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Daily Harvest Smoothie & Superfoods Subscription Review + Coupon – July 2018

Anna Reilly
ByAnna ReillyMar 2, 2020 | 11 comments

Daily Harvest
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Daily Harvest is a prepared meal delivery service focused on clean, plant-based superfoods. You've probably heard about their smoothies, but this brand has expanded to include everything from lattes and breakfasts to grain bowls and soups, all of which are vegan.

What sets Daily Harvest apart from other services is that all of its meals come individually packaged in paper cups with plastic lids. Each cup holds one or more servings of each dish, and because of the lids, you can reuse the cup as a to-go container, a travel cup, or a way to store extra servings in your fridge. (The smoothie cups even have a perforation for a straw!)

This box was sent to us at no cost to review. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About Daily Harvest Superfood Meal Delivery Service

The Subscription Box: Daily Harvest

The Cost: Subscriptions start at $6.99 per cup. Choose from the following subscription levels:

  • 6 cups per week ($7.99 per cup)
  • 9 cups per week ($7.75 per cup)
  • 12 cups per week ($7.49 per cup)
  • 24 cups per week ($6.99 per cup)
  • 24 cups per month ($6.99 per cup)

ACTIVE DEAL: Use code ADDICTION40 for up to $40 off your first box

The Products: Plant-based, superfood-rich smoothies, soups, breakfasts, and more that arrive frozen in individual cups. Meals are made to be easily blended or microwaved to that they're ready in minutes!

Good to know: Want to shake things up? You can easily skip deliveries and modify what you get in your box!

Ships to: US. Shipping costs vary by destination. Visit the Daily Harvest site to double check that they serve your zip code!

Daily Harvest Review: Smoothies, Soups, Breakfasts, & Lattes

I've been really curious about Daily Harvest, mostly because of the convenience it offers. I have a busy, inconsistent schedule that doesn't always allow me to take the time to cook a meal, let alone sit down to eat it. It's important to me to try and maintain a relatively healthy diet, nonetheless. Quick salads and smoothies are my backup though my recipes get a little monotonous—I don't often feel like I'm getting a full spectrum of good-for-me nutrients.

Daily Harvest "cups" are designed to make cooking healthy meals as quick and convenient as possible, but they don't skimp on nutrition to do it. Here's what the site has to say:

We work with farmers to freeze produce on-site within hours of harvest in order to retain nutritional value, flavor, and texture, and craft recipes that taste great and are good for you — packing in nutrient-rich ingredients and omitting the fillers, additives, and junk commonly found in frozen foods. The result is convenience without compromise — delicious, nutrient-rich foods that are ready to eat in as little as 30 seconds.

The company offers lots of different subscription levels to pick from. Choose the number of cups you'd like per week, or nab 24 cups (which shakes out to about 6 cups per week) all at once. The more cups you order at a time, the more affordable the box becomes.

Building your box is easy. You can either do it cup by cup, mixing and matching whatever flavors and categories you'd like, or you can let Daily Harvest take the wheel and fill your box with best sellers.

The cups arrive packed in an insulated box with a base of dry ice to keep them nice and frozen. Everything goes neatly into the freezer until you're ready for them. I appreciate that the cups are color-coded based on the type of meal they are. It's just as easy as I'd hoped to reach in the fridge and grab what I'm looking to make.

I ended up eating these cups over 4 days, relying on them for most of my meals. I'll group them by category here, but at the end, I'll talk more generally about how satisfying and functional it is to eat the Daily Harvest way.

Daily Harvest Smoothie Cups

I ordered two smoothies, both of which are Daily Harvest bestsellers!

Bestseller! Daily Harvest Strawberry + Peach Smoothie Cup

Both of the smoothies I tried were best-selling flavors. This one sounded like summer in a cup, so I was excited to give it a shot!

In addition to the juicy summertime fruits, this blend of frozen goodies included goji berries and oats. Goji berries are known for their antioxidant qualities, and oats are fiber-rich and filling. I loved the creaminess the oats added to the finished product.

I used almond milk for my liquid component (you can use water, too, but they recommend your favorite milk), and along with the oats, it made this blend taste thick, smooth, and deliciously dessert-like. It felt like a treat, even though it's technically a nutrient-dense health food!

