Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes Beauty Box – May 2018 FULL SPOILERS

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Ricky's NYC Cult Crushes

We have full spoilers for the May 2018 Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes beauty box! (Thanks for the heads up, Lisa!) This box is currently sold out but you can sign up for the waitlist to get the June box!

FYI – Starting June 1st, Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes will be $14. You can read more about it here.

Each box will include:Source: esthermvrie


What do you think about the spoilers?

About Cult Crushes:

The Box: Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes

The Cost: $14 per month + free shipping

The Products: Each month, subscribers receive a themed selection of handpicked products in cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and fashion.

Ships to: US

Good to Know: As a subscriber, you also get 25% off all online purchases and free shipping on purchases of $50 or more when you shop with Ricky’s NYC.

Check out our Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. If anyone is looking for the Chi chi OMFG palette, mine is up for swap!

    • I’m waitlisted on the MSA swap site lol. Have been for a while now.

      • Me too. 😢

      • Really? I thought they opened it to everyone a couple weeks ago

        • I’ve been waitlisted for months. I checked a couple of days ago and it says I’m still waitlisted. Idk how else to check or who to ask.

  2. My first box and last. I think I only signed up after seeing palettes, but I can use $14/month to save up for the palettes I want, and not end up with pasties and eyelashes I won’t use. I don’t think I’m in their target demographic but just succumbed to the FOMO.

    • Now that they upped the price it isn’t worth it. I did like getting the palettes but pretty sure that won’t be happening. If they had grandfathered the long time subbers I might have stayed but I really won’t miss this box

      • I am still disappointed that they didn’t grandfather the current members in at the $11 cost. So many other subscriptions, who have raised their price did it. It seems like they got so big, so fast, and really have no idea how to handle it. Giving a lower value box, the month they announce the cost increase was very poor marketing. They’re going to lose these newbies quickly. This month isn’t horrible, but there was no “hero” item, like we’ve had in previous months. I guess I’m just letdown by them and their actions, this month.

        • Yep! Agreed!

    • To me their best box ever was actually not any of the ones with the palettes (I have a million palettes already, and have become very difficult to please), but the one from last September with the mini hair iron and the Z palette with magnets. I remember it was just surreal to open that box, I didn’t even care what else was in it. 😄

      • Very true. Compare that box to this box and the difference is night and day!

      • Oh wow that sounds like it was an awesome box!

        • Yep, look it up. I think it was before MSA started doing reviews on Cult Crushes, but you’ll find a bunch of unboxings.

      • Agreed! I about flipped out when I saw a flat iron in the box. It was stuffed full that month too.

  3. This is my first box after being on the wait list for 2 months. I am kind of disappointed. I had looked at all the past boxes and saw cool different items. I was not expecting a palette but hopefully more makeup and unique items when I got this sub. But the ointment looks like something you get from Avon for a kid and laundry soap???? I gt that yes you might get makeup on your clothes, but I really have no use for it. The brushes look ok but are small. I guess I can put them in a travel kit, but I rarely travel so this box was a bummer for me. It is still better than IPSY in my opinion but I hope next month is better. I am giving them a 3 month trial to see if I like next month’s box better. So far my favorite sub box by a landslide is BoxyCharm. I also love my Lola Beauty box. I also get IPSY which I may cancel soon, Macy’s, Allure, and Sephora which I only keep for the bonus points, although I did like my bag this month from them, I got the Becca, Porefessional, and Kat Von D Tattoo liner… all three spoilers which I was lucky, my Sephora boxes usually suck. I wil try out the liquid highligter from this box, I need practice at using liquids, I usually only use dry highlighters and my favorites are the Too Faced Diamond one, and the Wet n Wild Mermaid one. I do have 2 other Becca ones, the light chasers. I am hoping with the price increase that they up their game a little. I just think that they kind of rushed and put a bunch of junk together this month to get everyone off the wait list.

  4. My first box arrived today – very happy! Always need micelular water and I’m leaving town for two weeks so perfect travel size. The laundry soap will also be perfect for vacation and smells ahhhhmazing! I am on highlighter overload BUT I am going to use this one with lotion on my legs for shimmer and not feel guilty like I’m “wasting it” by not using it on my face. Mini brushes will work great for my purse and I’m excited to try out the paw paw balm (I got watermelon). No regrets here!

