Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2018 Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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We have full spoilers for the Summer 2018 Box of Style! Annual subscribers can make their choice selection and shop the boutique now!

Here are the full spoilers:

Rachel Zoe for Box of Style Straw Bag – Retail Value $99

This optic black-and-white straw tote reminds me of summer in St. Tropez. Black and white is so timeless, it looks chic no matter what. This style is roomy enough to fit all your essentials—you can carry it all summer.

  • L:12” W:20” Straps Height: 10″
  • 100% Paper Straw
  • Extra long straps to keep you hands-free and stress-free.
  • Collapsable—which makes this bag the perfect travel companion.

Skova Travel Towel – Retail Value $58

I always entertain poolside, and I love decorating lounge chairs with vibrant towels. For relaxing on the beach or in the park, I think bigger is better, so we made sure these are sized for a picnic. Plus the print is so beautiful.

  • 59” x 59”
  • 100% cotton with luxuriously textured fringe accents
  • Multi-Purpose, beach, picnic, pool, travel blanket — A travel must-have.
  • Roll-up in your beach bag for a quick getaway!

Bindya Lace-Up Cover-Up – Retail Value $115

I wanted to include this cover-up because it can go everywhere and looks chic on everyone. I adore all white in the summer, and the lace-up neckline and pom-pom details make this feel so special.

  • O/S
  • Dry clean only
  • Shoulder to Hem: 31” Width 41.5”
  • Get ready to relax in this comfortable cover-up wherever the summer takes you.

For Love and Lemon Loop Fringe Earrings – Retail Value $63

My obsession with fringe is no secret, and I love how these are playful enough for day but glam enough for evening. They’re from For Love & Lemons’ new jewelry line and we’re so excited to introduce them to our members.

  • Length: 2.25”
  • Brass with cotton fringe
  • Shimmery basket woven stud detail
  • Chandelier silhouette adds a touch of glam to any outfit

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer – Retail Value $65

My skin never can be hydrated enough. This product is one of my latest obsessions—I apply it a few times a day for an instant refresh and an immediate glow.

  • 1.7 fl. oz.
  • Main Ingredients: Glycolic & Lactic Acids, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Papaya Enzymes. and Napol Cactus Fruit Extract
  • Reduces the appearance of dullness and uneven skin texture to reveal beautiful, glowing skin.

What do you think of the Summer Box of Style spoilers?

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  1. Love love love that deeper-colored towel. Will use pretty much all of this except for the earrings. I’d have preferred a makeup item to those but I’m still happy w the box.

  2. I like the look of this box, but I’m still feeling burned after the winter box debacle.

  3. It still frosts me that there is no perk for being a subscriber. Soon after, this box will be discounted.

    • So true. And I’d hate to inadvertently commit fraud by risking gaming it with a different email if not allowed. I’d be afraid of them somehow charging me the full amount of I gave my cc info.

      I wish they would at least have a code for current or previous subscribers too, since we’ve supported the Box as well!

  4. The box looks great and almost got me, but I really wish the bag was a tan/natural straw and I’m not 100% sure the cover would fit me well. The materials are also a little questionable, “paper straw” and “rayon” are not my faves. Not 100% sure about the moisturizer either, the exfolikate treatment definitely does not work for me, though people love it. Those towels are gorgeous!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Love, love, love!!!

  6. How long is the $25 off code good for?

  7. Liz,

    Is the $25 off coupon only for new subscribers not people who cancelled in a previous season and are renewing? I tried to use it and it says not valid. Bummed if that’s the case. Is it a simple fix by using a different email address and creating a new account?


    • It worked for me.

      • It appears per the BoS website that this code is only for new subscribers that haven’t previously cancelled and are renewing. I suppose this is an attempt to prevent people from cancelling every season to get a new coupon?
        The below text was copied from the customer service site when I went to email them about the code not working.

        Before submitting your ticket, have you checked the terms of the code you attempted to use? Some codes are for new subscribers only, so our cart may have identified you as an existing member which would make you ineligible for this type of promotion. You are also ineligible if you’ve had a subscription in the past and cancelled, since this wouldn’t make you a new subscriber.

        If this doesn’t resolve your issue, please continue to fill out this form.”

        Liz, can you confirm if this code is for new subscribers only?

        • Bummer…I have not subscribed in two years and the code did not work for me since they recognized my email address. Sad, because this is the first box in a while that has appealed to me (minus the earrings).

          • You can use a different email account (just sign up for a free one on hotmail or outlook…it takes about 1 minute) in order to use the promotion.

