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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2018 Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

We have full spoilers for the Summer 2018 Box of Style! Annual subscribers can make their choice selection and shop the boutique now!

Here are the full spoilers:

Rachel Zoe for Box of Style Straw Bag – Retail Value $99

This optic black-and-white straw tote reminds me of summer in St. Tropez. Black and white is so timeless, it looks chic no matter what. This style is roomy enough to fit all your essentials—you can carry it all summer.

  • L:12” W:20” Straps Height: 10″
  • 100% Paper Straw
  • Extra long straps to keep you hands-free and stress-free.
  • Collapsable—which makes this bag the perfect travel companion.

Skova Travel Towel – Retail Value $58

I always entertain poolside, and I love decorating lounge chairs with vibrant towels. For relaxing on the beach or in the park, I think bigger is better, so we made sure these are sized for a picnic. Plus the print is so beautiful.

  • 59” x 59”
  • 100% cotton with luxuriously textured fringe accents
  • Multi-Purpose, beach, picnic, pool, travel blanket — A travel must-have.
  • Roll-up in your beach bag for a quick getaway!

Bindya Lace-Up Cover-Up – Retail Value $115

I wanted to include this cover-up because it can go everywhere and looks chic on everyone. I adore all white in the summer, and the lace-up neckline and pom-pom details make this feel so special.

  • O/S
  • Dry clean only
  • Shoulder to Hem: 31” Width 41.5”
  • Get ready to relax in this comfortable cover-up wherever the summer takes you.

For Love and Lemon Loop Fringe Earrings – Retail Value $63

My obsession with fringe is no secret, and I love how these are playful enough for day but glam enough for evening. They’re from For Love & Lemons’ new jewelry line and we’re so excited to introduce them to our members.

  • Length: 2.25”
  • Brass with cotton fringe
  • Shimmery basket woven stud detail
  • Chandelier silhouette adds a touch of glam to any outfit

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer – Retail Value $65

My skin never can be hydrated enough. This product is one of my latest obsessions—I apply it a few times a day for an instant refresh and an immediate glow.

  • 1.7 fl. oz.
  • Main Ingredients: Glycolic & Lactic Acids, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Papaya Enzymes. and Napol Cactus Fruit Extract
  • Reduces the appearance of dullness and uneven skin texture to reveal beautiful, glowing skin.

What do you think of the Summer Box of Style spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSAJETSET25 to save $25 off your first box!

Check out all of my Box of Style reviews to learn more about this quarterly subscription box.

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Comments (156)

  1. Anyone interested in my earrings from this box?? … I will never wear them… I like them just not my style … I am looking for BKR bottle from previous RZ BOS.

  2. I really liked this box. The straw bag is better quality than I anticipated. I wasn’t so sure about the white on the earrings because I could just see makeup rubbing off on the fringe. I took a black sharpie to the fringe and in about 20 minutes I had changed the earrings from white to black. They look amazing! The fringe is cotton so it easily absorbed the black. Can’t wait to wear them!

    • I love the earrings as is, but it’s great to know that if something happens and they get soiled, I can pull out my Sharpie. Thanks for the tip, Heidi. I love everything in this box!

  3. I love the box and will use almost everything… I am not a fan of the ear rings, because I have short hair and not sure how they will look good … If anyone is interested in a swap from something in your box for my ear rings I am interested in swapping. 🙂

  4. I really like the towel (and it’s cotton, too!)

  5. Update- after all the craziness, Box of Style has refunded my Summer Box cost and canceled. Just wanted to make sure everyone know that whatever happened to make them renew after a confirmed cancellation, they did fix it.

    • I just got a “we haven’t forgotten about you” email regarding my inquiry on May 15.

  6. When does this box shop out?

    • Ship out

  7. I think it is time to cancel this box. Lately they have been adding clothing that is not made for a curvy girl. In the pics, the cover-up fits the model perfectly but I’m not a model.

  8. I’ll be putting the entire box up for sale. Let me know if you want it.

  9. Update to my subscription cancelled in April. Box of Style tries to charge my credit card every 48 hours. They have not responded to emails reminding them I cancelled and received confirmation. Today when I logged in, there is a button to cancel. I clicked this and again received a confirmation email. My account now says cancelled. I had changed my credit card to 4444 3333 2222 1111 previously, so attempts to charge will always be declined. That won’t help anyone get their money refunded, but will prevent future charges.

  10. I just want to warn everyone about this box. I subscribed for the first time via the GiltCity offer with the past Spring box. I was actually very happy with the box (although it took a while to get and only expediated after DMing them on instagram), but decided to cancel due to the regular cost. I used their website to request cancellation on April 15th and received a response on April 17th, confirming my cancellation and telling me no further action on my part was needed. And yet yesterday I discover a $99.99 authorization from BOS and also received a “Welcome” email letting me know Summer would be my first box(?!). I was already at my bank when I discovered this and so filed a claim, giving them copies of the emails (save everything!). I also reached out on instagram as well as email (no response so far) and today can see their page is blowing up with these similar complaints. I plan to file a complaint with BBB but looking it up today, I see they already have an F rating!!!! @Liz I really think you should not promote this company, or at least warn your readers that others have had serious issues. I don’t care if they offer the best box ever for $1, I will never ever subscribe or give my money to this scam company again.

