BoxyCharm July 2018 Two CONFIRMED Spoilers!

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We have two confirmed spoilers for the July Boxycharm!

In a video, Yosef had done a sneak peek of two skincare items:

We now have confirmation of the two items. Each box will include:


What do you think of the spoilers?

In case you missed the previous spoilers, the July box will include:

Crown Brush Fuego Eyeshadow Palette $29.99


Tarte Ready, Set, Radiant Mist $25

What do you think of the spoilers?

We also have some brand spoilers for future boxes:

Kat Von D Beauty

What products would you love to see from Kat Von D?

Hank & Henry Beauty

What products would you love to see from Hank & Henry Beauty?

If you sign up now, the June box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted! Check out the FULL spoilers here!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Why is everybody so negative about the spoilers?? We only pay 21$ for the box….

    • That’s what I want to know!! Why is everyone complaining so much. Boxy is awesome. I’ve had it for a year in August and I will never ever cancel. At least these are good wuiality skincare. Even though I prefer makeup, I won’t complain.

    • I agree with you I am so tired of people being so negative when in all reality we are getting amazing products at super cheap prices. If you don’t like it then don’t get it… of course there are hits and misses for everyone but pass those to a friend or donate to women’s shelters because someone will love and appreciate it😊😂👍

    • Right! You can’t really walk out of a drug store with 5 items for under $21. Some people’s expectations are insane. It’s a box that tries to cater to many different women so your not going to love it every month, but no reason to complain.

    • Because having a low rated Spray as a variant against a eye shadow PALETTE isn’t exacy equal. It should be Palette A or Palette B.
      A Setting Spray v a Primer would make way more sense because they’re under the category of before or after makeup.

      The mask & eye cream at least make sense because they both fall under the skin care category.

      • Oh please. They are both equal in price. Ratings are subjective and some people hate crown!! Get over it or just cancel! Someone will take the spot!!!

        • Okay, for starter? A ton of people have canceled. Also, people are allowed to complain if they want because while it’s only $21, it’s only a good value if the products aren’t crap. I’m tired of people acting like you aren’t allowed to be disappointed because you should be grateful for whatever you get. YOU ARE ALLOWED. Because you’re still spending money on this. Money you earned. The only upside is that with a bunch of people unsubscribing Boxycharm is going to be forced to rethink their strategy.

          • Finally. Thank you Becky! I totally agree with you.

          • Becky, while “tons” of people have unsubscribed…tons have signed up. Cancel or don’t cancel…it is the people saying “I am going to CANCEL because of these two spoilers” with whom others are getting annoyed.

        • I’m actually hoping I get the setting spray because I love Tarte and I already have way too many eyeshadow palettes.

          • Im also hoping for the spray the reviews are mixed but i think if you keep the cap clean it Will be fine

          • Me too I want the spray.

          • I want the spray too!

          • Im in favor for the setting spray! I have like 25 pallets. No joke if not more!!

    • Preach! So sick of it i seen someone on fb complaining that they didnt get lash glue!!! Whaaa my mouth hit the floor like really its a dollar take yo cheap but to the store are you kidding me, i did ask her if she wanted them to put them on for her aswell lol come on ladies

    • Boxy is the best box out there! I was receiving about 7 different ones for over a couple years. I stopped them all because I realized I always go to my Boxy charm makeup items. I donated a huge box of products from all the other vendors to the Women’s Shelter, when I donated my clothes. I just went through all the boxes trying to find something different so I can receive more boxes beside makeup. I decided on something for my pets instead. Now if I could figure out how to spend my $95.00 worth of charms

  2. I would like the eye shadow why is everyone Hating on it!! What is wrong with it? I don’t think the skin choices are that bad.

    • Hi Janine… Everyone is hating on the eye shadow palette because we are just tired of getting warm shades…that’s all…Same with the lippies ALL being from the browns family….IT IS SUMMER AFTER ALL 😞

      • We just got three pallets on a row that aren’t nudes and in fact highly colored. It’s probably tone for a more neutral pallet. This one seems like it had some pink/red tones. Perfect for summer.

