POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus 2018 Box FULL Spoilers!

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We have the FULL spoilers for the POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box! (This box is sold out!)

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box

The Cost: $275

The Products: These indulgent items will allow you to get ready for upcoming celebrations in style — whether you’re headed to a party or family gathering, your glam factor will be elevated to a whole new level! We partnered with Neiman Marcus to choose the hottest products, from a convertible curling iron to a designer clutch. Consider these items to be your festivity necessities for a crazy good night.

The POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box includes:

Atelier Cologne Clementine California Cologne Absolue 1 oz – Retail Value $75

Bang and Olufsen Beoplay P2 Speaker – Retail Value $169

Dannijo Lotus Necklace – Retail Value $120

Londontown Lakur in Rose Gold – Retail Value $16

Beauty by Popsugar Twilight Eye Palette – Retail Value $42

$25 Neiman Marcus Gift Card

Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer – Retail Value $110

A luxurious moisturizer with a soft-focus luminescence using real diamond dust for a highlighting effect. Best for dull, dry, or mature skin.

T3 Micro Convertible Collection: Convertible Base & Cascading Waves Barrel – Retail Value $185

This luxe curling iron is particularly special because you can swap out the barrel whenever you wish. You’ll get the bestselling cascading waves barrel with our box, which creates long-lasting results that look effortlessly cool. The base has five adjustable heat settings, so you can choose the one that’s perfect for you.


Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch – Retail Value $95

Every woman needs a go-clutch, and this chic design works with any outfit. It comes in three gorgeous colors: black, champagne, or silver multi-glitter, depending on your preference. It features interior credit card slots, so you’ll never need to carry your wallet. The real leather material and zipper accents are cool details that make it special. Convenience and style make this pick an all-around winner.

Subscribers have a choice of black, champagne, or silver multi-glitter. Here is a closer look at each clutch:

  • Envelope flap top with snap closure.
  • Interior, fabric lining; 6 card slots.
  • 7.5″H x 10.5″W x 0.5″D.

The sides have zipper trim:

Here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

What do you think of the full spoilers? Did you buy a box?

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  1. Am I mad I bought this box? No. Would I have been mad if I didn’t buy this box? No. I like this box enough, but there’s nothing jump-out-of-my-seat incredible. The palette REALLY threw me off though – 1) there was a palette in the winter box so it just seems like poor curation and 2) Popsugar brand, really?? Just looks like some free in-brand advertising (and NM doesn’t even carry PS brand makeup)

    • That’s because it is cheap in-brand advertising 😉

    • Totally agree – Beauty by Popsugar does not, in any way, shape or form, say luxury/glam to me.

  2. The speaker is very cool….. actually I’m excited to see and get all of these items. I had to peek before I got the box!!! Way to go Pop sugar and Neiman Marcus!!! I will be getting next year too! I split these with my teenage daughter for fun every month, so this will be a fun!

  3. If I spent $250 on a box I would like it to be brands or items that I could not just go get at a Marshalls and have as good quality. That particular perfume smells exactly like oranges, that style of clutch is everywhere, this time of year you can get decent speakers everywhere, and when I liked the last necklace from this brand I got it for $15 on mercari. Not to mention that brand of nail polish comes in regular beauty sub boxes. I think this is a huge scam.

    • As far as makeup goes, would it kill them to do Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier? even the YSL palette from last time was colors that only maybe 10% of the population would use. I love these boxes as much as the next person but I’m not going to be blind to being given duds even if they are a business who needs to make a profit.

  4. This is a very, very nice box. If I had any use for the curling wand, I might have gotten it. But as a committed pixie person, I’d never use it and didn’t want to swap the biggest ticket item in the box. There are several items I will try to swap for.

  5. Liz, I love your leather jacket! Your whole outfit is so chic and it’s awesome!

  6. I’m still glad I didn’t spend $275 on this, but the box is much better than I expected. And it sold out with only a few spoilers, so I doubt we’ll see more spoilers with future NM boxes. (I agree that the Popsugar palette doesn’t belong, especially since NM doesn’t even carry Popsugar makeup. Trying to lure folks to the Popsugar beauty brand apparently). But to those who bought the box, enjoy!!

