Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the October 2018 Glam Bag Plus!

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The October 2018 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here are all the products that are being sampled this month. Each Glam Bag Plus will include 5 full-sized products:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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  1. I’m so upset about not getting the ciate spray. I actually emailed them to complain; which i never do. I’m so unimpressed, I’m cancelling. So there’s an open spot available now. Hopefully i can swap my box for a spray.

    • Hi Heather,

      are you on the swap site? I don’t want the spray. I can swap you for something else from your bag maybe? email me at glowingamber11109 at gmail in case I miss your comment response.

      • I’m on the swap site. I don’t have it listed though because i haven’t received it yet.

        • What’s the swap site?

    • Hi Heather
      I’m disappointed with my bag to, but I’m going to give them one more shot. I think the disappointment came, because the influencers bags were amazing. I wanted the CEO moisturizer cream.

      • Where’s the swap site? I got the spray and did not want it!

        • I’ll trade with you! I want the spray!

        • On the top nav of this site, there is a section titled swaps to the right side, right next to subscription box spoilers. You can sign up to be approved for a swap profile and start swapping your sub box items.

      • I’m disappointed with my bag as well. I’ve told them no highlighters in my profile and what are they sending me…. the highlighter. I would rather of had the lippie. I don’t like eyeko. I was just about to cancel Ipsy because they weren’t coming out with any new/good products, but then I received the email to upgrade. I viewed other peoples items on YOUTUBE and it seemed worth a try. Starting to regret it…..

      • I completely agree. The promo box that went to influencers was awesome. This one is lackluster at best. A glitter shadow pallet idk about that.

      • Same 😕😢😢😢😢

    • Good. Maybe someone who will appreciate it can have your spot. You actually emailed a complaint for not getting a specific product? You are subscribed to a subscription box that you KNOW doesn’t let you pick your products. If you want to pick your products, go buy them yourself. You pay one low price and get 5 different products to try. It’s a good deal. They very clearly advertise that you don’t get to pick your products. It makes no sense to complain to them.. you just sound like a spoiled child.

      • In their defense, it seems that companies send stellar boxes to influencers, but the average person gets the lesser products. I cancelled Ipsy ages ago because I never seemed to receive the “good” products.

        • Rosemary your absolutely right!

          • At the time that i upgraded, i didn’t realize there would be variations. My bad. I did send another email apologizing and resubbed to the regular ipsy.

      • I cant say wht you sound like

      • Our beauty profiles are there for a reason. Also the comments is a place to post our opinions not a place to bully and call ppl names because you dont like there comment. Scroll on. Im sure when ppl read your remark there will be one name that that pops in there head, but we’ll keep it classy and not say it.

      • Hi, Molly. Mind sharing with the class how much Ipsy is paying you? Or are you running PR for them for free?

        • 😹😹😹😸😸😸

    • I did aswell I was so mad that I had to buy it. But im going to give them 1 more chance, if its bad next month im threw! They gave me 3 things that I have never had marked so how are they going by our beauty profile? Seems they have plenty of the spray to sale why not put it in our bags?

    • How can you see what you’re getting? I cannot see mine.

    • Same! I want the spray too 🙁 I got everything but the spray and the lippy. I didn’t want the lipstick anyway! But man I was hoping for the spray lol

    • I haven’t even gotten a Glam Bag yet for 2 months. They are sending it to the wrong zip code. I have sent so many emails it’s ridiculous. They said they sent another one and refunded me 1 month, but they sent that one to the wrong zip code AGAIN! Even after it was supposedly cleared up. I was charged for another month even after I canceled the subscription. Worse mistake I made, nothing but a headache the whole time. Plus you can’t contact them by phone which I’m sure would help clear things up a lot better than half a**ed read emails.

  2. I received an invite by email for the glam bag plus where it showed “typical” full size products you could expect in glam bag plus like Mac prep and prime, Oribe dry texture spray, and it cosmetics under eye and promised customization. I was billed for the glam bag plus and when I looked at the products (receiving everything but lip balm and mask), I changed my account back to regular glam bag, but now the app is missing the glam bag plus products and showing they are preparing the regular glam bag, so not sure what to expect. I have an email into ipsycare to confirm what I should be receiving. The products are fine, but when compared to the email advertisement and the September influensters boxes fall short.

    • I just saw that photo of typical Plus items, on a Reddit page. That was so blatantly awful of them, knowing that NONE of those products would be included. And being the inaugural bag, you’d think they would have tried to make it special.

      • I agree. Very misleading

      • YES! This. I don’t dislike the things in my bag, but I’m not blown away like I was with the influencer boxes. I was SO looking forward to the reveal and really thought they’d wow on the first bag. I had to research each item to hype myself up enough to not feel completely let down.

    • I did the same thing. I also emailed ipsy. I kinda hope they refund my ipsy plus and send me a regular bag this month. I think I would rather have sample/deluxe sizes of products. I am not sure why I signed up for the glam bag plus. I guess I was afraid I would miss out on something great. I also like the option to add products to your bag. I wish I had known about that before I upgraded.