      • This I TOTALLY AGREE with! I have fair skin with pinkish undertones and Love Cool shadows, like silvers and cool purples for my green eyes…I wish they would put some cool palletes in the boxes and I like that they include at least one skincare item – they use to always have a skincare item when I first subbed (in 2013)…

  3. I’m am SOOOO over warm pallets. And, Crown just doesn’t have the quality behind them. I’d probably toss that pallet, or donate it to a woman’s shelter if I got it. I feel like we e gotten so much Dr Brandt stuff lately, it’s overkill. Skincare is so iffy, it’s really hard to please a large group of people with it. Everyones skin and genetics are so different.
    I would love love love to see the My Alter Ego eye kits in a box. Lady SoHo looks beautiful! I need some cool tones already! Lol. As for Kat Von D…you can’t go wrong with Tatto Liner or the Lock It setting powder. They’re both universal, and pretty sought after if you decided not to keep them. Her Everlasting Liquid Lipstick is amazing, but choosing a color selection… (dear lord anything but more brown lip colors, PLEASE!)

    • Krystie M….I could have written your comments…as they are also mine 💯…except for the Dr Brandt overkill of products….I say “Bring em on❣️” I’ve luv’d each and every one and this is why this T-Zone girl won’t get that variance 😞
      As far as the other variance so far…yuck on both for me,if I had to choose….I guess gimme the palette so I can give yet another eye shadow palette in warm shades,away!
      It’s summer for crying out loud BoxyCharm….can we have some BRIGHT AND HAPPY COLORS EYESHADOW PALETTES AND What is wrong with LIPPIES in shades of PINK,PLUM,PEACH❓❓❓
      Sooo sooo over it….I’m down to keeping one product a month…that I wouldn’t purchase on my own….because BoxyCharm knows what they’re doing not keeping anything in the Charms Shop….if I cancel… I lose my over 6,000 Charms 😖😖😖

  4. Isn’t this our makeup box with a monthly palette? What’s with all the variations already? I have no interest in this box bc I don’t use those products. Glad I cancelled after last month. Was going to resub with the lur of CoverFX but I have 3 of those too. I’m interested to see how this plays out.. Enjoy ladies!!

  5. Super disappointed in this box already. The $39.99 price of the Crown palette is the marked down price. And they currently have a sale where you can get the palette, along with their 5-piece pro brush set for only $19. If they keep marking down the price, what’s that say about the palette?? If I get it in my box this month I’ll have to cancel my sub. The Not So Evil Stepmother made a YT video about it.

    • The box is $21. The spoilers are between $60-$70 roughly, and there will be more. The value is always there with BC, even if there are products that some Charmers aren’t crazy about.

      • I already comprehend the logistics of it. The value is always more than the box cost. My qualm is that the palette has been marked down twice recently and is now 1/3 of the original price (and that’s with the brush set). It’s also too warm and boring for summer as others have stated, and I don’t know about you, but I haven’t liked any of Crown’s palettes so far. If this is going to be one of the items, it shouldn’t be a variation up against the Tarte spray (seriously Boxy). It was better when they stopped doing variations and sent everyone the same products.

    • I unsubbed to her channel after the fiasco with one of her giveaways,my friend wasn’t awarded a prize she had won because a hacker swiped her account and instead her prize was given to the hacker! Can you imagine? I just think that’s awful and my friend was so upset over the ordeal and she had to deal with Alex accusing her of being a liar but of course she wasn’t.

  6. Ah! I only want the mist and the depuff gel! I really really really hope I get those. I’m usually ok with any variation, but I’m crossing my fingers this month

  7. Boxy is offering the best of both worlds! Love it…

  8. I have two subscriptions with Boxycharm so I am hoping I get both variations! I’m really looking forward to this box!

    • I do as well but I want 2 of the depuff stuff!!

  9. I would like either of the skincare spoilers, though I like farmacy better than Dr Brandt as a brand.

    I let a three month sub expire after May, then Boxycharm offered CoverFX enhancer drops if I resubscribed so I did! I’m currently away and June’s box is waiting for me at home. July’s looks good, but I’ll probably re-cancel after July!

