BoxyCharm 2018 Brand Spoiler!

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We have another upcoming brand spoiler thanks to Yosef!

In a video posted to BoxyCharm Beauties, Yosef mentioned that a future box will include an item from:

Kat Von D Beauty

What do you think of the brand spoiler? What products would you love to see from Kat Von D?

We also recently learned that a future box will include:

Hank & Henry Beauty

What do you think of the brand spoiler? What products would you love to see from Hank & Henry Beauty?

If you sign up now, the June box will be your first box – the waitlist is temporarily lifted! Check out the FULL spoilers here!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. Yosef posted a crown palette and tarte radiance setting spray on his IG story

    • A crown palette? I’ll go watch if it’s still available. Hope its not what I think it is 😭

  2. I am overly excited about Hank & Henry!!! I truly hope this helps get his brand out there more. He is such a caring, outgoing, individual. He puts his heart into his makeup line. I truly am hoping it’s an eyeshadow but I don’t think we will get that lucky. His brand is pricey but very worth it. His packaging is high end and he uses good quality ingredients. KVD is cool too. I like the black liner but don’t really care to get another black liner. We have gotten so many lately!!!

  3. Wonder what diseases her child is going to pick up while she travels around the world. Well, maybe put the baby in a bubble or just nanny it. What an ignorant person. The schools where I live don’t allow unvaccinated children to go to school. Also, I was told my son got autism from his 18 month shots and it was all a lie. 18 months is just when you start noticing your child is on the spectrum. Sad because that’s my favorite foundation. I will have to find something else. Also, skipping the month we get her product.

    • I’m skipping that month too, less for the anti vaxxer stuff but because all of her antisemitic occurrences in the past. She is really just an overall dud of a person.

  4. I feel a bit bad and this is very wishy-washy of me, but on one level I’m a bit extra glad about the upcoming box having her stuff now. I can’t in good conscious buy from her brand after learning she’s anti-vax, but I enjoy many of her products. Being able to get one last one without really supporting her, especially since boxy decided to collab with her before knowing her beliefs, makes me happy.

    Here’s to hoping it’s not another brown toned liquid lipstick.

    • That’s so interesting to me because I have not really ever bought from her line before; but, knowing she is anti vax definitely makes me want to support her now and purchase from her line. I’m seriously hoping for a bold lipstick!

    • I havent supported her because she is antisemitic, which is pretty well documented. I might actually skip that month because I cant in good conscience use or buy any of her products.

      • I actually just recently became aware of her anti-Semitism after the anti-vax scandal drudged up her other issues. I was admittedly not the most well researched on her before hand, but she keeps making easier and easier for me not to give her money.

        • I don’t understand this at all. She’s Mexican so I don’t understand why she would have those beliefs or if that’s even true. Now the antivax I don’t agree with but I wouldn’t stop buying her products because she choose not to vaccinate her child. We are always going to agree on every subject. Of course not vaccinating can put children at risk. Now the anti-semitism seems a bit of a stretch. I just can’t believe she would be that way. Although I can’t say I have done any research on her beliefs. I’m certain she wasn’t raised that way.

          • I researched it myself after seeing the claims here in the comments. There are 3 things they’re pointing to that they say “prove” she’s anti-Semitic. A note she wrote to her ex-boss after he fired her off of Miami’s ink, that she dated Jesse James who had 1 incident of idiot behavior that was fully explained and when she compared eating meat to the holocaust.
            I’m Jewish. It all sounds like a lot of fuss about nothing. You can look up the 3 things if you want but I explained them in another comment earlier. It feels like a sever case of overreach to me to call her anti-Semitic.

          • She’s actually half German (her last name is von Drachenberg); her mother is Italian/Spanish. Both her parents were preachers and lived in Argentina before they moved to Mexico.

          • I know it’s been a bit, but I just checked back and wanted to point out that being Mexican in no way precludes someone from being anti-Semitic. While you would think facing unjust prejudice would make someone more compassionate to others facing the same, it by no means does. Sometimes it even has a drastically opposite effect, as those who’ve been made to feel small in turn put down others in the hopes of feeling bigger and better about themselves. I’ve met and seen many people of all sorts of marginalized groups who were racist/sexist/homophobic/anti-Semitic/etc against others.

