Ipsy Glam Bag Plus Review – October 2018

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Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is a $25 a month new subscription option from Ipsy. Every month you’ll receive 5 full-sized beauty products. The box will have a retail value of at least $120. And you’ll receive an actual makeup bag once a quarter.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

The Cost: $25 a month (free shipping)

The Products: Full-size makeup and beauty products every month. (Plus a bonus makeup bag once every 3 boxes!)

Ships to: US

Delivered via: USPS

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Each quarter, Ipsy Glam Bag plus subscribers will get a premium makeup bag in addition to their 5 items. (That means you’ll receive a box of 5 beauty items every month, but a glam bag only once every 3 boxes.)

This one is a beautiful faux blush suede with burgundy accents.

Here I am holding it to give you a better sense of scale:

This box also comes with a card detailing the items included:

Now, on to the items!

EYEKO Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $22

This is a pitch black, precise liquid eyeliner. Easy to use, and that’s good because it is smudge-proof as soon as it sets!

(Swatched in lower photo.)

SMASHBOX COSMETICS Cover Shot Eye Palette in Bold Glitter – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $29

I have a ton of palettes thanks to subscription boxes, but I don’t have any like this! Every shade is packed with pigment and glitter! And it’s surprisingly pretty easy to blend out, too.

(Swatched in lower photo.)

MORPHE High Impact Highlighter in Extra – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $14

This highlighter is a peachy gold, with lots of micro shimmer. I swatched it with a heavy hand below so you could see the color and shimmer, but one soft brush stroke is the perfect subtle highlight application for me!

Here it is swatched beneath the eyeliner and the palette:

Those eyeshadow colors!

PURLISSE Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask + Exfoliant – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $48

I’ve sampled a lot of Purlisse over the years, but this mask is actually new to me! You apply a thin layer, let it dry (about 10 minutes), then remove with water in circular motions. (The mask has fine exfoliant particles, so you benefit from those when you remove it!)

I loved how clean and smooth my skin felt after removing it, and it was gentle on my skin, too.

LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt Nourishing Balm-to-Oil – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $28

This balm is just one ingredient: 100% organic cold-pressed Nilotica Fruit Butter. I’ve sampled this brand before and liked it, so I was excited to see this in the box. The formula is a thick balm (you have to work to get it out of the tube!) and a little goes a long way, so it should last me for a while. It takes a bit of time to absorb, but I love that it didn’t have a greasy finish some balms can have.

It’s great for any dry skin (elbows, cuticles, ankles, etc.) and also works as an overnight mask.

TARTE Maneater Voluptuous Mascara – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $23

I didn’t think tarte could do any better than their Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara (my all-time favorite), but this one is a serious contender. It has a short-bristle brush which allows you to get really close to the lash line, and the lash definition is amazing! I applied multiple layers to get the volume + length I wanted and had zero clumping issues. Tarte, you’ve done it again!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $164 not counting the makeup bag. I think that’s amazing for a $25 box! And this is one of those boxes where I liked everything even more after I tried it, so I’m very happy with the selections this month. (I pay full price for tarte mascara if I have to, so this is essentially like getting everything else in the box for $2!)

FYI – Every subscriber received 6 products this month from this list of 8. So your Glam Bag Plus box may vary slightly from mine.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, but current Ipsy subscribers may be eligible to upgrade their subscription with the November. If you want an Ipsy Glam Bag Plus subscription, get on the waitlist here.

What do you think of the October Ipsy Glam Bag Plus? Which items did you get? (If anyone got the POPSUGAR Lip Balm, let me know if you recommend it!)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So besides being possibly expired/gritty feeling, did anyone else notice the smell of the lippie?? Mine’s super nasty; which makes me think maybe it is expired. Thank God for the mascara or my box would have been a total loss for me. Idk why, but I’m still mad about not getting that spray! Lol.

    • Mine was gritty & enough so that it’s really unwearable for me. I did not notice a weird smell but, man, I wish I would’ve received the mask instead. This is the first product from the popsugar make up line that I’ve tried. I wonder how other items are being received.

  2. anyone else STILL waiting on their glam bag plus or am i the only one, its only the 18th and im still waiting. im only going to be annoyed with one item i dont wear mascara and what do you know im getting it grrr i rather have the setting spray,,,but still waiting

    • Yes I’m still waiting for my box as well

      • I received mine today. Box is beat up but all looks great

    • I’m Still waiting to even get on a waitlist and/or get a Ipsy Plus Bag! I have been an ipsy subscriber for 3 yrs now and Still NO Plus Bag! GRRRR! I don’t know what the Deal is, But it’s irritating me.

