BoxyLuxe September 2018 Possible Spoiler!

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We have a POSSIBLE spoiler for the September BoxyLuxe thanks to Yosef! (Thanks, Kyla, and Angie, for the heads up!)

The September BoxyLuxe box MAY include:

TARTE Park Ave Princess Bronzer & Contour Palette – Retail Value $45

What do you think of the possible spoiler?

Also, in case you missed the earlier regular Boxycharm spoiler…

All subscribers (For both regular and Boxy Luxe) will receive:

PRETTY VULGAR Nightingale Eyeshadow Palette – Retail Value $35

If you sign up now, the August box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, the regular Boxycharm box is $21 a month. BoxyLuxe is a once-a-quarter upgrade option you can add to your existing $21-a-month Boxycharm subscription. So for an additional $28.99, you’ll get the Luxe items, and be paying a total of $49.99 for that quarterly box. (This upgrade option will be available soon.)

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Anyone see BC fb new pic post today? Has a black BC bag, looks to be advertising the new BL stating value over $300. Unfortunately the items in that picture is not very impressive… I would not sub to BL if those were the items. I’d rather stay with BC at $21

    • That looks like that Swag Bag they are giving away at Boxy Charm in Session.

      • What’s the BC swag bag? A contest?

        • It’s a $150 makeup class they are putting on in Houston. Tried to post the link but it didn’t take.

  2. I really hope boxycharm doesn’t see tarte as “luxe” or high end. They are play makeup at best and I’d be highly disappointed to pay extra for anything from any brand even related to tarte in marketing style and product quality

  3. I hope I am able to get the luxe box. Ive already put the money away for it.

  4. I got a purple lipstick this month o_O

    • Omg same… mine was a pale lavender. I really need the September box. The last box was such a dud for me. If I was a party animal or a makeup guru, I’d prob love it. But as a sophisticated professional in my late 20s, I have no words. LOL Still love Boxy… I hope I get the Boxyluxe. *prays* I tend to miss everything that sells out fast…

      • I got kicked out of the boxycharm beauties group for saying I didn’t like the palette from August’s box LOL I wasn’t even rude about it. They were saying it was “bold” and I said, that’s not bold, that’s ridiculous. Well it was like a witch hunt, everyone attacked me then bam! banned! hahahahaha

        • Saying it’s ridiculous is very rude to the people that like and will wear the palette. Why can’t you just say it’s not your style or not for you?

        • The admins over there take their job way too seriously!

        • Best plan – if you can’t say something nice… you know the rest. I don’t bother even trying to have opinions anymore bc you will end up angering someone and I honestly don’t care what other people think LOL

      • Lol. Mine was an ombre lipstick in really pretty packaging, color was “sunset orange”. When I opened it it had 3 colors across like a rainbow…. bright orange, a lavender, and hot pink. I was shocked, lol. I sent a pic to my SIL, who replied with a pic of her lipstick which was gray-black in color. Lol.

        • Lol, I would’ve loved any of those colors, but I got the matte liquid lipstick in a normal pinky-nude shade. I’ll wear it of course, but it doesn’t fit the theme at all.

        • I hope I get one of the ombre lipsticks! They are so cool!

  5. I just want some more spoilers, or at least examples of what MIGHT be in it before I make up my mind about the Luxe box. I feel like they aren’t giving people much time to consider before we’ll have to make a decision about the September box.

    • The first 3 spoilers they reveal will be in both boxes. But I said the same exact thing on IG, if I am expected to pay 49.99 I want full spoilers before I am charged.

      • I feel the same way I would want full spoilers before I make a $50 purchase.when money is tight I need to be more picky about how I spend and if Luxe is not worth it to me I will have to skip BoxyLuxe Sept.

        • exactly!!

      • Are you sure? I’m asking because Liz’s post says “We have a POSSIBLE spoiler for the September BoxyLuxe thanks to Yosef!”

  6. I’m surprised people are thinking “luxe” will be luxury like a La Mer product. I figure it’ll be the same types of brands Boxy has been providing to us, except we’ll get more.

    • The word “luxe” does make it seem it will be luxury brands. If it’s just more of the same they should have named it something else. Maybe they were going for that (like a deluxe version) but it’s kind of misleading. I would definitely prefer a luxury version over more of the same.

