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Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2018 Box – FULL SPOILERS!

We have spoilers for the Winter 2018 Walmart Beauty Box!

Here is one version of the Trendsetter Box:

Source: aliciadesdemonia

Here is one version of the Classic Box:

Source: barbara_bwbarb

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Walmart Beauty Box

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Comments (67)

  1. I just got this box and it’s almost to May….. was anyone else so delayed?

    • I got mine about 2 weeks ago.

  2. I have gotten better boxes than the one I got this time but still happy with it. Usually they send out a lot of coupons too but none this time. Love the Walmart beauty box and will continue to get it.

  3. I am pretty satifies and have always been with my Walmart “Goody” Beauty Box
    *Pantine full size intense rescue shots
    * Curél HydraTherapy wet skin moisturizer
    *Unicorn Glow full size Hologram Mask Detox and Brightrning
    *Olay Daily Facials Daily Hydrating Clean (1) dry cloth
    *Neutrogena Collagen Kiss Lip mask single use.
    *Garnier Whole Blends New Oat Delicacy Foil sample Shampoo and Conditioner.
    *Plus added Winter cosmetic Bag nice little Bonus.

    Great Value for the Customer.

    • I got the Pantene Rescue Shots too and was excited to see something new/different.
      Also got the Curel Hudra Therapy, which is a nice size, I just don’t like it. And a bunch of single use packets. I’m OK with that for a $5 surprise.

    • I didn’t get full size Pantene Rescue Shots. I did receive a sample of the product that was good for two or three applications. So far I liked this product the best. I haven’t tried the Curél moisturizer yet. I liked the Hologram mask but I’m not sure what it did. The Olay facial cloth was great but one time use just wasn’t enough for me to buy. Everything else was too small of a sample to know if I liked it or not but overall I love the Walmart Beauty Box.

  4. After a few years of sending these boxes perhaps their market research is showing them that sales of the full sizes of the products they’ve sent are not increasing enough and that the customer base who subscribe are just taking advantage of a good deal. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an increase in the cost or them discontinuing the box altogether. For me, I think the value is there and there have been some samples which have lead me to buy some staples, such as the Hello toothpaste to name one and lip masks. I love them!

    • Doubtful, the $480+ Billlion dollar company needs to compete more to the millennial crowd and this is just one of many of those outlets to meet this market. The company itself is crap to work for and will continue to build on serving the customer first. If they are able to out master Bezo’s they won’t need the associates and that is what they are working towards.

  5. I just got the Classic box today and think it’s pretty cool. I only received 3 of the items pictured above, not including the bag. The lip mask that I received is new from Neutrogena and I loved it! Value per WalMart website is $2.47. The SooAE product I got is a charcoal sheet mask which I have received before and like. Value per WalMart website is $2.50. The box is paid for with those 2 items. I used the Curel lotion after my shower today and thought it did a great job. My daughter gets Ipsy so bags are a no-value extra to me. Overall, I think for 5 bucks, pretty good. Waiting to see what comes in the Trendsetter box. Not sure why ours took so long. We have been subscribers of both boxes for over a year.

    • My bank shows I haven’t been charged for mine yet. No biggy. I do like them and I know it will happen. Glad you like it. I think they’re great for $5

    • Sounds like we received the same boxes. I am happy with it for $5.

      • Doubtful, the $480+ Billlion dollar company needs to compete more to the millennial crowd and this is just one of many of those outlets to meet this market. The company itself is crap to work for and will continue to build on serving the customer first. If they are able to out master Bezo’s they won’t need the associates and that is what they are working towards.

  6. This ranks up there when it comes to the worst boxes I’ve received since signing up for these beauty boxes from Walmart. I just got my Trendsetter box yesterday. The makeup bag is awful. I unzipped it once and now it won’t close at all. The tassel came of in one of my attempts to get it to zip closed. I really think they bought a bunch of these bags wholesale from some place getting rid of them because a large percentage had defective zippers.

  7. This ranks up there when it comes to the worst boxes I’ve received since signing up for these beauty boxes from Walmart. I just got my Trendsetter box today. Like someone else mentioned the makeup bag is awful. I unzipped it once and now it won’t close at all. The tassel came of in one of my attempts to get it to zip closed. I really think they bought a bunch of these bags wholesale from some place getting rid of them because a large percentage had defective zippers.

