FabFitFun Fall 2018 SPOILER #2 + $10 COUPON!

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We have the latest spoiler for the FabFitFun Fall 2018 box! 

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter). Your first box will be the Fall Box!

The second spoiler for the Fall 2018 FabFitFun box is a choice! You can pick the Alfred Tea Pot OR the Alfred Coffee Press. (Or you can pick both for an additional $10)

ALFRED Ceramic and Stainless Steel Teapot

This adorable little teapot is about 4 inches tall – it’s the perfect size for two servings of tea or one extra large cup!

Inside there is a stainless steel loose tea infuser.

-Stainless steel lid
-Wide-lipped infuser
-Sturdy ceramic frame
-20 oz capacity

And here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

Alternatively, you can pick this coffee press:

ALFRED French Press Coffee Maker

This coffee press has a glass vessel that is completely removable from the metal base/handle.

-Stainless steel filter, press, and frame
-20 oz capacity
-Borosilicate glass

Here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

What do you think of the latest spoiler? (You’ll be able to make your spoiler choices on Wednesday!)

In case you missed the previous spoiler:

The first spoiler for the Fall 2018 FabFitFun box is a choice! You can pick the Vince Camuto Tote OR the Crown Brush Set! 

All members will be able to choose one of the following two items and the color of the item. If you can’t decide, you can choose additional items for $10 each (while supplies last). Remember, customization opens on Wednesday, August 8 at 9 a.m. PT.

FabFitFun sent us the spoilers early so we can answer any questions you might have about them. First up, the tote!

Vince Camuto Luck Tote ($128 value)

This is made of pebbled vegan leather. Here’s a closer look at the material:

I think this is an excellent faux leather – I had to check the material composition because I wasn’t sure if it was faux or real!

This is an open slim tote with one inner pocket.

The tote measures 17.5 x 12 inches.

And if you are wondering if it can fit a laptop – the answer is yes! Here it is with a mini 12-inch MacBook, but as you can see, there’s plenty of room for a larger laptop:

(You may still want to still put your laptop in a protective sleeve inside the tote.)

Here it is on to give you a better sense of scale.

Don’t you love when a bag has handles that comfortably fit over your shoulder?

As you can see, this is a super slim tote – so I think it’s perfect as a chic laptop carrying case + purse for a few essentials. (But the material isn’t too structured, so you could definitely use it for wider items!)

And if you pick the Vince Camuto tote, you can choose from this color or the black color:

Alternatively, you can pick this Crown Brush Set:

Crown Brush 6 Piece Brush Set ($75 value)

-Colors: “Black + Rose Gold” or “Silver”
-100% synthetic bristles
-Pro grip handle

-Powder Brush
-Blush Brush
-Concealer Brush
-Shadow Brush
-Blending Brush
-Eyeliner Brush
-Travel case

This set is available in Black + Rose Gold or Silver:

The bristles are super soft, synthetic, and densely packed. Here is a closer look at each brush:

What do you think of the first spoilers? Which item are you going to pick?

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box. (This box is regularly $49.99 a quarter). Your first box will be the Fall Box!

(Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!)

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  1. I don’t drink tea or coffee. Kind of a wasted item on me. I don’t have anyone to gift it to either. 😕 Not impressed with these spoilers.

    • Same here. This is the first time I’ve ever been truly disappointed by FabFitFun. There should be something for those of us who don’t drink tea or coffee to select from. I’m racking my brain for someone to give one of these to. Everyone I know who does drink these, already has what they need to make it. Fail, FabFitFun.

      • save it for a secret santa or white elephant in a couple months. I guarantee someone at your job drinks tea or coffee.

      • I think including both tea and coffee was a way to please masses.

    • You can press fruits with the coffee press!!! it is really good.

      • How do you press fruits with this item?

    • Same here…I don’t have a use for either the coffee press or the teapot. And although I like the look of the tote, not sure that I’ll be able to use it since it’s so slim. And the brushes are a definite no for me. Looks like I’ll be passing on the fall box.

    • I feel the same way. Yuck!!!!!

    • Un like you I am super exited I hope later on they are able to make you happy I have 2 years with them and I promise they don’t disappoint.