      • Me too! Been a ipsy subscriber Just about 3 years now (& I get 2 bags) yet we get NO EMAIL?!?
        That alone almost makes me wanna cancel. I’m seriously so upset!

    • I just received my ipsy Plus today.

  3. I emailed Ipsy about the nearly expired popsugar balm and the 5 month expired lotion. They replied that the balm was mislabeled (makes you wonder about the quality control of popsugar..) and they ignored my inquiry about the expired lotion. IMO sending out 5 month expired products to your customers is unacceptable.
    I’m honestly so fed up with Ipsy and how they’ve been doing things as of late. It all seems so shady.

  4. I just got my Glam Bag Plus today and I LOVE it.

    The only product I won’t use is the Eyeko eyeliner and it’s as much because it’s made in PRC and is ” Eyeko” brand as anything else. I toss all their products.

    Love the shadows.

    The LMXI balm does have a different smell and it is hard to get out of the tube. I knead the tube gently to warm it between my hands and also soften it up a bit before opening.
    The product I had from Sephora has the exact same smell. It’s the fruit used to make the balm.

    Mascara is great, I really like it.

    SO UPSET with Popsugar’s lip balm being all grainy when applied. What I think it happening is the sunscreen is not dispersing correctly in the oils. They should have left the sunscreen out of a lip product! Many people are allergic to the chemical sunscreens and the lips are especially vulnerable as they are mucous membrane tissue.

    I have written an email to Ipsy about the lip balm but other than that, it’s almost a perfect bag for me. The eyeshadow colors are very true and not muddy and I love that most of all.

    It’s a winner for me and now I wish I hadn’t cancelled mine based on other people’s opinions. With mine in hand, I truly think it’s worth so much more than I paid.

    Popsugar’s stock has gone way down in my estimation for their spoiled product though. I am AMAZED that they would send either old stock or boxes with the wrong dates to another subscription bag at a time when they’ve had to reorganize their own business model. That’s a total FAIL. Popsugar!

    I’d recommend this bag to anyone who wants full sized skincare and makeup at an affordable price. I’m stunned, because I’ve paid almost $50 for the LMXI balm all by itself! 😉

  5. Happy with the box but got that organic balm oil and it’s so hard to get out the tube but the date says 05/04/18. Is this expired as well or is that the manufactured date?? Other than that I’m happy especially if we get that pretty palette next month

  6. I want the bag so so bad! I am seriously willing to buy it from someone because i am obsessed!!

  7. I’m really pleased with my bag. I didn’t get the mask or liner (which I don’t use) I got the setting spray and mascara. I really liked the brands. I love my Boxycharm, but I was really pleased that only 1 product from ipsy was made in China (morphe). I’d pay more for items not made in China. But I don’t mind receiving made in PRC. I’ll happily donate or swap them.

    • “I’d pay more for items not made in China. But I don’t mind receiving made in PRC.”
      FYI, PRC = Peoples Republic of CHINA – HATE that they package items with that label since they know people are avoiding items made in China, & a LOT of people don’t realize that they are actually buying an item made there.

      • PRC is mainland China; however, ROC is Taiwan.

  8. Yeah that us the trouble with these sub boxes sometimes….we are getting potentially expired products, that’s how they can send so much out for cheap, it’s kind of gross if you really think about it…is ipsy doing anything about the expired lip balms??

    • I got a response from Ipsy about the lip balms! Apparently they reached out to PopSugar who said there was a mistake on the expiration date. It should say 12/19. The rep did say I would be receiving an extra item in my next box to make up for that. I’m sure they’ll be sending an extra item to everyone then?

      • Hrmmmm…I sent an email too and received a response about the wrong expiration date but received no offer of an additional item. 🙁

      • I don’t trust the explanation of its it’s a misprint. That’s a pretty big deal. And all of the sudden, it should of said 2019 instead of 2018…? It’s plausible. But it just seems unlikely.

      • Finally after many emails and jumping through hoops, I received an email back that actually answered my questions regarding the lip balm. I got the same response that “it actually doesn’t expire until December 2019!” They did say they were gonna refund me $5 and some change.. So I’m guessing it just depends on who you talk to as to if you get a refund, extra product next month, or them just apologizing. Its a little crazy considering it was a big deal with a lot of people. They should have decided on what they were gonna do for everyone and stick to one thing. 🤷

      • I am guessing that this is why this item was included. PopSugar couldn’t sell this in stores with the misprint.

