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Be Kind by Ellen Subscription Box Review

Ellen Degeneres has launched a new limited edition box full of her favorite things. And each box gives back, too. This first box has sold out. But you can get on the waiting list here for the next one.

FYI MSA Insiders helped give feedback on the product curation during the initial market research of this box. You can learn more about the MSA Insider program here.

Inside the box is a message from Ellen about the Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: Be Kind by Ellen (Sold out)

The Cost: $54.99 (This is a one-time purchase box, but they may be launching a subscription in the near future)

The Products: “You’ll get a box full of fun, unique, amazing products that I love and want to share with you. I also wanted to focus on brands and products that do social good. And, to top it off, LottoLove has made a donation to The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund because it believes in this cause.”

Ships to: US only

This box comes with a large fold-out card and a note from Ellen:

And photos and details of each item:

Now, on to the items!

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 – 2.2 g Value $12.28

(This is a little over half the size of the full-size version)

I love this lip balm! It has a subtle sweet citrus scent, it’s super moisturizing, and it provide a nice sheen, too. (And since I always lose my lipbalms before I finish them anyway, half size is basically the same thing as full size to me.)

Helen Ficalora – Sterling Silver “LOVE” Disk Charm Necklace – Retail Value $120

First, how lovely is this packaging? Jewelry in subscription boxes often comes in bags, so getting this kind of presentation is a treat! And if you don’t plan on keeping this, it would make an amazing gift, too.

This necklace features a Sterling Silver charm with “Love” stamped on the metal:

And thanks to MSA reader Adele, I learned that this is the necklace Liz Lemon wore on 30 Rock! Who’s got two thumbs, speaks limited French, and is even more excited about this necklace now? This moi!

The chain measures 18 inches and is sterling silver as well. Here it is on:

I normally go for gold jewelry, but this piece is delicate (which I love) and the high-quality sterling silver doesn’t hurt either! 🙂 I’m digging it!

Vitruvi – Black Stone Diffuser – Retail Value $119

If you aren’t familiar with this brand, it’s high-end diffuser that is sold at Sephora, Anthropologie, Goop, Nordstrom, Madewell, etc. (It’s one of those products I’ve seen in magazines and have had on my wishlist!)

This stone diffuser is made with a hand-milled, ceramic cover and contains an easy-to-clean water basin made of BPA-free, high-grade plastic.

To use it, you mix a few drops of the essential oil of your choice with water and fill the basin. Then put the plastic cap back on, and the stone black cover over it.

It has two settings:

  • 3-hour non-stop (green light)
  • 7-hour 30 second interval

And it even has a nightlight option:

Here it is in action:

I absolutely love the simple, matte black design. It looks great in our home, and I think it will work well with most styles.

And Vitruvi also included an essential oil to go with the diffuser:

Vitruvi Lavender Essential Oil – Retail Value $18

This oil is 100% pure essential oil and certified organic.

Lavender is one of my favorite scents, so this was a perfect addition for me.

I love the scent on its own, but if you have any suggestions for which essential oils blend well with lavender, please let me know!

Ellen Show Exclusive Stripe Socks – Retail Value $15

These socks are 68% Cotton, 28% Nylon, 2% Elastane, 2% Polyester, and made in the USA! The fun colors feel very appropriate for an Ellen box, and I’m always happy to see socks in a subscription box!

This Bar Saves Lives – Madagascar Vanilla Almond & Honey – Retail Value $4.99

These are gluten-free, non-GMO, and only 180 calories a bar! (I try to always keep a 200-calorie-or-under snack in my bag, so these are perfect.

And if you aren’t familiar with this company, their mission is amazing:

We make ridiculously delicious snack bars, but we’re not really a snack bar company.

Our mission is to end childhood malnutrition worldwide. To do that, we developed a simple giving model – we sell the best snacks, so we can give the best life-saving nutrition. We work with experts in the field who deliver that nutrition where it’s needed most, both domestically and abroad. Every time you buy a bar, we give food aid to a child in need. One for one.

And these bars are delicious, too. They’re nice and crunchy (without being so crunchy you worry about your teeth), and not too sweet, either.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day – Lavender Dish Soap – Retail Value $3.99

Again, I love lavender scents, and Mrs. Meyers cleaning products, so I was happy for this inclusion, too. (Also, even if you aren’t a lavender fan I recommend giving this one a sniff – the scent is more of a floral blend.)