Bestseller! Daily Harvest Mint + Cacao Smoothie Cup

I'm used to being a little let down by healthy foods with dessert-inspired names—my mind always expects the real dessert flavor rather than the healthy interpretation, hehe. But this best-selling recipe sounded tempting, so I decided to give it a shot.

As with the first smoothie, I used almond milk here to make this banana-based smoothie a little more decadent. I did find it deliciously creamy if a little more grassy than I expected (thanks to the spinach and herby peppermint). While it's certainly not as dreamy as a true mint-chocolate shake, I found the mild sweetness and chocolatey bits to be a nice treat first thing in the morning.

The minty coolness was a refreshing way to wake up my senses as I sat at my desk—it was a much more gentle and filling wake up for my brain than my usual morning coffee. Plus, chlorella is said to be helpful with detoxing cells and providing general anti-inflammatory support, which are features my typical pint of mint-chip ice cream can't claim.

Daily Harvest Activated Breakfast Cups

The label says "breakfast", but I also turned to these filling bowls for lunch and even a quick dinner. You can enjoy them either hot or cold, depending on what floats your boat. I tend to find warm foods more comforting and filling, so I opted for that prep method.

Daily Harvest Mango + Turmeric Activated Breakfast Cup

Outside of smoothies, I'm not typically a fruit person at breakfast. I've never been one to toss a bunch of berries or bananas on top of my cereal or stack of pancakes. But I was curious to try this cup, if simply because the combination of flavors sounded SO interesting. Especially prepared warm!

The finished product wasn't the prettiest thing to look at, but the flavor was surprisingly awesome. The tropical fruits blended together beautifully with the warm spices in the dish, creating a taste reminiscent of a warm piece of hummingbird cake. The consistency, too, really impressed me. Chia pudding I've had in the past has struck me as a bit... slimy, for lack of a better term. I think because of the other textures mixed in and the fact that microwaving the dish evaporated out a bit of the liquid, this pudding reminded me much more of a hearty bowl of oatmeal.

I will say, it took a bit of convincing to get this blend out of the cup and into a microwave-safe bowl—I ran the sides of the closed up under a warm tap for a bit, then managed to squish out the frozen contents. I also had to check in on my bowl in the microwave a few times, breaking up the frozen chunk of ingredients as it thawed out so that it would more evenly mix with the almond milk I added in.

Daily Harvest Cinnamon Protein + Banana Activated Breakfast Cup

This cup might be my most favorite in the whole box! It's a next level oatmeal loaded with comforting flavors that are just the warm hug I needed first thing in the morning.

As with the first breakfast, these ingredients needed a little wriggling to come out of their cup and a little mid-microwave coaxing to get everything broken down and heating evenly. But the resulting bowl is deeelicious. I was so full by the end of this bowl of thick, hearty oatmeal peppered with banana, cacao, relaxing reishi, pea protein, and surprisingly enough, chickpeas! I've never considered chickpeas a breakfast ingredient, but these meaty little morsels added awesome bites of tender texture to this mix. It felt so bakery-inspired and rich, yet not so sweet that you feel like you're eating something sugar-laden. YUM!

Daily Harvest Superfood Lattes

Lattes are a unique treat that I didn't even know Daily Harvest offered! I love treating myself to a mid-day latte, but what I pick up from the Starbucks drive-thru isn't always the healthiest choice. These latte cups include three pods per container, which you simply drop into the milk of your choice, heat, and stir to creamy perfection. And like all of Daily Harvest's products, they're made with nutrient-dense ingredients to help make this snack fulfilling as well as tasty.

Daily Harvest Matcha + Lemongrass Superfood Latte Cup

Matcha isn't everyone's favorite—some friends of mine find it too grassy—but I love it. I'm used to mainstream matcha being overly sweet or sugary, but this blend was much fresher and tasted truer to what I'd expect from a rich, yet light green tea. It was a little clumpy to stir into my almond milk (I kept a spoon on hand to re-stir things as I sipped it at my desk), but it went down smooth. Keto fans will love that it comes with MCT oil mixed right in, plus chlorella for extra detoxing goodness.

Daily Harvest Coffee + Cardamom Superfood Latte Cup

I knew right away that I was going to love this latte. Cardamom is a flavor that I never could name until a trip I took to Stockholm, where cardamom buns quickly became my new favorite treat. Now I look for it everywhere.

I just had a cardamom latte from a small coffee shop in my neighborhood, but the flavors in this blend are much more rich and decadent. I love that there's tahini in this recipe—I totally see how it adds a creamy nuttiness to the flavor and texture of the drink. And Lion's Mane is starting become more and more popular as a mind-jogging superfood.

