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KitNipBox Cat Subscription Review + Coupon – October 2018


Kitnipbox October 2018 - Box Review Front

KitNipBox is a monthly subscription box just for cats.  Each month, expect a themed selection of toys and treats for your kitty! None of the food products in the box are made in China, though some of the toys may be. All KitNipBox toys are thoroughly assessed for quality and safety by the KitNip Box team.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Box Open Review Front

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is of the Multi-Cat, $29.99 a month, box.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Box Products Front

About KitNipBox

The Subscription Box: KitNipBox

The Cost: $19.99 a month for the “Happy Cat” box and $29.99 a month for the “Multi-Cat” box.  This is a review of the “Multi-Cat” box.

COUPON: Use code SUBSCRIPTIONADDICTION15 to save 15% off your first box!

The Products: Toys, treats, and occasional health or hygiene items for cats.

Good to know: There is a “no treat” option for cats with allergies and food sensitivities!

Ships to: US (free), Canada, and the UK (for countries not mentioned, contact KitNip Box for options)

KitNipBox October 2018 Review

KitNipBox has monthly themes. Around holidays, there are holiday themes, but you can never predict what it’ll be at other times. This month it was a career theme:

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Booklet Front

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Booklet Back

The information card included a list of items in the box. They included values and I have used a lot of these below because KitNipBox toys can be hard to find for sale online.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Safemade Pawlice Badge Front

Safemade Pawlice Badge – Listed Value $5

One of the kitty careers this month was a police officer, I guess. This is a medium-to-large plush toy (with catnip of course). This is mostly an Angus-type toy so I’ve put it where he can enjoy it (we have to shut him out of the bedroom at night because he causes disruptions, so I make sure he has lots of toys available).

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Curry Grooming Brush for Cats Front

Curry Grooming Brush for Cats – Listed Value $6

We are trying to get Monkey’s hair issues under control and he was happy to have me test this out on him (see below). It didn’t pull much hair out although we have been grooming him pretty aggressively lately so there may not have been much hair to remove. (He has BAD hairball problems that stop him eating for a few days.)

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Brush 2

Here is the brush in use. Yes, Monkey is now wearing an e-collar. More on that later.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - All for Paws Chef Top

All for Paws Chef – Listed Value $5

This is another catnip plush that is a bit firmer to the touch than the police badge and has a canvas-like (almost) outer fabric. Monkey would normally go for a toy like this but he is not a happy camper right now. I expect it to get more attention in a few weeks when he is out of the e-collar.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Leap Engineer Pillow Top

Leap Engineer Pillow – Listed Value $6

This is quite large and is more of a wrestler/kicker or cuddling type of toy. The fabric is a little different from the police badge.This is more of an Angus type of toy, as well. Sometimes he will play with things that are improbably large, and this probably falls into that category.

Kitnipbox October 2018- Playful Pet Envelope Pillow Top

Playful Pet Envelope Pillow – Listed Value $5

Another kitty career this month is a mail carrier. This is yet another catnip plush that is rather similar in size and texture to the police badge (though of course the shape and color are different). Usually KitNipBox has a little better toy variety in terms of textures and types, I think sticking to the career theme this month was maybe a bit limiting.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - All for Paws Magnifying Glass Top

All for Paws Magnifying Glass – Listed Value $5

The lens part is crinkly and there is a plush handle. I’m not sure if this has catnip or not.My cats were mostly interested in the lens texture. This is the smallest and lightest weight toy of the month

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Wellness Kittles Duck and Cranberries Treats Front

Wellness Kittles Duck and Cranberries Treats – Retail Value $2.49 (found here for $2.37)

You’ll always get one bag of treats (unless you have specified no treats). Wellness is a pretty good brand and my cats have been fans of the Kittles treats in the past. These have duck as the main protein, but they do also have chicken-based ingredients, so I only gave them to Sneaky, Monkey, and Madison. They were universally appreciated among those three.

