Rachel Zoe Box of Style Winter 2018 Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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box of style

We have the full spoilers for the Winter 2018 Box of Style! Annual subscribers can make their choice selection and shop the boutique now!

Here are the full spoilers:

box of style

rachel zoe box of style

Luv AJ Exclusive Marquise Diamond Disc Statement Ring –  Retail Value $85

“The holiday season demands some sparkle! I’ve given you the choice of yellow or rose gold plating for this stunning stacked ring with crystal accents” -RZ

  • Members choose between rose gold and yellow gold
  • Take the guesswork out of jewelry layering with this pre-stacked piece.

rachel zoe box of style

Jules Kae Exclusive Vegan Leather Tote – Retail Value $150

“I love wearing light colors in the winter when everyone else is wearing darker hues, so I’ve selected a beautiful pale pink vegan leather tote that you can wear to work, for travel, or running errands. It’s the perfect accessory for your winter wardrobe.” -RZ

rachel zoe box of style

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil – Retail Value $105

“Winter is so harsh on your skin, I chose this overnight oil that completely revitalizes your complexion while reducing redness. It truly provides visible results and I couldn’t be more obsessed with this product.” -RZ

  • Combat fine lines and wrinkles, even texture and reduce the appearance of pore
  • This cruelty-free product is formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates.

rachel zoe box of style

Amika Dream Smoothing Balm – Retail Value $25

“Who doesn’t need a multi-purpose hair product that not only hydrates, but protects against environmental damage, frizz and heat styling? The lightweight cream also provides hold without stiffness — it’s the ultimate secret weapon.” – RZ

  • Apply to damp hair before blowing out for a smooth sleek look.
  • Run a dime-size dollop from mid-shaft to ends to separate and hold soft waves

rachel zoe box of style

Eddie Borgo The Soho Watch Exclusive – Retail Value $115
“My forever favorite trend-metallics-is bigger than ever, so I collaborated on the design of this elegant rose gold watch to add luxury to all of your ensembles. Wear it alone for a sleek statement or layer it with bangles for a head-turning effect.”-RZ

  • Do as Rachel does and mix rose gold with gold and silver jewelry for a fashion-
    forward look.
  • Eschew your usual bracelet for this luxe and functional piece.

What do you think of the Winter Box of Style spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA15 to save $15 off your first box!

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  1. This box feels light to me, but I think it’s because two of the items aren’t practical for me. I’m an annual subscriber so getting it either way. I can’t use face oils because I have rosacea, sensitive skin, and acne, and very few skin products don’t make me break out. The ring looks nice, but I barely ever wear rings, nonetheless the stacked look. I do like the look of the bag even though I prefer leather, and the watch looks nice. I really like Amika hair products, so happy to give that a try. I’ve already received a couple of swap request for the Luna oil, so that’s promising! Hoping someone wants to swap for the ring. I’ve linked to my swap profile just in case!

    • Ring broke when pulling off my size 7 ring finger

  2. Does anyone know where you pick the ring color? Can you pick a ring size?

    • Under My Account and Make Selection.

      • Thanks!!!

  3. I love Sunday Riley…but this particular product has such an awful smell to me…I had to get rid of the rest of my sample from Allure. That and I’m over “vegan leather” bags…not even tempted to get this box. The watch is nice, but I’m getting one from Luxor this month.

  4. Does anyone know what the bag looks like on the inside? I wasn’t able to fine any pics online.

  5. I will buy this in a heartbeat if there’s a coupon for $30-$40 off. Holding out for (hopefully) a black friday deal.

    • SAME!!

    • Yes! Me too! Eddie (Borgo) and I were close growing up before his family moved away!

      • that’s so cool! met him once, cool guy!!

      • Wow, that’s so cool!

  6. Happy Holidays to me!! Lol. I am chronically ill with fibromyalgia and Lymes disease. This Luna Oil is amazing for the redness in my complexion. It takes away the red, heat, and itchiness. It is a RELIEF! I hope no one reading this needs this relief but if you do this Luna Oil might be the answer!!

    • I unfortunately need that relief too!!! I have spent so much money on different skin products that I’m at the point of being fine with paying more if it means some relief. I have several chronic/autoimmune illnesses as well, including Behcets disease and fibromyalgia. Thank you for sharing that it helps you 🙂

    • Me too, unfortunately. I have AS and other autoimmune diseases. The redness is a constant issue, and I’ve been looking forever for a serum or oil for it!

