October 2018 Boxycharm SPOILERS Round #3!

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We have a new spoiler for the October Boxycharm box thanks to Yosef and BoxyCharm Beauties!

The October box will include:

KAT VON D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – multiple shade variations

In case you missed the previous spoilers, all subscribers will receive:

IT Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

An exclusive collaboration PUR X Boxycharm Face Palette

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the September box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. consider googling about the recent advertising with some fairly racially insensitive tones.

    I don’t care about the vaccine thing that much, it’s messy but her child her choice at end of the day,KVD has proven to be anti semitic and racist, that’s why I don’t support her.

    She also refused someone’s prize because of their politics, she opened that door first. I see no reason people can’t choose to not support certain brands.

    I don’t like how abusive people are towards each other anymore, we do need to agree to disagree. But please look into the whole thing, and if you don’t care and just like the product that’s cool, but as consumers we have power.

    • My thoughts on why I don’t support KVD directly as well (racism/antisemitism & her revoking a prize/making some rather nasty comments because the winner turned out to have voted differently than her.) Her decisions on vaccines I consider up to parents to make.

      I’m not going to avoid every sub box that ever includes a product of hers since it would be unrealistic to expect boxes to thoroughly vett every brand owner they work with for every possible thing people could complain over. I don’t think ‘guilt by association’ is a good practice. (Albeit with Boxy it is a little hypocritical since they just gave refunds for another product whose brand owner was accused of racism in the past – so they opened up a huge can of worms there. They probably would have done better just to say, “We’ve heard concerns and will not be partnering with her in future” or “we understand your concern and we are currently evaluating our partnership with her going forward” or something more reasonable.)

      But so far I haven’t seen any spoilers for October that I really want, so I cancelled the sub for now.

  2. I am not crazy about Kat Von D’s opinions either but she is entitled to her beliefs. With that being said Boxy charm can not individualize there boxes to each person. If there is a product you do not like Swap or donate it to a woman’s shelter or someone who can not afford high end makeup but deserves it. A lot of people living on the poverty level could care less about Kat Von D’s beleif. Boxycharm delivers wonderful value for the price you pay 🙂

  3. I am getting a kick out of the people quitting Boxy over this and saying they are going to switch over to Ipsy plus. Guess what was in August glam bag? KVD concealer!! So they will probably feature KVD in plus bag to! Your best bet is to not get any make up subscriptions if you don’t want KVD.

    • So true! Not to mention I’m betting a lot of those that are up in arms over KVD make up doesn’t realize that this is an in-house brand of Sephora. So technically if you feel that strongly about boycotting her stuff then you should be doing the same with Sephora.

    • Yeah I seen some people are doing that but just because I don’t agree with her life choices doesn’t mean I’m going to skip over a beautiful palette or makeup that’s actually going to be the best for me

  4. September was my first box and I was pleased with it aside from an issue that I contacted support for over my trio brushes (waiting to hear back on them). I’ve seen a few Pure palettes at Ulta, they seemed ok, I’m looking forward to seeing what we get since I don’t have any, also don’t own any kat Von D so I am looking forward to trying it. I hope there are better colors though, I am not a fan of nudes or browns. I am a little disappointed in that mascara though, if its sample size. I mean I’ve had Ipsy for a long time, a year and a half maybe and have been thinking of canceling, tired of sample sizes, the reason I am trying BC is for FULL SIZE items, so that is my only worry/complaint right now.

    • Usually a mascara is full sized. I don’t think I’ve gotten a sample size of mascara ever in a Boxycharm.

      • i was thinking the same thing! they always advertise how they ALWAYS give full size items

    • It’s been confirmed it will be full-size 😀

  5. Sad I had to cancel after years as a subscriber. Kat von d after Laura Lee, really boxycharm? Not sticking around for the eventual MAGA palette…seems their bigotry bar is getting lower and lower.

  6. I swear to everything if y’all ruin me not getting a KVD lip I will riot.

    Just skip the box if you don’t believe in her beliefs.

    Or who cares and just accept the makeup. I don’t believe in what she says but she has the best lipstick.

    • I swear !!!! lol just skip it if you dont want it im excited !!

  7. It’s been three months that I’m waiting for a reason to resuscribe to Boxy. Funny how I passed from being in their waitlist to having them in mine. Not complaining, saving some money till something good catches my eye again :-).

  8. SEND AN EMAIL! There are tons of comments here about the disturbance with boxycharm’s choice to include Kat Von D based on her anti-Semitic past or her anti-vaxx statements. But boxycharm has no way of knowing unless we say something. It takes a minute to send an email to their customer service politely sharing that you do not approve. Inaction does not breed change.

    • Email sent. Completely agree with you. It isn’t just the anti-vaccination statements that people are concerned about, KVD also has made anti-Semitic comments and used Nazi terminology as a name for a lip product. If we won’t tolerate it from Laura Lee then why do we tolerate it from KVD?

    • Honestly ridiculous, your point of views vs. hers or anyone else’s has nothing to do with the box or experimenting with make up, if you don’t support a brand for whatever reason then donate that product to people in need who don’t care. You’re taking away the experience from other people trying to boycott a brand that other people have no problem with supporting. That’s the problem with society. You can have your own views and your own beliefs at the end of the day YOUR LIFE IS YOUR LIFE stay out of everyone else’s and let them face the consequences.

      • I wasn’t aware racism and discrimination was a “point of view” Ellen. If they had said nothing about Laura Lee I wouldn’t feel the need to say anything. But boxycharm spoke out against discrimination against the black community (rightly so). Should we not expect the same consideration in the Jewish community? That’s the message they are currently sending – they are okay with disparaging remarks against a religion and as consumers we all have every right to say we are not okay with that. Clearly that’s not problematic to you so just pay for your box and don’t worry about it.

        • Ally * cited the wrong name. But remarks still stand.

