FabFitFun Winter 2018 FULL SPOILERS + $10 Coupon!

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We have full spoilers for the FabFitFun Winter 2018 box! (Thanks, Caley, for the heads up!)

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter). Your first box will be the Winter Box!

In addition to the previous spoilers, each box will include these full size beauty items:

And in case you missed it, here are the customization options:

All subscribers choose:

Bearpaw Combo set OR Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask

Richer Poorer Over The Knee Socks OR Sherrie Matthews Jade Roller OR PUR Eyeshadow Palette

Oribe Dry Shampoo OR H Halston Jewelry Portfolio OR Lele Sadoughi Necklace:

And annual subscribers can also pick:

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lips OR Chic & Tonic Coasters OR Brooke Burke Body Sliders

Anthropologie x Mer-Sea Body Cream OR Way of Will Essential Oils

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter). Your first box will be the Winter Box!

(Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!)

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  1. I don’t hate this box, but I don’t love it either. I’m actually really disappointed that there’s the Blaq eye masks in this box because of the fact that there is a formaldehyde releaser in it. Diazolidinyl urea is the ingredient I am talking about. I have been very ingredient conscious that’s why I also did not choose the hair mask I decided even though I live in Houston to go with the bear paw duo since there are some bad ingredients in that too. Now although supposedly the Ahava is a face mask it doesn’t look like it because it’s blue and it’s not blue on their site. If it is the face mask that I looked up, it has a bunch of bad fragrance ingredients that I’m not putting on my face. So if that’s the case, then there is definitely two products out of the nine that I will not use. On the bright side I am looking forward to trying out the Thrive Cosmetics eye brightener (see what I did there lol). All in all I like half of this box so I think it’s worth the $45 I pay (annual member). Also I’m really excited about my 13 safe add ons ($86) and 2 free sponsor add ons I am getting. Hope y’all have a Happy Thanksgiving. 😘

    • Is there any products out there that are 100% free of any ” bad” thing, that you have found? Would love to start using them.

      • If you go to cosdna dot com they have it to where you copy and paste the ingredients list and it tells you if the ingredients are safe…if they will cause any irritation and acne. It’s a life saver.

  2. I love Fab Fit Fun. It was my first sub box and I have kept it for 3 years. Every single box has something special for me (in my opinion) and if I don’t like something, I can swap or gift it. My husband gets it for me annually and a budget for the add ons. I think it is still fun and getting better with the Facebook contests, the Community Forum, the site contests, and there is even cute sticker packs and wallpapers for your phone to download for free.

    FabFitFun just hit a milestone of 1 million subscribers. I think that is a huge accomplishment.

    • i am glad to hear something positive about this box…I do ipsy, and I never get a choice of anything…but, it is so much fun each month…I am going to do these boxes for myself and two friends…I was getting worried! You cannot get much for $50 at the places everyone is talking about…I think I am going to take a chance!

  3. Liz, can you reach out and determine the ship dates for annual subscribers who added add-ons please? Many of us would like to be prepared for whether or not we can use these items for Christmas gifts including those that may need to be shipped.


  4. I canceled this month because I had some unexpected expenses, but seeing the full box, I’m not the least bit disappointed. I would like the throw but I’ve certainly got enough of them already that I don’t NEED another one. Nothing else in the box really calls my name.

    • I have it around my neck right now, it’s more like a large scarf

  5. I love FFF and have rarely been disappointed in a box and I am not disappointed in this one! I will be able to use everything in this box and the value breakdown is $5.55 per item. Even if I were to find these items at TJMaxx or Marshall’s, I would not be able to get them for these prices!

  6. I actually love this box! I paid $49 for the box + add-ones of course. I use Oribe religiously and the dry shampoo alone that I selected retails for $44 PLUS a throw from a Williams-Sonoma company. This box is more than worth it for me but I realize it isn’t for everyone, I just find the value is always there for me, even if I just love a couple of items. I like to gift things that I won’t use or benefit from. Popsugar (monthly) was always my favorite but FFF has filled that void.