  2. Not 20 minutes before I saw this spoiler I had texted a friend that I need a new French press. So I’ll likely go with that and add on the pot, too if it’s available because why not? FFF is getting better and better every season, IMO.

  3. I am so excited for this box! Love all the spoilers so far. Definitely need a new bag for work and will probably add the brushes for $10. I’ll also probably get both the tea pot and coffee press to bring to work…. I’m already envisioning my little work space coffee bar!

  4. I know I’m in the minority but this box just isn’t doing anything for me, hopefully more spoilers come out before I need to cancel. I don’t need nor can gift any of these spoilers.

    • I’m not particularly excited about it either. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it until I see more spoilers. I can maybe use the teapot as a gift, but other than that I’m on the fence about the box.

    • Also not excited.

      • Me three. Not mad, just meh.

    • I don’t drink hot beverages and only carry one purse because I kept forgetting to switch over my things. But these will make great gifts.

      • If you drink iced tea, you can brew triple strength tea in the little pot or the coffee press, then decant into a glass and add water and ice.

    • You’re one of many who aren’t too excited. I’m just meh. I can live with the black tote, but not sure I’ll use it. I knew the tea pot and coffee press were coming 6 months ago through a survey I received, and I mixed them then- BORING. Like many people, I already have a coffee press- still in the box- from Breo Box last year. Breo is WAY ahead of FFF on that one. Probably will settle for the tea pot and give it away. Also not impressed with add-ons – nothing I can’t live without. Hopefully this box will improve, but it looks like MORE face masks, an umbrella that we all already have, and other nonessential items. I was hoping for new and innovative stuff.

    • I’ve already skipped. The first one was not something I’d use, and neither are these. Maybe winter. 🙂

    • So, after being annual for a while i lucked into a sweet deal where i was getting changed per season but still getting priority and choice which i thought was a great deal…but this box convinced me to cancel and drop my deal entirely because the savings of skipping just ONE box places me at a cheaper rate than annual (150- coupons= 120 for 3 boxes vs 180 for 4 boxes with annual) and the fact that i wont have choice privaleges if im only seasonal just makes it less likely that ill pick up a box -> even greater savings!$$$$ and less junk to store in my closet. If i want a gift for someone, i want it to be thoughtful. Id be embasared to give crap i didnt want…even if i knew they would like it, id still feel a lil weird deep inside 😂

    • I’m not going to cancel. I easily sell what doesn’t excite me but this box is def “meh” so far.

    • I canceled. Don’t want the umbrella, equally don’t want the bag or the brushes, don’t need any more teapots or French presses (kind of wish I had waited to buy my last teapot now, but honestly it’s better than this one, so I don’t even mind having paid full price for it)… I heard that there’s maybe a wireless headphone option, that’s the only thing that would make me reconsider

    • I’m right there with you and everyone else not too excited by these spoilers. I loved my first 2 boxes but the past 2 or 3 have not been that special. At least in my opinion.
      Also, I signed up for the quarterly sub in the hopes of getting in on early add ons but 3 straight boxes and sales in a row didn’t have the couple items I wanted. Finally, this one does, but they are sold out. I put them in my favorites and have checked it non stop, as well as started shopping as soon as it opened, but nothing… Still sold out. Just my luck I guess…

  5. I love tea and coffee, but I have _many_ teapots and not a single french press so I think I know what my choice should be!

    For the previous spoiler I’m definitely getting the bag. I already have a decent selection of makeup brushes and would rather purchase specific shapes to fill in gaps in my collection.

    • My thoughts exactly for the teapot versus french press decision. I’m definitely more of a tea drinker but that just means I’m already up to my ears in devices to make it. So I’m going for the french press for the occasional time I want coffee, get ground coffee in a sub box that I need to use up or for guests!

  6. I’m so meh about both the spoilers for FFF. I feel like this is going to be Spring Box 2.0. At least the add on selection this time around is good, I’m going to have a hard time paring down to a reasonable amount!

  7. Do we know if we can get both for an extra $10?

    • You can! But only while “supplies last”.

      • Thank you for clarifying! 🙂

      • I’m new to the whole box subscription thing. How do I pick the tea kettle but purchase the coffee press????🤔 Will something pop up after I choose one asking me if I want to purchase the other? Thanks for any help.