        • Last I read Kat denied autographing an anti Semitic note – so unless I see actual proof from a handwriting expert, it’s her word against people who had beef with her and wanted to slander. I’m pretty sure it’s not unfair to want solid proof of someone’s wrongdoing instead of just looking for a reason to dislike someone. And this whole anti vaccination thing- seriously- if people are taking medical advice seriously from Kat Von D- a person who has no medical expertise- then the issue is with the person and not with Kat. It’s insane how much people are freaking out over a lip gloss here. Get a grip – this is all a bit ridiculous. When I get a product I don’t want, I either sell it on Poshmark or leave it in the bathroom at my job with s note that says brand new , free – not my color. And before my next trip to the toilet , it’s gone. Why not focus your energy on something more important!!! If you are so particular I don’t think
          A subscription box with brands that you don’t choose is the right thing for you!! Good grief

          • i also agree very welll said summersand

          • There are (were) pictures of KAT in full Nazi gear…

      • Very well said! Could not agree more!!!

        • I meant that I agree with Ally’s comments to be clear.

      • Well said.

      • Well said!! I want to try all brands!! If I get something I don’t like I regift it!! I Save $ on gifts and makeup.

    • I don’t want Kat von D in my boxycharm box. Come on, do some research. She is vegan because she does not want to hurt animals, (me too) however, she doesn’t care about people. She would rather harm others, without doing real research. Unacceptable.

  9. If I cancel, do I lose my charms?

    • yes

    • I did not lose mine, but could not spend them until I resubscribed

    • I canceled in May and went back in August and they were still there….

  10. This is a skip for me. I’m tired of PUR palettes… don’t want to roll the dice for a lippy color… and have a couple of superhero mascara samples sitting in my draw…

    Too bad, I love boxy.

    • The IT Super Hero Mascara is sample size??
      Yuck @boxycharm. What’s up with sample sizes ? @boxycharm

      • OMG it better not be. I love that mascara, and so far its the only good thing I’ve seen in this or the last two months’ boxes!

      • There are (were) pictures of KAT in full Nazi gear…The IT mascara is FULL SIZE.

      • Dana: The IT mascara is FULL SIZE.

  11. Oh joy, multiple variants.

    And based on the photo, I really don’t want any of them.

    I’ve tried the Superhero mascara. Not impressed.

  12. PSA: being anti-vaxxer is not a political or personall belief. Its a selfish belief based on facebook memes, debunked science and fear mongering

    Dont blow it off or cover your ears because it makes you uncomfortable. These people can kill your children. And they dont care. Look up what polio or whooping cough can do to a person.

    • Most of the resurgence in new cases of diseases like Measles have been in adults, not children. This is likely due to adults not realizing that vaccines can have a limited lifespan, not from unvaccinated children spreading disease (otherwise we would see more children getting the disease.) Most cases in North America have been linked to people visiting from Europe, where the overall vaccination rates are far lower. Most new outbreaks are concentrated in countries like Venezuela, Peru, and some other South American countries – much of it traced back to Venezuela.

      In the U.S., there are very few cases per year:

      2010 63
      2011 220
      2012 55
      2013 187
      2014 667
      2015 188
      2016 86
      2017 118
      2018 (so far) 124

      Death from measles is incredibly rare in the U.S. (the last death was in 2015.) Many outbreaks are driven by infection from someone overseas – vaccinating everyone in the U.S. wouldn’t help with that.

      To put that rarity of death into perspective, ~50 people a year die from lightning strikes in the U.S.

      Whooping couph is more severe – but most cases are in infants under 3 months of age and the TDAP vaccine is given in stages – none of them have been fully vaccinated at that point. It’s doubtful tiny infants are having play-dates with unvaccinated children. Also, the vaccine even if it takes doesn’t make one immune or unable to carry whooping couph – it just lessens severity. Cases are dropping worldwide overtime, and the severest outbreaks are in Africa. Areas with low access to antibiotics for treatment are more likely to see deaths.

      Basically, for any disease, take the percent of the total U.S. population (or wherever you live) who are expected to get that disease in a given year. Then multiply that by the mortality rate for that disease. Multiply that by the odds that a vaccine doesn’t take in your child (5% is a good estimate, but vaccines vary by effectiveness.) The resultant odds are still a little higher than actual (the child still needs to encounter another person with the disease to catch it, after all) but you can see it’s a very, very remote risk for almost any disease you could plug in.

    • I have to say as a person with low immunity towards illness and a high immunity against medication, I highly recommend that everyone should be immunized if possible.
      With that said, I also am a person who resides in the United States and understand that we all have choices and that is only fair. I may not agree with the choices of another, but I will not tell a person they are wrong in their beliefs or religion. Some religions absolutely do not believe in immunization.
      With KatVonD she may be miss lead in her beliefs (medically). But she still has an American given choice and I respect that.
      My daughter, every year school starts in the fall until school ends in the summer is a carrier of sickness. So, I’m sick just about all the way through the school year. There are a few children who are not immunized at the school. Even knowing that I still will not pull my daughter from school and homeschool her. She has every right in the world to be among her peers. Yes, it would be safer for me to pull her from school, but I will not.
      With all that said, KatVonD’s makeup brand is a really good brand. I use her makeup all the time and will continue to do so. As well as Jeffree Star, his makeup is the best. Yes there is a lot of controversy about him, and my daughter is mixed. But just because he is controversial doesn’t make his makeup bad. It’s actually some of the best on the market.
      If I went about my life only buying what was politically correct from people who were 100% politically correct, then we would starve being that I have no green thumb, lol. Also, we would be completely colorless because I do not have a lab in my house to make my own makeup.
      We can disagree with the way people live there lives but still respect them. And when it comes down to products makeup, food, or any necessary thing to keep us alive we can all agree that we want the best.
      The only reason anyone has said anything about KatVonD is because she stupidly went public with her private matters. If she had not done that we all would of still been eagerly awaiting the KatVonD product like we all were months ago.