    • I love the idea of mixing the highlighter with lotion for legs!! I have SO MANY little bottles and tubes from all my sub boxes. I will def be having shimmering legs from now on! Thanks!!

  5. Just got this email after asking where my tracking was….I was charged 2 or so days ago.


    Thank you for shopping at Ricky’s NYC !!!

    We sincerely apologize for the delay with your box.

    May boxes started shipping later than usual this month and we are working very hard to get boxes out as quickly as we can.

    You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number as soon as your box ships.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Have a great day

  6. I happen to like this months box….it has some useful items in it.

  7. This box is okay when you consider the $11 pricetag. However, this sub had a LOT of hype, and a looong waitlist. So for my first box I’m thinking, “I waited so long for THIS?!”

    Anyone else think this box has a “cheap” feel to it? Like, they’re sorting through all the crap they can’t sell?

    Even though subs like Macy’s and Play! seem to disappoint at times, at least their stuff looks new, relevant and promotional.

    This sub reminds me of the Cosmo box. A bunch of irrelevant, uninteresting, non -current leftover stuff thrown together…don’t you think?

  8. Do they normally email you the tracking information or is it in your Ricky’s account? I’ve been having trouble logging into their site (for days now)

    • I got an email saying it’s been shipped and it listed the tracking number.

      • You got a tracking #??? Must be nice. I got an email saying shipped then, another e mail asking for my order #. Crossing fingers because that is odd for sure

        • I don’t even recall getting either of those messages. I got the “you’re in” kind of message. Time to check re-check my email.

          • Just like last month I got an email saying they’re processing my box and my box is still processing. If it goes like last month my box will remain in processing until it’s delivered.

  9. Laundry soap? They couldn’t find anything else beauty related?

    • Precisely my point, even though people below are arguing that laundry soap is a beauty item, too.
      I suppose Tide or Clorox are next.

    • They do put it items like this sometimes. I think everything they include is sold at their beauty supply store. They have put pasties in too. I suppose it’s good for that makeup on the collar thing.

      • Except j cat isn’t at their stores or at least not on their website. It’s a weird box overall.

  10. For people who were expecting a palette. Last month Cult Crushes sent out an email to people who got the Chi Chi palette instead of Pinky Rose and in that email they said and I quote ” There is no saying when there will be a palette in the box again” Basically telling us to be thankful for one we got because we would not be seeing another anytime soon.

    • I never got that email & have never seen it before now. I didn’t even know abt it. That’s disappointing. Wonder what they’ll put in there to up the value in place of palettes, if anything?

      • Hey ladies,

        We’re so sorry to hear you’re disappointed in your Cult Crushes delivery this month. Our only options were shipping you no box at all or, replacing the Pinkyrose palette with the Chi Chi palette, which is similar in colors and has the same retail value. The overall value of the box you received for just $11 is the same as everyone else, and Cult Crushers LOVED their Chi Chi palette in February.

        As you know, we’ve been sold out for several months now, and there’s no saying when there will be a palette in the box again, so we hope you can understand and enjoy the one you received!

        Looking forward to crushing it together next month <3


        • I agree on that Chi Chi palette – I loved mine in February.

          • I am pretty fond of my Chi Chi palette but would have been fun to play with glitter in Pinky palette.

          • The pinky palette is bomb!

        • There was supposed to be a palette inside? I just received my sub. No palette. I wasn’t expecting one because of the spoilers but, was there supposed to be? Is that why I got an email asking for my order #?

          • No but there has been a palette in Feb, March, and April so some people signed up thinking more palettes were coming. I just shared email I received last month to show there is probably not going to be a palette any time soon.

          • That being said, and now with the price increase, how do they justify doing that? Increase the price but leave out the best items they were sending at the lower box price? I don’t understand.

          • Good point!

        • I got that same email for both my boxes. I was disappointed because I wanted the Chi Chi palette but I received the Chi Chi palettes.
          CS sucks. It takes a couple weeks if ever to get a reply

      • The value? For an $11 box? Even a $14 box? I’ve been a subscriber since Box 1 (11/16) and we’ve gotten shadow palettes 3 times that I know of and a highlighter palette from their own house brand once.

