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Breo Box Subscription Review Spring 2019 + Coupon

Breo Box Subscription Review + Coupon – Summer 2018

Breo Box (regularly $139/quarter) is a new quarterly lifestyle subscription box. Their box focuses on “health & fitness and everyday lifestyle essentials.” Receive a handcrafted customized wood box each quarter with 5-9 essential products selected for the season.


This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

The Subscription Box: Breo Box

The Cost: $159

FYI – Breo recently changed their pricing to reward subscribers who stay subscribed:

1st box | $159
2nd consecutive brēō box | $139 brēō bronze
3rd consecutive brēō box  | $134 brēō silver
4th consecutive brēō box  | $129 brēō gold
5th+ consecutive brēō box | $129 + perks brēō platinum

COUPON: Use code MSA to save $15 off your first box!

The Products: Receive a handcrafted customized wood box each quarter with 6-9 essential products. Each box is also carefully curated to provide products that are fitting to the season.

Check out all of our Breo Box reviews!

This box comes with a card detailing the items included:

Now, on to the items!

TRX GO Suspension Trainer – Value Listed $100

This strength training system looked intimidating for a minute, but once we set it up, we were seriously impressed! (I tested out this whole box with my husband Eric.)

Here are some of the basic exercises:

The kit weights only one pound so it’s also perfect for travel.  And this is the part you put above the door, then close it:

The handles were comfortable and everything was easy to use:

Check out this list of 44 workouts you can do with this system to get ideas for how to use it!

Splash Tunes Pro – Value Listed $60 (Found on Amazon and FreshETech for $39.95)

(Update – Breo Box has let us know that this is the limited edition metallic color at the $60 price.)

This Bluetooth waterproof speaker has a suction cup base so it can attach to your shower wall, and it has a built in microphone to accept calls, too!

And you have pause/play, skip, and volume control buttons on the front.

It has a 14-hour battery life, and comes with everything you need to charge it:

The sound quality was good for a shower speaker (things never sound that great in our shower).

Here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

Corkcicle ONE – Value Listed $40 (I’m finding this online from $30-$50)

I already have a Corkcicle, but this design actually solved the Corksicle problem I didn’t realize I had – proper freezer storage! (The glass storage case lets you keep this Corkcicle pristine in your freezer!)

If you aren’t familiar, the Corkcicle chills both room-temperature white are red wines, and serves as an aerator as well! (And you can close the cap at the top to keep the wine sealed when you aren’t pouring.)

The design of the glass is great, too. This would be a wonderful gift if you don’t keep it for yourself.

And the instructions for use are on glass storage case, too:


Serene House Portable Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser – Retail Value $25

What a cute little diffuser! This is a great size for travel, your desk, etc. Here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

It has two different modes: continuous (3 hours) or intermittent (6 hours).

It automatically shuts off when empty, too.

And it plugs in via USB:

And I was happy to see that Breo Box included an essential oil to get you started:

Serene House Lemon Grass 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil – Value Listed $10

This oil is 100% natural, non-GMO, and free from synthetic-fragrances, parabens, etc.

Lemongrass is one of my favorite essential oil scents (it’s sweet and citrusy), so I’m very happy with this selection!

Epare Spring Mill Set – Retail Value $34.95

One thing I’ve learned from reviewing Breo Box for over a year is that if you see an item that at first seems pretty basic, give it another look, because the curators have an eye for design, and the items usually end up surprising me.

In addition to loving the sleek design of these, they single-hand grinders – just push the button at the top!

Just unscrew the base to add salt and pepper:

(And the storage goes well behind the glass part.)

As you might have noticed in the previous photos, these don’t sit perfectly straight in the acrylic base, but they stand up well on their own without the base, too.

Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $270! At the $159 price ($144 after coupon) for first-time subscribers, I think that’s a good value.

I’ll use everything in this box, and as always, I really love the sleek aesthetic of the box + the items. Plus I’m hoping the TRX GO system will be a game-changer for me and Eric. (We’ve been focusing the last past year on eating better and walking almost every day, and now it is time to build some muscles! 🙂 )

And the wooden box itself is really well made and a great storage box.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! As of today, 6/13, the Summer box is still available. Make sure to sign up ASAP if you want this box.