  13. Just recieved my BoxyLuxe… Gaaawd I love it.

  14. What in the world. What happened to the talk of receiving an exciting box. Is this a post about vaccines. What is happening here. It’s lipstick everyone. We are here to be excited and discuss makeup. Enough with the vaccines… What has happened to everyone.

    • Thanks Cindy! Jeez cant we just enjoy the boxycharm??

    • Thanks Cindy, totally agree!!!!!

    • 💗

  15. Anyone else get an email from boxy tonight telling them they were “at the front of the line!” for December boxy luxe? They must be tearing thru that list, i didn’t even sign up launch day. Wonder how much of that is due to ticked off people canceling from the launch debacle lol.

    • I signed up on the wait list on launch day and didn’t receive the email today that I was moved up…ugh…

    • Also maybe they’re getting a lot of negative feedback about KVD and threats to cancel ..? I mean look at this comment section lol

    • I received the email!!! 🙂 🙂 (I spent 4 hours trying to get the September box)

    • I just checked and they sent me the same email a few hours ago.
      I think they may be concerned after the number of people that have canceled lately whether it was due to the Luxe fiasco or general dissatisfaction with the products lately. Not to mention the ever-growing number and disparity of variations. I don’t imagine sending sample sizes (like next month’s mascara) is going to help much either. They seem to be proving that the people that worried Luxe would mean the quality of the regular boxes would go down are right. I probably would’ve canceled if not for the December Luxe. If somehow I don’t get it after all or it’s just not a great box I will likely trade Boxy in completely for Ipsy Plus.

      • Good luck getting ipsy plus. Your best chance at plus is getting ipsy tons of referrals & after that theres still no guarantee 😉

        • That’s not true. I clicked on the waitlist link from MSA & got an email yesterday telling me to click the upgrade button and if I do before the 19th I’ll have the glam bag plus. Yeah they tell you to refer new friends but when I emailed them they assured me I’d have the October plus bag.

          • You might want to read that email again and a bit more carefully. I have gotten them 2 days in a row and it is just saying you are on the list. Lucky you if you got something different.

          • Michelle, I got an email from ipsy plus that I am now an active member and will be charged $25 later this month.

        • Oh I know. It kind of irks me because although I can’t seem to get any referrals, I have spent a TON of money not just on my subscription for years, but on their Ipsy offers and Ipsy shopper products. I probably buy 2-4 offers a month at least. So they’ve made way more money from me on my own than they would’ve with a couple of $10 a month new members. I think they should take that in consideration too. But of course that’s not how anything works these days. It’s all a big popularity contest. Companies value social media capital above all else.

          But I don’t mind waiting on Ipsy Plus. I may not agree with how they’re doing it but at least they haven’t out and out schemed and lied. At least not that I’m aware of. 😄

          • I got the Ipsy plus email this morning saying I was moving to the top- I haven’t had any referrals at all, have been with them for a good while, and definitely spend a lot of money with them. I think those that signed up through the msa link are truly bumped to the top without referrals. My email said that I will be upgraded to Ipsy plus and be billed and receive it next month (October) i was super excited to get that email this morning! Be sure to check your email for the same! And I’ve never even tried to get referrals or even posted my link- so I think is msa sign ups will all be getting Ipsy plus October!

          • I got my email from customer service and another this morning confirming I’ll be charged for the glam bag plus later this month

          • I got the email today too that I’ll be off the waitlist for the October ipsy plus. Not once have I done any referrals before or after being on the waitlist.

    • I got the same email!

    • When I signed up for the waitlist, i contacted Boxycharm Support and asked if there were still boxes available. They replied yes. I got in near the time (so near)they announced that there was mo more boxes left. And I didnt receive that email 🙁

      Checked my boxycharm profile and I am still on waitlist.

  16. Well I just got an email from Boxycharm saying come December I will be automatically upgraded to Boxyluxe. Is everyone else getting these emails too? I certainly hope they’ve learned from septembers & have a smooth transition for everyone.

    • I got the email too! Looking forward to it! For the price it should be great and I should not complain, but I am actually glad that I wasn’t able to get through their site problems last time. Hoping for something exciting in December!

    • Listed my response below. For some reason the link for alerts to this post put me off topic.
      Me Too!! So excited to see what they will have!

    • I did too! I have been holding my breath wondering who all would get activated since they said as many as possible I.e. not all. I am still hesitant to get too excited until my account no longer says waiting AND they release spoilers. 🙂 maybe they release one or two early so folks will stay subscribed!

      • Yes I agree, with Boxycharm you never know 🤦🏻‍♀️ Fingers crossed!

    • I got the e-mail asking me if I wanted to upgrade. I figured I’d give it a shot, maybe the products will be better.

  17. Don’t like KVD for many reasons but my sister will love this liquid lipstick in her Christmas stocking! I think people should vote for their beliefs by their buying choices rather than government regulation. It’s a trait that smart retailers have noticed in millennials and has lead to more options like organics, cruelty free, etc. If you don’t like KVD then make it known in your product reviews and find someone who will appreciate the product. You get to uphold your beliefs and bring someone else joy!

    Side note – looks like they are sending out congrats emails for folks to get December’s boxyluxe! I hope it’s a legit guarantee… still looking for wording loopholes lol.

  18. I am SUPER excited to get one of those lipsticks; I’ve been wanting to try one for a while. Still really pumped about the palette especially if it has a red and sparkly pink like the photo shows. The IT Cosmetic Superhero mascara is really nice, but I already got one for my birthday perk at Ulta so that’s a little bummy for me. But honestly, I really like this box so far.

    • Haha, same here Chrissy! Can’t wait to try this lip product && I got this from Ulta since my bday is in Sept!!!