  9. ANOTHER Eyeko black liner? Seriously Ipsy- that brand is awful!

    If you’re happy with the products- good for you- but I’m sticking with the basic option for now.

    Nothing except the mascara & eyeshadow interests me- they seriously need to step up their game!

  10. The value seems to be there considering the items are full size but it just doesn’t tempt me yet. About the gritty balms… sometimes products with shea butter will turn a bit gritty with age and exposure to air. It happened to one of my Burt’s Bee’s balms after I had used it awhile. I guess that’s why I like to go into the stores to buy my skincare items, I know they will be fresh. With more products going organic and/or more natural, their shelf life is shorter. I like to know I have fresh products. It seems like people are not blown away by this new ipsy glam bag. It’s the poor customer service comments that worry me the most and hold me back from subbing with this company.

    • I make lip balm and mine does that too when it, I guess, starts to dry out. That was about a yr after making. Still worked but was gritty.

    • Honestly I have definitely complained about this bag myself, and am still very sour about the way they hyped this bag up, I expected the first plus bag to be the best one. But I do absolutely love ipsy and I would recommend them %100. So Try not to let it hold you back, people just need to vent sometimes, but all of us complaining (including myself) are all still subbed, so that definitely says something 🙂

  11. I am very disappointed as well but I’m hoping Ipsy turns this around because the idea is great. Do you think they read MSA reviews? I know I’ve seen some other box/brand reps respond to people’s comments on here.

    My biggest gripe is the statement that the bags were personalized to our profile which is a terribly misleading if not blatantly false statement. Yes I received two skin items, which is accordance with my profile, but with only 8 items to choose from and several of those items things most people over 25 wouldn’t purchase if they were paid too, to say it was personalized is just untrue. Hopefully they’ll take the response and feedback and turn this mess around.

  12. I got my BoxyCharm and my Plus bag on Friday and I am sooo freakin happy. I got the spray and omg the highlighter! I never used it before and WOW. I was rockin it:)

    I am sorry for you all who got the lipbalm…im sure they will fix it for you!

    • That’s great!!! I actually loathe that spray, so I lucked out by not getting it!! Hopefully people will be happy with what they received…although, sadly, that doesnt seem to be what’s happening!!

  13. I was not a fan of my first and last glam bag plus experience.

    In my opinion, Ipsy definitely did pull a bait-and-switch with the bag’s items. The influencer items were far more exciting and coveted products. Even if it is stated the items will not be the same for customers, Ipsy purposefully chose those more exciting and coveted products to convince potential customers that type of stuff is what they’d be getting.

    And throwing in an Eyeko eyeliner for free doesn’t make it all better.

    I had no highlighters and mascara noted on my Ipsy account through customer service. Ipsy gave me both. They didn’t take those notations into account when they made the bag. Were they not able to the first time out? Then they should have stated that fact. Which brings me to my next point.

    Ipsy lied when they kept saying these bags were customized for each person based on profile. It’s obvious they were not. Why not just say the truth? That they weren’t this first time but would be later? That would have been acceptable! Just be truthful!

    Finally, when I reached out to Ipsy about my disappointment, I received a generic email that literally didn’t address any of my concerns. I didn’t ask for a refund. I didn’t ask for switched out items. I just said can someone please give this to a supervisor or someone who can answer my questions or just acknowledge that mistakes were made here!

    My first and last glam bag experience showed me that Ipsy is a juggernaut corporation that couldn’t care less about customer satisfaction or reputation. They care about $$$$$, and money alone. Sure, a company is about making money. But a good company also builds a reputation for excellent customer service and satisfaction.

    Oh, and the highlighter I never wanted and shouldn’t have received was smashed in box. And I’m hearing expired or about to expire lip balms were included.

    The way you express yourself to companies that won’t answer your concerns is through your wallet. I canceled and won’t be back.

    • I have sent Ipsy an email 2 or 3 times, about their crappy bags, the smaller ones. I was sick of getting the same things over and over, and, the items they do send were not on my beauty preference list. The reply that I received, said that they pick all products from my preference list and they also use my reviews from each bag. They added that my lack of reviews for each bag could affect what I receive. That’s news to me!!! Why do they have us fill out our preferences? I replied that after the founder of Ipsy, Michelle Phan, left the company, it has been going downhill even since. No replies were sent from them. I decided to give the fullsize box a try. I haven’t received mine yet but we shall see.

