BoxyLuxe December 2018 Possible Spoiler #4!

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We may have a possible new spoiler for the December BoxyLuxe thanks to Yosef!

The December box may include:

Any guesses on the mystery item? It looks like Elemis packaging! 

In case you missed the previous spoilers, the December BoxyLuxe will include:

Get a flawless look with your new, cruelty-free LUXIE brushes. This brush set has every brush you need to create a full face look. From brows to highlight, foundation and lips, this one set packs all of the brushes you will need.

Subscribers can choose one of the following:

  • PYT Mini Straightener
  • Suva Protege Palette

Which one did you pick?

Each box will also include:


VIOLET VOSS HG – PRO Eyeshadow Palette

Indulge in 20 highly pigmented eye shadow shades, ranging in finish from creamy matte to bold metallic and silky satin. The vegan, cruelty free formula is created with finely milled pigments, making for smooth application and easy blending.

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the November box will be your first box! (You must be a regular Boxycharm subscriber in order to upgrade to BoxyLuxe in September.)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

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  1. Did anyone else see on BC snapchat story a few days ago the girls previewing the Luxie brushes that would be in the DEC BL ??? Im pretty sure they only showed the 4 smaller eye brushes, not the full set to include the face brushes as well :((((

  2. Looks like it’s confirmed, it’s the Elemis pro collagen marine cream, the size is 30 ml and the price is $89.00!

  3. I JUST received a spoiler update from Boxy saying the 3rd spoiler is the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream($89 according to BC)!!!!! I’m SO excited for this & just in time for my bday!!!!

  4. I tried this cream and it is amazing! I am so excited to be getting a full size and the hair tool along with this facial cream is absolutely worth it for me even if I don’t like anything else in the box!! The only thing that would suck is if this facial cream is a variant!! Hopefully everyone is going to get it. It smells heavenly.

  5. If that’s skin care then I am a happy girl. And no more Dr Brandt or Juice Beauty please. So either way this will be awesome! I would love them to do a skincare kit in a boxyluxe sometime.

  6. Boxycharm is killing it with Dec BoxyLuxe. The hair tool is 180$, and if it is that Elemis that’s 128$. I love getting high end skin care like that because if we’re being honest, I’m never spending 128$ on face cream. The Violet Voss palette is really pretty as well. Can’t wait for more spoilers!

    • How do I get the hair tool?

  7. I think it’s definitely the procollagen marine cream by Elemis. Same exact packaging colors and everything. Even the wording is placed in the exact same places I compared the boxes. This is a very expensive cream so I’m very pleased and really hope that this comes in my box !!!

    • Yes it’s a great day cream. Yes it is super expensive. I’ve never seen a product thus expensive in any if subs which include BEAUTYFIX, GLAMBAG PLUS, BC & others. According to the Elemis website the standard full size is 50ml(1.7oz) @ $128. I found the deluxe size on ULTA, it’s 29ml(1 oz) @ $89. So im guessing if its in the Luxe december box its going to be the travel(deluxe) size, unfortunately. Although it’s a great cream, I’ve had it before. A little goes along way. To be honest a travel sized skincare item is kinda a let down. Hopefully it’s not the only skincare item that not a tool.

  8. I think its the elemis pro collagen marine cream

  9. Hey guys so I’m assuming it is super late since I remember reading about last boxyluxe’s havoc but is it too late to become a boxy subscriber and try to enroll in the boxyluxe December?

    • No. I think you can still get November’s box and get luxe next month. You will not get to pick either the extra palette or hair straightener they will just give you 1 or the other. Good luck

    • I emailed BC about signing up Nov to qualify for Dec BL upgrade. BC replied that I would be waitlisted, they will try their best to get as many ppl as possible of the waitlist. Basically no guarantee if you sign up Nov that you will BL Dec, but you can try. The item is Elemis variant, their all listed at boxy preview. I want the oil or moisturizer, and preferred not to get the cleansing balm. BL is killing it, definitely 100xs better than the Sept BL. Ipsy Plus can’t compete.

  10. looks like Skyn to me but either way if not i am appreciative…..monies well spent

  11. I’m obsessed with the Elemis Marine Cream with SPF that I got in a recent box. I’d love anything from that brand.

  12. I am actually breathless with anticipation for this box! So far, every single item is one that I not only want, but LUST for! Nicely done Joe! 💘💘💘

    • You took the words right out of my mouth …I couldn’t agree more.

  13. When and where do we choose the item for Boxyluxe?

    • If you’re referring to the choice between the straighener and palette, they sent an email on October 23rd. There was only a 4 hour window to choose, if I remember correctly.

    • They sent an email

    • They sent an email awhile ago and you only had a day to pick I believe.

    • I would love to sign up for this deluxe box!

  14. I’m pretty sure there was something on their IG stories about there being one of four Elemis products in each box. There was a cleansing balm, a toner, moisturizer and another product as well.

    • Hoping for a moisturizer!!

    • I saw it on Instagram, too. “One of these may or may not be in your December Boxy Luxe:
      Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm; Soothing Apricot Toner; PeptideEye Recover Cream; Pro-Collagen Marine Oil”

      I can’t wait!

