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Gwynnie Bee Review + 50% Off Coupon – August 2018


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Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental subscription service that caters to plus size women between the sizes of 10-32. Gwynnie Bee allows you to select items you like and they are put in a virtual closet. The chosen items sent to you are at random, but you can select priority pieces to be sent to you first. I just started using the service a couple months ago and can say I always have a lot of fun with this box!

Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental service, but they also have a marketplace on their site where you can buy strongly discounted used rental pieces and brand new accessories, underwear, and work out gear as well!

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My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

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About Gwynnie Bee

The Subscription Box: Gwynnie Bee

The Cost: The cost depends on how many items you would like to have out at a time.
1 = $49/month
2 = $69/month
3 = $95/month
5 = $139/month
7 = $179/month
10 = $199/month

COUPON: Get 50% off your first month! No coupon needed - just use this link.

The Products: Women’s clothing rental, sizes 0-32.

Good to know: Gwynnie Bee recently expanded their size offering from 10-32 to 0-32!

Ships to: US via USPS Priority Mail

Gwynnie Bee August 2018 Review

This review is of the one item at a time for three items that I received between August 9th through the 20th.

Gwynnie Bee Box August 2018 0004 Gwynnie Bee Box August 2018 0005 Gwynnie Bee Box August 2018 0006 Gwynnie Bee Box August 2018 0007 Gwynnie Bee Box August 2018 0008

Navy Tropical Leaf Print Wrap Dress by Hutch, Size 2x – Retail Value $42.50

This dress immediately gave me Joan Holloway at a Tiki Bar realness vibes, so I obviously had to closet it ASAP! The deep navy against the bright yellow gold palms print is gorgeous. It has a glamorous sheen due to the satin-like fabric. The dress itself is adaptable in its fit due to it being a wrap style and having an adjustable belt at the waist. I styled this beautiful dress with additional gold accents through the poolside sandals from a previous Shoedazzle review and earrings from my most recent CHC Vintage review along with a tropical, wooden bead, choker that was featured in the July box as well. This dress has a va-va voom quality that is undeniable, so be prepared to make head turns and make the traffic stop in this body-hugging beauty!

Gwynnie Bee Box August 2018 0009 Gwynnie Bee Box August 2018 0010 Gwynnie Bee Box August 2018 0011 Gwynnie Bee Box August 2018 0012 Gwynnie Bee Box August 2018 0013

Sleeveless Fit and Flare Plaid Dress by ModCloth, Size 2x – Retail Value  $84, Purchased for $40.50

I saw this dress initially on the ModCloth site, but then saw it was featured on Gwynnie Bee and knew I had to closet it right then and there. I was concerned the dress may not fit well due to the woven, plaid fabric; in my experience, it can be stiff with limited stretch. The fabric had more give than I had expected, but I sense I won’t be able to layer tops under the dress due to the snug fit. No complaints there, though, because I love this dress’s appearance as it is! This dress has vibrant colors and a dainty, 60s party dress vibe, making it the perfect merging of Samantha and Endora’s styles on Betwitched. I don’t shy away from bold colors and prints, so I feel at home in this ensemble! I styled this perfect Labor Day picnic dress with my orange platform heels and the fantastic green necklace and earrings that CHC Vintage sent me in my July review! To boot, I managed to grab this dress during Gwynnie Bee’s additional 30% off sale. I had a $5 off coupon and was able to snag this beaut for $40.50, which made for a 52% total savings!

Gwynnie Bee Box August 2018 0014 Gwynnie Bee Box August 2018 0015 Gwynnie Bee Box August 2018 0016 Gwynnie Bee Box August 2018 0017 Gwynnie Bee Box August 2018 0018

Embroidered Side Pocket Fit and Flare Dress by eShakti, Size 20W – Retail Value Unavailable

I don’t have the price for the dress, but I believe it was under $30. I returned it before writing down the cost and for that, I am sorry, guys. That all being said, let’s talk about the dress! I always seem to forget that the models on the site are significantly taller than me. What is the perfect length on a model can be a smidge too long on my frame. I am 5’6 and this dress is too long for me. The sad thing is, due to the awesome stitch design at the hem, I couldn’t make this shorter if I wanted to without losing such an integral detail. The fit was also baggy in the torso on me. The style is cute, but I wasn’t necessarily wowed by this piece like some other eShakti items I have owned and tried through Gwynnie Bee. This dress would certainly be ideal for a taller, leggier babe than me. Wear this dress into fall with ankle booties, leather biker jacket, and a thick scarf wrapped around your neck.

