BoxyLuxe December 2018 Spoiler #3!

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We have a new spoiler for the December BoxyLuxe! (Thanks for the heads up, Savi!)

The December box will include:

Get a flawless look with your new, cruelty-free LUXIE brushes. This brush set has every brush you need to create a full face look. From brows to highlight, foundation and lips, this one set packs all of the brushes you will need.

In case you missed the previous spoilers, here were the products you could choose between for the December BoxyLuxe:

  • PYT Mini Straightener
  • Suva Protege Palette

Which one did you pick?

Each box will also include:


VIOLET VOSS HG – PRO Eyeshadow Palette

Indulge in 20 highly pigmented eye shadow shades, ranging in finish from creamy matte to bold metallic and silky satin. The vegan, cruelty free formula is created with finely milled pigments, making for smooth application and easy blending.

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the October box will be your first box! (You must be a regular Boxycharm subscriber in order to upgrade to BoxyLuxe in September.)

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. 

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  1. The only thing I’m interested in so far is the brushes…

    I’m really debating cancelling my Boxyluxe upgrade. I don’t straighten my hair (it’s fairly straight), and I have the VV HG palette.

    I have been eyeing the November Beautyfix box though. FFF for December so far is a fail as well… the throw isn’t something I’d rush out and buy. Feeling a bit bummed about the December boxes so far. Wonder how the ipsy plus is looking…

    • How do you get the ipsy plus?

  2. Hi everyone! Did you watch Yosef’s video? The theme for November is GOAL DIGGER!

  3. I’m sure this question has probably been asked and answered but I can’t find it…will Boxyluxe include the Ace beauty and Violet Voss palettes?

    • No HeatherG, the ACE palette will be in November’s BoxyCharm box.

  4. So exciting! It looks like signing up with Boxycharm this month is shaping up to be a good investment in myself. For years I was with another sub box that focused on WOC that is closing down this month so it is a relief to have found this box that is inclusive of all shades.

    I currently have two Luxie brushes that I received from Onyxbox, the #522 tapered highlighter and, #221 flat definer. Since I’m just getting back into really wearing makeup I never heard of the Luxie brand when I received them. I only knew the “2 pink brushes” were both incredibly soft, didn’t shed, blended really well and that I was always reaching for them. Imagine my shock to learn from YouTube and Boxycharm, the real value of them and now I’m so psyched to receive a set each in November and December!

  5. That Palette is gorgeous!! I Love Luxie Brushes!!

  6. So is boxyluxe every month, or once every few months?

    • Every 3rd month.

      • Thank you Hollie! That’s what I thought it was, but I just got a little confused, as it seems that every month we’re talking about this box.

  7. I missed being able to pick my selection. The email went to my junk box, so I never saw it till I went looking for it. None of my other Boxy emails go there.

    I assume there is nothing I can do now, and I’m stuck with a random pick?

    • Same thing happened to me. I picked anyway and it took me to a page that said I was too late and that the window to pick had closed. But then a few minutes later, I got an email saying. My choice had been registered and that I’d be getting the mini straightener I wanted.

  8. Just curious – what would most people like to see for the remaining items? In my opinion, I think the items have been great so far!
    I was thinking a great moisturizer or some quality skin care items. And a good mascara. Maybe a body lotion/butter for the Winter? I’m all over the place 😉

    • For me – some kind of AHA /BHA product if we are talking about skincare. A Vitamin C product perhaps.

      As for makeup: primer (or eyeshadow primer), foundation (which I know they’ll never include because they can’t match each skin tone), and liquid lipstick.

      That would be an ideal box. 😊

    • I agree with you. A great moisturizer would be great. I also think a glitter eyeshadow primer, a box of the papers used for a clean eyeshadow application or a makeup remover that easily takes off waterproof eye products. I’m having the hardest time finding one. I’m open to suggestions for the makeup remover from anyone. What a great question you asked Jen Thank You

      • Baby oil takes off waterproof eye makeup well and is inexpensive.

      • The Farmacy Green clean included in October’s box is my HG makeup remover. With the tiniest amount it melt of all traces of makeup instantly- no sting, no residue. It is hands down the best makeup remover I’ve ever used. I had just purchased the largest size in September and was trillled to be getting even more in boxy.

      • Try Bioderma, it takea eeeeeverything off.