      • Hi how can you add items to the bag?

    • They will likely bill u for the regular Ipsy bag this month as well.

    • I agree 100%! I was about to quit Ipsy until I got the invite. Seems odd that none of the products the Influensters received are being offered to subscribers. A big disappointment!!!

  3. I’M Excited that am getting the LXMI balm. My skin gets very dry in the winter. I’m not getting the lippie and the mask stuff. I use sheet masks anyway. Everything else am getting am happy with. I’m also getting 2 Ipsy’s bags this month and I added a Bum Bum cream. My hands get so dry in the winter it’s unbearable.

  4. I really wish they let the Plus customers pick from the extra products for $3….I read someone had them available but not all? Thankfully my daughter still has a $10 bag and I added a few but really, Ipsy should make the $3 add-ons available to all. If someone finds a way to do it, let me know.

    • What I think it was with the 3.00 add on. They showed you what was in your bag Then for a 3.00 add on you could buy 3 products that you didn’t get in your subscription bag.

    • What is this about the $3 add on products?

    • Helllo i jist wanted to say that i had contacted ipsy because i was deciding what to pick to add for my daughter’s bag i clicked out of the screen vt accident and tried to go back and it had dissapered so whem i contacted ipsy they stated ” they where testing the add-ons out and not every subscriber received the potion”. those of us who seen it had 24hrs to add before we could not add on . i was told that “it was a test run so it may or may not bw there next month or may be diffrent

  5. They only offered 8 different items, and subscribers are getting 6 items. It’s going to be really hard to stick strictly to profiles with options that limited. I would prefer more categories and options in the future. Even if it’s just a color variation to better fit profile choices.

    They never said we would get the items in the influencer bags. It was just supposed to give an idea of similar items, sizes, and product/brand range. If you look closely they actually are similar.

    Both bags feature Tarte and Morphe.
    Both have face/cheek makeup.
    Both have mascara.
    Both have a face skin care item.
    Both have an eyeshadow palette.
    Both have a body moisturizing product.

    The only difference is a few brands and adding eyeliner and lip product. All of the brands are similar pricing and considered good brands by most. Most of the products just one item practically covers the bag cost.

    If it’s not what you like, I understand, but this is actually pretty much what I was expecting product type wise. I think it’s pretty representative of a typical Ipsy bag with a mix of makeup and skin care. I don’t think it appears to be a bait and switch or scam or anything some other comments have said. It’s basically what Ipsy said they were doing and looks like it was put together by Ipsy.

    • Yeah the bags are very similar with the items included, I actually prefer the majority of the items in the October bag. I’m never sad to see Sunday Riley but it’s not a brand carried by Ipsy shopper yet so I assumed it was a preview of a brand they’ll add soon.

    • I agree with you 100%! I personally love what I’m getting in the plus and do feel that Ipsy never lied to anyone. They never claimed that would send out luxury skincare like Sunday Riley that so many people were expecting. They promised 5 full size items and that bags would have a $120+ retail value and they definitely delivered. Also if they did send out luxury skincare like Sunday Riley, it would have been so unfair people who didn’t get to upgrade yet, so it would be so much better for Ipsy to wait until they’ve completely rolled out the upgrade to give stuff like that.

    • Best comment so far

    • I agree. I’m not wowed by anything, but the only product that I’m giving a hard side eye to is the darn eyeko eyeliner.

      The Smashbox palette looks fun, and has decent reviews. It’s also more than the price of the entire bag, so I’m happy.

    • This!! I think the problem is despite fact Ipsy straight out said October will be different products meaning you are getting 0 products from Sept bag people refused to believe it. I saw people post here and on Reddit that they thought Sept were October spoilers. I posted Ipsy responses saying different they still said no I really think we are going to see September items in October bag. And now their wittle bitty balloon got busted. I personally like October better than Sept but guess I am in minority.

    • Yes, this. I tried to post a comment similar to this yesterday when people were already screaming “bait and switch” and “scam” on the other post. MSA chose not to post it, for whatever reason, but I 100% agree with you!!!

    • Well said. I totally agree😸

  6. I’m getting…

    High Impact Highlighter in Extra

    Dewy Spritz

    Maneater™ Voluptuous Mascara

    Cover Shot Eye Palette in bold glitter

    Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask + Exfoliant

    Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black

    I can’t say I really like anything in my plus bag. I much prefer my usual $10 bag

    • I’m very underwhelmed by my Plus Bag, but my 10.00 bag this month is excellent.