  7. I am one of the people unable to afford this box. But I would have loved it! Kudos to all that will be enjoying all the goodies!

  8. I wish I had been able to get this box,looks great!

  9. I’ll start by saying that I didn’t purchase this box. It seems nice, but not nice enough to justify $250 when living on a social worker’s salary. I do enjoy checking out the reviews each year. I’m particularly amused by how this box is compared to last year’s box and the comments about how “cohesive” that box was. Last year that box got just as much negativity and also condemned for being “random.” I think the best comment was “someone’s eccentric grandma is gonna love this box.” So in my clinical opinion (lol), when dealing with something so expensive, tensions run a little high, and people are gonna get dramatic. Next year they will decide that they actually loved it though.

    • People are always dramatic on MSA LOL. Well, anywhere on social media really, but, sub box subscribers/the makeup community can be quite over the top 🙂

  10. Love this box! Just wished the cheap palette would of been a lux candle then it would of been an A++++++++

    • Totally agree!

  11. I am a little disappointed by this. Most of the brands (other than the speaker and the t3) are not really Neiman Marcus level quality and luxury to me. This would be decent stuff in a regular box but since I don’t really have a need for the speaker I am not really feeling that the other stuff (lower end jewelry, makeup, bag) are worth the $250 “luxury” price tag.

    • Dannijo is not lower end. Even The Real Real will take it for consignment. Rebecca Minkoff is a higher end item too. I already have the glitter Leo clutch and adore it!

      is one nice box other than that gruesome eyeshadow!

    • And the Atlier is high end too.

    • This comment makes me laugh. Of course it’s all high end. Too bad you can’t enjoy it.

      • 🤣🤣🤣

      • C’mon, JA… Be nice. No need to attempt to shame or pass-agg belittle others… the term “high end” here is completely SUBJECTIVE.

        Reasonably, “high end” to one person, of a certain tax bracket and HHI can have a totally different meaning to another person of a different tax bracket and take home.

        This is why there are many tiers of the consumer marketplace.

        And bless yer heart, amyr. 🙄
        FYI, consignment (including the likes of realreal) realizes the different levels of consumers/incomes/lifestyles and thus wouldn’t have much business if they didn’t include multiple tiers of branding therein. Those solely going after the higher coup naturally wouldn’t be pushing fast fashion or mass, disco or lower end. But most, (such as TRR) in fact DO include many high vis mainstay, mid tier, and higher mid/lower luxe bridge lines, to generate volume sales and reach the everyday mid class consumer who desires a more quality/better name recognition placed brand.
        Everyone deserves to feel there’s a finer end niche for them, whether it be to keep up with THEIR Joneses, or just to indulge, reward themselves and feel special. All due respect, it can be perceived as a bit ignorant to think otherwise.

        Minkoff has been falling out of favour fast (this is one of her most overexposed designs that has been tired for some years now, hence it being selected for the box despite the vast majority of subscribers long making it known that the majority don’t prefer or use clutches). Atelier has had to go mass to break into the global marketplace (most brands do so to contract with sephora and cross over seas). Dannijo, while initially a delightful, unique indie niche designer, has well been breaching overexposure for the past few years now (eek! a critical mistake these days!) and going the way of many others- selling their soul of integrity for mass production (hello, PRC, India, Viet/SEA, by way of procurement or assembly) and being associated with the mass/lower mid and discount sellers. Its truly sad, and causes their products to be devalued, but with the massive marketplace competition and the constant influx of up and coming designers and makers trying to break into the industry, it comes down to volume sales over integrity.

        I think the higher expectations by some for NM to step it up is very valid.
        NM, while struggling, still has quite a few exclusive, true luxe brands that aren’t widely and readily available at many places from Macys to Amazon to the TJMaxx/Rosses.

        For those hoping this box would include truly upmarket NM level goodies, I can realistically understand the womp womp and relate… but I also don’t think people should be weirding out at others, whether to justify and floss over their purchase, nor to insult a persons interpretation of fine goods & true luxury.
        Just be happy if you bought one and are thrilled.

        • I agree with you, *.

          • I second that! Excellent reply, *!

        • Excellent and well said!

          FWIW, this is what I think a normal popsugar box, minus the curling iron should look like.

