BoxyCharm June 2018 FULL SPOILERS Box #1!

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We have full spoilers for one version of the June 2018 Boxycharm box thanks to SydneySmallsBeauty! (Thanks, ms_timpany, for the heads up!)

Box 1 will include:


And in case you missed it, here is the variant for the lippie in the box. Subscribers should either receive Girlactick or OFRA liquid lipsticks:

Source: Boxycharm Beauties


AND all box variations of the June 2018 Boxycharm box will include:

Here are more pictures of the palette:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you sign up now, the June box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I received my box on Tuesday and it came with no Bum Bum Cream. I thought everyone was supposed to get that?

    • I received 7 items, they accidentally sent me 2 dark brown eyeliners! Bum bum cream I love the scent. I’m excited to try the new brushes, the eyelashes are beautiful (never wore them …tips or tricks)? And I fell in love with the palettes. I also received the Ofra lipgloss in Verona. I currently have this subscription and Deck of Scarlet & I love both for different reasons♥️

  2. I received my tracking number less than a week ago (forgot which day) and expected delivery date was suppose to be Thurs 6.14 but it came today 6.13 which is aloooooot faster than I’ve ever received my box. Normally it’ll get here by Friday of the next week from the tracking notice. I got the Ofra Verona shade 🙁

    • Yea ….doki brown UGHHH …..but everything else BOXYCHARM KILLS ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS OUT THERE #1. ( my opinion) 💞💞💞💞🤘🤙👀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. I just need to stop reading the comment sections. I just can’t with all the b**ching and moaning and the first world problems of *gasp* “another black eyeliner?!” “ewww, brown lippies?! in summer?! *eyeroll* get your s*** together, boxy.” “ugh, that bum bum cream is SO small. I wanted the huge $50 one in my $21 box. i am so done with boxy if next month doesn’t give me everything I want…but then the bright color lipstick I wished for in this box will be the wrong color bright, and the “any color but black eyeliner” will be an “eww, i hate that color blue!” one, and even though I’ve complained for months about “ugh, not another highlighter!” I won’t appreciate or even acknowledge “yay, at least it doesn’t have another highlighter!”

    And yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone has a right to express it, but my god, it is so much easier to promote what you love than to constantly bash what you hate.

    ☝🏼And yes, I realize “says the person who is bashing what she hates…” but it just gets so tiresome and obnoxious and entitled sounding after awhile, but more than anything, there are SO many things that are so, so, SO much worse in this world, and if you are complaining about getting another black eyeliner, chances are, you don’t have any of those “so, so, SO much worses” (not a word, I know) going on in your life…cuz if you did, I can almost guarantee that you wouldn’t have the time and/or desire and/or ability to be in the comment section complaining about that black eyeliner in the first place. so instead of being mad about the brown lippie or the black eyeliner, be grateful that that brown lippie is clearly the the worst thing life has handed you today.

    • Love this.

    • You said what I have been wanting to for a long time Terra…thanks for that…and btw I was quite suprised the brown lippie is actually quite…whoulda thought..have a great day everyone..

  4. Finally got my shipping notification, yay!

  5. For anyone who didn’t get this box or just wants another sample of the bum bum cream it is on Sephora as one of the bazaar rewards for 100 points. It’s this same size.

    • 100 points represents $100 in purchases at Sephora. Don’t they also sell this little jar there for $10? Or is that at Ulta? One of them sells it for $10.

    • Is it confirmed to be the trial sized cream? I’ve never gotten anything but full size products from boxycharm. I’m not complaining if it is, the brushes and palette are my favorites going by spoilers.

      • Yes it’s 25 ml and worth $10

  6. I hope I get the brown lippie and brown eyeliner. I never use charcoal or black, but occasionally use brown. I also love brown lipsticks. It started when I dyed my hair red, but I haven’t looked back. Brown is surprisingly flattering and unique. I prefer it to the pinky-mauvey nudes that subscription boxes like to send. I have so many travel sizes of these colors and hate how they look on me. If you haven’t already, try out brown just to see if you like it. It could surprise you.

    • I am the opposite. I keep getting brown lippies and they look terrible on me – they wash me out and make me look sick. I LOVE pinky/mauvey colors and I never seem to get them in my sub boxes. I have to just go out and buy them and I always wind up throwing away the brown colors cuz no one wants them if I’ve tried them.

      • Just a suggestion for the lipsticks – you can swipe the product onto something else (even a paper plate will work for a quick swatch) and use the product you removed on your lips. That way the actual lipstick isn’t contaminated in any way and then you can give it away 🙂

  7. So hoping I don’t get the Verona shade. Brown matte looks terrible on me.

    Looking forward to everything else.

  8. I had canceled last month and really wanted the eyeshadow palette for the gorgeous bright colors. So I resubbed after seeing the bum bum cream spoiler (I have both the large and travel size, but this mini size will fit perfectly in my purse). So excited for these items, the rest are just extras to me (will happily accept a charcoal eyeliner, of which I have none).