    • I will swap you for this oil! I have hashimoto disease and I know how much you feel with issues. I’m on swap site. I’m looking for clutch from pop sugar n m box if you have it.

  7. ugh I want this box. Serious FOMO.

  8. I actually really like this box! I’ve been super disappointed with BoS for the last year+. It just wasn’t worth it for a Canadian, and the customer service was AWFUL. Has it gotten better? I really want to purchase the winter box when it goes on sale. I’m also not seeing a customization option right now.

  9. I really want the watch and ring, but not the oil, bag, or hair product. Anyone interested in doing a box split? It seems like it makes sense for the person getting the bag to order because that would be the most expensive item to ship.

    Email me at thoozie at gmail dot com if you want to work out a box split. 🙂

    • I’m still looking to box split. I want the watch and ring, but not the bag or hair stuff. I can go either way on the Luna oil. Email me at thoozie (at) gmail (dot) com if you want to work out a box split.

    • No longer looking for someone to split with.

    • I want oil+ bag+ hair product. We can split? Thank you

  10. It’s everyone’s personal choice what they use/wear but I will never understand the multitude of posts on all these spoiler pages being upset that thousands of animals weren’t killed for the big spoiler item.

    • Do you realize ze how much ground water is poisoned by PU production? This bag will never biodegrade and it will wear down and will need to be replaced way faster than any leather bag ever would. Cows are killed for food, leather is a byproduct, we might as well use the whole animal.

      • Cows used for their skin are different than cows used for your food, which are different than cows used for your milk.

    • Em-I am with you all the way!

    • But I’m already eating the cows. Why can’t I make bags out of the skin?

    • Girl you should know by now that everyone is triggered by everything now a days LOL Can’t make no body happy!

    • I’m with you too, Em!! ::yawn:: so tired of people saying ‘vegan leather isn’t a thing’. Fun fact – yes it is!

    • Nah! As a meat eater, I see this as using ALL parts of the animal! We shouldn’t be wasteful! As I type this, I’m eating some yummy gummy bears, which make Excellent use of the animals’ bones! Oh and then their’s glue, and…..
      FYI the “vegan leather” takes thousands of years to decompose, and the materials to make it pollute groundwater & rivers, among other things.

    • Good point leather = dead animals

  11. Liz can the watch be adjusted for small wrists? I have 5.5 inch wrists so everything over 6 inches is too large for me.

  12. Is anyone familiar with the brand of the tote? I often find vegan “leather” products to be overpoweringly smelly.

  13. Liz, is the RV of the tote $150 or $195? In the review it lists the RV as $150 but the 2 totes listed for swap both list RV as $195. I’m wondering why the substantial difference? Am I missing something? (always a possibility lol 🙂 )

    I wish MSA could add a feature where they control/initiate the original listings for swap items that are reviewed here so the correct prices, sizes and photos are used. I realize that would be a lot of work though.

    • There are two things that irk me…

      1. People who post items not on hand.
      They can’t wait to see spoilers just to list the items they don’t even have yet.

      2. The same people add on to the prices because they are the 1st to post these items. Then everyone else copy & pastes the WRONG prices.

      • My pev is the people who by up all the add-on’s just to relist/swap them at full price.. I hate it so much!!

      • I LOVE those that prelist spoilers on swaps before they have them in hand. That way, I have the option to work out a swap instead of buying a box. If I can’t prearrange the swap, I still have time to buy the box. This has helped me cut down on buying boxes.

    • On the BOS website it listed the bag @ $195.00 this morning and it is still listed that now.

      • Thank you for pointing that out Jennifer, I didn’t realize that. It must be a typo on here then.

      • It looks like BOS changed the RV of the tote to $150 o their website. My apologies to Liz, she was correct & it wasn’t a typo.

  14. Anyone want to do a box split with me? I want the watch and hair balm. The luna oil I could go either way. I don’t want the bag or ring at all.

    • I’m interested in the bag and ring!

      Email me at couronne.de.roses [at] gmail.com

      • Emailed you, hun!

