POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus 2018 Box Spoiler #1

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We have the first spoiler for the POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box! (This box goes on pre-sale 10/30 for subscribers, and then it launches on 11/1 for sale for everyone else.)

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have x Neiman Marcus Box

The Cost: $275

The Products: These indulgent items will allow you to get ready for upcoming celebrations in style — whether you’re headed to a party or family gathering, your glam factor will be elevated to a whole new level! We partnered with Neiman Marcus to choose the hottest products, from a convertible curling iron to a designer clutch. Consider these items to be your festivity necessities for a crazy good night.

Here’s the first spoiler:

Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch – Retail Value $95

Every woman needs a go-clutch, and this chic design works with any outfit. It comes in three gorgeous colors: black, champagne, or silver multi-glitter, depending on your preference. It features interior credit card slots, so you’ll never need to carry your wallet. The real leather material and zipper accents are cool details that make it special. Convenience and style make this pick an all-around winner.

Subscribers have a choice of black, champagne, or silver multi-glitter. Here is a closer look at each clutch:

  • Envelope flap top with snap closure.
  • Interior, fabric lining; 6 card slots.
  • 7.5″H x 10.5″W x 0.5″D.

The sides have zipper trim:

Here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

What do you think of the first spoiler? Are you going to buy a box when it goes on sale? (Check out my review of the 2017201620152014, and the 2013 Neiman Marcus Box to see what you can expect).

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So far this is an easy pass. I’m too absent-minded to carry a clutch around (I will end up leaving it somewhere lol). I don’t use a hair dryer at all, so I definitely will not be using a curling wand/iron either.

    @Liz – That hair color looks awesome on you!

  2. Just a summary of what we know so far:

    Clutch: official spoiler, value $95
    Curling iron: possibly T3, if it is then value $325
    Necklace: not sure if included or not, if it is then value $120

    Total retail value: $812

    Personally, I like the clutches – but a $325 curling iron would be a total bust for me, especially with it taking up almost half of the box value. Really hoping it’s just the 2-piece set like someone mentioned earlier instead of this!

  3. I’ve never liked clutches, envelope or otherwise but they are cute if you’re into them.

    As for the necklace, I looked it up on NM and there’s 2 versions. One is the rainbow crystal version and it’s gorgeous! So unique! If there was a choice or even a chance of getting that one I might get the box. If there are other spoilers I love that is. But I imagine they’re sending the plain one and while I still like the design, I’m not crazy about the color.

  4. I was really looking forward to getting this box this year but the clutch and necklace just aren’t my style. The past few years I watched the spoilers and didn’t end up buying the boxes. Instead the items I really wanted I bought at discount and was happier that way. So looks like that’s probably what I’m doing this year again.

  5. For anyone interested in that Lotus crystal zig zag necklace by Dannijo, it’s currently on sale online or in stores with 25% off at NM. Making it $90.

    • Yes you reminded us several times in two places.

      I would buy it but I am afraid it might be in the box.

      • Well i havent seen it in 2 places…so i appreciate her posting it cause i wouldnt have seen it. I see you repeat the SAME comments numerous time in a single posts but i dont snark…. i just read on

  6. Do we know what time this will go on sale?

    • I am on Eastern Time and I am thinking about noon to three pm my time tomorrow. Not really sure. Maybe I should stay up until 3 am 😉

      • 😂

  7. I’ve just got to ask @Liz what curling iron did you use to get those lovely curls in your hair? 🙂

    • she prob can’t answer as it’s the secret one in the box! nice try there! 😂 xx

  8. There is also the “styling wand” from T3 that is “ONLY” $270 so that might be an option and it gives a bit more leeway as far as RV. The $50 difference could allow for a nice makeup or skincare item. 😀

    I’m feeling the price increase will cover the $25 NM gift card they provided last year ( $50 would be nice again lol) which is dodgy in my opinion. I can’t even imagine the math involved in a deal like this between NM and PS, remember everyone has to get paid and we have to get a large RV. Hehe

    I found the necklace and while it’s totally cute and very shiney I almost hope it’s another one so I can retain my interest in this box. An everyday piece of jewelry would be awesome, something simple and REAL silver or gold even would make me hit buy the second it goes on sale. lol

    I may be up for a box split if anyone wants to split it, my swap addy is linked. 😀

    • I says curling iron not wand so I am assuming it is the $300 plus one. I wish it were for a less retail one although I do love good styling tools.

    • Which necklace is everyone referring to? For $275 I’m not into “surprises” :)!


  9. I’ll wait to see which curling iron is included. If it’s Dyson I’m on board.

    • love dyson everything – the new dyson one is $499/$599 retail, wish it would be dyson but I think the RV is too high!

      if anyone loves this RM clutch but nothing else, they are on sale a lot – seen them under $50 or less – nordies rack + online, saks + such…


  10. So far, I’m happy that this doesn’t call my name. $275 is a lot of money for a mystery box, and I am going to wait for more spoilers. The curling iron doesn’t really appeal to me either, I have the Beach Waver that I love. Even if that necklace from the spoiler is included, I’m not excited about it. Just not my tastes! Beautiful clutch, though, love the sparkly look.

