BoxyCharm July 2018 Spoilers #1 & #2!

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We have two spoilers for the July 2018 Boxycharm!

The July box will include:

Crown Brush Fuego Eyeshadow Palette $29.99


Tarte Ready, Set, Radiant Mist $25

What do you think of the spoilers?

In case you missed it, we have some brand spoilers for future boxes:

Kat Von D Beauty

What products would you love to see from Kat Von D?

Hank & Henry Beauty

What products would you love to see from Hank & Henry Beauty?

If you sign up now, the June box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted! Check out the FULL spoilers here!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Apologies if this has posted three times… is anyone having trouble with the boxycharm website? The password reset doesn’t appear to actually be sending the email to reset. Not in spam and doesn’t seem to change with using a different browser. Customer service hasn’t been super helpful in resolution. Just curious about other folks and if it’s more than just me.

  2. Here we go with this variation crap again! There’s no way to make it fair and no way to please everyone. Why not keep doing what you’ve been doing the past few months and make it fair to everyone where we all get the same thing, with one SMALL exception.
    As for skincare- this is a MAKEUP box and that is the WHOLE reason I, and many others, subscribe to it. It’s been that way since day one. If you are interested in skincare items, order a skincare subscription, such as beautyfix. Just my opinion….

    • It’s my opinion too! Without personalizing the boxes a lot of ppl are going to be unhappy abt what they get skon care wise. I don’t want to add more steps or products to my routine so plain moisturizer without added benefits would be a dud for me.

    • They have always had a skincare or haircare item possibility. I’ve been with them almost 3 years and have got plenty of non-make up items. They’re a beauty box – not make up box.

      I agree with stopping the variations tho. They started getting bad with those about 2 – 2 1/2 years ago. I was glad these last couple of months that there weren’t that many and hoped they were going back to how it used to be. Guess not!

      • The possibility doesn’t bother me. I’m fine with getting something universally usable every so often. The definitely getting skin and/or hair care every month does bother me a lot though.

      • I agree with this. I don’t mind getting skincare every so often, but so far this box has like 3 skincare items and one possible palette. I won’t mind for one box, but if it keeps going that way I’ll be upset. I wish people hadn’t kept complaining to the ONE makeup heavy box that they wanted skincare, they should have gotten a skincare box instead.

  3. The problem I see is that those aren’t really equivalent unless if you get the tarte you get a palette as another cariation item but idk…

  4. Ugh comment didn’t post… not going to retype it… short question… is anyone having issues with the password reset functionality on the boxycharm website?

  5. Unrelated to thread BUT question for boxycharm folks. I can’t remember my password for boxycharm and I got signed out of my account. Uh oh! The password reset link doesn’t seem to be working. It doesn’t matter what browser I use. I have also been checking my spam folder for the last week! I contacted customer service who initially responded within an hour but then it was 24 hrs and now possibly 48 hrs between responses. They keep sending me the password reset link which isn’t working for me. Confession… I’ve forgotten my password before and the link worked fine without having to contact customer service. Is anyone else having this issue, specifically within the last week? I am hoping it’s their website and that they will get it fixed. Thanks!

  6. Fantastiché! I’m excited

  7. I think these are very unexciting products. Agree that the either/ or should at least be in the same category of products.

    I have decided that it’s time for a break from Boxy.

  8. Not excited about the mist. It has really poor reviews which is troublesome. Would prefer the palette personally plus that is much easier to gift if I dont care for it.

    • I love the Tarte mist! Oftentimes I reach for it in place of my MAC Prep, Prime, Fix+.

  9. Boxycharm is one of the best beauty subscriptions and it’s always worth my $21. I just wish when they did variants they were “semi” close to one another. I really want to try that setting spray (and I’m almost out of setting spray so it would be perfect timing ),but I’d also love to try that palette.
    I’m really excited about two skincare items

  10. I’d prefer the Tarte spray but not wild about either… I’m not a fan of tarte for the most part. I can’t remember where I got the deluxe sample, maybe ulta, but I have the spray. I actually use it on no makeup or makeup minimal days. It’s kind of soothing to the skin.

    The palette is a huge miss for me. Thankfully there is always a woman’s or a children’s shelter (teen girls) in need! I try to make sure I giveaway (to a friend) or donate at least one thing from each box anyway.

