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Look Fantastic Beauty Box September 2018 FULL SPOILERS!

We have the full spoilers for the September 2018 Look Fantastic Beauty Box thanks to Plush Koala!

Variation #1 will include:

Variation #2 will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

Look Fantastic is $19.00 a month, or $16 a month with an annual subscription (you don’t need to pay the full cost up front, either!) 

This box ships worldwide. Check out all of our Look Fantastic Beauty Box reviews to learn more about this subscription box!

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Comments (37)

  1. I just received the September box yesterday. Apparently there’s a variation #3 (that’s what it said on my account).
    I received Omorovicza firming neck cream, which was a little surprising since I haven’t seen any mention of a third variation or of the neck cream being one of the items. Looking forward to trying everything.

  2. I think it’s way off to put the Mane ‘n Tail hand and nail therapy in this box. That just instantly made me not want to subscribe. It’s no where near high end or even mid range. That being said it is a decent product though. It’s not oily/greasy feeling and dries down super quick but it’s not the most hydrating product I’ve used. My hubby actually picks up tubes of it, half the size of this bottle, from the HARDWARE store for $1.99 LOL

  3. Regarding a product originally for horses hooves being used now to strengthen human hails:

    Am I the ONLY ONE who used Barielle products for nails for years? It is ( or was, IDK now) a high end line of products of nail strengtheners and buffing creams and all kinds of fancy nail products.
    Barielle started out the same way as Mane and Tail. It was designed to condition and strengthen the hooves of show horses.

    I think Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner is AWFUL and wouldn’t use it on my dog, but the nail product may well have some benefits as far as moisturizing or strengthening.

    Barielle really did help my nails be long and strong and really beautiful, then it was very hard to find for a few years and I stopped using it. ( I think I’m talking myself back into a purchase here).

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Eve Lom and I love the cleansing balm. Our mothers and grandmothers hardly ever cleaned their faces with soap and water ( even good lye- free soap). They used oil based balms and usually removed them with a soft cloth.
    I think my grandmother and mother had very soft skin. They didn’t have the wrinkle reducing measures or preventions like SPF and so forth that we have in our facial moisturizers, primers, and foundations but their nighttime cleansing routine was very similar to the Eve Lom balm ( and others such as Elemis and Beautycounter balms). I find them very effective, soothing and a perfect canvas to start my nighttime preventive care on.

    If you haven’t tried either a nail and hand product made first for show horses worth several million dollars each, who would be lame and face a bleak future without healthy hooves and a perfect gait, or a cleansing balm, then try it before you hate on it or decide it’s just not your thing.

    I mean, who among us ever liked dental floss as kids, right? 😉 But, it definitely helped us have healthier teeth and gums as we’ve continued to use it.

  4. Eve Lom has been dispatched and on her way to me!!! And I will enjoy other items as well. My skin care product stock is officially fire… I am springing for the drunk elephant vitamin c but otherwise … I need to take Several seats and stay seated until January…intermittent fasting for subs. Can I do it??? This seems harder than giving up food.

    • Thats my problem lol. I think imma take a break from all my subs..then spoilers start to trickle and the panic sets in and then its omg its almost christmas i bet the subs between now and Jan will be even more amazing lol. Its an addiction for sure lol

  5. Ooo, I’m excited. I was a bit disapponted with my last box, but I love the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and love shower oils.

    • I just got the Elasticizer from Net a Porter and I really like it so a repeat of it is welcomed any day.

  6. I just signed up and super hoping to get the Omorovicza Ultramoor Mud Mask, as it sounds perfect for my skin type and concerns; if I don’t, hope someone will swap with me for whatever alternate item I get!

    • I will! I already have the mud mask and am hoping for one of the others. I will keep you updated on what I get!

      • Woohoo, sounds good!

  7. I’ve never used any of these items, fun fun!

  8. Is there a referral link to subscribe?

  9. I ordered 2 boxes and now I am especially excited I did!

  10. Another great box! This is my favorite beauty box! I don’t care about the variations either! Either box is great!

  11. I will use 4 out of the 6 products. And I like that the Eve Lom and Omorovicza are higher end products. But it’s not a wow box especially with it being their birthday. Last year’s birthday box wasn’t wow either. And I wish they wouldn’t put Mane and Tail in there either. To me that doesn’t fit in a beauty box. It’s out of place.

