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Date Night In Box Review + Coupon – October 2018

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Box Review Front

Date Night In Box is a monthly subscription box delivering a complete and custom curated date night in a box. Boxes contain themed activities, a snack and a date itinerary with suggested recipes and additional activities to enhance your date night experience. Date Night In also offers Faith Night In and Kids Night In box options.

This is a review of the Fall in Love Date Night In Box which is $41.99 + the Cocktail Kit and Sugar Crystal add-on items.

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Box Open Front

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Box Open with Products Front

About Date Night In Box

The Subscription Box: Date Night In Box

The Cost: $41.99 a month with free shipping. Date Night In Boxes with the Faith Option are $45.98 a month with free shipping. Slight discounts are available for 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions.

COUPON: Use code 15OFFNIB to 15% off all plans.

The Products: A complete date in a box with activities, a treat, a date itinerary, and optional additions to enjoy a fun date night from the comfort of your home.

Ships To: US for free. Cost varies for International shipping.

Date Night In Box “Fall in Love” Review

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Date Itinerary Front

This month’s theme is Fall in Love! Each box includes a multi-page date itinerary highlighting the various aspects of the date.

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Date Itinerary 1q

The itinerary includes a note from the editor describing the inspiration behind this month’s theme and highlights the plans for the night in the form of a table of contents. I love the candid shot of a couple enjoying their date night in. Each month, you have a chance to win a free date by sharing a picture on social media.

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Date Itinerary 2

An optional complete dinner menu is provided with ingredients and recipes for a main dish and dessert. Additional recipes for salads and beverage are available on the website. The recipes sound delicious: Cheddar & Thyme Biscuit Pot Pie and Carmel and Chocolate Apple Slices. One look at the instructions and I knew we would be ordering out – it’s been a long week! I will, however, save the apple slices recipe for future reference.

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Date Itinerary 3

The itinerary continues with instructions for the two date night crafts: candle making and a wood circle craft. It also highlights the snack included in the box. Did you know Date Night In Box includes a custom playlist to help set the mood for your date on Spotify? That’s a nice touch!

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Date Itinerary 4

The date night activity for this month is Bunco. The only dice game I know how to play is Yahtzee which is really fun so we were excited to try Bunco. Date Night In suggests a fun lovey-dovey twist to the game

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Date Itinerary 5

Winding down the date, the itinerary suggests discussing how you and your partner fall in love and how you plan to continue to grow that love.

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Date Itinerary 6q

Finally, if you want to continue on with your night, Date Night In offers suggested movies to enjoy together and fun fall activity suggestions.

Here’s a highlight of the other items included in the box.

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Candle Making Materials Topq

AromaBeads Singles Wax Melts in Oatmeal Cookie Crunch – Retail Value $1.49

Glass Jar

Candle Wick

Included are all the materials to make the candle – wax, glass jar and wick.

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Wood Circle Craft Materials Top

Bic Marking Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker – Estimated Value $0.90 (buy 12 for $10.85)

Wood Circle

Stamp Pad

A wood circle, stamp pad, and marker are provided for the woodcraft.

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Bunco Game Materials Top

Bunco Scorecards and 3 Dice

Bunco game scorecards and dices are included in this month’s box.

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Pumkin Seeds Front Date Night In Box October 2018 - Pumkin Seeds Back

SuperSeedz Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds Maple Sugar & Sea Salt, 1 oz – Retail Value $1.49

This month’s snack is all-natural pumpkin seeds in a maple sugar and sea salt flavor.

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Crystals Cinnamon Kiss Cocktail Rim Sugar Front Date Night In Box October 2018 - Crystals Cinnamon Kiss Cocktail Rim Sugar Top

Cocktail Sugar Crystals Cinnamon Kiss Cocktail Rim Sugar, 2.5 oz. – Retail Value $6.45

My box also included the Sugar Crystals add-on. I can’t wait to try these Cinnamon flavored sugar crystals.

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Cocktail Kit Front Date Night In Box October 2018 - Cocktail Kit Back

The Carry On Cocktail Kit, The Hot Toddy – Retail Value $24.00

And finally, another add-on was included, the Cocktail Kit to make two Hot Toddies on the go.

Let’s get our date night started!

Date Night In Box October 2018 - The Carry On Cocktail Kit, The Hot Toddy Top Date Night In Box October 2018 - The Carry On Cocktail Kit, The Hot Toddy Drink Side

Per the itinerary, we are started our date off with food, drinks, and music. For drinks, my husband had a beer and I used the Cocktail Kit add-on to try the Hot Toddy. It’s like alcoholic Theraflu – it tasted and felt good!

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Dinner Top

It was a lazy Saturday evening so I ordered steak tacos and empanadas from UberEATS. We played the Al B. Sure! station on Pandora. This was my hubby’s choice – obviously! Let’s start with the Candle Making project.