And this dish soap came with a Compassion Flower Postcard with Seed Packet – a giving back program that feels right at home in this box. In addition to sharing over 250,000 seeds, Mrs. Meyers is also donating to schools:

During the month of September, for every Compassion Flower Hand Soap sold, we’re giving a Growing Compassion Gardening Kit to a classroom —up to 1,000 across the country —giving hardworking teachers a hand. Each kit contains a lesson plan for teachers and the tools to complete a garden-based activity, so students can plant their very own Compassion Flower and watch it grow.

LottoLove – Social Good Scratch Off Card

This brand is new to me. If like me, you aren’t familiar, LottoLove is a unique concent – the recipient plays and someone in need receives something charitable. FYI – each card is already a winner, you don’t have to turn them in for the donation to happen. The point of the scratch-off is to see which good cause is the winner:

And with this card I’m giving back to the Mountain Gorillas!

You’ve helped save a mountain gorilla’s life by building their permanent home in Rwanda. There are about 1,000 mountain gorillas alive today whose lives are threatened by loss of habitat, disease, and getting trapped in snares set for other animals in the forest.

Verdict: This box has a retail value of over $300. I think that’s great for a $54.99 box, especially one that includes a pricey home item, and a sterling silver jewelry piece. (Of course, if those two items aren’t for you, this box may be a miss.) I think the curation focused on quality, and I hope to see that continue with future boxes. And I love the giving back piece of this box – it’s awesome and it feels so authentically Ellen.

What do you think of the first Be Kind Box?

(P.S. If you didn’t get a chance to grab this box before it sold out, check back on MSA tomorrow for your chance to win one!)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (190)

  1. Not all essential oils are good for diffusing with pets in the home. Double check to make sure your scents are ok before you do.

  2. This was an AMAAZZING box! I am so happy about the quality of the items! The diffuser alone makes it worth it! My lotto card went to the gorillas! I hope this becomes a seasonal subscription!!

    • Totally agree – I’d pay $55 just for the diffuser and the oil, so everything else is a bonus! (plus, supporting charities always feels great!)

  3. I will buy anyone’s box that wants to sell it.

  4. I would love to purchase a box from anyone. I will pat for shipping also. Thank you

  5. I would be interested in buying someone’s box that couldn’t cancel. savanahgibson @ hotmail . com

  6. Ok people, we do know the concept of mystery boxes, correct? I cannot believe all the people trying to cancel their order and complaining about the content. This box is full of value! I seriously wish that people who do not understand the concept of a mystery box would just steer clear from ordering. Because of all the complaints, I doubt this box will become a regular subscription. A lot of great companies, such as Adidas Avenue, have closed shop because dealing with the unrealistic expectations and constant complaints was a hassle.

    • I agree with you! I thought this box was amazing! The diffuser alone is such a fantastic value! I don’t know what people were expecting. It’s also for a good cause and now people want to cancel ? Oh my gosh It just blows my mind

      • I ordered one. How long before you received this? Still waiting

      • I just received mine yesterday. I didn’t have a tracking email or anything.

      • The tracking info is on your original confirmation email. It says check your status. That has tracking number

    • I am guessing the team considers this box a smashing success, given that it sold out in the first 24 hours. I would be surprised if a handful of entitled whiners would make them reconsider an ongoing subscription. It seems to me that a majority, self included, are very happy with the box. It’s just a handful of extremely vocal buyers that don’t seem to be happy with their purchases.

    • While there are some unsatisfied customers (as to be expected with any box), there are also a lot of people who are happy with the box AND quite a few from the looks of it who would have purchased the box and are willing to buy it from those looking to sell, so I think future boxes are not in jeopardy here.

      I decided to go out on a limb for this one. Rarely if ever have I purchased without a spoiler, hint, theme, etc. In all honesty, when I initially saw the spoilers revealed, I felt a tinge of disappointment and regret. However, after looking into the products and after receiving the box and using the products, I’m happy with it and no regrets on purchasing. While I don’t love every item (necklace, socks), I’m satisfied with the rest, particularly the diffuser. It’s sleek, quiet, and I don’t know why I never got a diffuser before, they’re great! I’ve always wanted one and getting this box enabled me to get things I might not ordinarily buy (or have contemplated buying, but never pulled the trigger with) and I appreciate the curation of someone doing the work and putting together the items…and at a steal of a price!! I’ve already used the diffuser nearly everyday; the lavendar scent is lovely, very soothing and relaxing…and effective at eliminating my hubby’s gaseous odors 😉 That’s the whole beauty of subscription boxes – having a wonderful set of surprise goodies to improve the quality and enjoyment of life.

  7. This box looks pretty awesome. Am I sick that I would take Pusheen box over this one any day of the week? Oh well.. I yam what I yam

    • Meee tooo! Pusheen brings me immense joy… this stuff is nice, but just seems overpriced and boring. Plus I HATE the scent of lavender!