        • Thank you! You said it much better than I did. (And totally agree with you on Minkoff – the brand sells knockoff bags of high end bags now, which is a bummer because her stuff used to be cute and great quality.)

          It’s not like I don’t buy the $20 boxes too! And I’m not judging lower end brands which I also buy. I’m just saying that when you sell a box for $250 and aggressively market that the box will contain super luxury items from certain types of brands associated with your store, and when you have delivered high end brands like that to match the consumer expectation in the past, this box doesn’t really measure up. Don’t you guys not remember the Missoni candles and throws and stuff like that? That’s what I expected in this box based on the marketing and the price point and the past offerings. So I’m a little disappointed. That’s all! I had no idea this idea would be so controversial 😛

        • Perfectly written! I would have loved this box!

        • I Love the “and bless yer heart” True southern politeness, slam them with a smile 🙂

        • Sour grapes. It’s called sour grapes. And it’s ridiculous behavior. “I can’t have it so I’ll talk it down to make myself feel better”. If TJ Maxx is your thing then cool.

    • @christina… #fact

      (as a NM cardholding addict, I agree & I “get” you, girl. Not all will quite get it, but to each their own, much respect.💜 )

      • Thank you! You made me feel better. I am kinda shocked at some of the replies but what can you do! As you say, it’s all subjective!

  12. I am keeping the speaker, the gift card and the Tata Harper. The rest is available if you are interested.

    • Linda, would love to work something out for the clutch, perfume and necklace. jenn.windsor73 att net

      • Hi, I just received the box yester and would love to work out something for those 3 items – they are all still in their original wrap. This is the first time I have offered things and do not know the ins and outs. What do you suggest. Linda

    • Hello,
      I’m interested in the T3.

      • Hi, This is the first time I have offered something – would you like to buy the T3? Thank you.

        • Hello,

          Yes, I’m interested 🙂 . How much would you be selling it?

  13. My first nm box and love love love!

  14. I’m really disappointed we’re getting a poorly reviewed PS brand makeup item that is way over valued. I thought this box was supposed to be things found at NM? I will use most of the items except the palette and necklace. I got my money’s worth but am officially changing my relationship status up with PS.

    • SKD, I’m going to send you a request. I really want that necklace and hope to take it off your hands! 🙂

  15. Everyone who was unable to purchase the box = negative comments! Lol… Thanks for letting us know commenters that you either, couldn’t afford it or tried to purchase but was too late!!!! 🤣

    • I’ll start by saying that I didn’t purchase this box. It seems nice, but not nice enough to justify $250 when living on a social worker’s salary. I do enjoy checking out the reviews each year. I’m particularly amused by how this box is compared to last year’s box and the comments about how “cohesive” that box was. Last year that box got just as much negativity and also condemned for being “random.” I think the best comment was “someone’s eccentric grandma is gonna love this box.” So in my clinical opinion (lol), when dealing with something so expensive, tensions run a little high, and people are gonna get dramatic. Next year they will decide that they actually loved it though.

      • “when dealing with something so expensive, tensions run a little high, and people are gonna get dramatic” 👍 spot on, Noelle.

        Didn’t think Natalieees mocking those who were unable to get the box was necessary or cool. I was under the understanding that people are entitled to voice their opinions here whether they were able to get the box or not. No need to put anyone down, dear.

      • This is thoughtful and I think you probably hit the nail on the head.

    • Wth? It’s a good thing you got one because you need all the help you can get.

    • Wow. This comment speaks volumes about who you are as a person…

    • Wow… very rude! If anything the only negative I see in the comments is Natalie comment.. Totally uncalled for. Not everyone can afford to purchase, or wants to purchase, but I would think we all are here to see the spoilers and/or comments.

  16. I’m not (and will never be) comfortable dropping that much $$$ on a box without full spoilers, but I would have LOVED this one. Hope everyone who ordered is delighted!

    • I’ll drop (and do every year since 2013) on PS luxury boxes, especially Neiman Marcus. Never been disappointed. Being afraid will always lead to disappointment, though.

  17. While I sincerely hope everyone who bought this loves it … I will gladly swap for the Atelier if anyone lists it.

  18. Still glad I didn’t spend $275 on this, but it’s better than I expected. And it sold out with only a few spoilers, so I doubt we’ll see more spoilers for future NM boxes. (I agree that it’s weird to include a Popsugar palette in the box when NM doesn’t even carry Popsugar brand makeup. Apparently Lisa just can’t stop herself!)