    • They also charged me $350 for an annual subscription after confirming that my subscription was cancelled and would not be renewed when my annual sub was up for renewal. I emailed them back in March and received that same email, that my cancellation was confirmed and my account would remain active until May 14 then it would auto-cancel yet today my debit card was declined when I tried to use it to make a purchase because of the unexpected charge for this sub! Not only that, it caused my account to overdraft as well. I emailed them twice now and tomorrow I will file a claim with my bank. I moved to Japan last month so they don’t even ship here! This is so completely ridiculous and unprofessional.

      • Oh, that’s awful! Have you tried reaching out to them on Instagram or Facebook? My situation isn’t resolved yet, but they did just reply to me on Messenger asking me for more information so that they could “immediately” forward the situation on. I’m crossing my fingers for a fast and positive outcome. I hope they volunteer to pay your overdraft fees as well as refund, since they weren’t authorized to make that charge.

      • Yes, I’ve emailed both the original customer service rep and replied to the email confirmation I received as well posting on IG and FB. I have completely had it with them, $350 is not a small amount of money to just take unauthorized. I am hoping they will get back to me soon, the time difference between me and the States leaves a very small window of overlap of business hours! I am glad they have replied to you and are resolving your issue. I hope they get it done quickly!

  11. That is what they told you, too, that it would auto cancel? I wonder if they had some system wide glitch, or if they are knowingly charging people whose cancellations should have been processed! I have never had a company charge me without authorization before. I’m glad your credit card number was wrong.

    The thing is- I loved the Spring box. I only cancelled for Summer, because I knew the subscription was too much for me. (I subscribed through Gilt City at a significant discount).

    • I tried posting this already but not seeing my comments. I also ordered the Spring box through Gilt City, then cancelled on April 15th. I received an email on April 17th confirming my cancellation and that no further action by me was needed. Yesterday BOS authorized my card for $99.99 and later sent me a “Welcome” email stating my first box would be the Summer box(?!). Luckily I was already at my bank when I discovered the charge and filed a claim. I reached out to BOS via 2 emails as well as on Instagram but have not received a response yet. Btw, their latest inatagram post is blowing up with these complaints. I googled “Box of Style scam” and discovered they have an “F” BBB rating!!!! Liz, I strongly recommend you either reconsider not promoting this company or at least give your readers fair warning of issues other people have had. I will never wver subscribe or give my money to this company again.

      • I posted on their Instagram account and sent them a direct message as well as messaging them on Facebook and an email to their customer service. I cannot believe that they have an F rating. If that is the case, then I feel like this website owes this information to their loyal followers. I am on this site everyday and it is where I found out that the Rachel Zoe subscription even existed. I am just upset about this. I have consistently received such good service from all my box subscriptions that I never once thought one would let me down.

      • I was a little hesitant to get the Spring box only because I had read others had delays in customer service responses …but I figured I had plenty of time if I decided to cancel. And when I received a response so “quickly” (I mean 2 days, but I had heard others had to wait much longer), I felt there would be no issues. I am shocked not only by the charge to my card but that so many others are having this problem and receiving ZERO communication from BOS! I saw on instagram that one woman who had cancelled her annual subscription was wrongly charged over $400!!! You are absolutely right that MSA should disclose BOS’s BBB F rating as a “buyer beware/purchase at your own risk” warning to its members.

    • Joy, this is common for them. If you read comments on past BoS reviews here on MSA and on their IG and FB pages you will see the same complaints every quarter.

      • Every quarter, and every quarter the complaints gets worse! This is a complete buyer-beware subscription box. The contents aren’t that great compared to the dealing with customer service or your credit card company.

      • I have just heard back from customer service. They say that they have reversed the charge, canceled my subscription and removed my credit card from their system so that it can’t even be accidentally charged again, and they apologized. I will check my bank account tomorrow to make sure it went through, but if so, then I am fine, but it does sound like an error they make quite often. They also called me Joey, but that’s not unusual either. 😉

      • After emailing them twice yesterday, posting on their instagram, sending a DM, and then a follow up DM today, I *finally* received a form email (different from the personalized email on April 19th that confirmed my cancellation) that my subscription is cancelled.
        This was followed by a personal email apologizing for this experience, stating that my card has been refunded, and stating that my information (credit card etc) has been removed from their system so this doesn’t happen again (it shouldn’t happen regardless!). It is so unfortunate that they often have a beautiful currated box because they way they run the company is a total disaster. I should have been able to reach someone *immediately* to get my issue resolved yesterday (which never should have happened to begin with). Honestly I feel sorry for the poor customer service reps that work for them. Buyer beware of this company, for me it will be NEVER again!

  12. I cancelled in April and received a confirmation email. Today I got an email saying my credit card was declined, but they’re going to try again. What?!!! I’m so glad I ghosted that payment method. I had a bad feeling about them placing a notation in my account to cancel just before summer billing time.