  8. Here’s my two cents on this box: I ordered it when it was announced (blindly) and I’m really happy I did – I’ll use almost everything in the box and the one item I won’t use (necklace) will make a great gift.

    1) I noticed in the full spoilers thread and this one too that people were upset they couldn’t cancel. I ask this: what subscription box actually lets you cancel after you’ve already bought it (not counting boxes that allow returns, that’s different and those boxes clearly state returns are allowed – this one definitely did not)? If there is a box like that, someone let me know. The people that could get refunds and cancel, good for you, but I really don’t think that’s something people should expect out of a subscription box.

    2) People were annoyed that full spoilers went out a day after it went on sale. I admit, I thought it was a little strange that they released the spoilers so soon – but again, it’s really not something to get worked up over. If they didn’t release spoilers and you didn’t like the box contents when it actually arrived, you still wouldn’t have liked it – it doesn’t really make a difference. I understand how some people could have made more informed decisions if the spoilers were released at the beginning, but you’re signing up to a box – no one’s forcing you, you decided to take a gamble, and unfortunately it didn’t pay off. That’s life. Live and learn.

    3) I also noticed people saying they don’t know how much money for this box actually goes to charity and would donate to charity directly. Okay, then – feel free to donate $55 to a charity of your choice, any one of them. As I mentioned earlier, I love this box – but even if I hated it, of course I’d be pissed at the beginning, but the best I can do is just think of it as a charitable donation (I regularly donate money to charities, so it’s not out of the norm for me).

    I also appreciate the lack of exclusive items in this box – as someone pointed out earlier, often exclusive items are of lower quality, but these are all retail items at retail values, and nothing feels inflated. I clearly want to state that I’m not targeting anyone directly on this, and if you feel offended, I truly apologize – but I really needed to get it all out. All of you may rip me apart, and that’s not a problem. That’s just how life works.

    • Completely agree with you, Liza.

    • Well stated Liza

    • I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with you AT ALL on this. I was one of those people who bought blindly and I absolutely HATE this box. It has broken all my trust in Ellen – she should have been upfront about spoilers. No, it’s not my fault I bought this box AND ONE DAY LATER spoilers came out – I thought there would be no spoilers. I was coerced, like many other people. As for thinking of the box as a charitable donation, I’d rather spend my $55 on my kids – not saying that I don’t support charities, but I would’ve rather put that money towards Halloween costumes instead of buying this box. Not happy at all.

      PS. This box does have inflated values – the necklace is only $75 on the site, yet this box states it $120.

      • If you look on the website – the charm by itself is $75 – the chain is an additional $55. That makes it a $120 value. … BTW.. personally, I’m excited to be getting the box. It has items a little bit different than the other subscription boxes I get. Sorry you hate it, maybe you should consider not buying these boxes. ??

      • Taylor-
        Sorry you had buyers remorse. Sounds like you should be buying your kids something instead of buying mystery boxes next time. Mystery boxes are clearly not for everyone, but that is not the company’s fault. It was your own decision to purchase it, please take personal responsibility and not blame anyone else on how you choose to spend your money.

        Overall, I thought it was a great box. I especially appreciate the charity aspect.

      • Taylor I willbuy your box

      • Ok let me get this straight. You THOUGHT there would not be spoilers. They never said there wouldn’t be. Whether spoiled in one day or never spoiled the contents don’t change. If they hadn’t spoiled it would you have been happy when you got the box?
        And you’re blaming them that you chose to spend your money on a sub box instead of your kids? How on earth is that their fault?

      • Right? I seriously cannot believe the nerve of some people! Everyone else is to blame for their decisions to buy the box lol that is absurd! Nobody was tricked and nobody is a victim.

        This box was a great box so universal and what a great value. Thee fact that we saved gorillas is awesome! Why can’t people be happy . I’m sorry if you didn’t like the box but just think about the charity and they would make great gifts. But please stop blaming Ellen or MSA because that is just wrong.

      • YES you are responsible for your own actions. No one coerced anyone to buy this box!

      • Not your fault? Coerced?? Seriously? Please turn over your credit cards to a responsible adult because if you feel a blog post is coercion you have bad times in your future.

        Also The cost includes the prices of the sterling silver chain AND pendant. Not just the pendant.

      • What I don’t get is how is Ellen responsible for kids’ halloween Stuff if their parent decides to splurge on a mystery box? She’s doing her bit of being responsible by supporting active charities…….while you have buyer’s remorse and blame her for your decision. I don’t see how that’s fair.