Coupon – Use coupon code MSA15 to save $15 off your first box!

Value Breakdown: Since the cost of the box now decreases the longer you subscribe, I’m not sure if a value breakdown would still be helpful, but if it is let me know and I’ll add it! At the $159 price with $15 coupon, you are paying $24 an item.

What do you think of Breo Box? What’s your favorite item in the Summer Box? How do you use your Breo wooden boxes?

Breo Box

How do subscribers rate Breo Box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (98)

  1. This was my first Breo Box and I love it! No broken Corksicle. However, I can’t get my Ranger diffuser to work. I made sure that I filled the water to the max fill line. I properly aligned the cover. And of course, I made sure that USB and plug are plugged in correctly. When I go to hit the on button, nothing happens. Anybody else having issues? Any suggestions? I have heard such great things about Serene House products and was really excited about this diffuser.

    • Have you tried contacting breo box CS? It may just be a defective diffuser but their CS is really great and will probably send you a replacement.

    • My diffuser doesn’t work at all either, no matter where/how I plug it. I have written them at least three times with no response. I also had the shattered corksicle and they did eventually send a replacement but absolutely zero response on the non-working diffuser.

      • When I put too much oil in mine it didn’t work. Try cleaning it out, putting less essential oils in it and try it again.

  2. I got my box but my box was broken. Bummer. However loved everything in it! So sad I didn’t get the printer. I really thought I was quick filling out the survey. Guess not quick enough:(

  3. This was my first ever Breo box and I’m hooked! My husband even liked everything in it and he’s not a fan of all my subscription boxes. haha If you win over my husband, it’s gotta be good! Everything arrived in perfect condition as well. I couldn’t believe how HEAVY the box was! Thanks for a great box Breo and the great reviews that talked me into subbing Liz!

    • Happy to hear you and your husband love it! Welcome to the Breo Box family!! 🙂

      brēō box

  4. Breo box just earned a ton of brownie points from me…Like many others, my Corkcicle arrived broken. After seeing the comments here, I decided to reach out to Chadi directly about this and an issue I’m having with the earbuds from the last box. I’ve always heard people say that the customer service at Breo was amazing and I’m happy to say that may actually be an understatement.

    Not only did Chadi respond well within 24 hours, it was obvious he took the time to really read and respond to the entirety of my email. I was also surprised to realize that Chadi and Aleks aren’t customer service reps – they’re the freaking co-founders! Thank you so much guys!

    • I purchased their box last summer and there was a shipping delay – IIRC there was some kind of flooding accident that delayed a product that was to be included in the box.

      Anyway – after being as patient as I could I finally reached out and asked what was going on and I to this day have not met better customer service. Chadi called my phone within a few hours and left a very detailed message about what was going on and apologized. Encouraged me to call back with any questions – it was a overwhelmingly positive experience.

      Unfortunately their boxes have kind of turned away from my interest, but I really would love to support them/bring business to them as I know they work hard to deliver. I always check for spoilers and would definitely buy from again if the box interested me. I highly recommend anyone to try out Breo at least once if they can fit it in their budget.

  5. I loved the box except I got a broken corkcicle too … and have sent them two messages (received robo-confirmations for both that messages were received – first was on Sunday) … but no actual reply from Breo Box thus far. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • Hi Kathleen!

      I know I already responded to you via email, but wanted to reply here for the masses as well 🙂

      We had a slight hiccup in our contact form system over the weekend, but everything is back in order now!

      brēō box

  6. Love love love this box! I sadly didn’t do the screenshot so missed the printer but everything is intact and super fun. I can’t wait to try the TRX and I love spice grinders!!!

  7. Does anyone know if you can use two of the speakers together or is that only the special dual model that does that?

    • Hi Tia!

      That’s a different model of speakers called the Splash Tunes Pro Dual 🙂


  8. I cannot believe I actually won one of the printers! Seriously…I never win anything. I actually gave the Breo Box sub to my husband for his birthday last year and he has loved all of his boxes! He really liked this one. I like it because even though it’s officially for HIM, I usually end up with half of the box (or, ya know, most of it). Whenever he opens it, he always says “So, let’s see what YOU got for MY birthday” lol 🙂 I really love that man.