    • Yeah Mane and Tail is bogus.

      • Mane n Tail is actually a pretty good brand. I find it similar in awesomeness to udder cream (which is the BEST hand cream I’ve ever used). It may seem unusual for us, because it’s basically a drug store brand, but keep in mind, this is a UK box, and they do send us items that are available in their own drug stores. I’ve never actually tried their hand cream but I’d be interested to see how it holds up against my hg udder cream lol

    • I’ve used some of the Mane and Tail stuff for hair and it’s great, despite being a lower price point. One for nails might be nice!

  12. Yes, my hooves needed some TLC! Best product name ever! 🙂

  13. So variation one you know which Omorovicza product you are getting, but two will be a surprise. Hmm… I almost want to pick two for the surprise. The Mane ‘n Tail is so out of place with the rest of the box. Looks like it was thrown in last minute. LOL.

    • Based on the blog from where spoiler is taken there is only 1 Omorovicza item regardless of variation…

      • I think she meant variation two is a surprise which product you get, not that you get two items.

  14. They did not translate Plush Koala blog website correctly!
    Variation 1 correct
    Variation 2 blog says that instead of Omorovicza Ultramoor Mud Mask – 5 ml you will get one of : Omorovicza Copper Peel – 2X8ml OR Omorovicza Moor Cream Cleanser – 30ml OR Omorovicza Gold Shimmer Oil – 30ml

    It would be more correct to do one variation and one surprise item from Omorovicza:
    Omorovicza Ultramoor Mud Mask – 5 ml; Omorovicza Copper Peel – 2X8ml; Omorovicza Moor Cream Cleanser – 30ml; Omorovicza Gold Shimmer Oil – 30ml

    I need Gold shimmer Oil ;)))

  15. Yay!!! I’m happy both boxes get the Eve Lom… I have wanted to try this fabled cleanser. I can live with the first version with 6 if I get that one. Super happy “Carlton” dance for Eve Lom…I hope I haven got my hopes up too much but Elemis didn’t disappoint and I do not think this will. Can’t wait to see which cleanse wins my vote… lol ..

    • I finally tried the eve lom cleanser and was disappointed after all the hype. It leaves your skin very soft but feels like Vaseline goop on your face. If you get a chance to try omorovicza thermal balm I highly recommend that.

  16. Well I’m sure I will get variation #1…

  17. Is this right? Variation 2 just gets another high value item? That seems odd and I’d be mad if I got variation 1. The picture of variation 2 does not show the mud mask. Are one of the 3 Omorovicza really a replacement of the mud mask in variation 1?

      • I understand that but your product list under the picture of variation 2 also shows the mud mask (in addition to 1 of the 3 other products) although the mud mask is not actually shown in the picture. As the comment below says, is the variation really just 1 of 4 Omorovicza products per the pictures and the list has a typo?

      • I think variation 2 has a typo. I think there is a total of one Omorovicza product. They may have just copied variation one down and forgot to delete the mud mask

    • My guess is the variation item is the Omorovicza and we will get one of the four listed and that mud mask kid ed on the second was a typo.

  18. I thought everyone got the same thing for this subscription. Is this something new? I don’t like it!

    • I’m sick of all my boxes doing variations now. I always end up with the majority of things I wouldn’t use. But I’m ok with this one. Sounds fun!

      • I don’t know why it says variation. We’re just going to get 1 of the 4 Omorovicza things listed. It should have just listed the box items and for that say subscribers will get 1 of the S items from Omorovicza.

      • I agree this would have made more sense to post.

        Personally, I REALLY don’t like variations. INEVITABLY, I end up with the one variation I was hoping I wouldn’t get. I’m trying to be zen about it : )

      • I’m hoping for anything but the gold shimmer oil. I don’t do shimmer lol.

      • I agree just makes me mad i didnt get something else awesome to tryr

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