  19. I would’ve used the speaker, but that’s it. I am glad that I skipped this box.

  20. Wow – anyone looking to swap that B & O speaker, send a request – I will swap generously for it.

  21. I wanted this so much box but sadly missed out on it! I really wish PS would make more of them available! If anyone is looking to swap/sell their T3 curling iron, Dannijo necklace, B&O speaker, and RM clutch, please let me know by responding to my comment here!

    • I will probably be trading some items, but want to wait to see them first when my box gets here.

    • I have never done this so what would swap be or how to sell. I will swap/sell the T3 curling iron, Dannijo necklace and the RM clutch. Just let me know.

      • I’d love to swap for the curling iron! My swap profile link is in my name. Please hit me up if you are on the swap site!

      • Hi Linda, I’m the OP you responded to! I would love to work something out for those items! Please email me at cdrstyle at gmail dot com. Thanks so much!

    • I am thinking I might be swapping/selling the curling iron, necklace and maybe the speaker. Glad to see all of the spoilers!

  22. For Christmas I told my hubby to get me one as my big gift because last year’s looked so amazing. I wasn’t lucky enough to get it last year or this year in time and I was kind of bummed. However, after seeing the spoilers and the money value I am glad it worked out like that. Last year’s just seemed to really flow and this curation is all over the map. I think the winter box seems to be a better deal for the price charged. Not to take away from anyone’s purchase and glad you got it but I am really glad that I didn’t get this one. I don’t mind someone using their brand but it just doesn’t seem to fit for this box.

  23. I’m SO bummed I missed out on this box! I would have used every single item (which is extremely rare for me). If anyone is selling theirs, hit me up!

  24. So HAPPY!!! I did not buy this and could not be more thrilled. I am sure lots of people will find good uses for these items but not me.

  25. Ok, wellllll….I loved last year, that was a classy box. This year is super hit or miss with me.
    Last year we got a YSL palette and mascara, this year a badly reviewed palette with fair reviews that sold for $25 last summer….and that’s the ONLY makeup here.
    Last year, a very nice necklace and earrings set that just about anyone could wear, this year a necklace that may or may not be your thing. (Btw, the necklace is now on sale for $88).
    Nail polish-does NM carry that brand?
    Clutch-boring. Curling iron- mixed reviews. Cologne- not for everyone.
    I am psyched about the speaker, the Tata Harper, and the gift card, which more or less covers the price of the box for me.
    Overall this box feels more Popsugar than NM, a vast contrast to last year- and more expensive to boot.
    I don’t hate it but I’m not thrilled.

    • I agree, I haven’t even seen most of these brands at Neiman Marcus, and the ones they do carry, like RM, are on the lower-end side of things. Which is not a problem – I own a lot of stuff like that – but they’re marketing it as super high end luxury, and selling it at that price point, so I was expecting more of the high quality brands we have gotten in the past. The speaker is the only thing that fits that description to me this time but unfortunately I will not use it.

      • I seriously doubt you will find Goyard, Van Cleef & Arpel or Cartier in a sub box for $275!

        I was holding out for the Gucci (re)Belle handbag! How dare PS not put something that is over $3k in this box!

        Yes I have high end things too but that does not make this a bad bargain at all!

        • I know, get it, you’re a frequent commenter and fangirl, but why the attitude towards others simply for joining in on the conversation, amyr?? sheesh.

          Maybe 2019 has a new, less judgy-wudgy critical hobby in store for you. Maybe one that is more socially aware and easy going?

          No worries, Christina, there are those of us who get what you mean.

        • That’s silly, I am not saying I am expecting a $2K Goyard bag, but I’m just saying when you’re using the Neiman Marcus brand as your marketing and selling at this price point, people expect a higher value. For me that would be more like past boxes, which featured brands like Missoni and YSL, which are more the kinds of brands and quality I associate with Neiman Marcus. The items are nice, but they are costume jewelry/lower end type stuff (with the exception of the speaker) that are overvalued at retail– I of course own that stuff too but I’m saying that FOR THIS type of marketing it does not feel like as much of a great selection of luxury items at that price point for $250 as it has been in past years. Just my opinion! If this were a slightly cheaper box or they didn’t promise high end prestige stuff (as they have delivered in the past) it would be a great but it doesn’t measure up to past boxes for me which had things like the Missoni candle and throws, high end makeup palettes like YSL, etc.