  7. I have this one and love it.

  8. This contour pallet is def lacking in the inclusivity department.

    Let’s not forget about your browned skinned charmers Boxycharm!

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • exactly

  9. So far im pretty interested! Waiting on some more spoilers before making it official.

  10. OMG way too excited for the Luxe! I’m scared I’ll pay whatever they are charging without even seeing what’s in it first. Judging by the questionnaire they are branching out into more skin care and hair products. I typed in google boxyluxe and put my info in. Now they will be sending me a secret link and letting me know when I can sign up. I may need to cancel FFF for this! Fall’s box is a bit meh to me.

  11. Liz
    how do i sign up for the Luxe box?

    • They said more details will be released by August 16th about BoxyLuxe.

  12. OMG, that actual boxylux box looks big enough to hold a full Bum Bum cream in it!!! Come on boxy, we love our Bum Bum!!! (I know, I know, way off topic but…)

    • Haha this comment made me laugh. Hey ya never know 😉

  13. So, if your signed up for the Boxylux sub, do you get both the tarte and the Pretty Vulgar palettes?

    • Yes, you should get all the same items you would normally get in BoxyCharm + luxe items.

      • On their website, BC says you will not get the regular box the month you get the luxe. I read on here that you would but their website says you won’t. I dont know if they will throw in some items or not. It has been confusing.

        • So I just watched their videos about this. According to those, here is how it works: If you upgrade to BoxyLuxe, four times a year they will charge you $ 29 more and you will receive the BoxyLuxe box in those months. The BoxyLuxe box will include the same items as the normal box that month, plus additional items. Hope that helps 🙂

    • As of right now Boxyluxe subscribers will be receiving 3 of the Regular box items which are the ones they give spoilers for. So if the Tarte palette is a spoiler then yes, that and the Pretty Vulgar palette and the next spoiler to follow. Then the additional 7 boxyluxe items.

    • Believe so. It said you will get the first 3 spoilers plus the Lixe items. First box will have 10 products

      • I wonder if it’s 10 products more than the original 4-6 products or 10 products already including the original

  14. Im still on the fence about upgrading to the Luxe. I like that pallette but hopfully a few more spoilers will be realeased soon. If there decent then ill upgrade. But based on this pallette alone im not sold on upgrading.

  15. I recently got a count out palette from tarte in in summer fff box and I’m not totally in love with it. I prefer my ELF contour palette to be honest. So if a tarte contour palette is the best thing boxyluxe can offer it’s going to be a pass for me.

  16. The park avenue palette has pretty packaging… i dont contour but i love highlighters i use them when im jot wearing makeup and just my natural skin. Im hoping to see another spoiler because i do want to try the luxe box, but fabfitfun would be a better choice right kow and im not excited about that either. . Maybe im going through subscription burn burnout…. I hope they show another spoiler soon, because only 3 items frombthe boxycharm box will make it into the luxe box…

    • I agree with you! I just cancelled my fff and am looking at pop sugar or cause box! If anyone knows of another one that’s great to try PLEASE let me know😊😊😊

      • Breo is awesome…also California Found has great, usable items (the jewelry is high quality and they include actual leather products).

        I’m not going to renew FFF…I’d kind of rather pick up an extra Box of Style during the good quarters…I feel like the quality of skincare and fashion products are much higher and fashion forward than FFF. I’m opting out of fall…this is my first opt out for BOS though…

    • I love using a contour on my eyes for a natural makeup look or just some nudestix… I would love this for my “no makeup” days!

  17. I cancelled to avoid the Aug box, but was too late. You have to cancel by the 24/25th. Err.. but was sent an email to reactivate my sub & get qualified for the boxyluxe sub. I reactivated for the boxyluxe box before I saw this preview.
    This Tate palette is pretty! After much discussion, BC has to go big or go home for its 1st BL box if they want the BL box to do well & esp if they want to get more subs. Also, I’m liking the Sept vintage palette. I just gave away all the palettes from Jan-June & brown lippies yesterday. All the color combos have been horrible & have not been to my liking at all. I will stay on sub for the Sept&Dec BL boxes for now. Dec is Xmas box, should be a good box as well;-) Aug box of leftovers is horrible, anyone notice the Becca variant was in BC LE box last year!!! Sneaky sneaky and bad move Yosef.