          • @JSP Wouldn’t that be fraudulent tho, with the stipulations so specifically pointed out?

            Liz- is that allowed? I’d hate to do so unknowingly and end up doing something fraudulent or directing someone else on gaming the system.

            Not trying to be goodie two shoes, I just don’t want me, someone else or a few someone’s to ruin these sales for us all, since we enjoy the offerings so much.

  8. I’d pay $50 for this box. It’s a nice curation. I wouldn’t spend $100 or even $75, unless it had a bunch of small things with it..or even maybe a few. Better value with FFF.

  9. I’m on the fence about this box and this subscription. I feel like we keep getting a repeat of items. I didn’t love the Spring box. The OS duster didn’t work for me. The pattern was too busy and it was too small in the chest. If I think about it, the only clothing item I’ve ever used was the very first coverup I received. The rest of the items are sitting in my closet or have found another home. I love earrings so I’m not unhappy about this or the Kate Somerville Moisturizer as I’ve been wanting to try the brand. I do wish BOS would get a little more creative with their items. It feels like repeats with the bags, sunglasses, and jewelry.

  10. I want this box because everything looks so nice. But I just can’t allow myself to take this plunge. The bag is lovely, but my current beach bag is a pretty tan and cream straw tote bag. The towels are gorgeous, but I already own too many beach towels, The coverup is pretty but I already have a cream lace coverup and I’m always concerned about how something like that will fit over my rather buxom frame. The earrings are gorgeous, but I don’t know if they would look alright on me with my very short hair. There is no need for me to get this. But it’s all so pretty and goes so well together.

    • I think it looks fantastic when a woman with short hair wears big, bold earrings. I just think it’s a great look. So if you need a little confidence booster, go for it! But I would not buy the box just for the earrings, I’m sure you can find something similar that you will like just as much. And one size stuff makes me nervous too, I usually won’t buy it unless I can see how it fits.

  11. FYI I signed up with the MSA $25 off code and AFTER I ordered it says in the fine print my first box is the SPRING box NOT the Summer box! Ack! I emailed them to see if I can fix this. Be careful when ordering!!

    • I got the same message and hope they just forgot to update the wording. When I look at my account, it says my next billing is August 15, I assume for the fall box since they already charged me for summer.

      • Hi Adele,

        You are correct – we’re so sorry for the confusion! It looks like our emails were not as quick to update, but I can assure you that you will be receiving the Summer Box. August 15th will be for Fall renewal. Thank you for your patience!

        Team Zoe

        • Hi Liz, would you please check why my comments wont post? I need the help of Zoe’s customer service. I cancelled and received confirmation of cancellation before summer rewal but i was stll charged for the summer box. The customer service wont get back to me at all, i cant find a number to call. Thanks

    • Hi Laura,

      I’m so sorry for the confusion! It looks like our emails were not as quick to update, but I can assure you that you will be receiving the Summer box! We hope you love it as much as we do. Thank you for your patience!

      Team Zoe

  12. Has anyone been able to make their selection or see add-ons? I’ve logged in several times and can’t do either.

    • This is exactly what I came to ask. No luck yet, hopefully soon! I am looking forward to this one.

    • I was able to do so this morning.

      • Are you an annual member? I’m seasonal and still can’t see add-ons or choose the color towel I want.

        • Rebecca, I emailed CS. There was an auto message that popped up talking about their new member perks and the “inner circle” (not crazy about the clique-y, cringe-y aspect of this). The link they provided explaining it is broken…… But it appears annual gets first choice, then seasonal, then new members. I not yet received a reply as to when choice selection will open to seasonal subscribers.

  13. Does anyone know when this box will ship?

  14. Props to BOS for releasing full spoilers. Its’ an easy pass for me, though it is well-curated. The O/S coverup is a turnoff, I don’t care for the earrings and even if I did, they would collect foundation/bronzer residue and look dingy quickly. But I see the value here, especially with a coupon. Nice not to have FOMO for a change.

  15. I cancelled. There is nothing in this box I like. I have plenty of straw bags and coverups. I have no need for a piece of cloth called a travel towel. The earrings in PS look much better than these for my taste and I don’t need any more skin care.

    I think this is a good box but not for me. It is boring to me.