  9. I’ve always love my Bro Box but this time I’m somewhat disappointed. My corkcicle arrived completely shattered, I have pics if you’d like to see, couldn’t continue unboxing because there tiny pieces of glass embedded on the other products and my baby was close to me. I will gift the TRX to my husband for fathers day, and love the grinders and diffuser, the speaker was great too, just need to carefully get all the glass splinters from the boxes and clean the wood box. Please tell me you’ll replace the corkcicle.

    • You should email their customer service(who are fantastic btw)… instead of posting it on a review page that they may not see?

      • Thanks Stef! 🙂

        brēō box

      • They did see it. Thanks Chadi

    • We got your email Edna, replacement will be out next week.

      brēō Box

      • I sent an email last night and never got a reply regarding my broken corkcicle

      • Thanks so much Chadi, I got your email too.

    • I had the same issue – the corksicle wasn’t just broken, it was shattered into lethal shards with tiny bits of glass all over the products and getting stuck down into the corners of the wooden box and then onto my carpet when I removed a couple of items. They did replace my corksicle and it arrived safely, ensconced in foam. I suspect it would have needed that much packing to survive the breo shipment 100% intact for all customers so I have to wonder just how many broke cuz yikes! Which reminds me.. I still have to vacuum out that wooden box!

  10. You guys are amazing!!!! All the products in this box are exactly what I need! Thanks Breo!

  11. Great boxes! All ways keep it interesting. Definitely something to look forward to

  12. My bf loves this!!! Thanks for making such a great box for men! Now he can’t get at me for mine 😊… ladies if you don’t know what to get your man, surprise him with one of these !! You won’t be sorry! Great products you never even realized existed! Actually a woman’s Breo Box would be awesome !

  13. I received my box today. Even though I was not too thrilled about the spoilers I am very happy with the Corkcicle and the shower radio. They are part of my husband’s Father days gift. I am keeping the salt and pepper shakers. They look so boujee!!! The trainer is my least favorite but I will give it a try. I received the printer which it is a surprising bonus! Overall it is a great box. I like that Breo thinks outside the box. I might not always like every box but they sure bring a new perspective to the subscription box community.

  14. This box is by far the best one! Love everything that came in it and the customer service is outstanding!

  15. I am giving a shout out to Chadi! The customer service in responding to all our comments is great and for me it is making me want to stay with BreoBox simply based on the high level of service you are providing. You seem to really love the company that you work for and want to keep their customers happy. I love that you are asking MSA/BReo box subscribers to provide ideas for items to include in future boxes. Also happy that you are implementing a loyalty program. I always find that there are two or three things in my box that make my life better (Phase watch, toothbrush, earbuds!) and look forward to future boxes.

  16. We love this box!!! It has something for everyone in our family. My son loves the TRX and shower speaker. I got the diffuser and oil. And my husband, the wine connoisseur, will get the corksicle. The only bad thing is…the corksicle came completely shattered. One of our grinders is broken too. I hope we can get replacements. I’ve never had to contact CS for any issues but they seem to be very responsive to comments on MSA. I emailed them today.

    • Oh and I forgot to say that I received the printer. I completed the survey 5-10 minutes after email was sent. Thank you Breo Box! Your boxes just keep getting better, unlike some of the others that are going down hill fast.

    • I had never even heard of this box until today and although it is way out of my price range the products are amazing!!
      I cut a few boxes out bc this is a better box if they keep it like this!

      • Hi T. Marie!

        Welcome to the Breo Box family! 🙂

        brēō box

    • I had the same problem with my corkcicle came broken and I had a defective speaker. I also emailed them hopefully they respond! I really love my box and want to continue to trust this company with no problems because of how much I love these boxes!! This is not a cheap box so I can’t be okay with damaged products.

  17. Just received my box and I LOVE it!! Yes, my corkcicle is broken as well but I am confident that Breo will replace it. I filled out the survey the evening I received it and sure enough the printer was included in my box. THANK YOU!!!! This is my 2nd box but certainly not my last. GREAT JOB!

