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NewBeauty TestTube January 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

We have full spoilers for the January 2019 NewBeauty TestTube Box! (Thanks for the heads up, Callmeinge!)

Each box will include:

Based on the images, I’m including size info as well:

What do you think of the NewBeauty TestTube spoilers?

If you are interested in signing up for New Beauty Test Tube, it is $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping. Ships every other month.

NewBeauty TestTube

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (76)

  1. Am I the only one who thought the vitamin C would be a *skincare* item? I never clicked on the link when I saw the spoilers, and now that I received the box I feel stupid for ordering it. That item was actually what mainly attracted me initially, but why would I neef a vit C supplement – it’s very easy to get it from food.

    • *need

  2. I am beginning to love this sub. I was delighted with the Nov. one and just received Jan. box today. The vitamin C serum will be used up, and the vitamin C and Lumify will too! I do need a new charcoal toothpaste, so just in time. Oh the balm looks great for my dry winter skin and the oil cleanser is also what I need for a double cleanse. I am not sure about the Pumpkin Turmeric Polishing Mask but it looks inviting. I just ran out of my Emergencee packets so will give these lypo_spheric vitamin C packets a go. They may become my new vitamin C supplement.Heck, I’m a sheet mask junkie so Mask Me will be added to my vast selection. There is also a hair moisturizer for those who air dry: me! As for the little Birdie I have no clue how to use it but there are instructions and it will be useful to pop in my purse. So the conclusion is that every one of these ten products will be used, most definitely! I can’t say that about any other beauty sub. that I receive. You get your money’s worth and more: the informative booklet and collectible tube which can be used for storing beauty products, pens, pencils or whatever will fit in. So there are overall eleven beautiful and useful items. Thanks, New Beauty Testube!

  3. I just received my January box, and WOW!!! This is my new favorite subscription, I just signed up on Black Friday and got the November box, I’m so impressed by the items and value. Recently canceled Boxycharm to sub to this one instead and so happy I did!!!

  4. Hi Nicole, thanks for answering our questions. I am receiving the Jan. box but cancelled sort of by mistake. How do I resub without the funds being taken out before the next box in March?

  5. Received my box today. The Lopo-spheric vitamin c is a box of thirty. The box included a bonus face mask. Very pleased with everything in the box. For a box every two months @around $40.00, I feel the value for the products is very much worth it.

    • Got mine today too. Fantastic value. This is my third box from them and I will continue to subscribe.

      • This is a fantastic value. Best box

      • Got mine today also and they do have a great box been with them for awhile now and love there boxs such a great value.

  6. I had planned to cancel for January, too many subs, just got an email they have already billed for it. Do they always bill this early? I’m sure I will love the tube, was just a little surprised at how early it was billed.

    • I could have written the same letter.

      Does anyone else have a big problem with their customer service? I goofed when I enrolled and didn’t given email address so the only way I can reach them is by phone. They promised to phone me and give me a password and email access (TWICE!) and didn’t do it.

      • I think their cs is great! I have had to phone them twice. When I first signed up I never got a confirmation so called them and they were very helpful and figured out I put an “I” in my email instead of an “o”. She fixed it over the phone made sure she sent me a confirmation and gave me my account number. The other time was just a question I had but again very helpful. This sub is great!!

      • I completely agree, their cs has always been fantastic for me.

      • Try to contact them on Instagram if you have access to that. I had a question about my account so I emailed them and got no response for days. I finally sent a DM on IG and got an almost an instant response.

  7. I have never been disappointed in this sub, they sent me an item once that wasn’t listed, and left out one of the items that I really wanted to try. I emailed them and they mailed me the missing item pronto. The value is undeniable!

  8. I really like this but I’m having a very difficult time getting over $8.95 for shipping.

    • I’ve been getting this box for about a year now and it is worth every penny. To me, it’s about $20/ month…and it is 100% worth that. If they didn’t charge the shipping then the price of the box would just go up to cover it. It would be like the FFF box lowering their price to $39.99 but charging $10 shipping. Would a million people still get it? Yes…because it is a $50 box. So this is a $40 box. You either want it or you don’t.

