FabFitFun Winter 2018 SPOILERS Round 3, Selection Time!

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We have new spoilers for the FabFitFun Winter 2018 box! And it’s selection time!

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter). Your first box will be the Fall Box!

FYI – There are a lot of seletion items, so I’ll show them all to you up front here, and then if you keep scrolling, we have pictures of most of the items so you can get a better look. And let me know if you have any questions about the products I can answer!

All subscribers choose:

Bearpaw Combo set OR Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask

Richer Poorer Over The Knee Socks OR Sherrie Matthews Jade Roller OR PUR Eyeshadow Palette

Oribe Dry Shampoo OR H Halston Jewelry Portfolio OR Lele Sadoughi Necklace:

And annual subscribers can also pick:

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lips OR Chic & Tonic Coasters OR Brooke Burke Body Sliders

Anthropologie x Mer-Sea Body Cream OR Way of Will Essential Oils

And here is a closer look at all the items:

Bearpaw Combo

Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask


Richer Poorer Over The Knee Socks

Sherrie Matthews Jade Roller

PUR Eyeshadow Palette

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo – Retail Value $44

If you haven’t tried Oribe yet – you are in for a treat! It smells amazing! (And it’s so pricey that it’s a luxe treat for me. Usually, I only see sample sizes in subscription boxes!)

H Halston Jewelry Portfolio

This jewelry travel case zips shut and has two different sections.

One for snapping necklaces, bracelets in place…

And another for earrings, and a zippered pocket, too.

Lele Sadoughi Silver Circle Necklace

Annual subscribers choose between Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lips OR Chic & Tonic Coasters OR Brooke Burke Body Sliders:

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lips

Chic & Tonic Coasters

Brooke Burke Body Sliders

Annual subscribers choose between Anthropologie x Mer-Sea Body Cream OR Way of Will Essential Oils:

Anthropologie x Mer-Sea Body Cream

Way of Will Essential Oils

Annual subscribers can choose the color of their Mark & Graham Colorblock Throw (gray/ivory or natural/ivory):

Mark & Graham Colorblock Throw – Retail Value $49

If you aren’t familiar with Mark & Graham, it’s a Williams-Sonoma brand that specializes in gifts and monograms!

This blanket measures 50”w x 60”h. Here I am holding it up to give you a better sense of scale:

The blanket has a two-tonal color scheme, and it’s available in this warm beige or a cool grey:

(Annual subscribers will be able to select the color of their choice.)

The material is 100% acrylic and super soft!

It has fringe on two sides:

And it’s hand wash only.

My favorite thing about this blanket is how cozy it is! This is definitely a blanket for snuggling with a loved one!

What do you think of the spoilers? Which item are you going to pick?

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter). Your first box will be the Fall Box!

(Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!)

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  1. I picked:

    Hair mask
    Dry shampoo
    Face roller
    Beige blanket
    Essential oils

    Not really a hero item in the mix for me yet…

  2. What I’m getting:

    Selection 1- The Bearpaw set ( It might get cold enough here to wear it once a year LOL)

    Selection 2- Socks, Jade Roller and Eyeshadow Palette

    Selection 3- Oribe dry shampoo, Halston Jewelry Case, and Silver Circle Necklace

    Selection 4- Gray throw

    Selection 5- Bite Lipstick

    Selection 6- Anthropologie x Mer-Sea Body Cream

    I have very long thin-ish legs and usually the long socks work so well with all my over the knee boots. Wish I could get more pairs.

  3. The choice between the coasters, the lipstick, and the Brooke Burke product also had a “mystery item” option. When you clicked “Learn More” it said that it’s a $25 retail value surprise item. Did anyone else select that?

    • yes! that’s what I chose!

    • same here, coz I’m disappointed with others =(

    • I did!

    • Has anyone received this mystery item yet? I am curious if they are all random? This is what I chose as well! I hope it was worth it.

      • I just got my package delivered today, and I got the ‘mystery item’! I will report back once I get home tonight and can open it to find out!

      • I chose the mystery item! Just got my box today and the only thing that I didn’t choose/wasn’t on there was a sleeping mask so I guess that’s it. It’s not like they told me or anything (didn’t note it anywhere).

        It’s the whish rose hip + lotus Firming Sleep Mask

        • My daughter’s box came Saturday. She picked the mystery gift and got the same Whish product you did.

          • Oh cool, I wonder if it was that for everyone then? I personally am not entirely impressed, I feel like their “mystery bundles” are always so much nicer than this. But considering I didn’t want anything else they had for that option, I’m not entirely miffed just not impressed either.

        • i got a donni scarf! white black and grey

      • i got the mystery item!!!

        mine is a donni scarf its white black and gray with fringe! so gorgeous

    • My mystery item was a Kate Somerville ExfoliKate worth $75!