  18. The summer box looks really awesome! I am excited about all of the items. I’ve wanted a TRX system for years so I’m really stoked about that – I know both my husband and I will get a lot of use out of that! I also can’t wait for the Corkcicle – another product I’ve been eyeing – but I’m worried it will arrive broken like others have. Living on a tropical island it will be used quite often for both reds and whites as we are avid wine drinkers! I can’t wait to bring the diffuser to work and the in-shower speaker seems really neat. I can already imagine lots of uses for that here as well, as we are quite outdoorsy and there is no shortage of adventures we can take that along with us on! The only item I’m not sure of are the grinders. I’m not sure I’ll be able to find whole peppercorns and salt here on island to fill them with, but I hope I can!

  19. Just got my Breo Box! Love getting this box. I will be singing along in the shower tonight! Always has some cool item that I didn’t know I needed but now can’t do without, any other items always are happily received by friends and family.

  20. Awesome stuff. Always looking forward to getting Box

  21. How does the diffuser work? Do you need to plug it into the wall?

    • Hi Leah,

      It plugs into a USB port so anything like an cell phone plug in, etc.

      brēō box
      [email protected]

  22. Hey Breo–I just subscribed because so many of these items are things my friends would be glad to receive and have many birthdays coming up! I’d really like to keep the next box to myself though. Any chance you guys might consider adding an ember mug into the fall or winter box as the hero item? Saw you guys offered this before as a promo for new subscribers but would LOVE to see it as an item in one of the upcoming boxes for ALL subscribers. 🙂

    • That would be AMAZING… yup, thats exactly the kind of stuff a $160 box needs. New, high tech, indulgent…. 😍😍😍. Id definitely stick around for that. Portable speaker and suspension bands…not so much. Im cancelling but will keep an eye out, hoping they go back to boxes with real feature items.

      • Hi Kin!

        This is for you and anyone else in the brēō community! feel free to email me ([email protected]) with any suggestions or products you would like to see from brēō. Our team is constantly working hard to find and bring great products to the table but definitely love hearing from everyone and trying to incorporate a common demand I see from multiple people on making it in future boxes.

        brēō box
        [email protected]

    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Very observant of you! Cannot disclose or promise anything but we are definitely trying to make something happen with that company.

      brēō box
      [email protected]

      • I would DEF stick around if an ember mug or traveler cup was a part of one of the upcoming boxes–especially for fall or winter! A pair would be ever better!!! Just another few ideas I think might be awesome additions for a box at this price point is maybe a tile set (locator thing) or wemo smartplug or a sonas. These are the type of tech items I think are super appropriate for a box like this at this price point. Or even start up items like the final straw for those who are trying to be environmentally conscious about plastic use would be awesome and falls under the category of stuff I never thought I wanted but do.

  23. My corkcicle one was broken also. Didn’t really like the box. Thinking about canceling.

    • Hi Tina,

      Just email us if you haven’t already, anyone who had a broken corkcicle we will start replacing early next week. Sorry for the not so ideal unboxing experience would love for you to stay on, especially with our loyalty pricing kicking in next quarter 🙂

      brēō box
      [email protected]

    • Ugh right? My corkcicle was shattered and I definitely don’t feel confident I got all of the small shards out of the spout. Still waiting on their response though.

      • Hi Syndey!

        If you experience any issue, please make sure to email [email protected] — give us 24-48 hrs to respond, but we’ll definitely replace a broken Corkcicle.

        Brēō box

  24. Wow!!! What an amazing box. I think Breo always does a great job with value but they really knocked it out of the park with this one. So excited to work out, take a shower to some tunes, cook up some dinner with my new salt and pepper shakers, chilled wine anyone? And then fall asleep to a peaceful scent from the diffuser. PERFECT box Breo. Thank you

    • Denise,

      So happy you loved it, this one is my personal favorite box we have done so far!

      brēō box
      [email protected]

  25. Its my first box!!! I wanted this box so bad, specially the 2 boxes that had the echo and the fuji camera, cheese tray thing. I was worried with items from recent boxes like the tooth brush holder etc thats why I didn’t subscribe then.

