OREO Cookie Club Subscription Box Review – June 2018

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Oreo Cookie Club Box

OREO Cookie Club is a subscription box that delivers two deliciously different OREO experiences – sometimes a new flavor, sometimes a familiar favorite – with fun OREO swag and a delicious recipe.

Oreo Cookie Club Box Detail Oreo Cookie Club Box Open

Oreo Packages inside Oreo Box

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Oreo Cookie Club Review June 2018

About OREO Cookie Club

The Subscription Box: OREO Cookie Club

The Cost: $59.97 for 3 months, $119.94 for 6 months, $239.88 for 12 months. Free shipping.

The Products:  “An OREO Gift Box that contains two OREO flavors, a one-of-a-kind OREO inspired gift, and recipe card, all in an artistically designed OREO gifting box. MSRP [value] of $24.99 per box”

Ships to: U.S.

OREO Cookie Club June 2018 Review

I’m filling in for Marne this month on the OREO Cookie Club front but I have been lucky enough to taste the last few month’s flavors as they were passed around the office. I am an OREO fan for sure – I love that they’re generally accidentally vegan (full of chemicals!), and have a bit of a weakness for them.

OREO Cookie Club has sent 2 flavors this month plus a coupon and a swag item:

Details of free candy bar coupon

Coupon for a Free OREO Chocolate Candy Bar, 1.44 oz – Retail Value: Up to $0.99

As with previous months, the box included a coupon for a free Oreo Chocolate Candy bar. It would be much more fun to get another snack instead of this coupon. I aspire to be the kind of person who remembers to use coupons but will instead enjoy carrying it around in my wallet, forgetting all about it, and finding it in my annual wallet clean out when the expiration date has been long expired.

Firework Oreo Package

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients for Firework Oreos

Open Package of Firework Oreos

Firework Oreo Cookie Detail

OREO Firework with Popping Candy 10.7 oz. – Retail Value $2.99

The limited edition firework OREOS have popping candy in them just like last month’s Cherry Cola flavor but without the unpleasant flavor. These are much better because they just taste like regular OREOS but with a popping candy surprise at the end. The candy started to pop just as I’d finished chewing and right when I started to think maybe I’d gotten a dud. The popping is light and didn’t startle me, so I think they’ve used a pretty good balance of candy and cream.

Oreo Thins Mint Package

Oreo Thins Mint Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Oreo Thins Mint Open Package

Oreo Thins Mint Flavor Cookie Detail

OREO Thins in Mint Creme, 10.1 oz. – Retail Value $2.99

I was not excited when I opened this box and saw mint creme Oreos. I don’t seek out mint chocolate chip ice cream, I don’t like beverages with fresh mint, I pretty much only like mint in gum or toothpaste form. SURPRISE TWIST! These are extremely good. I’m all about double-stuffed Oreos and have long held the belief that Thins are for quitters, but the cream (creme?) and cookie ratio on these was excellent. The flavors balanced perfectly and they were so tasty. My husband, Andy, and everyone in the office let me know these were a new favorite. Well done, Oreo!

Reusable Tote with Oreo Design

Plain back of reusable shopping bag

detail of reusable oreo shopping bag

Reusable Shopping Tote with Oreo Design – Estimated Value $5.00

I was happy to see a larger, more useful swag item in this month’s Cookie Club Box. Black is my favorite color and the simple white cookie design isn’t bad. The corner of the bag has a drawstring so you can crumple up the bag and shove it into the pocket, pulling the string tight to keep it compact. This function actually makes me pretty happy because I never have the patience to carefully fold up bags like this and put them back into their neat little envelopes. This will be a good bag to keep in my car for impromptu Target trips, for which I always forget to bring my own bag.

Recipe Card

Recipe Instructions

OREO Firecrackers Recipe Card

Lastly, they always included a recipe that you can make with the included OREOs. This straight-outta-Pinterest recipe would be fun to try for an upcoming 4th of July party. It calls for 18 Firework OREO cookies, some melted white baking chocolate, maraschino cherries, and red, white, and blue sprinkles.

Inside Bottom of Box Says "Life is Sweeter in the Cookie Club"

What do you think? IS life sweater in the cookie club?