    • I’ll buy the Luna oil from you if you want to split 3 ways! dddhokie yahoo

    • Im interested in the oil and bag…ring can swing either ways. Contact me on bindis79athotmail.com

  15. Very classy!! I would love it all….(hint hint Santa)

  16. I don’t like the rest of the box personally, but if anyone likes multiple things and is on the fence, the Luna oil is amazing. I have dry skin, prone to redness and can be sensitive, and anti-aging is a concern for me now that I’m in my mid-30s. The Luna oil made a noted difference in my skin within days, decreased my redness to a degree I’ve not had anything work that well. I ended up buying the full size at that price. This box is worth it for that alone IMO. Hope that helps someone out there! If anyone wants my before and after if my skin I did when I added the Luna in, I have a pic.

    • Cat I would love to see! I’ve been really considering trying it!

    • Thanks for sharing that! I really want to try the Luna oil and the rest are just wonderful additions!

  17. If it goes on a major sale I will get it for the Luna as it works for me and I am almost out. I’ll try to swap or gift everything else. I don’t wear watches, the tote looks cheap and too big, the ring looks cheesy, and the hair cream I have tried and it did nothing for my hair.

    • The Luna oil is the only thing that I do not want. Would you want to purchase from me?

      • Lindsay – im interested in the luna oil! Shoot me a message if you would like to sell it- dddhokie (at) yahoo

  18. Are these boxes likely to make it by Christmas if I wait for the black Friday deal?

    • Last year they didn’t make New Year for most people. So have backup ideas if you’re intending this for gifts or for you personally like if you make an outfit around the purse like last years clutches…

  19. At this price point I want real leather, not pleather!

    • I really wish the term “vegan leather” would die. It’s a petroleum product. Nothing environmentally friendly about it.

      • Bingo. It’s either leather or plastic.

      • I agree, it’s just “not leather” in any way.

      • Nothing leather about it, either.

  20. OH! I like it ALL. That hardly ever happens. I’ll be watching for the coupons on this one.

  21. How do I customize? I’ve been an annual subber since day 1, but I’m not finding a way to customize. Help! 🤪

    • Hi Rie! This is Box of Style Member Services! Visit http://www.boxofstyle.com/customize and you’ll be prompted to login. Be sure you’re logged in with the email address associated with your Annual subscription!

      Once logged in you should be able to make your selection. Note: This will only work for Annual VIP members today! If you’re a seasonal member who has been a member for 4 or more consecutive boxes, you’ll be able to select tomorrow (11/8). On Friday, 11/9 everyone will be able to select.

      If you’re still having trouble, please reach out to us here and we’ll look into your issue ASAP:

    • Just go to your account in the top left – and in the top box it’ll say make selection.

    • I had to login and go to my account. Once in my account, there was an option to make selections.

  22. What are the dimensions of the bag?

    And I don’t know if the watch will fit 6 inch wrists. I like love Eddie Borgo’s designs although this one is serene compared to most of his designs. I have two pair of his earrings I wear a lot and they are very good quality.

    If it goes on sale maybe but I am holding off for not.

    I will see what happens during Better Than Black Friday.

    • holding off for now I am mean. It is tempting though!

    • Bag: 16″ H x14″ W x 4.5″ D
      Cross-body strap 42″
      Watch: 32 mm case
      13 mm adjustable band

  23. I have always been interested in this box but I didn’t know if the items were, in fact, heavy and luxurious or inflated value items I would never actually wear or use. I do use the Luna oil and a trial size has lasted me forever and it’s almost gone so this would definitely be one I would consider!
    How much is the box typically discounted for Black Friday?

    • Sometimes it goes down to around 60$ for the box. If it doesn’t sell out…. =)

  24. Last year the box had more “holiday party” items, but was delivered too late for my party. I’ll be using those items this year. I’m very excited to use the clutch from last year.

    This is great, if it doesn’t make it in time, the items are good all year. Much better curation.
    I’m going to pass, I already have a pale pink tote that I’ve been carrying for the past year. Love it!

  25. Does anyone know when we will be billed for this box?

    • My account says I will be billed on the 10th. I am just seasonal, not annual

    • The 15th but I cancelled. I am going to hold out for a better deal.

      That Neiman Marcus one was a major splurge! But I don’t regret it one bit!