  26. Would love to box split for a necklace and perfume. jenn.windsor73 att net

  27. I am so happy I got this for Christmas. Last year I kicked myself for not buying the box.

    This year’s box is right up my alley. The only loser product is that awful PopSugar palette. Plus we got a palette in our winter boxes and I have so many eye shadow palettes I will never be able to use all of them! Being a lipstick woman, I would have much preferred a nice lippie in a holiday color.

    The rest makes up for it though! I am so excited for it all!

    Personally this is the best PS Neiman Marcus box ever!

  28. All I want is that curling iron!

  29. Glad I saved my money.

  30. I’d be happy to purchase this box if anyone is interested!! I’m kicking myself for not getting it, I was sure I wouldn’t want it. Whoops!

  31. Liz will you be doing a complete review of the box? I love it when you review things and give us your thoughts

    I love the box and it is a close tie with last year’s box (except for that palette).

    • Yes. I don’t have the box yet, but I’ll review it as soon as I get it!

  32. Liz will you be doing a full review of the box? I really love your descriptions, etc.

  33. I literally just got the shipping notification for this box! 🎉

  34. This box looks awesome but the price always throws me for not knowing what is in it! I dont think that popsugar palette is a luxe brand and they should have done another brand but I get it! Gotta promote your brand!

  35. I can’t believe that I am writing this, but I really like the necklace after all. I wouldn’t wear it very often, but I like the sassy vibe of it. It would look great with the matching $243 bracelet.

  36. I think this box is amazing. Definitely going to try and swap for the perfume ( I LOVE alterier cologne)

  37. If anyone doesn’t want there glitter handbag I want it!!!

  38. No FOMO here. Last year I was so disappointed I didn’t get this box, but definitely not this time. Love the necklace, though I prefer the multicolored version, beauty stuff is ok, and hate clutches so I would’ve been kicking myself for spending so much. I’m so relieved. Last year’s box was fantastic, especially those placemats (that I missed out on again at the BF Popsugar sale) and I was bummed out for weeks!

    • Maria, I have the NM round placemats if you are interested.

  39. I like the speaker & would be happy to swap for multiples & NM gift cards if anyone is interested in swapping those items. I’m on the swap site & will try to link my profile on my name. I’d also be willing to split this box for those 2 items +shipping. If anyone is interested, let me know!

  40. I’d like to swap for the necklace. I don’t have much for swap, but I’ll swap over RV. Click my name for my swap profile.

  41. I love everything in this box except for the eye palette. That’s pretty good considering it’s one of the lower valued items in the box. I guess there’s always that one kind of bleh item for everyone. Totally giftable though. I’m so glad I purchased it! Now just to wait for my shipping notification…

  42. that speaker looks awesome, know it’s one of most high end speaker brands, happy for those that got this box!

  43. Ugh! Too many beauty products and no home items!

    • I agree. I would have loved to see a nice candle instead of the eye shadow palette. Just one home item would have made this box perfect! I’m still super happy I bought it, but I was kind of like womp womp when I saw the palette.

      • Right! Last year’s box had 4 home items, 2 fashion, 3 beauty. This one has 1 home item, 2 fashion, 5 beauty (counting all parts of the curling iron together as 1). It’s more beauty heavy than I expected.

    • The speaker is a home item!

    • The speaker!

      • Yes, other than the speaker.

    • AnninVA, I agree….glad I didn’t get it!

    • It was not a home themed box! I am glad it is like this because I am sick of throws and candles!

      • You must be new. The PSxNM box and the old PS LE boxes always always have a home item. The home item this time is obviously the speaker. That is how PS LEs work.

        • I have bought Popsugar since their beginning circa 2011. Certainly not a newbie.

          • we know, we know, amy…

            because. you. keep. telling. us. literally. every. single. day/post.

    • Yeah! I do not want or need a home item box. The winter box had plenty of home items. And the theme was not a home item based theme.