        P.S – you can always gift stuff or sell them instead of falsely accusing someone of coercion.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking – how on earth is it ellen’s fault you bought this box instead of stuff for your kids? You should have managed your money better – absolutely no one coerced you. Ellen did not hold a gun to your head and forced you to buy.

        (btw, I just have to let this out – i’m definitely not saying people shouldn’t buy stuff for their kids, i have a baby girl myself, but does it really hurt you that much to know that your money went to charity instead of halloween costumes?)

      • I didn’t care for the contents of the box either and not being a huge fan of Ellen (don’t dislike her but not a big follower) I decided to wait for spoilers and glad I did. The only remarkable item in the box is the diffuser and lets be honest it’s not worth that retail price. I’d say at about $60 because of the stone, but it is nice. I can understand people being mad at themselves for buying this box but that is where the anger should stop. You can express your dislike in the box but in the end you can only blame yourself. We all make those mistakes, i.e PUR mystery bag, Tarte birthday bad, and Bless box previous month promotion are a few of mine.
        People put too much clout in celebrities. Half the time they have no idea what’s going on. When she opened that box on her show I got the impression that she had never seen those items before or knew very little about them. Celebs have people for stuff.

      • I will buy your box if you want to sell it sophie.valenciana at gmail

    • Agreed! Also whomever doesn’t want to have spoilers, maybe don’t look at them! Lol.. I for one am such an addict I’m constantly wishing for spoilers on any sub I’m dropping $$$ on.

  9. If anyone is interested in selling their diffuser (for reasonable price:), please let me know!!
    Tlvadini at gmail

  10. I ordered my box on Oct 11. I have my order number but no box. I know this is her first box going out and there might be some glitches however, I never received any confirmation regarding when it was sent out. I would like to know if there is a customer service number?
    Feeling Frustrated!!

    • Click order status in your email confirmation and you should be able to get shipping information there. I didn’t get a shipping notification but my box will be here Wednesday.

    • What Michelle said. Also you may want to do a search of your Junk mail. That’s where my shipping confirmation landed.

    • I ordered on the 11th, and my box just showed up this afternoon.

  11. if anyone wants to sell necklace, i’d be happy to buy, pls let me know! i’m on swaps but have never swapped! lol thx!!

  12. Please let me know! I’d love to buy a box as well’

  13. If anyone is looking to sell this for cost plus shipping, please consider me 🙂 Thanks!

  14. i am sad to have missed out on this and would happily buy it at cost plus shipping from someone who has regrets. 😁

  15. I just found the shipping notification in my junk mail. It was shipped on Friday the 19th and not expected to reach me until the 31st!!!

    Dude, a guy riding a bicycle could probably get it to me faster!! 😂

  16. Ellen-please,please,please start shipping to Canada, I would buy this subscription box in a New York minute!

  17. I am not impressed with or happy with the Ellen box. I placed an order and never received a confirmation. It showed pending on my credit card. I emailed numerous times to find out if I had a confirmation number and status and could never get an answer. For an organization/business the size of Ellen is showed very poor customer service. I have received better service from subscription companies that are much smaller, but seem to care more about trust. I don’t normally complain but this has me very unhappy with my experience.

    • Debbie, I just went to look for my email confirmation and couldn’t find it either! I sent them an email. I know I ordered because I wrote it in my budget tracker and remember seeing the confirmation screen and I thought I screen shot it but I guess I didn’t (🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️) because I thought I had an email! I feel like I’m going crazy. I sure hope they actually have an order for me because I love this box and placed my order on 10/11 and I know they’re sold out now 😖

      • I know how you feel. I wasn’t concerned at first of not seeing a confirmation just as I ordered, just figured I would receive an email confirming. When I didn’t, U check my credit card and showed pending and knew that may take a time to cross to charge. Started contacting second day after ordering and got no where. I have ordered quite a bit online to many sites and this has been the worst customer service. When I saw it was publicized on her show, I then was more unhappy as I had placed the order before that so felt my order was not being honored. Just my experience.

    • I only received my order confirmation. Today my box was delivered. I never received a shipping notice. Your box will probably show up out of the blue also.

    • In your email order confirmation, at the bottom is a track order status button to click. Mine is presently in WV en route to NY so you’re not alone on the delay. HTH 🙂

    • My order confirmation email got filtered into my spam folder.

  18. I got my box today. I never saw an email with tracking info. I LOVED the box and would definite itely subscribe if it was offered. The only thing I’m swapping is the necklace, but it’s nice as well.

    • I would buy the necklace from you if you decide not to swap, thx!!