        • It’ll be clear for you to follow when you sign up for the box. You will have prompts. It’s not at all difficult to navigate!

      • I just received my email for customization and It doesn’t allow me to pick a second item for 10$. Like how is it sold out already? I just receive this email?
        I want the tote and the brushes!!

  8. Did you know you actually can do loose leaf tea or even bagged tea in the French press too?

    I really don’t see any point in this miniature teapot (other than being cute, obviously). Why would you do your 1 large cup of tea inside of the teapot and then pour into the cup instead of using the infuser in your large cup directly and having 1 fewer items to wash? :/ Not much impressed, honestly.

    • Exactly. I was going to use the press to make 20 oz of tea. A little messy to clean but the leaves float in the water to steep.

    • This thread has helped decide on the French Press…I already have a little teapot with a strainer and I don’t drink tea or coffee much…don’t even have a coffee pot. Yet the French Press seems good for a variety of beverages so I am going to go with that since I don’t have one. You are right about washing more items if one uses the little pot even if it’s loose tea that’s probably why I don’t hardly ever use the one I have, but it does look cute on the shelf.

      • Just a heads up for everyone. There are 2 to 4 tea diffuser, maker, whatever they are called options for add ons. They aren’t sold out by any means either.
        Hope this helps anyone on the fence.

  9. Still not into it. Choosing the red/brown bag and adding on the black and blushes for Xmas gifts. I’ll get the french press and maybe add on the teapot and gift both. It’ll be interesting to see if all of the spoilers from the community pan out on Wednesday.

  10. Yeessss!!! Well done, FabFitFun. I’m really grateful that I’m not crazy about many of the add-ons this season, because I’m going to need both the bag/brushes and the teapot/french press… loving that the press and teapot are not made of plastic! woo hoo!

    • Glad to see someone else is as excited as me.

      I don’t sub to FFF… I only have boxycharm. But ahhh that teapot cannot get any cuter and I love totes to put work snacks in. So I use a purse and a tote. 2/2

      Not sure what to do. To sub or not to sub. I’m kinda pinched on money since I’ve purchased a home to rent out and haven’t had a renter for 6 months, and I kinda need the money to update appliances, etc. But wow, I need to cancel my gym membership and get this! lol

  11. I hope we can get both the teapot and the french press! This is a total win!

  12. Damn it! I was trying to be strong….

    • I know! I resubscribed. That teapot…I love it!!!!

  13. Think I’m skipping this one. I have more teapots and French presses than I know what to do with. That is a very attractive teapot though.

  14. Love these!

  15. I LOVE that teapot!! Can’t wait for this box!! Also, would like to get both the tea pot and french press if I can.

  16. Love love love the teapot. I’m going for it. Also like the Vince Camuto bag in black but I could also use a complete set of cosmetic brushes. Decisions, decisions.

  17. I love this sub! It just never disappoints! Hands down my favorite!! I am thrilled about that gorgeous teapot!!!

  18. I am so excited and would want any of these items… Thanks FFF. All I need is a expensive candle of wax warmer and a scarf and fluff socks…snacks too. I can dream !

    • I like the way you think!

  19. The box design says a lot about the hints for spoiler. So I’m hoping for the dog and the bike 😅 and maybe the couch. Lol just kidding. Ive seen the full spoiler with bag and teapot. I think umbrella would be next soon.

    • If my dog wasn’t such a brat I’d offer her up.

      • That would be the cutest item in the box😊

    • So true right. I went back and looked at the boxes and now have a feeling were gonna grt an umbrella and prob coffee cup…and scarf too.

    • I hope you’re joking about the umbrella. If there really is one then this will be a total bust for me. I have no need for that style bag – I find them useless. I don’t drink tea or coffee and know few people who do. And I haven’t used an umbrella since third grade. Just don’t like them. Ugh. I had really high hopes for the fall box.

      • There is an umbrella.

    • Where did you see the full spoilers??

  20. Liz, are either of these dishwasher safe?

    • I do keep a couple trays in my home with a teapot and cup on each and use them often. Makes it easy and special to make a pot of tea to enjoy with tv or a magazine. When not in use it is part of the decor.