  5. Forget it. I have enough choices to never put my money towards someone who irresponsibly says in public that vaccinations are bad. Spreading idiotic unsafe information, no thanks.

  6. For Hank & Henry I would like to try their eyeshadows. The colours are beautiful. I don’t wear lip gloss, so that would be lost on me.

    For KVD, I would like to see color. She has so much color in her line! Lipsticks, liners, eyeliners and shadows, blushes… yes and more yes.

    • If I could dictate my wishes to boxy I would want them to collab with KVD on a palette bc what better chance to do one right!

    • YES!! I would be so excited if we got one of the eyeshadow boxes to play with!!! Would also love a setting spray too. It’s summer and makeup slides off..but without glitter this time

  7. Idk what her life choices are and quite frankly I don’t care. She’s put out a great makeup line and even if it is another black eyeliner, I don’t care, if its bt her ill take it!!!! I wear black eyeliner every single day and thanks to just a few months of subscription boxes, I won’t have to buy a great black eyeliner for quite a while so whatever the KVD item is, I’ll gladly take it. We all have to remember we signed up for these boxes knowing we can’t pick our items. In grateful for being able to use higher end makeup that I normally wouldn’t have tried…even if I have a nice stash of black eyeliners. When I get an item to tame curly hair and my profile says I have fine, straight, short hair is when I don’t like an item lol! KVD…live your life how you want…it’s your right…but PLEASE keep your quality makeup products coming!!! As for the Hank and Henry item…its probably a lip item or something else because almost ALL of the eye shadows are sold out on the website which is a bummer because they look AMAZING!!!

    • The H&H item is supposed to be something new that’s not currently on the site which I find both exciting and disappointing. I was hoping for one of those box eyeshadow things, but a brand new item before everyone else gets it? 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  8. Gosh there are a lot of “holier than now” people in this thread. I’d love to see the skeletons in their closets.

    • She is a famous public figure and influences a lot of people. She chooses to make public statements. There is nothing “holier than thou” about not wanting unscientific , potentially life threatening garbage being preached by a unqualified person. Unfortunately this statement could hurt a lot of people who listen to her.

      • The next Jenny McCarthy.

    • Knowing about public health risks and not wanting to support people that put others lives in jeopardy isn’t holier than thou. It’s being educated about where the products we use are coming from. If you want to buy it that’s your choice, try not to insult people who have taken a stance against the spread of preventable disease while you do it.

    • Sure are! And you know that the way things are in the USA these days, with opinions being just as good as facts for about 1/3 of americans, I doubt that those with conspiracy theory believing family members are cutting them out of their lives or kicking friends to the curb for continually retweeting stuff about crisis actors, false flag operations and other great stories directly from Info wars and Breitbart. It’s so hypocritical.

    • Hehe me too 🤘

    • If she lived on a island with just her, her child and husband this would not be an issue. People are, rightfully so, very angry that she is spreading 100% false information that she learned from Netflix documentaries and can be putting vulnerable people at risk if her child gets sick. Nobody is questioning her right to veganism, water birth or midwifery…and in L.A. this is almost commonplace so her statement about being judged all the time for that is BS, but as someone with over 6million followers, giving out absolutely false medical information that has repeatedly been debunked over and over, she is causing harm.

    • I could care less that she is anti vaxxer to be honest but here well documented antisemitic stance is enough for me to not want a single one of her products. Call me holier than now if you want but I am a proud Jewish woman who will not support her.

      • Being of Jewish descent myself I of course wanted more info on this since you provided no details. I’ve found 3 incidents that ppl are focusing on.
        1) She wrote a note to her ex-boss after he fired her that said “Burn in hell Jewbag” 10 years ago.

        Her ex-boss was Jewish obviously. The guy was less offended by the note than by the fact that TLC gave KVD a new show after she wrote him that note. I’m not sure why, but he seemed more mad that she was overall mean to him than anything, but I digress.

        2) She dated Jesse James, a guy that was accused of being a neo-nazis based on 1 photo of him wearing a hat bearing some sort of Nazi German symbol and doing a Nazi salute.