    • Adeline,
      I’m getting the exact bag. It’s my own fault for subscribing to these bags, because it is a surprise and I took a gamble. For highlighter, I’ve got nearly 100, haha, and am really enjoying my new Pat McGrath 3-highlighter palette, so don’t need the Morphe. Specifically stated that I didn’t want highlighters. Glitter palettes–nope. Specified different color ranges. I use pencils instead of liquid eyeliners, but this will be loved by someone that I find to give it to, I’m sure. I’ve got so many darn exfoliating masks, plus mascaras (which I stated that I did not want), and am definitely not into the dewy look. It’s still an amazing deal. Smashbox is probably so thrilled to unload all of these glitter palettes without a matte crease/transition shade. I blame myself. haha However, it doesn’t seem like my profile was used to choose a single product for me.

    • If your that unhappy ill buy 3/5 items for $18. The spray, mascara, and face wash

  7. I’m so confused. I am confirmed for the Glam Bag Plus, they told me so in an e-mail with CS. They even cancelled my pre-paid annual subscription for the rest of the year and refunded me my unused two months (which means I didn’t get my free month for pre-paying, which I was ticked off about). And now when I check my account, it looks like I’m getting a regular old bag, and not even a good one! The only product that looks good to me is the one I was able to request, due to some previous screw ups. And it’s a tinier size than I even knew existed!

    I’m getting:
    SUNDAYS Nail Polish in No. 18
    VERB Hydrating Mask
    SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Bum Bum Cream (requested)
    PIXI BY PETRA Mesmerizing Mineral Duo in Plum Lace
    BUXOM COSMETICSFull-On™ Lip Polish in Dolly

    What the heck is going on??? Their customer service has really gone down the toilet lately. And the products are worse and worse every month. I’m lucky to get even one product I like per month lately. But when I look at the spoilers for the GL Plus, they look terrible, and I don’t know if I even care that they screwed up and somehow cancelled my annual sub and didn’t sign me up for the Plus.

    • Which bag were you charged for?

    • Ditto Heather. They canceled my yearly as well and it very much implied that I was getting the glam bag plus for October. It seems now, however, that I am getting the regular bag. I am still waiting to get charged, thus my official confirmation as to what bag I am getting.

      • Mlog, I had an annual sub as well and when they refunded me the amount left, the email was vague about what happens next, though I thought they were going to automatically switch me to Plus; it wasn’t happening. So when others started getting that “you’re In” email, I signed up through ipsy for the waitlist, then got notified right after that I was in. Very poorly done for us long time annual subscribers

        • Hi Julie, Yes, I fully agree. The email was vague & I would say misleading. For me, something went wrong with the “official” email that asked me to “click” the button for the wait list so that I could be moved. (I should add that, the email was sent with a time stamp of Sept 27 8:16pm & I needed to click by Sept 27 at 11:59 pm to be moved).
          The problem is I never saw that email. I had been waiting for something official, based on the comments here.
          After posting on here, I checked my credit card again (there it was, the $10 charge) & emailed Ipsy. We kept the same email thread going from the beginning. Once I got my response yesterday, confirming that I only have the regular sub, then that “official” email appeared attached to the thread. The only reason I think I could have missed it, is because I “pinned” to the top of my Hotmail account? No idea, but I swear that email just appeared out of nowhere.
          I just don’t get it, why the need for more steps after I replied “Yes, I want the plus & yes move my acct to monthly”? On the positive, glad you made it off the waitlist & for me, this is one of my favorite regular glam bags that I will be receiving, all items are just perfect for me. Hopefully I make it for Nov.

  8. I am getting all makeup this time, very happy, tarte shape tape, so Susan loose purple eye minerals, eyeliner, etc. But ipsy also offered me an option for an additional $3.00 each, to add extra items to my $10.00 bag so I added bun bum cream and two extra tarte shape tape in different shades. Glad for this opportunity as I was not offered the opportunity to upgrade for glambag plus

    • This is the ipsy plus post.

  9. So subscribers aren’t being offered the same products sent to influencers? Ipsy sent out bomb products to the influencers last month and not a single item sent to influencers is being offered to subscribers.

    • Seriously. Not a single product that was in the PR bag, and not a single product in the stock image they used to promote plus. I should have known better. They teased us with cult products and luxury skincare, and gave us poorly selling items and beauty box brands that are constantly sold at a discount. Ipsy should have handled the advertising more appropriately and then people wouldn’t feel so tricked.

  10. That’s kind of humilation to send free pr boxes to blogers and sell lower quality boxes for money🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Agreed. Sending better brands for FREE. The excuse that it’s promotion doesn’t hold water, because it is for current subscribers to upgrade, and it is a huge wait list, so, they absolutely did not need to drop money on giving away Sunday Riley products gratis. We are the ones paying. We were already subscribed, and they had our emails. Will always be thankful to MSA for getting us a jump on the wait list. Can’t be upset about one going to MSA. However, unsure that all of the free bags really went to people with as wide of an audience as MSA. It does make me wonder if sending a glitter bomb and Purlisse mask is how they make up for the freebies?

    • I couldnt agree more!