        The value is definitely there, and I think there’s only been one month that I didn’t use anything that came in the box. Not sure where anyone gets the idea that this is BC and there will be a monthly palette. Psst…Ricky’s, it IS a nice surprise when we do get them! Don’t cut us off all together!

        • I meant that in order to stay subbed the box has to have a decent purchase to value ratio for me and boxes like this one won’t cut it. Even last month was iffy and I got the good palette, but since it was the only usable thing in the box it was still a meh box for me since the rest was basically clutter. I don’t want junk products on a monthly basis nor do I want a box that gives me hope if 1 good item every 3 months just to load up on clutter the other months. It’s more than I want or need in my life. If next month is similar I’ll cancel as well. If they don’t have the proper relationships with brands to do the kinds of boxes we as consumers have come to expect then cancel the service or move to quarterly or every other month boxes instead of monthly boxes of meh. Laundry soap? Sample packets? Even for little amounts of money it’s not a good deal if the products won’t be used.

  11. I don’t think it is a horrible box. They are all useable items for me. Maybe they are sending out an average box this month only to wow us next month when the price increases.

    • I don’t think it is horrible either especially not for $11. I hope you’re right that we will be wowed next month when the price increases, I will give it a couple of months after that and will cancel if not wowed with the upped price. So far I’d rather have the Allure box..

      • Oh wow Im REALLY not unhappy this month the PO just delivered 2 boxes! And I double checked and was only charged for one! 2 different highlighter shades too which was what I was most excited about : ) I feel kinda bad though but Im sure it was just a random isolated mistake..

  12. yikes.

  13. Wow can’t believe how many complainers! For $11 it’s good. This is my first box and the past were better, yes, but why would you cancel after one box if they’ve had great boxes in the past? It’s a cheap sub, give it a chance. I’m
    Excited about this box honestly. I’m easy to please when it comes to makeup and I have an extensive collection

  14. I love my box for 11 bucks. I love the variety. I’m not going anywhere. I don’t throw my hubby away after one month of disappointment. Because the next month he might be better. It’s a hit and miss. Keeps it exciting. Rock on Cultcrushes. Even your social media is growing. Congratulations.

    • I’m sure your not paying him either, or at least o hope not. After a bad month I’d return him

      • Yeah, it’s a weird analogy.

  15. I am giving them a 3 month trial. The past boxes they have shipped out these past few months have all been awesome. This is my first box from them, The items are okay, but I agree none of them have me super excited like the items/palettes I have seen in past boxes. I have hope, especially with the price increase that they will go back to having us super excited again. <3

  16. Amen to that! I can’t believe the amount of people that just signed up and are already cancelling based on one box! I could see if it was a high priced sub but for the price, I’m willing to give them at least a few months. Another perfect example of ‘you can’t please everybody’.

    • This was supposed to be in response to another comment…(Dea’s comment posted at 8:02)…

    • I’m sorry but, theyresending out a bunch of cheap products and then raising the price on us after doing so. I looked at every Cult Crushes box they’ve sent out before ordering. This is one of the worst. The make up brushes can’t even be worth over $6 with the prices on the site for them being so low for a full set.
      It’s not just that. They billed me last month, told me second week of May I’d have shipping info. That was late because it didn’t come until Tuesday, with no tracking #. And now….they’re asking for my order #……. I just went through a hassle with Allure with awful customer service. I’m nervous I’m going to be charged after I cancel just like Allure with th eprice increase and the non communication. I wasn’t expecting a palette but…another highlighter? Ugh. Don’t we already have a ton of highlighters from boxes? I know I do. I give them away I get so many lol. At least it’s a different type of highlighter I guess.

      • Their CS is waaaaay better than Allure. Ricky’s will help you get it sorted.

        And you can’t expect any one sub to consider what you might have from other subs. If you have a lot of the same stuff from too many subs (been there), consider narrowing down your subs. Because they all seem to try to stay on-trend.

  17. Thrilled with the contents of this box that I got for $11. I’m so much more interested in Laundress, Pure Paw Paw and Bioderma skin care, BH Brushes and highlighter than the bright-colored eye shadow palette and fake nails they had in the last box. I took a gamble that since they got those items out of the way, I’d actually like what they would send this month, so I signed up, and it paid off! This is an AWESOME box! Great value!

