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GlossyBox Subscription Review + Coupon – January 2019

Glossybox January 2019

GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription box. They have the best packaging in the business, their products are usually a deluxe size or full size, and the value is usually good too.

Glossybox January 2019 open box

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

FYI: GlossyBox sends out multiple variations of the box during some months. So, there may be some variation between what I review and what you receive.

Glossybox January 2019 all contents

About This Box

The Subscription Box: GLOSSYBOX

The Cost: $21 a month (save more with 6-month or annual subscription)

LIMITED TIME DEAL: Use coupon code JAN20 to save 20% off any length subscription!

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty products.

Ships to: US and Canada

GlossyBox January 2019 Review

Glossybox January 2019 booklet Glossybox January 2019 boooklet greeting Glossybox January 2019 product list

Each box comes with a fold-out card detailing the items included.

Glossybox January 2019 giftcard back Glossybox January 2019 discound postcard  

This month also came with a wine gift card from Naked Wines and a promo for a beauty bag with purchase from SkinStore.

Wanna see what’s inside? Let’s go!

Glossybox January 2019 zea wipes Glossybox January 2019 zea wipes back

ZEA Makeup Remover Wipes With Rose Hip Essential Oil – Estimated Value $1.46 (Buy 10 packs of 10 wipes for $14.59)

(All subscribers get this item.)

I love makeup remover wipes because sometimes I just don’t feel like actually washing my face. I know this is a terrible habit, especially for a skincare junkie! While I love that these have rosehip oil and smell herbal and amazing, they didn’t do a great job at actually removing my makeup without extra effort. These might be a good choice for after cleansing, as almost more of a toning step.

Glossybox January 2019 slice sheet mask Glossybox January 2019 slice sheet mask back

Kocostar Lemon Slice Mask – Retail Value $5.00

(All subscribers get this item.)

This is actually the third of this type of mask I have gotten in a box since the beginning of 2019. I admittedly am just not into the slice mask format, and I much more prefer a full mask. That being said, the serum in this one was really refreshing! It had a pleasant lemon scent and was very cooling. It also made me feel like summer is closer than it actually is! I wish they sold this same serum in a full sheet, as I would absolutely be buying more!

Glossybox January 2019 pelette Glossybox January 2019 palette closed Glossybox January 2019 open palette Glossybox January 2019 palette back info

Sleek Makeup Highlighting Palette in Distorted Dreams – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $14.99

(All subscribers get this item.)

This little highlighter palette is really pretty! It has three creams and 2 powder options in various shades of pink, blue, green, blue, and opal. They are all incredibly sheer and subtle, making this a nice and affordable choice for someone who usually goes for more natural highlighters but wants to experiment. I personally love using formulas like this in the summer for that perfect dewy look with very little effort. Each of these shades could also double as incredibly sheer and luminous eyeshadows.

Glossybox January 2019 swatches

The colors are more vibrant in person, but hard to capture in a photo because the color comes from the iridescence!

Glossybox January 2019 differin gel in package Glossybox January 2019 differin gel Glossybox January 2019 differin gel back of tube Glossybox January 2019 differing gel detail Glossybox January 2019 differin gel back of package

Differin Adapalene Gel 1.0% Acne Treatment, 0.5 oz – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $12.98

(This is a variant item.)

I haven’t had an acne problem for a really long time (#blessed) but I have heard good things about this gel. I was happy to pass it along to a friend with a teenage son who is at that age where acne is literally awful and hard to manage. I hope that it can help him out a little!

Glossybox January 2019 cream Glossybox January 2019 cream back info Glossybox January 2019 cream detail

Avant Skincare Deluxe Hyaluronic Acid Vivifying Face and Eye Night Cream, 50 ml – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $134.00

(All subscribers get this item.)

Oh, man, do I love a night cream. Bad day? Night cream. Angry skin? Night cream. Feeling old? Night cream. You get it! This one smells beautifully of flowers and ocean salt. It is a medium weight and absorbed very easily. It has a healthy dose of Hyaluronic acid, which is basically a skin moisture bomb. Did I mention the smell? Swoon! My skin was super soft when I woke up and ready for makeup without a primer. Do I think this is a $134 night cream? Probably not. The ingredients are solid, but that is a ton of cash for a smaller tube with relatively simple packaging. I still consider this a more than excellent addition to my night cream shelf.