    • You are 100% right. Ipsy has lied to me via email several times. After I wrote to express my displeasure with the bait-and-switch they did with the Glam Bag Plus, I also received the generic response email. When I wrote them back, and cataloged a few of my other problems with them, they just offered to cancel my subscription. I think if they were so proud of the items that they gave to the subscribers, why didn’t they have the influencers market those products? They knew good and well that if they had marketed the products that they put in the Glam plus bag, no one would have upgraded, and that is why they charged people’s cards before they gave any spoilers. It was very unethical, sneaky and borderline scammy.

  14. I followed the steps to get on the waitlist but it takes me to open a regular account which I already have. Does anyone know what’s going on with this?

    • I couldn’t get to waitlist either from the MSA link. Very annoying.

      Ipsy has explained before that that have a limited number of bag variations so they look at your profile and see which best fits you. Seems fair enough…since going person by person and making individual boxes, all different, wouldn’t be practical.

      • Well… no one is talking about doing it manually, but it’s easy enough to write a program that would determine that.

        I mean, you can even do something like that in Excel.

  15. What is the best way to get on the waitlist? This link does not work no matter what you do.

    • Email ipsycare and ask to be put on the GBP waitlist.it seems to get the ball rolling faster! Hope you get on and off the list very soon!

  16. Was so excited to get my Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. Tracking shows delivered in mailbox yesterday. Just checked, no package. 😡 Last week the mail carrier gave me someone else’s package. I had theirs so we switched. This week? No clue where my package is.

    • Usps can pull up the location where a package is scanned, I usually just call or go to our post office, it’s happened more times than I’d like to remember.

      • I hope they find it. Will call tomorrow. Ugh!! 🙄

    • With it shipping DHL, keep in mind when they say delivered, they mean to the Post Office.

      You should be seeing it in a day or two.

      Otherwise, yes, take the USPS tracking number and go with that.

      • It shows DHL delivered to post office. Then shows delivered by USPS delivered to mailbox. It’s to the point that I feel like I should get a PO Box. We’ve had a lot of problems with her messing up the mail. Only 1 time did I not get a package, but lots of times I had to call post office to tell them she gave me the wrong package.

        • I’m in Chicago and that happened to me all last winter/spring. They basically told me the carrier is probably a few days behind schedule due to overload, bad weather delays, etc. I would get it a day to 3 or so days later.

          • I got my box today. 😊 As usual the mail carrier had put it in someone else’s mailbox. She apologized and admitted that she seems to have a problem messing up my mail. It happened last week too. 😡

          • That really irritates me when they do that. I have a doorbell camera and I seen the neighbor guy dropping off an envelope at my door. It was a replacement credit card b/c my other acc info was stolen. That was Fedex. No accountability.

  17. Hello, I have read a lot of comments. Not one person mentioned that we got 6 full size items instead of the 5 that is what we are going to be getting in future Glam Bags. Thank you Ipsy for sending the extra product very grateful!! I am beyond happy with my Glam Bag Plus

    • The insert in the box says that they gave us an extra item to welcome us to Glam Bag Plus.

      • What extra item? I didn’t get any extra item. Only received the 5 items that was shown in my email spoiler. I’m so over Ipsy and their poor service.

        • Check the booklet that came with your box. It should say you received a free item. I received six items. If it says that and you didn’t get it contact them.

          • No Extra Item! Got mine 2 days ago, They didn’t include an Extra Item! So not sure what you are talking about!

          • The booklet, Welcome to Glam Bag Plus. The second section titled More is More at the bottom right it says,”on the subject of more” in a pink circle it says they added in a free item. If yours doesn’t have that than I guess they didn’t send you a free item. Not sure why.

          • Under the part of the booklet that says more is more it explains that there was a 6th item, so if you didn’t get it should email their customer service.

        • I did receive 6 items.

    • I would be grateful if one of mine wasn’t the nearly expired and wrongly textured lip balm. With that into consideration, I got five useable products, which is what was promised.

  18. it says current subscribers can upgrade but I don’t see any way to do that?

    • I received an email offering to upgrade

    • I wonder the same thing. Why is it open to only certain ppl?