  11. The pallet, for sure! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Tarte stuff! However setting sprays don’t do a thing for me.
    Also, the KVD stuff is way overrated. If I get another tattoo eyeliner I may scream. That stuff runs on me and gives me raccoon-eye within 20 minutes. I love a liquid liner (wear it everyday!), but it has to be super water/smudge proof. KVD doesn’t cut the mustard.
    All that said, I can’t wait for more July spoilers!

  12. I’m kind of annoyed that it’s going to be either one or the other.

    I much prefer color products to skincare.

  13. I would love the Pallete!

  14. I would prefer the mist, just because I have less of that. But I like both, the eyeshadow colors look nice, I have crown brushes, but haven’t ever tried their shadows before.

  15. I love Tart products Can’t wait also I don’t need more palettes but I like the colors. I’ve cancelled before and I really love getting my Boxycharm every month I always resub a week after I cancel. I’ve been getting Boxycharm for over 3 years.

  16. another eyeshadow palette…okay. I want the Tarte mist

    • agree

    • Same. I haven’t received my June box yet, and they are torturing me with spoilers.

  17. Im excited for either. Always down to try a new setting spray or to get an eyeshadow pallet. Anticipating some more spoilers now

  18. I think I’m done with Boxycharm for a while…. I don’t need(or want) anything anymore, I feel like I have MORE than enough of every type of product.

    I would be more interested if they added more hair and skincare items because we haven’t had much in the way of that for a while!

    • Good news for u then. The spray is a skin care mist plus the next 2 spoilers will be skin care items.

    • YASSSS AnyaS YASSSS❣️❣️❣️
      You literally took the words right out of my mouth sweetie!!!
      A month or 2 ago it was announced that there would being a skincare product each month and they were going to start personalizing the shade specific items in each of our boxes!
      Don’t get me wrong I L💞V BoxyCharm and they are definitely…without a doubt…the BEST SUB BOX OUT THERE AT THE COST AND THE PRODUCT’S THAT ARE INCLUDED… HANDS DOWN…ZERO COMPETITION….
      But at 55 yrs old as of yesterday W🎉🎉T W🎉🎉T I truly and definitely don’t need another frost or shimmer eye shadow PALETTE…..LIPPIES in brown or rust slash cinnamon frost family….and I’ve NEVER EVER worn black or brown EYELINER or any LIPLINER at all!
      I have approx 5 BoxyCharm boxes full of unopened and unused products that I am in the process of looking to sale….cheap! I know this is long….last thing….The deciding factor was seeing the July Spoilers and thinking….but you were doing so great BoxyCharm,esp with your variants…but I guess we hadn’t seen the last of the “unfair” variants and because I know that I’m getting the Radiant Mist and NOT the Tarte Palette….I’m psychic,lol….I am also taking a nice long break….to look for a more personalized,probably skincare specific sub box❣️ 😍😊😁🤣

      • Happy Birthday!

      • There is only 1-2 skin care products per box, but at 41, I love the Beautyfix box is fantastic for aging skin.

        • 1-2 out of a total number of 4-5 items is 20% to 50% the box. That’s asking too much of us to accept not personalized, randomly assigned skin care items. If this is really the future of boxy I’ll be in the market for a new sub to replace this one. Think of every time you’ve gotten an item from boxy you can’t use and double it. Makes the usable value of the box drop like a rock.

      • Happy belated birthday Susan!! Are you on the swap site? I would be interested in what you have for sale! There are always things I love and sometimes a few misses but for $21, you get so much for your money!

      • Beautyfix is good and Pearlesque is a natural one for $40/month that I have done on and off and really like. Both boxes will spoil all the products so you know what you are getting and no variants usually. They are also easy to cancel or skip a month. HBD also!

      • Happy birthday! I totally understand what you mean. Since your psychic tho, I’d really love to know if you get that spray!!! Just messing with ya! Hope your bday was awesome. I just rolled up on 41 myself.🤘✌💙💟💙🤗

    • I completely agree with you! I would love to see more skincare in the box too.

  19. I’m indifferent and really don’t care which I receive. Still have the coverfx setting spray from a while back. It would, however be nice to get a lip color that isn’t brown!

  20. I’m seriously considering dropping next month without better spoilers. A palette from a brand known for cheapish brushes is never promising and that spray doesn’t excite me. I found June’s box just so-so too. 🙁

    • Yeah. In a vid Yosef said the next 2 spoilers will be skin care items. I’m like A) wtf? and B) where’s the skip option at? bc I do t want or need randomized skin care products.

      • Agreed. I sub to Boxy for make-up. If I wanted skincare, I would sub to something else.

