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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the October 2018 Glam Bag Plus!

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The October 2018 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reveals are up! 

Here are all the products that are being sampled this month. Each Glam Bag Plus will include 5 full-sized products:

Which products are you getting from Ipsy Glam Bag Plus this month?

This subscription is $25 a month. Check out our full Ipsy Glam Bag Plus FAQ post to learn more!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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Comments (227)

  1. I just received an email in regards to the glambag waitlist. It says something in regards to having less than 24 hours to reactivate, however I am already active as a glambag plus subscriber. I don’t understand why they are sending this email. Am I correct in that for October, I will receive the glambag plus then November and December just the regular bag? My account shows I am paying the $25 not the $10.

  2. How do you get the glam bag plus? I don’t see that as an option to upgrade anywhere?!?!?

  3. I wanted the Smashbox palette and got it. Didn’t want the mascara or mud mask and got those. I’m still happy. When the products are revealed for the regular Ipsy bags, I used to pick out the items I wanted and I would almost never get one of the ones I wanted.

  4. At first I was just meh on the box – mascara and eyeshadow were not exciting. But just today I was considering changing my mascara to one with an applicator like the one in this box (it works so well on my lashes) and I DO have “adventurous” on my profile because that’s what I “want” to be. I can’t commit to buying these in a store $$, so I’m glad IPSY made this choice for me.

    But I was glad that I didn’t get eyeco liner (have 1-2), but some people report to love it, so maybe I haven’t given it a fair chance?

    After this box, I’m going to make some hard decisions and purge my old stuff for new products!

    PLEASE full size Sunday Riley in next box now that I know influencers got it!

  5. I’m getting the mask instead of the balm! Does anyone want to trade? I’d also trade the spray for the balm and I’ll throw in a free liner😂 please let me know and we can swap

  6. I’m getting the mask but want the balm! Will anyone trade me? I’d throw in my liner too😊 if so email me jennifersparber33 at g mail

  7. I’m very upset with the upgrades I was so looking forward to getting the morphe palette. I understand that they say we may not get the same thing like the influencers but that’s just way off like seriously If I knew they was not going to include that palette I would of stuck to the $10 and wait to see what’s for next month

  8. I got everything except the lip product from pop sugar and the purlisse face mask. I’m not mad about their first glam bag plus trial, except for the glitter eyeshadow palette. Idk what that was all about 😳 everything else seems fine. Christmas is just around the corner and I’ve been stashing away items I don’t need/don’t like in a bag and I’ll be regifting those to family and friends. Saves me a lot of money and having to go shopping during the holidays!

  9. 🚨🚨Tea Alert!🚨🚨

    Did anyone else see Yosef’s insta story where he pretty much stated that the fact that Ipsy sent better boxes to influencers was “pure deceiving”?!? 👀

    • Boxycharm sending out the “special” Boxyluxe emails to current subscribers, and than sending the same emails to everyone else causing a site crash on the signup date was “pure deceiving”. I think Yosef needs to sweep around his own doorstep.

      • Yeah the fact that they basically insured that the LE holiday box was a fiasco and so was the luxe box. You’d think if he was going to throw shade he would be sure the email sent didn’t have major errors. It’s tacky and I won’t resubscribe until things aren’t that way for sure.

      • Agreed, Yosef throwing shade after the mess that was the limited edition box and most recently the the luxe makes him just look foolish… Especially so soon after the luxe disaster!

  10. After seeing the influencer box I was really excited about this but am really disappointed. The influencer had a full size Sunday Riley and the bum bum cream. But these bags will include a highlighter and another eyeliner! I love the pallet so I am happy with that and the mask is nice to but I will be swapping the rest. Hoping to receive the fruit butter in a swap

  11. Not impressed. None of the skincare products are in my preferences and the palette is not something I would wear. Too much shimmer. I will give it one more month before I cancel and go back to the regular bag.

  12. I just got a response to my ‘I’m really unhappy with my first Glam Bag Plus’ email to customer service at Ipsy.

    I talked in my email about how the bag clearly wasn’t customized, it differed greatly in wow factor from Influencer bags, and how I had No Highlighter on my account via customer service rep flagging it from before and yet received the full size highlighter.

    Literally, the response starts ‘We’re bummed you weren’t totally happy with your bag’ and goes on to say they always customize (no admission they didn’t this time) and that I can flag my account for future bags. And stay tuned! There’s a special full size item coming next month!

    That’s it. No offer to make me happy. It was all clearly boiler plate, copy and paste stuff. None of it was customized.

    What a joke.

    I wonder if calling instead would have made a difference.

    I didn’t expect a million bucks, but I had some real points to make and got a complete “couldn’t care less’ reply.