        The facts here are that the hat was a gag gift from his Jewish friend and the photo was supposed to be something funny. I agree it wasn’t, but ppl are idiots sometimes. We all know this. Also, KVD wasn’t with James at this time. He was still married to Sandra Bullock when this happened. Does this make Bullock anti-Semitic? I don’t think so. Also putting the faults of someone else onto another is just wrong.

        3) KVD compared eating meat to the holocaust.

        This is a common thing among staunch and outspoken vegans. Just Google those words: meat is holocaust. You’ll see thousands and thousands of returns with no mention of KVD. There was an actual campaign from PETA in 2004 called the holocaust on your plate. It wasn’t her original thought or even an original thought.

        The most offensive thing I’ve found here was the unfunny pic from Jesse James and I can’t hold her responsible for what another idiot did. I’m not responsible for anything my spouse does, am I? Would I be a racist if he retweets a racist meme? God I hope not bc my soon to be ex is an expert idiot. The note to her boss was done likely in anger and when you’re that pissed you can say stuff that’s horrible. When you’re famous it follows you forever. She’s been famous for a long time. If she was truly anti-Semitic I believe we would have seen more signs than what we have. Even the commenters on the article I got the initial info from said the same. 3 instances, 1 of another person’s behavior and another that’s a quote from a PETA campaign doesn’t make her anti-Semitic. She’s been insensitive. She’s made less than smart decisions and statements. But a Jew hater? You’re off the mark. The proof you claim to have doesn’t exist.

  9. I love Kat Von D…so excited about this box.

    On a side note….as to everyone bashing here…first wrong place to do it as Boxy doesn’t decide who to collab with based on your comments here…second if the collab was announced a contract has already been signed so boxy has to do the collab…third…can anyone say first world problems?

    • Hear Hear! I’m happy. I don’t care what anyone says I’ll take Kat any day over some brown sticky lippie or another Pur palette

    • Ikr? I don’t think that ppl think things all the way through sometimes or maybe they just don’t completely understand the way things work, but whatever. From what I understand, Liz & MSA do have some kind of relationship with Yosef & boxy and there is probably some kind of info being collected & passed along from what we say here to boxy, but just in general terms. I’m guessing that if MSA sees a ton of complaints abt a brown lippie in a summer box (as I suspect they might lol) that info will be passed along to boxy/Yosef bc it’s useful and something they can use to make immediate change. With brand/celebrity MUA controversy there’s nothing to be done bc, as you already said, the papers are signed, money has changed hands, products are being designed or produced, etc and there’s no going back.
      What I understand the least is really a problem that we have as a country and isn’t unique to sub boxes, makeup or any material goods. It’s the replacing of facts with feelings and opinion. For example I feel that what this person is doing to themselves is wrong so that means the products they create are junk. If they’re creating god awful terribleness and putting it out into the world, ruining the lives of many thousands of ppl (or more), crusading against equality, speaking out on behalf of conversion therapy, preaching that the USA is coming apart bc we all need Jesus and guns in our lives & nothing will save us besides becoming an armed theocracy or insisting that ppl of different skin colors have wide ranging IQs bc of those different skin colors then yes, by all means, let’s boycott those ppl/brands and boycott them as loudly as possible. I personally don’t buy from several companies that I view as non-inclusive, especially with their complexion product lines, but I don’t come on these comment threads insisting boxy drop tarte bc or ipsy drop benefit bc of it. Those are my beliefs and I’m not trying to force them on others or punish others for not believing the same as I do because as it’s my opinion and we’re all entitled to our own, but we aren’t entitled to our own facts. When ppl confuse the 2… it messes with the basic understanding of what’s real, true and possible and what isn’t. I find it disturbing.
      End of novel lol. Sorry for that. It really bothers me a lot.

    • This is absolutely not a first world problem, this is the right place to voice concerns as BoxyCharm reads these forums and contracts are broken all the time. Deliberately spreading false medical information is to over 6million people is not something anyone should take lightly and from now on, companies will be very careful about collabing with her.