  19. I just received my box! My daughter took the necklace and Ellen socks 😂 very cute stuff. Love the diffuser so nice and sleek. I will use everything in it. With that said if there will be an Ellen sub I would hope to see maybe a few more things in the box or maybe lower the price just a bit.

  20. The diffuser is really nice but I would have found no use for the other items so I am glad I skipped this box. Ellen rocks, very funny and empathetic person but there are much better subscription boxes out there.

    • Same here!

  21. If anyone is looking to get rid of their box, I will buy it from you at full price + shipping. Please let me know!

  22. Oh I wanted to get this box SO BAD!! When I saw it launched and saw the diffuser I knew it would pay for the price of the box and I’m kicking myself for not getting it!! Funds were tight and I decided to spend the money on the kids costumes (extra stuff we didn’t need but it makes them feel special so that’s good 🤗). Lavender mixes with tons of oils, one of my favorites is lavender, lemongrass, and spearmint. But it also pairs well with citruses, earthy scents, musky scents. It’s one of my HG oils. And I’m Blown Away by that necklace!! It’s so pretty and FINALLY a necklace with a Quality chain!! This one I can actually see the value in. I’m a jeweler, I HATE receiving jewelry in sub boxes because it’s always ridiculously overpriced, plated crap most of the time. I was So Surprised to read the chain is sterling as well such and amazing box!! If ANYONE wants to sell theirs please contact me!! I started a new job (the day this sold out 😤) and now have the funds. I will pay full price, shipping, whatever just want this box so bad!!

  23. This has nothing particularly to do with Ellen’s subscription box. While her devotion to helping gorillas is nice , I wish she’d use her fame and power to help dogs/cats here in our country. We need much tougher animal abuse laws and someone in her position may be able to help toughen the laws. And not to seem unsympathetic but gorillas don’t affect us here one bit BUT the over population of homeless dogs and acts does. I have no doubt Ellen could develop some type of low cost spay/neuter program US wide. There aren’t homeless gorillas running the streets or being slaughtered at shelters. The animals that are killed every minute at shelters (funny word to use considering) is heartbreaking. Sorry for the soapbox post but I’m an avid dog/cat lover.

    • Why are you looking a gift horse in the mouth? Ellen is a huge activist and donates to MULTIPLE charities nationwide. Please don’t talk about how gorrilas don’t affect us in the United States when you obviously don’t understand how important the ecosystem is to our entire world, mot just our country. Endangered animals are just as important as dogs and cats. Yes, I agree with you that we need stricter laws regarding our dogs/cats in the US, but that does not mean all animals worldwide don’t also need help. I also don’t think it’s fair you are expecting one person to change the world just because she is rich and famous. We all have our passions, but I know for a fact that Ellen is a huge supporter of American shelters. She is doing her part on all fronts and this comment came off as very entitled and ungrateful.

      • Thank you Michelle for being a voice of reason. I fight for a lot of causes that don’t impact my daily life. And for someone spending money on sub boxes that could probably save more animals to come on here and rant about where someone else is DONATING to is pretty gross imho. Also how do you know she hasn’t also helped local organizations or shelters? What if Ellen decided she should ONLY help lgbtq organizations and no one else since that’s what impacts HER daily life more? Then you’d have ppl complaining about that too. But to come after one of the rich ppl who does more to help more people than 99 percent of the others and complain that she’s not helping who YOU think she should help takes entitlement to a whole new level.

      • Thank you very much for enlightening this woman. I’m astonished how ignorant people can be.

      • I agree! Thank you 😊 I am so happy to save the gorillas 🦍 💕

    • This! I volunteer at my local animal shelter, it’s not easy to see the evil some are capable of against innocent creatures like cats and dogs. The laws against animal abuse and neglect in the USA are too lax. If more people who have a large following did more, it would make a world of difference.

      • As someone who has adopted upwards of 30 homeless/abused/stray dogs in her entire life, I agree with you. It’s devastating to see what people do to these animals and kills me that every day there are thousands upon thousands of dogs dying on the streets in shelters. But please just do a little research. A simple google search would show you that Ellen has been very generous in donating to animal shelters and raising awareness. I wish more people would just be grateful for what people have done rather than expecting and asking for more.

    • Completely agree.

    • Wow…I have never heard a person say something as ignorant as the gorillas aren’t here so they don’t matter. They are ENDANGERED, did you see that part?
      I agree there is issues with homeless cats and dogs, I just took in my 3rd Ferrell cat.
      The point is it all matters, all the animals, all the plants. If you don’t like something petition and legislate to make changes. Don’t expect others to do it for you.