  4. Got the hair mask, jade roller, dry shampoo, coasters, gray throw and body cream. Pretty good box so far for $45! The Oribe is $44 alone!!

  5. Darn, the one thing I wanted, the wooden coasters, are already sold out.
    While the PÜR pallet colors are pretty, all of their eyeshadows have some of the Worst fallout I’ve ever seen.

    • I threw my Boxycharm PUR pallettes away -they were fall out nightmares!!

      • I was wondering about that. I have never tried Pur before and now I don’t really want to. The problem is I already have grey socks almost identical to these and I don’t think I’ll actually take the time to use the jade roller.

        • You can buy a jade roller on wish that’s just as good as these for $2

          • Ha! Yes, Just bought 3 jade rollers for about $15 w the shipping on Wish!

      • Yup, I’ve had SO many, I give them away they are awful!


    I had the Bite lipstick AND the wooden coasters in my queue. One was the blue selection, the other was the red $10 add on ( the coasters were the add on).
    While I was still on that page, FFF REFRESHED MY PAGE and REMOVED the coasters!!!

    This is unethical and it’s so shady I’m shaking. Not over the price of course, or the fact that we’d have pine knot wooden coasters which don’t even go with our decor, but it’s the principle of the thing.

    I do not trust these people any longer. This was wrong to do, whether they ” ran out” or made a mistake on the first 9 AM selections. ( I was there early and was selecting all the items when the site opened for Customization).

    This was my last subscription in the year, and it IS my last box ever. You cannot do this to people and expect to get their business in the future. What they should have done was let me see the items and have the coasters marked as SOLD OUT- SELECTION UNAVAILABLE so I could have at least felt like I made my selection but they sold out.

    DID ANYONE ELSE WHO WAS ON FFF SITE EARLY WITH CUSTOMIZATION SEE THE SAME THING HAPPEN? This almost seems like some kind of sleight of hand..

    • That isn’t one of the customization options that allows you to choose an extra item for $10. You can only choose one item.

      • I know that’s what it says now. It originally let me choose 2 of the 3 products. Their IT dept. changed Customization #5. 🙂

        C.S. Rep told me in chat that they did NOT get their full shipment of the coasters. It’s fine, because I didn’t really like them, but the principle is just not great behind it.

        • Maybe they will have more coasters before the customization ends.

        • Well that’s a lot of drama for something you didn’t really want in the first place, isn’t it? I mean if it was your second pick and they ran out, I’m totally fine with them taking them away so people who really want them as a first pick have a fighting chance. I think what they did was perfectly fine and ethical.

    • It is only letting me pick one in that category (no $10 add ons). Not sure of it was like that from the beginning or not. I only had the coasters selected, but hadn’t gone through the entire selection process and pressed submit before the coasters sold out. I guess since I had clicked on them (without submitting), I still have them. It was a happy surprise because I thought for sure I had missed out. Sorry to hear yours disappeared. I would contact customer service, they are excellent.

      • I was on bright and early on customization day (Saturday @ 9 AM) and it only let me choose the lipstick, coaster OR body sliders. This wasn’t one of the $10 extra item categories.

    • What WB said above is correct. You can only choose 1 item in that category and cannot add on another for $10. They were probably correcting the mistake.

    • I customized right when it opened, down to the second. I was hoping I could get both the Bite and the coasters but it would only allow me to choose one. The $10 add on option was not available. I’m guessing you being able to pick both was a glitch and they fixed it right away.

      • Same. I was on right when it went live and I noticed the description initially said you can add more for $10 but I never actually got the option. I actually went back through after I was done to see if they “fixed” it and noticed they removed the incorrect description.

    • I was on the website right at the time customization opened. I did not have the option to choose more than the lipstick. I’m sorry you are upset, but I think you are mistaken. Please don’t blame FFF for something they did not do.

      • I suppose their IT team goofed with allowing the choice to be made on Customization 5, but I would never make up or otherwise misstate what happened on the site at exactly 9 AM PST.
        It’s really OK now, but it was freaky to see and wonder why they did it. I know the ” why” now- they had very low quantity of those coasters to begin with. ( Should have substituted another product or let us choose both the sliders and the lipstick)
        I’m glad it doesn’t seem to have happened to anyone else ( who’s posting, anyway). 😉

        • I was on the at the same time and I also had the option to choose add-ons for customization #5. What I believe happened is that FFF were uploading the videos for each customization and when this happened the option for #5 was corrected to one one option. I believe you because I saw no customization then I went back in and THERE WAS THE OPTION for add-ons for a few moments.

    • I think this is an overreaction. You’re shaking, really? You sound spoiled.