  11. I am not into a $325.00 curling iron. At all. I may have to reconsider. Last year I splurged and bought the Dyson blow dryer and it is amazing. However I use it to get rid of my curly hair! Plus I have a few fancy curling irons that I don’t even use.

    • A 325.00 curling device would be no use to me. I don’t even use a hair dryer and I already own a flat iron and curling iron that collects dust along with hot rollers. I am a wash and go kind of girl. But I love the necklace and clutch that I may just purchase those through ebates and call it a day. And a 25.00 price hike is the worst.

  12. That sparkle clutch is so beautiful. I’m weak for anything glittery. Unfortunately I’m way too broke for $275 😥 if I’m spending that much it’s going to be presents for my son and other family.

    • I hear ya!! 275.00 was wayyyy to steep for me too! But I do love the clutch so I just bought it! I guess I would rather pay 95.00 for what I love then 275.00 for a over inflated Jewlery piece ect! I will definitely be using this clutch this winter! I got the Silver Multi.

      • ITA and the bag will likely end up for swap by many too. Always that option.

  13. Which clutch do people like the most and why?

    I wanted the black but the glitter is so out there. The black is practical. The glitter is fun. The champagne is subdued.

    Can anybody help me decide?

    • I’m planning on choosing the glitter because it’s different than anything else I’ve seen or already own. For me black purses are easily purchased on sale and I have plenty of nuetral staple bags already. I also feel like the glitter will be fun for the holidays esp New Years Eve

    • Normally I’d go for the black one because as you said, it’s practical – but I recently bought a gorgeous black YSL dress, and the champagne would look stunning with it. The glitter is super fun, but a little too much for me so it’s really between black and champagne personally.

  14. What necklace?

    • Remember the necklace PS showed on the model in the post on the contest? That is the one I am talking about. I am not a giant fan of the pod necklace in the regular box I am getting but I am so wanting that Lotus necklace.

      It is called the Dannijo Lotus necklace. You can see it at Neiman Marcus.

  15. I wanted this box, why am I conflicted with the price increase?

  16. I just caught the price increase…..my tax rate is 9.5% so the box will be over $300 for me.

    Oh decisions…….I do not have a solid black clutch and I love the zipper trim. All of my clutches are sparkly. I really want the clutch and I have FOMO about missing the Dannijo necklace if it is included.

    I am hoping that the curling iron is a lot less than $325 retail. I do not have a curling iron just a blow dryer and straightening brush. So I could use one but if it is almost half of the box’s value then I can’t justify it.

    Then I got to thinking about the zipper if it snags, then it won’t be worth the price. I would rather get the Tory Burch one I’ve been wanting. What designer would place a problematic zipper where it would snag clothing?

    • I noticed the change too and my tax is the same. I don’t want the clutch but do the curling iron.

  17. Liz,

    On the glitter clutch, does the glitter “flake” off and make a mess? I had a Kate Spade purse just like that and the glitter was always coming off EVERYWHERE. So bad that I returned it. Just curious if this clutch does that.

    Also, is the zipper edge rough? I’m sure it can snag on things, but does it hurt or scratch you you if you grab it the wrong way?


    • Good news – zero flake off from the glitter. It’s awesome!

      As far as the edge goes, it definitely feels like a zipper (it didn’t snag anything while I was using it, but I could see how it might), but it definitely did not hurt or scratch when I held it. Hope that helps!

  18. Just a PSA the zipper trim snags clothing really badly. I have the wallet with the zipper trim and I have gotten pulls in several items of clothing from it unfortunately 😕

    • That’s what I immediately thought when I saw the spoiler- SNAG ALERT. I would not want to put a zipper covered clutch up against my more expensive party/festive dresses that have some delicate materials.

  19. You know how in years past, they also give a $25 gift card? In 2016 I used mine to buy the black Minkoff zipper clutch. Which was on sale for $50. Soooooo, just saying, you can buy it in December, for much much less.

  20. Everyone is jumping to the T3 set for $300 but they sell the T3 separately as well so it could easily be the power base ($100) and a barrel ($85) which would seem more logical to me

    • But PS says a convertible curling iron….maybe PS will give some clarifications.

      PS really is notorious for keeping their products secret though. I don’t like that.

      Clutch $95
      Necklace $120
      Curling iron $325

      Not much left value wise if it the case. $272.

      • Dumb question – where did you see the necklace that will be included that is valued at $120?

        • Not a dumb question. Somebody here found the necklace the woman in the giveaway photo is the Dannijo Lotus necklace with a retail of $120.

      • Separate pieces are still part of the “convertible” collection. I ofcourse don’t know for sure I’m just saying it’s possibly an alternative. $185 for curling iron versus $325 gives more wiggle room for other items so I’m hoping it’s 2 pieces instead of the 4 piece set

  21. If the 2nd spoiler is the convertible curling iron, the only one I could find on the NM website is the “T3 Twirl Trio Convertible Curling Iron” for $325.00.

    The curling iron plus the clutch comes in at $420 already half the value of the box.