  16. FYI: They’ve updated the site to include a cancel button! I just canceled my seasonal sub without having to email CS, which is a relief. I love RZ BOS–it’s my fave sub–but this box is a little bit of a letdown because I really dislike the straw bag. It looks sort of flimsy/cheap in the photo. This is the third box in a row that has included an RZ x BOS hero item. I liked the clutch from winter, and the duster from spring wasn’t too bad (I appreciated the risk-taking on RZ’s part in selecting it, even though it didn’t end up working for me). However, at this point, I’m ready to see a hero item from another brand. The rest of the items in this box look lovely, but nothing feels like a “must-have.” On the plus side, this box seems very cohesive, and the items seem useable. I just personally don’t need another beach towel or coverup. I was hoping for more fashion forward accessories in this box, but I realize that they’re trying to appeal to as many people as possible. Overall, a very nice looking box, but lacking a wow factor for me.

    • Agreed. I just ordered the spring box and intend to use the duster as this Summers’ cover up so don’t need another and have several others besides, I still like the tote from last summer, and never really got to use it since it arrived too late, and have so many towels. I need to skip this one, especially for $100.

    • ☝ ☝☝Yes! Thank you, Christianne! I wish I could somehow draw attention to your comment & the fact that we can all let out a collective sigh of relief for the new “CANCEL BUTTON”!
      Loved the spring box, love this box, but my funds need to go to a vacay this month. I’m def signing back up afterwards tho cuz I’ve been liking their new direction. This box also has the best skincare, imo.

      • Such a relief that they’re making cancellation easier! I’m sure it will reduce the burden on their CS team, so they can dedicate their full attention to order-related issues. I agree that BOS consistently has the best beauty products. Who knows, I may end up snagging this box once it goes on sale in a few months!

        • When I cancelled I specifically asked them to add a cancel button to the site to make everything less sketchy – pretty cool they’re actually listening to us!

        • They go on sale??!! How does that work and when and how much typically. I’ve never ordered one and contemplating but like many not crazy about the straw bag and don’t need another beach towel

    • Where is cancel button? Just couldn’t find it.

  17. Oh, this looks like a great box! I wish I had it sooner though. It would have been perfect for the cruise I just took.

  18. Those towels are fabulous. I subscribed for the Spring box and absolutely loved it, but decided to cancel based partially on the full price being out of my comfortable budget and partially due to the fact that it was obvious to me that the one size items weren’t going to work for me. (I am an XXL and the pretty palm print item looked silly on me) There is no way this cover up would work either, so I stand by my decision, but this looks like a really great box.

  19. Love the towel and coverup and now doing the math on what I can re-sell the moisturizer for …

  20. I’m trying to add the box but it says it’s out of stock???

    • Same!😫

    • Same. I doubt they actually are though. May just be a glitch. I emailed them… I guess we will see if they are out of stock.

  21. I want i want i want. Lol

  22. Wow!!! Such a good box. I am so glad I have an annual sub! All the spoilers were so well done for a summer vacation box. I don’t like earrings but these look so fun with the rest if the items!

  23. Beautiful box!!!!!!

  24. I love it, im torn on whether to try to swap for things or just buy this! IM excited, a large bag, coverup and large towel for $99! The moisturizer and earrings are a miss for me, so many boxes send out beauty and I take forever to use up moisturizers. If it was a shimmer body oil that would have been awesome.

    • I would love to buy or trade for your earrings!!! Kathleen dot Nunn at gmail dot com

      • I’m looking for a home for my earrings. Would you like to work out a box split?

        • …………for anyone wanting to do a box split, my only interest is the “travel towel” and the moisturizer……… should those be things you don’t want, I’m on the swap site as simply “judy” …. and my email is ms 2 spyder at hot mail dot com

  25. Actually tempted on this one but would like to know how heavy the earrings are and see a few body types modeled with the cover up.

  26. How easy is it to cancel? If I just want to buy the one box?

    • From previous reviews, it seems very hard to cancel. That’s what’s keeping me from subbing. If it was as easy as FFF, I’ll buy this box right now.

    • I’ve canceled several times via email and it was fine. Just make sure to give yourself a few weeks before billing of the next box in case they are taking awhile to respond and get a confirmation. I haven’t had issues but have heard others bad experiences.

      • It was easy for me to cancel too.

    • It is a nightmare to cancel. Even when you get confirmation, you are still charged for the next season’s box. Check out their latest instagram post and see how the comments have blown up.


      • Yup. I “cancelled” in March and received confirmation that I wouldn’t be charged for another annual subscription for summer… what do you know, today I tried to use my debit card at the grocery store and it was declined because BoS charged me anyway and caused my account to overdraft since it was completely unexpected! I don’t even live in their shipping area anymore, I moved to Japan in April, so even if I did still want this sub I couldn’t even get it. BoS just wants your money. Worst sub I’ve ever signed up for.