    But since the promo was so good, I took t Haven’t received my box yet, but I’m not too excited with the items. I’ll only be using 2 items plus the fuji film printer. But there wont always be a promo like that, so I’m still re-evaluating if I will cancel or continue…

    • Hi Jan,

      We have some great things in store so we hope to keep you part of the brēō community especially with our loyalty pricing going into effect this Fall. We understand not every box is for every person but we try our best to bring great products that can compliment your every day life and if this one was a miss for you chances are most of the future ones won’t be!

      brēō box
      [email protected]

  26. Okay box pissed didn’t get the printer although complete the survey early in the morning as an existing client for at least 4 boxes that new customers are being rewarded is frustrating. Strongly thinking of cancelling

    • Hi Nora,

      I can say we will have another opportunity for current subscribers to receive a printer so keep your eyes open for that and for anything brēō that hits your email inbox. As far as being an existing client for so long I can’t tell you how much we greatly appreciate that and to differentiate ourselves from other subscription companies we decided to come out with the loyalty pricing which takes effect this Fall. Most companies only reward new subscribers but forget about the current customers who helped build the community to what it is today, but not us! As far as the giveaway we did the survey in efforts to give at least the same amount of printers away if not more to new subscribers while at the same time getting to know all of you better and helping us curate even better for the future. We hope to see you stay, and please feel free to email me any time.

      brēō box
      [email protected]

  27. While I liked all the items, the packaging left a lot to be desired. The
    Corksicle only came in a plastic sleeve with no bubble wrap it any sort of covering. When I opened it, the glass case was broken completely and glass shards fell into my carpet and in my pants. Not the unboxing experience I hoped for.

    • My corkcicle one was broken also.

    • Hi Liza’s Mom,

      I’m so sorry about this unboxing experience definitely not what we wanted for our subscribers to experience. Your new replacement corkcicle will be coming your way next week if you haven’t already please email [email protected]

      brēō box
      [email protected]

  28. My box came today and it is my first with Breo! Love it – might just be my new favorite. I love the high end items – and while some are duplicates for me – they will still be used. I also LOVED the Fuji bonus (thanks msa for the code). I will definitely be purchasing future boxes! Great box for me and hubby to share!

    • Hi Christie,

      So happy you enjoyed it! We hope to keep you happy with every box 🙂

      brēō box
      [email protected]

  29. Im not sure how this trx system compares to other over the door home gym stuff sold for $20-50…my roomate had the tower 200 and its only $50 but was super versatile and good quality, and walmart has a simple golds gym one for $20….since trx is the big ticket item its kind of disappointing if this isnt “the best” over the door system in this price range out there… and i suspect Breo didnt do the research since their interest is profit margins.

    If anyone has their box, id love input on the diffuser…i have a larger one i love but my experience with smaller portable ones has been poor. It seems like they increase run time by decreasing the amount of vapor produced…even if next to my computer I cant detect it, while my origional one fills the room in minutes.

    • Hi Kin,

      TRX is the # 1 system used by most national and boutique gyms across the country. We are avid users of this system so we had done plenty of research and use of it before putting great effort in bringing the #1 brand in the industry to our box. I can assure you profit margins are not all we are interested in, we truly care about our company, vendors, what products we put in our box and most importantly our subscribers. Profit margin is a part of business so in order for us to exist in the future we’ll need a little of that too 😉 but we set out to do something we are passionate for and if profit margin comes with that process well that’s great but it’s not our main focus!

      brēō box
      [email protected]

      • In case it makes a difference, I’m a member of Equinox, which is a high class gym (memberships costs $150+ per month) and they only use TRX. I use it personally myself at the gym a lot and theirs is the professional type and it’s amazing what you can do with it. I’m glad they chose this brand and excited to get a portable version to use, worth every penny!

    • Suspension training (TRX) is slightly different than resistance training, like the 2 systems you described. Plus this item is super versatile and easy to travel with, not permanently attached to your doorframe, and good for all fitness levels. TRX is used in military training and was developed by a US Navy SEAL, so I think breo knew exactly what they were doing when choosing this item for their box. If their main interest was profit margin, wouldn’t it have made sense for them to choose a lower priced item instead?