  11. Happy to be getting 6 items:

    Smashbox palette
    Ciate settler spray
    Tarte mascara
    Purlisse mask
    Eyeko eyeliner
    Morphe highlighter

    Wish they had variations in palette I’m not sure how much I’ll use a glitter palette

    • Same. Will probably gift the glitter palette but use the rest.

  12. I’m glad I waited to see the items in the first bag before going back to ipsy and dogged this $25 bullet.

  13. I’m glad with you what I’m getting. Yeah I don’t like the eyeliner and it’s not on my profile but with sampling only a few items for the launch box I can see why I got it. They are asking for feedback and for the lucky few who are getting this box to review the items so that they can improve how they customize our bags. I like the add on option they have for the regular glam bag hope they keep that.

  14. I wonder why some folks are getting 6 items and some 5. My items are:
    LXMI balm to oil
    Morphe highlighter
    Tarte mascara
    Smashbox palette
    Ciate dewy spritz
    Purlisse Mask

    I’ve noticed folks have these same 5 items plus an additional item.

    • Oops, I copied that from someone who is getting 6. I am not receiving the spritz, just the other 5.

      • I figured it out. For the page that shows what it’s going to share on Facebook it only shows 5 items but when I went back to the ipsy page it showed the 6th item, the eyeliner. Drats. I do not wear eyeliner but if I did I probably won’t need any more black eyeliner. C’est la vie.

    • Variation twins 🙂
      This was the best variation for me (no eye liner or lip balm) Good mix of skin care and make up .

      • Make that triplets!!! I’m most excited for purlisse and LXMI

    • I got an email from Ipsy that mentioned my bag would have the 5 promised items plus an extra bonus item for being one of the first Glam Bag Plus members. So I’m not sure why some people’s bag reveals are showing 5 items and other’s 6 items. I would have thought anyone who is getting a bag this month would get the bonus.

      • I’m getting 6.

  15. I’m happy Ipsy included a bigger bag with this first Glam Bag Plus. I think it will hold my collection of my Eyeko eyeliners… I think.

    • 😂🤣😂

      • I don’t know about you but between Birchbox and Ipsy… I have built quite the collection of Eyeko eyeliner. Just glad that now I will have a bag big enough to fit them all😉

        • I know what you mean. I took a look at my eyeliner stockpile and I have 6 Eyeko ones. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have another one or two strays hiding somewhere else. Just relieved I’m not getting another one in this bag!

    • That’s hilarious !!
      I’m curious if eyeko even makes any money? Like does anyone ever really have to buy one ?
      I know not everyone subs to boxes , but at this point I’m sure they have a friend that gives them one from their collection .

      • No one I know needs to buy them. I don’t use black eyeliner so I pass them around. You get an eyeko, you get an eyeko…

    • I’m jealous! I wanted the eyeliner and that’s the thing I didn’t get of course!

      • I wish I would have got the lip balm instead. How many Eyeko eyeliners does one person need?

      • Are you on swap? I will be listing mine.

        • I’m not… I don’t even know how the swap works, but maybe I should check it out!

    • Sunny gets “comment of the month” kudos!!!!

      • Thank you! I take it, you are happy to have a storage bag for your Eyeko collection?!

  16. Very surprised, but kind of wishing I stuck with the regular ipsy this month! There are products there that I would have much rather received, even if its just samples. I like that ipsy is more personalized to me, the Glam Bag Plus is great, but it’s like Boxy and everyone gets the same thing. I do like the element of a more personalized bag.

    • I do have some fomo over my regular $10 bag. Especially after seeing some have the add on feature. The spoilers were awesome .

  17. I’m actually really excited for mine. I’m receiving the mask (excited and love brand) , dewy spray (excited ) , morphe highlighter (good solid item), tarte mascara (always willing to try new mascaras), LXMI nourishing balm (good brand and really excited to try this after researching) smash box palette ( love that it’s something I can try that I wouldn’t of splurged on for myself )

    Overall I’m pretty happy with my bag. I really wanted that mask. Six good items that are a mix of skin care and make up…..over $100 value all for $25. I’ll take it.
    Now had I received the liner and lip balm I wouldn’t of been as pleased.

    • I’m getting the same bag. I’m pretty happy with it after taking a closer look at everything. I initially thought the palette and spray would be too sparkly for my taste, but I’m hoping they might actually work out for me. I’m really happy to be getting the Purlisse mask since I haven’t tried that brand yet but a lot of people seem to love it. Also really excited for the LMXI balm. I’ve never even heard of Nilotica fruit butter and it’s fun to try new things.

  18. I sent an email to customer service letting them know I was displeased.

    On my regular Ipsy account, I had highlighter flagged to not receive. And then I got a full size one in the Plus Bag. Duh! Also, I had lip balm and hand/body cream checked on my profile, but got unchecked mascara and eyeliner.