      • I know right 😂😂😂
        Shaking and screaming it’s un eithical. There was a computer glitch which they fixed! Lol. I can’t even get on to the site at all to chose. Keeps saying server down/error.

        • I truly.. don’t understand what there was to be upset over.

        • I had the same problem–site kept going down which seems to be the same old story, then my choices are gone. It also added things to my cart

    • Wait youre this upset (shaking?!) over extra selections of FFF, seriously?

      • No, not upset about the product. 😉 . Was really weirded out to see the site IT people do a change to my order in progress by removing the item and reloading the page. It was very strange to see the glitch happening. I was afraid everything I had chosen to that point was messed up.

      • LOL! I agree! People can get VERY dramatic over these situations!
        Calm Down….Deep Breathe….
        #nooffensemeanttoanyoneiswear !

    • I hear you girl! I cannot believe they are sold out already on the coasters! That is the one thing I wanted! They are not doing a good job with inventory control!

    • Your over reaction borders on comical. It’s a sub box. We are lucky we even get the option to customize

    • You might have had a chosen in your car but you didn’t submit so somebody who submitted sooner than you got it that’s pretty typical of any shopping site. I would be just as disappointed as you but it is something that happens regardless of your shopping at Macy’s or anywhere else

    • That’s a little dramatic. Shaking? Really? Over coasters?

    • Yes! This happened to me as well. I selected them and all of a sudden the page refresh by itself, without me doing it and it take them out! Let’s call and let them know our concern.

    • Lily, I mean this in the kindest way possible…

      Please see a professional. Shaking over a glitch involving a product which will not affect your life in any shape or form is not normal nor healthy.

      • It’s really uncool to criticize someone’s emotional response to a situation. No one knows just how much another person’s mind differs from their own. What seems dramatic to one person may not be to another. Try understanding instead of laughing. Glitch or no glitch a company needs to be on the ball 100% with their customers. They should atleast apologize for not being prepared 100%. If it were me I’d either call or email them and express my feelings. I’m sure they will apologize if you give them the chance to.

    • They did the same thing to me in the fall box, I was customizing and had one thing picked and clicked to ‘learn more’ about the other product. After I’d read about it the one I had selected was sold out and I Had to get the one I was learning more about. (Didn’t bother me though cuz I didn’t really Need the other thing) but yeah I was pretty pissed they made the decision for me While I was trying to do it. You’re right it’s the principle of the thing. Don’t let us pick and then take it away!!

      • You’re not done picking until you click submit. As someone else said, this happens with regular shipping sites too. Some sites reserve your cart items for a period of time, some do not reserve your item until you checkout. I’ve had plenty of times with sales of regular retail sites where I added an item and then go to check out and items that have sold out have been removed.

        This is what I do to try to avoid these problems with FFF customization. I quickly go through customization and add anything I’m interested in. I click submit to save my items I then immediately go back through and read everything and change anything to make sure I have the items I want and drop any extras I do not want. Go all the way through and submit again. Be aware though, that additional customizations are listed as “while supplies last” so there is a chance additional customization may be removed. Therefore it’s important to make sure your top choice is your main customization choice and not an additional choice so that if you lose one, it’s not the one you really want. Additionally screenshot everything – customizations and any addons. Their CS is very helpful if glitches occur and you have proof you originally had the items.

    • Same thing happened to me at FFF and I’m an annual subscriber. I spent all day hitting refresh, only to not be able to get the coasters. I canceled since this was my last box and did not renew because of the situation. I fill like there’s no value in it if you don’t get what you want and then waste your day hitting refresh on the screen. Customer service is lacking as well. I’m going to try a new box. Anyone have any suggestions? Looking for more home items.

      • Causebox is good and so is The grace case.

    • I love how people are taking the time to reply to this comment deliberately out of context after this person explained they really don’t give a darn about the coasters and were merely upset at their cart being messed with. The sub box industry is almost as petty as the YouTube beauty guru industry. Stop trying to make “fetch” happen.

    • Lily, you are correct! I had the coasters as my #1 pick and Bite as an add on. I was upset.

    • Probably they sold out. This happens ALL the time with online ordering. ALL the time.

  7. I’m bummed. There is not one item in this box I’m excited about or looking forward to receiving. That’s two miss boxes in a row for me.

    • Me too. My annual renewal is coming up so I cancelled. This is the first FFF box that I have ever seen where nothing is exciting to me.

    • Same for me not very excited about this box at all

    • I was not excited about one item either I think it’s the worst box of the year. Their website wasn’t even updated the way it should be if you look on some of the videos they were for last season when you’re making your options. I think they’re noticed that they’re becoming a 200 million dollar company has gone to their heads. That or they let someone who really didn’t care curate this box.