    The homepage of Walmart’s Beauty Box site has a collage of photos showing all these big sample size and some full size products supposedly received in current boxes. I say current because the designs and/or colors shown on the boxes in the pictures with the products are ones that have been sent out more recently.

    If Walmart was loosing money by sending out these boxes I have no doubt they’d get rid of them all together.

  8. It breaks my heart to cancel.. had this box a couple years. Get both the trend and classic. And a trendsetter for my sister also!! I like a couple products like the Garnier rose cream, but I don’t need a cheap bag or more foil samples I can get for free at Walmart or CVS. Plus I should be first on the list not last!! Never used to take this long!!

    • How do you get samples for free at Walmart and CVS? I was disappointed with all the foil samples in this box. I hate the bag….the quality isn’t there.

  9. This bag was the cheapest thing ever…took it out the box unzipped it and couldn’t get it zipped back up. Went straight to trash. I use to think why do people complain, it’s only $5 bucks every 3 months but honestly, this was laughable…like they want to see how bad does have to get for people to cancel. Like an experiment on us rats…well I’m out.

    • Yasss girl!! Couldn’t have said it better myself!! Maybe the director quit since the bags have gone downhill?

    • Me too cancelled. I’ve been waiting for a year for products to improve and they are just getting worse. When I first started it was amazing full size products so great value. Now I’ll just use my $5 and buy sample sizes on my own in the store and get much more!

    • LOL <3

    • I came here to see what’s up. If Walmart had stepped it up since last year? Was thinking about resubbing but I guess not. I know it’s only $5 but it’s $20 per year. Now I don’t feel guilty about the $ when I buy an ipsy offer that I really want. Or a Target box I want. At least those are choices. With Walmart, you never know… I got the same exact things 3 boxes in a row except the last one only had foil packets and was not even worth $2.

      • I finally cancelled, not worth $5 for me. I can buy more in the travel beauty section of store than the foil packets and constant repeat items I recieved in last year of Walmart box. I have IPSY for bags, don’t need an inferior one from Walmart.

  10. Got the trendsetter box today with everything spoiled here except the lip patch. Instead I received a Freeman catus and cloudberry water gel mask. Thought I would like the bag, but honestly, it looks kinda cheap and smells funny – like a chemical. Don’t think I’ll be keeping it.

    • I got everything here except the lip mask too, instead I got an itty bitty Curel sample packet like, the size of a quarter. Not to mention they double charged me!!!

  11. Hi
    I just canceled, I was hoping for new products to try. I tried that lip mask it was horrible. I like the target boxes and feel like I get a good assortment of items.

  12. My posts always disappear 🙁 I give up 🙁

  13. This box for me may not be the greatest, but it is 5.00, I mean shipping would probably be 4.00, so basically it is free. So, if I can find one product a year, that I love it is pretty well worth the 5.00. I guess I am pretty easy to please, I figure I can always trade or give away what I won’t use. I really don’t expect a 40.00 box for 5.00.

    • Amen! My thoughts too!

  14. I totally forgot that I don’t have an active credit card on file with them! Lucky me!! I like the way one person put it – I’d rather put the $5.00 towards something else!

  15. Wow, it’s difficult to understand why so many complaints over a $5 box. Chronic malcontents? I love this box even with some foil samples. I mean, what do ppl expect? They are probably losing money on the box itself in Hope’s of giving ppl a chance to test products before buying the full size. Seriously, I can find $5 in my sofa to cover the incredibly expensive cost. 😮

  16. I’m tired of the foil samples. This used to be great, now it’s awful. I can barely make use of any of the foil samples since it’s such a small amount of any given product. And thanks to Ipsy I have plenty of make-up bags, this is just silly. Finally canceling.

  17. As someone who doesn’t get a lot of beauty items or bathroom things in general, I love this box lol. It introduced me to my toothpaste and once I got a full stick of deodorant right when I needed one. Another time I got a sweet razor and my sister absolutely loved it. The samples I don’t use are fantastic little additions to gifts and such, so I actually super love this little cheap box.

    • Me too for the same reasons.

    • That’s what we all use to get but the past 3 boxes have been these exact products repeatedly. No full size deodorants, no toothpaste, no nothing……

  18. No FOMO here. I cancelled so many subs and so far not sorry.

    • FOMO?

      • Fear of missing out

      • Oh, no wonder I didn’t know what that meant; I’ve never had that disease! Hahaha! Ty for the explanation.