        I don’t like the palette at all, looks like the eye version of all the brown lippies we’ve been getting. The mist would not work for me. If it’s true that two of the items in July’s box will be skincare, then this box has already tanked for me. It would need something incredible to make up for the first three items.

        • Wholeheartedly agree with you. If I wanted a sub with primarily skincare items, I would sub to beautyfix since that’s what they cater to. Three full skincare items in one box woukd be a complete miss for me as well. I brought this up in the FB groups as well but got slammed by the sub box police….lol

          I can deal with one month of disappointment, just hope it doesn’t become the norm with this sub going forward.

          • Same. Especially since I’m so far outside their target demographic age range the products they send will likely not be for me. I’m supremely unhappy. I’ve always said there are only 2 things that would make me cancel boxycharm: 1) if they start doing a bunch of collab boxes with ppl I just can’t stand & 2) if the boxes start coming with hair, skin and nail crap.

          • I totally get where you are coming from even though I personally love skincare in any box. Skincare is the foundation for your makeup so if it is related to helping your makeup look better like primers, moisturizers, lash growth products or setting sprays I don’t see why people wouldn’t welcome it. It’s bizarre bc people say they only want makeup and then they were going bananas over a deluxe sample of bum bum cream this month which isn’t even related to makeup. Hopefully they can find a balance.

          • I actually gave that stuff away. The smell was overpowering. The only reason ppl were going nuts over it is bc it’s so overhyped on YouTube beauty channels. Wait and see if that happens for a lesser known brand without any hype behind it. I get what you’re saying abt skincare being the foundation of makeup, but that’s when you’re using the correct products. I have different skin concerns than the majority of boxy subscribers. Their biggest demographic is teens to late 20s. I’m 43. The difference between what my skin need a and what a 18 yr old needs for their skin is huge. I also don’t want a 14 step skin care routine so I use double or triple duty products. Anti-aging moisturizer for example. A 19 yr old would be upset getting that in their box I would imagine, but an anti-acne cleanser with salicylic acid would be great for them while it would leave me with another product I can’t use.
            Beyond all that I signed up with boxycharm for the makeup. Nothing else. If I wanted a more even mix or a skin care heavy sub I would have subbed to another box. The more I think abt this the more upset I am abt it.

  21. I’m on the fence. I have a Tarte palette with similar colors.

    I’m still waiting for the June box. What are the variations for the lip color? I hope I get a wearable color.

    • I got chocolate brown 🙁

      • I probably wouldn’t be happy with that. Thanks for sharing!

        • I got a nude-brown. Too much for me, but made a great my-lips but better shade on my Hispanic coworker.

          • I gave mine to my friend who is from El Salvador looks awesome on her and she loves it.

    • The Ofra “Verona” is awful! I am Medium/light complexion, and it looked like poop! Trashed it!

    • Almost everyone is getting a brown ofra lipstick. A rare lucky few are getting a girlactik in a pink or nude.

  22. Everyone’s freaking out over the or word. Boxy is usually great at giving big items to everyone. I doubt it will be an or and that was just a misprint. They never give out eye shadow palettes to only a few people, they always give them out to everyone.

    • I believe the post said spoilers 1 and 2

      • Yes. Spoilers 1 and 2, but subscribers will get either or is what the post said.

    • It was confirmed by the ceo. It is one or the other

  23. I have the Tarte spray. I love it. I use it as a moisturizing spray for me and my son. I have have very fair skin and my son has dry sensitive skin w/ eczema. I use this while out in the sun or swimming to moisturize our skin. I have used other sprays and while they worked fine for me they “burned” all three of my children’s skin. This didn’t. I even applied it to sunburned skin to help moisturize and refresh with no complaints. Hoping for another bottle of this for the summer instead of more eyeshadow.

    • Thanks for sharing how you use it because i was wondering exactly what i could use it for since it is not a setting spray. glad it works well.

  24. No bueno.

  25. Well, I’ll probably unsubscribe for a month. I’ll wait to confirm the next spoilers aren’t the most amazing things ever, but so far every spoiler listed is uninteresting to me and I have a rule about only subscribing on months it’s 3/4 wants.

  26. Well, these spoilers finally make up my mind. I’ve been holding on, hoping that my beloved Boxy will get better, and I can quit gifting half my box to my daughter. Nope. After seeing the Spoilers, neither of which I want nor will use, I’m giving up. I’m finally going to cancel. The variant I get is always the least appealing, and I’m tired of the Ofra lippies in such awful colors that my daughter won’t even take them, which I got in the June box. I’m done, I quit.