  10. When I first heard of Boxycharm, about a year ago, I was told about all of the brand names. They have not disappointed. The prestige level keeps going up. I love it. KVD is one of my favorite brands, so I am super pumped. I do not get why people keep complaining, and saying it used to be better before. August 2017 is when the boxes actually started looking good. The ones from 2016 all look like the makeup rack at your local tjmaxx. I’ll take my 20 palettes and container of black eyeliners and be thrilled.

  11. I was a bit jealous Allure was teaming up with her. So happy to see Boxy doing it as well. I assume Kat is doing her best as a mother and don’t see this is a reason to stop supporting her. Hopefully she does her research and makes the best choice possible.

    • She’s clearly not doing her best as a mother or a human though. If she was doing her best she’d look at actual research and speak to accredited medical professionals. Clearly she cares more about animals than children.

    • Isn’t the baby not even born yet? Everybody could be freaking out about it and she ends up changing her mind by then anyway.

      • Yeah she’s still pregnant.

  12. The only thing I don’t want is a 3rd black liner from her. Now, if Boxycharm is in the mood to collab on a palette THIS IS THE TIME BOXY! COLLAB AWAY! Wouldn’t that be nice for a change? A boxy collab palette that isn’t a chalky chunky mess? Lol.
    And yeah, y’all can disagree with her politics or whatever, but her brand is good and she’s personally not hurting you. Don’t be mean to anyone over it. Not vaccinating her kid is not the best decision, but tons of parents from every walk of life (your neighbors , friends, family, coworkers, etc) in the USA make the same decision and you’re not bashing them here, so come on.

    • Yeah, well, when my kid was fighting cancer, her kid could have killed my daughter. Sorry, but research herd immunity. So, in my world, it is something worth getting angry about. And being in the public eye and taking such a selfish stance on ALL of our children’s health is disgusting.

      • Agreed. This anti-vax nonsense endangers all of us, and especially our children. It’s particularly dangerous to those who are already dealing with weakened immune systems. It’s selfish and irresponsible and I have zero tolerance for it. I don’t care if you’re a celebrity, or my neighbor. I don’t have anti-vax friends and family, because my relationship with them would cease, over it.

        She can do whatever she wants in her life, but it becomes my business when she takes positions that put others at risk. I liked some of her products, but I’m done. I won’t be using them anymore, and I’ll cancel my boxy sub for the month she’s included. I’ve already reached out to Allure to see if it’s possible to skip this month’s box. I no longer want it.

      • I get it. I’m immune deficient myself. I’m just saying let’s not attack each other here for having different opinions. Maybe I 2qsnt clear enough. I fully understand herd immunity. I know exactly how it works. I also know that there are a good 10% to 20% or so of parents, just regular non-famous ppl living life day to day, that make this same decision. I know that they are endangering me, my daughter, your daughter, everyone who’s on chemo, ppl under 6 months or over 65 yrs of age, allergic to eggs or other parts of vaccines, ppl with certain medical conditions that suppress their immune system, ppl that take immunosuppressant medications after transplant surgeries and many many others as well. I’m aware of the problem. The problem isn’t with KVD bc she’s not the kind of person the anti-vaxxers are looking at as a role model. She’s the anti-role model for them tbh. The ppl these parents listen to for their “facts” are Alex Jones types, conspiracy theory spinners, pseudo-scientists and 30+ year old debunked studies where the findings were fiddled with to fit the theory and the guy who ran the thing admitted it. They’ll believe anything that confirms what they want to believe whether it’s true or not and nothing KVD, an especially liberal woman, can say or do to make a difference to them. In fact being pro-vaccine might further convince them that vaccines are the devil’s work lol. Anti-vaxxers are literally anti-science, anti-truth, anti-facts and anti-reality.
        Really, I was just hoping we could have our own opinions on the KVD products and not personally attack each other for those opinions. No matter what you feel abt her personally her products are responsibly sourced, not bad for our skin and cruelty free. That’s my opinion. I’m entitled to it and I’m sticking to it. Attack me for it if you like, but I’m well informed on the subject on which you speak. I won’t judge her products for her personal choices especially since she hasn’t actually made them yet.