  19. another PUR x boxycharm palette? Am I the only one that isn’t enthused about this?

  20. I am more disturbed by the hand models arm hair than Kat Von D’s decision to not vaccinate.

    • They didn’t get a hand model for this, it’s just that guy, the owner of Boxycharm.

      I do agree that it’s mighty strange to see a man’s hand showing lipstick. 😉

    • That’s Yosef’s hand! Lol!

      • Oh crap…sorry 🙁

    • 😂😂😂

    • 🤣😂😢😭

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤘🤭🤪😉😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    • I so agree! it is very unpleasant to look at and doesn’t make me want it at all.

  21. This spoiler excites me as long as it doesn’t become a variation.
    Her liquid lips are personally one of my favorites.

    It’s completely OK to choose not to support a specific brand due to your values or beliefs. That being said it’s a popular good brand. Not every subsciption box can accommodate to every persons personal beliefs. If you don’t support her brand , not buy her items & sell/throw away the product you don’t want. It’s a make up subsciption box, not a political agenda.

    • Yep… I agree with you 100%.

    • Agree 100 percent I’m excited to try some KvD !! Never have her decision to vaccinate is simply that hers, she has to do as a mother what she believes is best. Also I don’t care about her religious beliefs they are hers and hers alone not mine. The way she lives does not affect my life so why not try it 😹

      • Sorry, I don’t want to get political here, but what you said is just wrong. You said “the way she lives does not affect my life” and well, the whole point is that if she makes the decision not to vaccinate her kids it puts everyone else’s kids at risk. That is not okay. And spreading misinformation and thoroughly debunked “science” to back up these claims are not just socially irresponsible, but dangerous. That’s why people are so upset.

    • Choosing not to vaccinate your child is NOT a political or personal belief, its a potentially lethal decision. Its not about politics. Its about caring about your neighbors and a person’s inability to care about others

    • Totally agree Alisha, everybody had there own beliefs. If you don’t like her or her products, then don’t use them! Throw them away or give them away. Or skip this month. Nobody should be on here complaining about it. Not everyone is going to like every single item every time in their box. It is that it is. If you don’t like it, chill & wait for next months box. Emailing boxycharm or complaining about it, isn’t going to do much because it is what it is. Did everybody complain last month about the eyeshadow palette with the ugly bright ass colors????? No, so don’t complain now. I personally can’t wait to try her liquid lipstick out, heard so many good things about it, like all of her other products

  22. What does our boxycharm subscription have to do with kat von d? Ok big deal she does not want to vaccinate her kid! It’s her darn choice! And I don’t care! I love makeup and I love boxycharm!! If you hate kat von d that much throw it out when you get it! Don’t force boxycharm into a political BS child rearing debate when it’s a beauty subscription!! Geez people give boxycharm a break!!

    • I mean as much as her not wanting to vaccinate her child and put other people’s children at risk of death upsets me, I was off of her because of her antisemitic past already.

    • She did also post a picture of a POC holding a product in a cotton field saying let it do the hard work. That’s why people canceled.

  23. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ are my eyes deceiving me??…😯 is that it mascara sample size? WTF? Someone please correct me if I’m wrong!🤔😣

    • im almost positive its just a reference. I have never received a sample sized anything in boxycharm.

      • The Becca last month was travel!

    • I’m almost positive that is for reference only. I have never received a sample sized anything from boxycharm.

    • I noticed it but it didn’t click until you pointed it out. I had to Google it and yup that’s a sample/deluxe size. I hope that’s a freebie type thing.

      • Wow! I had a feeling when they came out with BoxyLuxe that the regular boxycharm would suffer..😯. Honestly I don’t think it’s a freebie type of thing I really think that they’re counting that as one of our items! I think that’s total BS! Don’t get me wrong $21 a month is a hell of a deal for that box but now they’re starting to put sample sizes in there? And what about that Becca primer? Those bottles were like half full… And so much smaller than the regular size…😣🤷‍♀️.

    • Yosef stated that “Of course it’s full sized!” when asked this same question today.

  24. I have never tried kat products and kinda excited to see what her products are all about…I really couldn’t care less about her Vaccinating her child because my children are all Vaccinated so her decision doesn’t effect my life

    • Michelle, her products are great..i have 2 of her lipsticks and her eyeliner, they are amazing…. i hope that you like it.

    • You are making it ok for others to go unvaccinated. Until there’s too many unvaccinated ppl then more people get sick. It takes a surprisingly high immunity rate for herd immunity to actually be effective in many cases, and there are already a lot of people unvaccinated for legitimate, unselfish reasons.
      Herd immunity is for the people who CAN’T get the vaccine, NOT for those who ALREADY have it!
      People such as:
      Cancer/leukemia patient
      Allergic to ingredients in vaccine
      Organ transplant patients
      Aids /autoimmune disorders patient

      ALSO, AND THIS POINT YOU MAY CARE ABOUT: vaccines arent 100% effective. That child with the selfish parents could still get your children sick

      Certain vaccines can wear off (like whooping cough) , so those unvaccinated kids you don’t care about – could kill your elderly parents… Or your friends newborn baby.

      • Suz….I do agree with what you say (Im a post partum/nursery nurse)….but if I banned all the things in my life due to designer’s, owner’s, etc…personal beliefs….my life would kinda suck! There is no way you can focus on one particular person and not 8 million others. And this really isnt the place to do it! This is a happy place where everyone loves products and loves to discuss them!!! So you are kind of making it personal and political.

  25. Easy pass for me. I don’t wear lip product beyond balm. And I’m PURely sick of those palettes. lol. It seems like a good box for someone that could use those items. I hope the rest of the box rocks for yall.