  7. Here’s the thing–I’ve felt that way about boxes in the past when the spoilers come out and I think “Wow, this might be a box I really don’t care for.” Then it arrives, and I’m unboxing and thinking it’s really better than I thought.

    I think we do get a lot for the money and while I’m not blown away, I think once I have the box in hand, I will feel better about it.

    Having said that, I agree that they seem to be in a rut. I know it may be hard to come up with universal items that people will like and can fit into, but at the same time, it would be great to see them “shake it up” a bit and take some risks. There really isn’t a wow factor with this winter box (the thin throw is a little underwhelming overall).

  8. I think its a great box for the price but I sure wish we would stop getting all these masks. I have so many of them now. I give them away to friends all the time and I still have so many. I wish they would give us shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, shine spray.. something like that. I live in Florida and I am so thankful that I’m not getting a scarf. I have never worn a scarf my entire life. I’m good with the throw, though. You can never have too many of those. I think its a really nice box and they really do give us a lot of nice items for the price. Look at some of the other boxes out there.. in comparison they will win hands down 90% of the time. My favorite is still Pusheen Box.. that will never change I hope!

    • I totally thought the same thing about the mask, but someone said you can leave it on overnight as a moisturizer so now I’m excited about it! In case that helps… 😘

    • Hi! I am in Florida too and I agree that I would like to see them switch up the product a bit away from the masks towards styling products. I love trying new styling products!

      I am very happy with the box and I enjoyed the add ons. A lot of this is going to go as Christmas gifts but I am still keeping the majority.

      Happy Holidays!

    • I agree about the number of masks and scrubs as well, too many. I keep using and giving them away and then there continue to be more.

      Otherewise, LOVE FFF boxes, signed up fiance’s Mom, she loves, great every day full-size, quality and guest room items too. Will keep ordering. Fun.

  9. Three bad boxes in a row 😔. It’s not that I want $900 worth of product for $50, it’s that I want to try different and innovative products and brands. Bummer.

    And for those who say give it away or swap, that shouldn’t be a factor when buying a box. A good box you want to keep everything for yourself.

    Also, this is a lifestyle box not a beuaty box. FFF seems confused.

  10. Looks like a box full of clearance section items from a TjMaxx or Marshalls. I’m not trying to sound entitled, just saying how it is when I look at this box. I’ll still use most of the items hopefully, so there’s that going for me. I’m more excited for the addons though. Can’t wait to get them!

  11. Last week I resigned up with a discount and they already took my money! I emailed today and asked to cancel. Will that work even though they already took the money??! I honestly won’t use much of this and don’t think it would work for the people I get gifts for. I am sick of the brands offered and need to be strong and take a break from ALL sub boxes. Maybe after that they will become exciting again

  12. You have GOT to be kidding me!!!! MORE Ahava!?!?!!?!
    This is the third disappointing box from them. This box ends my year with them. I do love the Mystery Bundles, but not enough to keep getting Ahava. Not sure I’m going to resub. I’m going to have to give this a hard think.

    • Ahava’s my favorite brand and the only reason I’m sticking around FFF.

      • I love Ahava too. It works really well on my dry skin.

    • ahava is a major problem for those of us concerned about investing in israeli settlements that violently displace palestinian families. i avoid the ahava products as much as i can and I’m really annoyed i had no way to opt out of this one. they’re in every single box one way or the other!

      • Yes!!! I’m so glad someone else pointed this out. Ahava is problematic.

      • Shana, I am so glad you posted this. I even contacted FFF about including Ahava. Any Ahava product I receive in any beauty box I put up for swap but with full disclosure of why I won’t use their products. Ahava is harvesting their raw materials from illegal settlements and many companies worldwide boycott them. Why don’t American companies do the same as many countries in this boycott? How can we make a difference in this world if we are not proactive? Thanks Shana!