      • 👏👏👏👏👏
        She lost a customer with that garbage. It was offensive how she grouped using a midwife ( I did the same) in the same ball park as not vaccinating. Sorry KVD that’s not even in the same galaxy. Move to a deserted island and I’ll support your choice to not vaccinate.

      • I agree with you completely, Laura.

    • Here… Here 🤘💋

  13. I’m not excited at all about her products since she’s anti-vaccine. Ugh.

    • Seriously what does that have to do with the quality of her makeup? I don’t agree with not vaccinating but my different views on vaccinating has nothing to do with her products smh

  14. Cool. …i would LOVE a full size setting spray soon!! It’s summer and hot where makeup wants to slide off.

    • Here… Here 🤘💋

  15. Just one Item in the Boxycharm Subscription pays for the box itself every month. I find it exposes me to some brands I never heard of and I just turned 61. I do not think this forum should be political nor giving us details about her or any other person’s personal Life. They have Enquirer etc Mags for all that nonsense. My rational ,is if you get a item in your Boxycharm Subscription box the you particularly do not like, give it as a Birthday, Xmas or any other event , and perhaps afford the item because it is out of their Budget. So, stop the annoying comments of some people, and enjoy your subscription of Boxy Charm. I love receiving the boxes every month and enjoy most of the products and I do not check the spoilers period. I love the fact of receiving a mystery box with the unexpected in it.. !- So, If you do not like the box or an item that you receive and will cancel because of that, that
    s unfortunate. Boxycharm is one of the best subscription Boxes for the value unlike man companies!

    • It’s called a free market. It isn’t unfortunate. It’s commerce. I don’t buy from people who use child labor. I don’t buy from brands that test on animals. I don’t buy from businesses that openly discriminate. I get to choose where my money goes. That’s how the world works. If it doesn’t bother you to buy from someone who doesn’t vaccinate, that’s your call, but I don’t support that. I don’t have to support that. And I am allowed to express my opinion about it in this forum or any other forum I choose. The difference between you and me is that I was able to express my opinion without telling anyone else what to do. You’re going to buy it. You have that right. I am not and I said why in case someone else feels similarly and was unaware of her stance on vaccines. Seems like some people agree with me and are happy to have the information.

    • Marlene, I like you!

  16. I can’t get away from this today. She just stated she has no plans to vaccinate her child. As a healthcare worker who has seen sick children because parents didn’t vaccinate them or their playmates, I won’t buy from her again. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Guess I’m ending my sub. It’s too bad because I appreciated the vegan makeup.

    • Wow.

    • Yeah, that makes me not want any of her stuff.

    • Agreed

    • Totally agree – there’s no excuse for her. If Boxy was smart they’d find something else before they get hit with the backlash

    • Holy what???!!! I was a huge fan of her make up. Not anymore. It’s all going in the garbage. I’m never buying her products again.

  17. I loove Kat Von D’s lipstick 💄!!!

  18. I may not agree with Kat Von D’s Political views, but I haven’t found an eyeliner or lipstick that looks as good or stays on as well as her brand. I have received numerous black eyeliners in my sub boxes, but with the exception of Stila, they all run and transfer onto my eyelids. I know the tattoo liner would not, so I hope to see that in my box. I might be in the minority wanting to see a black liner in my box, but my Stila just ran out so I need a black liner with staying power. Bring on the Kat Von D!

    • I wish the liner worked for me. I have lines in my eyelids and everytime I’ve used it, it runs and settles into lines and bleeds out. It don’t matter if I use a pencil liner first, or even use her matte black shadow to set it, it bleeds and looks horrid on me.

    • We are getting a black liner this month. We’ve actually gotten a lot of black liners in the past. We just got one the month before also.

  19. Did anyone else get an email from Boxy offering them a full-sized Cover FX dropper for returning?

    I wasn’t tempted, but now I am. I love Kat Von D. I know people are hoping for no black eyeliner, but I would looooove her tattoo liner as it’s the best.

    I’m gonna bet it’s going to be one of her new lipsticks though since she’s promoting them right now.

    • Yes I also received that email. I’ve already gotten those drops through a sephora play month I think. Depending on the spoiler I’ll resubscribe for that month.