  24. I REALLY want that diffuser!!

  25. The necklace is so pretty and dainty!!! I’m over the moon about this box😍

  26. I ordered then had regret and sent an email to cancel as some other folks indicated they had some luck with that… But I never heard anything back either way so I just figured I would be getting the box. Which is fine, but I have yet to hear anything in regards to shipping etc… It seems past the date I should have gotten some sort of info… In any case, now I am waiting to see if they respond to an email about whether they actually cancelled it or if i’m just delayed for some reason. I really hope I get a response to this query so i know what the heck is going on. On a side note, while this box has value, there is nothing I really need so if it actually comes to me I would be happy to make a deal with someone who really wants it. and it would be a super bonus if someone who wanted it just happened to be local (St. Louis area) to me as I really hate going to the post office these days and would much rather just hand it off in a public location…

    • I never got a shipping notice but checked my order and it was on the way.

    • I don’t live in St. Louis, but I will gladly purchase your box for what you paid plus shipping. I would be willing to PayPal right away.

    • Have you checked your order confirmation page recently? I never received a shipping notice either but my box is on it’s way. It says arrival is Thursday but considering it’s only about 40 miles away as of this morning I’m guessing it will be here Monday or Tuesday.

    • Please consider me – I will pay shipping plus the box cost 🙂 I can do a USPS pick up request (and send a label as well)

    • I’m in California, but I’m taking a trip to St. Louis in a month’s time to visit family – would you be interested in selling me the box for $55?

    • Jessica – I am in St. Louis and can meet if you are still looking to sell for this

  27. I was charged for two of these boxes. Have tried emailing them multiple times and have yet to hear back or receive either box.

    I don’t know what I was expecting for inside this box, but I was definitely expecting at least some customer service. Total let down.

    • I will buy one of your boxes if you get 2

    • Hi Debbie: i will buy the 2nd box full price and shipping if you are interested email me … sophie.valenciana at gmail

  28. I wanted to get this but didn’t move quick enough. If anyone is interested in selling their box, please let me know 🙂 ( I will keep an eye on the comments here) Thanks!

  29. Hey guys, if anyone wants to sell their box I would love to buy it (paying for full shipping of course). I couldn’t order it when they launched because Canada… they didn’t ship to us. I can pay whichever way is convenient for you:-) My email is my full name in one word

    Many thanks!

  30. My box had 2 of the lotto love cards and they both gave to mountain gorillas.

    • I’m thinking all of the cards for these boxes will be giving to mountain gorillas.

      • I think you might be correct – my card gave to mountain gorillas too.

  31. So much FOMO… had to choose between this, Tribe and Pearlesque. Chose Pearlesque but a bad case of box envy. I love these people knew about MSASwap though it would have been nice if they let her cancel done this is always gonna be a sell out box if they keep this level of curation.

  32. I LOVE the quality items in this box and the fact we’re not dealing with lesser quality ‘exclusives’. The necklace will be so perfect to gift to my MIL for Christmas and the diffuser will be the perfect addition to the guest room. Everything else is an awesome bonus. I love Ellen and I love this box! Now waiting (im)patiently for an awesome Busy Phillips box!

    • Haven’t heard of the Busy Phillips box- where did you find info about that?

      • Busy gave boxes of her favorite things to her friends to promote her new book, there is no box you can buy. There was a giveaway of ten, maybe she won one?

        She is ine of my too ten favs on Insta 💕

  33. Oh my gosh. Thank you and poster Adele for pointing out the Liz Lemon link to the necklace. I was already excited since silver is my fave but it totally does have even more meaning now. Liz Lemon is my spirit animal…

  34. i’m still disappointed that i wasn’t able to purchase this box. that diffuser is calling my name! sorry, baby, maybe one day. maybe one day.

  35. I don’t see where all of the complaints had any basis. This is a box full of quality items that give back. I bought one before any spoilers, without hesitation, based on Ellen’s reputation.
    She did not disappoint. 😊
    Those who, I feel, went way overboard on their complaints and demands for refunds…I can only say shame on you for making an impulse buy and then blaming the company or this website for it. Greed is not pretty on anyone.

    • Perfectly stated.

    • I think it more has to do with the fact that they were inconsistent in their policy. Some people did get refunds, whereas others were told that it was against policy. If they had been inconsistent, I don’t think people (me included) would have been so frustrated by it.

      • I think the refunds they were able to give were for boxes that were not processed yet. They probably did not have the staff to hunt for your box in piles of 1000s if it was already processed. This company shipped pretty fast from the order date. Because they were able to do it for a few people does not automatically make everyone entitled to a refund.