    • I’m pretty sure the only thing that’s going to make them care more is seeing people cancel the plus bag by the thousands…even that might not be enough 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Agreed!

        I was hoping some type of acknowledgement would happen. But it’s clear they’re not planning to acknowledge the issues.

        So, onward and upward to a happier place to spend my $ : )

    • Yup, just a generic email. I sent a reply to “Suzy” after receiving the generic email stating the fact that its nearly impossible to do “customization” when there’s only 8 items and 6 is being sent out, also that none of my concerns were heard/addressed in the email, and re:”value”- it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay, and stating had I known it was not as advertisedx2 I would not have signed up, lastly if they didnt value me as a customer I can just cancel my sub. Loved the $10 sub, but not worth the crappy shady service.

  13. While I’m not thrilled, Eyeko is my favorite liner and I love Purlisse. I was only dreading getting the Ciate spray. But overall what I’m getting I’ll use and the value is there. It’s definitely not as represented, so I’m not sure I’ll keep doing the Plus aspect. I think the $10 option may be best, for a lot of people.

  14. I subscribed to this instead of trying boxy because I thought it was supposed to be based on your profile. I never would commit to boxy because everyone got the same items with a few variations. I thought it would be worth it for the extra few dollars to have it fit my profiles. Nope, turns out it is the same scenario as boxy. Very disappointed.

  15. Wow I guess I’m in the minority here, but I’m actually happy with my bag (balm,eyeshadow pallet, eyeliner, highlighter, mascara and tinted balm). I didn’t expect to see so many negative comments. You’re never going to be able to please everyone and if you’re that unhappy with almost every product in it then maybe you lost sight to the purpose of subscription boxes…it’s to try different things (and i.m.o to provide a little self care happiness once a month). If there’s things you really want then instead if complaining, go buy it yourself. And if you say you have a million already of all these products, then that’s your problem for continuing to subscribe, not the company for providing you with what you don’t already own.

  16. I feel like I got lucky with the 6 products that I am getting. From the 8 the only 2 that I am not getting are the eyeliner and the lip balm. I understand that they couldn’t really follow our profiles exactly with only 8 products available, but what I don’t understand is why they chose these 8 products in particular compared to the ones they had last month. I think I will go back to the $10 sub and hopefully they still have the $3 add-on option that way I can choose the additional items that I want and not have to pay as much and risk getting products that I don’t want like eyeliners and highlighters. Oh well, lesson learned!

    • Sorry for the duplicate post😐

      • I hate when that happens to me! : )

        I think you’re right. Had I known about the add on option, I would have stayed with the $10 rate/bag. I was already stretching my comfort zone doing $25 each month. The pressure was on to make that $25 ‘special.’ With the $10 bag, I have less concern about the items and more control with the add ons.

        It is kind of funny that I switched over to plus right when Ipsy regular bag had, like, the strongest month of products I’ve seen in a long time! Ah well.

    • I’m just glad I was able to sign up and actually get the glam plus. Only thing I wasn’t all that excited about was the eyeko liner and I’m not getting it so that makes me happy. V seems we are getting the same items. I would have liked to have the lip products but I’m still stoked with what I will recieve.

  17. I feel like I got lucky with the 6 products that I am getting. From the 8 the only 2 that I am not getting are the eyeliner and the lip balm. I understand that they couldn’t really follow our profiles exactly with only 8 products available, but what I don’t understand is why they chose these 8 products in particular compared to the ones they had last month. I think I will go back to the $10 sub and hopefully they still have the $3 add-on option that way I can choose the additional items that I want and not have to pay as much and risk getting products that I don’t want like eyeliners and highlighters. Oh we’ll, lesson learned!

  18. Well I just emailed Ipsy and laid it on and I have 2 accounts one for Plus and one for regular… requested a refund or I’m going to cancel everything (probably not but you know lol) The FAQ for personalization states “We’ll use info from your current beauty profile to match you with the best Glam Bag Plus for you! You’re welcome to update your beauty preferences any time. We also encourage you to leave product reviews for your Glam Bag Plus assortment—they’re key in how we pick your future Glam Bag Plus shipments.” If anyone gets a response from Customer Service please keep us updated.

  19. I think they are trying to bait customers into purchasing a plus and a regular bag. Think about it…

    They reeled us in with the influencers bag, provided less than favorable products, released awesome spoilers for the regular bags and added in $3 add-ons to further entice. If they can coax people into purchasing $10 bags plus $25 bags that’s a 250% increase in sales for them.

    Ipsy knows what they are doing and are playing dirty.

