email confirmation but from a different email than the account address. The order email was from support at be kind by ellen.

    • @Lisa I did, it has what I purchased, the amount etc…..

  11. Skipped HR this quarter…. Tempted to jump on this one instead but hoping for a spoiler first

  12. PLEASE, Liz, get us a hero item spoiler. 🙂

  13. FAQ’s state that the box will be shipped within 7 business days of successful payment– subscribers should receive in 5-10 days.

  14. I was charged 7% sales tax. Not charged sales tax for that last box. Even if sales tax is charged my state’s tax is not 7%. Hmm

    • Sales tax is now required as of 2019. New laws. California has been getting charged sales tax for at least a decade and it’s up to 9% now. :/

      • I understand that. Its hyst that my state’s tax rate is lower than 7%.

  15. I just signed up!
    Their first box looked so good.😍
    I can only imagine the kind of partnerships this will have.
    I love it that they support companies that do social good! Also, I bet this will be a creative and fun box. I love Ellen!

  16. There’s a Golden 5000 dollar ticket. Wow. I’m in. And I just saw they are almost sold out.

    • Where does it say it’s almost sold out?

      • looked everywhere and did not see almost sold out – last time, believe she showed box then sold out but not 100% sure..

      • It was on YouTube and I was going by Ellen saying the box sold out in 24 hours. But it was last box. Sorry.

  17. They fixed the incorrect tax charges for Montana. Damn, I hope I’m not disappointed (It was worth it for the diffuser last time).

  18. For those that got the Limited edition Ellen box, take note that in the FAQ on the web site it says that “If you purchased the Limited Edition, You will be Automatically be signed up for this box”! So make sure and cancel unless you want the subscription!

    • It says ” If you PURCHASE” not past tense. I was not automatically charged, but sent an email inviting me to take advantage of early access to the subscription by signing up. I was only charged AFTER I signed up today 🙂

      The FAQ is saying that by buying the box today and in the future, it is indeed a subscription.

  19. I just dropped Popsugar as it seems to now be generated toward a younger crowd (I’m 58!). So I’ve taken a blind leap of faith and signed up for the Ellen box……Don’t disappoint us Ellen!

    • I’m right there with you and totally agree…… I had a credit and decided spring will be my last….. I have been gifting everything…… “Don’t disappoint us Ellen!” 🙂

  20. I just saw on EllenTube that there will be a mini Cheerios box in each box (because she has a partnership with them) and one of the boxes will have a golden ticket worth $5,000. How great would it be if one of the MSA subscribers won that??

    • I could REALLY use that $5k! Planning a wedding, honeymoon, and possibly even a boob job haha

      • Congratulations on the wedding!

        Wishing all of us MSA readers luck with the $5k 🤞🏼🤞🏼

  21. I signed up! The diffuser was fantastic last time!

  22. PLEASE show us some spoilers! I want to sign up but I need to see something. 😊

  23. I’m on the fence to sign up now or wait for spoilers…I wish they would reveal just one because that would sway it in either direction.

  24. I blindly signed up, so not like me without even a peek at a spoiler. But I loved the first box so much I just had to do it!

  25. I think we need additional details. When does this box ship? Is there an expected retail value? What type of products? I love Ellen and the first box was awesome but I think subscribers deserve more info before committing.

    • I read the FAQs also, and it really only answers one question specifically, and possibly one other vaguely. I think Meg’s questions are valid, and subscribers really do deserve more info, though no one is expected to subscribe based on a past box alone. Sometimes, “research” (or what I call, sub box stalking) can be fun, but not everyone has the time to go searching through social media looking for clues. Bless yourself!

      • Hey, thanks 👍we all could use a blessing!

    • Janet, that is so incredibly obnoxious but I’m guessing that’s your point. Man, it’s sh—- people like you that make me the world. Thanks to AC for her kind response below.

      • I 2nd Meg and AC, Janet. Go bless yourself. You seem like a “delight”.

      • I don’t find Janet being obnoxious. I didn’t find the way she worded things to be rude. She is telling the truth. A lot times people ask questions that would be answered if they had actually read all the post or in this case did some digging around on the boxes website.
        I do know that the FAQs didn’t have much info and I agree that Meg’s questions are valid. People also do this offline too. If they just took a couple minutes to lookup something online they could find the answer.

        • I think most of us that go to MSA, expect those answers to the questions meg asked. MSA usually does a fantastic job with the details. Assuming, since there aren’t any details, there are no details yet to give. I think meg is just saying ‘give us details’.
          Janet was being obnoxious by responding with criticism. She didn’t have to respond at all. This specific thread, is about the BE KIND BOX after all.

  26. I subscribed immediately. I didn’t really like anything in the first box, but they were the highest quality of any box I’ve gotten. The diffuser was a hit item for trading or resale (I gifted mine) I am taking a risk, but since I’m over the junk from FFF and Causebox has been missing the mark. I like the social good aspect! I also like that the first box contents were a total surprise.

  27. I signed up as soon as I got the email, love, love, love Ellen, So Happy this box ships to Canada.

  28. I missed the first box and am really looking forward to this subscription ( : Signed up this a.m !

  29. I’m REALLY tempted to sign up, but I might need a spoiler first. I loved the concept of the first box and jumped on it, but was slightly disappointed after the spoilers. I have only used the diffuser so far. The necklace wasn’t my style (I go for gold, less-dainty jewelry) and neither were the socks (I can wear them around the house, though, so it’s not a total loss). I will eventually use the Fresh lip treatment, but it’s hard for me to get excited about dish soap and granola bars.