  22. They lost me with the curling iron and price increase

    • I didn’t even notice the price increase until you mentioned it 😑 Just told my husband an hour ago that I’m spending $250 tomorrow. Any other time he doesn’t listen but I bet he will catch this $25 difference quicker than I did

  23. Easy pass, which will save me some money. I don‘t carry clutches, though the glitter and champagne ones are pretty.

    I already have the beachwaver curling iron, plus several regular ones, and certainly don’t need another (overpriced) one.

    Plus, I got the 2015 PS/NM box that came with an agate clock. My clock arrived broken, and PS wouldn’t replace it. (Supposedly out of them). Instead, they sent me a pair of Kendra Scott earrings with a much lower RV, that I didn’t even like. That soured me on this collaboration.

    • My clock was also broken and they told me the same thing – unable to replace because they were out!

  24. Where are you seeing a curling iron?

    • “We partnered with Neiman Marcus to choose the hottest products, from a convertible curling iron to a designer clutch.”

  25. If the clutch wasn’t so big I would be attracted to the colors other than black. Hmmm. I will probably still get this box even though I have a drawer full of black clutches.

    • BTW the value of the box is $812. You see it if you look at the rules for the sweepstakes they are running for the box.

  26. Wow, if anyone does not want their curling iron, please hit me up! That would be the only thing that would tempt me toward one of these fancy shmantzy pricey boxes.

  27. Love that hair colour on you, Liz.

    • It looks like she went ginger. I love it too. Very pretty

      • Redheads have more fun. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m still trying to get used to it! 🙂

      • Love the color too!

  28. The glitter clutch looks like it will match last year’s place mats and coasters.

    • I thought so too!

  29. I found the curling irons, but where is the necklace???? lol While I do not like the bag I DO like the iron so if the possible necklace spoiler is good I might actually get this box. 🙂

  30. I’m so glad this one is an easy decision for me and I won’t have FOMO or buyer’s remorse. The clutch is leather & I’m vegan so it’s no for me 😀

  31. Liz I’m so so so glad you finally tried the red! So exciting!

  32. Liz what color is that on your hair? Oh my gosh! It looks great on you. Love the rich color Liz. I also love that clutch. I think this year I’m diving in.

    • Thanks! It’s a deep red/brown. I’m not sure the color #, but it looks browner without flash lighting. I’m still trying to get used to it!

  33. Minkoff used to make nice quality bags but nowadays they look like knockoff Steve Madden stuff. Not great quality. Holding out for spoiler number 2. You look fabulous, Liz. 🙂

  34. Love the clutch especially the black. Love the necklace I hope we get……but a $300 curling iron? NO! I will not pay for getting that unless Liz gives one heck of a great tutorial! My hair is almost the length of hers but I wear bangs.

    • Love the clutch especially the black. Love the necklace I hope we get……but a $300 curling iron? NO! I will not pay for getting that unless Liz gives one heck of a great tutorial! My hair is almost the length of hers but I wear bangs.

      Plus Liz is gorgeous! Just gorgeous! She is the only influencer who influences me. She has class and neutrality and she isn’t all bubbly and fake. She is the ONLY person who can sell me this box.

    • Liz you are gorgeous and you are the only person who can sell me on this box.

      I do not pay any attention to D List celebs and silly influencers.

      You are classy, well educated and neutral about opinions.

  35. Finally, a clutch that a woman’s stuff can actually fit into! And be the star of the outfit, if you get the cool multi-glitter one.

    • You just sold me on the glitter one if I buy the box! 🙂

  36. The iron may be the T3 but that has an awfully high retail value. Maybe it’s another brand.

    • The do have a Sedu that’s $195.

  37. And the hidden spoiler is for sure the curling iron which is why Liz’s hair is curled. Yay!!!!!!

  38. Yuck!

  39. Meh. I am already getting the new Dyson wand, so these spoiler(s) are a bit subpar for me. I’ll go to NM and find something else for the price at this rate. Or maybe buy and break up as gifts… hmmm…

  40. So is the convertible curling iron spoiler #2?

  41. Ughhh I need that multi-glitter. And the curling iron. Happy October 30th to me.

    • Same here!! hahaha

    • 😜 OMG I love this! From now on, anytime I treat myself to something special I’m going to wish myself “Happy [date] to me!”

  42. Is this a wig? I’m loving it! Very fall.

    • Haha nope not a wig. Tried out a completely new color and it feels like I’m wearing a wig when I look in the mirror. Not used to it at all!

      • It looks great Liz!!!

  43. I’m thinking the curling iron is the T3, I need at least one more spoiler but I really would like to get this box.

  44. I love this so much! Welp, goodbye, money.

  45. Forget the clutch… you’re hair is the star of this post!

  46. convertible curling iron?

    2 spoilers for one!!? 😉

  47. Love the new hair color!!

    This box is too pricey for me, so I’ll just look at the pictures and daydream haha

  48. Very cute! Liz, love your hair and outfit!

  49. LOVE! Definitely buying this box. It is one of my PS favorites! I will likely add a small chain to the clutch!

    Looks great on you Liz!

  50. Those are all really cute! They would look great with a winter party outfit. Unfortunately, I am not the most delicate person and I would definitely snag my outfit on the zipper edging… Yikes!

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