    • Just think of it as a $40 subscription box.

      Also, someone asked about coupons earlier – there are never coupons for this box.

    • It’s worth every penny and then some. I just need to decide whether or not to cancel my second subscription for January. I got it to get an extra Perricone serum … do I really need 2 more Perricone serums in January?! Undecided.

      • I’m in the same boat I hate that shipping cost otherwise I would have no problem thinking of pausing this time around because of the holiday.Wish they had free shipping.

      • Hi Michelle,
        My name is Nicole and I’m part of the TestTube team from NewBeauty!
        I wanted to clarify that the Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Brightening Serum in the January tube is different from the Perricone MD High Potency Classics: Face Firming Serum from November. They are both amazing products and can be used to complement each other.
        Hope you love them as much as we do!

      • I’m looking forward to January box. One thing in the November box I can’t use. The smell and taste of the two lip balms is awful. Wish it was better because I liked the texture.

    • Same here. Unless there is a tax-based reason that they split out the two fees, they really should just make it a $40 box and let us soak that in.

    • Nicole, the shipping was a big hurdle for me too. I am getting Jan because I really want the Perricone MD and so the value is there for me but I will have to see how it goes if I continue getting them.

  9. Do I have to reorder or do they automatically bill me? Thanks!

    • If you were signed up last month and didn’t cancel, then yes, you should automatically be getting this months.

      • Thanks for answering Pamela!

  10. Note to self: I thought you were moving green & organic but now you want Dr. Perricone’s Vitamin C? Okay… go ahead and buy.

    • Same here! That was my goal as well but this is just too tempting. Lots of good reviews. I hope it works for me because I swear I see a new little brown spot on my face every week. Today I found one on my upper eyelid!

  11. Looks like a good box!

  12. That lipospheric vitamin c is AMAZING but I dont know how anyone could truly reap the benefits from only one or two packets. I use it any time my daughter gets sick and it helps my immune system tremendously. But it requires a regular dosage to see the benefits.

    • Hi Alexis,
      My name is Nicole and I’m on the TestTube team from NewBeauty!
      Excited to share that the January tube comes with a full-month’s supply (30 packets) of LivOn’s Lypho-Spheric Vitamin C!

      • Wow, so excited for this box! I’m thinking about buying a second one;) best 38 spent!

      • Wow, it does! Thanks for letting me know, Nicole now I’ll be signing up!

      • So glad it is a full sippy. All signed up

  13. Will the Beauty Report winter 2018 box be coming out this month?

    • Hi Ellie,
      My name is Nicole and I’m on the TestTube team from NewBeauty!
      We release our limited-edition BeautyReport Boxes twice per year – once in the Spring and again in the Fall. We also have our limited-edition Awards Box that comes out each Summer. Keep checking in – they are going to be better than ever!
      Have a great weekend,

  14. When is billing for this box? I’ve been emailing them for the last month and a half, no reply which is rare since they used to reply to my messages within a few days before

    • These boxes don’t normally sell out, you can just order one whenever you are ready to pay.

      • Will do, thanks for the onfo!

    • Hi there,
      My name is Nicole and I’m on the TestTube team from NewBeauty.
      Your card should be charged today, and your tube will begin shipping on December 21.
      Can’t wait to hear what you think of the January tube!!
      Have a great weekend,

      • Do you guys Send us a email and let us know prior before you guys bill us? And Do you guys normally bill this early, so I know. Thank you

  15. Super excited! I love NewBeauty boxes, always have, but I love them even more now since they rebranded themselves! I can’t wait to see what their Limit Edition boxes may be like now too!

    • Do they have Limited addition boxes, often or perhaps one coming up that you know of?

      • They have their Beauty Report boxes, which I believe come out 4 times a year? Also, they have their Awards box, but I think this one is only one time a year. This isn’t definite, just out of what I remember.. They are amazing!

      • Hi Izzy,
        My name is Nicole and I’m on the TestTube team from NewBeauty.
        We have 3 limited-edition boxes that release each year. BeautyReport Box drops in the Spring and Fall and the Awards Box comes out each Summer. The 2019 boxes are going to be better than ever!
        Have a great weekend,

      • Hi Nichole. I have a couple of questions for you guys at team test tube beauty but no body ever emails me back!?