  26. ugh, I always end up with brown lipstick. The PUR palette was utter garbage last time. booooo

  27. I actually have one of these for a nude lippie. PaId a whole $20 so I’m willing to try a shade (with my lucky lip liners as back up) … anything else in the box is extra.i skipped September due to some other choices so doing a 3 month and taking a break first of year. I’ve been buying palettes up a storm but looking forward to this one.

  28. Am I the only one sick of getting Pur palettes?

    • I am soooooo over this brand!!! PUR, that is.

    • Pur is hit or miss for me. I either love or hate their products

    • I’m over them!! They never work out for me. October is looking to be a bad box for me. I like Kat Von D’s liquid lipsticks, but I don’t like those colors, the mascara looks sample sized and I’ve gotten it before and of course the PUR palette not even remotely excited about that.

    • I wish Boxycharm would have a pause button so I could have paused for a month instead of cancelling…….but yes, sick of the Pur palettes. I didn’t really care for any of the other Pur items/palettes. I want to try out different brands, not the same brands over and over again. I’m hoping I get that with the new Ipsy Glam Bag coming up

      • Agree! I wish you could pause your subscription! I just canceled cause I don’t like any of the October spoilers, I haven’t like one PUR palette yet.

  29. I personally love KVD cosmetics. I like bold bright colors. I may disagree with some of her choices but I am sure she would disagree on a lot of mine as well. I am just happy to live in a world where I am free to choose what is best for me and my children. By the way I am one of those immune compromised people, but it is not her job to make sure I do what is best for me. It’s her job to do what is best for her family, while I do what is best for mine. We really need to stop being so judgemental and start focusing on taking care of ourselves , which is why I get boxycharm.

  30. Why is everything so complicated now??? Everything has to be an issue… it’s so sad. I mean I’m pretty young and it’s just crazy how things have changed so much from when I was growing up ( I’m 34) even though we all had different opinions we were all cool… really miss those simple days☹️

    • Agreed…

    • Choosing to potentially endanger other people for a selfish reason isn’t simple Lawden. Of course people are mad.

      • It’s not a selfish reason if you have a 6 year old boy who was happy and healthy until the day after he got all his vaccines when he turned 2. He’s now severely autistic. And yes, it was literally the day after and yes, he’s my nephew. There are plenty of articles talking about the poisons and heavy metals in vaccines, and there has been a lot of publicity lately about the fact that traces of Roundup can be found in a lot of vaccines.

        • Please this is not a website for political agendas as the stepmother of a severely autistic child who’s idiotic mother didn’t vaccinate and already immuno suppressed child these are issues I deal with in my daily life and I come to MSA As an escape and someplace that I enjoy to get away from the daily drama and do something happy for myself. Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion but there’s a proper place and forum for it and this isn’t it. This is a place for us to come together and do something nice for ourselves And support each other in a community unlike any other on the Internet that I have found. I have learned a lot from all of you and I appreciate all of you and I’m thankful for this site.

        • Autism is primarily genetic. He was going to develop autism anyway. You’re just choosing to blame vaccines.

          All these “articles” have been debunked. You are being disingenuous * at best*.

        • Same exact thing here Kate. 🙁 If I could do it all over again, I would never have taken him for those 2 year old shots.

          • I’m so sorry for you, Wendy. We all feel exactly the same. We saw some improvement early on with supplement dosages of things like zinc, I haven’t seen him in 6 months because they moved, but my sister has seen some results recently with treatments designed to flush the heavy metals.

    • Agreed. People complain over the craziest things. This is. A 21$ box that we get 130$ plus worth of makeup!! Pur is an amazing brand. So is it cosmetics. This box is a gift as far as I’m concerned. I can’t believe the amount of complaints. Let them cancel! There are people who would appreciate how awesome this box is!! I for one love all the pallets we get! Pur and everyone else! Thank you boxycharm!!

    • I agree. Everyone has different views. What happened to agreeing to disagree. Everything has to be a political issue

      • With all due respect, This is not “differing opinions”. This is pure science & facts vs straight up lies.

        Reducing facts like this into a matter of opinion legitimates these very harmful lies and mistruths

    • I agree. I’m always surprised at the negativity here, especially lately, around boxes and shipments that are supposed to be fun and bring joy.

  31. I’m going to wait and see what the face palette looks like, and unless it’s magical I’m canceling for a bit. Need to start conserving money and the most exciting thing in this box is the mascara, which I can’t justify keeping for when I’ve got a whole bag lined up to try.
    Not a liquid lipstick fan, and hers is extra drying, not to mention all the ethical issues. Plus, too many of the ones being held in that photo look brown, and I’ve gotten way too many brown liquid lipsticks from boxy. I didn’t mind getting the occasional one here and there, but it feels like the only color I get now. If I actually thought I’d get a good color, and the other spoilers looked good, maybe I would do one more month, but as it is, eh.

  32. I don’t care about the KatVonD thing but am cancelling because I’ll be switching to ipsy I think. My only fav so far is the mascara and it’s not enough to keep me

  33. Is this a guaranteed brand item that will be in the box -or- will it endup being a variant… with clearanced smashbox lippies, grandelip & butter london lippies??? That’s all what I want to know. Take ur debate elsewhere pls. Thanks 😉

  34. Ugh, Boxy PLEASE don’t support KVD anymore. Not vaccinating not only risks her own child’s life, it risks the lives of other children/immune compromised individuals.

    I’ll be giving mine away. I won’t promote her ever again. 🙁

    • Boycott me too because I dont give all my kids all the vaccines, just the basics. Kat makes amazing products.

      • I agree Monique. She has an amazing brand. If people don’t like her, Why do they think everyone wants to hear about it? I don’t care what she does. You can’t control anyone in the world. Why do people think they can? I’m glad I can pick my friends. I wouldn’t be able to be around such negative people. :/ Keep the awesome products coming , Boxycharm!!