    • I agree with you! For me, this months box is more useable…I gave away every item last month except the micellar wipes…even though the box value is lower this month, you’re still getting more than the $11…I’m sure because June is starting the $14 a month, they will have a more valuable box….but that’s my opinion lol

  18. I really wish I hadn’t bought into the hype two months ago of there being a waitlist until May. I mean, I have so much micellar water (and wipes) as it is, I don’t think there is a single item in this box that I will actually use.

    • I agree, I won’t use any of it. Will pass along to friends. So glad I cancelled!

    • I agree

  19. Bummer I’m canceling 🙁

  20. Haven’t received mine yet but I’m cool with what’s in this box. I have other BH brushes that I like but everything else is new to me. I’m not sure this box will hit the $50+ value but for $11 it’s still worth it to me.

    We’ll see if they step it back up once price goes up next month. I love eyeshadow so I’d be happy with a palette every month but I don’t necessarily see that happening.

    • Somebody needs to start a pallete only sub that works with newer/ Indy brands to get a pallete and MAYBE a few packet samples or bonuses for like 15 a month.

  21. Just cancelled. I regret singing up. And definitely will not pay $14 a month for boxes similar to this one. 😕

    • How do you cancel?

      • Unfortunately you need to send email to cs to cancel subscription.

      • I think the people who have a “cancel” button showing are lucky – my account page on their site doesn’t even show that I am currently subscribed to anything.

        I emailed their customer service (tried calling first, but they didn’t pick up), so we’ll see what the turnaround time on that is.

  22. A little disappointed because I was hoping there would be a palette of some sort with this box, but hopefully with the increased price of the box, we might see some more mid to high end full size items in this box. I haven’t received mine yet, but I am looking forward to trying new products.

    • I was too. Seems they send one out every month until I sign up

      • I knew there would not be a palette because last month they emailed me about my Chi Chi palette and told me in not so many words to be thankful for what I got because they are not sending another palette in near future

  23. This is terrible. Where are the exciting products? What happened to getting stuff only available at Ricky’s stores? J. Cat isn’t sold there. This is just awful. And sad. And such a low value besides! The brush set isn’t even listed on the BH site, but a 10 piece set is $12 so I guess this set is like $4? Box total around $30 or $31? Boxy gives us like 5 times our money’s worth. Ricky’s is disappointing. Again. Last month I liked my pinky rose palette and nothing else. This month i have no idea what I’ll do with laundry soap, or the liquid highlight which is like glitter in oil. Just no.

    • I agree 100%.

  24. I have faith in you cult! I can live with this box for 11 bucks. For $14, not really. I’ll give it a few more months. My mama always said, “you get what you get don’t throw a fit” 😊

    • I just had this same conversation with my sister lol… decent $11 box but not $14, especially if you are trying to hit a minimum value per $ spent.

      This is my first box and I like the idea of not getting all makeup so I’m excited to try the products. Too much boxycharm and Ulta! I’m actually low on cleaning water so great timing. The things I’m not wild about are the highlighter and brushes so I’ll be giving them away or donating them.

  25. Well clearly I am in the minority here but just received my box and I am very happy with it. I’m definitely sticking with them for a while and seeing what the next couple of months brings. I love the ointment and I love the soap for stains on the go which is something I have never tried or sampled before.

    • I haven’t got my box yet, but I am pretty excited to try everything!

    • I’m in the minority as well. I’m looking forward to getting it. I got an email yesterday saying they shipped it. I will give them another month or two, because their previous boxes looked pretty good to me.

    • I’m with you. Too much venom over a fun sub! I like Ricky’s. Just chill, people – if you want Tarte and Too Faced, go somewhere else.

      • Agree! Well said, Dea. I’m excited to try that soap, it’s something I probably would never have come across myself.

        • Except that it’s not a beauty item, and this *is* a beauty box. Why exactly are we supposed to be excited about laundry soap?

