Last Chance to get the Summer 2018 FabFitFun Box!

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FYI, FabFitFun has let us know that the Summer 2018 FabFitFun box is almost sold out! Make sure to subscribe soon if you want to get this box!

Use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box! 

Check out my review of the Summer 2018 FabFitFun box and my unboxing video to see everything you’ll receive! And check out all of my FabFitFun reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I am unsubscribing from this site for promoting products that don’t work. That Foreo product doesn’t work for tons of people, check reviews and reddit and people are pissed off. One person got one with a corroded battery. I trusted Liz and this website to give me the best info, you guys hyped a product that doesn’t work so I will no longer visit this site, I’m unsubscribing to FFF, and I will never again spend money on Foreo, and I will discourage all my friends from making the same mistake.

  2. I received my box today (yaaayyyy!) and I have a question about the FOREO. Does anyone know what that little rubber pad is for? It has a sticky side, so I thought maybe it is some kind of pad or holder? Anyone???

    • I was wondering the same thing. But then I thought it was a magnet with the barcode to scan if needed assistance or info? I’m clueless 🙂

    • Hi there! The little rubber disk is a magnet. It has a scratch off strip which will reveal the serial number you need to register your Fofo and get $10 off a future order from Now, my scratch off code did not work, so I had to send a pic of the bottom of my Fofo to their customer service (I did this via Facebook messenger) and they registered it for me. I hope this ends the mystery for you. Why a magnet? I have no clue, but it is kinda cute 😉

  3. I just realized you can see what’s in your box. This is my first box cuz I really wanted the Foreo! I was super excited to find that I also got the tarte PRO glow highlight & contour palette, the body caviar, and the enzyme peel – all the other things I was hoping to get as well! I cannot wait till I get my box! It just says that I’m with the second batch who gets it at the end of the month.

    • Did you sign up for the seasonal Or yearly? Also we’re can you see what’s going to be inside your box?

      This will be my 1st fff box as well 😎
      Thank you

    • Where can I see what’s in my box??

  4. It makes me cross that I spend $400 with them, they take the money out on the 20th and then they don’t ship until June 1. Not only that but they choose the cheapest shipping speed possible, and it takes almost 2 weeks to make it here. You would think spending that much would reward you with faster than 2 week transit time. Tracking claims it will be here on Thursday. *sigh* so annoyed

  5. Finally got my box, I was so excited to open it! Not only did I do the annual subscription, and chose all of my favorite items, but I also got an extra box for a friend whose birthday is coming up.
    And then I got a Mistery Bundle add on, as the girls here were saying they are always super fun. Well guess what? The Mistery Bundle was listed on the packing slip, but it wasn’t packed!
    I hope their customer service is good.
    What’s your experience with their Customer Support?

  6. Is it weird that I didn’t receive a fitness item?

    • No. Technically there was only the muscle rub and the band thing as the “fitness” items. The muscle rub was a choice item even if you aren’t an annual subscriber, so you could have picked that. The fitness band could have been selected for you at random I think instead of the wallet and a face item. I didn’t get any of the fitness items which I am thankful for. None were that interesting for me. I got the face stuff instead..

  7. I just got my shipping notification today and on my invoice 1 of my items is a Wildlife conservation society straw…has anyone else seen this? It wasn’t in any of the spoilers and it looks like it replaces the fitness items in my box.

    • It’s a paper straw promoting awareness on the impact of the waste from plastic straws on the environment. It should not replace any items in your box. It’s an “extra” or “bonus”

  8. Eek I didn’t know you could sneak peak what’s inside your box on the FFF website! I got everything I was hoping for! Does anyone know if it just defaults showing a Pink Foreo?

    • Oh that’s cool if they do let you see what’s gunna be in your box. Are you in shipping class 2 then?

      I’m wondering if there are spoilers that come out before they charge us for whichever seasons coming up ?

      • Nope mine just shipped the other day because I ordered add ons.
        Personally I think I will stay subscribed since this box is only $50. But for something like popsugar since it’s $75, and customer service isn’t as great, canceling until
        I see a spoiler!