  20. Up feel okay about the bag, I still feel positive that Ipsy will come through once they get their feet on the ground with this new bag. I didn’t expect lots of customization like the regular bag because these are full size products. I am a hotbed tired of seeing the same brands over and over but I will use some of the items. I have no mascara so I’ll be using that! But I think a lorn of them are going you be gifts. I’m gonna give it another month and see how it goes.

  21. So glad I followed my gut and switched back to the regular glam bag at the last minute.

  22. You can be overwhelmed, and under whelmed…can you just be whelmed? Anybody get the reference :)? I’m just whelmed about this. The value is there, its just kind of run of the mill items for anyone in the sub game I think is the issue.

    • I think you can in Europe 🤔

  23. 🙁 I don’t think they looked at the profiles when making these bags. I realize we will get some things we don’t want but I’m getting 3 things not in my profile. I do have all lip products checked yet I’m not getting the Popsugar lip balm. Sent an email.

    • I don’t think they used the profiles either. It’s okay if they aren’t ready to do so the first time out, but then they should have SAID that!

      In general, I don’t think this roll out was handled very well ; ) I emailed too, but I don’t expect anything to come of it.

  24. Anyone who does not want the Dewy Spritz let me know I will trade with you!

    • I’ll trade for the balm if your getting it?

  25. I’m pretty excited this go round. I’m getting the Space Case blush–I really hope it’s in Cosmic Gangster. Aside from the fact that the other one is too dark for me, I just really love the name. Catch me in my pinstripe waistcoat puttin’ some of that on.

    Getting the Nomad eyeshadow, and I’m excited because it won’t be a gold/bronze color–which I like, but I have so many now.

    Love Child lipgloss has me…cautiously optimistic? It’s not a coral color for once, so that’s good. And a highlighter, which…I can always use more of those.

    Plus that bag is so cute!

  26. The only make up item I have checked in my profile is lipstick. Did I get it? Of course, not. On the bright side, no eyeliner for me, either. Hooray! I don’t care for anything in my bag, but at least I can use both skincare items. The spray, highlighter and palette will be gifted/sold.

  27. I think this box is a good value for the money, easily worth $15 more than the regular bag. Would I have preferred the Sunday Riley product – heck yeah, but I read the fine print. There wasn’t anything else in that bag that I don’t already have so that’s the only product that I thought “made” the bag. Since there weren’t really variations for this bag (only a couple of products) I’m not surprised people are unhappy – but if there had been many variations I’m sure the same people would still complain. I’m glad to get full sized products as I am overwhelmed by tiny samples.

  28. I am actually excited about my bag! I came on here first before checking my own (I wants sneak peeks, but not necessarily MY sneak peek), and had to immediately go check it because I’ve been wanting a Smashbox Cover Shot Palette. So excited to actually be receiving it (and it itself is more than the price of the whole box). I would have preferred the spray over the mascara or eyeliner, just because I have so many black mascaras and black eyeliners, but I do think they fit my profile well with only having 8 items to work with. I know others are disappointed, but I like this better than the PR bag the Influensers got.

  29. Honestly, I think the biggest disappointment for people has to do with the age range this is geared towards. As someone else pointed out, the types of products aren’t all that different, and neither is the end value. But where the bag influencers was more value heavy in skincare (which tends to be the priority of older groups who’ve realized the value in it), this was more makeup value heavy (which tends to be more exciting for early 20s and under). Plus the products themselves. The CEO moisturizer was a quality, daily use product geared towards older skin, this has a fun mask to fight acne. Blush is a timeless product, while highlighters are more of a recent, younger trend. The morphe palette could be used for work friendly looks, this colorful glitter palette, more of a school dance/clubing item. Same for the glittery setting spray. (I’m not saying people can’t like things outside of these generalizations, or one is better/worse than the other, all the power too you to like what you like, just commenting on usual trends and age group preferences).

    Technically, these are similar value and product types, but where the spoiler bag was very mature and chic, this looks more like it would be a wonderful gift for a 15 yo just getting into makeup. Personally, at 22, this bag is more to my liking (and I feel like ipsy does tend to lean more towards my age group), but I can very much understand feeling like a bait and switch happened, especially since these spoilers lack the range needed for the promised customization.

  30. I wish I was getting the Ciate spray instead of the Purlisse mask, but I’ve learned with a lot of these subs that the same things come around again. I’m actually really happy to have the Eyeko liner. I am using one now every day and am happy to have a backup for when this one dries out. Although it’s not showing any signs of it.

    Yes, I too wanted the original bag that the influencers got. I guess I really wanted the bum Bum cream because I already have and love that Morphe palette. Then I got my Beauty Awards box and it had a Bum Bum cream in it. So I’m good.

    • I’ll trade you my spray for your balm?

  31. I’m receiving everything but the LXMI & Popsugar .. very pleased with my first bag! I’ll have use for everything in it!