    • I just got a pure brown liquid lip. It’s awful. Ofra must make a deal with them just to pass off the colors they can’t sell. Who wears a chocolate colored lip? There has got to be someone out there that can pull it off.

      • I do. I love them…

  27. The crown fuego palette is waaayyyy overpriced. The link send you to the crown brush site the product is out of stock and it’s unknown so it’s not actually the link to the product on the site. It’s $16.99 on It’s just not comparable when there is an a or option of what we’re getting and it’s not even the right price point comparison

  28. Yosef Martin released a video that says we’ll be getting BOTH not one or the other.

  29. I’ve noticed on crowns website, they have a small clearance section and sometimes have really cheap products if anyone’s curious. But even though affordable, I really like their brand. I’ve heard bad things about that setting spray but will def try for myself. Overall I’m pretty pumped!

    • Its not a setting spray. It’s a skin care type of mist.

  30. Since I get 2 boxes I am crossing my fingers for 1 of each!!

  31. I’m excited about trying either product, though from what I’ve read, I suspect what others have said about the tarte must is accurate. But I’m so not excited by the Kat Von D item in a future box now that I know she’s an anti vaxxer, blah. I don’t want to support o r promote someone who will put not only her own child’s life in danger, but who is willing to put the lives of other children and immunocompromised individuals at risk. 😢

    • I can’t believe this gets posted about anti vaxx but me saying Ofra passing off chocolate brown liquid lipsticks to boxy because they can’t sell them doesn’t. The posting filter needs some work.

    • Kat Von D also has a history of anti-Semitism. Not very happy that BoxyCharm decided to team up with her 🙁

  32. I think this is a really BAD move Boxycharm, really bad. The “or” part, I myself, am totally unhappy about. I’ve been unhappy for a while because of the constant brown lippies that I ALWAYS receive, and now the tossup between a brown palette, or a much needed, and wanted tarte setting spray. I’d almost be willing to bet I’ll recieve that dang palette of brown eyeshadow that I can’t use or won’t wear. Browns of any product are not my color! I do not look any kind of cute in any brown makeup products. For what it’s worth, that’s what I think of the spoilers! I don’t purchase my boxes to “gift” to someone else, I get them for me, but I’ve not even been able to gift any brown or nude lippies or eyeshadows at all. I am vampire pale, lol. Seriously though, that whole “or” thing is dissapointing to say in the least. I still LOVE MY BOXYCHARM! Just not happy about some of the things they’ve been sending me for over a year now. It’s scary to even voice opinions or feelings about anything on here lately, without getting some kind of rude, snarky, or sub box police, and sub box brown nosers comments if/when you do say what you think or feel, and it really sucks. Anyway, hope everyone plays nice and has a great month, and gets what they’re hoping for!!! Here’s looking at you tarte setting spray😉🙃🙄✌💙💟💙

    • It’s not a setting spray, so no need to be upset abt it. It’s even low rated at Sephora.

      • I love the spray. I hope I get that – then I can start using the one I have more!

    • I apologize if that came off as rude. I didn’t mean it to, but I got send and then realized how it might sound a split second later.

    • There are Facebook groups that swap for boxycharm and other sub boxes if you get something you don’t want you can sell or trade! It’s been super nice for me that way!

    • Oops, my bad. I didn’t know that it’s not a setting spray! Either way, not sure that would change my mind, then again after looking at the palette on crowns website, it may not be all bad. Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be!!! 👍

      • I totally hear you. The crown palettes are always on Haute Look for like 60% off. That’s not a good sign imo. And like I said the mist is more of a skin care item and def not a setting spray so either way I don’t think I’ll like this variation. I wish boxy had included the Tarte 4 in 1 setting spray from the rainforest collection. That stuff is great and smells amazing imo. I never used it as a setting spray, but I’ve also never had the problems ppl are reporting with this other “skin mist”

    • I’m in your boat. I received the Ofra Verona liquid lip and I’m not happy about that. I’ve only received one other Ofra liquid lip and it was in a pinky shade and I loved that one. Funny they only shown variation #1 for this month’s boxy and I’m betting a lot of people will be getting the Ofra product and a few will get the other two lip products. They should have stuck to one brand and had multiple shade variants. The last few boxycharm boxes have had variant misses for me 🙁 I think other boxes I’ve been getting version 1 too.

      • Right!

      • lol I was agreeing with R Price, didn’t realize my message was going to end up at the bottom.