      I really do expect much more of them then socks, a hat and glove, a blanket with changing prices on the original website and cheap jewelry. You really can get those Jade rollers for much less money just because they have somebody’s name on them doesn’t mean that they’re worth 10 times more. I agree with everyone about the pur Cosmetics being subpar.

      They really need to pick up their game especially now with Cause box out there. After the half finished Vince Camuto bag last month. Yes, it’s a nice-looking bag but it’s unfinished, it doesn’t even have a nice pocket inside it just has that little slide in. It wasn’t very sturdy and not real leather. To be followed up this month without a website that was not updated and less than Stellar products there are harming themselves more than they’re helping themselves.

      One last thing they really need to up it on the jewelry game because that is the cheapest jewelry I’ve ever seen on this website. And no way am I paying $25 on edit Plus for a cheap bag when I can get a leather one at Kohl’s for the same price on sale.

      • I’ve never been so disappointed in a box either.
        And the add-on I wanted most for a gift got discontinued and removed from everyone a few days before cut off. Not impressed.

      • I felt the same way about the Vince Camuto bag. Saw lots of raves about it but when I pulled it out the box, my first thought was “cheap.” It is not well made and must have been an entire lot of irregular bags that didn’t make it through the quality inspection for mainstream store.

    • We can skip a box? Or to skip you have to unsubscribe and then resubscribe?

    • Same, it’s all just feeling “meh” to me. I didn’t like the last box at all; normally there’s an item or two I don’t use and I’m fine with that, but last time I didn’t want half the items I got.

  8. This was the first time I was able to pick things right away- every other time, the website was overwhelmed and wouldn’t load. Also, thank you so much for the close ups of the selections- it’s really dumb that FabFitFun doesn’t give better explanations!!

    • I’m a newbie and don’t really understand how all this works. I accessed the Customization tab once but there was nothing in it. How do I get to where I can customize my box?

      • FabFitFun is having website problems. Too many people trying to customize at once! Just keep trying back and you’ll get through. Eventually.

  9. For those asking about body sliders, its actually a pretty good tool for working out. For my workout, I put a slider under each foot, then go into a plank position. While maintaining the plank, you can do various moves like mountain climbers, or moving one leg out to the side and bringing back in then repeating with the other leg. You can also use sliders – one under each hand while doing push ups. It really helps your core.

    With that being said, I wouldnt choose the ones in FFF because the plastic discs really would only work on carpet based on the photo. Also not sure how i feel about the lip on the slider. You can find cheaper sliders with no lip on amazon that work on carpet or hardwood floors.

    • Hi – what does the lip on the slider do? They look like they would be great for getting max stretching 🙂

      • Lol i dont think the lip does anything in particular. The only thing is that if you aren’t strong with your core and you move the siders, there is a chance that they could flip on you while doing the exercise. I think a lower lip or none at all would be better.

    • I use smooth Tupperware lids with the same lip and they work fantastically! Learned about ” sliders” back in the 80’s when we had to make our own.
      Likely, some containers with snap on lids sold in groceries or super stores will have lids with the essential features, which is very smooth, and large enough for an adult use. The lip is a feature the lids should have.

      Have a look in the GLAD container section.. trying to think of other brands I’ve bought but all I can see is the blue color not the brand name. 😉

      • Thank you so much!! I was very curious! As kind of a home work-out n00b (I’ve always stuck to walking, stretching, and growing up – farm chores… so living in town now I’ve gotta find new stuff!) I was wondering how those work! Nice to know how to try them even if I don’t get them or the box. 😀

      • Awesome tip, Lily!
        Thank you!!
        You just saved me $ ❤️

    • They look like frisbees… plus i hate working out

  10. If add-ons are bad, I am canceling.

    • I loved that add ons… Spent almost $100… Lol I might have a problem! I love fff…

  11. Please add me to the list asking to see the socks on a larger person! Even after losing 50+ pounds this year, I still have big calves, and I don’t want to pick something that won’t work for me.

    • This is my concern as well. Even when I used to be thin I had muscular calves that boots and some socks would not fit over. So now add decades of chub to the mix and I’m pretty sure these will not work for me.

    • If you wear knee boots they will look okay I would think.

    • I’m a plus size person & I have larger calves, so was concerned about them fitting. However, the short video FFF has on their website shows a plus size person wearing them. Also, they show someone pulling them on & they look stretchy. I hope that they fit because they look cozy!

  12. I think this is a solid box. I’m into my 6th year of being a FFF subscriber and there are only so many items they can send to make the majority happy. The blanket is my least fav item only because the quality looks cheap. But I’ll donate that and move on. I picked the dry shampoo, Bite lipstick (as the wooden coasters were sold out), the gray blanket, the face roller thing (my mom has mentioned wanting one and I’ll give this to her) and the hair treatment as we live in southern FL. I wish FFF would do more cotton vs polyester or acrylic but that probably won’t happen any time soon.