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Candle Making 1 Date Night In Box October 2018 - Candle Making 2 Date Night In Box October 2018 - Candle Making 3

The first thing we noticed is that the wax beads really smell like oatmeal cookies. Then, of course, I wanted oatmeal cookies! Per the instructions, we melted the wax beads in the microwave in 1-minute increments. It took two minutes to fully melt the wax beads. We then placed the wick in the jar and poured in the hot wax. There was more wax then would fit in the small jar so it got a little messy. A bigger jar would have been nice. Ten minutes in the refrigerator and all done? Well, sort off. I’m not really sure what went wrong but there was a gap in the middle of our candle. Weird. But, it still smells great and we did it together so, that’s what counts!

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Wood Craft 1 Date Night In Box October 2018 - Wood Craft 2

I admittedly thought this craft was cheesy going into it. But, this may have been the best part of our date night in! It’s a really is a cool concept. We thought about how we wanted to decorate our wood and noticed lines radiating from the center of the wood circle. In the center of our circle, we wrote how we met and then created lines from the center for major life events. We left empty lines because we have so much more to experience together. On the back, we captured our family thumbprints.

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Pumkin Seeds Top

The pumpkin seeds were surprisingly delicious albeit a small portion in my opinion. My husband appreciated that they were shelled and, unlike me, he thought they were the perfect portion. We both agreed that they taste really good.

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Bunco Game 1

My husband and I are super competitive! There are some games we no longer play together (looking at you Monopoly!). We started playing Bunco and my husband easily won the first two rounds. On the second round, I didn’t even score 1 point!

Date Night In Box October 2018 - Bunco Game 2

The 3rd round, I finally pulled off a win and in the 4th round, I demolished him! The 5th round, the tiebreaker round, we were neck to neck but he pulled off the victory. Always the gentlemen, he offered to finish up with the final round and I won! I guess that’s a tie? This game was really fun and fast paced. We’d definitely play this game again.

To wrap up our date, we answered the questions in the section “How Have You Fallen in Love”? My husband and I are high school sweethearts so memory lane is long and winding! Still, it was fun to discuss and reminisce. The itinerary has movie suggestions to continue the date night. Maybe we will watch a few of these this week. The fall activity suggestions were thoughtful too. I see a pumpkin patch in our near future.

Verdict: My husband and I really enjoyed this Date Night In Box. Our favorite activity was the wood circle craft and we had the most fun playing Bunco. Our candle project, an initial failure, actually evened out after the first melt. In future boxes, I’d like to see more snacks. One pack of pumpkin seeds seems stingy to me – or maybe I’m just greedy? Oatmeal cookies would have been a nice touch too. This box met my expectations and was much more fun than my husband thought it would be. I think this box is worth the price. The value really is in the experience and we had a great time.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, you’ll receive the November box. Boxes ship on the 16th of every month so in order to receive that month’s box, you need to order by the 13th.

Coupon – Use code ONEFREE to get your first box free with 3, 6, or 12-month subscription!

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What do you think of this month’s Date Night In Box?

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Written by Shatae Hutchinson

Shatae Hutchinson

Hi, I’m Shatae; pronounced shhh-tay! I work in IT Healthcare, I’m married to my high school sweetheart and we have 2 cool kids. I am obsessed with black culture, lifestyle, travel and art made by and featuring women of color. I also love trendy plus-size fashion and accessories, eclectic and bohemian home décor and all things self-care, mental health and fitness. My favorite box is Izzy & Liv’s Brown Sugar Box; a monthly box offering tees, accessories and lifestyle products designed for black women. I also subscribe to TheSelfCareBox, FabFitFun, CauseBox and Merkaela. Being a wife and full-time working mom, subscription boxes are one of the few things that are just for me! They are fun, convenient, reasonably priced and full of surprises.

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Comments (32)

  1. Received a “box” today which really came in a padded envelope and was full of several pieces of junk. I cannot even believe it was this crappy. I would not recommend you do this. It’s not even worth it. The activity is dumb, the products are crap, and the price is high. And it really should be called date night padded envelope. I reached out to the company via two different ways today but have yet to hear back.

  2. Avoid this company. Third date box came with two small fruit packs, propel powder and a few paper pamphlets. Complete waste of money. Then charged me for another quarter when i cancelled.

  3. Please avoid this company. I have never written a negative review for anything before, but I’m hoping I can save another family the financial loss this company caused my family. A year ago date night in offered a deal so my husband bought a year long subscription as a Valentine’s Day gift. We had several boxes we never used, so we had no intention of renewing, however the subscription renewed automatically for a full year at FULL price. When we contacted customer service they refused to refund any portion of our money. They sent NO reminders prior to renewal and no confirmation after, we only found out when we saw a $500+ credit card charge. We were so shocked and so disappointed that customer service refused to help us in anyway, and told us we should have read the terms more closely a year ago. Additionally, there is no real time customer service offered and they make it very difficult to get a timely answer about anything. They don’t send reminders because they are hoping to swindle families out of large sums of money who may not otherwise have continued their service. While it seems in some states this practice is still legal, it is certainly unethical. Please don’t support this dishonest company. We certainly regret ever trusting them with our business.