          • You could probably use it to clean your beauty blender and brushes maybe? I use bar soap just for that because it’s easier and gets them cleaner and faster! (Usually face soap)

          • Actually, I received an email from them today saying the following:

            Hi Cult Crushers,

            Please know that the Laundress Wash & Stain bar is only intended to be used for removing makeup stains from clothing. We advise you to only use the product for it’s intended use.

            Some people have informed us that they use this product to clean their makeup brushes but this product contains borax which may cause irritation on eyes so please make sure to thoroughly wash out all product from brushes.

          • Actually, It is a beauty item if you really think about it, because when you get dolled up, you just don’t putmake up on your face. If I have a cute outfit on and I spill something on it, it’s nice to have a soap (which by the way smells amazing) to give my outfit a quick touch up. It’s a practical item. The beauty of subs is discovering new or different things. There’s been some duds in some boxes that doesn’t mean someone else can’t find value in it!

            Nevertheless it’s $14 sub! This whole thread has been knives and pitchforks because they increased their price by $3…. that’s not even the price of a cup of coffee at DD!! I get that everyone wants a bang for their buck, but some people are ridiculous with expectations. Last month they had $40 palette in the box, this month they didn’t… maybe next month will be different… deep breaths people, deep breaths!

          • By that logic something like shoe polish is a beauty item also.

          • Shoe polish? Really? That’s a bit extreme JuJu. Regardless, if you’re unhappy with the subscription move on, but don’t knock me because I’m looking at the bright side. Again, I like the soap, for me it was a nice discovery. That’s the purpose of these subs, different subs for different folks, I found value and you didn’t, that’s cool, we are different people and a sole subscription isn’t going to make everyone happy. I have other Beauty subs that sometimes deviated from
            the typical “Beauty” stuff…. Birchbox for example has done it in the past… and that sub is $10 and didn’t send me the sizes of products this box sent me at $14… but I’ve made some discoveries through them too… but nevertheless, each sub goes through lulls, as a consumer you decide ultimately what’s worth your money and what isn’t. No one has the right to question what you find value in. That’s all. ✌🏼

  26. I cancelled after a delay of some kind. Status reads “canceled”. Yet they charge me a week and a half later. I emailed saying I DONT WANT ANOTHER BOX, please cancel my subscription. Nope, not playin with a sub box that cannot follow simple instructions. Especially with the price increase. Nope.

    • Same here. And I can’t get a response from customer service and I haven’t received any tracking info. I’d rather just have my money back, but they should at least send me what they’ve charged me for. So far, they’re just ignoring me and taking my money.

      • Horrible. I hope they respond to you and work with you to solve your issues!! Hopefully you (and I !!) will at least get the boxes they scammed us for. LOL
        I’m just going to stick with the subs that have been consistently good to me. Good luck hun!!

        • That’s just horrible! I’ve just managed to cancel but now I’m afraid they will charge me anyway next month. ;(

      • YES. I’m not mad about the products- just the customer service and passive aggressive attitudes. They tried something new, people didn’t love it, they should take that into account as potential feedback. But at the same time, people should realize it is Rickys which has a different brand feel than Sephora or Birchbox, etc. it’s gonna be a different feel to the box.

        HOWEVER. None of that excuses the snotty messages and lack of communication. They charged me and havnt sent me tracking- I’ve asked really nicely via email a few times and am just ignored.

  27. Someone on Reddit got Watermelon paw paw. I love watermelon scent so hope I get that one. I also hope I get the pink highlighter . But I rarely get varients I want.

    • I hate fruit scents so I hope I get anything but a fruit scent.

      • Pretty sure they are all fruit scented. Even paw paw is suppose to be papaya so even original would be fruit scented.

  28. This would have been ok for the $11, but I’m glad that the website glitched when I tried to sign up (my card statement had the authorization to bill me/pending transaction on it, but on their end the transaction didn’t go through, so they cancelled my order and didn’t attempt to replace it/the box was sold out by the time they addressed the issue). Not going to try signing up for June, especially with the price increase. Feel like this box just jumped the shark.

    • If I were you I’d keep an eye on my bank account. I thought I was done with them. I canceled, my status said “canceled” but they charged me out of nowhere a week and a half later! Just sayin, they may charge you yet, maybe for the next month. ?? I just don’t trust them now. 🙁

  29. This is my first box and i don’t like it.
    Totally disapointed. 🙁🙁

    • Me too, I was so exited after being on the wait list for months. I dont like anything.