  19. I received a similar box, except instead of the eyeliner I received the setting spray. I am so excited to have gotten this variation. My daughter and I went through everything together and she came up with the idea to try the setting spray in her hair, it left the prettiest hint of glitter. We will have fun playing with the glitter eyeshadows together as well. I’m happy with all of it.

  20. Just got my box yesterday. I received the lip balm which does have an expiration date of 12/18. Kinda disappointed they would send an almost expired product, but I wonder if it’s the sunscreen component that won’t be as effective. If so, that doesn’t bother me too much as we’re heading in to shorter days and less sun. I’m going to wear this at work indoors anyway.

    I like the product. Mine was not gritty like others have noticed. Shade is nice and buildable. I’m going to give it the 10 hr work day test to see if it’s worth buying.

    • that is too soon. I would complain about it and get another item. I have tinted sunscreen lippies and they do not expire in less than a couple of months. Also, I just want to say – just because there is less sun doesn’t mean it isn’t as damaging. If you live in an area where you get snow, the sun and clouds will reflect off the snow and bounce back up to your face.

    • We received the same bag. I could be incorrect but I almost remember the color pop having 2 options. One was a lip balm and the other was a lip scrub ( I’m using the wrong word) to exfoliate your lips. Mine says Be Sweet Tinted lip balm. Mine is very creamy.

      • Mine expires in dec. And is the lip balm. It was very gritty feeling and not comfortable on the lips at all. Of course I have emailed them 2 times now about it with no response. 😑

  21. funny if i type more than a sentence my comments won’t show up.

    • Try to turn off your phone wait for 1 minute and try again

  22. 0_0

  23. I feel the exact opposite of this review. In the verdict you say “And this is one of those boxes where I liked everything even more after I tried it” But i feel either your reviewing completely different products than i received or you actually didn’t really try them at all….First The eyeko is a joke, even if i had wanted an eyeliner and asked for an eyeliner, these are garbage. They are not smudge proof at all, the slightest tear and it runs and if this is a “Skinny” Liner i would hate to see the “Thick” The felt tip is literally so thick it is nearly impossible to use, and this is coming from someone who has worn a cat eye everyday for nearly TWENTY years. Next we have the garbage palette besides the packaging being complete junk, it doesn’t even stay open and the glitter literally RAINS down your face. Granted the pigments are dark, I had a beautiful look going, until i left the house and checked my face an hour later to find, not a single piece of glitter left on my eyes, it was all on my cheeks and the rest of my face. Oh and the balm absolutely does leave an oily residue, and does not absorb quickly (I’m going to use under socks as a foot mask, oh and it also smells like condoms) And the Purlisse mask.. it gets VERY warm , and people with sensitive skin should be warned.

    • Hi Jessica,

      Sorry we had such different experiences with the products!

      • Hi, Liz. Regarding the Eyeko eyeliners, have they changed the formula or something? Like everyone else, I have quite the collection of Eyeko liners. I have some that say “smudge proof”, which have found their way smudging down my face in an Alice Cooper kind of way. Because of this, I switched to the one that says “waterproof.” Sadly, the same result. This didn’t used to be the case for me with the Eyeko liners. I’ve had plenty of them to go through. But these new ones from the more recent boxes have all had the same issue. They seem to go on nicely at first, but after getting home from an office job, I see the same smudge regardless of the formula now. Have you experienced that?

        • I’m not sure if it’s a batch thing or what, but I had no issues with this liner from this box. Sorry!

          • Thanks for the response. I like the product (*ducks as people throw their extras at my head*), so fingers crossed this batch works out better.

    • Jessica, the eyeshadow glitter thing – that’s with using a primer?

      • I would try a glitter glue. Works well typically.

        • ???

          You would put glitter glue on your eyelids? 😲

          • They have glitter glue/primer that’s made specifically for eyelids.

          • I am aware of glitter primer, but never knew people refer to it as glitter glue.

            For a moment there I thought she meant the glitter glue kids use in arts and crafts. 😄

      • Yes it was with primer, I’ve been using the NARS primer i got in sephora i think it was, I was really bummed because it was the one thing i was looking forward to. I really wanted to love the LXMI balm too, but sadly the smell was off to me. Fingers crossed Novembers box is better for me.