  35. Everytime I see katvond mentioned anywhere I cringe… not bc of anything about her but bc of all the comments and rude things people have to say about her. Everyone deserves to express their opinion but if you do not want to support her than simply do not. I like her makeup and hope I get a wearable shade!

    • It’s not being rude. I don’t care she’s vegan. I don’t care she wants to raise her child vegan. I care that she wants to risk his/her life and the lives of other kids/people in the process because she’s caught up in some twisted pseudoscience BS.

      I am all for bodily autonomy and raising children in the way that you see fit, according to your own moral/ethical belief systems, but not when it is at best borderline abusive and at worst can harm or kill your child or those of others. That’s when you cross the line and it’s not okay.

  36. Disappointed in boxycharm. They were so great about refunds when it came out LL make racist remarks but they are perfectly ok with supporting Kat von D who is anti-Semitic and married to man with actual swastika tattoos. And that’s not even mentioning the anti-vax comments.

    I guess only some people matter to boxycharm.

    • If they based every box off of everyone’s personal beliefs we wouldn’t have any brands to include. Everyone has reasons they don’t support one brand or another , which is fine. This is a beauty subsciption box not politics. If you don’t want it, don’t use it .
      Over everyone feeling like everything needs to be tailored to them. No matter what people get offended over anything . They really can’t win!

      • Deciding to hate people for their religion is not a “personal belief”. When you decide to Not care or label it a a politcla discussion we shouldn’t bother with you are saying that hatred is ok to continue.

        If boxycharm does not support Laura Lee after she made inappropriate comments against black people why are they ok with supporting Kat Von D for making inappropriate comments against Jewish people.

        Again – the message it’s ok to hate jewish people because kat von d makes interesting makeup. Laura lee can’t hate black people though because her makeup palette only did ok.

  37. Well I didn’t even know she had a kid, so I couldn’t care less. What I do care about is that her liquid lipstick is a product I wanted to try in a more lilac-greige color – doubt I will get that shade, but I’d like to try the formula before I spend over 20 again for this color I want (when Sephora has it stocked). If the online swatches weren’t so off base, I’d buy everything online – unf u can never tell until u swatch it how different some lip products look compared to the swatch or tube color. I’ve wasted so much money on the wrong colors…it’s my Achilles heel.

    • They look entirely different. On the lips than in a swatch too. Makes lippies from subscription boxes a tough process. I’ve wasted so many lippies I thought would look great, bit on my lips they look very different. So if I don’t like them and have already tried them on the lips I can’t donate them. If I get the shade you want I’ll swap with you! Gray tinted lippies make me look like I’m sickly, lol.

    • The formula is amazing. Silky, smooth not sticky at all.

  38. If I cancel will I still get the September box? I went to cancel and it had lots of pop ups begging me to stay, and one mentioned ‘but you don’t want to miss out on the September box!’ so I didn’t go through with it. I could wait until my box mails to be safe, but most boxes still send out the box you paid for if you cancel. It’s a bit confusing.

    (And what Kat Von D does with the decision to vaccinate/not vaccinate doesn’t bug me – that has nothing to do with her makeup brand. My problems with Kat Von D have more to do with not liking much of her makeup – formulas/shades, etc., and her makeup brand running a contest but then Kat Von D cancelling the winner’s awards and giving them to someone else because she disagreed with the winner’s personal political views. That does affect the brand image.)

    • I canceled early in September and still got my box.

    • Wow your box didnt ship yet? Mine usually ships out by the end of the 1st week of the month at the latest. But, if you paid for Sept then you will get the box if you cancel. If you werent charged then no box.

      • Good to know – I was already charged so it should be fine then. Thanks!

    • If you are charged then you will get your box.

    • Yes you will still get your box you’ve already been charged for it you’ll get it I unsubscribed September 1st because I was so mad over the luxe deal and I just got my box yesterday

  39. . Kat Von D May be a smart business woman, but not smart if she is not getting her child vaccinated . That’s Crazy. Did she forget about measles’s, mumps, and rubella? Probably because our children don’t get that anymore. They’ve been immunized. That’s why.

    • Some people believe that vaccines are very harmful. Including myself. We have the choice in this country whether or not we want to vaccinate our children. I support your right to choose what is best for you and your family.

      • How can vaccines be harmful? Aren’t they meant to protect us?

        • In general, vaccines are there to protect. However, many are rushed to put into use before any long term studies can be done on safety. Others are combined with other vaccines and again before any tests can be done on long term safety. There also is a concern with the speed and number of vaccines as the rate and amount has been increasing over time and kids are given more of them as babies now. Also, how effective specific vaccines are tends to vary by vaccine – and oftentimes a vaccine that is known to be effective gets combined with vaccines that are only theorized to be effective.

          It’s sort of a trade off – less risk of deadly diseases (measles, polio) but increase of other risks and reactions and some unknowns. While some of the hype against vaccines is overblown, the idea they are perfectly safe and that there are no/few risks is exaggerated as well. And while there have been resurgences of a few diseases recently, most of those cases have been in adults, not children – more likely cases of childhood vaccines wearing off than unvaccinated children spreading disease. (Many adults don’t realize that most vaccines have a limited lifespan and that they need to check they are still immune.)

          I’ve been getting my kids vaccinated, but I wouldn’t want to take away the right of other parents to research and make decisions for themselves and their own children, either. It’s a complex issue.

          • Very well said. Unlike some people you sound very well informed and educated on this issue. I feel like you’ve given me a very well balanced view, and you stated your opinion very diplomatically. I don’t have children and have heard from both extreme sides in the past, but not anything closer to the middle like this. As with most issues, rarely are things as black and white as we’d like to believe.

          • P.S. I wasn’t saying, “some people” in a derogatory way. After I reread I realized it may have sounded critical and that was not my intention.