        • 😉😘🤗

      • I also got ofra Verona. Passed it on to my mom.

    • I agree those are both good spoilers but I really want the palette! They always send a palette.

    • I can’t believe your comment got through for saying sucks. I can’t get anything to post on this censored thread

      • Except what I don’t care to post. Let me say it for the zillonth time. I hate brown Ofra liquid lipsticks!!!

    • Completely agree with you! I’m getting tired of giving away most of my items and only keeping one or two. I really thought the brown liquid lipsticks would stop if only because glossy lips are in right no, but nope! You’d think they’d throw in a lip balm occasionally because of all the drying lip products.

      I was excited to see more Tarte products in our boxes, but then they’re always their lowest rated items.

      I was so happy to see that the Bum Bum cream would be in our box, but it happens to be the only product that’s not full-sized.

      I’ve all but had it with Jonte Bleu; their products are just not good and always feel like an afterthought.

      The two products that made June’s box worth it to me were the Alamar palette and the Luxie brushes.

      I really want to see more good skincare items, things like cleansers, micellar water, eye makeup remover, thermal water spray, a water gel moisturizer- these are all things the majority of people can use without having to personalize it to skin types too much.

      I’m going to wait for one more spoiler before I cancel. I’m just so sad I’m letting go of Boxy Charm, the one subscription I really used to love.

  33. Everyone will get one of the completely unrelated items. Very interested to see what else is in the box.

  34. I wish if they did an OR the items would at least be the same type of item. ie two pallettes or two sprays. It’s frustrating to me that the items aren’t remotely similar

  35. Please setting spray please please!

    • It isn’t a setting spray. I recommend reading the full product description on as well as the reviews.

  36. I also don’t like that “OR” word in there… I feel like “big items” should be included in everyone’s boxes.
    Don’t care for the palette, does not look that interesting to me. Always happy to get the Tarte products though.

  37. Boxy never disappoints, Either one will make me happy!

  38. I haven’t seen anything on either item, but going by info & reviews on Sephora I don’t want the spray. It has 3 stars. That’s not good to say the least. It’s not even a setting spray. It’s a facial mist, more skin care than anything. That’s ok. I’m not upset abt it being what it is, but ppl shouldn’t think it’s a setting spray. The more I read abt it the more positive I am that this is just for skin care.

  39. Am not liking the brown eyeshadow palette. In the above pic it looks ok, but if you follow the link to their website and look at the palette pics, the eyeshadows are really dark and mostly all brown. Give me some color! Anyways hoping for the mist.

    • I work in an environment where I am only allowed subtle make up. The color palette is good for date nights and such, but a neutrals palette would be helpful for my work environment. Last month’s palette was perfect for giving me a color palette to use.

  40. I would be happy to receive either one! When you click on the link for the eyeshadow palette the colors don’t look as bright as they are shown on here. I wonder which one is more accurate bc the one in the link is a lot more appealing.

  41. I was excited to see the image of the palette…then I saw the word “OR.” The sub box jinx is getting the option you didn’t want.

  42. I’m in. I’d like the spray because I have so many eyeshadow palettes but the palette is pretty so I’d be happy either way.

  43. I hate that they are going back to this either/or for the big products. It’s been so nice the past 2 months for All of us to get the same main products and the variations were only on a couple of smaller items. I would rather they put one of those in this box and the other in the next box. 🙁

  44. I wish Boxy would make a perk for annual/quarterly subscribers similar to FFF. Let the annual subscribers pick all variant items they will receive, maybe quarterly able to pick only one variant. Especially if the variants are going to be large items like this and not just different lip shades/brands

  45. I’m excited to get the setting spray but i wish we could get both because I love these neutral and warm tone shadows. Boxycharm is always sending Awesome products.

    • just so you are aware, it isn’t a setting spray. It is a facial mist.

  46. I would rather have the mist. I just can’t wear those bright colors in the palette.

  47. Dang. Not really into this. I already own that spray and known I won’t use that palette much. Looks like I’ll only be subscribing for June.

  48. This sounds great. I don’t “need” either of them, but I am excited to try them out!

  49. Great spoilers, but I will continue to stay “canceled”.

    • Same!

    • I cancelled too in May, June’s box was meh at best. The palette was meh, the lashes (have way too many) & the lux brushes to me were meh. I have some and wasn’t impressed the one from April box brushes were way better quality & don’t shed

  50. The mist looks appealing. Need to see what the Kat Von D item is before resubbing.

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