        • check your exp. date, mines expired 05/18…

          • Mine is expired as well. Heck I’m thankful that usually read comments on here (usually it’s to learn more details about something/an item, but I will sheepishly admit that sometimes it’s to see what petty things some people post)! I was reading all these comments about the issues with the lip balm when thankful someone made the discovery about the LXMI and let everyone know! I hadn’t taken the little seal off the tube yet so I don’t know what mine smells like. The box it came in was pretty banged up. At first I didn’t think anything about it nor did I really care, but after discovering it was expired it makes me question things even more so. I got the soon-to-be expired/”mislabeled” lip balm as well…lol…gotta laugh at my crappy luck (which of course many others unfortunately have too with this month’s bag, including even yourself maybe)ecspecially considering when I got the email showing the products I was getting I was excited and happy about every single item! I wrote a long comment about the whole thing somewhere among the million of comments already in this review post and that I emailed Ipsy. Still waiting to get a reply which I’m already assuming it will be some sort of generic basically auto sent email response if I even hear back from them at all!

          • I don’t have the glam bag plus but maybe that is for the best!

    • I gotta say though, the Eyeko Skinny eyeliner gets great reviews on Ulta. I am not sure what could cause such a difference in experience.

  24. Very nice, for me it’s great, I receive Ciate london setting spray for eyeko eyeliner, I really love my box!

  25. I love the colors and shimmer of the palette but find it intimidating. Any chance there could be a post of a few different examples of ways to use the palette? I would love to use it during holiday season but am a little afraid of looking like a clown.

    • You can see tutorials on YouTube

    • If you use a brush instead of your finger, it is very wearable. Easy to blend, and I had no issues with glitter fallout when wearing over a primer. Just start light and build.

  26. Is anyone else’s lip balm gritty? Mine feels like an exfoliator, not a balm. After I tried it, I wondered if it was bad, and went to read the reviews on Ipsy for it. Others mentioned theirs expiring 12/2018, so I checked and mine did too. I’m wondering if it went bad already? I can’t imagine anyone wanting a lip balm that’s gritty – especially priced at $20. 🙁

    • Yes! Mine is gritty and about to expire. I was very disappointed. I was wondering if mine had already expired also. I might reach out to Ipsy and ask about this.

      • I sent an email to Ipsy. I’ll update with their response about both the grittiness and the fact that it is expiring in 2 months.

        • I emailed Ipsy as well, with a picture of the Exp date on it. I’m very curious about the response.

    • Yes!

    • Mine was to won’t be wearing it plus not a fan of the color either. But super happy to upgrade hopefully this won’t happen again Ipsy has always been wonderful we all make mistakes.

    • The shimmers is the reason it is gritty. Has nothing to do with it been near expiration.

      • Not everyone’s is gritty, so I’m assuming it isn’t the shimmers in it. Many people have comment that theirs is really smooth. Maybe not everybody got the kind with shimmer in it. Or something is wrong with some of them. Did anyone get a shade that wasn’t shimmery. Mine is named Blush Crush and has an 02. Mine is gritty and terrible to wear. I have never owned a shimmer lip product that felt like they put an exfoliant in it and this is definitely not a lip scrub.

  27. My glam bag plus arrived today! Almost the same but with the ciate instead of balm. I was initially disappointed but I actually am kind of psyched now that it’s here. The mascara is amazing and totally worth the cost for me.

  28. I’m getting pop sugar lip balm. I’m excited to try.

    • Mine was super gritty (as were others reading through the Ipsy reviews. The expiration date is December, 2018 (so 2 months from now). Just an FYI. I’m not sure if the gritty ones are already bad or what, but it’s not cool either way. I emailed them just today, so I haven’t heard back yet.

      • It’s full of natural ingredients and candelilla wax and others become a little grainy, it doesn’t mean it’s bad just caused by temperature fluctuations.

  29. I got a Ciate London primer setting spray that’s dewy instead of the Mask stuff. I really love the melting balm stuff. It helps alot. I used it on my face when I slept and it made my face feel soft and hydrated.

  30. Doesn’t even compare to the influencer box.

    So disappointing to see a box filled out with liquidation items. I wish it had been marketed correctly. There’s a good chance I would have been happy with what I got for my money if I knew what the boxes were ACTUALLY going to have on them, versus the products featured in those first bags & the products that are STILL featured on the Glam Bag Plus info page.

    (I got the variant without the eyeliner & the near-expired lip balm, praise be!)

    • You still can’t get on the waitlist.