  21. OH MY GOODNESS! I have never been so excited for a box before (and I have over a dozen..) This is what I’m talking about FFF! I’ve been wanting more LIFESTYLE items! I’ve been sick of these proclaimed “lifestyle” boxes loading up on skincare/makeup/haircare. There are way too many beauty boxes out there (from Ipsy to Boxycharm to Skinfix), so if you are going to be a lifestyle box, please be one! I’ve been dying for more house items or accessories and these two spoilers have been exactly what I’ve been wanting! These are long-lasting products that will get great everyday use, and are practical. So worth it!

    • I agree!
      I love the coffee press (I already have one…but maybe I’ll get both).
      I love the tea pot (I again, have one of those, but it’s only ok…this one is way better).
      I like the tote enough to get the black one!

  22. I am super excited for this box. I’m going to pick the brown tote & teapot.

  23. I love this!! I am so thrilled for a French press – I already have one, but I can always use another and it’s so cute!

  24. Let’s see, I can spot a makeup brush, the tote bag, a french press, and various mugs on the box. So all of the spoiler items are featured in the box design.

    So far I’ve also made out a scarf, socks, umbrella, a book or journal, a candle, a pen, and a tube of lotion or hand cream? I’m eager to see what might be next.

  25. Ooh I hope you can get both for $10!

  26. Holy moly, this box is already FANTASTIC! 🙂

  27. If you are torn, note that a French press can be used for making loose teas also. And cold brew coffee as well as hot… It’s not as cute, but it has more options for use if you are limited on space.

    I have a few portable French presses, so as an avid tea drinker, I kindof want two of the teapots! I wonder if we can select two? When they sent the poll to us in June for our opinion, they originally had two patterns for the teapot – I think the other was an ugly pastel geometric pink pattern, so I’m glad they went with the flowers that remind me of the traditional dogwood oriental teapot pattern.

    • ..and natural ice teas too

      • How do you do iced tea that way? I’ve been using the old steeping bag method.

    • I wouldn’t use the same pot for tea and coffee, everything ends up smelling and tasting like coffee…

  28. Teapot is adorable but I unfortunately don’t drink tea or coffee so I don’t know what I want lol

    • Pick one to give as a gift? I’m planning some of my Christmas giving already from this box!

    • I use a teapot for hot water for soups and oatmeal etc. it also works for boiling water for anything you need it for.

      • I don’t believe you can boil water in this teapot. You just put the tea leaves in and pour hot water in for it to steep.

  29. Excited for the teapot ! I typically just use a tea bag, does anyone have any favorite brands of loose leaf tea ?

    • It’s expensive, but I love Aveda’s Comforting Tea!

      • I LOVE this tea too 🙂 I found a knockoff recipe on Pinterest and make it regularly. Tastes about the same and so much cheaper!

        • Ooh, please share!

          • 1-1/4 cup Licorice Root
            1 cup dried peppermint leaves
            1/8 cup fennel seeds
            1/8 dried basil leaves

            This is supposed to make about 30 servings of the tea! Try it 🙂

        • I love the Aveda tea. Until I had it I would have said I wasn’t a tea drinker. It totally settled my stomach. Its one of the few I like.
          Thanks for this advise on similar alternatives. MSA has so much more than subscription box news! Love the advice I’ve received in the posts.

      • Teapigs makes the same tea but it’s a much better quality and it’s a lot cheaper. You get 50 teabags for $25 as opposed to $20 for 20 tea bags with the Aveda tea. It’s called licorice peppermint. It’s my favorite tea of all time. They make a lot of interesting teas. Teapigs.com

        • Interesting! Thanks for sharing that!

    • Harney & Sons has amazing loose leaf teas. You can order online or find their tins at Target on the top shelf in the tea section. If you order online, they ship free & they include samples of other flavors. Love them.

      • Awesome !! I’ve tried their tea bags and really liked them !

    • I love Tin Roof Tea out of Raleigh. Their Rip Van Winkle blend is beautiful and delicious (and effective), and the coconut green tea is a great way to get the benefits of green tea with better flavor (hot or cold). Support small business! 🙂

    • I second Harney and Sons! they have free shipping too. Damn Fine Tea is also very good, it’s an indie brand, they have a website.

    • I love Adagio teas!

