BoxyCharm December 2018 FULL SPOILERS Box #1

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We have full spoilers for one of the box variations for the December Boxycharm box!

First, all subscribers will receive:

And here’s one variation:


What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the November box will be your first box! (Check out November spoilers here!)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I don’t know whether I m getting boxyluxe yet. It’s Dec 5th and I m still on the wait list. I’m probably not gonna get it and I anyone have Any thoughts or info on this. I m so very disappointed. I’m still on the wait list. But I figure the they are already gone

  2. So i “upgrade” to boxyluxe and am getting it this month. But the boxycharm for this month looks similar to some of the boxyluxe items so does that mean I’m going to get duplicates?

    • I am still on the wait list for luxe but haven’t been charged yet. It s already into December. So I’m probably not going to get the luxe or does anyone think there’s still. Chance??? So disappointed

    • I did! Plus got things ive gotten in previous boxes

  3. So I have a question i “upgrade” to boxyluxe and am getting it this month. But the boxycharm for this month looks similar to some of the boxyluxe items so does that mean I’m going to get duplicates?

    • Hi Cindy,

      If you are getting boxyluxe this month you will not receive the regular box. The Luxe box and regular box do have some of the same items, however the Luxe has additional items, such as the VV pallet, the elmes cream, the spongella and the luxie brushes.

      Hope this helps.

      • I upgraded to the Boxyluxe this month and was charged for both Boxyluxe and Boxycharm boxes. I have received shipping confirmations for both as well. I’m not sure why this would have happened.

  4. I received an email this morning saying that I’ve got ALL day TODAY to fix my account THAT DOES NOT NEED TO BE FIXED!! They took 21 and said I didn’t have enough for BoxyLux but lies…. I do. I did. And still have money…. Are they picking special people after they sent email saying I got out of Waitlist?? WTH I’m so tired with this… Went to bank they said they only tried once the $21 not the 28 .99. Why?? I’ve emailed….. I’m done my birthday is 12-25 I’m done with Boxy charm IF they DON’T take my money I’ll CANCELL and someone else will…. Why??? This???

  5. I’m confused. I thought when I upgraded to luxe that I had a choice between a pallet or a straightener. Can somebody please clarify this for me? I wanted that straightener and received a email saying it was confirmed. Is this telling us that regular boxycharm had the choice of straightener as well? Because that was my reason for “upgrade”. Now I’m even more confused than before lol. Is the violet voss a variation? Please someone take pity and explain what my mind refuses to process. Thank you.

    • Boxyluxe got the choice, for reg charmers it’s a random variation. Violet Voss is not a variation, it’s in all Boxyluxe.

      • Ok, so the violet boss and the makeup brush set are included with all boxyluxe. Correct? Thank you for your reply btw. I don’t know why I wasn’t able to wrap my mind around this lol.

      • I was pleasantly / angrily surprised I got the upgrade to luxe today- the angry part is I know this because I got an emai from the account I use for boxy that it went below zero dollars, lol. I only keep enough to cover specific boxes after some previous nightmares. 🙂 The money was quickly moved over so no harm no foul in the end just kinda weird. I was hit with regualr boxy monthly charge yesterday and today the extra amount came out and then I got an email saying yay youre in. I even had emailed them and asked point blank how to know if I am gonna be charged so I can have the appropriate funds there and they said I would be notified. I assumed BEFORE charging me.

        On the bright side I really wanted the VV palette so I am a happy camper. I kinda wish I had a chance to NOT pick the mini iron thing but maybe it will swap well?

        Just an FYI- check your accounts if you are on the waitlist.

        • I’m happy to get boxyluxe this month but upset about not getting that mask I so need but not spending over $50 on something I’ve never heard of or used… But I am super happy I’m getting the elmis pro collagen cream cuz that I know costs a bit and I’ve used their products before and happy with them but those were deluxe sized samples so I’m excited for a full size elmis product… But still wish I was getting that mask too… You can’t always get what ya want! Thanks Mick Jagger for that line… Lol

          • Haha my mom is a huge Mick Jagger fan, in fact made me swear at her funeral I play this song for her. Now back on topic, I picked the mini iron as well, if for some reason I get that mask I will trade you something if you want. I’m not sure how to tell what I’m getting and my first time getting the luxe. Anyway if you decide to do this let me know how to contact you ok.

        • I’m happy for you they were able to get your account /funds situated. It’s a good idea to do what you do. I cancelled my allure last month, but they still charged me for 2 boxes for some reason. I need to call them and fix this but keep forgetting. In the future I may do what you are doing. I did get off the waitlist this month for boxyluxe, I’m very happy to get the violet voss and the brushes, that Elemis also makes me happy 😊

    • No nobdy can pick it’s all random email boxycharm chic.

    • Hey Angie they send you an email and you had to reply back to that email that day to choose what you wanted and if you didnt they pick for you. I know stupid huh because I didnt even know til after I missed it!

  6. I got off the waitlist today, I’m getting the boxyluxe for December. I wasn’t expecting to get off the waitlist this time. Well atleast I know for sure I’m getting the setting powder so I’m satisfied! That’s the 1 thing I wanted in the regular boxycharm box. Yay! Hope everyone gets what they want too.

    • Oh jeez the setting powder doesn’t even come with boxyluxe? Or does it? 😭

    • How do you know you’re getting the setting powder in boxyluxe?

  7. I’ve been on the waitlist since the day Luxe dropped, it doesn’t even look like I’m getting it. I really only stayed this month for the Violet Voss, as I am truly in product overload. I really enjoy boxycharm, but at 40 palettes I need to slow myself down. If I don’t receive the luxe I think I am going to cancel…at least for a while.