          • Thank you. 🙂 I’m going to look into this more, I always just assumed they were okay. This kinda reminds me how everybody goes and gets flu shots and how some people get really sick after.

      • Right, people use fear to take away freedom

      • There is only one study that anti vaccinators rely on to say that vaccines can cause severe autism, etc. The doctor who created that study had his liscense revoked for falsifying information. What is harmful is not getting vaccinated and MMR or polio coming back. Where’s the harm in vaccines?

        • There’s actually more than “only one study.” And not all of them have to do with autism. I chose to not vaccinate certain vaccines until my children were older. We were advised by the pediatrician at what age to get each vaccination. But I fully believe you don’t have to inject strains of diseases in your child to prevent them from getting diseases. And if your child is vaccinated then you don’t need to worry about your child catching something like measles (remember to get the booster around age14) and what’s the deal with mumps and rubella?? That’s kind of outdated. Things like polio are known overseas so, if your child is near people who travel overseas or your child travels overseas, that’s really a reason to get that. The problem is there are several diseases per some vaccine and that can create confusion when deciding what vaccines to give children. I’m more concerned about HPV, which can give your child cancer, Hep C and tetanus. Just because I chose my kids to get vaccinated when they got older doesn’t give me the right to tell others what to do. That’s a family decision.
          As far as cosmetic and skin care companies, I choose to only use natural products, not tested on animals; no chemicals. I don’t allow my children to wear or eat chemicals. There are studies on food coloring, perservatives, and HFCS being extremely harmful and that they affect behavior, mental and physical health yet the majority of our country eats and feeds their children these things. So some believe vaccinating will save them but they FEED their kids poison! Makes no sense to me! But still not my business except I don’t want any child to be hurt.
          I choose not to support any products that support evil things or people who treat their customers like crap.
          Stepping back into my cave now.

          • Great points, especially on the disconnect between worrying about an incredibly low risk disease vs. actually feeding kids potentially harmful products. Kids have to get so many vaccines so fast these days. I’ve gotten them all, so far, but my doctor does make sure to distinguish between the priority/more necessary ones vs. ones that can be put off until later.

          • Where is the proof that HPV causes cancer?

          • I don’t want to get into the vaccine debate but there is lots of evidence that HPV causes cancer. There are specific strands of HPV that cause it. Not all strands. There are over a 100 strands. Cervical cancer is the main cancer you can get. Here is a copy and paste from the cancer website.
            Cervical cancer. …
            Vulvar cancer. …
            Vaginal cancer. …
            Penile cancer. …
            Anal cancer. …
            Mouth and throat cancer.

        • If you are really interested in this, I recommend you do some research. There are many books written on the subject that are very reliable and informative

          • Your books are not science. Why do you think polio is no longer in the US? Why do you think kids are getting chickenpox and measles less?
            I’m a nurse and I worked in a pediatric clinic giving vaccines for over 3 years. I’ve seen first hand how vaccines work. So your “books” mean nothing to me.

      • Nope. You not immunizing your kids puts EVERYONE at risk. That’s when it no longer is just a personal choice. If you don’t want to vaccinate, you better not bring your family where they can infect and threaten the lives of others. For shame.

        • You are so right, Lori. It is not a choice,; it is an obligation if you live in the society and not in isolation. The only way unvaccinated people do not get diseases like polio because people around them are vaccinated and do not transmit. As soon as the number of vaccinated people decreases, these diseases will spread again. It is called communal immunity. This is how they eliminated smallpox. It could not spread because everyone was vaccinated. That is why this virus was eliminated in its natural habitat. If some people who rely on unjustified claims are afraid of causing autism, I will take an autistic child over a dead child or a deformed child. Stupidity and ignorance should not indulged and should not be permitted. Period. And ignoramuses should be publicly kept accountable. It has never been a choice.

      • What do you say to the people who lose loved ones because you decided to believe an article on Facebook or a mommy blog over medical science? Does your apology bring the dead back to life? Despite what you may think, nobody cares if you decide to put yourself at risk. But when you decide to gamble with innocent lives, any excuse you may have will never be enough.

  40. I absolutely love BoxyCharm. I loved be all the previews. Kat Von D May be a smart business woman, but not smart if she is not getting her child vaccinated . That’s Crazy. Did she forget about measles’s, mumps, and rubella? Probably because our children don’t get that anymore. They’ve been immunized. That’s why.

  41. I canceled my subscription yesterday and I’m so glad I did. Their boxes aren’t what they used to.

  42. All controversy aside, Kat’s liquid lips are some of the best. I just hope I don’t get that pink shade

    • I actually hate them haha – even aside from the whole controversy. They always made my lips ridiculously dry. If I used them more than 1 day in a row the sides of my mouth would actually be cracking.

  43. Hmmm not excited about this box based on the first three spoilers. Would be OK with the Pur palette if the other items were good, but I rarely buy mascara and I’m not a huge fan of Kat Von D for various reasons.

  44. I’m looking forward to the box. I like pur and kvd not vaccinating her kids would not hurt my vaccinated kids, so that’s not a thing. I’m looking forward to the kvd product because I’ve never tried it. Looks like it’s shaping up to be another well rounded box!

    • It most certainly is a thing. A non vaccinated child can spread disease even to vaccinated children. I have an immune compromised child who is fully vaccinated, but he is very susceptible to illness and disease. Her child could potentially make children like mine extremely sick, or even cause death. Remember the measles outbreak at Disney? How about all the whooping cough infections every winter? Or meningitis? Perhaps Hepatitis A? Non-vaccinated kids spread disease; and babies, elderly, and immune compromised people are extremely vulnerable to those illnesses. Everyone can potentially be affected by ignorant people not vaccinating their children.

      • Having personally had two children with problems due to said vaccines, I understand why people choose not to vaccinate. I’m truly sorry your child has health issues, but every parent must do what’s best in their situation and their child’s best interest. Until you walk in someone else’s shoes, don’t cast stones.