      • Yeah what’s up that? Ive been trying and still don’t understand how everyone got theirs. I’ve been a member of ipsy for 2 years and never got the invite.

        • I resubbed in Aug and within a couple weeks I recieved an email offering to upgrade.

  31. I’m not happy at all. I emailed Ipsy. They refused a refund. So I accepted the fact I wouldn’t get a refund. Ipsy said all Oct subscribers will get a free $5 shopper bonus & there will be a special bonus item in each Ipsy Plus bag. I didn’t get the $5 bonus and there is no bonus item. I’ve emailed re:the bonus, they keep referring that it’s the $5 Cashback bonus (which is completely different!), I have the email stating all the bonuses & even attached it, Ipsy still refuses to acknowledge their offers. I’m at the point where I’m going to contact my cc company for a dispute. I’m going to give Ipsy 1 last chance after emailing them questionin again where the $5 bonus is & not receiving the bonus item. F-rating for this company.

    • The $5 Ipsy Shopper credit will apply at checkout, you don’t get it separately somewhere.

      • It’s not showing up at checkout. I’ve tried multiple times with different items.

        • That’s weird, I just used it the other day for that Blendsmart kit they had.

        • Btw, just wanted to add that on checkout it doesn’t show up as minus $5, it’s only your total amount that’s $5 lower than it otherwise would have been. That’s the only line where you would notice any evidence of the credit.

    • Yes I got the $5 shopper bonus and guess what…2 days after I placed an order using this $5 bonus the order got cancelled. Customer service says it’s because “Your order has been flagged as fraudulent due to unusual activity”. And of course now that $5 bonus is gone in my account. I asked why no answer. Their customer service is really difficult to reach out to and slow and not helpful compared to FFF’s online instant chat.

      • I would be so pi**ed. Shady stuff there.

  32. Yes i received the Popsugar balm, and I recommend it!! It leaves a blushy pink shade on your lips, and it tastes great and makes your lips feel very moisturized. My box had the exact same items, except I got the Popsugar balm and you got the butter balm. Love my items, love this new box! I had only been an Ipsy subscriber for two months and then got upgraded to plus, so I got very lucky! Glad I did, I love this box!

    • Your lip balm wasn’t gritty and near expiration date?

  33. I received the popsugar instead of eyeliner and the ciate instead of purlisse. The Tarte is the hero item for me. Everything else cost a couple bucks.

    • Have you tried the balm yet? Is yours gritty and near expiration? I’m wondering if mine is already bad because it feels absolutely awful – like an exfoliator, not a balm.

      • No, I’m swapping mine.

        • Is it even allowed to swap items so close to expiration date?

          • I am not swapping mine on the site. I made her aware and she still wants it.

  34. I’m getting the setting spray rather than the balm, which I’m happy about. It’s the palette that I’m iffy about. Will I actually use an all shimmer palette?

  35. Mine hasn’t arrived. Is anyone else still waiting on their Plus Bag shipment?

    • Me. Should be here by Wednesday.

      • Mine says it should be here by the 18th. I only saw 5 items for my sneak peak on the Ipsy website. Anyone else only see 5 items?

        • Ipsy plus is only 5 items plus the bag (bag once every 3 months). I don’t have Ipsy plus, but normally with the regular Ipsy the bag isn’t shown in the reveal just the other 5 products.

          • And oops I just realized Liz’s review has 6 items plus the bag. Idk, the info says 5 full size item, but maybe some got 6 if the items were lower value?

          • They gave people a free item this month.

  36. My Morphe highlighter is cracked and chipping away in the pan. When I saw the box covered in powder, I knew there was trouble!

    • Mine was completely shattered. I emailed IpsyCare and they said they’ll send me a new one.

      • Thanks. I guess I’ll take a pic, contact them and see what happens.

  37. I tried posting this earlier but I guess it got deleted. I’ve been hearing people have been receiving expired nilotica melt. Is yours expired? And if so can you reach out to them and see if they will be replacing them? Thanks

    • It’s not expired, that was the date it was made 🙂

    • how do you know they are expired/expiring? I don’t see a date on them anywhere

  38. For the people who got the Popsugar balm does yours expire in December? Mine does, which I find odd.

    I actually like the box more than I thought I would.

    • There are a ton of reviews on the Ipsy site for their Glam Bag Plus Popsugar balm. All of them say theirs expires 12/18. Mine does too. Not cool at all.