    • Agreed! Ahava products are why I stopped subscribing after Winter 2017 – and it doesn’t help that they make the whole box smell awful!

    • Ahava products have always felt rather dehydrating when i use them… Both the hand cream and a body lotion I got in another box. The fragrance seems to irritate my eyes if I use it too (I have sensitive eyes to fragrances). Let’s see how this one goes…

    • I love ahava it smells so nice!!

  13. The value of my box is 293 so I’m paying 17% of the RV per item or getting a 83% discount… it’s not a bad box but even looking at the prices I’m paying per item I don’t know if I would grab them from TJ maxx if I saw them. It’s a good deal but the curation is definitely missing that je ne sais quoi.

    • I completely agree with you. The curation is just not there, even though the value is. It’s almost like everything is a “filler” item.

    • The Fall box was valued at over $300.00 and this one is almost $100.00 less! Last year’s winter box was awesome but this one is disappointing.

  14. Of the last two years, this box is definitely the most disappointing to me. The items are all ok, but nothing I’m excited about. I would have loved the wood coasters but those were gone instantly after customization opened. I would have gone for the mystery item but I didn’t realize it was like a mystery bundle and not just a random pick from the already given choices.

  15. I’m so excited for this box! It actually had several things that I have been wanting but not needing so I’ve been waiting. Literally every item, but the blanket it something I will use and love, and am very excited for!

  16. I understand the value is there, but I wish this box didn’t have so many beauty products. It would have been nice if at least one of the items that everyone gets was not a beauty item, even if it were a cheap candle or food item. That eye highlighter has also come in at least two other boxes in the past year, so it’s not exciting or needed for most people that have at least a couple subs.

    • agree with all of this!

    • Agreed! This selection feels very Birchbox to me tbh

  17. Snagged this for $30 so what a steal! Love Thrive Cosmetics. I have several of their products – CC cream, eyeliner, blush. It’s all great.

  18. I am so here for this box! Im keeping most; the unwanted/ unneeded few will be stocking stuffers for very grateful friends, family and co-workers. The complainers who expected gold bullion and a Tesla in a sub box need to re-evaluate their expectations on life in general.

  19. I always feel like I get my money’s worth with FFF, and this box is no exception. But one of the most fun things for me with this box is the surprise/discovery factor (learning about new products and brands). This box has a lot of repeat product categories (socks, eye masks, etc) and brands (Ahava, Way of Will, Oribe has been in add ons). Hoping for more fresh finds next season.

    • I couldn’t agree with you, more! I love a good bargain and also discovering products that I would never get because of the full retail price.

      • I’d never heard of Style & Co or Touch in Sol before but I’m loving their products from the Fall box.

  20. Woooh Definitely can use those eye masks and the eye brightener!

  21. Ya know…it’s a solid box with a lot of value. I think too many people are on overload and expecting way too much from sub boxes these days. I am looking forward to my box and will trade, gift or donate to the women’s shelter the items that aren’t my thing. It’s $5.55 an item. It really is a steal.

    • Agree – the value is definitely there . I think there’s just an especially higher expectation for winter boxes near the holidays . I think this is a let down for people because there’s no real big ticket product or winter-y item. But I’ll totally use everything in here

  22. I actually like this box a lot! Too be honest, I kind of don’t get all the hate…since this seems to be a very high value for the cost (though of course, if you won’t use anything in the box, then doesn’t really matter that it’s a good value I guess, right?) I use Oribe dry shampoo all the time, and with my annual “discount” I pretty much got my value worth with JUST that one thing! I’m happy with all the selections I made (and even selected an extra because I liked all the selections), and while I’m not really excited about the Ahava or Blaq, I have and like the Thrive product…and mine’s getting low…so I’m happy about that. Overall, I feel this is a really sold box…and I was really pleased with the Add Ons selection too.