    It’s obvious no customization was done, based on these things. And though I didn’t expect the exact items of the Influencer bags, I DID expect an item or two to be of similar caliber. It’s not just about the retail value. It’s about the expectation they set and the lack of customization. If they can’t customize yet, they needed to be honest and say so. Just like they should have previewed Influencer bags with the types of stuff we got.

    I mean there’s a reason they didn’t put Eyeko in the Influencer bags! They KNEW that would flop!! They didn’t choose the items in the Influencer bags accidentally. They chose items that would sell the product a certain way. Then filled the product with less exciting items. They should admit that.

    Anyway, my spot is open on the wait list : ) If this bag looked good to you, I hope you get a spot soon. For me, I’m out!

    • While I’m pleased with my variation (no liner or lip balm) I definitely see why some are upset. The majority of the products being sent out do not compare to the influenster box.

    • I agree. I didn’t have mascara, eyeliner, or highlighter checked, but got all three. However, I did have lip balm and face oil checked and didn’t get those. Overall the value of the bag is worth it and I’ll likely enjoy the mascara (I just have a stash built up right now), highlighter, dewy spray, and face mask. But I really would have preferred the balm or face balm over the eyeliner or even the eyeshadow palette. I’m grateful for the value and will enjoy most of the items, but it definitely wasn’t customized to our preferences.

    • Now you got me wish I could buy that plus bag straight from you instead of waiting @ a stupid waitlist that promises nothing… Damn.

    • Now you just got me wishing I could buy the GBP straight from you instead of waiting @ a stupid waitlist that seems promises nothing…

  19. I have like 3 Eyeko London Eyeliners, I guess now I have 4 lol I would’ve loved the purlisse mask instead of that balm…I don’t think I’m going to use it at all. But the ciate Spray, morphe highlighter, the palette, mascara and lip balm I’m loving.

  20. Mine doesn’t even come up. It shows the bag, but none of the items.

    • Mine doesn’t show up on the silk browser either. I had to use my android phone and they show up there. Try a different browser.

  21. I am happy enough with my curation but I can see why some people are disappointed. They sign up seeing Sunday Riley, Morphe, Tarte, and Bum bum. But some are getting Eyeko and PopSugar. I am going to continue on for a few months and see what happens.

  22. Everything but eyeliner and lip balm. I’m glad I’m not getting another Eyeko eyeliner, already have 3 and do not like them. Overall I’m not impressed with this bag. I switched my Ipsy subscription to every other month because every single one of my bags was full of disappointment. I think this sealed the deal for me. This is simply not worth my $25, and so I’m cancelling.

  23. I’m excited for this. I 100% expected it to be like BoxyCharm, not BoxyLuxe. Comparing the (few) spoilers available for BoxyCharm, I’m digging Ipsy Plus much more.

    Boxy is giving another Pur palette. I still have a contour/highlight one from them, which seems to be half this new palette, then the eyeshadows seem to be glittery similar to what I’m seeing in Smashbox, but fewer colors. Between Smashbox and Morphe, I’m easily seeing that palette beaten. IT Cosmetics mascara is speculated to be a trial size? We’re getting Tarte. The only other spoiler is for a KVD lipstick, and that’s…polarizing. Plus I always get brown/nude shades so I don’t mind the lack of lippie.

    Not sure about the rest of the spoilers, but I’m definitely feeling Ipsy Plus. I’m just sad I tried doing the regular glam bag on a new account yesterday and was notified i’m not getting it until November. C’mon, I ordered on the 1st! 🙁

    • I’m betting you will still get a regular October bag. I signed up for a regular bag on the 7th last month and was initially told that I wouldn’t get the September bag, but then a few days later I was notified that a September bag was being sent to me. Others have also said you can email them to request this month’s bag if you don’t want to see if they automatically send you one.

      • Oh, thanks for that info! The $10 bag is showing some good samples and I wish it was included when you upgrade or given the option on the same account. My first few Ipsy bags weren’t so hot, and they were JUST starting to seem truly personalized. I’m hoping this doesn’t mean I’ll be back to getting a few duds before getting things I truly want again.

  24. I’m pretty disappointed. I’m getting the highlighter and ciate mist (those are kind of the same thing?), mascara (nice), eyeshadow palette (uh no), and LXMI cream (meh). They should have sent the influencers this same bag and kept expectations realistic.

  25. Got:
    Purlisse mask
    Popsugar tinted balm – love this. I already have one in another color and it’s awesome.
    Eye palette

    Very happy overall.

  26. Such a waste of money! Everything I’m getting I can’t stand and is everything I DID not check on my profile. I don’t use highlighters or bright palettes at all. Don’t like that eyeliner and dont need another mascara. I will give it one more month and if it again goes completely opposite my profile then I’ll just cancel ipsy altogether for such a disappointing bag.