      • I started in December. I wasn’t crazy about that one, but they vary each month.

  30. Sensibio is a great Micellar water, but I literally just got a 16.7 oz (500mL) bottle from dermstore for $12 with tax and free shipping – that small sample is worth a buck or two at the most! The BH brushes are CHEAP (I got a 7 piece set as a GWP from the brand) and not all that great, especially when you get better brands like Luxie and Aesthetica in boxes. It’s just underwhelming.

  31. Lol the two things I don’t ever want brushes and highlighter. And that’s what I get. I’m a jinx that’s all there is too it 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • I thought the same thing when I saw the spoilers. More Brushes and Highlighter!! Only way they could have topped it was to add a black eyeliner. And a stain remover for clothes? Really? First and last box for me. BIG disappointment here!

  32. I cancelled.. Boy, the few boxes before this one looked amazing and now, I wouldn’t use, nor need anything in this box, but the paw paw. I’m disappointed.

  33. The laundress bar is totally the kind of useful and unique thing I’d want from a Ricky’s sub, the only failing here is that it isn’t playing against something really weird and fun! I mean I guess the highlighter drops but that type of thing is hardly revolutionary at this point.

    I’m cautiously optimistic about the balm thing, I like that miceller water, and hopefully I’ll be able to swap the brushes!

  34. Not even one thing I’d be interested in. Should have just spent a few more dollars and ordered Boxycharm.

    • I love boxycharm!! I just ordered this one bc the last few looked great… now we’re stuck w this junk and they raised the price. Yuck

    • I love Boxycharm too! It is always such a great value for $20

    • Totally agree with you

    • Yeah. This is my first box from them and I will be canceling. I am excited for some brushes but this little set can’t be worth over $6 with the prices on the website. And cleansing water? No thanks to the propylene glycol on my skin. I’ll stick with my coconut oil if thats the option. The highlighter looks kind of fun but, I mostly wear powders so mixing it will be complicated.
      Meh. Count me out

      • Maybe mix the highlighter in to your lotion for your legs/arms to give a subtle glow for summer….

        • Have you seen this highlight? It’s a bottled glitter bomb lol. Glitter suspended in some mystery fluid. It might not even mix with lotions. I would hate to waste a good lotion on this. Maybe a lotion from the dollar store? That might work 😉

  35. Personally I hate THIS BOX. I really dislike when companies put their basket where they can’t reach it. This is the saddest box I’ve seen since their existence. They should have had a bomb box since they not have approximately twice the amount of subscribers and price hike next month. Smh

  36. I want to cancel before next month. Anyone know how?

    • I just cancelled mine.. Go to your dashboard and click on my subscriptions, then click view and you will see where you can cancel or pause your sub.. just click cancel and your good to go!

      • Thanks! Just cancelled. This was my first box, thought I’d give it a whirl. Nothing wowing me and I’m on product overload anyways.

  37. I bought two boxes… one for me and one for my daughter… totally disappointed and going to cancel both. Not even close to being interested in that laundry soap, I have 3 full bottles of that Bioderma that no one wanted, and the lip balm looks cheesy. I’m over them before I got them. There’s too many other good boxes to choose from. Laundry soap?! Why!!!

  38. I wish they would have sent just 1 full sized good brush vs travel sized. I’m never able to use them. I won’t use the highlite goop either, I was hoping for a pretty blush, or single shadow from j cat….but this is my first box, and I’m going to give it at least 3 months to see how it turns out.

    • I actually love travel sized brushes because it’s not something I would ever buy for myself but they are great to have in your bag or desk for when you realize you didn’t blend one eye as much as the other- even better if you can find a great in the go pallete

  39. Wow first $14 box and they don’t even hit the $50 RV that they had no issues with before…

    $27 not counting the brushes and the brush sets of 10 are $21 full price so for 3 brushes that’s maybe $10…

    How quickly the greats will fall =/

    • Could you point me in the direction of the $50 RV promise? I didn’t read that… must have missed it?
      If they promised a $50 value box, this is obviously not it. ( I like it for the price, but anyone can see this isn’t a $50 box, is what I mean).

