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Daily Harvest Reviews

Is Daily Harvest Right For You?

Updated June 16, 2024

Daily Harvest
Daily Harvest
3.6 overall rating
Starting at $71.10
Active Deal
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Daily Harvest Overview

About the Brand

Daily Harvest is a healthy prepared food subscription service that delivers you pre-portioned, superfood smoothies, soups, snacks and beyond. All of their food is plant-based, and you get to pick exactly which items show up in each box. It all comes prepared so you can eat quickly with minimal cooking. Special diets are no problem, as all food is gluten free, dairy free, gum free, artificial flavor free, and 95%+ organic. It's the top plant-based prepared meal delivery service according to our experience and reviews we've conducted across all meal subscriptions.

Key Info

What It’s Like to Subscribe to Daily Harvest


Read reviews further down the page, too, for more personal experiences.

How Daily Harvest Works

With Daily Harvest you are subscribing to a weekly or monthly delivery of your favorite plant-based prepared meals and snacks.

When you sign up you make a few key choices (which also impact price, shown below):

  1. Choose how many items you want in each box
  2. Browse their wide selection of items including smoothies, bowls, flatbreads, soups, and ice cream.
  3. Fill your box with items - prices vary per item
  4. Choose your first delivery day
  5. Choose how often you want to receive your boxes
  6. Check out and your delivery will arrive when you scheduled!

As long as you update your order in advance, you can change your selections in each box and always get what you want.

Pricing Options

The price you pay depends on the price of the items you add to your box, how many you order, and how often you get a box delivered.

Box Size Average Price per Item Discount Box Total
9 items $7.99 - $71.91
14 items $7.99 $10 $101.86
24 items $7.99 $20 $171.76

And here are the prices of each item which will impact how much your actual box costs:

Food Price
Smoothies $7.99
Harvest Bowls $8.99
Flatbreads $8.99
Soups $7.99
Other Bowls $5.99
Ice Cream Pint $8.99
Mylk ½ Gallon $7.99
Seven “Bites” Snacks $7.99
Two Lattes $5.99

So the cheapest small box of nine $5.99 items would cost about $54.

An average medium box of fourteen $7.99 items would cost about $112, or $102 after discount.

The largest big box of twenty-four $8.99 items would cost about $216, or $196 after discount.

Your box could be anywhere in between!

Daily Harvest Pros and Cons


  • All food comes prepared and convenient
  • Makes it easy to add plant-based foods to your diet
  • Sent frozen so food stays fresh
  • Wide variety of items satisfies almost any palate


  • Might need to thaw some items ahead of time which is inconvenient if you are prone to forgetting
  • Some items might leave you hungry; not everything can replace a full meal, especially dinner.

What Diets Does Daily Harvest Accommodate?

Diet Is Daily Harvest Good For This Diet?
Keto No
Gluten Free Yes
Vegetarian Yes
Vegan Yes
High Protein No
Low Carb No
Organic Yes

What Else You Should Know About Daily Harvest


Packaging is recyclable so you can be confident that not only are you wasting less food by getting exactly what you want delivered, but that box isn’t going straight to a landfill.

Is Daily Harvest Worth It?


Daily Harvest is perfect for anyone who wants convenient, plant-based, delicious food for breakfast or lunch. You can get exactly what you want and you can be confident it will be delicious.

If you don’t need plant-based foods, if you prefer large meals for breakfast, or if you are looking more for dinner meal options, then Daily Harvest might not be for you.

How Daily Harvest Compares to Other Top Meal Subscriptions


Daily Harvest VS Splendid Spoon: Each of these is a plant-based, vegan prepared meal delivery service focusing on breakfast and lunch with smoothies as their best-selling items. Daily Harvest emphasizes variety and choice for you to pick whichever items you want in the quantity you want, whereas Splendid Spoon is anchored to choosing to receive 5 items for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with most people using it for breakfast and lunch only. Prices are very similar, with Splendid Spoons breakfast and lunch plan costing $95, whereas Daily Harvest varies depending on what items you choose from around $75 to $115 for fourteen items. Splendid Spoon only sends meals for 5 days a week, leaving you on your own for the weekend.


Daily Harvest VS Purple Carrot: These are both vegan meal subscription boxes, however Purple Carrot specializes in dinner whereas Daily Harvest is better for breakfast, lunch, and snacking. You might find yourself getting a Tofu Tikka Masala from Purple Carrot, and more likely getting an Acai Blueberry smoothie from Daily Harvest. That said, overall Purple Carrot is slightly more affordable costing as low as $8.30 for dinner vs the $7.99 average price for Daily Harvest items. Together these two subscriptions might make sticking to a plant based diet very easy.


Daily Harvest VS Freshly: Both of these meal subscriptions specialize in convenience, delivering prepared meals that require little cooking time. While Daily Harvest specializes in only plant-based options, Freshly specializes in more standard dinner options for people without dietary restrictions. That said, Freshly does have plant-based options, so if you aren’t fully committed to going plant based, you can mix and match with Freshly. Freshly costs as low as $8.99 per meal vs Daily Harvest’s $5.99 - $8.99 range.

Daily Harvest Reviews

Daily Harvest News

User Reviews

Subscriber Ratings

3.6 overall rating

Subscriber Reviews

Jennipher Shannon
Jennipher Shannon
2 reviews
Apr 1, 2020
I really appreciate having a simplified method of preparing unique plant based meals. With numerous superfoods included as ingredients. This is especially important in the current climate to pamper your immune system as much as possible with a healthy diet.
Frances Turner
Frances Turner
3 reviews
May 13, 2020
I tried Daily Harvest for two months, and REALLY wanted to like it. Everything arrived well packaged and still frozen, and the containers are super cute. I love the vareity of ingredients and flavors that DH offers. But alas...everything was so bland. I'm certain it's because I am used to smoothies with lots of sugar and other bad stuff, so it's really not their fault.
Missy Cowles Hughes
Missy Cowles Hughes
1st Time Poster!
Nov 20, 2015
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Daily Harvest
3.6 overall rating
Starting at $71.10
Active Deal
Use code ADDICTION40 for up to $40 off your first box
Use Coupon Code ADDICTION40
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