  27. I’m looking forward to this month’s bag! I was away for a little bit, but I resubscribed (I don’t know why I bother unsubscribing. I always come back.) This is my first month back. I’m getting:

    – Space Case Blush (Cosmic Gangster or It’s Not Me, It’s My Sign)
    – Belif Peat Miracle Revival Eye Cream
    – Aurora Intensively Precise Eyeliner in Espresso
    – Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer
    – Sugar It’s a Pout Time Vivid Lipstick in Better Call Salmon

    I’ve never used any of these products, so I’m excited 🙂

    • Wrong thread. Sorry 🙂

  28. I’m getting:

    Smashbox palette – super excited because this is the kind of thing I wouldn’t normally buy for myself, but it’s gonna be so fun to have in my collection!

    Ciate dewy spritz – honestly this is awesome because I’ve been procrastinating on buying setting spray and I’ve got dry skin so hopefully this’ll work well.

    Purlisse mask – I like masks but I don’t have them checked except for sheet masks because those are my favourite. But I’m willing to give this a try because from the reviews I’ve seen it will help the skin concerns I have.

    Eyeko eyeliner – meh. I don’t have eyeliners checked but I do have lip balms checked so I’m kind of confused here. But honestly I’m looking at this as a bonus product because the box is only supposed to be five things anyway lol

    Tarte mascara – this is literally my favourite mascara and I only have a sample size right now so I’m beyond happy to have a full size for when that one runs out, which it will soon because I wear it every day.

    Morphe highlighter – I’m a firm believer that you can never have too much highlighter so I’m very excited about this!

    Really I love five out of the six products and who knows maybe the eyeliner will surprise me! I know a lot of people were disappointed with this box but I firmly believe it’ll get better and better 🙂

    • Getting the exact same.

    • I’m getting the same as you. I think I’m the only person here semi excited about the eyeliner 😅 I’ve never tried it and I need a felt tip liner. I’ve only been subbed to beauty boxes since August though so I’m sure this will be the first eyeko liner of many lol the only thing I don’t care for is the mascara but I’ll just look at it as a bonus. I’m actually excited about that setting spray (it has hyaluronic acid and green tea extract). Only bad thing is I’ve read reviews that the nozzle is “aggressive”. So be careful when spritzing your face with it.

      • I’m excited adjacent about the eyeliner if only because I have such specific eyeliner needs to it’s definitely nice to be able to try one without spending too much lolol. And I read the same thing! Luckily I don’t wear foundation or anything, just a bit of concealer so I’m hopeful that it’ll go well 🙂

  29. I’m getting;
    – LXMI melt- Happy with
    – Morphe highlighter- Happy with
    – PopSugar lip item- not happy with
    – Ciate London- I avoid the dewy look so not sure about this one. I already have oily skin.
    – Tarte Maneter- Super Excited about this one
    – Smashbox Cosmetics- Happy with.

    Overall I am happy. 3 out of 5 aint bad. I’ll gift the lip product for sure.

    • swap you the purlisse mask for your lip gloss lol The only thing I wanted and didn’t get.

      • I am interested but I am not on the swap site. Are you on there?

        • I haven’t swapped in months, but yeah I am. send me an email at glowingamber11109 at gmail if you like. my profile is linked to my name, if you wanna make sure i’m not a weirdo lol

    • Bag twins! I’m pretty happy with everything, though I wish I had gotten the mask instead of the lip balm.
      Mascara rarely excites me. But I’ll probably try it on about 2024 when I’ve gone through all my other mascaras from boxes and GWPs. I have been thinking about getting a misting spray for between skincare layers in the winter. I like the Smashbox eyeshadow formula a lot, and I don’t have anything like this in my collection.

  30. I am a little disappointed. I will use only 2 products from the bag, and the rest will be either up for swap or gifted. Here is hope for better next month.

  31. Not thrilled. The 1st box looked amazing( bait.) I will look like a Light -Brite picture if I wear this stuff. I hope next month is better.

  32. I still have the check back 10/2 for spoilers but was charged for my ipsy plus :/

    • I’m in the same boat, but I also changed my sub back to the $10 one last night. Wondering if that had something to do with it….but if you didn’t do that, then maybe we’re just unlucky!

  33. I have the LXMI, Purlisse, Smashbox, Eyeko, Morphe & Tarte. Not Happy that I didn’t get the lipstick and I got the morphe in Septembers bag.

    • I got the Morphe in September’s bag too, but it’s a different shade. At least mine is.

  34. I am so happy with my Plus bag/box this month!

    Morphe Highlighter
    Ciate Spray
    Tarte Mascara

    I haven’t tried any of these products. Well, I have other products from these brands, and I love most of them! I have the Purlisse Moisturizer that’s brand new and will go well with the mask! I think the smashbox palette is perfect for the fall and I love all Tarte products! The Ciate spray, I so happy to get and try! The only thing I will be gifting is the Eyeko. Well I will be keeping the full size for myself and giving away the 5 sample sizes I already have lol. They make cute little extra gifts for Christmas! Overall, I am totally satisfied with this months Plus upgrade! I am thinking about opening another account just for the regular Ipsy bag again too. Thank you Ipsy!