        • I’m not casting stones. I completely agree that If your child is allergic to, or has problems with, vaccines then by all means don’t vaccinate. Herd immunity can and does protect the people that can’t have them. But it’s people like KVD that hurt our kids when they don’t vaccinate for reasons other than that. I’m all for natural approaches to health too, but sometimes it’s not an option. I believe that vaccines should be safe, and I fully support research into improving them. Relying on unproven, scientifically questionable research doesn’t help either. I believe the anti-vax community is trying to protect their kids, but they’re going about it the wrong way because it potentially harms your children as well as mine, and everyone else. I don’t think you really have a choice not to vaccinate because your kids had an adverse effect (and I’m really sorry for that too. It must have been awful). There are valid reasons for not vaccinating, but sketchy research and misinformation should not be among them. I truly hope that your kids are ok, and don’t have any long term problems.

      • Amen

      • I wish there was a way I could “Like” or “Love” your comment, TheOtherJulia.
        When I saw there was a Kat Von D product in next month’s box, my heart sank and I audibly sighed. I won’t be throwing it in the trash, but I will be looking for someone to donate it to. I choose not to purchase from her brand (thereby supporting her choices) because I believe them to be reckless and placing others at risk even after the idea that vaccines being harmful overall has been disproven – and rescinded by the doctor that started most of the claims himself.

      • Theres no reason to call other people ignorant. This is a free country and there wasnt even disease here until my country was invaded by ship loads of rats and people infected. Everyone has a right to choose what is good for themselves and there family. I believe in a more natural approach with my health and my families health and I am by no means an ignorant person!

        • Their

        • If anything, you’re more educated about these things because you take the time to search for natural products for your family. And it doesn’t stop there because a lot of the much loved companies support things that are horrifying.

    • It’s kind of bad that you’re only concerned about your own children (and that you think it couldn’t affect them) and not about how it may affect other children who can’t medically get vaccinated or have immuno-deficiencies. It is a thing.

      • Did you miss the part where I stated my kids are vaccinated, but I understand why some would not, due to my personal experience? Each parent does what they feel they need to for their child’s well being. Whose child is more valuable to set the standard for what everyone should do? So no, my opinion is certainly not self centered. I have vaccinated kids, but believe parents should be able to choose.

      • I must be a monitory, my daughter has an immune deficiency (IgA to be excact with levels low single digits) and I absolutely have no issue with those who choose not to vaccinate. It’s their right. And you can’t bully people by making the scared decision to vaccinate. Then get mad when someone tells you how to raise your children because it’s not their right. It’s hypocritical. And not stating that everyone is being hypocritical FYI. It’s just my opinion, my conspiracy allegedly.

    • I don’t usually comment on these types of things on this site but I did want to share my story. My son has all of his vaccinations. When he took an internship at Hopkins he had to have blood work indicating that the vaccinations were in his system. He was a teen at the time. I can’t remember which one but it was a series of 3. Even though he had received all 3 as a baby he had to get all 3 again. I think it was something like 1st one that day, 2nd one 6 months later, and 3rd a year or two after that.
      I then decided to get myself checked just to see and lo and behold I was no longer immune to measles so I got that shot again as an adult.
      My whole point being don’t assume that just because someone has all the vaccinations that one is immune.

      • I’ve had this same thing happen! I didn’t know it happened to others. With every one of my pregnancies I was tested and the bloodwork came back that I needed the MMR vaccine. I had all of my records, but each time was re-vaccinated once I gave birth. That’s 4 times I’ve been vaccinated plus I have in my records that I actually had rubella when I was 7 months old. It’s like my body rejects the immunization. I’ve never had chicken pox or the mumps either although all of my siblings did. It’s just weird.

  45. I cancelled both my accounts too. No FOMO on this one!

  46. Did I miss something? Why not support KVD products?
    Well, I do like the shades that are shown. I received a mini KVD lippy in another box, it was a little drying, but stayed put..I just added some lip conditioner on top.
    I love the mascara, very happy to be getting another.

    • If I recall correctly, KVD doesn’t support vaccinations for her children.

    • Folks are irate with KVD (myself included) because she has come out against vaccinations for her child, not due to her child being allergic to the vaccination or having an illness that would make being vaccinated dangerous, but because some vaccines are not vegan. Essentially, she is endangering her child and other children – and by speaking publicly about it, she’s providing a dangerous example that some might follow.

      I’m not happy that she’s in the October box, no sir.

      • I believe she also feeds her cats a vegan diet. Smh.

        • Of course she does! If she didn’t she’d be a hipocrit like so many who supposedly support immunizations then feed their kids a bunch of crap that causes diseases.

          • 1. It’s spelled “hypocrite”
            2. “Of course” she doesn’t feed her pets, that she claims to love, the required nutrients they need as carnivores to survive? Cats aren’t omnivorous like humans or dogs, their primary food source is meat. So, she’s actually being a total hypocrite as someone who claims to be a vegan for moral reasons while actually practicing animal cruelty by starving her cats.

      • Well said Lenya!

    • I have not supported her because of her antisemitic actions. Vaccines were just icing on the cupcake for me. I am absolutely not keeping the lipstick.

  47. I just cancelled my subscription with them.

    • and I didn’t cancel because of KVD, just taking a break from BC for now…………

  48. Pass! I cannot stand the brand due to its owner’s actions. BC — Why do you consistently do the “wrong thing”?

  49. YASSSSS this is my holy grail lipstick

  50. Super drying formula from a brand I can’t in good conscience support anymore? Definitely glad I cancelled.

    • Wow! You summed up perfectly what I was going to say.

    • Yes, this. I want to cancel, but I don’t want to take myself out of the waitlist and miss out on December Luxe. I really wish they had a skip feature like ipsy does.

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