    • Mine does too!
      I don’t know why they’d send a product out that expires so soon. It’s very frustrating

      • I got the lip balm that expires in December as well. I did email them but haven’t heard anything back. I was a little dissapointed

    • It’s not just Ipsy that has the lip balm with an expiration date in December…. I ordered this product from Ulta during the 21 days of beauty sale and mine also expired 12/18

    • Yes, and it was super gritty. 🙁 I emailed them as I don’t think any balm should be gritty… we’ll see what they do.

  39. Mine came yesterday. I received everything except the liner. Got the Ciate setting spray instead. I’m pretty happy with this box. No, it’s not as good as the Influencer boxes, but hopefully we’ll see those things in later boxes.

  40. I want to join ipsy plus so bad. I can hardly wait till they make it available to everyone.

  41. I received these items with the exception of getting the setting spray in place of the eyeliner. That works for me since I already have some eyekos. The purlisse is very nice and the balm will last a long time. I’m adding the palette, highlighter and mascara to my Christmas gifts.

  42. I received all of the items above, except the eyeliner. In its place, I received the Ciate setting spray… which is so nice. I love my variation and look forward to the future boxes coming my way.

  43. Not very excited about getting my box was looking forward to the morphe palette not the smash box glittery palette …I’m going to give them until December if it’s all like this month then I’m going back to the $10 or just cancel

  44. Liz,

    A few people on Reddit noticed the LXMI balm has a date of 050418 on the back of it. Mine also has this and I noticed yours does as well, any idea if this is an expiration vs. production date?

    • Neither. It’s a batch number.

  45. The palette is beautiful in person, much better than I thought it would be based on the photos. I didn’t initially think I’d want to keep it, but now I think I’ll apply some of the darker colors wet as eyeliner (how about that emerald, eh?) and the lighter colors I just like as is.

    Not happy, however, that I got a Beauty by Popsugar lip balm that expires in December.

  46. Not even shocked they didn’t send you the expire lip balm. But otherwise I do like the box

  47. A lot of people on reddit said when they received the balm that it expired in May… I wonder if they will be replacing expired products.

    • Then they need to learn the difference between a batch number and an expiration date. The expiration date is ONLY month and year, and is preceded by “EXP”.

      • Your answer is incorrect. I spent several years working for a company that manufactured cosmetics.There is no FDA regulation that requires cosmetic items in the USA to have a printed expiration date on them: https://www.fda.gov/Cosmetics/Labeling/ExpirationDating/default.htm (midway down the page). And by extension, there is no industry standard format for an expiration date if one is provided. If its an item manufactured in Europe, there are European label requirements that have to be followed:
        If these items have a date printed on them, that meaning of that date needs to be clarified by the brand.

      • My comment regarding exp. dates on cosmetics items has not been posted yet; it referenced the FDA requirements for cosmetics in the USA and requirements in Europe. Regardless, on enlarging the pic of the LXMI product, the label says “USDA Organic” and lists the ingredients as a single ingredient: shea. USDA is the Dept. of Agriculture, and an entire different set of requirements from defined cosmetic items. I am not familiar with USDA regs, but I’m sure that MSA asking the mfc what that date means would easily clear up the confusion.

        • Sorry since it included a link, it had to be manually approved by admin.

  48. These are the exact products I’m getting. While the value is there. Not to much to get excited about.

    Black eyeliner (it will join my other 10 in reserve)

    Highlighter (I’m pretty sure I have enough right now to last a few lifetimes)

    Mascara (not mad but not excited I think I have at least 5 in reserve but Tarte is a good brand)

    Other 3 items are far more inline with what I was expecting.

    Love me my masks! Not sure what to do with the Balm but that’s what I like about sub boxes trying new things! And I’ll take a sparkly glittery palette any day! Actually I’ll take any palette any day!

    Going to stick around till January and see how I feel about it. Still kinda sore about the influencer bags in September:(

    • How do you get the influencster bags?

      • If you’re not an “influence” on something like twitter, facebook, you tube etc. You don’t get the influencer bag. It was really an introduction to Ipsy plus so they could review the products and hype it up a bit. Influencers were the only ones to receive the first Ipsy plus bags.

        • “influencer” lol

  49. I’m getting the Ciate mist instead of the oil to balm and I am so excited!! Are the shadows chunky or smooth??

  50. I’m getting everything here but the balm. I’m getting the setting spray instead. Very excited and happy with Ipsy Plus!

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