  15. This will be my first BoxyLuxe and I’m pretty excited about it! I love Luxie brushes and I’ve been eyeballing Violet Voss palettes so I’m happy to get them. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the spoilers.

  16. It does look like Elemis. Could also look like Skyn Iceland.

  17. Does it look to you like he’s sitting where I think he’s sitting?

    • LOL Pretty sure he’s not sitting at all. I think this pic was taken in a mirror, which is why the words are backwards. But I do see what you’re getting at!

    • hahahaha! I had to scroll back up to see what you meant. Now I can’t unsee it!

  18. I am loving absolutely EVERYTHING in this box.

  19. OMG! I LOVE ELEMIS!!! I really hope this is true..anyone that doesn’t want it, can give it to me!! I would trade other things in this box for this,so good!

  20. Well, I made the choice not to upgrade to Boxyluxe. I certainly would like to see something that is coming in the regular Boxycharm for December!!

  21. Does anyone know what is coming in the regular Bixycharm subscription for December… there is only spoilers only for boxyluxe… Im signed up for boxyluxe but want to see what my options are for the December boxycharm box before I commit to it.

    • Same here!!!

  22. Does anyone know what is coming in the regular Bixycharm subscription for December… there isnt any spoilers only for boxyluxe… Ixm signed up for boxyluxe but want to see what my options are for the December boxycharm box before I commit to it.

  23. Finally, something I can use! This better be in every box! I have been really regretting signing up for BoxyLuxe so far.

  24. Does anyone know if I can wait till December to sign up for this?

    • No, there’s usually a wait list.

    • If you want a chance of getting it I think you better upgrade right now and not wait. Otherwise you are going to end up on the waiting list for March, and there’s no guarantee that you can get the December box even if you sign up today. I would definitely say to move quickly on it. Good luck!

  25. I feel like this might be a ‘if you get the eye pallet you get this’ but maybe not if you took the straightener?

    • These words came straight from Joe himself “the choice made will not affect the rest of the box value” I watched it in a video he made.

      • Thank you!

  26. It looks like a full size pro collagen marine cream … one of my favorites! I’m not subscribed and have a few deluxe samples in my stash but this would be a good item in the box!

    • It does look like something from the pro collagen line. I don’t even care which item! I’ll take any of them!

  27. I just went and looked up the Elemis creams and holy moly 125-225 dollars for a cream 🙀 wow ok I’m intrigued boxy this might make up for my crappy October box.

    • LOL I was also thinking that it might make up for some of the “meh” items we’ve gotten in November and October.

      • Right I haven’t even received my November box yet, they’re is suppose to be an extra item since they sent me a repeat, AND they didn’t even send me the right lippie color that was my spoiler I was suppose to get the shade mother and somehow received flipping crucifix, like seriously boxy does my bubbly personality scream crucifix to you 😂. I’m excited for another luxe my first box was amazing and came right in time for me to use the headband for my c section so I’m hoping they knock it out again for my birthday month

        • So you got that email too!?!? Did you get the eye patches too or something else that was a repeat for you??? I was wondering & hoping we really get it!!!! I got the eye patches again so I received an email too saying there would be an extra item in this month’s box…wonder what it will be!!!!!????

        • I also got the wrong shade…Crucifix too, instead of bow & arrow & the box was the wrong box but their CS wouldn’t do anything!!!! Only 2 things matched my email spoilers & in their words “don’t rely on those” is wrist they told me…I SAID, WHY DO YOU EVEN SEND THEM OUT THEN BC THAT’S JUST NOT RIGHT TO EXPECT CERTAIN ITEMS & THEN NOT GET THEM!? If it wasn’t for Boxyluxe, I would leave! & IT’S MY BDAY MONTH TOO-DEC😊😉

          • I received an email today after arguing for 2 weeks over it they’re sending me the correct color now and also credited me 1000 charms. Like I told them I don’t ever complain but this box was ridiculous I received the wander eye masks also (repeat item) and the travel sized brigio and I told them had it just been one item I didn’t like or received the travel sized hair treatment and the repeat item but at least gave me the correct lippie color I wouldn’t of complained to them but three strikes yea I had to email

          • ! I’m December 14th so I’m stoked for the luxe again and I’m loving all the luxe spoilers so far!!! Happy birthday to us 😂 hopefully they keep it up with the awesome spoilers, seriously just keep bugging customer service I even screen shot the spoiler email and sent it along with the KvD lippie crucifix with the barcode slashed out . I wasn’t expecting much I got so mad I even told them they can have the entire box back just send me the lip shade mother. I don’t think I was wrong for emailing them I mean if they just sent me the right lippie color I would of never even emailed them, but getting crucifix, a travel sized item, and a repeat just did it in for me. At first customer service was no help and actually rude so one I got snippy back they became helpful. Usually they are extremely nice and helpful I have no idea what’s going on lately. I did hear a lot of people making false claims to them about missing or broken items

    • Some of us love love that eye shadow palette but no shade, I couldn’t do anything with September so I skipped. Glad to be back. I am way past needing and thing from Boxy but can’t let go.

  28. Maybe a mud treatment? The box looks like my Skyn facial pads.

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