Verdict: GlossyBox gave me a high-quality night cream, which already makes this month a winner for me. In addition, I also received a really cute and versatile highlighter palette, a sheet mask, and some acne gel that made a randomly thoughtful little gift. While not every item is my absolute favorite, you can’t deny the value this month. For $21 this box held a retail value of approximately $168.43. If you hate night creams (WHY?!) I could see this box possibly being a miss this month since that is where the bulk of the value comes from.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! If you sign up in the month of January, this will be your first box!

LIMITED TIME DEAL: Use coupon code JAN20 to save 20% off any length subscription!

Value Breakdown: At $21.00 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Wipes $0.18
  • Lemon Mask $0.62
  • Differin $1.62
  • Highlighter Palette $1.87
  • Night Cream $16.71

Alternatively, each item in this box has an average cost of $4.20.

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What’s your favorite item form this month’s GlossyBox


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Written by Megan


I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

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Comments (36)

  1. For anyone curious about the skinstore coupon I put in an order on Tue. There was an item I was needing to repurchase anyway so I got that and a few other small items for free shipping and added my free gift coupon. My box just arrived today (very quick) and I opened up my gift and I was so disappointed. I have A LOT (like obscene amounts) of beauty stuff but my first thought was how is it possible that I already have every item they sent me. Then I look at the bag and realize it says Glossybox on it… So technically no lies, but they did make it seem like it was a free gift from the skinstore when it is actually a free gift from Glossybox of past box items. I don’t know if every bag will be the same but I got:
    Perfect Formula pink gel coat
    Jeanne Arthes L’eau de rose
    Emite Makeup Lip and Cheek tint (the tube does not look new)
    Dr. Paw Paw Balm
    Korres twist eyeshadow
    manna kaddar glo illuminator
    Figs & Rouge avance mattifying emulsion MT+sheer
    la therorie des volcans noir eternae mask scrub

    Added up the value is teeeechnically there but they really should have been clear that it was past box items and also… manna kaddar. I try not to complain about things that are free and I am not disparaging the actual items individually but I definitely would have made my purchase elsewhere were it not for the “gift.”

    • Hmmm. Interesting. I waited until the last minute (last night) and was trying to find something to purchase. It’s really overwhelming because they have so many items. I finally found some things, and when I tried to check out, it wouldn’t accept my coupon code. Then I realized that I hadn’t logged in yet. The offer was supposed to be for *new* SkinStore customers, I think, and I was new, so I created an account and then, without me even doing anything, it popped up with a message saying that I was getting a bag worth $170 (not $145!) for being a Glossybox member. So I don’t know what to expect! So I don’t know if I’m getting something different or something “better” than what others got, or if it was just a misprint (or false advertising).

    • Yep, that is the same thing I got, and they said that mine was worth $170, not $145, so I thought maybe I would get an extra item or something. Yes, I also thought that the gift would be from the Skinstore, so I was envisioning getting like 3 nice, higher value items. Oh well, I am happy enough with what I got, frankly, even if it was a bit misleading.

  2. Instead of the Differin gel for acne, what was the variat item?

    I think reviews should state what the other product that shipped was, with a photo.

    Also, do they send items randomly? I’d be a bit miffed if I received acne gel at my august age.


    • I’m 47 and still battle acne.
      I think the variant item was a mini micro scrubber or something like that. It showed on my brochure but wasn’t in my box.

    • There is a photo of the additional item in the product list/booklet shot. They generally will take a photo of all the possible items and include it in the booklet that everyone gets. Maybe in the future, I can see if we can take a closer up photo for clarification.:) Since I didn’t get that variant item, I am sadly unable to photograph it. I wish you could pick between variant too, but that isn’t a feature. Would be awesome though! I am also blessed to not suffer from acne, but even my mom still does! I guess its more of a skin type thing than an age thing.

  3. Megan, loving the reviews. Great pics too!

    • Thanks so much! <3

  4. I’m really on the fence about keeping the highlighter versus swapping it. I don’t use highlighter, but I wouldn’t mind trying, I guess, and I like that this says it is metallic and Megan says it is iridescent. Normally I would open the box and take a peek, but this box is sealed shut, so then it would no longer be considered “new” for swapping purposes. Ugh! Any advice?

    • To me, it is far too sheer to be a metallic. There are some metallic flakes in there but then I think metallic I think chrome. This is incredibly subtle and sheer.