Verdict: Have I mentioned lately that I love Gwynnie Bee? I get a kick out of being able to select my own pieces and try styles and brands that may be new to me! It gives me an idea of the fit of brands without the commitment to buy! Anytime I see someone on Facebook seeking suggestions for pieces to wear for work or special occasions, I suggest Gwynnie Bee! They offer their first month for free, so there is no loss in trying them out! I assure you after that first month, you will want to stay on with them not only for the rental service but the deep discounts you can get in their marketplace! Plus, their size range is incredibly inclusive at a size 0-32! I strongly believe that all bodies are good bodies and are deserving of fashion at every size, so patronizing a company like Gwynnie Bee is a no-brainer since they have similar beliefs and ethos!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! All three pieces are available to rent or purchase at Gwynnie Bee.

Coupon – No coupon required! Just use this link to sign up and get your first month FREE!

Value Breakdown: Gwynnie Bee’s costs range depending on your subscription and how many items you are sent at a time. I have the $95 three item at a time plan. This includes free shipping and returns. I can get as many pieces as I like monthly, as long as I return each item first. I got three items this month, but I could get several pieces sent to me in a month’s time if I return each piece after wearing promptly. Two of the pieces I reviewed retailed at $126.50, I do not have the cost for the third dress, sadly. That is roughly $31.50 more than my monthly subscription! Imagine the value if I had returned these pieces and received even more!

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Written by Nicole Rieder

Nicole Rieder

Nicole Rieder is a self-proclaimed clothing fiend and is new to the subscription box world. She loves boxes like Gwynnie Bee because she can play around with styles she may not have before!

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Comments (17)

  1. Gwynnie Bee recently opened up their sizing and now caters to all sizes. I liked the clothes a lot and bought a few pieces, but decided the monthly fee was too high. I guess I’m not the type to wear something and send it back. I either love it and want to keep it or don’t want to bother with it. I also didn’t always receive the items I had prioritized and that was disappointing. I really wanted them to send me this one EShakti dress and had it prioritized immediately and they never sent it. Those dresses are super cute on you. I love that plaid.

    • Awe, Jillian! Sorry to hear that you had some issues with GB. Yeah, sometimes it is a roll of the dice with prioritized pieces due to availability. I wanted a dress so badly in my July box that I removed my other priority items to get it. I am extra like that! I am glad you found some pieces you liked though when you had them. And I LOVE that they offer 0-32 now! It is a wonderful thing!

    • I’m doing a free month right now and those EShakti dresses are crazy popular! It was really hard to even find one I could closet in my size as most said ‘unavailable.’ I’ve prioritized a couple but I kind of doubt they will send me them.

      Not all bad news, though, they’ve sent some of my other priorities and I just made my first non-outlet purchase – a Taylor sharkbite hem dress that retails for $138 that ended up fitting perfectly – I snagged it for $30 when the price suddenly dropped by half.

      I’m still not sure I am up for the monthly rental – I don’t get out enough to justify it. But I love their outlet shop. I bought 4 items through the Outlet during my first free month that I wear a lot, and have already bought another three during this bonus free month they sent me.

  2. That plaid dress looks like it was designed for you! You look gorgeous! As always!

    • Awe thank you, Michelle! That is kind of you to say!

  3. I absolutely love for your clothing reviews!!! My body is very similar and you have really inspired me to try new things and be bold! I always feel like clothing should hide my body because who would want to show this off, but you have such a wonderful fashion sense and i think you are absolutely beautiful and love the bolder pieces on you so I am starting to branch out more. So, there is an option to purchase the items as well? I assume you’d have to pay for it before you get sent the next item? That first dress was insane!!! I was hoping I would see that you bought it!!!! Thanks for taking the time to give us such wonderful reviews!

    • Katie, I am so glad you are branching out with fun new styles! Live it up, honey! I strongly believe all bodies are beautiful– we ate gorgeous at all sizes and shapes. Fashion is a fun way for us to express ourselves with our bodies as our canvases! So, have fun with it! 😁 it makes my day I could inspire you in some way, so thank you for that!

      You can purchase pieces you rent! It is pretty cool. The longer you are with GB, you accrue points. You get them for closeting items, returning items, and also for purchases. Those points add up to discounts! Sometimes they have sales too. Like they had an additional 30% off of pieces you have at home. You don’t have to buy pieces, you can simply rent them. Once you either buy or return a piece, new ones are sent! They also have an outlet site where you can buy pieces on strong discount. Like I have bought $70 dresses for $15! They have a marketplace too where you can buy new items that haven’t been rented, mainly accessories, under garments, and work out clothing. I hope this info helps! Thanks again for your comment and for reading my reviews!

  4. The first dress looks like it was made just for you. 😍

    • KS, thank you so much! I loved that dress!