  9. If we subscribe now can we upgrade and still get this box?

  10. I just upgraded to boxyluxe today. Do you think I’ll get the December box?

    • Probably not


    • I LOVE My boxy charm boxes yes a few time I didn’t something in but I’d NEVER cancel my box. They r the best

      • I agree with you Angel. I would unsubscribe to all of my other boxes, but I’m a Charmers for life. I feel it’s the best one

  12. I got the PYT hair flat iron and am delighted as I just found out the other day that mine is broken. Meanwhile, I am loving the look of the December BoxyLuxe thus far. I have never tried Violet Voss and am over the moon on one of those palettes will be in that month’s box.

    Then let’s talk about those Luxie brushes! (LOL, I have sooo many blasted brushes, but who cares…I just can’t seem to get enough brushes for some reason).

    I know we all have our druthers when it comes to what we get each month, but I sure can’t understand how you can get all bent about not liking the color selection in one of these premium palettes, or the exact scent we like or whatever doesn’t float your boat on any given day.

    I don’t know, I love both Boxycharm[Luxe} and Allure…my favorite boxes despite a bummer every month or so.

    • I completely agree! This Boxy Luxe has me excited again, even though I don’t “need” any more brushes or palettes. Palette may not be a “HG” to some people; it’s more of a Sedona Sunset, but I love it and it’s VV. I’ve even decided to cancel most other subs except this and Allure.

  13. I’m so excited to get my BoxyLuxe. (: These spoilers are incredible. I can’t wait to see what else shows up.

  14. Yay! Luxie brushes are great! All happy i upgraded! We are spoiled monthly with boxy charm and super spoiled quarterly with boxy luxe!

  15. Is boxyluxe an every month subscription? I’m still a bit confused on that.

    • No, BoxyLuxe is quarterly.

      Boxycharm is still monthly.

  16. Yessssss love these brushes! Did I see a spoiler for three Luxie shadow brushes in the regular box too?

    • I saw a video from Josef on FB and he held up a set of eye brushes. Not sure if they’re Luxie though. I think they had some kind of sparkling gold handles. I was disappointed because I think we got these same type (not brand) of brushes from Alamar a few months ago.

    • The gold luxie shadow brushes are a spoiler for November’s box!

    • I am a makeup brush junkie. Especially eyeshadow brushes. I’m always so happy to receive brushes in my Subscription Boxes.

  17. I just ordered an ipsy offer a month ago for a lucid brush set for 20 bucks, so I’m still glad I cancelled. In fact, I recently cancelled all of my subs that aren’t prepaid. I’d be joking myself If I were to say I didn’t have WAY too much makeup and skincare. I probably won’t resubscribe for at least a year, then at least it will be fresh and exciting again! 🙂

    • Luxie * dang it

    • How did you find the strength to do it lol .I need to do the same I have way to much stuff .I am currently subscribe to fab fit fun, glossybox, allure,sephora,ipsy,walmart, target, tribe beauty,ipsy plus,boxy charm,birchbox,omg I think i have a problem.😜😀😥💔

      • I cancelled my FFF because every box has had something wrong with it. Usually the quality of the items that are not skincare. My first box spring editors box the striped bag one of the things that hold the handle on was missing the tab thing. The summer box the makeup bag had a broken zipper on the inside. The fall box even though I haven’t had the problem personally the coffee press had all kinds of issues. And the spoiler for the winter box of the throw you can see the outline of the body holding it up. So it’s extremely thin and if I’m going to buy a throw I want it to be warm. I don’t take advantage of the add-on sales or editors sales so personally it was simple to make that choice. I also cancelled singlesswag not because I don’t like it I do. Much better than FFF. But my son’s birthday is in November, Christmas in December, my daughter’s birthday in January then my mom in February. But after all those months I’ll be resubscribing to singlesswag. But I kept my Boxycharm/luxe and my Ipsy glam bag plus because I use everything in them or I save them for elephant gift exchange for Christmas with my family.

  18. Ah that may be what I’ll do too! I’m having some serious FOMO but hate everything in novembers box and these spoilers except the brushes. :/

  19. Is Luxie trying to purge anything other than their new pro brushes? I would love to try pro, but I keep getting brushes from This set in Ipsy and Boxy. Get it together, luxie.

  20. I got in right away. I signed up last week for it. I already had a pre-existing boxy subscription and got the choice email and everything.