  26. Easy pass! At this price point I want real leather not pleather.

  27. I just received a years subscription from my husband for my 40th birthday and I love love all the luxe items! I have bought a couple random boxes in years past and I get many many compliments on my style….. Rachel Zoe you make me look good!
    I am super super excited about the Rose Gold watch *grins*

  28. Liz, do you know if the tote zips or snaps, or is it an open tote?

  29. Will there be add ons with this box ?

  30. Love this box. Never ordered before, but just signed up. I don’t see the customization option anywhere. I looked in my account and subscription info. I just sent them an email. 🙁

    • Hi Erica! This is the Box of Style Member Services team! You’ll be able to select on Friday, November 9th. Selection and add-ons are offered based off your Inner Circle status starting with our VIP Members today, our Style Insider Members (Members who have been with us 4+ continuous seasons) tomorrow, and Newest members on Friday! Check your My Account on Friday for a “Make Your Selection”!

    • I just signed up and it said new subscribers will be able to customize on Friday 9th.

      • Thank you! xoxo

      • Hi BostKim,
        I just signed up today as well for a seasonal and I don’t see where it shows the Nov 9th date to choose the ring color. Help!!

  31. So excited for this box. Now I am rethinking my PopSugar Neiman Marcus to get this one. I will use everything!

    • PS Neiman has been sold out for days.

      I like this box too though…

  32. FYI – Having just customized my box, you also get to choose between size S/M or M/L for the ring.

    • I just tried to customize and can’t find the link. I didn’t receive an email yet, so am wondering if it is because I’m seasonal and annuals get to customize first?

    • Did it say the dimensions for each of those choices?

      I like the rings but I have massive sausage fingers so they prob won’t fit. 🙁 I would like the luna oil and I might like the watch (though it would have been nice if we could choose gold on that too). I’m not interested in the tote, it’s not my style plus I forgot to cancel causebox so I just got a light colored one from them but I’m sure it will gift/swap well. If the box goes on sale I may bite.

      I’m not a fan of the lower quality “exclusives” this box always offers but the value is still there.

  33. I was thinking about canceling but I love the Luna. I have been using samples of it as my facial gua sha oil so it’s like getting all the other items for free!

  34. This all looks good. The only thing I don’t like is the Luv AJ ring. The ring itself is pretty, but the brand is very low quality. I’ve gotten it in FFF. Very cheap looking in person.

  35. Love it all! I’m sold

  36. Does anyone know the size of this tote?

  37. Thats a good box. I like everything!

  38. I actually like everything in this one. For $150 RV I think the tote should be leather, however. I’ll still try to swap for it if I don’t wind up buying this box.

    • I agree, I would definitely get this box if the tote were leather. $150 RV for pleather by a brand I’ve never heard of seems inflated to me.

      • I agree, I don’t like all the vegan leather stuff 🙁 I need a new tote, but that price for it…

  39. Definitely waiting for the sale! This is a must-have! I can gift the tote. Perfect!

  40. Finally excited about a box love the ring and watch, tote is cute too, not so much of a pink girl but I’ll give it a try, the products se new to me but always willing to try, i’ve never been disapointed with skin products.

  41. I would use everything except the smoothing balm.

  42. I’m totally in for this. Everything is my style and I love the luna oil. Has transformed my skin. Let the Christmas shopping begin!!!

  43. Would love this box,hope I can get it Black Friday!

    • Good point! They seem to always go on sale 🙂

      • How much off is this box usually on sale? I’ve never gotten this but I’m interested in getting this one. Does it usually sell out?

  44. Great box but I won’t make the mistake of buying it before Better Than Black Friday deals again.

  45. Love the watch!

  46. don’t wear rings but something tells me it will be a hot trade item. don’t really need yet another large tote but at least it isn’t a throw. LOVE the watch, and looking forward to the two beauty care items.

  47. Much better! The purse description made me laugh about lashes

    • 😂A multipurpose tote -lifts and separates your lashes for an effortless beauty look. I may have to get this one.

      • Oops! Fixed!

        • It made my day! I ordered one for my Christmas gift! Going to wrap and enjoy!

      • That sounds like a dream tote for sure! 😂

  48. Every good box this year has included Luna. I’m actually sick of seeing it. I for one wish they would’ve left the blue dye out of the product. The only product I can or will use by Sunday Riley is Juno. No essential oils or dye going on my face. Also, good Genes is loaded with Silicone. No thanks.

    • Yeah why she put dye in a facial product is beyond me. It seems to work for a lot of people though.

    • Here’s the thing….it has BLUE tansy in it….so why would they need to add more dye (green and violet)?

  49. Oh, I am sold!

  50. Def interested in this box, but I will wait till it goes on sale.

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