    • Wow I have only been a charmer for 4 months and just decided 2 months ago i wanted to upgrade to lux and got it. Wonder why you didn’t. I dont see how that’s far.

  8. I was put on the waitlist for luxe 30
    Mins into the launch. And they still haven’t taken me off the list. I picked my item, I have been active and regular box was charged and my luxe still is waiting 🙄🙄🙄

    • Me too! I’m so frustrated. I was really hoping on getting the luxe box this time. I’m canceling for sure after this box.

    • Same! I am so upset about it.

    • Same. So confused but 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. Honestly, all of the variations look good, but I’ll be over the moon if I get this one. Never thought I’d want a setting powder over palette, but that one is just too cute. And I don’t have a hair straightener yet, and would be thrilled to get one.

  10. I’m still on the waitlist for the luxe box. Believe me if I’m not taken off and just get the regular box in Dec I won’t be to upset. I was just expecting a more winter theme in Dec the luxe is okay just a little boring honestly. 😴

    • I agree. I’m on the waitlist as well and suppose to come off for the December box, but I’m very underwhelmed by it….by Boxy, period here of late…Ipsy has been knocking it out of the park for me!

    • Me too. But I want that straightener 🙌🏽

  11. Im trying to decide should I stay with boxyluxe… or get the regular box… honestly I do want the boxyluxe because u dont treat myself?… I do get a full set of brushes and a portable charger that will be good for travel when I do go somewhere…. hmm

  12. I am thinking of going back this month but the only thing I care for is the setting powder everything else is a onus 1 of their best Boxy’s yet

  13. I was under the assumption that the straightener was a boxyluxe perk, a little disappointed now to find out that it is a varation that could have been received in the regular boxycharm box. I think that it may tick off those of us that have paid for the upgrade
    The other thing they need to consider is with the variations they need to make the retail value the same. You would have figured that they learned something from the whole naked highlighter palette vs the ofra z palette and shadow single scandal, but it seems they did not listen to us on that. I know with boxyluxe we are getting more items but I thought the straightener was an exclusive perk for the upgrade. They may be trying to expand and grow too fast and maybe they can’t keep up with the demand for products at the current price point. Making me nervous that it may wind up bankrupting the company. Also the black friday deals were not really anything special to their current subscribers because they were all products we received in past boxes so that wasn’t a good move on their part either. They should have done something better for their loyal subscribers. I know I can’t be alone in my thinking this way. Just my opinion.

    • I definitely agree, it felt like the straightener/shadow was for luxe – especially since they let us choose. The only reason I’m not just cancelling is I’m supposed to (theoretically) be guaranteed the straightener.

    • Thinking alllll of the same things! I cancelled behind the ofra pallette. I was MAD. And now this?!! Sigh. I hope I get the straightener but I’m skeptical 🤨

  14. I just used up my charms on eyeliner and canceled my boxes. I just can’t take the random variations and the palette overload anymore. I rather stick with beautyfix and focus on my skincare and skin health.

  15. I thought the straightener/salad option was a luxe thing…guess not. I need to dig around and look to see what the upgraded people are going to get!

  16. I don’t understand these are the same spoilers that people were over thrilled for Luxe. I think no matter what variation you get this is probably the best box I’ve seen them put out in a very long time I don’t understand people’s issue over retail value disparity I guess it would just be nice if they would let you pick between the pallet and the straighter for the regular box as well . No AHAVA no Briego no lashes no ugly brown or orange lip color… no black liquid eyeliner… I don’t see anything to be unhappy with but I guess that’s just me.

    • People love to complain. It seems the big deal around retail value from from the whole swapping thing.

    • Agreed. The strangest thing is people getting upset us po folks who can’t afford to upgrade *might* get something as cool as they get. I know that’s not how they mean to sound with their criticisms, and I can’t say I wouldn’t feel a bit duped if I signed up solely for the chance to get the straightener, but it comes off really mean. If they feel like they were baited and switched because they didn’t *need* to upgrade for the chance to get it, there are less obnoxious ways to express that. It isn’t as if their retail value lowers or they get less products because regular subs have a straightener variation. Plus, they got to choose it.🤷‍♀️

      • I don’t get it either, I have the Luxe and I actually chose the pallet so I can give it to my sister. I am really happy they are doing the pallet/straightener variation in the regular box because people seemed very excited about it and also there are many people still wait-listed that would have loved those items too! There are enough bonus items in the Luxe that people should be happy with. Not sure why they are complaining about what other people might get. Kinda silly to me.

  17. Not impressed to be honest. I cancelled (just for this month) and I used thoset 21 dlls for black friday deals. No regrets.

  18. Why isn’t that Tarte color found anywhere? Is it actually Tarte? Doesn’t look very wearable. *Sigh* I have a box full of unwearable colors.

    • I’ll take that back. I thought it was another matte lip paint, but it’s a glittery topper. Still can’t find it anywhere, though. Oh well.

      • I do believe I read somewhere those 3 shades are made only for Boxycharm.

    • Because they buy discontinued and overstock products!

  19. Whoever runs the variations for because should re-evaluate themselves. They’re never balanced. I think it was October or something where they had deluxe samples vs full sized products.

  20. What the difference between luxe and simple box? Luxie brushes? So dissappointed, I should stay with regular box

    • The brushes, spongelle, Violet Voss palette (worth $45) and the Elemis (worth $90).

      • And the Luxie’s are a $65 value…

      • We’ve gotten a sponge just like that before in a pst box so I’m disappointed that it’s in the luxe box this time🤔

    • The Violet Voss palette, Elemis full-sized moisturizer and the luxie brushes seem to be the main difference. I’m super excited, I love all three of those brands!

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