  9. This is a great box! Did anyone get the ring and want to sell or trade it?

    • I have the ring and would love to trade! Let me know what you want to trade you can find me at pbjellymeee a t g m a i l dot c o m

  10. RZ BOS has a splash code on their welcome page for new subscribers ( just make a new email addy and you’re in as new). It’s for $25 off and the code is JETSET25

    I just used it yesterday so I know it’s working… probably will be active until this box is sold out. 🙂

    • SO sorry. I clicked the BOS icon.. It went to FFF. My apologies. 🙂

  11. Got my box today and ❤️ Got the purple Foreo and it’s awesome.

    FYI the app won’t be out till the first week of June. I hunted for 15 minutes before I figured it out.

    • I’m not sure about Android, but the iOS app has been out since April. I have FOREO’s UFO device too, and have been using the app since it came out! I was able to use the Fofo with the same app this morning!

      • How do you like the ufo? I haven’t really heard from anyone who has it yet but am very interested!

  12. After drooling over the reviews and spoilers of the last editor box and now the summer box, (yes, daily) I finally caved and signed up last night. So excited for this box, but I do plan to cancel after. These are expensive boxes to me, and I need to stop getting them. I’ve become addicted to boxes!

    I’ve narrowed it down to just Boxycharm and Allure, and I honestly don’t think I’ll ever stop those. $37 a month and I can’t remember the last time I’ve had to buy makeup or skincare. Basically just foundation and primer occasionally, so in reality it’s a lot less than I’d normally spend on cosmetics.

    Now if I can just stick to my control….sometimes the deals are so good it’s very hard to say no 🙁

    • I agree with you. Ive has my eye on fff for awhile but after seeing this summer box it’s too hard to resist. Once you start buying the add on items, I’m sure it can get very expensive. So I’ll try it out for now. I get boxycharm, beautyfix, allure and sometimes Ipsy. But if I really like fff I’ll get rid of a couple of boxes.
      I really like that fff let’s you chose a couple of items thou

    • OMG I thought i wrote this article because that’s exactly what i have – I had to trim my boxes from 10 to these only. 🙂

    • I would wait to the last minute to cancel fff if you like the workout content on the site that is good for subscribers only. That way you get to use all the perks and it makes this sub more valuable. Just a suggestion!

  13. Received my shipping confirmation yesterday and it say I’ll receive my box on Friday the 1st! That was fast!

    • Really? I still haven’t received anything. For some reason I’m always last even though I’m annual

      • Did you get Add on’s ?

        • Yes, a ton

          • How are there add on’s? Can you really get up to 70 percent off?

      • My tracking shows the label was created on 5/23 but it hasn’t moved yet either. I’m also an annual and with the exception of one quarter when I got my box super early, I’m usually one of the last to get mine too. It drives me nuts! Fingers crossed something happens soon,

    • Wow. I got my shipping email oday . Like others I am streamlining to get FFF. I won’t get Allure and Beautyfix this month’s & that will save. Goal is to keep Boxy and Beautyfix. Allure has been a miss for me personally lately and this month the BF sunscreen won’t work for me plus am getting one from FFF. I wasn’t wowed enough to cave for FFF spring but this one is amazing… working hard to withdraw from box fix. This month only four boxes as last month SEVEN!!!

      • I totally agree! I’ll be trimming my current amount of subs (Down to 6 from 7 right now, but more are on the chopping block) by at least 3 more by next month.
        I just caved and subscribed to FFF for the summer box, which should be here Tuesday. I really hope FFF has a great Fall box, too! They may win my heart, lol. 😁
        Ipsy will stay for sure, and I’ll be choosing between either Glossybox or Beautyfix and between Birchbox or Sephora’s Play!. I have an annual sub with Lookfantastic, so that cancellation will have to wait for now.

        • Very similar here as well! I had to cull, no more ipsy, no more julep, no more beautyfix, no more Sisley. Had to keep boxycharm this month for that gorgeous palette but hopefully will have the willpower to cancel after June. Paid upfront for a year of allure and somehow have two lookfantastic annuals, doh. Couldn’t resist a second FFF box for a Foreo for my 16 y/o daughter (turned out awesome since so variant duplications).

  14. Just got my box and I love everything!!!!

    • Sweet!!! This summer box is an editors box on steroids … lol

  15. Hi lady’s is there a way to know if there is still some summer boxes available? And if so if I would be able to customize a couple of the items. I’m thinking they are not sold out yet but not sure.
    I’m new to fff
    Thank you

    • I just subscribed yesterday and was able to customize the 2 choices.