      • Hi Izzy,
        I am happy to help answer any questions you have! Kindly shoot an email to [email protected] or DM @NB.TestTube and we’ll get right back to you!
        Thanks so much!

  16. Any coupons Liz? I’d love to sign up!

    • I have no idea why it wasn’t posted, but it’s currently $10 off to sign up now, so that takes care of a little more than shipping this first tube. Just click the link and you should see.

      • I’m not seeing any $10 off ?
        Can I be missing it some how?

      • I’ve never seen discounts or coupons on this. Not saying there never is but I looked really hard the first few times I ordered it. I also am not seeing any sort of $10 off.

      • Ok thank you.
        So do you know if I sign up now, when they will charge me? I’m thinking it will be January? I was really wanting the last box but when I called them a few weeks ago they told me they were sold out of October’s Novembers Box

      • Pretty sure when you sign up for the first time, it’s right away, even if the box isn’t quite ready to be shipped. Then unless you cancel, you’ll get charged again in about two months. Probably toward the end of the month of February. But I’m not totally sure about the timing of the next charge.

      • On some of the previous reviews there is a discount offered for new subscribers and there was an offer for 10$ off your first box but I missed that, wish I had known.

      • You know, I vaguely remember that, but I also vaguely remember not finding a spot on their website to enter any sort of code, lol.
        But I readily admit sometimes I just look right past those code lines.
        I swear they try to hide them!

      • I went to the email they sent me. The emails have links to articles. One of the articles is about receiving ten dollars off your first box. When you click on the that link it leads you to their website application for the box. At the bottom right hand corner when you review the sign up it shows the cost of your first box minus the ten dollars

      • I found the code, but where does it go?? I don’t see any promo line on the page.

      • What is the promo code?

      • Just looked closer and reviews show it isn’t working 🙁

      • To get the 10 dollars off your first box, you have to sign up for thier email. They will eventually send you this offer.

  17. I’m pretty excited about that little Birdie – it looks adorable and I love having cute things like that, but feel silly buying them for myself.

    This and BeautyFix are my faves, makes everything else pale in comparison.

    • I totally agree! And I am most excited for the birdie!

      • I literally just bought 6 of those cute birdie hand sanitizers this week to give each of my kids, husband & myself for all of our cars. I just read about them recently and it said they’re supposed to be really great!

  18. I am super happy with its low prescription price it is worth every penny !


    • I wish I had ordered another!

  19. Holy smack! Now this is an amazing box. I’m so happy to MSA for pointing me towards this subscription. I signed up for the Nov/Dec box which was incredible and now this box looks even better! This box is becoming number 1 in my book.

    • Yay! Glad you found this box + love it! 🙂

  20. Not a bad box, but I have a vitamin C serim coming from the Allure deal, one in my Ipsy bag, plus I bought a serim on the Pop Sugar sale. I’m set on serim for a while. So I canceled for the next box.

    • This box didn’t really excite me. Think I’m going to pause for this month with Xmas coming up did want to try the Perricone.

  21. 2 Perricone Serums in a row? I don’t love it all, but there are things I wouldn’t mind trying.
    On second thought, I’ll probably use it all. But all that serum plus last months, it’ll last for years!

  22. I was actually just thinking earlier today when we will get any news from New Beauty, but I don’t know, this doesn’t seem to do anything for me…

  23. Happy with the Tube 🥰

  24. I’m excited! I am also curious as to how the vitamin C stacks up against the Sunday riley. Also, it looks like that healing balm is .5 oz, which retails for $30. Not too shabby

    • For those who are into that kinda thing, the doctor rogers website just pointed out that this healing balm was ~”as seen in goop”~

      • The hearing balm is nice it was reviewed here by Liz in Aug/Sep Love Goodly box, I have the balm and it’s a good multipurpose balm. I’m glad I received it then and goop featuring it wouldn’t matter since I tried it and like it.

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