    • I got the email too but that is not enough to bring me back. This months Allure has a few Kat Von D items a mini Tattoo Liner, Kat Von D mirror, studded kiss lipstick in Double Dare, and a full size everlasting lip liner in OG Lolita as well as a full size Ole Henriksen Walnut Scrub. I don’t even care about the walnut scrub just bring on the Kat Von D items I can’t wait to get my box. To tell you the truth I unsubscribed from Boxycharm about 6 months ago and I don’t even miss it. I found that I hardly used anything I ever received. If Boxycharm ups their brand game maybe I would reconsider.

      • I also unsubscribed right before the whole galaxy glow fiasco month. It’s a good subscription as far as value goes if you’re into highlighters, contouring, and makeup palettes. I have so many with similar colors I’m not exciting anymore or by the repetition of the same product brand. I don’t like enough of the items in the box to justify getting the box to regift half of it. I wouldn’t resubscribe for only one product spoiler I liked either.

      • How exactly does the allure box work?

        • What do you mean? It’s $15 a month and they send out a mix of deluxe sample size and full size beauty items. It’s not like boxy. It’s not makeup centered. It’s a real mix of items, but all beauty related. The info on this site on the Allure box is very thorough.

    • Oh yes I got that as well – i already got it though in their holiday box so it’s a miss for me. I opted for fitfabfun instead this summer but i’m open to coming back in the future depending on spoilers

    • Dang, I wish companies would start making offer like these to people for staying! Hahaha

    • Does anyone know if the dropper will be the colour they show or a variety?

  20. I would LOVE to receive one of her studded lipsticks &/or lip liners… OG Lolita please! 🙏❤️🙏❤️ I love that boxy is allowing us access to the high end brands that personally I’d never be able to afford 😊😊😊

  21. Another prayer that it’s NOT black liner 🤞🏽🤞🏽 I literally have a box and am willing to swap or sell them allllll!

  22. Anything but black eyeliner! Please.

  23. **crosses fingers and toes and chants “please not eyeliner, please not eyeliner”**

  24. Love kat von d products!!! Def look forward to anything from her brand. Everything i have ever tried it great quality

  25. Please! I hope not kvd eyeliner

  26. Yes!!! Hank and Henry!! He’s such a beautiful person and so passionate!! His line is FOR REAL Ladies and Gents! That’s no glitter in that lipgloss either, i’ts Pearle Lustre!! I LIVE for His products!! Thanks Boxy!!

  27. I am 100% here for KVD in boxes! Mostly because since KVD is a Sephora exclusive brand, if they start branching KVD into sub boxes, it may be likely that we’ll get Fenty Beauty in the future and I am here for that as well. Also I haven’t tried anything from KVD I didn’t like. STOKED!

  28. I’ve been dying to try Kat Von D!!!! Yippy!!!

  29. Anything but the Tattoo liner. I will have two by the end of the month and I hate liquid liner.

    Also lip products are fine, but NO PINKS!!

    I’m not hard to please, really.

  30. You don’t really want to know what I think about another Kat Von D item…

    Google is your friend.

    • What am I missing? Looks like she just got married and is having a baby and seems really happy.

    • Yeah, she’s not a brand that makes me want to jump on a box. You’d want to add controversial or controversy to your search to pull it up most likely…

      • I did google it and all I found was some product naming issues and twitter feuds? Other than that, what AmyM said is accurate.

        • Omg people it’s a good quality ,high end brand. Rather you like her as a person or not. I’m happy to see boxy charm is including new , high end brands . The majority of subscribers will be happy to receive a KVD item.

          • I like her and her brand and have followed her on instagram for awhile. I’m still trying to figure out what all of these cryptic comments about her are about though since I don’t get the vague criticisms.

    • Exactly what I was thinking!!

    • A Latina brand that’s vegan and cruelty-free and quality that matches its price.
      She’s been very open about her past. Is your issue with her or her brand?

      • She recently married an openly practicing Luciferist and had a second wedding that’s been all in media. Features included an upside down huge floral cross, the altar which was all- red and where she wore all red, and an after party room ( not called a reception) which was solid white.