      • Hi Nonya, this is what happened to me, they charged me for the summer box in MAY even i received a confirmation email that i cancelled in April. I emailed customer service and they wont get back to me. Bad business practice and they have bad reviews everywhere.

  27. Yay! I really didn’t like the last box and was kicking myself for subscribing. This fits my taste much better. I’m not a summer person at all, but I’ll use almost everything in this box.

    I really wish they would have a “no earrings” option. It just seems like something easy they can do to make subscribers happy.

    Also, whenever I get anything that says “dry clean only” I read it as “let’s see what happens when I throw it in the washing machine with everything else”.

    • I wash all my dry clean only on the delicate cycle.😂

    • I can totally relate to your “dry clean only” plan of action! Unless it’s obvious I will destroy something by throwing it in the wash (suede, cashmere, etc.) I also roll the dice and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the results. That will definitely be my course of action with this coverup too.

    • me, too..! I use those mesh, zippered bags for the items.

      I love Rachel…have never subscribed….its a bit more than I like to spend at one time…(I buy several boxes in the $20 – $30 dollar range) ..THIS box might do it. I love everything…! oh, my.

      • In case it’s helpful to anyone, I tried washing the duster from the last box in the machine on delicate in one of those wash bags, and it was absolutely fine. (Also should note it didn’t seem to shrink – I washed it on warm because that’s what I was hoping for.) An ease off my mind in case I get something on it and would rather throw it in the wash than try to get something out using dry cleaning. Enjoy!

  28. I love everything in this box. I can never have too many of anything which is one of the reasons I subscribe to subscription boxes! It’s nice BOS reveals full spoilers so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

    • I love everything too. This is my 1st box and was a bit of a splurge, but I cancelled a few boxes so it’s still compensated for. I’d wear the cover with a jean skirt, belt and boots with the earrings. The towel is amazing, I got the deep color. My beach bag is made of help and about 15yrs old!

  29. This box looks like summer! Gorgeous.

  30. I don’t want to sub to this but I love this box. Anyone interested in selling theirs, let me know!

    • You can buy the box as a one time purchaseZ

      • Purchase even. They have a gift option for their boxes and they have them through Amazon now too.

        • I tried to purchase as a gift but at the end it says “confirm subscription” and I am too scared to click on it to place an order, because I do not want the subscription.

  31. Had to have especially with $25 off!! Thanks Liz

  32. Great another cover up/kimono in one size :/ another price I won’t be able to wear. I’m on the fence on canceling this sub. I love the towel and the earrings are fun but everything else? Meh.

    • I hate one size items in boxes!!

      • Agreed. Whether they’re too big or too small, I feel like they don’t work well for most of us. It seems like it would take very little effort for them to institute even minimal size ranges to make this much more functional for most customers. Just wish they cared… :/

  33. Gorgeous stuff! Can’t wait!

  34. Love this!

  35. Wow just wow.

  36. Ok, now this box looks amazing! Well curated and it looks like a mini vacation. I might have to buy.

  37. I love this box. There’s not one thing that makes me say ‘meh’. If Nina Garcia does another Quarterly box, she needs to look at what Rachel Zoe is doing.

  38. Oh look. More earrings I can’t wear. I canceled my RZBOS sub last year when they sent 2 sets of earrings within a year that I couldn’t use. They are still at it I see. And PSMH is on my shaky ground for making the hero item in their summer box earrings too without any option for substitution….

    • LB Im not sure if this helps, but you can request to be sent clip ons for the earrings. But if you can’t wear absolutely anything on your ears, then this option won’t help. I loved the spring box. I get some many compliments on that lariat necklace. However, I haven’t worn the duster once. Its just not flattering on me what so ever. I’m short. So it almost drags. One size fits all are not winners for everyone. It’s such a risky thing in a subscription box. I may have to cancel. Because of that white cover up and straw bag.

      • Thanks for the info. I’ll keep it in mind and be sure to ask if I ever decide to sub again. I wonder why that option isn’t advertised anywhere or offered before when I “complained” when I canceled. I’m sure I’m not the only one without pierced ears so it would probably help to advertise that option more. As you said, any bit of customization helps people feel more happy and likely to buy!

    • I cut the white fabric fringe off the earrings from summer 2018. The basic gold toned door knocker earring is lovely and a style I wear a lot. this took forever with surgical scissors and tweezers. There is a glue like material left that I would like to remove. I am afraid to use a solvent, which may damage the metal. Any good solutions out there?