    • Me too! I think it’s a GOOD BOX! Plus the Add Ons made it PERFECT for me!

  23. Well I AM very grateful for fabfitfun!!!! They can not please everyone!!!! But I love this box!!! Way better than fall. I can not wait to get it in the mail. I got a lot of Christmas gifts that I wouldn’t have been able to get bc the price. I cant wait to get my box. For the people not liking it maybe bc some of ya’ll have so much stuff like other boxes and r just on over load. That is why I stopped some boxes. But I for one can not wait 🙂 happy holidays!!!

    • I love this box too and I am just seasonal so I didn’t get to choose everything. I am super excited, because either way most of it it beauty products that I will definitely use! I bought a lot of add ons as well and I agree with you 100%…

  24. idk, i think i’m in the minority… i don’t mind this box. i can use everything in it. the only thing i’m worried about is that i’ll end up getting the exercise slides and aromatherapy oils. i’d love, love the coconut lotion and the coasters. if i get those things, i’ll be over the moon excited. sure, the throw could be better quality/thicker and there could have been a mug or something, but i really think this is a nice winter box. i missed last years amazing box, this will only be my third official box (and third box of add-on/edits).

  25. Are select options working for you guys? I am an annual subscriber and all options are showing as surprise me. I got add ons for the first time, I wonder if that’s why.

    • Customization closed Thursday night so if you didn’t make your choices by then, you will be getting them at random.

    • Customization opened on Nov 3rd and is closed now.

  26. Just cancelled about reading this spoiler. It just didn’t wow me at all for 50 bucks.

  27. The last two boxes were very good (summer was awesome and fall was pretty good), I was looking to become an annual sub starting with this box, so I could choose the items I like best, but I cancelled instead, what a let down. Some choice items have no good choice for me at all, even for a gift, and there is nothing here I need (not going to hoard any more products in hopes of running out of something)

  28. I cancelled my subscription until I started seeing the spoilers. I decided this would be a nice gift for my son’s girlfriend. I think she’s going to love it! I also got some nice add-ons. Can’t wait until next month!!

  29. This box is just……boring, imo. I thought the winter box was gonna be really good 🤔 MAYBE if the throw would have been of better quality I would like it more, but there just doesn’t seem to be any hero item and even with so many of the items being choice, nothing is screaming my name. Alot of the items seem like add on type things. Hopefully everyone else loves it though. Happy Holidays!

  30. I’m not a subscriber anymore as I have found I can usually swap for the 1 or 2 items I want but this time there are a lot actually. Off to try and swap for the jewelry case, dry shampoo, coasters, eye gels, coconut cream, hair mask, essential oils and the headband!

    • Hi Regan! I might be open to swapping the dry shampoo and possibly the eye gels once they arrive.

      • Hi Casey! I’m on the swap site but I mostly have BOTM books right now. I don’t know how to add my link but you can find me with the book all at sea.

    • I would deff swap that jewelry book. I don’t want it and can’t use it.

  31. I like my add-ons. I was able to purchase several perfect gifts and a few items for myself. The box itself is a complete miss for me. It is the perfect time of year to donate it

    • I’ve been looking for a good coin purse and, bam! It was an add-on for $5.