  36. In her video she showed all of these items and then said ‘and lots more’. I don’t see any more, let alone lots more!

    That being said, I will be quite happy when my box is delivered and would probably order the next one.

    • I picked up on that too…

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Ellen had little to do with the curration. She probably had a team that handled it. Even when she was going through the items she looked like she was not really familiar. I don’t care, but might explain why.

  37. I really like this box! Everything is useful and quality. I purchased before spoilers and happy with it! Items I would not be able to buy at full price!

    • I agree with you completely 😊

  38. Here’s what I like to use lavender with:

    Lavender, peppermint and lemon (helps with allergies, use a few drops of each)

    Lavender, tangerine or orange and lime (helps with stress)

    Lavender and cedarwood (calming blend), you can add a drop vetiver if you really need help sleeping

    • Lavender and cedarwood is one of my favorite blends as well. Is anyone trading their diffuser? I’d love to get my hands on this one…My current one is not nearly as nice.

  39. I should get my box tomorrow, and based on the fact that I can always use a higher quality diffuser ( have a ton of non-lavender essential oils and blends) and like the sterling necklace and the charitable giving aspects, I would like to get the next box, etc

    QUESTION–If we bought this box, are we automatically signed up to get the next one? I mean, most sub boxes work that way but this doesn’t seem to be ordinary in a lot of aspects.

    Thanks to anyone who knows. 😉


    • No, it’s a one-time purchase

  40. I wanted this one but missed out. I am on the list to be notified if she does it again. With so many who wanted to cancel I wish I could have gotten one. I don’t want to pay shipping for all of that on top of the box cost though to get it from the swap site.

    • My thought as well.

  41. I love chamomile with lavender, especially at bedtime – adds a touch of sweetness and takes the edge off the lavender.

  42. I was super annoyed with how they handled customer care. I went to cancel because I literally needed nothing in this box (I’ve got a diffuser, have dozens of lip balms, etc). I saw other customers get cancellations with refunds, and they repeatedly refused for me.

    They actually sent me to MSA to get someone to swap. Like, seriously? I found someone who bought my box and I changed the address to theirs, but why not just let people cancel and reopen subscriptions since so many wanted the box..

    I’ll never get another one. I love Ellen, but they need to revamp their policies on this. I’ve never had this issue with other boxes.

    • Call me crazy but since when do subscription boxes let you wait and see what is in it and then decide you don’t like it and cancel. I’ve never heard of any box with that policy? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose? Even canceling and opening up subs again costs them money in man hours because you changed your mind. Its not a sub box the point is you pay way less than rv (this box met that easily) because you’re buying site unseen. You are rewarded with great prices for taking a gamble. If everyone could cancel after they saw the contents I doubt most sub boxes would keep running.

      • No kidding, I’m sure those that got a refund got it by mistake. If subs let you cancel after full spoilers none would be in business. It is very rare I don’t swap items from my boxes because they aren’t for me. Before swapping I made tons of donations of unwanted items.

      • I hardly get any sub boxes without seeing the full spoilers first. I’m not an Ellen fan so I knew to wait, but I think her fans went a little crazy for this box-lesson learned. A good sub box can stay in business and still post full spoilers before billing.

      • Agree 100 percent with you! People who are new to subscriptions really dont know the purpose to them. If you didnt want to take a gamble, why even buy it??? And this box isn’t ripping anyone off! Pretty awesome products at a great deal! Gah I can see why these companies get annoyed with customers

      • And they stated right on the site that orders are non-refundable. I agree, if you want to take a chance, then do so. If not, then don’t send the money.
        Also, I believe the necklace retails for $75, not $120.

      • The charm itself sells for $75, that doesn’t include the chain which has its own value.

      • It was less about entitlement and more about business practice. Literally ordered it, the full spoilers were released the NEXT DAY. So I tried to cancel the NEXT DAY. How is that not an option? I’ve had literally dozens of subs, and they all have a period for cancellation.

      • To be fair they disclosed from very beginning there will be no cancelation or refunds.

      • Yeah, but they let plenty of people get refunds. That’s what is frustrating for me.

      • Well they can consider themselves lucky then because it clearly states no cancellation or refunds. This was intended to be a box that goes towards charity and it is a fantastic box with such a great value. The people who now want to cancel is ridiculous. 🙄 It’s nobody’s fault but their own they bought it and should deal with it stop whining for heavens sake save some gorillas 🦍

      • Yes, all subs have a period of cancellation before you pay. I’ve personally never heard of a sub that allows for a cancellation and refund after payment has been received unless it was clearly an error on the sub’s part. Most subs have terms specifically stating that they don’t do that, including this one.