Here are your gratuitous cat photos:

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Angus 1 Front

Angus inspects the brush.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Angus 2 Front

Angus sniffs the treats. He probably would’ve eaten them, but they contain chicken, and we’re keeping him off chicken because we think it is responsible for his skin issues.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Angus 3 Front

Angus with the magnifying glass.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Angus 4 FRont

Angus really wishing I would leave him alone instead of pestering him with toys.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Angus 5 Front

Angus bites the magnifying glass.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Madison 1 Front Kitnipbox October 2018 - Madison 2 Front Kitnipbox October 2018 - Madison 3 Front

Madison inspects (and eats) the treats.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Madison 4 Front

Madison enjoying a brushing.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Madison 5 Front

I just like this picture because all you can see is one tooth.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Monkey 1 Front

Here is Monkey sniffing the brush. You will notice that his left eye looks pretty crusty. That is why he is in the e-collar. Don’t worry, he has been to the vet, and the discharge has pretty much stopped at this point, but he’ll be wearing the e-collar until we are done with eye drops and his eye is all better.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Monkey 2 Front

Monkey liked these treats but he kept dropping them inside the e-collar and then he couldn’t get them out again and I feel bad for laughing at him.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Monkey 3 Front

I like the look on his face here.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Monkey 4 Front

Monkey was not really in the mood for playing. The e-collar definitely is depressing for cats. Angus has perked up quite a lot since we removed his.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Sneaky 1 Front

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Sneaky 2 Front

I have to get a few pictures like this into every review if possible. She did clamp her jaws shut on my finger at one point and blood (mine) was involved.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Sneaky 3 Front

She looks so serious here.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Sneaky 4 Front Kitnipbox October 2018 - Sneaky 5 Front

Sneaky really likes to bite rubber and silicone items.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Sparkles 1 Front

Mr. Kitty was sleepy and not sure what was going on.

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Sparkles 2 Front

He sniffs the treats. He can’t eat these (both because they do have some chicken and because they’re crunchy and he just can’t chew any longer).

Kitnipbox October 2018 - Sparkles 3 Front

He has been sleeping in this Amazon box in the sunny window a lot lately. Here he is with one of the toys from the box.

Verdict: I calculated a value of about $34.49 for the October KitNipBox. I know I haven’t provided links for most of the products, and that’s because I can’t usually find these brands for sale at retail prices online. I do occasionally see these brands in other cat subscription boxes, and I have found them at wholesale websites before (just not with retail prices). So while I don’t think you would be able to find some (or all) of these items at stores, I feel like Kitnipbox is probably sourcing them from wholesale suppliers, which is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Anyway, the treats were pretty popular and outside of that, I think the magnifying glass was the most popular item. I felt this month was a little lacking in terms of toy variety, in that we received five different catnip plushes, but that is not always the case, which you can see if you look at past reviews.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Your first KitNipBox will ship right after your payment processes, so you should still be able to get October’s box if you sign up now.

Coupon – Save 15% off your first box with code SUBSCRIPTIONADDICTION15

Value Breakdown: Value breakdown: At $29.99 a month for this box, you are paying approximately the following per item:

  • Badge Toy: $4.35
  • Brush: $5.22
  • Chef Toy: $4.35
  • Engineer Toy: $5.22
  • Envelope Toy: $4.35
  • Magnifying Glass Toy: $4.35
  • Treats: $2.17

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What did you think of the October KitNipBox? Do you subscribe to any cat boxes?


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Written by Ragan Buckley

Ragan Buckley

Ragan stumbled across My Subscription Addiction in late 2013 and immediately subscribed to way too many beauty boxes. She’s now focused on boxes for her cats and dog, vegan/vegetarian food boxes, and craft subscriptions (and she didn’t give up beauty boxes entirely).

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Comments (3)

  1. Hi Ragan! Have you tried egg yolk lecithin for Monkey’s hairball problem? It apparently acts by breaking up fat in the stomach, which is what binds the hair into a clump that can’t pass through. I adopted a kitty recently who’s has hairball issues all her life and was never a great eater and this stuff has worked like magic for her. She’s had maybe one hairball in the last 2 months and she’s all about mealtimes now. If you do try it, start with a small amount and work up from there. If you give a cat too much you get to clean up messes of another type.

  2. I work at an animal shelter with 200+ cats and kittens on any given day and your reviews make me so happy! What ridiculously cute cats! Thanks ragan!!

    • Mr. Kitty is a shelter cat! (Angus came from a rescue group, Madison’s mother was feral, and Sneaky and Monkey just showed up outside my door with no owners to be found and no or unregistered microchips, respectively.)

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