    • I agree, acrylic is cheap and cotton would be much better. I will donate it, as well.

  13. This is my first ever box and I’m pretty happy with the $40 I spent on it. I wanted to try it out before I ask for an annual sub for Christmas and I really wanted the Oribe dry shampoo. I got it, the hair mask, eye shadow palette and am hoping for the lipstick, body cream and gray blanket for the other picks. Also excited to see what is left in the add ons tomorrow!

    • My 1st time subscribing too and I’m pretty excited about it! Got the hair mask, the Oribe shampoo (mainly bec everybody’s raving about it lol) and the jade roller. Hoping to get the lipstick, body cream and the beige throw. Hope there’s stuff left for us on the Add-ons tom!! All in all a good box for me but I guess a lot of people are complaining bec based on the quality of past boxes they’re received, this was a little disappointing. Totally understandable but I’m still pretty happy about what I’m getting for 30 bucks.

  14. Not super excited about all of these, but when it comes down to it I’m still getting value for what I paid for the box.
    Gloves vs. hair mask: Being in Southern Cal there’s not a lot of use for sherpa anything, but I still have a full hair mask from my fall Causebox. Can use the winter stuff on travels, so choosing that. For now anyway.
    Jewelry portfolio vs dry shampoo vs necklace: Portfolio and adding dry shampoo. Y’all sold me on that one.
    Socks vs jade roller vs palette: Waffling between socks and roller. I like the socks but with my calves I can barely get my boots over jeans as it is, and the socks might add too much bulk. I’m not familiar with the rollers but I can use any help I can get.
    Kinda hoping for body sliders and totally hoping for essential oils.

    • Face rollers are amazing! There are so many different ways to use them. My way is maybe not the “official” way, but what I do is I put on my moisturizer or serum or whatever product I’m putting on, let it soak in for a minute, and then I take the roller and roll it all over my face. It always seems to stay cool and it feels absolutely DELICIOUS over puffy eyes or if your face is puffy/hot/irritated for whatever reason. I’m a big fan! Plus, this one has two sizes so you can use the smaller size near your eyes and for smaller contours. Mine only has one size unfortunately, so I guess my mom gets lucky this Christmas! LOL

    • I want the Oribe (have it, love it, need a backup) **AND** the jewelry portfolio. I don’t want to have to pick between the two. So, you can get both for an additional cost; is that correct? How much extra? I’ve not yet subscribed to FFF but was considering it with this box.

  15. WOW!! I can’t believe how many people are so negative about this box!!! You’re getting all of these great items for $50 people, $45 if you’re an annual subscriber! I love it all, and I’m excited to try some new things! I got the Bearpaw gloves and headband, Oribe (worth the whole box to me!!) and the jewelry organizer, jade roller and Pur palette, gray throw, wooden coasters, and the essential oils! Add ons are amazing this time too! I am interested in those sliders maybe more than the coasters, but has anyone ever used something like that to say if it’s effective or not?

    • People are always going to be negative.

      • I like how they are fighting over all the items that I am not interested in… lol

    • I’m glad you are happy with the box, truly. But you have to understand that the value of the items doesn’t really matter if the quality or selection isn’t that great. I’ve never had a Pur eyeshadow palette that worked well, the fallout was awful. There are also a whole lot of people that have been getting sub boxes for a while and are hoping for something that wows them. And of course the old adage “you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” There will always be someone who is unhappy with a product, for whatever reason. Be happy with your box, but do not disregard other’s thoughts and feelings about it. You may feel the same way about a box in the future, and you won’t deserve to be looked down on for that.

    • This will be my 2nd box and I’m not unhappy. I chose the headband/gloves, Oribe, and eyeshadow, as well. I’m either not interested or I already have the other items. I can give the blanket to my mom as a throw for the back of a couch. The only add-on I’m interested in is the gold coin purse. Not bad, overall.

    • It’s not a great deal if you don’t need it. People get passionate about these boxes because there is a lot of anticipation and it’s a big letdown if you don’t like the selection (even worse if you’re annual and locked into it). I canceled. Wouldn’t even be able to justify getting this box for gifts. Only thing I would use is the dry shampoo, but that’s worth only $8 to me because what I usually use costs that much and I love it, don’t see a need to spend more on this category. Glad the box works for you though

  16. @Liz can you show the socks on someone, maybe also on someone with larger calves/thighs to show how they fit on someone that way?