  32. If you think this is a bad box, go back and look at the reviews from 2013. lol. FFF has improved dramatically since they started out. If the blanket was of better quality, this would be one of the most practical boxes I’ve received from FFF in the 3 years I’ve been a subscriber. I love having all of these different choices and options to add on extras choices, too. This really is a great Winter box, overall. The blanket may be cheap, but is great for cool fall/spring evenings on the porch. You could also use it for other purposes.. pet blanket, table cloth, bed runner, blanket to use in the car, etc. The headband and glove duo is also great for me. I have bought several pairs of those “touchscreen friendly” gloves, and they never work with my phone screen… now I’ll have a pair of finger-less gloves that I know will work, and that also have the option to cover my fingertips. I have tons of socks, but only one pair of over-the-knee. I think this is a fun, stylish option for winter! A full sized Oribe dry shampoo is amazing, as I would NEVER spend that much on a hair product and dry shampoo is great for those lazy days. The coaster set is really fun and rustic feeling. I have plenty of coasters, but they are getting a bit stained and shabby. You could also re-purpose these several ways.. make them part of a holiday display with little trees sitting on each coaster, paint them to better suit your taste, turn them into ornaments, etc… or just put them outside for use on your porch side tables. You could also gift them with a bottle of alcohol as a cute gift. The body cream is obviously a great choice for our dry, cracked winter skin. The face and eye masks are useful, and the eye highlighter will be fun to try… not to mention the AWESOME add-ons this season! Sometimes it’s all about perspective. There are always different ways to use or gift items you don’t initially love. Forever a FabFitFun fan!

    • I agree, this is an awesome box!! Really happy with it 🙂

    • Yes yes yes, this exactly. I’ve been subbed to FFF for years and love this box. I don’t understand why so many people are butthurt, this is worlds better than some other boxes we’ve had and even on the worst box I’ve never thought about cancelling.

    • Love your opinion… I am exactly equally excited as you are ..

    • *Put hand warmers in the mitten part of your fingerless gloves. Then when you put them back over your fingers after using your phone…ahhhhh. Toasty warm.

    • AWESOME BOX, I Agree!!

  33. I am excited for my FFF box. It contains a lot of value and I take what I don’t want to my friends at work. I just give it away and it makes everyone happy. I currently have FFF, Causebox, Pop Sugar, Kevia’s Journeebox, RZ Box of Style, Boxy Charm/Lux, Ipsy Glam Bag, Glossy Box, Allure, Bijoux Box, Bolango hand bags and December will be my last Sugar Bash Box. I also will be receiving the limited collaboration edition from Pop Sugar/Neiman Marcus and the Holiday Edition from Glossy box. So during the year I receive many products that I LOVE and some that just don’t care for. Makes me happy to know that all of the products will get used.

    • Wow, you must have job that pays bucko bucks or come from royalty 😨

  34. This isn’t a bad box but seriously missing a hero item. Still sticking with them because every third box hits it out of the park and I like being able to choose my items and get dibs on adds ons. The “value” of add ons has gone done a bit and the bundles this time were almost the price of the box but it’s still pretty great and still the cheapest place to grab spongelles!

    • Yes! You nailed it. It’s a good box but there’s no star of the show. The big item is supposed to be that gray blanket. I think everything less than a Forio now will be a letdown.

  35. I’m glad I was able to snag all the customization and select options that were not beauty items since the last 3 items will be beauty products.

    • Hi…do you know if I can still make selections if I order today?

      • I don’t think you can, but I’m not completely sure about this. I know selection for current subscribers closed on Thursday.

      • No. Customization is closed. It will be random

      • If you are new subscriber you will still be able to customize! Last box was my first box and I signed up after customization closed for existing customer and they still let me customize!

  36. Does anyone know when these are getting mailed out?

    • I am guessing they mail around 10 days after billing – I looked at the previous box

  37. Wow. What a let down. FFF has been hitting it out of the park lately but this is just a sad, jumbled mess. Where’s the continuity? Last year’s winter box truely was fab (they finally redeemed themselves for that stupid gym n juice box) and the fall box was pretty great too. There must be some rule with sub companies that they can only have so many amazing boxes in a row before they start throwing duds out and driving people away. So glad I resisted the urge to buy an annual based on the previous few boxes.

    • Agree. Worst box out of eight I have received. I only stayed because of add-ons.

  38. Well, I own and love the eye masks already. I had the thrive highlighter before. It’s fine, but I’m not a big highlighter person. I used it for my inner eye area before I left it open and dried it out (I’m a mess) 🙂 I’ve never tried the AHAVA hydration mask, but I love their mud one. Fingers crossed. I’ve heard lots of negative feedback about this box, but I am really looking forward to it!!