  16. I know this has been brought up before, but please check your FFF invoice! I just realized they charged me for two annuals a year ago when one should have been a one-off. And because the first was charged as an annual, now they’ve charged me for another year!! So they’ve billed me $600 for what should be $300. I usually am a big fan of their customer service, but this seems downright fraudulent to me. I love the box so am quite bummed they would try to deceive a customer like this. 🙁

  17. Super excited.. I just got my shipping notification for my box! Its my first FFF box ever and I’m really excited!

    • I Love FabFitFun. Just, don’t love the shipping policies. We all got notices stating that annual subscribers and those who purchased add ons would be shipped out first. – I’m sure that’s what it said. After the $10 coupon came out I decided to order an additional box under another email address for the 39.99. I didn’t purchase add ons with this one. And low an behold I got the shipping notice for this one. It’s coming in a few days. My regular account that I have had for a while with all my add ons is still unfulfilled!

  18. I have two starter boxes I can send friends. Anyone here want to try FFF? I just need your email address. Let me know.

    • It won’t let me send it to people with just email addresses- I tried doing that with someone on here and it wants a full name, as well. I’ve got 3. Do you just enter a dummy name in?

    • Are you still looking for someone to send a box to?

    • I would like one. kbsoldit at.

    • I would love to try!

    • Gigi, is like to try it

    • I want one!! Please

    • Sure, what’s the catch? LOL

      • Its yamilka326 at aol

  19. Hi, If you sign up today (after customization has closed) – do we get any choices?

    Thanks 🙂

    • I signed up on Sunday and was able to choose between the makeup case and towel (and choose the design) and between the exfoliating scrub, ring, and muscle gel. Hope that helps!😊

    • You get to choose between the towel, or makeup case (and the print) and also between the ring, body caviar and de-stress muscle gel. I just signed up and was able to choose.

  20. If anyone is looking to sell the towel or makeup case, please let me know!

  21. For those getting ADD ONs double check that you don’t get taxed for your donations! Charitable donations are 1 never supposed to be taxed and two are supposed to be a write off. In theory you should also be getting proof of your donation especially if it was in the $50 or more range.

    • I am responding to this without knowing if you mean that an “add-on” is a charitable donation or if you are implying there is an option to make a cash donation. If you are implying that an add-on is a charitable donation while you can donate money in exchange for goods and have it be considered a charitable donation, you cannot write it off if you exchanged the cash for goods or services.

      • No, there an actual “add-on” that is a donation to an actual charity.

  22. I *just* subscribed yesterday. I did not have the option to add an extra towel or makeup case, but I have a few makeup cases already so it’s not a terrible loss. I’m hoping if I get the resistance band that it is latex-free as I’m severely allergic. I’m looking forward to receiving this box, although I’m not sure if I’ll keep the subscription for the fall box. I guess we’ll have to see!

    • Unfortunately the customizations closed on the 18th. You can only customize and choose items until a certain date. Hoping you get everything you want 😉

    • I’m an annual subscriber and even I didn’t have the option to add an extra towel or train case. By the time I got to customization (on the second day) they listed the option to add an extra as unavailable on those items. Guess they were popular!

  23. I’m sending starter boxes to friends. Does anyone know if they will be able to get the summer box or if their subscription will start in the fall?

    • I think it tells you when you sign up, or you could chat with FFF on their site. My guess would be summer if you sign up today; otherwise, I’d think it’d be an editor’s box (whatever is in the next round of editor’s boxes), but I wouldn’t think the fall box would be the one at this point….

      • I thought the Starter Boxes were completely different than the Season or Editor’s Boxes?

    • What a generous friend!!!

    • Me please….would love and appreciate a starter box! I have tried several other subs, but never this one!

    • How do you get the start box?

  24. I gave in and ordered one too. Mostly though because I want to give the Luna to my 14 year old son. He had even requested some such thing to help him manage the breakouts he’is dealing with. And here I was trying not to engage in any more superfluous spending this month (upon which my husband has already felt compelled to remark) but, what a deal! It isn’t even really for me that I ordered it. Oh dear, lul. xD

  25. Ok I finally caved and got me a summer box! I’m gonna be upset if their Lying about almost being out of boxes because I really don’t have the money right now I was planning on getting it In 1-2 weeks when I get my next check but I really don’t wanna miss it if they are indeed almost out! And I was able to customize the towel & gel/scrub option. I picked the towel with the bold leaves and the scrub. And as I proceeded after that it gave me add on options which I got 3 heart SPONGELLEs & the ORIBE body wash. I really really wanted to shop the add ons but like I said I was trying to wait! Now I’m SO broke!! But I got a box!!!!