  35. Heads up ladies, make sure you check your shopper page in your account. I was given 5$ to spend for ordering the Glam Bag Plus. So make sure you guys check for your as well 😉

    • I got that too and used it towards a Glam Glow plumping lip gloss. It was free shipping too, so with the discounts and cash back, I ended up paying about $3 for it!!!! Pretty awesome! Thank you again Ipsy! You are awesome!

    • Saw this yesterday ! MAC has free shipping so I ordered a brush cleaner for a great price 🙂

    • Thanks! I got the Bobbi Brown cleansing oil for around $5 after discounts plus free shipping. I also get $2.40 cash back onto my Paypal account.

  36. I’m getting everything but the Popsugar and LXMI.

  37. I’m not even remotely impressed with this. Esp since this is the first bag. I feel like we got the bait and switch given what the influencers got. Ipsy has until Dec to impress me.

  38. I am getting:
    LXMI balm to oil
    Morphe highlighter
    Tarte mascara
    Smashbox palette
    Ciate dewy spritz
    Purlisse Mask

    I am actually pretty excited to try the balm to oil I have very dry skin so this should be nice on my hands at night, the rest I am kind of meh about. I can always use mascara since I wear it everyday for work and this one has good reviews, and I saw online that the morphe highlight is a dupe for Becca opal which is my favorite highlight so maybe I’ll like that. I was t originally thrilled with this but I like that they are giving 6 items, I am hoping we have a spoiler before being charged for next month.

    Has anyone tried that purlisse mask ?

    • I got that Purlisse mask as a sample and LOVED it, it was the only spoiler i was happy to see and the only thing i wanted, but i’m not getting it 🙁 I’m getting an eyeko eyeliner instead, bullcrap if you ask me, especially considering i had wash off masks selected and have opted out of eyeliner…anyways i loved the sample it seriously was great for resurfacing, but there was a LOT of reviews about it burning people and leaving there skin red, and i can say it definitely gets almost hot when using it, so i can see a lot of people with sensitive skin being disappointed 🙁 Definitely do a patch test first. And if anybody does have any issues with sensitivity i will buy or trade for it 🙂 Seriously bummed this was the only thing i wanted 🙁

      • Hey! I am getting purelisse mask and I already have full size of it. Will be happy to trade it if interested.

    • Although I have super oily skin on my face, my hands are constantly dry in the winter along with my legs (the itchiness drives me crazy!) and my lips always seem chapped so I’m excited to try the balm to oil too.

      • I have the same problem with my legs ! Lately I have been putting an oil on damp skin before getting out of the shower which has really been helping me ( I normally still use a body lotion after too).

        • Yes! Last winter I started using an oil as I was getting out of the hot shower too and it seemed to help. I already have it in the shower ready for the season change….but it’s still unusually warm and humid where I am. 🙂

  39. I’m getting everything but the mask and the eyeliner. Kind of meh on it but want to give it a couple mo this before I cancel. Will be swapping palette and Ciate spray.

  40. I’m getting the

    Smashbox palette – love glitters

    LXMI balm to oil – ehhh

    Purlisse mask – love masks

    Eyeko eyeliner – mehhh

    Tarte mascara – i dont have mascara checked so gifting.

    Morphe highlighter – excited

    i would have been more excited if i got the lip product or the spray.

    • I will be swapping the spray, the hilight and the palette.

  41. Honestly, I am kind of disappointed in the variety! I was looking at the regular IPSY bag, the variety was much better. They have MAC lipsticks, BUM BUM cream! I am gonna give IPSY another month else I’ll downgrade!

  42. I’m getting the glitter palette
    Lip balm
    And the mask

    I’m very happy, although I would have loved to try the setting spray! Maybe next month! I’m very happy I was chosen to upgrade to plus, because I was a brand new customer and had only received one bag!! They really meant random huh?! I’m very grateful to receive such a high value for $26.69!!!

    • I’m very sure that the choices are so limited because it is a brand new subscription, and companies have to try things out first before spending thousands and thousands of dollars on more products. Also, the makeup companies always want to make sure that they are profiting, so they are hesitant at selling bulk quantities at low prices for a brand new subscription service that may or may not make it. I’m sure if everyone hangs in there that the Glam bag plus subscription will get better and better with lots of choices just like the original. It’s simple business economics. I was also raised to be grateful for anything you have, and to always have faith and patience. Hopefully subscribers will read this and understand this information, and not want to jump ship so quickly. Because by sticking by Ipsys side and not cancelling, were sending a message that we have hope in their company and new subscription, and the business will get better and better!

      • Thank you for writing that. That’s how I feel.

        I’m not going to lie though…I do get on here sometimes just to read the comments because people love and I mean love to complain. It really is comical.

        • That’s why I’m here lol , I knew this would happen even commented telling people you WILL NOT get the influencers bag. I still think the bag is a good value overall, but I knew it was bait. Now to sit back with my popcorn and wTch the comments roll in .