      • I am a fan of Adagio too! Since Teavana ruined their Earl Grey Cream, I’ve been drinking Adagio’s Earl Grey Bravo and Earl Grey Moonlight. Very nice and reasonably priced.

  30. I love them both. I can’t decide!

  31. The teapot is so adorable. I’m not a coffee or tea drinker but the teapot would make a great gift. I’m a little confused though…a teapot is not the same as a tea kettle?? So you heat water and then pour it into this teapot?

    • Right. Rinsing it with boiling water and warming it up and dumping it out before you add the tea and more water will keep your tea hotter.

    • Was wondering about that too. I drink tea everyday but I make it iced (Chai) so I don’t think the teapot will work for that (I would still have to heat up the water, etc.). It is awfully cute though so I’ll probably select that since I don’t drink coffee and I don’t think my husband would actually use the French press.

  32. The tea pot is $26 and the french press is $22.

  33. I think the teapot is so cute! I do not drink coffee but my husband does. I hope we can choose both and I hope that it is a seasonal choice.

  34. I’m going to chose the black bag and the teapot.

    • Same! I am loving these spoilers! I’ve been wanting a new teapot and laptop tote for a while now; it seems like FFF is reading my mind!

  35. Not too excited about either one…If anyone would like to trade or buy, let me know which one to get..I am looking for more skin care/make up items. Thank you!

  36. I love that little teapot! I’m definitely picking that. I’ve been wanting to get a small teapot like that but I haven’t found one that I like…until now. It’s perfect for me. I do wish I could buy the coffee press too though but that doesn’t sound like an option.

    Liz, I realllllly like those scarves you’re wearing in the pics with the totes, especially the green & blue one. Could they perhaps be another item in the fall box??? A girl can wish, lol

    • Both scarves are actually from the Fall 2016 FabFitFun Box 🙂

      • Awww, bummer 😞 I’m really coveting that blue/green one, lol

        • There’s a dupe for the blue/green one on Amazon that I have. It’s super soft and warm. DEARCASE Women’s Tassels Soft Plaid Tartan Scarf Winter Large Blanket Wrap Shawl

        • You can get those blanket scarves on amazon, like 10$

    • Those are the modcloth scarves from FFF 2 winters ago. there might be some green and blue on the swap site, I know the red and the black/white are on there.

  37. What is the value of the teapot and french press?

  38. I would have to get both if it’s possible to hard to choose between these awesome spoilers. Thank you, Liz! A great way to start the week courtesy of MSA and FFF!

    When life throws you lemons, subscriptions keep you going 🙂

  39. The tea pot is so cute . . . but I am more likely to use the french press.

  40. I am definitely a coffee drinker over tea, but I already have a french press so I think the tea pot is the way to go. Besides, I have SO much tea in my house collected from various subs I think the tea pot might help motivate me to start digging into my stash!

  41. Can you skip a box with fab fit fun??

    • Yes if you are seasonal….I am definitely skipping…This box is a no for me based off the 2 spoilers..

  42. So both these spoilers are a choice for all subscribers and not just for annual? If so then I’m stoked! I’ve been wanting a new French press!

    • My husband told me yesterday that we should buy a French press!

  43. Loving this box!

  44. I love both of then. I have a kurig and I don’t drink tea so they are actually both kind of useless to me haha but I just love how cute they both are. I can always just use it as a cute decoration for my kitchen though

  45. Will this be a straight either/or choice, or can we choose both for extra $?

  46. The tea pot is so cute. I think that will be my choice since I prefer cold brew coffee

    • You can make cold brew in a french press too. I’ve done it many times and it works well.

  47. Not too enthused. The teapot would have been useful if it were not for the color and pattern. I already have a French press.

    • It’s the pattern that kills it for me too. I also don’t like that its ceramic… porcelain is better imo. French press for me, I guess. So far this bix is a bust because the tote on the FFF Instagram makes it look extremely cheap, lets hope thats not the case.

  48. Meh to both for me. And I liked both the brushes and the bag from the last spoiler, so I’ll probably end up paying for both and then giving whatever I get from this choice away.

  49. French press, FTW! With my Keurig, I doubt this will really get much use in my house, but its so cute!

  50. That teapot is SO pretty! I don’t drink much tea, but I may need to swap for it.

    • It’s soo cute in person, too 🙂

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