    • I’m getting the same one and I’m pretty happy too 🙂

  32. I canceled as soon as I saw my bag. They must be getting a ton of cancellation requests!
    Seriously, as subscription addicts, who needs more black eyeliner, mascara and highlighter?? I was so hoping to be wowed with this one. UGH!

    • I emailed Ipsy requesting them to cancel my Plus bag & requested a refund as well, (they alrdy charged me $26.xx). Anyhow on the website I switched my membership back to the $10 bag, the Plus bag & all showcased items disappeared… NOW it says its curating my Oct glam bag($10). We’ll see what happens…

      • Ok. So I got a response per my
        Subject: Refund Request

        “Thanks for reaching out. We’re bummed to hear you’re not excited about our first Glam Bag Plus assortment. 

        Each month will feature a different assortment of full-size items, and our creator first look boxes were a sneak peek into Glam Bag Plus. The boxes gave our members an idea of the kinds of products that would be featured, and we have a lot of exciting products to come!

        All of our Glam Bag Plus combinations are worth at least $120, and we use info from your beauty quiz to pick the best combo for you. 

        We’re also super excited to surprise you with a bonus full-size product in October for being one of our first Glam Bag Plus members. 

        In addition, we’re giving all members who are receiving a Glam Bag Plus this month $5 Shopper credit to put toward an item in ipsy Shopper. 

        We really want you to be excited about what we send you, and we encourage you to give each product a try. Don’t forget to review them so we can take that info into consideration when we put together your next box.

        In the meantime, I can make sure your future boxes really fit your preferences by helping you opt out of a specific type of product, like mascaras, highlighter, or nail polish. We’ll do our best to exclude products from your chosen category for a few months, or permanently for the duration of your membership. 

        Let me know how I can help you customize your future Glam Bag Plus shipments!”

      • Such a copy and paste response. They have everyone 6 of the same 8 products. How is that customized to a profile?

      • I got an identical email word for word. Ugh

      • After I received the generic reply, I had to blast “Suzy” with a response. Here’s the 2nd generic reply I received:

        “Thanks for getting back to me and I definitely understand your concern.
        We always appreciate your feedback, so thank you for taking the time to share this with me. I’ll be sure to pass your concerns to our management team.

        For the month of October you will be receiving the Glam Bag Plus, and starting next month you are back to the classic Glam Bag membership. We start prepping your bag before the 1st of each month, so any changes have to be made before then. I apologize for the trouble. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions for you. Thanks so much for your support of ipsy!”

        I told her I was cancelling if the issue wasnt resolved. Goodbye Ipsy.

    • I did the same!

  33. I used the button to go back to the small bag. I do not think they had any personalization at all in the large bags and this is just sub par as long as they’ve been in business.

    I don’t like the black eyeliner, the highlighter, or the mascara as I have enough of these ” staples” from other boxes forever.

    The eyeshadow palette is OK but I’m not a Smashbox fan.

    I really like the LXMI balm and this is the full sized tube, which has to be better than the glass jar.

    The Popsugar lipstick should be just fine.

  34. So did anyone know that if you would have kept the $10 bag, you would have the option to add items for $3 each??? Ipsy sure didn’t tell us this!!!!

    • WHAT?!

    • Well THAT would have been some useful information. I definitely would’ve prefered that way! So is this not an option anymore once youve already upgraded?

    • What???? Seriously?

      • Yes ma’am….smh

    • No but I loved the surprise. I was allowed to order 3 items. I think that was the limit. I hope that they keep this option.

    • Nope, I was pretty bummed out about this not being revealed as well. I would have at least gotten a regular bag as well. The whole thing seems a bit misleading, even thought I’m happy enough with my glam bag plus. I just don’t think they handled the whole thing very well. The blogger people should have gotten a similar or same bag and then tell people for the regular bag their will be add ons also. Why the lack of transparency is beyond me.

      • I subscribed with a second account today and I’m getting October bag. I was sent an email that I could get it.

    • Full-size or sample items?

      • Either/or. I got a sample wander mask and full size half caked lip fondant.

    • wow I feel so duped into getting this bag, the options for the $10 bag are sooo much better than this bag. I’ll probably gift it all away. This is NOTHING compared to the bag they gave to influencers.

      • You can probably still switch back.

  35. I signed up for the WL for the Glam bag Plus, hoping itll be worth it by the time I finally get off the WL…

    This month in my Ipsy October glam bag I’m getting five items..

    -SLMissGlam L50 Lilac Sparkle Eye Blender
    -Aurora eyeliner in Espresso
    -Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Concealer (hopefully they send me on that works with my skin tone or that’s a waste…)
    – Wander Beauty Mask
    -Pixi By Petra Mineral Duo in Plum lace

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