  30. I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed with this box. I see the theme they were going for but there wasn’t at least just one item that I was excited about & couldn’t wait to try. Not to mention, my Corcicle arrived broken 😕 I have already reached out to them. And honestly, I’ve been with them from their very first box! So, I couldn’t qualify for the printer as a new subscriber & I never received a survey to fill out to try to win one! I’ve been checking my email for days & days.

  31. I’m glad I got the box. I wanted TRX set for a while and all the other items I don’t have but will be very useful.

  32. I’ve been putting off subscribing to breo box for a while but after loving and wanting the past couple boxes, I caved in…big mistake! I’ll only keep and use 1 or 2 items! Bummer that this box is a big miss…unsubscribing!

  33. I’m trying to use the MSA15 coupon code, but it’s saying it’s invalid. Any ideas?

  34. I just unpacked mine and I’m pretty happy with it. I did get the printer and I’m very excited about it. The TRX kit is great, I’ve recently been building out the rest of my home gym situation and this is going to be great, plus my gym has TRX set up so I can incorporate moves into my routine regardless of location.

    Yeah, I have variations on most of what is the box, but in most cases, I’m happy for the upgrades or extras. The speaker will replace a shower speaker purchased *very* cheaply and I’ve been looking for a speaker that could also work on canoe/kayak trips and this seems to have a great battery life and dependability. The Corksicle product is pretty perfect for me, one of my aerator plugs just broke last night and it’s warm here, so a cellar chill on my reds is awesome. The spice grinders are neato and I love that they’re one-handed. I’ll try them out and see they’ll be added to my cooking area or to my table. I kinda wish the base was marble or granite though, because I feel like the acrylic base might look scuzzy pretty quickly. I have an abundance of diffusers and oils and use them often, but a sleek one like this will likely get use around the house where I want extra oomph, like my office during a workday, or on trips.

    So far, I’ve found most of the items to be useful personally or perfectly gift-able. My first box was the Winter 2017 box, due to a fortunate sale, skipping the unfortunate Spring box. Going forward, I would have to say that timely spoilers would be highly beneficial. I had planned on cancelling this box since they’re weren’t any, so I only got it because I forgot to do it in time.

  35. This is an AWESOME BOX! I freaking love every single item in this box. I don’t want to like the TRX trainer stuff (lol) but I quit my over priced gym now I can workout at home for very low cost. Breo Rocks!

  36. This is a miss for me. 🙁 Was really excited for this first box, but it seems as though they lowered the value this month to account for the printer that only some people get. The winter box was valued at over $100 more. (Wish I was getting that box instead). I’m going to be getting rid of 90% of this. Unfortunate. 🙁

    • Hi Carly,

      Sorry you were not extremely happy with this box : /
      The printer had no impact on any products of this box, something completely separate we’ve had and wanted to introduce for awhile. We have some big things in store coming up so hope to see you stay with us! We appreciate your input very much!

  37. Well that’s disappointing. The diffuser+oil are the most useful items for me. Oh well. Cancelled.

    • Hi Artemis,

      Sorry this box was it tailored exactly to your interests, do you have any suggestions you’d like to see in the future if you were to re-subscribe?


      brēō box

      • I appreciate that you look for suggestions. I get that subscription boxes are a gamble, but it didn’t work for me this month. For me the main appeal of the box is the electronics. The “hero item” in this box is usually something electronic, but this month it was a fitness trainer. Previous boxes had an echo dot, a smartwatch, wireless earbuds, and this month was…a trainer. I felt kinda duped tbh, especially with the Fuji printer giveaway. That would have been a much better choice, even if it meant losing 1 or 2 other items.

        And the electronics accompanying the trainer are fine but nothing particularly new or exciting. The mill set is frankly a bizarre inclusion. The corkcicle is fine I suppose, but I don’t drink so I’ll be giving it away.