Verdict: OREO Cookie Club Subscription Box is there for the OREO enthusiast who is more interested in unique OREO-themed swag than value. The cost is $19.99 per box, but you must sign up for a minimum of a 3-month subscription for $59.97. Since we received 2 full-size packages that total $5.98, that means the expected value for the shopping tote, recipe card, and the coupon is around $14.01. You’ll find a range of prices for reusable shopping bags out in the world but I wouldn’t purchase this one up for more than $5-10. I think there’s a missed opportunity here to send out not-yet-released OREO cookie flavors or flavors to taste test and vote on BEFORE they hit the market. Exclusivity would add more value to this subscription for me, rather than receiving flavors I could get at the grocery store.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Subscriptions appear to be temporarily unavailable, but if they’re available again, it looks like you have to order the month before what would be your first delivery. If that’s the case, you’d receive the July box if you could order today.

Value Breakdown: At $19.99 for this box, you’re paying approximately $6.66 per item (2 packages of cookies + the shopping bag). The coupon and recipe are not counted in this breakdown.

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What are your thoughts on the OREO Cookie Club Subscription Box? Would you try any of these flavors?!

Written by Emily Cosnotti

Emily Cosnotti

Emily is a design enthusiast who loves beautiful objects. She’s really into vegan snacks, corgis, home goods, and minimalist makeup. She is currently fostering a healthy subscription addiction.

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  1. Totally agree about Oreo thins. Double stuff 4ever!

  2. I get excited for these reviews and they never disappoint!!

  3. Love the review…..and now I want an oreo😊.

  4. Now I have to go back and read the other reviews on this. I had to do a double take on the price versus the contents.

  5. I live for these reviews. This box is absurd, but I hope they never end this sub!

  6. How many coupons for Oreo candy are they going to send? There is one every month. I saw these candy bars on the marked down to practically free rack at a local market because no one wanted to buy them.

    • The candy bars are delicious so don’t knock em’ till you tried them yourself!

  7. This is really a pathetic subscription box for Oreos, it damages their brand and reputation. They should be ashamed at this box being such a ripoff.

  8. This is the first Oreo box review that kinda almost gave me an Oreo craving. Has anyone gone out and bought Oreos just from reading the reviews of this goofy box?

  9. This box. This box has to be the most ridiculous sub with the absolute best reviews. I love this sub for the opportunity it provides to read prose like this. The “accidental vegan” made me laugh, but the “thins are for quitters” made me choke on my water and it came out of my nose. Thank you Emily, this was a pleasure to read. I’m going to be rather disappointed when they discontinue this box (I cannot imagine they have many subscribers) because the reviews, as well as the comments, are so enjoyable to read. They are definitely a bright spot in an otherwise ordinary day.

  10. This box is absurd. LOL. But I have to admit I kinda like the bag. (I have a thing for bags.) Not enough to subscribe to this box, mind you, but I still like the bag.

  11. In today’s America, this is not the subscription box that we want, but it is the subscription box that we deserve.

    • LOLOL

  12. I have to say this is really funny. I too come here for the reviews because this subscription is a joke. First of all, Oreos are brown…soooo why is the bag black? People who subscribe to this box must just be rich or something and too lazy to walk to the corner store to get Oreos.

    • So the bag can’t be black because Oreos are brown? What??

    • Wait….. when did Oreo’s become brown? Have you ever seen an Oreo? LMAO

  13. I come here for the reviews.😂

    I wonder if this is a sub better off in a country that does not have an abundance or even access to Oreos.

  14. I honestly can’t believe you are still reviewing this box.

  15. Why do I suddenly have a craving for GS Thin Mints?

  16. Yes!!! I was way too excited to click into this review. I am recovering after gallbladder surgery and this made me giggle (as laughing causes pain). 😂 Please never, ever stop this review. The value is just hysterical. And who knows, maybe in 100 years, someone will be an Antiques Roadshow with Oreo merch and it will be worth something as no one else bought the subscription box except for you guys.

  17. You forgot to include the rare blue sizzle that has a MSRP of $15!

  18. Stop reviewing this. They don’t deserve it. LOL.

  19. The price is ludicrous.

  20. Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live for the next review. The more baroque, the better.

  21. This box gets worse and worse, I got a bag like that for free from a bank at the state fair. Love reading these, please never stop reviewing them!!

  22. I just don’t get this box. At all. Do people really have a desire for Oreo swag?

    • People collect the strangest things.

    • They have the M&M store in NYC in Times Square so yeah, people buy it.

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