      • I was coming here to say what the other two have already said. No cancellation or refunds means no cancellations or refunds. A final sale in a store doesn’t mean final sale only after 24 hours. You can’t buy something final sale only to realize an hour later you can get it cheaper somewhere else and come back and say but its only been an HOUR and be angry when they say no. You can say that. They might give you your money back. But they don’t have to and have done nothing wrong by saying no. Entitlement: the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. Their rules said no. You believed for some reason those rules should be waived for you. Asking is fine. Trashing them for not giving you special treatment is not. Just my opinion. And I personally have never had a box with a policy that there was a grace period after payment and after spoiling of a box but even if they do..that is not their policy and they aren’t obligated to abide by another companies policy only their own. Which read (or should have) and agreed to by purchasing.

      • ^^^^ What she said!

      • Exactly. It’s actually really sad that people are so upset over not being able to cancel. It’s always a gamble. If I don’t like something in a box- I give it to friends and family or the shelters in my area. In my opinion, no one should have received a refund. If you buy without seeing spoilers, that is on you.

    • I am still waiting for my refund, they cannot figure out to issue it.

      • I think they’ve got some new-box growing pains. My email never got delivered (per gmail, after trying 72 hours) but also never bounced back officially like if I responded to a do not reply. So due to that, I never even got to inquire really about it and my box has been delivered already so I’m stuck with it.

      • Lauren, I will buy your box from you, if you don’t want it!

      • I would like to buy your box and will pay shipping to me also

    • It was very clear on the site that there were no cancellations/returns. When we purchase a sub box/mystery box- it’s purchasing without knowing the contents. There’s a risk involved in buying a mystery box. Sometimes that risk pays off and you get a great box and sometime it doesn’t and you get items you don’t love. I don’t think it’s right to get mad at a company for denying a refund- when they were clear that no refunds would be accepted.

      Per their terms in the FAQ
      Can I get a refund on the box?

      No, refunds are not offered. Gift it to a friend and they will think you are amazing

    • Yeah, you make might want to find a tutorial on on subscription boxes work. They don’t give you a refund if you don’t like the items you get. I’m on a budget, so with new subs I always wait for full spoilers or a review before I decide to commit to a box. You can’t just buy on blind impulse and then complain.

    • Oh my, people can be quite entitled.

    • Can I buy your box, I will pay 5$ more then you did and pay shipping.

  43. I got my box today and love it – mostly because I was in the market for a diffuser and was thrilled to get such a high end one! The necklace is really pretty and although I usually wear gold, I think it is a keeper. Way to go Ellen!

    • Glad to hear you loved this box, too! 🙂

  44. The spoilers did say full size Fresh lip treatment.

    • I’m not sure if the spoilers explicitly states full-size, but I was definitely under the assumption we’d receive a full-size… slightly disappointed in that, but still pretty pleased with the box overall!

  45. My box still hasn’t shipped. Is anyone else waiting on theirs?

    • I am still waiting for shipment.

    • All I have is that a shipping label was created yesterday, 10/18. It was ordered 10/11.

      Sometimes it’s the tracking that’s behind; I’m hoping that it’ll show up sooner than later!

  46. It seems strange that the Fresh lip treatment isn’t full size. All the other items are full size.

    • Agreed – I genuinely thought the lip balm would be full-size.

  47. Liz have you heard if they will continue selling boxes on a quarterly basis since there is a sign up wait list? Thanks.

    • I will reach out and ask!

      • Also, the “Join the Waiting List” button is not working.

      • To respond to my own point, you can email them and ask them to add you to the waiting list for future boxes. The button would never work for me.

  48. I’m so sad I missed this box. I love Ellen and all she stands for and this first box was a great representation of her and included awesome items to boot! I’m on the waitlist for the next one and I so hope I can get it next time!

    • I bet you’ll be able to swap for this or buy one second hand since so many people were disappointed when the spoilers were released. I think it looks like a pretty nice box, myself!

  49. After seeing the spoilers, I asked CS to cancel my box, and they did. However, 9 days later, no refund! CS keep telling me that they are trying to figure out how to process refund through PayPal. At this point, I really irritated.

    • I would love to buy your box! Let me know if you are interested 🙂 (I’ll check back on this thread)

      • Misty I would be happy to sell my box but I am in limbo with them – no box and no refund

  50. Liz…try Cedarwood oil mixed with lavender…incredible nighttime routine!

    • Ooo thank you for the tip!

    • I second the cedarwood! A blend (Tranquility) I have from Young Living includes those plus I think peppermint and maybe one other. It’s a great mix!

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