    • I agree there are too many beauty products, but the theme was glam night out, so I also don’t think more than one home item (speaker) would make much sense.

  44. $795 “value” (I didn’t include the palette). That’s ok for a $275 box. My only complaint is, didn’t they learn from Lisa Sugar awful book? PopSugar…no one wants you to flog your beauty brand.

    • Preach! That was my exact thought!

      Popsugar brand is not luxe! It is a cheap palette probably made in the PRC or Taiwan. Plus we got a palette in the winter box!

      Neiman Marcus does not even carry Popsugar makeup.

    • $42 rv for that eye palette?? 😂🤣

      I’m happy for those who like this box but it’s not for me. It seems (to me at least) cheap. And B&O is a hugely overrated sound system brand, in my opinion.

      • Do you have something from B&O? I have heard the opposite about the brand.

        • Some insights for those interested… I’ve had B&O systems in 2 vehicles so far (past MB, currently an Audi) and much prefer their automotive audio systems over their home/office division. To spare you the boring audiophile details, their systems by design are best experienced with acoustics finely calibrated for a specific surround space (as in the digital engineering they do for their in auto system designs); whereas the experience with their one off speakers, while certainly decent, just doesn’t have the same quality experience. (To be fair, this comparison is just based on quality of their auto systems vs their home/personal/handheld offerings) Their automotive line is actually in the hands of HK, which takes it up to a way higher level, which B&O just could not compare to)
          Realistically, its going to be pretty indiscernible from other single console home audio offerings and most non-audiophile layman consumers would likely not necessarily know different compared to other available options. It will sound good. So that could be a good thing. (And FWIW Bose systems comes in much higher on the q-scale when going for the home/office audio experience. A Bose inclusion in this box would have been stellar, but Bose would not need to enter this realm of discounting their products, whereas B&O has more retail stores & sale opportunities to get in on this market). There’s a lot of risk potential for brands to associate with what could be perceived as budget selling, deals or inclusions in the sub box world. The past few years of the waning sub trend have been a learning lesson for many brands on whats best to align themselves with to retain their intended name recognition and stature. Some just don’t want to risk potentially devaluing their product, exclusivity, or name by being associated with discount deals.

          In the case of this box, it really seems to be an inclusion banking more on the hope of non-mainstream luxury name recognition luring in buyers who likely wouldn’t be as familiar, than a true gobsmacking oomph factor. HTH

        • From what I’ve been told, B&O is way better than the average consumer brand. However, it is dog food in the eyes of true audiophiles. So, for me, it would be lovely! It’s all about context.

        • B&O is a great brand! Really well made and sounds awesome.
          I own several B&O components and LOVE them.

        • I’ve tried their systems but I prefer Mission, B&W and Tannoy (these are specially good with tube amps) speakers.

          To me, B&O systems are beautifully designed (with a price tag to match) but that’s it. There is nothing wrong with beautiful designs—look at MartinLogan, Bryston, etc.—but sound reproduction quality should be the top priority. Everyone’s ear is different so the above systems fit my budget and match my preferences.

  45. Wow. I would have been happy if I bought this box. I really like some of the items.

  46. Glad I saved my $ this round. I’m sure some ppl are happy if they wanted the big ticket items.

  47. Also, does anyone know when PSMH is drawing for the PSMS x NM giveaway?

  48. Lots of pretty items in there…one question. Are they telling you to buy a $243 bracelet to go with the necklace? Cause I googled it, and I reaaaallly don’t want to say this, but it looks cheaply constructed. Pretty concept though

  49. I love the necklace but only would wear it a couple of times. The clutch I found a dupe at another store and everything else is nice except the eye palette and nail polish, maybe those are sponsored brands or extras?? But it looks like a nice box. Last years box totally rocked, I still use my placemats through out the year!!

    • I will swap for the necklace!

  50. Whew. I did not have the funds for this box this year but there’s nothing in there that I absolutely love and feel I must have. Still a fantastic box.

    • That’s how I feel about this box. When I had the funds and went to buy it, it was already sold out. I loved last years because it was mostly house items but this year there were other items that I wanted when the box dropped and right now I’m not regretting my other purchases that I did instead. I’m looking forward to next years 🙂 Happy for everyone that got one!

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