    • those minis are 100 point perks at sephora right now!:)

  9. I canceled last month and no FOMO. The only thing I want out of this box is the bum bum cream and I’m getting it from Beautyfix.

  10. Another brown liquid lip?? You know these are the colors that don’t sell. I can’t think of anyone this color looks good on.

    • I don’t necessarily disagree that these are the colors that don’t sell as well, heh. But a brown lip can often look good against certain tones of medium-dark skin. I think a lot of warm-complexioned Latina or Mediterranean ladies, for example, might pull this color off effortlessly.

      • (To be clear, I’m not saying all Latina or Mediterranean ladies *have* warm complexions, just that the ones who do might look good in this color. I myself am Mediterranean with a cool olive complexion.)

        • Actually Tati did a chocolate lip video recently that looked intriguing. I’ve been meaning to watch it. The Eyeshadow paired with it made it look stunning.

      • Agreed 👏🏼

    • I agree!!! So sick of brown and light pink or pink mauve…..ready for reds and berries!!!

      • I got a brighter color last month. Like a strawberry pink. I dislike it very much. It didnt look anything like that color in the tube, but once applied I was like oh no! And then it was too late 🙁 I prefer a good nude bc it goes with everything. I really wish they would get the profile preference implemented already.

    • Ummm… Me.

  11. Thank you to everyone who pointed out that the charcoal eyeliner isn’t black — now I’m stoked! I’ve been looking for a gray eyeliner for a while because black seems to harsh on my lower lash line. Now I’m just hoping they don’t ruin a really fun summer curation with a mud brown lip color…

  12. ladies and gentlemen- it is a charcoal eyeliner! not black.
    in the summer i like to put a bit of liner on my lashline for when I go to the beach, and charcoal is always less intense than black. I am happy to get a new eyeliner- forces me to discard the old one I have been using.

    Boxycharm is doing a great job. How are some people getting salty over an eyeliner (a 6TH ITEM, btw)

    • How are some ppl being so judgemental abt other people’s opinions? I jist don’t understand it. Why can’t we just say what we think? It’s not a personal insult to any individual person and when we express our opinions it helps boxycharm to refine what they put into our boxes. They want to know how we feel.

      • lmao i guess you’re talking about me. People complaining about getting an additional item is pretty ridiculous, and that is what I THINK! So I can’t say what I feel, but others are allowed to? it doesn’t work like that!!

    • I noticed on another unboxing video today that someone got a brown liner. I am excited about the different colors!

      • Then there’s a little bit of hope? Yay!

  13. I see everyone saying it is a black eyeliner, but Liz listed it as charcoal, not black. Maybe that isn’t a big difference to some people, but I find charcoal to be way more versatile than black. Boxes almost never include charcoal, it seems, so I am excited to see that in this month’s box.

  14. For everyone complaining I’ll nging about the black eyeliner just remember you can use the eyeshadows wet as a liner as well. So basically that’s at least 5 more bolder eyeliners for your theme! Though yes. I have 8+ extra black liners but they are easy to put up for swap or donate to a womens shelter. One of my most recent went to two kids to use as a facepaint pencil.

  15. Let’s be honest people they threw in th black eyeliner as a bonus item, I’m not complaining at all shooooot they sent us 6 items AGAIN this month. I’m grateful for any extra they send as they do not have to do that. All in all I’m loving this box. Last months box was OK , not my favorite and I still did not complain, this months box is a direct hit on the mark, without the bonus item they included.

  16. ANOTHER black pencil eyeliner -.-

    I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but tbh I would have rather they just sent us 5 items instead of sending us another black pencil eyeliner! I can take liquid eyeliner all day but with all of my sub boxes I have sooooo many black pencil eyeliners! I can’t even give them all away, they pile up in a bag and I never reach for them. *sighhhh* nevertheless, I love everything else! 🙂

    • I use black eyeliner every day. I would love to trade you something for them if you are interested. My email is wendybrooks77atyahoodotcom.

      • Hey Wendy. What kind are you looking for? Pencil, liquid or pen style? I have a whole bunch lol. All different brands and all unused.

        • Hey Jamie, I use all kinds. I’m an eyeliner junkie.

  17. This liner and lippie seem like repeats

  18. I saw another unboxing video where she got a light rosy pink Ofra lippie. Hope I get that variation.

  19. Black eyeliner for a Caribbean themed box? Why Boxycharm why? Blue, green, coral so many other choices. Really had an opportunity here and somebody went with black?

    • EXACTLY!! Ugh!

    • Oh I know! What were they thinking? Any other color would have been great. I’m so disappointed they chose black. I am so excited to get this box, but the black eyeliner is just such a downer. I could happily live the rest of my life without ever getting another black eyeliner in a sub box. In just four months of different subs, I received 5 of them. Boxycharm could have really knocked this one out of the park with a different color eyeliner. What a shame. Boxycharm I hope you are reading these comments and will take them into consideration.