        Unfortunately, the box is too expensive to keep giving it a chance to get better, so I had to cancel. It’d take several good spoilers for me to take a chance on this box again. I’ll keep an eye on it but I’m still disappointed :/

      • I completely agree. We definitely need more spoilers before we decide to keep or cancel our sub. The possibility of being able to skip a season after several spoilers would be terrific as well!

      • Understood, we have some great things in store for the future and hope to see you back 🙂

        brēō box
        [email protected]

  38. Love the summer box. Nice and useful products- I am not a wine lady– I’m more a frangelico girl but my boss will love the corkcicle.

    • Hi Yadira,

      Glad you like the box!

      brēō box

  39. I like it! Nice job Breo. Useful items, and what I won’t use (like the wine chiller and the diffuser) I can easily gift to someone who will enjoy them. I’m getting a big head start on xmas shopping 🙂

    I’m especially excited for their promo activities and the new loyalty programs. I’ve subbed and canceled so many boxes – Breo’s the one I’ve stuck with since the beginning. Their CS is the absolute best.

    • Hi ErinB,

      Thank you for the kind words, we hope to continue and impress!

      brēō box

  40. Can anyone post their shipment weight and whether they have the free Fuji printer or not? Thanks.

    • Hi Jinque,

      The shipment weight has no indication on whether it includes printer or not, our system was reverting to a default weight for some of the shipments so do not go by that.

      brēō box

  41. First of all – wonderful review as always! Thanks very much for it.

    I want to love this box, but I just don’t. I understand the risk of sub boxes but I am just missing the “wow” factor in this. This is my third box & I re-subscribe hoping I would score a box from BEFORE I signed up. All that being said, I will gift & use all items in the box so everything will be put to use & for that reason I know I shouldn’t be so salty.

    PS/ I was able to fill out the survey but did not send them a screenshot! Ugh. I would’ve loved that free item! I wonder how many ppl did the same thing? Haha

    • I also forgot to do the screenshot…UGH!!


    • It should be working now!

      brēō box

  43. yeah… some nice items but good not enough for me to resubscribe, esp with the new tiered pricing. :-/

    In my experience, they pick some really cool items, but some of them are indie or a bit untested – ie. the earbuds last month were from kickstarter, or the tesla lighter a while back, etc. Sometimes those items work pretty great, other times not. My lighter stopped working shortly after getting it, and I was even willing to buy another one for myself after cs said they would said a replacement but then didn’t…. but it’s not even available for purchase on the teslax site because “This store is not yet accepting payments” and it’s been that way for 6 months now, or longer? Kind of sketchy.

    So these items are a bit of a risk, hence why I think there are such great items at a lowered cost. (And of course they also include some established brands as well – like corcksicle in this box). The cs is very responsive and friendly though – so it’s always tempting for me to want to get the next box, hoping for a really blockbuster item. Nice review – thank you!

    • My tesla lighter stopped working as well. Shame because it was awesome while it worked. I was hoping it was just the charge but nope, it died.

      • Hi bb,

        We always replace a defective product if we know about it, all you would need to do is email [email protected] and we will take care of it for you.

        brēō box

      • Chadi,

        i have just sent BREO a message. My corksicle glass casing came completely smashed (i sent pictures). It was really weird because it was not wrapped in any protection. I was really surprised that it was not packaged better. I really like the items but it was disappointing to open the box and find one item completely smashed to pieces especially since I planned to give this a gift for my sister. By the way, really loved the earbuds from last box.

    • Hi Jenn,

      We try and introduce new and upcoming brands along with well known larger brands like TRX, FUJI, etc. That being said if something is faulty with a product in our box we do everything in our power to either replace or compensate. Please email us more details at [email protected]

      brēō box

  44. This is my first breo box and I love everything in this box! 😀

    • Yay!! What a great first box! 🙂

    • Agreed! The salt and pepper grinders and the corkcicle seemed tailored to me. The only thing we aren’t sure on is the trainer set, but that’s only because we live in a 1 bedroom with very little room for such things lol! Overall, I am super pleased with it, and I’m happy to support what seems to be a Michigan based company as well!!

      • Thank you Maggie 🙂

        Glad you are enjoying the box!

        brēō box

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