    I’m going to try to hold out for at least one spoiler, but even as I type this I know there’s a very good chance I’ll cave in and sub so I don’t risk FOMO (especially if this box supports an animal charity like the last one!).

  30. I LOVED the first box. Everything from that box was used or lovingly gifted. Genuinely high quality items for a sub box… not stuff you find at TJ Maxx the following week (unfortunately the case for most boxes). But I’m going to hold off for at least one spoiler before committing to a subscription.

  31. It doesn’t say how soon the first box will ship. Definitely need spoilers.

    • A previous comment says “FAQ’s state that the box will be shipped within 7 business days of successful payment– subscribers should receive in 5-10 days.”

  32. SO excited about this!!! That first box looked so good! Looking forward to a couple of spoilers before signing up!

    Causebox always misses the mark and I am looking for a box with great items and more imagination that does social good.

  33. I can’t just sub in blind faith. I prefer to see what I’m paying for lol. And do we have any real details on this sub? How often are we billed? Ehats in the boxes etc? I don’t just give 💰 out hoping i get something I want. Ill wait n see. If this is a true “subscription service” we should have plenty of time to subscribe like with any other sub. Isnt a limited edition box. We shall see…

    • It’s a quarterly box. The next box is May and says we will be billed the 22nd

  34. I loved the first box so much, but wonder if the subscription will be similar or not? Gotta wait for spoilers.

    Does anybody know how much shipping is?

    • I subscribed and was not charged shipping. I live in the U.S.

    • My total came to $58.99. The first box it was only $54.99.

      • Sales tax. It’s required as of Jan 1st 2019

    • They only charged me sales tax, no shipping.

  35. The ONLY think I don’t like is not seeing a way to cancel on one’s own…. I have found their customer service to be very responsive but “visions of BOS” linger……. but, excited to get another….. just like the option of pausing or cancelling at will….. 🙂

    • If you log into your account and click on manage subscription, then tap on the quarterly subscription icon you will find a link to click to cancel the subscription. Just a few clicks…so much better than calling IMO😊

  36. I loved the last box so much I got two! But I’m going to need some spoilers before I commit to a sub.

  37. There is something wrong with their web site. It is adding sales tax to a Montana-paid and Montana-shipping subscription.

    • Montana allows local sales tax, so that could be it?

      • No. There shouldn’t be any sales tax here. Just something funky with the web site.

  38. I’m not going blind into this one again! Hated what I got , will wait for the revel or just skip it. $55 is to much to gamble with.

  39. Very expensive! Smart to see spoilers first!

    • As long as it doesn’t sell out first!

  40. $54.99 plus shipping??? It doesn’t even say what the box value is. I’ll wait for the spoilers. That’s a lot of money, FabFitFun isn’t that much!

    • Yeah…Ellen slaps her name on something and people start throwing their money blindly! Only other person who can cause that reaction is Oprah!

      • Gotta agree. I will not be going in blind this time, Ellen!

    • I got the Limited Edition Ellen Box that came out last year and I will say that quality of the items was much better than what I received in my last few FFF boxes. Factor in the social aspect of it and I’d rather give my money to Ellen.

  41. I may be a fool, but I signed up! I regretted not getting the first box. I’ll drop something else. I love the concept and really liked the mix in the first box.

  42. Signed up. Loved the first box. Looking forward to seeing what their quarterly sub looks like.

  43. I enjoyed the first box a lot, and am perfectly happy to give the new box a try.

    • I wouldn’t do this for just any box, BUT, I HAD TO …. loved the first one!! 🙂

  44. I think the first box was a (Limited Edition) and I loved it. I am curious, if this will be a scaled back box subscription since it is not (Limited Edition) and if it will have few items.

  45. I really regret not getting the first box, but I’m going to need a spoiler before I sub at that price.

    • Me too.

  46. If it’s like the other box, there will be full spoilers tomorrow or the next day. I still haven’t used my diffuser.,…

    • Sarah if your up for a trade would love to swap for the diffuser?!?!?!?

      • I am seeing If this added my link to my swaps.

    • If you don’t plan to use it…I’d love to swap for it. If you click my name it will take you to my swap profile 🙂

      • How do you get your swap profile linked to your name on here?

    • Sarah, I would be interested in the diffuser!!

    • Sarah, I’m looking to swap for one. Are you on the swap site? Maybe I have something you could use instead! I have more items unlisted as well if there are other things you’re interested in. I think I’ve linked my swap listings to my name here.

  47. Do you have to pay now? Before any spoilers??

    • It does take you through a checkout and prompt you to enter in your cc information so it does look like you’ll be immediately billed if you choose to sign up now. That said, it appears to be just like any other subscription where you can either choose to pay before spoilers are released or wait for spoilers and then decide. I sent an email asking when the first box will ship and if/when spoilers will be released. I’ll re-post when I receive a reply.

      • thank you!

        found this too:

    • I signed up this morning and the money is already pending from my account, to be taken tomorrow. I am really trying to stop spending money, but I had to get this sub even without spoilers!

  48. Yep, already signed up. I’ll drop another box in the next few months, once I know how it compares. I loved their first one!!

  49. I got an email and subbed. Can’t wait for the next box!

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