    I’m trying to figure out if they’ll work for larger calves/thighs because I want to wear them under my over the knee boots but if they won’t fit well it’s not worth it 😞

    • I agree! I’m stuck between the socks and palette, and most knee high socks don’t fit me

  17. The wooden coasters are sold out.

    • Right? I was shocked! I thought those would be the last to sell out since it is SUCH a specific design style. So rustic. And essentially, as far as I can tell, they’re just cut pieces of raw wood. No felt bottom, no rubber bumpers. Kind of simple.

      But maybe people picked them because they’re overloaded with lipsticks and the body sliders are a bit of an enigma (I have no idea how to use them…if anyone can enlighten us, that would be awesome!).

      Who knows, but of all the things to sell out first, the coasters are sooo not what I expected.

      • About body sliders…you can use them for so many things. One of the best ways to use them is to utilize them to make exercises more of a core/stability challenge. Like putting them under your feet and sliding from plank to a downward facing dog/pike, using them under your feet and sliding into mountain climbers instead of lifting and dragging your legs in. Also you can use them in things for legs as a way to amp it up for your core too. Like under one foot, sliding out into a side lunge. Things like that. There is so much you can do with them!

        • You rock! (You too jennyjenny!). Thanks so so much for the info. I think I’ll switch to those. Thank you both for taking the time to enlighten me! I totally appreciate it!

      • They’re great for doing mountain climbers or hockey lunges on carpet/flooring. We use them in my barre class sometimes.

  18. Liz – Do you know if the socks would fit someone with bigger calves? I know it says sizes 5-10, but I am worried they would be tight/not fit on my legs. Thanks for the help!

    • I have huge calfs! And by the looks of the picture I quickly switched it to the palate because I got nervous, and to make me feel a bit better I added aloe infused socks to my cart from the Add-ons! I know everyone is different but I love this box! FFF gets it every time for me!! Happy shopping!

  19. I love the coconut sugar body cream the best!

  20. Thanks for posting larger pictures. I was going to select the socks, but after seeing the pics I changed to the roller.

  21. Usually I’m a huge fan of FFF but this is a very underwhelming box.

    • Me too. I think I might cancel. But I can’t get on their site, it won’t load. Maybe if the add ons are really good, but right now I’m just not sure if I’m going to spend the money for this one.

  22. I’m pretty happy with my selections but I’d like the box more if we could add the lipstick for $10.

    I’m getting the beige throw, wood coasters, hair mask, essential oils, tall socks, and dry shampoo. The wood coasters match my large rustic dining table, the throw matches my sofa, I love eucalyptus oil in my diffuser, I wear black boots that will go w the socks, and I use both dry shampoo and hair masks a lot in the winter (the first to avoid leaving the house w wet hair after a shower and the second to keep my hair from getting too frizzy).

    BUT, the other choices were ones I realllly disliked (except the Bite lipstick). So I’m lucky but it could have easily turned for the worse…

  23. Okay, this is probably a dumb question – but is the mystery choice a complete different item, or does it just mean they pick one of the three items for you? Thanks!

    • I clicked on the learn more tab underneath it and it said “What could it be – a palette, body cream, or maybe a trigger ball? We love a good mystery, and we promise this is a good one. Retail value $25.” I chose this because I wasn’t really excited about the lipstick, coasters or sliders.

      • Same. I have enough lipsticks. The coasters go with nothing on my house. I go to classes where I use sliders. Mystery item it is!

    • It’s a good question. They pick one of the items for you.

  24. I can’t believe I chose a mystery item!

    • Me too! You know the options are not so hot when the unknown is better. 😒

      • Exactly! I chose it as well.

    • so did i 🙂

      • Me too!!! What is it?!?!?

        I can’t believe all of the negative comments on Instagram about this box. Nothing says winter more than socks, gloves, hair mask treatments and essential oils.

        People are waaaaaay too picky and snotty. I like the box. I’m way excited about the add ons and the items I customized. And we still have a few more surprises in store.

        I would be happy with planner materials, a book, herbal tea, candles or a scarf.

        If I absolutely don’t need or want an item, I use it as a gift. People need to take a chill pill. Lol

    • The mystery item must be something not available in Canada since we do not have that option.

      • huh, the bluetooth headphones from the fall box couldnt be shipped to canada. wonder if thats a possibility?

        • I live in Montreal Canada, and i got the headphones, and super love them! Was hoping for another pair in the add on’s but didnt c them. 😢

    • Me too. It will probably be that awful Ahava hand lotion again. That stuff smells terrible to me.

  25. The Moroccan mask made my hair weighed down. It was in add-ons previously so kind of redundant to have it as a box choice now. Bear Paw brand is sold at warehouse clubs like Sams club. The circle necklace is yet another cheapie plated one, I chose the least poor choice- the jewelry organizer. Jade roller breaks easy and sold at T.J.MAXX on clearance for $5. Just cancelled my seasonal box. Wish I could skip my annual one. I’d rather take my $$ and buy something I actually want.