    • Actually, this is their last $11 box. It will be $14 starting in June.

      • I just realized that it was still $11 sorry! My bad all this talk about raising pricing I didn’t realize this box still made it before the deadline.

        The $50 RV is just something they’ve been hitting in the last few boxes and I would think it would kind of be the goal with raising the price now. You don’t increase price and decrease value in one fell swoop unless you really do want to lose subscribers. April’s box was $56 RV, March was $75 RV, $58 for February. So they may not have made the promise but a bar of sorts was set and that was what got them the waitlist in the first place.

        • Exactly – I am not happy.

        • Yes! I expected this to be AMAZING. They just added a ton of subscribers, and about to roll out a price increase. This is not the kind of box you put out to try to keep all the new subscribers you just landed. I don’t know what they’re thinking, but clearly they missed the mark on this one.

          • Or even if not amazing, then at least decent, comparable in value to their previous boxes, and consisting solely of beauty items, no household goods. Yeah, I think that much was a perfectly reasonable expectation.

    • This box was $11 the price change starts 6/1.

  40. Nothing super exciting this month. It’s a letdown to me. The soap bar thing does have some great reviews though, so I’ll give it a chance. I hope this is just an off month for them, especially with the cost going up next month. The last few boxes have been much better. I do agree with another comment, below, at least there’s no fake nails or lashes!

  41. Even tho its a nice box, Im still not sold on this sub… Lets see how the first few months after the price increase go and then maybe.

  42. I wasn’t expecting items like these by looking at past boxes, but I have to say that I will use every single item in the box! I think it’s a great value based on that. I’m happy with it!

  43. Ummm, definitely a little underwhelming for me. I’ve been wanting to hopefully get it on last month’s palette but was charged last month for May’s box. I’m only excited for the JCAT highlighter. It’ll probably be a color I’d never buy. I just cancelled 2 subscription boxes I gave 2 years worth of chances to each of them. I gave away almost everything I’ve ever received. I’ll give Ricky’s a couple of months only. After that it’ll be bye bye if it’s not worth it. Sorry, just can’t get excited about this box. THEN, to be notified they’re increasing their subscription boxes pricing next month?!?
    I don’t think I’ll be giving too many chances.

    • I know righr?!?! I was hoping for one of those beautiful COLOR pallettes myself. But hopefully in the next couple of months they will pull out something like it 🙂

      I wonder if a lot of people canceled or will cancel after this month when they raised prices and if their subscriber numbers stay close to what they used to be or if they went up or down.

  44. WOW…. cancelling now….

  45. This will be my first box and I’m not mad at it! It is a little underwhelming but for the price (the last month at $11), I think it’s pretty good!

  46. For $14, it seems like a fine box to me. Most women like having mini brushes for their purses. I paid over $15 for a set from Sephora.com.

    I have the liquid Laundress products and love them, especially for delicate wear.

    Mostly, I’m happy that there’s no fake lashes or nails, which previous boxes have had.

    I guess we all have different likes and dislikes, and expectations for a box priced this low.

    • Oops, this is my first box too, and it was $11. Sorry for the price mis-quote.

    • I feel exactly the same, Mandy! Ditto on everything you said!

      • Same Mandy!!

  47. Not really liking this box. This is my first. I signed up because of how good the previous boxes were. Then when I finally got off the waitlist, the price went up😕. Hopefully next month is better.

  48. Um, Really!? This is a horrible box! They are going to lose all their subscribers! I knew this was going to happen

    • I can hear it now!
      Come on people. Give them a chance. This will be my first month as well. You can’t judge a box by one month.

      • I have given them a chance! I’ve been subbed for almost a year and this is the worst box ever! Now that they took in so many new subscribers the box has gone down hill! They didn’t even grandfather the people who have been subbed for a long time!

      • I have given them chance. This is not my first month! I have been subbed for a year

    • I love this box and they’re not losing me.

  49. I really like the items in this box!

  50. Liz: Is the may box sold out? This looks like a great box

    • Yes it’s sold out. You can sign up for the waitlist for June.

    • Sorry, May is sold out.

    • I can sell you mine if you want. This is my first box and unfortunately doesn’t look like anything I’d use 🙁

    • Same here, you can have my box if you want it.

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