Daily Harvest Ginger + Turmeric Superfood Latte Cup

Turmeric lattes are all the rage these days. I think, like the matcha latte, a turmeric latte is an acquired taste. It's very earthy and savory in a way you don't expect a latte to be. The anti-inflammatory benefits are awesome, though. And to me, the warming flavor of the turmeric and the slight spice of the ginger is intriguing and uniquely yummy, especially on a chilly morning.

Daily Harvest Harvest Bowl Cups

I only got one of the brand's Harvest Bowls, which are grain-based dishes topped with veggies and other superfoods, but I'm excited to give it a try. They get cooked up with water or the broth of your choice to make for a yummy, filling, warm meal.

Daily Harvest Butternut Squash + Chimichurri Cup

I love butternut squash, so I picked up this cup right away. Grain bowls make a great lunch—filling, but usually not too heavy—plus being able to make this fresh dish in the microwave makes it perfect for work.

I have to say, I didn't love this meal as much as I expected. The blend of flavors was really yummy—butternut squash, spinach, beautifully seasoned mushrooms, buckwheat—but even though I followed the instructions, it just came out a bit too wet for me. If I was to get it again, I might start out with half as much water as they call for and add more in from there. I think the additional moisture just made the mushrooms in particular end up tasting kind of slimy and overdone. But all of that said, the dish was SO well seasoned! I loved the aromatic, savory flavor of the chimichurri seasoning. And the convenience of this dish makes me want to try others.

Daily Harvest Soup & Chilled Soup Cups

What's a chilled soup? It's kind of like a smoothie, but with veggies. The texture is a bit like gazpacho, where things are pureed up for you, and the finish is refreshing. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the chilled soups I got, but I will say, the regular soup cup in this box was one of the best DH items I tried!

Daily Harvest Tomato + Bell Pepper Chilled Soup Cup

As you might suspect, this flavor combo tasted just like gazpacho. I like that the ingredients include a kick of apple cider vinegar for an added healthful zip!

Clean, fresh, and full of juicy flavors, this soup was easy to gobble up. I felt full after eating it for lunch, but not so full that I felt weighed down for the rest of my workday. The garlicky flavor permeating through each spoonful really did it for me. (I LOVE garlic!)

Daily Harvest Asparagus + Cashews Chilled Soup Cup

The next soup stars one of my favorite summer veggies—asparagus! I think it's neat how they included cashews in this blended soup in order to give it a little extra protein and salty savoriness.

This was a LOVELY bowl of soup. The cashews didn't really make themselves known, but the bright asparagus flavor was amazing and complemented beautifully by a big punch of basil. I ate this soup for dinner before rushing out the door to an appointment, but I feel like it'd be at home in a cute al fresco Italian restaurant.

Daily Harvest Avocado + Cucumber Chilled Soup Cup

I love avocado, and the prospect of a creamy soup really piqued my interest. This one definitely feels like a healthy option when you're eating it. It's the kind of thing I'd expect on a fancy spa menu!

Oddly, the creamy consistency was my least favorite aspect of this soup. I think the coldness makes the thicker texture a little off-putting for me. (I think the peas contribute to that thickness, too.) I did like the flavor, though I could've used more of a yummy standout flavor. All of the ingredients struck me as rather mildly green if you will, but there wasn't a savory note that made me say "WOW!" like in the other soups.

Daily Harvest Coconut + Carrot Curry Soup Cup

This last soup was the only one to be served hot. It's also the only one that wasn't blended before serving.

I am SO smitten with this soup, I think I could eat it every day! It has such inviting warm spicy flavors, and everything is so perfectly chopped up that you can very easily enjoy all of the veggies in every bite. Those cold soups were unique, but it's hard not to love something as savory, spicy, and fun as this vegetable soup!

The Verdict

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed my sampling of Daily Harvest meals! Sometimes healthy foods taste a little lackluster, underseasoned, or imbalanced, flavor-wise. But I found most of these cups to be winners—the flavors were great, the amount of food (which, technically, tends to be 2 servings per cup) was more than enough to keep me feeling sated at the end of my meal, and the plant-based ingredients kept me feeling light and lively.