  26. Liz is that palette neutral? On FFF site it looks more pink to me, but in your swatches in looks fairly neutral. TIA

    • Yes, it’s a warm brown palette. There’s only one shade I would consider to be pink. And there are 5 shimmers and 4 matte shades. Hope that helps!

  27. What are the Brooke Burke Body Sliders?

    • They’re fitness equipment that you can use when you do stuff like lunges, mountain climbers, skater moves, etc that amp up your fitness routine and can help make it more challenging.

      • Thank you!

        Assuming you have them, or something similar, do you like using them?

      • I’ll elaborate since they do seem odd, hahaha. You put them on a hard surface floor (no carpet) and then put your foot in and use them to slide your legs out to the side in a lunge or if you’re in a plank you can move your legs towards your chest for a mountain climber, etc. They engage your core more and since you have to control your movement they provide a sort of resistance to the move. I find them challenging but I like that about them. If you google body sliders exercises you should be able to find a video and I’m guessing that FFF TV will have a workout for these.

        • FYI these say only use on carpet and the FFF video shows them being used on a rug.

        • Thanks so much! Your explanation was super helpful. I totally appreciate it!

    • I have the same question. I can’t find them online anywhere.

  28. Liz do u have to be a select member to pick ? I still don’t see anything when I log in thanks

    • Go to the menu top left and choose customize.

  29. When do we get charged for this? I’m canceling lol

  30. My picks, headband and fingerless gloves(not a fan off and quality doesn’t look good), essential oils, mystery choice, natural/ivory colored throw, jade roller, and jewelry portfolio! Hopefully, the mystery choice will be good and another nice winters item to surprise us!!!

  31. I love this box!!! Bite beauty is my favorite lipstick brand and I’ve been eyeballing that Meringue shade for a while. I got a facial for my birthday and they used a jade roller and I’ve wanted one ever since. Really like the jewelry portfolio so I was glad I could add the Oribe for $10 and get both. Will definitely use the hair mask and body cream, and got some Glamglow add ons in my cart. Happy camper!

  32. I’m fairly happy with the box and selections. I think for a box that always includes so many items and great brands, it can be hard for the box to not feel a bit random, but I don’t mind. I chose the hair mask (and after seeing Liz’s photos, decided to add the headband/glove combo too), socks, dry shampoo, gray throw, body slider things (probably will end up collecting dust like most of my other workout gear, but hey, a girl’s gotta try…), and body cream! I’m also excited for my add-ons, including the sponsored freebies!

  33. If it wasn’t for the Bite lipstick, I wouldn’t be at all excited for this box. The selections don’t seem very cohesive to me for some reason. But, I will say I’m happy for another FFF box without any quote or statement pieces. Hopefully that trend is dead.

  34. Liz, do the coasters have anything on their underside to prevent scratching furniture? If not, that’s an easy fix.

    I will get my Luxor Black Box today and will send you my spoiler picks!

    • No there is nothing on the underside. Hope that helps!

    • I got the bearpaw set, boot socks, coasters, jewelry holder plus Oribe, ivory color throw, essential oils. I love all the cold weather accessories and home items.

    • Promise kept. I emailed the pics of the black box. Quality items and no beauty products. I love everything, but to me it was not quite worth the price.

      • I really want to know what’s in the Luxor Black box!

  35. Oh! I’m so indecisive. I want to select everything today then whittle down the choices. I’m disappointed that I can’t do that this time. Choices 4 & 5 are select one. While fair, I don’t like it as much.
    I see you can buy another M&G throw on their site for $49. I wonder if a coupon will come with the box. If we like our throw we might buy another, monogrammed for a gift. Good job by M&G and FFF!

  36. I wonder what the last two items in the box are going to be. I am right that they said it was going to be 8 full sized items, and that is only six, correct?

    • I was thinking socks & a mug. But I see socks as a choice. . . mug & some mix? And hopefully a cool sponsored item..

    • I was wondering the same thing….are there other products besides these? Not trying to sound greedy, just curious if there are still some surprises out there.

  37. Thanks for the close-ups I was wondering what the socks and the coasters looked like.
    So far I’ve chosen;
    Custom one; both
    Custom two; Oribe Dry Shampoo
    Custom three; all three but I think I’m going to settle on the palette or the socks.
    Custom four; Ivory throw
    Custom five; lipstick
    Customer six; both
    Oh the decision on what to go with. Nothing really excites me but that’s probably b/c I’m such overload. My fault

  38. I’m shocked that they won’t let annual subscribers choose both throws. Also, I couldn’t choose 2 items in several categories.. I think their site is goofy today.