    • Yay.. spend twins.. least you stopped before you added Marula oil, #10 blue oil, spongelle, and a brush cleaner!!! Foreo cleaner (and I can pronounce correctly now thanks to Liz) was not to be missed. I skipped Spring and Editors but not this box!

  26. I got two! Lol 😂 I just want the Foreo and will use the Tarte products for gifts!

    The towels look great! I’m so glad I could get two! Now I just have to remember to unsubscribe!!!! Gah!

    • You can unsub right after you are billed. You’ll still get the boxes and be able to get into your account (for CS or resubbing), but won’t be charged for the next one!

  27. I’m kinda shocked this box is selling out so fast! I love it but haven’t seen this much hype over one since that fall box a few years ago with the scarf. I think allowing people to add options for $10 is a good move and runs through inventory quicker. I just hope these ship quickly since last time I was in the last round to get mine and they had already run out of candles!

    • Yasss….I never received my candle either. After countless emails I finally received an apology email telling me they were not getting them in with the option of getting one of three items or a $10 credit towards an add on or $10 off. I eventually settled for one of the three options, a summer and rose purse. whcih is fine. Sure wish I would have been able to smell my candle that everyone loved so much. Kind of a bummer!

      • Trust me when I say you totally won by not getting the candle. They had numerous issues. The smell was nice but if you go grab a candle for $8 at tjmaxx it will also smell nice and be better made. The wicks were not secured to the bottom so they move around when it’s lit, smoked up my entire apartment after I blew it out and left thinking like the hundreds of candles I’ve used before that it would be fine and I heard a few people had actual instances of it being a fire hazard. It was so bad Fabfitfun sent all subscribers an email on how to use candles… which they’ve never done before and the have included d&l candles before with no issues.

      • Yeah I honestly didn’t care about the candle but having to follow up 4 times about it was ridiculous! The last time he offered the credit and I was like why didn’t you just do this initially! Got some living proof stuff in add ons so I’m much happier with that than this apparently defective candle!

      • Same thing happened to me and I to picked the summer and rose crossbody😊

    • I didn’t get an option to add extra items which is a bummer because I wanted a whole set of those towels.

  28. This is a great box and I’m glad I’m getting it.

    With that said, it feels like they have been pushing it for months and months.

    There is such a thing as anticipation fatigue.

  29. I love these boxes so much and am so excited about the summer box. I am going to have to reign in my add on additions though. The past two boxes have cost me over $100 in add ons but the prices are just too good to pass up and I can afford to try things I might not otherwise try. Seriously this is like Christmas 4 times a year and 6 times with the editors boxes. I am soooo addicted to these boxes.

    • Yess….I am so in the same club as you! Lol Love them so much!

  30. This is the best fabfitfun box I’ve seen. And I’m so proud of myself for not getting any add-ons. I feel strong and all powerful.

    • You are much stronger than me!

  31. Yes this is a perfect summer box I have 2 FFF subs and did goodby was only spending $40 extra for add ons which was hard they had so many deeply reduced items Dr Denese pads I buy $49 for 100 FFF add on $9 😁 living Proof $9 just to mention a few FFF is the perfect mix of health & beauty can’t wait to get the FOFO I have 3 Luna’s but this one can tell your skins age and customize your routine so awesome

  32. Thanks for the $10 coupon Liz. My first fff box ever. I just wanted the Foreo, everything else are awesome bonuses🤗

    • The Foreo fofo is what got me to pull the trigger and finally subscribe, too. The rest of the box looks pretty good, too. I can really use the full sized tube of Coola SPF as well, so, yay!

  33. This will be my first FFF box. 🙂 I really liked the options this time around. The only item I hope they don’t pick for me is the fitness/tension band as I already have some tension bands.

    • I’d be happy to trade if you do get it. I want that and not the other options. Email me at [email protected] dot com

    • The best way to *try* to avoid getting them to is rank the fitness category lowest when you complete your survey right after you sub.

  34. Can you still customize?

    • No, customization ended on the 18th. Everyone who is annual or had add ons have already been charged

    • I just ordered and was able to customize two options (the towel or tote and the one that was a ring or scrub or muscle gel!)

      • Me too!

  35. I am honestly surprised there are any boxes left! It was such an awesome box! Can’t wait to get it!

    • I know right? This was an amazing box. I even debated with getting a second one to keep for gifts etc😄

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