  13. I am so very frustrated right now. I canceled this subscription back in April and was told that my account would stay active until May 14 and would then auto- cancel before renewal. I just received email confirmation of a new subscription. I emailed back to the original customer service email that I had received verifying the cancellation letting them know what had happened and asking them to please IMMEDIATELY reverse the charges and cancel before my account incurs the charges. Is there a customer service number I haven’t been able to find yet?

    • I cancelled as well because I haven’t yet received the spring box! After sending them messages via email and instagram, I finally got a message about a month ago that my order was processed and I would receive shipping notification, which never happened. I emailed and asked for an update on shipping of the spring box and to cancel my account. No word from them and they just charged me for summer, for another box I probably won’t receive. I didn’t want the summer box and I’m furious. I’ve tried to contact them via facebook, instagram and email.

      • Liz Cadman- if you are keeping an eye on these comments- that is three of us that they have charged (or tried to charge) after cancellation. Is there any way that you could touch base with them, or do you have a customer service phone number you could offer that we could try? They shouldn’t be doing this. I have a confirmed cancellation notice from them, but they still renewed and charged me for the Summer box, and this is in no way an inexpensive subscription. Is there anything you could do to help, please? If this is a chronic issue, you should probably let people know so they don’t subscribe in the first place.

      • Update to this, I’ve just heard back from them and they are issuing a refund and going to expedite my spring box.

      • They really need to get their customer service problems resolved. I am a RZ fan and have been an annual member paying full price since the very first box, and have had so many ridiculous problems with failed add on orders that never shipped, account glitches not letting me choose items, and once a damaged item. Customer service NEVER responds timely, never solves the problem and never seems to care about their most loyal customers. It’s sad because I love the curation and value of this box and am willing to pay full price for it, but most likely when my fourth year is up I will cancel, solely because I don’t feel valued at all as a customer.

      • That is excellent news. They have reached out to me on Facebook as well, so I hope that I will soon be able to report the same outcome. I really hope this is some kind of system glitch on their part. It’s just such a nice box.

    • The same thing happened to me! Cancelled in March, was assured by a team member that my account would not renew, then got an email this morning that I have been charged. I have heard about this company’s shady business practices before which is why I cancelled two months in advance.

  14. I’m really surprised no one has noticed there are only 5 items instead of the usual 6 in the BOX Summer 2018 box.

    I triple checked with the previous boxes and indeed all the others had 6 items. I’m not happy about this at all. I like the straw bag and the rest but technically this bag is more expensive since we are losing out on an item.

    It seems a makeup or home item was left out and I really enjoy those.

    I hope BOS is kind enough to explain why there are only 5 items in this box and not 6.

    • I was thinking that exact same thing! And I think this is one of the lowest value boxes to date. They are definitely missing an item

      • They never promised every season there would be 6 items. They’re website says: “Rachel selects 5-6 of her fashion & beauty obsessions for you every season.” Besides, the 5 items in the Summer 2018 box still value $400, just like previous season boxes.

      • Agreed. Not accusing them of false advertising for 5 vs. 6 items. Just that in the past, they’ve always had 6 items. And $400 value is lower than the rest – most have been above $450 (of course a lot of values for products in subscription boxes are probably inflated, but that’s a different discussion). It probably wouldn’t have been hard to do to add a $20-$30 item like a lipstick/nice hairbrush (or maybe a lip product from Fresh Sugar) or if we are sticking with the summer/travel theme, a sunblock or a S’well water bottle.
        Don’t get me wrong – I’m super excited for this box!

  15. This box looks decent but does not make up for the last 2 crap boxes, and no way in heck is that straw bag with $100! This will be my last box, as I will not be renewing my annual subscription.

  16. yeah, I ordered mine today and was able to chose between the two towels. I went with the darker one. I’m so happy with this box. I love the curation. I hope it is all good quality.

    HAPPY MOTHER’S Day everyone……

  17. I love the curation but on closer look am a little freaked out that the pattern on the deeper colored towel looks like a swastika. I hope I don’t get that one :/

  18. I love the subscription, but truly, yearly subscribers should be able to get the year cheaper than those who don’t commit and one up with discounts based on what’s inside. Not a great loyalty plan there.

  19. I would rather have two towels instead of the bag and one towel. The towels look luxe but that bag does not.

  20. Has choice selection opened up for seasonal subscribers yet? If not, does anyone know when?

    • You can now, they sent out the email last night but they have a record of not sending it to everyone.

  21. Great box!

  22. I really, REALLY wish the cover-up came in a larger size. I LOVE IT, but I’m plus-size.

  23. This box is amazing!!! I buy all these things new every summer ….. passed on the Spring… excited!!!

  24. I’m wondering if you could just cut those tassels off of the earrings and have the little knots for a more simple look. Liz will you mention that in the review if it seems like an option?

  25. I really love this box, but I’m not sure if I can justify the cost. If it were $50 I’d jump on it though.

  26. Beautiful curation! Can’t wait to bring this to Fort Lauderdale in July. Wish I was going to Greece or something! Excited!

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