  10. Are these two skincare items a variation or are both in each box? I love getting full size skincare in boxes and would totally resubscribe for these items.

    • Yosef confirmed on his IG stories that we will get one of the other, not both.

    • Looks like only one. It says Dr. Brandt “OR” Farmacy. I really wanted both of them :{

  11. Mist & eye baggage please! 😍 If I get the other options, I would definitely trade them…

  12. I canceled based on these spoilers… while I love skin care it has to be tailored to my skins needs, and that palette looks boring. Also the looming KVD product is a turnoff, I will no longer support her brand as an anti-vaxxer. The boxes have been open for new subscribers for many months so hopefully when they have better items on offer it’ll be easy to sign up again.

    • If Boxycharm commits to sending out a Kat Von D item, I am DONE, so done, with Boxycharm. Is this confirmed? If so I’m cancelling now.

      • Yes Boxy is sending a kat von d item. It was announced before the anti vaxx thing.

    • I’m sorry, but what does not vaccinating have anything to do with her makeup line? Vaccinating is a personal choice, so I’m not sure what that has to do with makeup? Although I do vaccinate my kids, not buying a makeup item because of someone’s personal beliefs sounds silly..

      • Amen. Plus, they aren’t even buying the product, they are receiving the product in a box which is quite different. I would never buy a Kylie lip kit because I am not a fan…but if boxycharm sent it I would be totally fine with it.

        • You’re paying for the box, which means KVD or Dr Brandt/Farmacy/Crown are being supported by you with BoxyCharm being the middleman. No different than you buying from Sephora. BoxyCharm pays the company for the products and you pay BoxyCharm…so that Kylie item you’d never buy but would accept is the same thing.

          • I understand your point of view, I however, do not see it that way. I see it as very different than buying from Sephora, as one is an exact product choice and the other is not. But thank you for femmesplaining. I also am not horribly offended by KVD’s anti-vaxx choice. I think it is idiotic, and would never want her elected to public office, but she makes rad lipstick and I’ll totally buy it. As for Kylie, she just seems pretty vacant, and her product is almost identical to colourpop.

  13. Skincare is much better than Makeup!

    • Skin care my phone typo

    • Then you might want to try beautyfix instead of boxycharm. Boxy is usulaly l own for hvaing makeup heavy subs and beautyfix is more skincare. Personally, I subcribe to Boxy mainly for makeup, but everyone has their own needs.

    • Then why did you subscribe to the box that has the most makeup? Seems like a logical issue.

  14. I’m really excited about the vitamin c mask!!!

  15. 4803 Manning Road

    • I personally love skin care as much as make up. In the summer I usually like to were little to no foundation so great skin is a must. I am looking forward to the vitamin C mask. I love you Boxy Charm

  16. I just snagged The element of surprise palette. With my points.

    • Thank you for sharing this, first time in ages I was quick enough to get something I wanted with my points!

    • I got the It brow pencil. I had taken a hiatus from boxy when they had it in the box and really wanted to try it !

  17. Is the to skin care products variants? Are you getting one OR the other, or is everyone getting both? Skincare is really tricky for boxes to get right, so I’m not a huge fan. I don’t mind some but if 3 of 5 are skincare in one box…. (radiant mist I count as skin care, and silly at that since all it does it make your face wet)

  18. Oooooh I want the eye baggage stuff!!! Do we get both!!! Either way I’d be down to try either one!! I’ll probably buy the dr Brandt stuff from someone in the Facebook groups if I don’t end up getting it in my box!

  19. I like the eye gel and hoping for the mist. I hope that this box is still kept makeup heavy. I’d rather have makeup variety than skincare variety. I want to use up the full-sized products that Boxycharm sends my way.

  20. So far im pretty excited for this box. There isnt anything that i wouldnt like at this point. Willing to try everything shown this far.. 👍🏻

  21. I’m excited for this box!

  22. Well, I was trying to hold out for KVD and H&H, but all this skin care sealed it for me. I cancelled. If I wanted an abundance of skin care I would subscribe to something else. I want makeup, and Boxy was the only sub I could count on supplying me with that. No longer, it seems. The occasional Dr. Brandt item was fine because I could easily swap those away since they have a big following. However, I don’t want to be swapping away 80% of a box every month. That is a waste of my time, and a headache.