      I love the white cover up. Wore it at my daughter’s last weekend. I slept in it, very comfy. I can only see it as a pool or beach cover or at home robe. It is very generous and rather long on me. I am proudly 4’11.3 short, so all the items fit me. I intend to wash the white
      coverup in cold setting and hang it on a hanger to dry, perhaps fluff it a bit, That is how I washed the palm print one, which I love, fits like it was tailored for me. it probably won’t fit anyone with big shoulders or big bust.+ I am a 34C. I have 2 cotton black shifts to wear under. I wear them under the sheer red caftan as well. also adore the kimono, washes beautifully and has lovely high end tailoring and pockets. Fits perfectly,

      I am loving the black straw bag. I take it to yoga. Holds towel, water bottle and purse,

  39. Is it just me or does anyone else not see the value here? Especially a 100$ straw bag. Sorry not sorry but it honestly looks like something I can pick up from Walmart 😑 . I’m all about fashion I play covet daily it’s my holy grail game, it I’m just not seeing the value here.

    • Exactly what I was thinking about the bag. They’ve had similar ones. I love the towel and the cover up. Dry clean only ruins this one for me.

      • Agree totally. Love the idea of the bag, hate the actual bag. Does that really look expensive to other people? Something about the straps maybe – just looks really cheap to me. Comparing to the past Tribe Alive bag or box clutches, I just don’t see it.

        And I guess I’m a bit confused about the Hero Item idea lately, too. There used to be one really spectacular item, and then some other great ones to fill out the box. Now there’s a tote (that in my opinion is just okay) and a coverup (that is OS so many of us can’t even wear), and then a bunch of smaller things. Is there even really a hero item anymore? IMO that was what made the box such a “WOW”! Wish they’d go back to that model instead of having a handful of “good” things.

        • This doesn’t come across as a summer bag to me because of the color. I think I could fit in the coverup but I’m not sure of the durable quality of it. I also dislike the color white since I’m so fair. I’m not sure it would last me a season of being out on a boat or anywhere else with chlorine.

  40. This box is awesome. I love it all. Just not for me. Not near a beach,a lake,even a pool for that matter😢

  41. Why would you make a beach cover up that’s dry clean only?

    • My thoughts exactly!!

  42. I love everything but I’m worried that the lace cover up won’t fit my plus size body.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I wish if they are going to include one size items, they’d at least show it modeled on a few different body types so we can get an idea of how it will fit.

      • That’s a great idea. Of course this cover up looks fantastic on the 5’10, 115 lb model but what would it look like on the rest of us? I actually love this item but I know it would look terrible on my petite, 5 foot body. I no longer get this box mainly because of the “one size fits all” items. I can’t understand why they don’t do at least 3-4 sizes.

        • Fellow 5-footer, I feel your pain! Paying the extra $$$ to get everything tailored makes it less fun.

    • It shows the dimentions of the cover up as 41 across…I wonder if that is a flat measurement? If It is…I would think it would fit many plus size bodies…

      • I do like the cover up but even though I asked for the exact measurements of the kimono it was smaller than what they had said and does not fit well…. sadly it was very “fat girl in a little coat” lol.

  43. I’m so glad I cancelled my subscription, as there is nothing in this box that appeals to me. I don’t need another straw bag, or a cover up. I don’t care for those earrings, I have a ton of towels thanks to sub boxes! I recently joined Breo box and Im loving that box.

    • Breo is an amazing box but is not comparable with this subscription.

  44. Is an amazing box. I hope that customer service has improved.

  45. YAYYY!!!!! I think this is soooo much better than the last box. I just hope I can snag this on sale on gilt city. It is so much better, I’m wondering if it’ll get to that point before selling out.

  46. Hi Liz-

    Will we be able to choose the towel we receive?

    Also- I ordered based on the spoilers but the confirmation email says the spring box! I’m so upset. I already have the spring box. Is this just an error? Would be so grateful if you could confirm! Thanks!

    • You might want to contact RZ to make sure you’re getting the summer box.

    • Hi there!

      I’m so sorry for the confusion! It looks like our emails were not as quick to update, but I can assure you that you will be receiving the Summer box! Your shipping confirmation will reflect the appropriate season. We hope you love it as much as we do. Thank you for your patience!

      Team Zoe

  47. I have to say, in looking at pics of Bindya’s cover-ups, the one in this box is much better looking.

  48. This is the first box in a long time that I have liked.

  49. .

  50. Omg, I love it! This box looks good, and so sincere…as though Rachel Zoe herself put her heart and soul into curating the products. Nothing looks cheap and chintzy here. I am tempted.

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