  4. We ordered the 3 month subscription and it was just okay. It was cheesy and some concepts were boring. I thought I cancelled and didn’t ever have to worry about it again until I randomly got charged for another 3 months. I contacted customer service right away to cancel and get a refund and they refused saying that I only paused my subscription, I should have read the terms, and the only way to cancel is to do so BEFORE it renews. I suggested an email be sent out to customers before it renews so this doesn’t happen again. Such a shady business practice to make your customers pay for something they don’t want. I probably would have subscribed again down the line when we had a little extra money but after this forced subscription is over, NEVER AGAIN.

    • This product is a disgrace; total
      Rip off. My daughter got this from her aunt and daughter for a wedding shower gift. This is meant for preteens. Boxes and contents worth $5.00.

  5. Waste of money. Cheap items. I can pull recipes from internet and get groceries delivered from supermarket. I don’t want to pay $40 for two dollar store chef hats, enough pizza sauce for one toddler, bag of pizza flour and stack of card games. I certainly don’t want to pay that much for a mini mouse pad puzzle, a pen branded with the company name, yet more candles and junk.

  6. BEWARE – If you ever decide to order there is no notice of renewal of your boxes. And it will be renewed for the same amount of time you originally signed up for. They will NOT give refunds if you are not happy with the product. I prepaid for six months of boxes in December which I have received and did not mind – they weren’t stellar but they were fine. However I did not remember the exact date of my “renewal” and they automatically renewed six more months of boxes without notice. So I kindly asked to cancel the remaining five boxes that hadn’t shipped within 48 hours of noticing the renewal and they have refused to give a refund. I was more than happy to pay for the box that had already shipped but now they are charging me $250 for a product I don’t want and haven’t even received yet. So just be aware if you sign up for this, make sure you know your exact renewal date or cancel your renewal immediately after purchasing so you at least have the option later of changing the number you will receive and will not be caught off guard when it happens. I am very disappointed in the customer service and will be sharing my unhappiness with everyone I can.

  7. Good thing it was sent to you at no cost to review. If I spent that much money on some basic candle things and paper/dice for a game, I probably wouldn’t be so happy. The drink mix is over-inflated, too. I like the concept and idea of the box, but more value for your money would be better. I’m often so ill that I can’t do a “date night,” but I certainly would pocket the money if there was change after ordering food for delivery.

    • The concept and idea is really nice and I think many agree with you that the cost is prohibitive.

  8. So without the add-ons, the retail price of this box is essentially less than $10? This is a cute idea but seems like such a rip-off. I could buy my own candle melts, marker, piece of wood and pumpkin seeds for a few bucks. And two cocktails for $25?!?

    • I agree that the items included in the box are not very expensive.

  9. The box seems like such a sweet idea.

    The cost— not as sweet.

    • The dates and the various themes are sweet and well thought out. I think that is were the value lies for me.

  10. I always love reading these because I could never sell my very practical husband on the concept. “Hey, want to get a babysitter so we can do some crafts and play bunco?”
    Long pause.

    • LOL @ “Long Pause. No”. We didn’t get a sitter for our kiddos. The first half, they were winding down and the 2nd half, they were asleep. This is usually the time I spend on social media while Hubby watches Big Bang Theory reruns. This was way better – we actually spent time together vs. just sitting on the couch next to each other.

      • That’s what attracts me to this box. It seems like a perfect date night for parents of small kids to pull off after bedtime, minus the cost of a babysitter.

      • I agree with you Allisen! Sitters are expensive and my little boy is a handful! This was great and I didn’t even have to get dressed up.

  11. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the pricing here, this costs almost $70? I hope I’m wrong, because that’s crazy town. I’ll stick with dinner and a movie with my SO, and pocket the rest.

    • The cost of the box is $42. The add-on items (outside the box) are optional and I’ll get the pricing for the add-on items from Date Night In – it may be lower than retail for subscribers.

      • They are listed on the site, that’s where I got those prices. $42+$25+7=$74, which is worse then I thought lol

      • Oh, I see it now! You’re correct. Thanks for checking and helping with this question.

  12. As I was reading I thought 1 oz.of pumpkin seeds? Seriously a small snack!

    • Such a small snack! They are good and savory but I wanted my own pack and didn’t like sharing with hubby! 🙂

  13. How much did it cost to add on the cocktail kit and rimming sugar?

    • Great question! The cost of the add-ons is not listed on the site. Let me reach out and find out.

    • The cocktail add on is $25.

      • Derp. The sugar is $7.

      • Thanks Aarjullor!

      • Oh, wait, that is the retail value for those add-on items. I’ve asked Date Night In to send me the cost for members who add these items to their Date Night Box.

      • I clicked on month to month subscription. It took me to a page to add the box, and the add ons to your cart. Those are the values listed on the site.

  14. Great review!

    • Thanks! It was run to do and fun to review.

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