    Frankly, I still feel that including a lot of skin care is like putting foundation in a box: everyone has different skin. I would not use any of those skin care spoiler items.

    • Ditto! I’m canceling as well. This is a MAKEUP box. And that’s the ONLY reason I’ve been subscribed for as long as I have. You’re going to lose a TON of customers if you keep this up. There are sub boxes JUST for skincare. This is not one of those. Why do you think there’s no waitlist? Why do you think they’re now offering gifts with a subscription? And sending us daily emails begging for subscribers. Have you not heard “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it?”

  23. these spoilers look good. I have a question? Do they not do nail polish anymore? Just curious.

    • Seems like no one is doing nail polish any more. It may have something to do with carriers not wanting to have to worry about it blowing up or something.

    • I get nail polish all the time in my ipsy subscription.

  24. I don’t mind either the mask or eye cream, but ugh.
    Why is the PALETTE of all things a variation!!

    • I know.

      Either the palette or a mist?

      That’s hardly fair.

  25. Don’t like getting skincare since my skin is acne prone and I only use Proactiv, so will definitely be giving this away.

  26. Everyone repeat after me: skincare…. SkinCare… SKINCARE!

  27. Boxy is amazing and one of the boxes that I cannot let go of. This is why. Skincare wins.

  28. Oooh, I love getting skincare, super happy! <3

    • Me, too! Can’t wait actually. I always enjoy a mask treatment, and always need a good quality eye treatment, both of which I rarely splurge on for myself. It’s a win whichever option I receive.

    • Me too 😉 ❤️ 🤗 I truly appreciate getting full size products of skincare of this quality. Any other box gives you a sample size unless you pay for the $35-$50 boxes. To get this awesome skincare for $21 alone with some makeup? I really want that pallet too… It is speaking to me 😊 😊 😊 I’m never leaving Boxycharm! I love my holy grail cleanser but I also love me some Dr Brandt! Yay!! I’ve been noticing some puffiness from my allergies so I’m really looking forward to this one! Thanks Boxycharm! ❤️ 🤗 ❤️

  29. I like the spoilers and glad boxycharm is putting a nice skin treatment. I wish that there was an option to chose which item you want.

  30. I’m kinda loving the element of surprise with this month’s box. I would be happy with and use any variation, so it will be a mini thrill to open and see what I got. Also my birthday month so feels like a gift from me to me lol.

  31. I do not like anything from dr brandt everything smells like medicine so I’ll pass. I’m down for the mask. Not sure why a lot of people dont like getting skin care. I like the variation and a skin care item is fine a few times a year from boxy, at least for me it is

  32. Eh Im not thrilled. I like boxycharm because its actually a makeup box. Birchbox, sephora, ipsy all threw in too much haircare or skincare and thats not what Im looking for. Hopefully Im in for a surprise and will like them. I really do hope I get the tarte spray though!

    • I agree. I subscribed last month because it was predominantly make up and not skin care.

  33. I want the Farmacy and the palette. I would be all about the eye product if it was for dark circles instead of puffiness

    • It is for bags and dark circles. It brightens and smooths. I really hope for the Tarte and Dr Brandt! Fingers crossed! I am hoping they let us give input on which items we prefer somehow, but I don’t have high hopes for that to actually happen. I hope you get what you want and love what you get!

  34. I’m excited about these spoilers, but so not excited about Kat Von D in future boxes.

    I was deeply disappointed to learn about her anti-vaccination stance (and her backpedaling attempt did not impress me). She has a large platform and by stating proudly she intends to raise her child unvaccinated regardless of other people’s opinions, she’s promoting the idea that this is acceptable, and it’s just not. I’m all for personal freedom, but not if it hurts other people, and not vaccinating literally puts lives in danger and has caused deaths.

    I really don’t want to support her anymore, so I hate that products of hers will be in future boxes. 🙁

    • The thing with anti-vaxxers is they don’t understand the science on a broad level.