    • I’m not happy about that either. When can usually purchase a extra hero item and we can’t purchase the coasters and the lipstick or any of extra of those items.

      • I hate that I can’t get the coasters and the sliders. But it says right above that we can choose both options (not necessarily those) for ten dollars. That’s so disappointing.

  39. Not a very exciting box – all stuff I’ll use but especially for a winter box where I think of the holidays i hope for something more exciting

  40. Well these choices are awful lol I love FFF, so a couple of misses, eh. But dang, this is just a crap shoot.

    • I was thinking the same. I don’t need or really want any of this. Feels like $50 wasted, but it’s a chance you take.

  41. I love the Bite lipstick but Im soooo tempted by the “mystery choice” !!!! If only I could do both for the additional $10!

    I too wish we could add both blankets!

    Loving this box! Not sure if anything will be gifted!

  42. Horrible box, wow.

    • I agree. The only item out of the 14 spoiled that I’m remotely interested in is the jewelry case. But many people seem to think that this box is awesome. They can’t make everyone happy every time so I’m ok if they make me happy some of the time.

    • Easy pass this season.

  43. Not very exciting choices this time except for Oribe shampoo. Plus, they still have not updated the videos and dates, it still reads for the fall box. After this box, I won’t be renewing my annual sub.

  44. WOW what a box !!!! I just picked the gloves,socks and dry spray ! What a deal !! Can’t belive we get even more !! I am truly excited for this box !

    • Yay for cozy box selections!

    • Same here!! I actually love this box. I live in a very cold state, so these are perfect! And they’re super cute. The price alone is the price of the box, everything else is just extra <3

      • *the oribe alone is the price of the box

  45. I’m just not as pumped for this seasons box. I can live without this stuff , but me being a fff subscriber for years now I just can’t part with them just yet so I’m gonna keep this subscription and hope it’s better in person 😊 but I like how the theme is winter and that everything is staying warm

  46. FFF worst box ever. Not a single item I actually want. Just a hodge pose of noninteresting items. A mystery item choice? What’s that, any item you’re stucj with because the selection is terrible?

    Most of us have jade rollers from mystery boxes, which I won’t order any more since two arrived crushed and were never replaced.

    With the surveys I’ve seen with upcoming boxes I’m ending my annual sub when it runs out. If I really want something I’ll do seasonal.

    Made it very easy to cancel my second box. If I could skip I would but I’m stuck with this stuff as an annual. $45 wasted.

  47. Thanks for posting this Liz. I had already finished with customization but went back and changed a couple of them based on the better images you had. That’s why I always come here to verify because you have better pics of the products.

    • So true! MSA > FFF. They didn’t even have the correct videos up!!!

    • Glad to hear the pictures are helpful!

      • Liz, would it be possible for you to swatch the Bite Beauty lipstick? Thanks!

        • Yes, we’ll swatch and get that added to the post soon!

          • Thank you!

          • I was wondering what color the Bite lipstick is so a swatch would be amazing!!! Thank you!!!

          • You can find it online. It’s described as a “peachy nude” with a satin finish.

  48. This is the worst FFF box in 2 years. There is nothing that really excited me or that’s unique and original. The choices seem very random. And I wish we could add on both blankets but you can only get one.

    • This blanket has poor reviews. Probably can pick up a nicer one at TJ Max or Home Goods. I like my S&R throw infinitely better, and my dog likes his better. This is the worst box I’ve seen in a while. Nothing is remotely interesting. Mystery item? Don’t get too excited- it will be the foil lip crap from the fall box, or other stuff they can’t get rid of. I have a dozen dry shampoo samples. And Ipsy sent me the same Oribe one in deluxe sample size. The only way I’d ever need a full size is if I never showered. With fine hair, I shampoo every day.

      • I know… I am seriously considering cancelling this box and saving $50+. I can spend on some other cool holiday box options… Decisions.

  49. So many great choices! I went with headband + gloves combo, jade roller, jewelry portfolio (and maybe I’ll add the dry shampoo if it doesn’t sell out, still deciding), gray throw, mystery choice, and body cream. I’ve also got three add-on items + the free sponsored add-ons. I feel like this is a great box for me personally, and I’m excited to receive it!

    • How funny…I made the same selections as you on all of them.

    • Great choices!

    • I made same exact choices!! I am pleased with this box.

  50. Alright, they got me with the Bite lipstick, gonna upgrade to annual to choose.

    • Bite is my longtime favorite lipstick brand! Was excited to see this as an option and wish I could add it for $10.

      • I can’t upgrade on my cell or laptop! I guess my wallet is trying to tell me something 😕

    • I was so excited to see it at first but it’s in the color meringue which looks like it is too light and will wash me out. Not sure what to pick in that category now…

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