  5. Nice! Especially love that first dress! How long can you have the items? Is there any way to keep them? I think I’m a little slow today after the hot and long holiday weekend …

    • Still not clear on how this works, but whatever.

    • You can keep items for as long as you are an active subscriber – for example, if you signed up for ‘two at a time’ you would get a box of two items. You could send them back whenever – immediately, a week later, a month later, etc. [Once you cancel they need to be returned within seven days, though.] You can send items back separately, for example keep one to wear a few times but send back the other. They then will prep and send out a new item to replace the one you sent back. The downside with this is the wait time – it could be 4-5 days between returning an item and getting a new garment. (But then, if you keep an item to wear you probably won’t be wearing it several days in a row anyway.)

      If you really love an item, you can buy it. The price will be at a discount off retail. This fluctuates based off how popular the item is as well as how long it has been in circulation. (While they try to keep pieces like new, there are only so many times things can be washed before they start showing wear, so it behooves them to sell off older items faster.) If a price seems too ‘high’ it may later drop due to a sell. There was a dress I wanted but it was near $60 as the retail was $138- but after a few days the price dropped to $29 and I bought it. If you buy an item, they will also send you a new rental item to replace it. One caution here, though – sometimes the price is cheapest while the item is *still in the mail* – not sure why this happens. It can be a bit of a shock to have the price jump by $10 or $20 once it arrives, but buying it before it arrives is a risk. They do not do returns for any reason (including damage.) That said, their Customer service is great so even though returns are not promised they may allow one as an exception if you send pictures of the damage or bad condition. I just seem to have bad luck with any closet item I buy while it’s in the mail – it’s happened twice now that I bought a piece on it’s way only for it to arrive in poor or busted condition.

      There is also the Outlet, which subscribers can buy from – great condition pieces often at a heavy discount. Unlike the rental pieces you can’t try them first, but I’ve never had a problem with an Outlet piece.

      As far as how items are selected for you, there are two parts. The first is your own selections – you look through the inventory and choose pieces you would love to try to ‘closet.’ They never send something you didn’t first pick out. You can prioritize your favorites of this batch which increases the odds (but doesn’t guarantee) that you will get those items. The second part they choose. Unfortunately this means you can’t always get the item you want most when you want it. They choose on what is available – so a piece where many people in your size have already bought it or popular items are a bit less likely. If you choose a brand new arrival towards the end of the week but not on the weekend those seem to be more likely to come (as a lot of people don’t seem to check/closet the new arrivals until Sunday.) During my latest month I got almost all dresses, one cardigan, and one skirt. I didn’t get any of the many shirts I’d closeted.

      A sample month could look like this:

      Receive box of two garments
      Return two garments after wearing
      Get box 2 of two garments
      Return one item immediately for poor fit, keep other to wear
      Get box 3 with one item
      Purchase item, return other item from box two
      Get box 4 with two items
      Return both after wearing
      Get box 5 with two items
      Purchase one, return other after wearing

  6. They gave me a second free trial so I am enjoying that right now. I almost bought one of the first three dresses they sent – it was just slightly too big as they had sent out the box based on my old closet before I could update everything. Unfortunately my dream dress is no longer on the site – I was hoping to closet it again and buy it this time if there were no quality issues. The Outlet is still my favorite part – I bought four items there my first Gwynnie trial and loved them all, and have already bought three more items this time around. My first trial was plagued with quality issues, but this time around I have had no quality problems so that’s great.

    My biggest issue right now I think is lifestyle. I have plenty of dressy clothes and dresses already, but I don’t get to leave the house much as a mom with young kids. So I don’t need to really rent dressy clothes right now, and would much rather spend my monthly clothes budget on basics and momhood staples as my size fluctuates with pregnancies.

    Now, if they had maternity clothes I would be all for a rental, since I don’t necessarily want to keep items in four different sizes in my closet and it would be great to have someone else worry about baby spit up stains, lol.

  7. You can order from Eshakti and they customize the legnth and size for you unless you choose standard fit sizes.

    • Oh, totally! I have pieces from them I own actually! But I am only speaking in terms of this piece featured through Gwynnie Bee. I actually have a flamingo dress from them that I love, but it is too big on me now.

  8. Oh that plaid!!

  9. I loved those first two dresses on you! The second one was super cute and the first one was killer! You weren’t kidding about the Va Va voom.

    That third dress had potential but yeah it definitely needed to fit tighter in the top. I also chuckled at how it was a little too long on you. I’m 5′ 1 1/2″. If I had that dress on it would be crazy long.

    Thanks for your reviews. You never just regurgitate stuff when you review so I fond them very informative not to mention inspiring. Keep on slayin’!

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