      THEY may not vaccinate their child, but they don’t seem to realize that by doing so, they’re thinning the “herd immunity” that a vaccination program relies upon to be broadly effective.

      Vaccines cause autism has been so thoroughly debunked that anyone who says it does should be laughed out of town. I know that there are more vaccines today than there were in 1962 when I was getting them, but if a parent is worried about the load, they can work out a slower schedule with their pediatrician.

      I’ve never been excited about KVD cosmetics, so getting/not getting is not important.

  35. I am hoping for tarte and dr Brandt. I don’t think I can use the vitamin C with my acne meds.

    Other question – I have never done anything with charms (only re-subbed in April). I added a palette to my cart and checked out on the boxycharm website NOT the brand site. It didn’t prompt me to apply charms even though I was on the redeem charm site. It just asked about my payment method which was my card on file. Did I just buy a palette or did I redeem points? I still show as having all my points. 🙁 I know with Ulta I have to manually apply… I did not watch the full instagram video. Regretting that now…

    • Email them now

    • Just email customer service through their website! I accidentally did that and told them I forgot to apply my charms. They can fix it for you 🙂

      • Thank you both!!! I actually managed to snag one of the my little pony palettes, mostly because my oldest niece will love it!!! #favoriteauntforoneday

    • You’ll have to email them to get it corrected but you ended up purchasing the product with whichever card you have on file. To add charms as payment, you have to add them to the cart on the site & click on the cart. Once you’re there, you’ll have the price list for the cart and the spot to verify the address but if you check out, it will charge you. Instead, click on the cart icon again & there should be a spot at the bottom that allows you to use charms. It’s not the best method but the CEO said they will be fixing it at some point this year to make it easier.

      • I’m going to screenshot this for next time!

  36. There are new items in the Chsrm Shop. Get them while they last!

  37. I’m sooooooo excited!🤩💖🌈🌷 Both items are from brands I LOVE and have on my wishlist which once again makes BOXYCHARM my favorite box!💖

  38. Looks like i am cancelling Boxy this month

    • See ya

      • Lol, Michelle… 😂

  39. Liz can we get an investigation on the two in the back that keep showing up in all his IG stories and pics- I KNOW they are spoilers – he doesn’t take weird angle shots or allow products in the background without a reason. Help! Lol

    • (The pink one and the white box- not the Farmacy and the Dr Brandt)

    • We’ve been trying to figure thta out as well for the past two weeks. Several people said it looked like someone’s vape, but since I don’t vape, I have no idea what one would look like…lol.

      • I do vape and it’s definitely a vape, sorry ladies and gents no spoiler there.

  40. Yes PLEASE to all of the above. Loooove trying new high end skincare through boxy! (Also really hoping for the setting spray!)

  41. Would be happy with any of it! I haven’t tried a massage-activated mask before though so hoping for that.

  42. I hope I get the Farmacy product. I didnt like the Vaccuum Cleaner by Dr. Brandt and am over that brand in general. I’ve gotten so many of their products and I only liked two of them & would never pay full price for them.

  43. Is someone at Boxy letting their toddler play with the camera? Is this supposed to be cute?

    • Those were taken from a video Yosef made on Facebook.

    • Yosef’s pics / vids are always wonky tho

      • Yeah it sort of reminds me of my mother on Facebook.

  44. I’d love any of it. What a great box! I also love skin care!

  45. Hi. If I want to buy an item from the charmroom but said buy from brand is bc is not available to buy it whith charms?

    • Yes. If it says to buy from brand, the charm room is sold out.

      • Thanks

    • Hey just wondering what you were trying to get. I just logged in and got the element of surprise palette and the coastal scents blush palette. but wondering what else was there before i got there haha

  46. This seems really skincare heavy … I wonder if they’re variations

  47. I hope for the farmacy. I don’t have bags, so I would swap the dr Brandt away. I love tarte and I have many shadow palettes, so I’m hoping for the mist!

  48. Is this either-or also ???

    • Yes. With two either or as the main items, I cancelled!

  49. This looks AWESOME

  50. Ah! I want them both lol

    • Me too!

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