        The controversy is/was real on an international level. I read about it on a European news site.

        • I can care less about someone’s beliefs, whom they marry etc. Seriously, if that was the case for everything, I’m sure every company or it’s owner/developer has things people don’t like, but still use their products…geesh. I just don’t understand how and why people can be judgmental.

          Her products are good, and she’s not testing on animals or babies :D. Good enough for me. What she does in her personal life, whom she marries or her beliefs, or how she votes, or the toilet paper she uses don’t affect me

    • Agreed. I won’t support her brand either. And your entitled to your opinion, you weren’t rude or bashing on her, so people on here shouldn’t be coming for you. There’s a lot of people on here excited for it and we’re not replying to them all nasty bc we have a difference of opinion. OH, wait, I forgot, no one is aloud to have a different opinion from them… I said too much #exposed hahahahaha

      • Or didn’t say enough. Don’t say ‘You don’t want to know what I think”. Have your opinion, but don’t leave us hanging.

    • Google is not my friend. It’s information that is sometimes correct and sometimes not. Stop bashing her. You don’t even know her.

      • Agreed. I’m totally okay with opnions, but judging someone you don’t know, or get upset because someone throws out a different opinion isn’t cool. I for one am glad for freedom of speech, even in print haha.

      • One of the few benefits of living in a capitalist society, is getting to pick and choose what brands we want to support, for any reason we want. I like some of her stuff. The ways she names her products has always bothered me. Her recent life choices make me uncomfortable, but it’s her life, so I can look the other way. Spreading anti-vax conspiracies is a bridge too far. I don’t even want my allure box, at this point.

        • I just un-subbed after hearing KVD is in a future box.

          I WILL NOT support anybody that spreads anti-vax information…..pure and simple ignorance spread by gullible, ignorant people that believe in pseudo-science (that has been disproved) and “celebs” like Jenny McCartney.

          Anybody that spends time around sick, immune-comprised people (particularly children) would realize the impact of a non-vaccinated population. Many of these parents would love to have the opportunity to vaccinate their children against these diseases.

          • My nephew cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons. I guess he’s a little demon running around the way everyone is talking. Smh, its not always pseudo-science…sometimes there’s a real, medical reason not to vaccinate. If we had, he may not be here today.

          • Read my comment again…I was talking about anti-vaxxers, not people who cannot do it for medical reasons. Children like your nephew and others who cannot be vaccinated or are immune-comprimised are the reason I get upset at the people who read the crap posted on the internet by clueless individuals. These vulnerable individuals are the people who may be affected by outbreaks of diseases that are otherwise preventable.

            It is heartbreaking to see a newborn child with measles due to the fact that he is too young to have his shots, but his ignorant neighbor thinks that the latest celeb is more knowledgeable than all the medical professionals.

        • That is exactly right. Her lifestyle, lovers, wedding, and makeup are all things that have zero effect on my family or myself. But the vaccine thing does affect me. It affects my son. It affects every child and immune compromised person our there. And that’s where I draw the line.

        • I’ve never really been a fan but never really disliked her. However, learning that she gets pregnant and is now an anti-vax propagandist is too much. Her makeup is okay, at best, and her personal decisions made public show her to be an “FC.”

  31. Awesome! Anything from Kat Von D will be great (Please no black eyeliner though lol).

  32. Yes please! (But please no repeats from the Allure box this month)

    • Exactly what I was thinking. 🤞

  33. Kat Von D? *Q*

    Yes please!

  34. The holographic palette!!

  35. Would I like some Kat Von D products in the box….umm hello, yes!!! Maybe the Tattoo eyeliner would be great…

    • That’s what I’d bet it is. I’d love that!

      • It was in the Sephora box in May and in the allure box for June. Minis size of course for those boxes

      • Whatever her cheapest item is will most likely be what boxycharm puts in the boxes

    • Right! !!
      When I say I’m over black eye liner that DOESN’T include her brand. I’d take anything from her brand ANY DAY OF THE WEEK

      • Me too!!! I’ll stash those babies up no problem!!! Then I don’t have to buy a product I already use every single day lol!!! I LOVE her tattoo eye liner!!!!

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