    • Ugh this was supposed to be a reply to a comment below. But, still worth mentioning for those asking about Boxy Luxe.

      I signed up last week and got confirmation. I think they’re waitlist for BL is lifted right now.

  21. When subscribed to luxe it’s quarterly so if you subscribe and upgrade you’re also signing on to the regular monthly boxy too right? So still $25 for the november box and then $50 for the Luxe and then either quick cancel or the regular January box. It’s tempting for a one off but I really don’t need that much boxy in my life right now.

  22. Yes!!! Love everything Boxy!! Always a great job and on point.

  23. Surely do wish the VV palette was the “Like A Boss” palette. I don’t think they’ve sent that one yet, have they? LOL. Much more versatile for those of us who look SICK in reddish and ” tawny” shades.

    • I have the Like A Boss. It’s amazing! 💖💖

    • I said the EXACT same thing on IG.. I wish it was the Boss or the all mattes or the taupe one, anything is more versatile than this one! While I am excited to try out a VV palette I REALLYYYYYY wish it wasn’t a different one! Fingers crossed (for the first time ever) that this will end up being a variant item and they will ship out different editions LOL

  24. Glad I left. While it’s a good value, I’m overwhelmed with palettes and brushes at the moment.

    • Same…

    • same here

    • I am canceling my subscription in Dec. I feel the same, I am overwhelmed with palettes, brushes and mascaras!

  25. This looks very nice, but what are the chances I’ll be able to upgrade to Luxe if I subscribe to regular Boxy now? I remember many people complaining about what a fiasco that was the last time around, and I wasn’t even following the Boxycharm updates specifically.

    • I am thinking the same thing…how many months will I be on the waiting list before I get ‘in’ on the Luxe? I don’t know if I want to keep subscribing until I get off the waiting list….

      • Yeah, especially when, having looked at the spoilers, there is nothing I even want in the October and November boxes…

      • You know what I just thought – with all that expense maintaining an ongoing subscription (and receiving items you don’t want that you have to deal with somehow), it would actually be cheaper just to buy the items you want!

        • That’s what I’m gonna do. I had enough of their signup fiascos. I don’t have the time to waste on them when they can’t even keep their website up and running.

  26. I just LOVE all spoilers!!! Well done, boxy, I was going to left you in August and glad that I’m still in.

  27. Love this and happy to have a good selection of brushes and a neutral palette coming my way. I’m so overloaded and will be taking a break after this unless they are like giving away a car as the first spoiler for January! I finally got some z palettes and need to pair down some of these palettes I’m barely using.

  28. I love the brush set. I have to admit I’m feeling overwhelmed trying to keep track of all the spoilers now: Boxy regular, Boxy luxe, ipsy Plus, ipsy regular…it’s obvious I’m going to have to cut back somewhere or My stash will need another room.

  29. Doesn’t want to resubscribe to boxycharm but kind of interested in the December luxe one…still hesitating

    • I think you had to upgrade to luxe (cut off was a few weeks ago) in order to be eligible in December. If you didn’t do it already, I think you may be too late. 🙁

  30. Woohoo! I always welcome new brushes! I have so many but I dont even care!

    • me too! Eventually I’ll get a set for each palette lol.

  31. Man! I was hoping there would be at least one item I would like! Total bust so far.

    • Same! I’m happy to have unsubbed, honestly. Because out of these spoilers, I just like the brush set. And I don’t even need any more brushes. But I like it! Maybe I’ll keep my eyes peeled and find a set for sale from a subscriber 😀

    • These Luxie brushes look the same as ones we’ve recieved in last boxes, just split into smaller sets. Repeating items from a regular sub seems odd.

      • You know what….I do believe you’re right. I didn’t think about that, but between boxy and ipsy, I have at least 3, maybe 4 very similar, if not identical Luxie brushes.

        In addition, I find it strange that Luxie doesn’t have the “complete face brush” set on their site. They have a variety of other sets in this same category (“kabuki face set”, “detail face set”, “detail eye set”, etc. etc.), but it looks like this specific set is only sold at department stores. Maybe it’s not strange, but it’s something I don’t recall seeing before…?

        • @Lorin. The complete face set is sold on the Luxie site. Ive been eyeing it at $65 and am happy to see it coming in December!! 🙌 yay!😊

        • I just looked on their site and its listed for $65.

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