  18. How do you get the lux box?

  19. Not planning on doing the Luxe version for awhile, but I’m happy that it seem like A. They’re not diminishing the value/quality of the regular box to make the expensive one seem more appealing and B. they’re actually putting good products in the Luxe one that will make it worth while! That contour palette is almost the full value of the Luxe box all on it’s own, not even counting in everything else that will be added. Plus it’s actually a well know brand and product that value is coming from, not an indie brand that charges high prices for meh products like sometimes happens. Looks like a promising start!

  20. I already have the Park Avenue Princess, but I’m still super excited for the Pretty Vulgar palette and for boxy luxe 😀

  21. How do I get the lux box, I’m signed up for boxycharm.

    • They should send you an email I believe!

  22. This would be a great start in my eyes. A contour palette isn’t a beauty item I’d be willing to spend close to $50 on so receiving it in a box would be a luxury item for me. While I know tarte isn’t necessarily a luxury brand, they’re a good quality brand.

  23. The Tarte palette was recently one of Sephora’s Weekly wows(50% off) , so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is in Boxy Luxe . I really wanted to grab one but it sold out before I got a chance. So right now, I”m all in for Luxe.

  24. Didn’t they said Kat Von D and some other item will be in boxycharm?????

    • I feel like we’re going to get a bullet lipstick from her. Either of the old formula she’s clearing out, or the new one to raise hype.

  25. There’s another Kyla out there in box land?! Show thyself!

    • Lol! 🙂

    • My daughters name is Kyla! She is only 11 but loves subscription boxes already!!

  26. Hmm I don’t think this would work on my skin, so I won’t be pulling the trigger to get a luxe box.

  27. Hm I was expecting more luxe brands for $50, not Tarte.

    • I’m right there with you. I know it’s more “lifestyle” but Tarte is becoming the new Manna Kadar (which seems to have disappeared) and is appearing in practically every box. Do I expect Tata Harper, Marc Jacobs, or Pat McGrath in this box? Absolutely not, however I’d like to see other brands in it that we wouldn’t normally get in the regular boxy sub. Instead of Tarte how about Fenty, CoverFX or even Too Faced, neither is a luxury brand BUT they would feel “luxe” alongside the likes of Tarte, Colourpop, and PUR

      • Well Said

      • I’ve gotten CoverFX in my regular boxes at least twice. But I really like tarte, and I like this palette and almost bought it recently. They’re in the same price point as Too Faced or Fenty overall, too.

        But then, I also only bother with Boxy so I’m not getting it in other boxes. I personally didn’t expect this box to be luxury brands, just more products of the same caliber we already get.

        • 🎀💟👏I LOVE Tarte👏💟🎀

  28. The palette looks pretty but for lux box I was expecting more lux brands. Is lux box going to include same brands like regular box – Tarte Pur colorpop etc.? I was hoping to try different brands . Not sure I am excited for lux box. I was hoping to receive less but more upscale brands. This one looks like we just paying for more product of the same brands

  29. Love that contour palette! Every color looks usable, unlike the palettes I have received in my boxes before ( I always end up using the two “medium” shades like the PUR Palette – which I use daily, but has two colors I’ve never touched on purpose). I am getting excited!

  30. Omg I was just walking this blush pal latte on Sephora last night! Buy $50 for a box? IDK man…. hopefully the regular bxes won’t keep getting worse to push ya into the LuX box..

    • That’s what I’m most worried about….

    • I don’t think they will if only because luxy isn’t every month. So it’d be foolish of them to make their base box and monthly box worse. That’d loose them a lot of customers and not wind up keeping enough on luxy every few months to make it a profitable business.

    • The Luxe boxes are only every quarter and if purchased it has everything the regular box has plus certain number of luxe items (total items in box should be 10 from what I’ve read). They are $50 for that month.

  31. boxycharm read all the complaints about bright colors so now we’re gonna get nude colors for days lmao

    • LOL! I know right? I have to say though – I can’t wait to try that purple and blue in the palette this month. That Alomar palette has been my go to lately – I never would have thought – but it’s been great for Summer. I have been more of a matte neutral girl, but I noticed that the women that look best in their scrubs and ponytails after 12 hour shifts at the hospital, are the ones who have made bolder color choices.