The convenience of Daily Harvest is probably what sells me on it the most. On one hand, paying $7.00 for blended veggies sounds exorbitant. (I could cook the dishes myself with grocery store veggies for less.) On the other hand, $7.00 is often on the low end of what I end up paying for takeout lunches at work. It's on the high-end for microwavable meals, but the frozen dinners I typically pick up at the grocery store aren't necessarily the healthiest—they usually don't have the superfood ingredients (like chlorella, hemp seed, apple cider vinegar, probiotics, etc.) that I'm seeing here.

Most importantly, it's just nice to be able to reach in the fridge and know I'll have a filling, healthy meal or snack ready for myself in mere minutes. I will say the travel cups are nice, though once there's liquid added to the mix, what I made ended up being a bit much for a single cup. (Though it is nice to be able to make a soup at work, put it in a bowl, and store the extra refrigerated in the cup it came in until the next day.)

To Wrap Up:

Can I still get this box if I sign up today?: Yes! As of publication, Daily Harvest still has all of these cups available for purchase as part of your box.

ACTIVE DEAL: Use code ADDICTION40 for up to $40 off your first box

Value Breakdown: The price per cup depends on the size and frequency of your subscription. This 12-cup weekly box costs $7.49 per cup (or $89.98).

Does Daily Harvest pique your interest? Do you think you would you try it?

Starting at $48.00
Active Deal
Use code ADDICTION40 for up to $40 off your first box
Use Coupon Code ADDICTION40
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Daily Harvest is a healthy prepared food subscription service that delivers you pre-portioned, superfood smoothies, soups, snacks and beyond. All of their food is plant-based, and you get to pick exactly which items show up in each box. It all comes prepared so you can eat quickly with minimal cooki... read more.
Anna Reilly
Anna Reilly
Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she's swooning for all things kawaii!

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Vickie HOUSE

Can the insulated freezer bag be reuse?

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Last week decided to try. Meant to receive shipment 12/28. UPS delivered today on 1/2 so of course shipment is rotted before it came remotely close to delivery time as it was in transit from 12/26 to 1/2. Okay, it’s UPS bad, right? Then explain why I have been trying to contact daily harvest since 12/28 to no avail to inform them what happened? You can’t call them because you “schedule” a call back (wtf, it’s frozen food!) , they have not responded to emails. Moving onto another sub and calling this a 150% fail. Will make sure new sub provides a phone number before I sign up again. So grossed out – yuck! Giving them today before I chargeback and find every online review I can place. When did companies get the idea they don’t even have to talk to paying customers? And why run promos if the office is closed for the holidays and unable to provide support to new customers FOR FROZEN FOOD?

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I am now trying Sub-Zero Superfoods by Project Juice as they DO provide phone support and have great reviews!

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That’s terrible! I’m glad I came here to research because I was going to try them, I hope they fix this for you!

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I just received my first shipment and had the Asparagus Cashew Chilled Soup for dinner. I didn’t really want to try it. I don’t like chilled soups. Well, I blended this baby up and it smelled amazing. So I decided to taste it. Oh my! This is the best thing that I’ve had in a long time! The 2 servings in the container were perfect for dinner, but a half container would definitely make a good lunch. Wow. I cannot wait to try the other items I ordered now. Also, I have food allergies and their website is super easy to find ingredients and determine what I can order. So many selections, too. So far, very happy to have tried this! Yes, $7 seems like a lot for a few veggies, but if I don’t pack a lunch, I’ll be out that much anyway and this is so much healthier and convenient.

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Oh no! Another subscription I’m interested in trying now!
Thank you for such honest reviews of each of the cups you tried. It will help me in ordering my first set.
Seems like a nice “frozen meal”, I’m in a rush but want to eat healthy.

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This is a wonderful review. I am curious about how to best manage the two/servings per cup issue if you are calorie counting. For the warm offerings, would it be best just to heat up the whole thing and reheat half later? And how does it work with the smoothies?

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Anna Reilly

Yay! Thank you, Jennifer! I’ve been really curious about it for awhile, too – I’m so glad this review was helpful <3

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Awesome review!! I see the nutritional facts are posted on each cup, but are they also posted on their website prior to ordering? I’m on a Keto diet and currently trying to stay closer to 20 grams of carbs per day! Thx u

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They are! Under each description, there’s a part that says “ingredients and nutrition” or something like that. You can click on that for the full facts.

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Thank you for this great review. I have also been curious about this service so I really appreciated the care and detail you put into describing it!

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