  19. Is there some way to choose if you receive Trendsetter or Classic box? I logged in to my account and saw that I received Trendsetter box in the fall. I don’t remember choosing one or the other when signing up.

    • It depends on the date of birth in your profile.

    • Yeah just change your birth date. When I signed up I was getting the “classic” box but then coming here to check out the trend box and liking the “trend” box better so I just subtracted 10 years from my age and now I get the trend box.

  20. My credit card that’s on file with them is up next month and I won’t be adding a new one. Unless I hear in the future that they have improved or get as good as Targets I won’t be renewing. Tired of the same old, same old.

    • A lot of companies get payment info automatically updated, I wouldn’t count on an expired card as a form of cancellation. There’s a cancel option on their site.

  21. I do not like all the foil samples either!

  22. I like the raindrop bag, but nothing else looks exciting. I’m avoiding getting foil samples since they just sit around. I got that same lip mask in another box (can’t remember which, Target maybe?) and it was horrible. I like the price but should probably cancel.

    • I ended up getting some Panteen hair ampoule stuff which actually seems to work nice. Apparently it’s supposed to be a replacement for conditioner to be rinsed out in a minute, but I left it in overnight and rinsed in the morning – my hair looks a lot nicer today than normal, so good there! I was a bit disappointed with my box at first glance so I’m glad to find something that works. (especially as it isn’t a brand I ever would have picked up on my own, as Pantene shampoo has never worked for me before.) I got some moisturizer which I can always use, and a unicorn face mask which I have been wanting to try. Other than that it was all foil packets, and the bag was very cheaply made. But it was only $5, so not bad for that.

  23. Hmm, it’s all usable stuff, but so boring! I thought this was supposed to be a way for brands to get their new products out for people to try. There is nothing new here!

  24. I really like the inclusion of the makeup bag this season. These items are perfect for traveling as well!

    • I agree! I also get Ipsy and this bag is way better quality. I’ve been using it in my work purse everyday!

    • It seems like a good value to me. I’ve been getting this box for years and everything is very useable and great for my weekend trips. You can’t beat it for only 5 bucks.

  25. Canceled my TWO subs to this! The last thing I need is more Curel, Aveeno, Olay and Softsoap!

  26. I think the bag is cute . I have received all these samples before but I did use all of them so I don’t mind!

  27. Stocking a camper with HBA necessities isn’t cheap. The WM boxes generally did this with sample bottles of everything we needed.

    Trying to open foil packets with wet hands in a shower the size of a capsule doesn’t work! Sadly I must cancel.

  28. Just canceled my subscription. I’m not a fan of the bag, and the samples aren’t that exciting for me. Compared to my Boxycharm, Ipsy and Birchbox boxes, this box just doesn’t tickle my fancy.

  29. I was pretty patient with them but “COME ON”, do they think putting the same crappy samples in a crappy bag makes a difference??? I’ve reached my breaking point with them, just cancelled both accounts.

  30. How do you know if you are getting Classic box or Trendsetter box? Is there some way to choose? When are these usually shipped out?

  31. I just canceled! Thanks for posting this.

  32. Extremely happy I cancelled. Think about it this way….$5 is one fifth of IGBP, you get five sometimes six items in GBP, one of those items is at least worth twenty times more than this entire box lol I’d rather put the five bucks towards IGBP any day!

    • That’s a really good way to look at it. Instead of “it’s just $5,” that $5 could be used toward something much better.

  33. Wow. I know it’s Walmart, but jesus…this is terrible. It looks like my junk drawer full of sample packets from Sephora orders. At least those were free.

  34. Canceled. Not worth $2. My Pinch Me box is better.

  35. Yeah the boxes from target are 2 dollars more and come with coupon. After the last wait for fall box i believe that didn’t even come by the time winter time boxes should of been going out i cancelled and i am not looking back even though this doesn’t look that bad. Always tons of foil samples which I can get free.

  36. Easy pass. Looks like a lot of old stock.

  37. This only reinforces why I cancelled- do they actively dislike consumers outside of the ‘Trendsetter’ demographic?? The ‘Classic’ boxes are always so inferior to the ‘Trendsetter’ boxes

  38. These are a lot of past box items and the foil hair mask I received as a free sample several times. I hope I canceled now I have to go check.

  39. So happy I canceled.

    • Thanks for posting. I am canceling. The boxes get worse every month. I have enough makeup bags from IPSY. I can buy more with my $5 in the travel size beauty items section of the store.

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