  39. This is my first box and honestly a little disappointing. I was hoping for a good mix of home, lifestyle, and beauty items and other than the blanket my entire box is beauty products. Is it always like this?

    • Not at all. The last few have been a great and very well curated. I have no idea what they were thinking. Where’s the hero item?!

    • I thought the summer box was pretty much a beauty box as well. Fall had a little better mix, but unfortunately the non beauty items tend to be low quality. So it’s hard to win with FFF.

  40. These items round out the box well and make sense for winter box: hydration and soothing eye masks for tired holiday eyes. Plus, they’re nice little gift add-ons or stocking stuffers if they’re not something you want for yourself.

  41. Just because it’s a “good deal”, doesn’t mean you should hoard products you don’t need lol

    • Lol i think you’re on the wrong site 🙂

      • LOL!

    • I agree! Or people complaining they have too many products but they’ll continue subbing. It’s okay to have self-control! 😉

  42. Ugh. Boring. More Ahava. The Moroccan hair mask and jade roller have been in add-ons, the mask weighs hair down, and the jade roller falls apart. There’s nothing exciting in this box. I wish I could have skipped but I’m locked in as an annual. I cancelled the second box I had for my daughter. I used to look forward to this box, but for a winter box it’s a letdown. Hoping spring will be infinitely better, otherwise I’ll move on since it’s my last box. Even the add-ons and edit sales haven’t been as good, IMO. To each her own I guess. Just disappointed.

  43. This box sux sorry fff but it does. The only reason I keep them is bc I liked the add ons I purchased other than that it’s definitely not exciting especially the choice between a coaster set lol. Being that said tho I will be subscribing for a long long time bc u never know what u might like til u try it 😊 I love this subscription and was the very first one I had

    • If I had known the final items before feeling I would definitely canceled

  44. I think this is the worst box I’ve gotten from fff it’s still a great deal

  45. I think this rounds out a great box. The value they put in for $50 is impressive. I know everybody isnt always happy but when when you have a million subscribers its hard to make everyone happy. This will always be my favorite box and I have 12 subscriptions. Great job fabfitfun.

    • Agreed! This is a well rounded box that carries a very high monetary value and personal value in the products itself in what will get used or gifted. There’s a lot of complaining about this box and everyone is entitled to voice their opinion of course, but it’s buying (or not) a box that will send the loudest, clearest message. Purchasing power over words. Every box hasn’t been for me, but the majority have, and I see myself staying subscribed as an annual member.

  46. Not exciting, but it’s ok.

  47. Glad I skipped. Don’t need any of it this time around.

  48. I have to get this out. I’m sorry. I’m so tired of masks. Ugggh.

    • Actually, with the Ahava mask, you can leave it on overnight as a deep moisturizer. That’s what I’ve done with mine and it works really well!

    • I agree…if I never get another mask I would be happy. It’s not that I don’t use them but I have enough to last a lifetime. I would prefer cleansers, something that gets used everyday.

    • Lol, me too!!!

  49. I like these additions! I love Thrive for their ethos alone. Hopefully the Ahava mask doesn’t smell like their hand cream.

    • Amen! That stuff was noxious.

      • I thought it was just me because so many people on here say they love it. But ugh, not me!

    • Gosh, I bought and traded for like 5 bottles of it. I love it. To each, right?! 🙂

    • I hate the smell of Ahava hand cream also!

  50. Any idea what the mystery bundle could be?

    • Me, too. I wanted the coasters, but they were gone immediately, so I picked the mystery item.

      • I’m thinking it will have the fall FFF tote in it.

      • It’s kind of exciting, since I can’t help but peek at spoilers. 🙂

      • The mystery item is that they give you one of the other two choices and surprise you with which of the two they give you.

        • Hmm nevermind, I think I am wrong

    • I think everyone will get one of a variety of different leftovers.

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