      • Thank you, Megan! I think I will put it up for swap, even though there are already dozens up for swap.

  5. I was a bit disappointed that the palette was made in China. Glossybox is one of the more expensive subs and brands itself as offering “luxury” brands so I expect better from them.

  6. Did anyone try the skinstore coupon? Didn’t work for me.

  7. Thank you for the review! After reading it this morning, I ordered this box with the discount code just for that night cream. What a steal!

  8. JAN20 just worked for me at 5:54 pm EST

    • Thank you for putting that out there. When I tried earlier it said it was expired. I just subscribed 😁.

  9. Nothing really to add but that I loved your review! Thanks for the close up pics of the creams I’ve had this box for a few weeks but haven’t had the chance to really test the products out. Now I know what to expect.

    • Thanks so much Jenn! We always try to get you the most info! I am glad you enjoyed. 🙂

  10. I loved this month’s box… My only slight disappointment is I did not receive the Differin Gel. Instead, I received the Daily Concept Facial Scrubber, which I do not use at all. It’s no biggie, though… my mom was happy to receive the scrubber and I enjoy all of the other items. My husband gifted me a yearly Glossybox sub, for Christmas. I’m very appreciative for this gift. 🙂

    • Do you know if you received variation #1 or #2? My account says #1. Thanks!

    • Let me know if you want to swap for the Differin Gel, I don’t need it as I’m on Tretinoin. I’m still waiting to get on the swap list. My email address is fkirby at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  11. I ordered this on Tuesday and I bought the 6 month sub with the coupon. It came out to $14.80 per box and it is unbeatable price for full sized products even if some aren’t as suitable for me.

    • That is a bargain for this box!

      • Definitely! The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the Differin gel since I’m already on Tretinoin but that’s such a small portion of the over $160 retail value. I’m loving your swatches of the highlighter! And, I ordered the AmorePacific Limited box too, I love K-beauty and the one AmorePacific product I got my DH fell in love with. I’m currently obsessed with Laneige lip mask and I haven’t tried anything else from their line. Your review gave me FOMO 😀

        Off topic, all of you reviewers need to do a shelfie post, it must be epic! 😛 Although, maybe you have to give away a lot since you review so many subs.

      • Oh man, that Amore Pacific box is probably in my top 3 of all boxes EVER. I would get it every month if I could and just slather myself in the products constantly.

        The shelfie idea is genius Flora! Let me pass it along to the team and see if we can put something like that together sometime. Thanks for the kind words and for reading my reviews. I really appreciate it!

      • Thank you Megan! That would be awesome, you can even take turns and do mini reviews of the items that you liked so much that are “worthy” of being on your shelves!

  12. Just FYI the 20% Code is no longer valid… I still ordered this box! Because Basically it’s like trying a really expensive night cream for $22.95, a FRACTION of the price. I need nothing right now, but I love giving away things I feel like I pretty much got for free… I have 2 daughters, 5 nieces, 2 sisters, and 3 sister in laws, a mom, and a mother in law. Sometimes these giveaways score me free wine and food 👍🍷

    • Awesome. So many female relatives. I collect a lot of what I don’t want or need ( and haven’t swapped) and each year at a holiday gathering I sort everything and I make a kind of game out of it, each young lady takes a turn picking one item out at a time. I have a daughter, three nieces all in their 20’s, one in her 30’s, then two younger sisters and a mom. They look forward to it each year.

    • I always have tons of gifts and it makes me so happy! My mom is also now a skincare junkie! Sorry about the coupon! We got it from them and absolutely expected more of a window. Hopefully a better one will appear next month!

  13. I just tried to use the coupon and it said ” discount code expired n 25 January 2019 17:00″

    • That’s odd considering it’s not even that date/time yet….at least in the US….

      • That’s just it, when I called customer service I asked where glossy box was located and since there in the UK it was already 5pm at the time MSA posted this. Oh well, who knew, right!

      • Typo “they’re”

  14. “I love makeup remover wipes because sometimes I just don’t feel like actually washing my face. I know this is a terrible habit, especially for a skincare junkie!”
    I can relate to this 🤣😁😆

    Great review, Megan!
    I love how you add the cream texture in the picture now!

    • I mean, we still look good, right?! Thanks for reading and leaving me a comment that made me smile!

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