      • Is this really a brand new subscription, though? Ipsy has a built in customer base who seemed eager to try the upgrade. It’s not like they had to start from the bottom and build up membership. True, makeup companies want to see a profit but what was the sense of enticing people with products that they had no chance of getting? Yes, people need to remember that influencers get the special boxes but how is this box (even with its variations) comparable to that ‘first box’? The least they could have done was send out a ‘high end’ product with this box to make it seem different.

        To me, sticking by a brand that promised one thing but does another says that you will accept anything that they give you and there is no incentive for them to change. No, people were not going to get the influencers box but they should have received something similar. Subscribers are probably going to cancel after a few boxes so Ipsy better upgrade the items in this subscription fast.

        • EXACTLY!!! Well Said….

  43. Six items , everything but the lip balm or setting spray

    I’m kind of underwhelmed by it, but open to trying everything. BUT that eyeko, I have received it before and it is trash, not worth gifting or donation imo . I guess if SOMEHOW someone wants it let me know dowb below, otherwise it’ll probably be trash.

  44. I’m getting everything but the lotion and lip balm. THE ONE item that is actually checked on my profile that’s been offered is LIP BALM and I didn’t get it. I got that @*&%*&^ eyeko eyeliner, which I don’t like because it never dries and I end up smearing it.

    NOT impressed, and pretty disappointed in the first bag.

    • Same here. My profile indicates I like wash off masks, and no to adventurous eyeshadows.. so guess what I’m getting? The eyeshadow palette and not the purlisse mask… oh well.. I am getting six items and what I’ll use will more than make up for the $25, overall, I’m pretty happy 😊

    • I hate that eyeliner so much. I’ve gotten it like three times and it instantly goes in my donation bin. It is the worst.

  45. I’m getting

    LXMI Balm-to-Oil (new to me)

    Smashbox palette (Gifting)

    Ciate dewy spritz (Gifting)

    Eyeko eyeliner (Gifitng)

    Tarte mascara (Gifting)

    Morphe highlighter (Gifting)

    Cancelling subscription

    • I’m getting the same… I’m not impressed. Nothing like what the influencers received.

    • Same here, although I must have missed the eyeliner pic. Shock, shock – I’m getting the same eyeliner in my October Birchbox.

      I canceled this morning. Now my box doesn’t show up.

      • I should have kept scrolling before I commented on someone else’s – I, too, canceled mine last night and went back to the $10 (literally only because I have just shy the amount of points I need for another item redemption) and my whole bag went away; same with my spoilers. It says the standard “Come back 10/2” message.

  46. I’m getting:

    LXMI balm to oil

    Morphe highlighter

    Tarte mascara

    Smashbox palette

    Ciate dewy spritz

    Purlisse Mask.

    I REALLY did not want the eyeko eyeliner, so I am happy with my box.

  47. I am getting 6 items according to my page. The LXMI cream, Purlisse mask, Tarte mascara, eye palette highlighter and setting spray.

    • I’m getting the same!

    • I’m getting the same. I really wanted the lippie. I won’t use the eyeshadow palette, the setting spray (I am super oily and don’t need more shine), or highlighter because I have way more than I’ll ever use, but with Christmas coming up they will all make nice gifts to friends or family. I will give Ipsy through December to really wow me. Otherwise I may change my subscription to every other month. Has anyone else tried that? Any regrets?

  48. I’m getting

    Smashbox palette

    Ciate dewy spritz

    Purlisse mask

    Eyeko eyeliner

    Tarte mascara

    Morphe highlighter

    I’m good with my bag and the item I don’t use will be gifted.

    • I am getting the exact same thing but instead of the spray, it’s the
      LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt Nourishing Balm-to-Oil. Overall, I am kind of disappointed. I was expecting more variation. I am still debating whether to continue with Plus bag in future!

    • I’m getting the same. Was disappointed that I’m not getting the lip product but with the $5 credit I was given, I was able to get a Glamglow lip balm in a pretty pink color for $4. Overall pleased, but not wowed.

  49. According to my app, I’m getting everything but the Eyeko eyeliner. Not sure if I’m impressed as most of these products are new to me. I do own one Smashbox Cover Shot Palette (xVlada Rose Gold) and have the Ultraviolet on the way. Definitely topping out over the cost so that’s always good.

  50. I’m NOT getting the eyeliner and lip balm. I’m happy to not have another one of those eyeliners but I actually wanted to try out the lip balm (love tinted ones on the go). I wish I could have gotten it instead of the eyeshadow or highlighter (which I opted out of in my original sub) but it sounds like everyone is getting those two items… Overall I think the value is there for the cost and I can probably get a better idea if the skincare items work for me with the larger sizes. We’ll see how it progresses…

    • I see they changed mine, originally it was listed I was getting the lippie but it’s changed to no lippie and no eyeliner.

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