  20. So far no FOMO here. The only item that looks desirable is the Bum bum and it looks pretty small. I cancelled last month due to product overload and so far no regrets, but you know that will change. This month I spent the month on Beautyfix and it was just delivered today.

    • The bum bum is the $20 size. So basically if that’s what you really wanted and would already be buying its like paying $1 for everything else.

      • I am not sure it’s worth $20. Fabfitfun had the full size during the last add-ons for $18. I tried so hard to get it.

      • It’s not that one. It’s about 1/10 of the full size so worth about $4.50.

        • It’s the 25ml purse size it’s $10

  21. Noooooo!!! Not another brown lippie! What the heck? It’s summer! Over it!

    • Omg I know! Brown lip for summer?? Sighs *

      • I know! It’s such a bad color! It’s summer, where are all the bright colors! I seriously hope I don’t get this one! 😬

  22. I was hoping the last two spoilers would make up for the lashes and small Bum cream and sadly, for me, they do not. I hope there are variations and I get a wearable lip color and something other than that eyeliner. I will be happy with the palette and the Luxies so those at least make this box worth it for me.

    • Same. I would love something other than black eyeliners and puppies that go into an endless pile of “never will use”.. sigh..

      • Lippies, not puppies. 🤦🏻‍♀️😅

        • Wait, I haven’t got a puppy yet! I want a puppy! 🙂

          • HAHAHAHAH!

            I want the black cat that visits me for food to stay for pets. (Actually I want to keep her because she is just so pretty!)

  23. Always with the black eyeliners…

    • Agreed. There are so many other colors available. Why always send black? I got 2 in May alone and looks like I’ll get 2 in June too, in boxy and allure. 4 in 2 months lol. I’ll never need to buy black liner again, that’s for sure. It’s just not fitting with the Carribean theme and also feeling like an afterthought imo.

    • right?! I wish they’d send us some color variations!

  24. Please stop with the black eyeliner. There are so many shades of lippies that I can wear, but I just can’t do brown. Really hoping for a variation. When will the profile database be implemented?

  25. Really hope I get one of the Girlactick lippies because I’ve never tried that brand, plus I already have an Ofra in a similar color and don’t like it much. And another black eyeliner to add to the pile lol. Still, I’m excited for everything else, and it’s great that we are getting six items this time!

    • I love Girlacktic! After receiving one in BoxyCharm, I ordered four more colors.

  26. I caved…could NOT resist!!!

  27. These just feel like an afterthought in comparison to the rest of the box. The rest of the box has this vibrant, summer/vacation feel and then they threw in a black eye pencil and a brown-toned lippie? I would have preferred a lip oil or balm, something light and moisturizing for summer.

    • I agree with you 100%. It’s Summer Boxycharm!

    • I agree ! I love my boxy charm and the value is always well over what I spent, but with the theme and that palette I was thinking something different. They definitely put more focus into the first few items and then just kind of toss extras in. I tend to receive her variants , but I really hope I receive a color other then a brown. I’ve received the brownish lippies for the past 3 months

  28. I’m not thrilled at all with the shade of Ofra lippie, as it looks like chocolate pudding. I do not use false eye lashes… so right off the bat, two items will go in my give-away / gift pile. However, the box as a whole looks really well rounded and I am very happy to see Luxie brushes and Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum cream in our box.

  29. I have received that same eyeliner already, either from Ipsy or Boxycharm. They were the only boxes I was subscribed to.

    • I know I got that brand’s lip liner from Ipsy AND Boxy late last year? It might have been around then.

  30. Very excited about this box!!

  31. I hope i don’t get that color lippie lol. I’ll never use it. It’ll join my Mac dyonisis in my abandoned products box. I also hope the liner comes in other colors. With the theme being Carribean I would think the liner would be bolder than charcoal. I’m hoping for blue, copper, anything other than blah. But really either way I’m happy with the palette, brushes and lashes. Those 3 are over $100 on value right there and what I wanted most anyways 🙂

    • Copper! That would have been AMAZINGGGG!

      • I am a redhead and would love to try a copper eyeliner.

  32. Ughhhh not pencil liner. Why?!!! I swear they gave us this before. Because I have it lol and I don’t buy pencil liner. Ugh. I love allllll the rest of the stuff though! Just please no pencil eyeliner ever again!!!! Even lip liner would be better.

  33. Hoping that my variant has a different lip shade cuz I’m gonna look dead in that one. >_<

    But otherwise I am SO PSYCHED about this box.

  34. Woohoo! So excited for this box. At first I was worried about the palette colors but I’m actually excited to experiment with them now!

  35. I hope this isn’t my variant. I’m not looking to go back to a pencil eyeliner and I couldn’t wear that lippie to save myself :-/

  36. What size is the Bum Bum cream? 😍

    • 25ml.

      • Thank u!😁

  37. I can’t wait😍
    I love boxycharm

  38. Yayyyy, my boxed shipped today. I also used my charms and ordered two yogurt shampoo’s and Mac lipstick. I can’t wait to try this Palette.

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