      • Oh, alamar palette is so, SO good! I love it. I hope boxy will send something from that brand once more

  32. Ommgeee!!! I have been wanting this for a long time now and I can’t afford it 😢 I’m definitely going to splurge on this luxe box for myself 😊😁😊

    • Isn’t it the same price as the box though….?

  33. I am super excited I want both and will be fighting to keep my teen out of my Make-up.I highlight and that is as far as my skills go.Pretty bad my teen can do it all .
    I am gonna have to hide my Luxe box when it comes so what I do not use my teen will get for Christmas.

  34. Okay, Boxycharm. I’m listening…..

  35. How do you get boxyLux?

    • You already have to be subbed in August and then sign a form that is in past posts and get an invite to Luxe.

      • sign a form?

        • Not a form, just sign up as interested. If I remember you can access it from your Boxy account or from social media links.

      • What? I’ve been a subscriber for over a year and I haven’t received any email or form ??

        • There’s a link on the E-mail shipping notice. Scroll down to read. And then there’s one more link with a welcome email

  36. Sephora just had Park Avenue on a Weekly Wow for half price and I was said that it sold out before I had a chance to buy it. I’d be tickled pink to get it in Boxycharm next month.

    • I agree! I couldn’t grab it in time, either! And people are complaining but this ONE product alone is ALMOST the cost of the Luxe box, so Idgi.

  37. I do contour but I have sooo much bronzer to last a lifetime. I mean I always want more but I’d end up putting this up for swap anyway… I always go back to butter bronzer or MAC. The Sept palette is still better IMO!

    • Right? I have contour palettes coming out of my ears including the Pur palette from May (I think?)Boxycharm. I just don’t use enough to want or need more. I just don’t think this is the way to get us to sub for the luxe box. I like Tarte, but it’s not a luxe product to me. I frequently receive it in my various subs, and it’s not what I’m expecting for the luxe box. Do better, BoxyCharm.

      • Yes – I do like the contour palette, but would like to see brands like SK-II, Serge Lutens or La Mer in a Luxe Box.

  38. TWO (2) neutral eye shadow palettes?

    • And yes, yes, yes…I know it’s actually a contour palette, but I don’t regularly contour. This will end up on my eyes, that is IF I keep it.

      • I’m sure you can get some really pretty natural looks with it! The colors are gorgeous!

    • It’s not eyeshadow. It’s a contour kit

    • The Park Ave Princess isn’t an eyeshadow palette. It is a bronzing, highlighting and contouring palette.

      • You can use a contour palate as eyeshadow. That’s the amazing thing about makeup, products have multipurposes!

  39. I must be the only human left that doesn’t contour😐 I love tarte and am excited for the luxe box but this is of no use to me and the shadow has iffy reviews. Wonder what the next spoiler will be?

    • You’re not alone.

      Contour – from what I’ve heard, it’s almost impossible to do and not look like a zombie.

      • I don’t do contouring because I am the palest foundation shade and any attempt at bronzer makes my face look dirty. Even some products marketed as highlighters are too dark for me.

        • I am thoroughly lacking in melanin and I contour, you just have to blend, blend, blend, and blend some more. All bronzers are super dark for me, but this Park Ave Princess has colors that should work.

    • Jen: why do you say this about the eye shadow palette? I have done some exhaustive research on it and have found it averages a 4-5 star review (out of 5 stars). Sounds pretty darn good to me, particularly if you compare it to some of our previous palettes. I simply don’t get it when I have heard a couple of others in here denigrate this palette. Where and what have yo heard?

      • Read the Sephora or Influenster reviews for the Pretty Vulgar palette, reviewers say that it doesn’t blend well, it’s patchy, it creases and that the best thing about it is the packaging.

      • Maybe we’re reading different reviews? All I found is people saying it’s pretty packaging but the shadow is patchy and not very good at all?? Either way I’ll give it a try😊😊

        • Temptalias review was honest and thorough it seems some of the colors are good and blend well and some aren’t.

    • I don’t contour either. I do love highlighters because I use them on my eyes, cheeks and as lip powders. Then again it’s all about color & playing like I always did when I was a little girl & played with crayons, water paints & markers. I LOVE palettes.

    • You are definitely not the only human who doesn’t contour, as I have NO idea how to do it and not really interested in learning!

  40. That would be so exciting!!!! Beautiful colors!

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